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RT @newsycombinator: Black holes might end their lives by transforming into their exact opposite
The Quest for a Quantum Future
RT @jameshiga: Drone finds missing US man in 20 minutes
RT @nytimes: Study: Your dog may really feel jealousy, or something like it
RT @leelefever: Jeff Bridges gives good AMA. So genuine and thoughtful.
Henry Story, a Social Web architect and Polymath via @AuScience #RDFa #JSON-LD #FOAF
ROFL - Dave Chappelle gives his thoughts on Donald Sterling (Video)
RT @thinkprogress: Rents are rising, but people aren’t making any more money
RT @davemcclure: best damn post I've read all year: "Betting on the Ponies: non-Unicorn Investing" @ganeumann
RT @newsycombinator: Ambitious Artificial Intelligence Project Operating In Near-Secrecy For 30 Years
Sammy and I are both picking which one to nerd out on tonight. #hbr #lean #doodle #quant #tufte #ries #growth-hacking
No Allen - Yet! Sun Valley Invited Guests. All these years missing out my important contraibutions. ;)
RT @nytimes: The sky isn't falling after Snowden, N.S.A. chief says
Delightful! W3C Candidate - Linked Data Platform 1.0 19-JUN-2014
2014 Stanford U Commencement address by Bill and Melinda Gates
The Simpsons in CSS
World's Tiniest FM Transmitter Made From Graphene via @IEEESpectrum
RT @ianbremmer: Who likes Americans? Turns out the Philippines...even more than Americans themselves do. (Pew)
RT @newsycombinator: Priceline to Buy OpenTable in Deal Valued at $2.6 Billion
RT @RWW: Wearables At Work Will Reshape The Office by @owenthomas #rwbody
With 'The Machine,' HP May Have Invented a New Kind of Computer (via HackerNews)
The Sprawling, Booming LA Tech Scene Is Having a Moment
RT @pmarca: Pot legalization in Colorado--tax revenue up, crime down, jobs up, republic still standing:
RT @newsycombinator: Google Embraces Docker, the Next Big Thing in Cloud Computing
HTTP/1.1 just got a major update. A 308 is 4th (permanent) redirect state. (Source HackerNews)
Alexander Shulgin Jun 17, 1925 - Jun 2, 2014 🙏 ☝️
Ta-Nehisi Coates on How We Created the Ghetto. And profited over and over again.
RT @hunterwalk: Someone take GoogleX's time machine prototype back to 1988 Compton, tell Dre abt today & snap a picture of his reaction
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