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Azure: Redis Cache, Disaster Recovery to Azure, Tagging Support, Elastic Scale for SQLDB, DocDB -
New D-Series of Azure VMs with 60% Faster CPUs, More Memory and Local SSD Disks -
RT @alpenator: Jeepers RT: There is a place in Venezuela where lightning strikes 280 times per hour, 160 nights a year:
Woman Receives The World's First 3D-Printed Skull:
Kicked Out of San Francisco, MonkeyParking App Plans a Fresh Start in Santa Monica via @laweekly
Azure: SQL Databases, API Management, Media Services, Websites, Role Based Access Control and More -
RT @arrington: Citizen educates police on Constitution. Police actually believe they can enter anyone's house just bc they want to
Azure: New DocumentDB NoSQL Service, New Search Service, New SQL AlwaysOn VM Template, and more -
RT @nytimes: It takes these twin brothers about a month to complete their concave drawings
RT @NBCLA: A giant rubber duck is set to float through the port of Los Angeles later this week
RT @newsycombinator: DataRobot raises $21m Series A
The Commodore-64 Programmer's Library
RT @newsycombinator: Lost treasures – the Commodore production line in Hong Kong
RT @nytimes: Mapping the spread of surplus U.S. military gear to police
RT @DIYDroneSafety: 1,024 Robots Self-Assemble Into Any Shape You Want -
Post reporter gives account of his arrest in Ferguson via @washingtonpost
via @nprnews: How People In Ferguson See The Police in Ferguson
“How to Be Polite” by @ftrain
Clearly, this means "water-boarding" was foreplay to main tourture event! Redactions of Report on C.I.A. Stoke Ire
RT @ValaAfshar: Percentage of annual income spent on food
Azure: Virtual Machine, Machine Learning, IoT Event Ingestion, Mobile, SQL, Redis, SDK Improvements -
Free ebook: Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure -
RT @rachelannyes: Everyone doing groundbreaking work is scared. Your hero, she is scared. Unbelievably, this is all okay if we don't do it alone.
Moderation, Equanimity, Work, and Love. The Rx for life.
Good typography uses smart quotes, not dumb quotes.
A Geometry of Music: Harmony and Counterpoint in the Extended Common Practice ... via @amazon
A Geometry of Music: Harmony and Counterpoint in the Extended Common Practice ... via @amazon
RT @newsycombinator: Black holes might end their lives by transforming into their exact opposite
The Quest for a Quantum Future
RT @jameshiga: Drone finds missing US man in 20 minutes
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