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Robert Scoble
13,000 people think Facebook is going to start charging in 2009. Please DO NOT invite these folks to FriendFeed. Idiots.
Uwe: yeah, I just think it's funny that some people will believe the lamest crap just because it's on the Internet. - Robert Scoble
You can count me in for not inviting them over here! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Robert these 13000 people would not know what to do on Friendfeed and leave in less than 5 minutes of signing up. - Bhavishya Kanjhan
this isn't the first or the last group like it, it's a good indicator of which of your friends are morons. - Richard Lawler
Eldon: I hope I don't have that many idiots following me. :-) - Robert Scoble
How about emails like these: "Bill Gates/Nokia/whatever will donate <something>, if this message is sent to 1000000 people". When I get something like this from some friend, I get disappointed on him/her... - Jemm
there are 100 of these groups each week... everyone ignores them (well everyone important anyway ;)) - Thomas
Funny thing is - facebook is probably worth $3.99. Although I notice the French says $3.99 per month which would be a bit steep. - Matthew Neale
but wait, i thought hotmail was closing the free service unless 2 million people add group Z ? - Matt Randles
These groups are as old as Facebook itself. All they do is prove: heavy Facebook users = lemmings. :p - Chris Charabaruk
I love you, Robert! - Ordinarybug Heather
There will always be a VIP group of sorts... back when Facebook started it looked like early adaptors were joining over there. Then came Twitter, now Friendfeed. If Friendfeed gets too mainstream (if that's possible) I'm wondering what's next. - David Bisset (sn)
Why would they do that? They are already getting tons of money from sponsors and advertisers. Duh! - Shevonne
@David: In the Web 2.0 world, there's bound to be something new and already in the works. I wonder what it is too, but I'd be surprised if it's not currently under construction, or even ready to launch. - Chris Charabaruk
I wouldn't call them idiots. If they believe it, they believe it. So if it happens are the non-believers idiots? Hmmm - Bwana ☠
:/... I doubt it will happen. They get enough money from advertising surely. - ralphsaunders
This was the funniest quote I've seen microblogged in a while! Of course how many of these people use to (or still do) pay for Classmates or Reunion, so naturally they believe this garbage. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Reminds me of the false rumors a few years ago about AOL, Yahoo, and MS planning to charge for email to eliminate spam. Move on - nothing to see here. - Mike Doeff
It's already 39,265 members in that certain group… - Daniel Schildt
One thing to notice in this compared to older rumors is the amount of speed people notice it. - Daniel Schildt
I might join and post something saying "Suckas!" - Shevonne
40,000 now. Wow. I kind of enjoy the silly little worries of people. - Daniel Zarick
wow. morons. Everybody knows that friendfeed's not gonna start charging until 2010! - Jim #teamFFrank
@Jim - Facebook - Shevonne
Shevonne... yes, I know. I was referring to Scoble's original post where he urged us not to invite them over here. - Jim #teamFFrank
@Jim - We should. We would probably scare them from ever using the Internet. hahaha - Shevonne
Shevonne -- good point. - Jim #teamFFrank
These are the same idiots who are worried about being charged per email. I don't think they'd know what to do with friendfeed even if they were invited. - Mr. Gunn
I wonder how many are over the age 0f 17. How many of voting age are in the group of 13,000. - Franklin Pettit
I swear that first sentence just made my blood pressure shoot up 20 points. The second sentence rapidly lowered it. I have a few people added who unfortunately take everything forwarded to them as fact. They will never get an invite. This is my hideout from the people who shouldn't be allowed online. - ilene
Chris, the group is not about pro features. They claim there will be NO free access to FB after Dec 31. Quite a different thing... - Ray Metzen
And the group has 56,000 members now! Amazing... :( - Ray Metzen
More than ever… 91,481 members at the moment of writing. - Daniel Schildt
LOL, yes! Go go go! - Chris Charabaruk
Hmm... I'm not sure which disappoints me more... People being overly anxious over the idea that Facebook will supposedly be charged for use. (This evidentially isn’t true) Or the knowledge that a number of people I don't care to count are here on FriendFeed discussing those that have joined groups concerning Facebook fees as if they are second class citizens. Take a good look at... more... - Jamie Howlett
funny thing is people not wanting to pay when there getting new games and apps that can keep you entertained if it did cost (which it never will) i sure would pay the Cheap $3.99 month - Luke Moers
Of course Facebook is going to start Charging people money! Everyone knows it! By the way, did you hear Obama tried to move Christmas to January 8th? (its a fb group too so it must be real!!) - Rebecca
Leo Laporte
I left Twitter for Jaiku. Then Jaiku left me for Google. I moved in with Pownce but it died. I went back to Twitter, but flirted with Plurk, Identica, and Rejaw, and even tried doing it myself with Laconica but it was Twitter I really loved. Twitter finally broke my heart so I left it for Friendfeed. Now Friendfeed is leaving me for Facebook. No...
It's like the internet version of Days of Our Lives - Jonathan Hardesty
HAHAHAHAHA.... - David from IM
Haha. ROFL - Roberto Bonini
is friendfeed going anywhere or will it just get better? - Craig Shipp
I'm with you Leo. - Oracio
It reads better than Soap - my roadmap is very similar but I'll forgive FF and live happily ever after with it (for the time being, anyway) - Nicholas Paul Gordon from iPhone
You're the best Leo. Canadians are the funniest people. - Dan Lessard
And we keep following Leo all over the place! - Robert Scoble
When will we all get in a long term relationship and stop getting our hearts broken? - Nate Pilling
so what is more important, the medium or the people, hope that FF will let us export our content, and our social netork :) (in my wild dreams) - abdellah
Need ice cream? I'm new to FF, and kind of sad I didn't jump on the proverbial wagon sooner! - Elizabeth K. Barone
Feels to me like maybe it's time to go back to building a distributed network, rather than hopping from service to service. - Ken Sheppardson
But where to next? That's the question. Wave sounds great, but the implementation will be a PAIN. So where? Oh LeoMoses...where is our path in the desert? - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
Sounds like a hurtin' country song in the making. - Bill Rodman
Well you can't say that what is happening in the 'social sphere' is boring by any means! - Matt Cassem
I think Leo's audience is more likely to click "Like" or "comment" than Scoble's is. When Leo and Rob are both posting on FF, Leo gets more likes and comments - Mark
Didn't you leave a post earlier saying how funny it was that people complain anytime there's a change (referring to the FF buyout)? This sounds like a complaint to me. - Fleagle
Not complaining - just thinking about the future. I think a little Friendfeed DNA will vastly improve Facebook. And I think Facebook is already the big winner with the general populace. I also think we geeks need a corner somewhere else to hang out in. - Leo Laporte
And I have no plans to leave Friendfeed. Yet. - Leo Laporte
Yet being the operative word..... - Roberto Bonini
sounds like a country song to me - gavin
As for this geeky alternative, just showed up in my feed this morning. Thoughts? - Craig B.
I feel more of a personal connection with the FriendFeed team than I have with other services I've left, and that will be a big part of why I will stay as long as possible. - Louis Gray
The only way to have control is to use your own URL - Craig Shipp
Wait till you meet Facebook's randy cousin Overly Friendly Book =) - Cynthia Yildirim
what Louis gray said. I'm going to hang around until the lights go out. - Jordan Brock from BuddyFeed
What they said, I don't see any reason to leave FriendFeed unless something actually changes that makes the service worthless to me. - Craig B.
And many times you cheated Twitter, she was always loyal to you. Thats mean someting! - Jacque from
yup me too Louis and I don't know any of them - Thomas Power
Plurk's not worth leaving anyone for. - Rachel R.
Leo, I think you need to change your FaceFeed status to "It's Complicated" ;) - Daynah
Play this thread off, keyboard cat. - Fleagle
You have to go back to your blog. It still loves you Leo. - Dave Winer
Screw you, Friendfeed! - Andrew Leahey
Users today are investors too - only the 'exit' for us is not lucrative.... its the other way sometimes :) - Mrinal Desai
I just had the idea: wow, how good will Faceboook become though this input? (JUST imagine tagging ppl in FB the way U can Tag them in FF.) - oliver gassner
Love Stinks. - shelter watch
Leo Laporte listed his relationship as: "its complicated." - Randy Shapiro
Damn thats complicated - drmacintosh
Don't worry Leo, its not you, its them... - Steven McGurn
I agree with Jonathan Hardesty "It's like the internet version of Days of Our Lives" - And sites keep getting killed off only to come back to life a month later! - Amy Flynn
very true, however on the other hand, we are getting closer to that one service which everyone will be on... and I dont think twitter is going to be that one - Bryce Campbell
Facebook buying FriendFeed is like having to MOVE just when you got your house all dressed up and made into a comfy HOME! I don't feel like doing it again! - Arleen Boyd
Now that Facebook and Friendfeed have married, I'm waiting for Twitfacefeedplebospacening. - Anthony Marco
Leo, u by your self made two companies (services) out of 3 famous and made Google interested enough to buy 2 of them (Jaiku & FF). Google also tried to flirt with Twitter as well. So which one u choose now? Cause we will follow u :P - Sam Ehsan
Sounds like some of my past love affairs. Of course, I'm married now. That, um, was prior. - Paul Chaney
lmfao, its so true leo, so true! - Derek Bender
Feeling a bit worn around the edges? ... me too! - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Speaking of Days Of Our Lives: Didn't that show jump the shark when the serial killer was unmasked as Marlena (a character I used to have a mad crush on, and who's now mostly a professional victim)? Then all the "killed" characters came back to life, since they were only what I call "soap opera dead"... - Dennis Jernberg
And if everyone follows you, then your all having affairs all over the place! LOL - Technogran
I think it's back to the TWiT Army! - Paul Salzman
It's not like we have proposed Healthcare reform, or anything really important, going on in the U.S.A. - Steve de Mena
it's getting ridiculous, FEDERATED is the word! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
who is actually leaving FF? have many people vowed to do so yet? I'd like to but there isn't any alternative. - Denise Young
the joys and sorrows of everyday social IT folks... :-) - Thomas Lee
Not to mention Pownce was shutdown as soon as it got good! - Kenneth Reitz
No mention of Microsoft Vine? - Robert MacEwan
Why do we all assume this is a bad thing? Maybe the FF Facebook combo will be better?? - Craig Shipp
Maybe they'll keep both open -- FF is the open side, and FB is the closed side. - John Flinchbaugh from IM
Social Networks are sluts? - TheDiva Rockin
It sure is. - Jason Hill
I know exactly how you feel. What's a person to do? I am mad at Twitter for suspending some of my accounts. First, the accounts kept causing the password to reset, then they were suspended, all around the time of the DOS attacks. All I ever used Twitter for was to advertise my businesses, and for fun. Now I don't know where to go. - DogPatch
Here's some thoughts on what's going to happen: - Kenneth Reitz
It's like my beloved Archie comics romantic twists from childhood! Archie loves Veronica who loves Reggie who loves Betty who loves Archie... ;) - Shawn Zehnder Rossi
More like "As the worm churns" - Houseofmax
한글 와서~ 루거 .. 당신은 정말 잘 생기고있다 누드 사진 기다리다 :] - HealingBrush
One of the funniest sad stories I've heard in a long time... - Aviva Gabriel
Gotta find one who is a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom. One who looks like a woman, but thinks like a man. One who tells you you're the only person in their world and worships the ground you walk on. One who's from Venus but want's to live on Mars. One who you know will always be there even when the chips are down. One who looks like a movie star, but doesn't bust the credit... more... - Jan Simmonds
I think a lot of people LOVE to think negatively and don't want to think positively. They think FB is BAD and will ruin FF, but I think if they do it well, FB won't be the bad guy. I think most people who are irked about this are irked because they think the FFers "sold out" to the "man". - Molly Song ;)
@Mollyanna - I disagree. I am irked because the future of FF is completely uncertain. It's more likely that FB will let FF flounder and close it down than it is that FB will invest time and resources in maintaining and enhancing FF. FB has other interests and is splitting up the FF dev team. That does not bode well for FF. I don't begrudge the FF devs for taking the money. I would be... more... - Lindsay
@Jan You're an asshat. - Ian Wright from BuddyFeed
leo, check out I'm actually commenting to friendfeed from there right may like it better. - Casey Petersen
Haiku Laporte - Outsanity
that was cute! :O) - Jeanne
@ian - "Wordsmith. Public relations undergraduate at The University of Texas. Feminist Capitalist. WordPress geek. Future commercial rights attorney"...surely that kind of asinine comment is beneath you! - Jan Simmonds
Maybe they're just not that into you. - Elizabeth Johnson
Wait... who's on first? - Michael Rosenau
Logged in to suggest that many of us have tridden a similar path, but a lot of people have beaten me to it! I miss Pownce - Gary Purvis
wow, Leo. You've got relationship issues! - Justin Bradshaw
there there, Shawny's here... - sofarsoShawn
I sense a pattern here.. maybe you always seem to go after web2.0 services that are bent on ditching you :) - Shivanand Velmurugan
John Spencer
TweetDeck for iPhone coming soon! -
MG Siegler
Twitter Is Down: 15 Alternative Things To Do -
Twitter Is Down: 15 Alternative Things To Do
required reading once again - MG Siegler from Bookmarklet
I'm surprised no one has created a site yet that tracks Twitter outages and builds community around that. :-) - Jesse Stay
It's a TweetDownTwitastrophe! Everyone hold your tweets! - joebrooks
It's called Friendfeed, Jesse. :) - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Adam, awesome, but they could totally do better - I want graphs with dates of when Twitter is down, places to discuss, things to do when it's down, etc. - Jesse Stay
Actually Jessey, that site doesn't work anymore. takes you to an index of files. yes is one of them. I agree that a site dedicated to that would be fantastic! - Adam Jackson
So much for that whole "support the situation in Iran" thing! Too bad FriendFeed is blocked by the sekrit polees as well! - Stephen Foskett
a tip we just got: "You're TechCrunch. You probably already know. But just in case, Twitter is down right now. For the record, I'm just completing Step 7 of MG's 15 things to do while Twitter is down list." - MG Siegler
wonder if twitter's down because iran is attacking? - bbebop
Nope, a North Korean missile just hit Twitter HQ. - Gabe Rivera
not sure if twitter is doing the scheduled maintenance right now...but, when you get sensational headlines like this , you're pretty much gonna go down with the ensuing traffic spike. - mike
@bbebop - I was thinking the same thing. LOL. Just take out the data center air conditioners and the whole thing cascades into Fail Whale. - Rob Sterling
Does anyone else think that Twitter will go down unintentionally soon after it is back up due to all the pent-up and back-logged tweets? Let's hope it does not, but I get a feeling from reading all the posts, comments both here on FF and elsewhere, that in couple of hours after it is back up, we will see a fail-whale. - Dilip Dand
Joshua Schnell
-15 for flash - Dustin Sallings
Shouldn't this be an iPhone app? ;) - Jeramy Phillips
Wtf: Dude tweets as his house gets broken into.. -
Wtf: Dude tweets as his house gets broken into..
Freakin' San Franciscans. - Rob H.
I bet it was Alex Albrecht after a drinking binge. :) - Mattb4rd
"Now he strangles me.. should I be worried? Discuss!" - Jemm
Jemm: lol - Roberto Bonini
Double-liking for comment from @Jemm - MiaD
Mattb4rd close, it was Revision3's COO - Duncan Riley
Shark. Jump. Twitter. Is there any doubt? - AJ Kohn
Prager was on TWiT this evening, discussed it at length episode not up yet of course - Richard Walker
Robert Scoble
Friendfeed finally gets search features I've wanted since last March:
YYYYyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! - Robert Scoble
Looks like this puts us one step closer toward filters. - Akiva
Anyone know if these are supported in the API too? I've been waiting for that. - Brian Roy
Yeah that's what I was about to say. Would be nice if there was a way to have separate filtered feeds, or a way to make a feed based on an advanced search. - David Wilson
This is going to make life a LOT easier! - Jim Connolly
Nice :) - Lindsay
That's excellent! FriendFeed & Twitter are taking over the Intertubes - No Name
you want to search yourself, dont you ? :P - Terry O'Fee
Finally. Massive - Gi Fernando
Friendfeed simply *dominates* social search. Genius. - Meryn Stol
Super stoked! - Rich Harris
Very nice. - Eric - Final Countdown
Still can't find all references to a specific URL effectively - Andy Beard
Are you able to search in your home feed or everyone *except* your own feed? That'll be very useful. - Kol Tregaskes
That's big news indeed. - Josh Haley
Still no date/range search though, but this is a big step. - Josh Haley
Sweet. - Roberto Bonini
Yipppppppppeeeeeeee!!!! :) - Susan Beebe
Excellent! :) - Nicola Quinn
Great news, go team! - Joe Dawson
nice. - Volkan Yılmaz
finally... - Onur Özdemir
even more reason to pick your crowd with care :) - atul abraham from twhirl
Robert Scoble
Ahh, I take the afternoon off of Twitter and someone does a phishing scam. Do not click links that start with: hey! check out this funny ...
I'm suspicious. You disappear and a phish scam happens. You come back after the scam's resolved. Very suspect! - Akiva
They knew when to attack! :D - MarkCarras
Mark's right. An attack while Robert's away would be more successful, as the amount of traffic generated by the Scoble Gang would ensure that everyone using Twitter (and most of those who still don't) would know about the phishing attack before anyone got hurt. - Chris Charabaruk
someone on Twitter just now posted that they thought this attack was indicative of Tweeter's emergence into the mainstream. Sad, but probably true. - Jim Mitchem
All widely used services are prone to this stuff. - Steven (optionshiftk)
Hmmm...Louis was gone for the afternoon as well - what were these two doing? - Jesse Stay
So many people re-tweeting the issue though got rather annoying, so you didn't miss much there. - Helen Hoefele
Guy Kawasaki
Live Reality Check interview: 1/7, 10 am Pacific: Hope you can make it.
Scot Mcphee
Twitter VS FriendFeed. I've only been on FriendFeed for a few days - since Scobleizer posted the video showing the features. I gotta say it's starting to prove to me how much better it is than Twitter. Twitter is too constrained for true conversations. There's def'ly more interesting content on FF.
And in recent days I've started seeing the twitter over-capacity message again - the reason I dropped my first account on it earlier in 2008. - Scot Mcphee
Welcome, glad I could help but it has actually been quiet lately. - Robert Scoble
Friendfeed is different then Twitter. Why is everyone trying to compare them, Friendfeed is made for discussions that doesn't mean Twitter is any less of a service. Twitter is not made for large discussions just quick messages. - Alex Carpenter
I'm experiencing the same thing. Only problem is taking the time to subscribe to all the people I follow in Twitter. - Jeff
To me Friendfeed and Twitter are two different things - Adriana
Alex, I would say that they are similar in terms of short content items, with pointers to external content, about which people have conversations, or data interchanges. - Scot Mcphee
The other thing is, FF just seems to present more "use value" for me. Twitter is just *status*, and Facebook already has that as it's *least* valuable feature. - Scot Mcphee
Scot - Twitter is much more than just status'ing to me. Have you used it for a long period of time? At first I thought the same but over time saw differently. - Jeff
I like FF much better than twitter because it is threaded and you can have an actual conversation on a single topic. - Jeff P. Henderson
Jeff Hilimire, I used Twitter a lot last year, but when they had their performance issues, I deleted my account 'cos I got sick of it being down. I re-added the new account maybe two months ago. The FF threading is *the* killer feature. - Scot Mcphee
I was all about twitter until I checked out friendfeed the second time. The first time I looked and thought, "ack there's too much stuff." And I didn't know what feeds were. Now, I love the stuff and feel like twitter is missing a lot. - BEX
Robert Scoble
Mashable says I'm an entire category of Twitter users: Yikes, will try to do good this year on Twitter.
I'm watching you. Just promote my blog and you will get my approval :P - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
How's it feel to be in a league of your own? ;) - Chris Poirier
What is this, judgement day? Is there nothing else to write about except Robert Scoble? - Bwana ☠
Bwana, this entire year will be the Year of the Scoble. We will walk talk and breath like Scoble. Next year will be the year of the Wine ... Winer that is - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
They could talk about me, but for some reason they don't. :P - MarkCarras
@BarackObama has nothin' on ya... no updates since election day. - Rob Schieber
#twitterusercat -- like the links from the blog showing the top twitterers. In reference to @BarackObama (I just figured that would be a good frame of reference as far as influence goes) he, i.e. the intern handling the account, followed me. I thought it might have been abandoned. @JesseStay, I tried to use the hash tagging here. Please forgive if it ain't quite right. The motivation was to tag this from within friendfeed. - Rob Schieber
ironic.. you tell me to talk about something else other then you... you know important things.. cos ya didn't like what i posted which was NOT quite about YOU per se.....and you just post about yourself all the time lol.. ;o) like irony... lots... +1bwana! ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Louis Gray
TweetDeck Readies New Release, Slimming Down & Adding Services -
I'm using TweetDeck too. I wonder how Twhirl will respond. Loic Le Meur, in a video with me, said that they are completely rebuilding Twhirl to be a better client than TweetDeck is. One thing I noticed is that TweetDeck makes my system really slow and sometimes hangs my system. If that continues I'll have to give it up or just use it on a second system. - Robert Scoble
While they're at it, I suggest they add some following/followers management, like sorting, batch follow/unfollow, one-page lists etc. - Alexandros Georgiadis
I still enjoy twhirl. - alexander horre
I'm switching to Tweetdeck TODAY. Guess I'll see if i like it better than Twhirl. - Jennifer Windrum
Loved twhirl, and still keep it installed, but rarely use it anymore. I use in a browser, PockeTwit on my Mogul, and Tweetdeck on the desktop. iPhone, I'm still dabbling; I don't use an iPhone very often, and rarely for Twitter. Tweetdeck for Friendfeed is something I requested quite some time ago, and was told way-back-when that it was in the works...can't wait. - abacab from fftogo
I experimented with Tweetdeck, Twhirl and Google Reader side by side for a few days for monitoring Twitter feeds, and GR was the clear winner for me. The cleaner, more minimal and more functional the interface, the better. And with GR I can manage all my feeds from all sources under one program. - Sean McBride
For another approach, checkout Twittastic (, a new, interesting twitter client. - Alexandros Georgiadis
Love Tweetdeck for when I monitor / really participate in Twitter. Though for idle tweeting / replying, the sidebar in Zenbe is perfect. - Matt Frog
TweetDeck rulz!!! - Dieter Schwarz
This is one version I especially can't wait for. ;-) - Jesse Stay
I can't wait for tomorrow! I stopped using the TwitKit extension for Firefox when I realized how incredibly useful TweetDeck is. (Which saved up the sidebar for FF in real-time, heh.) - Chris Charabaruk
I find mac's expose/spaces an indispensable tool for managing screen real estate hogs like tweetdeck. don't know how pc users live without it. Have tried others but keep returning to tweetdeck for it's clean, consolidated view of multiple aspects of twittering. Will have to try in GR. - Mike Elliott
Mike - I find that I can scan much more information in GR than in Tweetdeck. I am curious if your experience differs. - Sean McBride
Sean, I don't see Google Reader and TweetDeck as competitors at all. - Louis Gray
The simple fact: Tweetdeck uses a single monolithic window to store everything. If you don't have that contiguous space available on your screen then it won't work for you. The *ahem* beauty of Twhirl is that each window is a self-contained movable palette and you can move them anywhere and arrange as you like, depending on your screen real estate. - Glenn Batuyong
Glenn, while true I found the multiple windows to be confusing. If you're on a dual monitor mac set up where you can have set apps follow you through spaces it's doable but personal preference I think. - Mike Elliott
Sean, I'm a heavy GR user and I'm always trying to consolidate. When I tried to pull RSS feed for all updates it kept giving me the wrong feed. I was able to import my @replies and DMs but I would obviously need all the updates to be usable. And then there's the issue of jumping to a different screen for tweeting. How do you resolve the going back and forth? - Mike Elliott
one obvious limitation of tweetdeck is the "rate limit exceeded". I'm not a heavy twitterer by any means but doing a few simple searches brings up this error a little too often - Mike Elliott
Any release date known? - Aad 't Hart
Tomorrow. - Chris Charabaruk
@Mike Somehow I got the feeling that's always been a problem on Twitter's end; they're the ones that limit how many times you can hit the API in an hour, aren't they? - Chris Charabaruk
Rate limit exceeded is a Twitter issue. - Louis Gray
Need multiple account support. That's a deal-killer for me. - Jeff Ventura
Multi-account support would be nice, yeah. - Chris Charabaruk
Yes, Twhirl can do multiple accounts for multiple services and you can monitor all of them... I would probably consider TweetDeck if they could offer a single column with multiple row view. Most monitors are wide so you can afford to stack app windows side by side, not one above another. - Glenn Batuyong
I can't wait to get my hands on the newest version. I just started using Tweetdeck last Saturday and although I'm not a power user I love it. Some of these features sound really awesome and should make Tweetdeck much better then it already is. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Chris & Louis - That is some Twitter ignorance on my part. Good to know though. - Mike Elliott
Louis - I see Twitter and Friendfeed as collections of feeds, which I store in Twitter and Friendfeed folders in GR. Under my Twitter folder, I can quickly scan my Twitter feeds, see the number of new posts to feeds, and then click on particular feeds (say, Tim O'Reilly or a Semantic Web search feed) to quickly scan new posts. One click on a post takes me to the original site. When done... more... - Sean McBride
Louis - at the moment I have 540 unread items under my Semantic Web search feed under my Twitter folder in Google Reader. Scanning and processing those items under TweetDeck would be quite a chore. - Sean McBride
I never see all the tweets during a day. I don't even try to go back and go through them. I just get the ones that I can and move on. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Mathew - if I didn't make an effort to prioritize the information that is flowing through my mental space, I would feel like I am wasting my time. I want to focus on the most important information, not on a random chaotic flow of what is often trivia. - Sean McBride
@Sean- did I read correctly that you have a RSS feed for all of your tweet's? If so, how do you manage that? - Amani
Amani: to subscribe to Twitter feeds in Google Reader (or any other reader) just go to the home page of the tweeter in question (like and click on the RSS/Atom icon at the right side of the address bar (in Firefox, at least). - Sean McBride
@abacab where do I find PockeTwi?. I am so sick of ceTwit - Thomas Ho and follow @PockeTwitDev on twitter if you like, too. - abacab
Jeremiah Owyang
Getting ready for a blog redesign, with a fresh new logo. Thoughts? - Jeremiah Owyang from Bookmarklet
very clean. I like it! - Eric D. Brown
i dig it - nice job - Adam Singer
I didn't create this logo although I create them for others & yet admire your passion:) - Roney Smith
Jeremiah I like your new logo, simple, straightforward and nice colors - Susan Beebe
Id use your first/last name on logo. - Patricia
+1 for including your last name. Other than that I like it. - Rachel Luxemburg
Did you see that Charlene Li used Crowdspring for the logo she chose? - Justin Guy Souter from twhirl
I hired Mitch from StudioNash Vegas, so far so good. - Jeremiah Owyang
Others have suggested I use my last name --but I'm hesitant. - Jeremiah Owyang
It looks great. It's simple, and I love that. Far too many logos suffer from a busy design. But, I might be biased: Mitch is a good friend of mine. ;) - Nicholas Young
@Jeremiah, to me it's a big part of your brand. My perception of you in the market is by your first and last name, and to me having it on your logo enables the viewer to instantly identify with you - particulary if it's when the logo is being used outside of your blog. if you're rebranding yourself as Jeremiah, that's okay too, but know that you might be losing some instant,... more... - Patricia
seen at least a thousand times the little circles around a simple title see here for example I would try something more original but yeah it is tough I know - Loic Le Meur from twhirl
Except for the blue circles, it's great. - Cliff Gerrish
nice color but I'm not sure about the gradual dots... the feng shui master recommends me not to use it.. I use it anyway... - Pico Seno
For personal branding purposes I think you need to include your last name in the title. I have no clue how to pronounce it, but when I see it I definitely recognize it. Ya gotta throw that thing in there or else you're just another "Social Media Expert" in the ever-expanding list of those who are named Jeremiah (I'm sure there are a lot.) Other than that one point, it's not too shabby! ;-) - Brad Williamson
I like the circles, for what it's worth. - Tyson Key
The case for the last name: On Twitter, you're @jowyang. Many people might not even KNOW your first name, much less associate the two. That would be 18,642 reasons to include your last name. - Ryan Kuder
Ryan Kuder, that's the best reason I've heard so far. - Jeremiah Owyang
loic the circles are a play off my existing header --it's part of my brand. It also represents community --which I study. - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah, it would be cool to include your last name and use one of the big bubbles for the "O" in your last name. - imabonehead
I will have to agree that you should include your last name. When I first saw this logo, I didn't think of you at all. I do know your last name, though. Your last name is definitely an important part of your brand. - Rahsheen
I'm sure you know this but you are the sixth hit on Google for Jeremiah. And the first that is a living person. And it happens to be your Twitter page. - Christian Burns
Agree with rahsheen about your last name. - Roberto Bonini
I'm sticking with the circles --but may add last name. Great feedback all. - Jeremiah Owyang
It's very similar to a UK IT recruiter's logo - Sally Church
LAST NAME should be on logo. Also now I am thinking those blue circles remind me of waiting for java or flash to load (i.e. sloooow)...may not be what you want associated with your name / personal brand. You're not slow :) - Susan Beebe
I like it and agree with the suggestion to add your last name. Funny that you bring this up. I spent a few hours last night cleaning my page up. - jho
include your last name - I agree with @Rahsheen ™ ★ ♫ and other commentators here. - Torsten Eckert
without last name it looks like a tv show (and it could be more balenced including it). other than that - clean fresh and nice looking. - Nicole Simon
Hey everyone, thanks for your comments. My name is Mitch Canter, I designed Jeremiah's logo. I thought it would be great to give my reasoning for why I took the approach that I did. The circles signify that the Internet is ever continuing. It also subconsciously ends (and completes) with Jeremiah (as in he's the end all for information) but that's more of a subtle twist. As for his last name, I've taken that into consideration and I will see if adding his last name is an option we can consider. - Mitch Canter
Thanks for the feedback! - Mitch Canter
See why I hired this guy? He's part of the conversation --I love it, - Jeremiah Owyang
Awesome, that is cool... very fitting for you Jeremiah! - Susan Beebe
Andrew Ruess
NASA Explores Possibility of Selling Shuttles for $42 Million [Shuttle For Sale] -
Matt Frog
NPR Now Lets You Roll Your Own Podcast Feed - ReadWriteWeb -
NPR Now Lets You Roll Your Own Podcast Feed - ReadWriteWeb
"Users enter a list of categories and keywords and the NPR site dynamically generates an RSS feed you can subscribe to in iTunes or elsewhere. It's just the latest innovation built on top of the new NPR API." - Matt Frog from Bookmarklet
Very cool! I am all over this! - Phil Glockner
Bwana ☠
Ideas for Frittr? Brainstorm here
frittr.jpg Paul Buchheit has written a very cool, simple Twitter clone that requires no login and is driven by tags. The very cool part is that it's using FriendFeed's SUP so updates are sent realtime to FriendFeed rooms. Brainstorm some possible ways of utilizing this to enhance FF or anything else. - Bwana ☠
Idea #1 - Anonymous confessions - Bwana ☠
Brilliant way to viralize the use of an api! - Micah
Sounds like a lucrative and very cool web 2.0 app tht integrates well with Twitter. I think you should see if it has FF functionality (probably not just yet but it's a keeper! :) - CompHelperKid
Very cool idea! - Roney Smith
Scoble, Alex Scoble
Got my garage door unfrozen using a hair dryer and a saw...go me. Damn it's cold out there.
What city and state are you in that is this frosted over? - Roney Smith
Beaverton Oregon...It's supposed to be stay below freezing all week. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
DIY FTW!!!!! - Roberto Bonini
Alex - yeah, might snow here tonight too. Should be fun! Btw - do you attend any local Portland tech events? I'm speaking at the Portland Java Users Group tonight in downtown if you're interested :P - Patrick Lightbody
No, I don't tend to do stuff on weeknights. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Just video games? (Btw - I'm PSquad32 on XBL. I play GoW2 sometimes) - Patrick Lightbody
doesn't your door come with a remote control? seems kind of overkill to use a hair dryer... - Morgan
Haha Morgan!!!! - Roberto Bonini
Please Lord, tell me you have video of that? - Josh Haley
*cues MacGuyver theme* - Johnny
Dude, you just reminded me. It's below freezing here in Arkansas and I haven't tried to open my garage door today. I did have to lub it with WD40 when the temperature dropped a couple of weeks ago. - Anthony K. Valley ©
I had to go brave the elements earlier myself, because tomorrow is my son's birthday and I needed to get the stuff for his dinner and cake. At least I already have his gift and just had to make it to Safeway and back. I did slide around a lot. At least tomorrow will be above freezing, but they're expecting freezing rain tomorrow night, which will make things even worse. - Dawn
Anthony...try Triflow next time. WD40 just dries off in a few weeks and leaves you without lubrication. Triflow doesn't just dry has Teflon in it and stays around. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Hehe, Patrick, yeah...just video games...especially when the weather is like this. Sorry, video...wasn't really thinking about video at the time. Oh and Patrick, I added you to my friends list. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Guys, it was -14 here today. No more complaining, okay? :-) - Jordan Hofker
Salt. It will melt ice faster. - AJ Batac
I had to scrape my windshield and windows on my car 4 times today. Not fun! - David Cook
Alex is a DIY rockstar! - Susan Beebe
Robert Scoble
Thought for the morning: Every 10 days Facebook grows a Twitter.
How so? Numbers? or what? - Cheryl Smith
FB is adding 5 million users every 10 days?! - Matt Hooper
Facebook is adding 600,000 people a day. Twitter is rumored to be about 6 million users. - Robert Scoble
And every second Twitter grows my blog. - Håkan Dahlström
users?? - Francisco Kemeny
Does each of those growth segments matter as much as Twitter though? I think not. But it gives an interesting perspective. - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
You mean they're adding "small countries" every 10 days ;) - Dana Fosburgh
Twitter is for bloggers (@ this time...). Facebook is for people. Why? Most people will never have a blog. And that's okay! - Catholic Meme
Twitter is for bloggers? Nah, I don't think that's true. Many people use it via mobile for simple communications. Some of them have no clue about this whole blog thing. - Rahsheen
WOW those growth stats are mind numbing....impressive!!! - Susan Beebe
I can see this happening. Some of my friends and family that a few years ago I never imagined would even get internet access, much less join a social network are now signing up for Facebook. This includes the ones that are concerned with privacy. - Allen Blair
Twitter is for everybody. Facebook and blogs aren't. <-- the secret to Twitter's success! - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
My husband was talking with his 70+ yo mom last night about FB. Her sister is on, updating status and playing scrabble. It's a great way to keep family members engaged, in addition to the many business applications. - Cheryl Smith
More and more of the "normal" people I know in real life are joining FB. None of them have ever heard of Twitter. - Andy Roth
6 Million users a day? You have got to be kidding? That is not per month? - Darin aka iGoByDoc
Meh. Short term statistics are nice, but especially when talking about growth you need to consider product life-cycles and exogenous trend-changing events. - David Wynn from fftogo
One Twitter = 100 Identi.Ca? - David Parmet from twhirl
all the more amazing given Facebook has 140 million subscribers. They're growing into the non-techie Mainstream now. - Pete Steege
Facebook usually talks in terms of active users (users who have returned to the site in the last 30 days). And keep in mind, there is almost nothing t do on facebook unless you are regeistered. That helps explain why in the past, their active user numbers have been pretty close to comscore's estimates of their monthly uniques. - Erik S
People's myopia is funny. The techie crowd was never a hugely important audience for Facebook (or even myspace). Both really caght fire by appealing to a generation who grew up with the Net. Probably 90% of the entering class of my alma mater was on Facebook before even a quarter of my techie friends were. That myopia may also cause people to miss progress of techie darlings into the mainstream. Google insights suggests that interest in Twitter has spread well beyond typical tech centers in the past year - Erik S
I think that line is from "It's A Wonderful Life". - Kevin Leroux
Are "twitters" contagious? Will I get one if I share a drink on Facebook? - Marla
Facebook is such as hugely different crowd for me-- even diff't than linkedIn too. I mix it all together, but one needs to be in more than one place these days - Doug Haslam from twhirl
I find very few techies on FB. It is way more social and a lot less network, too "cutesy" than ever with little icons and way too much trivia to wade through. Broadcast vs.cable, again. - Phil Boiarski
I would love to see a visualization of the data over time. Based on the 600K per day, they have added the entire population of New York City and Philadelphia in December. - Rob Diana
Soon Facebook will have to sponsor a breeding program to keep their growth rate up. As a stick they can say have 3 babies or we'll suspend your account. As a carrot, well that doesn't seem necessary. - Todd Hoff
Its still WAY cleaner than the MySpace nightmare zone! - Eric Rost
Echo'ing Erik & Phil. My techie college friends are barely on FB... - Mitchell Tsai
imo, Twitter will surpass Facebook over time in number of active users. Eventually it will be the preferred social networking platform that people will use as a starting point to other svcs. The former is simple as google and allows much more opportunities to engage w/people from all stripes vs the latter.. - Lee Hsieh
Robert Scoble
Wow, this will be last MacWorld Apple attends:
so they leave their hard core audience to their own devices.. curious? - gavin
where's Steve? :( - George Tziralis
No Jobs, no cache. Further proof that tradeshows, as a marketing venue, are old school, and in a bad way. WWDC is where Apple will focus its efforts in terms of tradeshows. - Jeff Ventura
Of course I wonder if this means MacWorld will become less of an expo and more of a users group and then die. Or skip the intermediate steps and die right away. - Gib
"Apple blamed the economic downturn for the lack of Jobs." - Karim
So a bunch of people want to get together and discuss Apple, and Apple doesn't care enough to show up? I don't care how effective trade shows are, this looks arrogant. - David Potts from twhirl
i think everyone is re-evaulating how conferences with traditional booths are really adding value to customers/partners. Everything needs to be measureable in 2009. - Randy Ksar from twhirl
Jobless Rate Up At MacWorld - Phil Wolff
lol. apple fanbois getting upset. :P - Terry O'Fee
@Randy Maybe you are right...but I think that the keynote is a special moment for the brand and for all fans worldwide that follow word by word and that feel the magic of Steve - Simone Lovati
The magic of steve! Hahahahaahahahaahahaah - Terry O'Fee
@simone thank you for that comment. i havent had a good laugh like that for a while.. - Terry O'Fee
I wonder if Apple plans on going to CES in the future. I've always thought that MacWorld & CES being usually the same week hurt both shows and that Apple's absence from CES as Apple has become more and more of a consumer electronics company was an oddity. - Shannon Clark
@Shannon I would be surprised. For years Macworld has been able to 'stand out' from the noise of CES. Take the iPhone introduction. There were literally 100s of cool new products at CES the same week as the jesus phone was introduced. Guess which grabbed all the attention? I think in part because it was NOT in Vegas they got even more play. - Andrew Leyden
Shannon: why would Apple go to CES? CES is going to see trouble over next two years. It's not a good place to launch things. - Robert Scoble
@Robert. Do you think there is a need for a more net-centric / pc focused (think Comdex 2.0) instead of CES? While a lot of new tech guys go to CES, you have to admit you can easily get lost in the row upon row of stereo receivers, car audio, toaster ovens, and other things that are truly 'consumer electronics' but not necessarily Net / Computer based? It just seems that folks like Google or Apple or some of the other big guys are kind of lost at CES--there because there isn't really anything else big. - Andrew Leyden
There really isn't a need for Apple to go to any trade shows, even CES. The press will cover any event Apple throws, especially if Jobs is there. Their marketing capital far exceeds any other company: I'm sure, based on what they actually said, they realized "what 's the point?" - Mark Trapp
Andrew: no. In the world of Twitter and Ustream/Qik/Stickam/YouTube there really isn't a reason to have trade shows that are massive anymore. Personally I'll be happy to see the death of them. - Robert Scoble
wow...I never saw that coming, but I guess it makes sense for Apple. - Greg
One day, we might even see "spokesmodels" become extinct. - Phil Boiarski
one day Apple stores will go the way of RadioShack and the Tandy. :) Then they'll have trade shows again. - rob
one of the best reasons for trade shows that I can see is more to do with the meeting of industry people - social networking in meatspace. :) The toys on show are just mere distractions/justification for people across a large landmass to meet up in a single place. Tho tweetups and their ilk are taking over these. Which reminds me, anyone in the Leeds area, there's a GeekUp tonight at the Lounge bar :D - alphaxion
Paul Buchheit
List of common misconceptions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
"The human body can survive the hard vacuum of space unprotected, despite contrary depictions in much popular Science fiction. Human flesh expands to about twice its size in such conditions, giving the visual effect of a body builder rather than an overfilled balloon. Consciousness is retained for up to 15 seconds as the effects of oxygen starvation set in. No snap freeze effect occurs because all heat must be lost through thermal radiation or evaporation of liquids, and the blood does not boil because it remains pressurised within the body. The greatest danger is in attempting to hold one's breath before exposure, as the subsequent explosive decompression can damage the lungs. These effects have been confirmed through various accidents (including in very high altitude conditions, outer space and training vacuum chambers)." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Wow, that was the coolest thing I learned all day. - Patrick Lightbody
Wow! You mean we are all really superheroes after all? Cool:) - Roney Smith
Note that it says "the human body can survive", not "a human can survive". So we're not all superheroes. :( I just thought I'd ruin it for you. - Gabe
It's awesome that wikipedia contains this list...and the list itself is awesome. Weirdly, I feel like I just learned recently that the flat earth story is bogus. Especially weird because, well, it's patently obvious that the earth is not flat, to anyone who has ever been in a large field. - j1m
but, caveat emptor: the statement about myopia is misleading. In fact, close work during childhood appears to be a major cause of myopia (see, for example, the wikipedia entry on myopia). I wonder how many other errors there are in here that I wouldn't be able to catch. The list also includes some things that don't really count as common misconceptions. 'Koala bear' is a name for... more... - j1m
Louis Gray
Stage Two Consulting rickrolled their holiday card with a picture of Rick Astley and "We're Never Gonna Give You Up" on the top. @jtoeman
I just got mine. Rickrolled again! - Robert Scoble
gotcha! :) - Jeremy Toeman
Mike Fruchter
Robert Scoble
I'm on with Bret Taylor, co-founder of FriendFeed live right now.
Interesting show, Bret confirmed that they are working on improvements to the search features so that we can do more filtering and/or pulling out of high value bits. Also, I talked at the end about a well-known blog network that now is using FriendFeed's private room to plan all of its workflow. That, to me, is an interesting trend and if it continues might explain where FriendFeed could make a lot of money. Enterprise 3.0? :-) - Robert Scoble
I'll try to get the link for the recording when it's up. If someone else finds it first, please post it. Thanks! - Robert Scoble
I learned a lot about how to use Friendfeed listening to you and Bret. I'd suggest to Bret to produce some video or screencam tutorials to help the "newbies". Or do something similar to Mahalo (daily produced show). - Eric Thompson
Eric, good idea. I'd love to do a video with the FF team showing off some of their favorite features. Bret, you want to do something like that? How about Tuesday of next week? - Robert Scoble
We are using a dedicated FriendFeed room for my company's PR efforts, and for planning. - Louis Gray
I assume there will be archives to listen to later, correct? Any sneak preview of new features coming soon? The whole IM addition (option) after you comment on an items would be huge to spark even more covnversation IMO. - Amani
Brad Kligerman
The way that I use Google Reader "share" and "share with note" has changed radically since I started using FriendFeed as a primary data source. Before-FF, "share" was another way to "star" an article for later use. After-FF, sharing a Greader article is truly a publishing network.
I have not emailed a link to an article since I began using FriendFeed. I just share it via FF or clip it using the Bookmarklet. - Brian Roy
Same here. More and more of my gR shares include snippets of the article, formatted to look just so in FriendFeed. I don't share (from gR that is) in the same volume Scoble does but I do put in a lot more comments. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Unfortunately, sharing with a note from gReader creates redundant text in whereas in FriendFeed the note is a contextual necessity. - Glenn Batuyong
What's interesting is how it took the focus of FF, as an essentially conversational media, to give the "sharing" function of Greader, which is a sequential or duplicating media, its voice. I'm now interested in how FriendFeed, when it finds its own voice, will develop... ie: when we finally can stop talking about FF, meta-FF and just use its structure and topical branches as the limbs upon which we can build unique content. - Brad Kligerman
Soon we will be using gR just to share for FF, maybe sooner we don't use gR. I just start to feel some redundancy with gR and FF. - İ. Emre Kutlu
gR is certainly a bit less comfortable for me after the recent redesign. I think it's a bit harder for me to visually separate the different blocks on the page now. - Daniel J. Pritchett
@Mark Bean: Each platform shaves off a layer of information that is pertinent to it, then filters it for the next level of the "information onion." Sweet. - Brad Kligerman
Robert Scoble
Oh, @zappos should TOTALLY do a lampoon of the Bush shoe throwing incident. Great idea from @neddotcom
Zappos did, it's here: - Robert Scoble
OMG no way! funny skit - Susan Beebe
"He wouldn't have gotten the shoe in his face if it was from @zappos" - Prolific Programmer
Louis Gray
2.2 And Eight Things That Are Still Wrong With The iPhone -
is the lg dare better - tony vaio
There is only 1 MAJOR issue with the IPhone. The inability to select ALL emails and the mark ALL as read. I am so tired of going through 50 emails that I read the day before! - ChiliMac from twhirl
I disagree. The copy/paste issue is a major PITA for those of us who want to blog and/or participate in social media while on the go. And why the heck do I have to reboot my phone several times a day to make sure the Ocarina app gets unkludged? I've read it's an issue with how the iPhone holds onto data from audio apps, not a problem with the app, itself. Landscape email and bluetooth audio are still needed, but Apple is no less guilty than Microsoft of ignoring the Bluetooth thing. - MiniMage
I want the ability to enable wi-fi but not have it automatically connect to ALL my hotspots. Generic SSID like linksys should be individually set to prompt me for connection. This is one area that RIM has gotten right. - Wayne Schulz
MiniMage, I'm getting bluetooth audio on my iPhone using both the phone and the iPod :-) - Sally Church
I tried to get music going through the headset, but that little trick that people said to use doesn't work for me. Maybe there's a newer method I haven't found. - MiniMage
I plug in a Jabra bluetooth device into the audio socket, that way I get sound from the iPod to the bluetooth headset. When the phone rings I can still get that via regular bluetooth on the iPhone. If you use it on the iPhone you can get the best of both words - audio and phone. Voila! - Sally Church
Here you go: I also plug it in the audio socket of my computer for music and skype. All you need is a normal Bluetooth headset - Sally Church
Sally that's cool! thanks for sharing! - Susan Beebe
Santa, well my situation was more complicated with a hearing aid and I was determined to have bluetooth like everyone else. For those in the same boat, do NOT despair... you can get bluetooth via the iCom which takes the signal from the iPhone or the Jabra in the audio socket (iPod) and turns it into a RF loop signal for digital hearing aids. Awesome gadget :-) - Sally Church
These points are right on the money. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
You can do basic copy/paste on the iPhone though via here - Sally Church
they are starting to offer free iphones (with 2 yr contract) in Hong Kong now. I've been holding out until I can compare with the slew of Android phones coming to China early next year. but a free iphone is very tempting, even with its remaining problems. - perry whitecage
Glad everyone agrees. Now if only Apple would fix some of these (and add Wayne's suggested WiFi feature!). They're not that hard... - Stephen Foskett
How about speeding up the sync so it takes less than an hour to check that none of your songs have changed (at least I assume that's why it's dribbling at my NAS for so long)? I know that technically this is iTunes not the iPhone itself, but still... - t0rx
Jason Calacanis
VIDEO - BREAKING: Bush has shoes thrown at him in press conference -- thoughts?
Security seemed to be a bit relaxed there, were Bush's guys having a day off? Some excellent ducking skills on the part of Bush though. - Benjamin Watt
Guess he really, really wanted the insiders view of Guantanamo Bay....It's nice this time of year - Chad Albert
Evan Williams
My mother-in-law just asked me who designed the fail whale. :-/
Just in case there's someone here who doesn't know who Evan is, he is the founder of the company that makes Twitter. He also was founder of company that made Blogger. - Robert Scoble
And you told her what? - James D Kirk
And the maker of a passable whiskey ;-) - FFing Enigma
Evan's a really good guy - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Awesome! - Nikos Anagnostou
When did Ev join FriendFeed? - Jesse Stay
also, Evan rarely attends friendfeed comments to his twits) - Peter Fedin
He rarely uses friendfeed at all really. All his comments are imported...makes me wonder why anyone bothers following him. - EricaJoy
This is why I have spent so much time here instead of blogging this year. - Robert Scoble
I think it's more than just visitors. It's a lot easier to get a conversation going on Friendfeed than on Blogs or Twitter - Bhavishya Kanjhan
Robert Scoble
Basics - Solid-State Computing, Without a Whirring Drive - -
Basics - Solid-State Computing, Without a Whirring Drive -
Seagate should worry about this trend. I store very little on my laptop's hard drive anymore. What about you? - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
"without a whirring drive" - sounds Proustian. - tom matrullo
On the other hand, we have tons of terabyte hard drives full of HD video. So, this can be counteracted by getting more teenagers HD video cameras so they shoot video and need to store it. - Robert Scoble
I'm glad you are finally saying they should worry about this trend. This is the future. Mechanical hard drive manufacturers will either become SSD manufacturers in 10 years or cease to exist. Intel has made a lot of moves and partnering with other companies and will gain a foothold in what is now just a tiny segment of the storage industry. - Dr. Apps from twhirl
Dr. Apps: I think Seagate will surprise here. The expertise to make heads for hard drives is also very useful to building SSD's. - Robert Scoble
SSD does seem to be the direction that things are heading in our increasingly mobile society. - Mathew A. Koeneker
I store a LOT of data on my laptop's drive. I'm actually looking at upgrading my 250GB internal drive to a 500GB drive. - Raoul Pop
Raoul: I store a lot on my external drives hooked up to my laptop, but very little on my laptop itself anymore. Seagate shouldn't worry too much about young people, though. My 15-year-old son has tons of videos, music, etc. stored on his. - Robert Scoble
IBM release 1petabyte flash drives in 2012. Then everyone can look forward to having a data center in their computers. - Baba
I use the laptop's hard drive for applications, primarily. The only exception is my MacBook, but that's more of a desktop machine in function anyway; it very rarely travels with me. - teleken
before we bury Seagate et. al., remember they move forward with density as well. could you turn down 5TB for $100? At some price point, whiring disks still works at some density/price. - Wilma Stoneflint
I have a Macbook Air with the 64Gb SSD, and even though it´s not the fastest, and is pretty small capacity by today´s standards, I love the silence and haven´t stumbled into any space issues yet (although it´s not my primary). I even ordered my new Macbook Pro 2.8 with "only" 250Gb HD because, as Robert said, I store more things on a shared NAS or the cloud these days. It´s great that it´s so easy to switch out the HD with a SSD at a later stage in the new MB/Ps. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
I store little on the laptop's hard drive. I don't use local email on any of my computers, and I tend to put docs I know I want to share onto Google docs or somewhere like IDrive. Another service I use a lot is - at least as temporary storage while on the go. Not got any SSD yet though it's only a matter of time. - Ian May
I can't tell you the last time I noticed the whirring of my laptop drive, they're virtually silent these days. - Kenton
not sure which trend you mean. the article is confusing. it conflates the ideas of cloud computing/cloud storage with the move to SSDs. the article OPENS with a Seagate exec who "lays awake at night worrying" that data is moving to the cloud. then the article ENDS with the *same* exec saying he "rests easier" knowing that data is moving to the cloud, because his company makes data center hard drives. wtf? dude, which is it? staying awake at night or resting easier? :-D - Karim
sandwiched in between these conflicting cloud observations :-) is actually a really nice, well-written piece about the move from conventional hard drives to SSDs. which surprised me because, while i love the NYT, the technology writing (Pogue aside) has tended to be on the *trailing* edge of tech and not on stuff i, personally, am considering buying. :-D so kudos for the middle part. - Karim
I wish there was a way to block comments in the real time friendfeed feed. Sometimes I think people comment on popular stories only to be seen. - James Thomson
Karim: Seagate will figure out how to make all sorts of storage devices. If the argument is between local and cloud storage, Seagate shouldn't lose any sleep. If the argument is between hard drives and SSD's, then Seagate should lose some sleep until they figure out how to make SSD's too. But, seeing how a 500GB drive costs $56 retail now I don't see a lot of things going SSD except for the richest people. I can't afford SSD's and I'm probably in the most likely part of the market to buy a laptop with those - Robert Scoble
thats a fairly short sighted arguments, think 18 months down the line, SSD's will at least half in price, if not more. - Alex Kessinger from IM
Alex: and so will hard drives. What would you rather have? 60GB of SSD for still a way too high price or 500GB of hard drive for $25? - Robert Scoble
I understand that. SSD's I think will las longer. If I know that my 60GB of data is safe I would rather buy the SSD. I will let cloud providers deal with hassle of triple redudant 500GBs HD, because the chance it will fail is high. I will pay a preimum for SSD because I think its superior at lasting longer. - Alex Kessinger from IM
Alex: you are absolutely wrong. SSD's actually have error rates FAR higher than hard drives. You just see that as reduced storage, but they do have problems according to my friends at Sun Microsystems that study such things. - Robert Scoble
you mean because they have a higher failure rate, they have reduced storage? I may not have understood what you said. What I meant is that I have had a numbe of HD's and the fail at much higher rates for me, then any of my SSD drives. - Alex Kessinger from IM
Alex: yes, that's what I mean. I have had friends with SSD's that have died, though, too. They aren't without errors that can destroy data, so keep backing up your devices! - Robert Scoble
Robert -- Seagate is supposed to announce SSD in 2009, but unless they go into the NAND Flash memory business, they might have to purchase memory and controllers from a company that does (e.g. Samsung, Micron, Numonyx...) This would be a big change to a vertically integrated company like Seagate. I've heard rumors that they would just *buy* a NAND Flash manufacturer... at least that way they could make SSD profitably :-D - Karim
I store very little on my laptop's hard drive these days. I could definitely live with a smaller SSD someday. Some of the netbooks look pretty good. My next computer will be a MacBook Pro though. - Allen Blair
the price/performance of hard disks is improving, but the price/performance of SSDs seems to be improving even faster. hard drive capacities obey Moore's law, but not hard drive performance: i'm guessing silicon has a greater chance of obeying Moore's law in performance than a mechanical spinning disk. - Karim
This reminds me of an interview with William Gibson that I read where he didn't even know that computers made noise until after he had written Neuromancer. - Akiva
re capacity growth: found one article ( that says SSDs are "doubling their capacity every 12 months, while traditional hard drives currently show a capacity growth of about 50% per year." 50% per year is Moore's law. 100% per year is growing *faster* than Moore's law. Here's another page where the author predicts SSD will outstrip Moore's law in the short term: - Karim
what about failure rates, I think that is another dimension that these things need to be in context with - Alex Kessinger from IM
I don't own a laptop. I do own a 2.5 TB NAS with moving parts. I will trust SSDs when the random seeks on nonjournaled filesystems don't kill the drive perfomance and lifespan - Michael W. May
My data is on laptop and backed up daily to my LACIE 1 terabyte NAS server at home which has a 500GB backup (yeah, backup to my backup); even considering Amazon online storage in case my house burns down. Last week i was looking at SSDs for my laptop... I need 24/7/365 access for my data... so I was automatically thinking SSD - no seek time !! - Susan Beebe
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