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George Kelly

George Kelly

I work at a newspaper. I play on the Web. I sing when I'm able. I'll sleep when I'm dead.
RT @ivanlajara: Q4. Tweeting graphic images if you are at the scene: Yay or nay? #dfmchat What about RTs?
RT @ivanlajara: .@AndrewC_Nelson At same time: Reporter: Tweets/pics/video/story Ed: Scribble/mods/storify/txt alerts/mobile push/crowdsource #dfmchat
RT @ivanlajara: .@AndrewC_Nelson Reporter(s) at field send content publicly; editor(s) put organize coverage with context/order as it comes in #dfmchat
RT @AndrewC_Nelson: A2. What's the division of labor at your newsroom? Often, it is just me at an event and I follow up later with Storify, etc. #dfmchat
RT @ivanlajara: A2. And that's where the desk comes in, by putting live reports in context/answering Qs/engaging with sources/community. #dfmchat
RT @ivanlajara: Q2. How can the newsroom utilize and contextualize all staff/crowd content during breaking news events? #dfmchat
RT @ivanlajara: I also think it's important for reporter to focus on just reporting during breaking news. Desk should take care of Qs/engagement. #dfmchat
RT @ivanlajara: A1. For breaking news: Use Phone; tweet pics first ('at the scene of x'), txt updates/ raw video soon after #dfmchat
RT @ivanlajara: Q1. For a reporter at the field, what is the simplest, most effective way to cover news live? With what? #dfmchat
RT @ivanlajara: What are the simplest, most effective ways to cover news live? #DFMchat at noon ET. t-2!
RT @CHPoakland: EB 80 in the tunnel a stalled bus is blocking the #2 lane of the bay bridge. ETO 5 minutes
RT @SavedYouAClick: Sarcasm. RT @SavedYouAClick: How is nobody talking about Twitter’s revenue growth??
RT @Gabor_V: @SavedYouAClick Because you saved us all a click.
RT @SavedYouAClick: How is nobody talking about Twitter’s revenue growth??
RT @chrisalexander_: GASPETY GASP. I will admit that "Cold War" sounds like the more mature cousin of "Many Moons," But I'm #TeamManyMoons @allaboutgeorge
RT @Weegee: I have simple hang-out-with-me rules. A comfortable seat, good company, and no forgetting to mention a band is playing 5 feet from 1 and 2.
RT @ksablan: You are a powerful, mobile network. That's what I learned from my first four days of blogging again.
Also? Just say no to vespers h/t stay-at-home bartender & newsletter writer-upper @jakesutton
Last night's #French75 at @ForbiddenIsland reminded me that people don't treat @sashapixlee to cocktails often enough
#Oakland #Eastlake #TheFantasticMrFox RT @woodyscafe: Great energy and great turnout at the movie night tonight!
RT @ShamsherTheCat: Four years I've been waited on, paw and claw, by my minions @invisibleank and @allaboutgeorge: I think I'll keep 'em!
Another #SanFrancisco going-out option: several bands leading up to fave #Oakland #modernrock trio @_statesecrets at midnight at @50_Mason
A going-out option for #SanFrancisco? At Bender's on South Van Ness: #karaoke
If I were going out tonight or tomorrow? #Oakland #SanFrancisco #SF RT @KermitRuffins:
“Sometimes, in love, you are unsure. You’re hopeful but you’re hesitant.” @JULIA_HOLTER, but #sometimes @AngelOlsen
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