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David Chartier
Stir - All of FriendFeed in your pocket | Structlab -
Stir - All of FriendFeed in your pocket | Structlab
Wow, seems incredibly feature-packed and polished. View posts based on geotagging or specific services like YouTube? Looks delicious, can't wait to give it a whirl on the train soon. - David Chartier from Bookmarklet
Sorry for the multi-posts everyone, juggling too much and not paying attention this afternoon. I think I cleaned it all up. That said: Stir is pretty nice so far. Scrolls like butter. - David Chartier
Hey, i'm the author of Stir. Glad you like it! Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any suggestions or requests :) - Aaron Brethorst
Please keep us posted on your tests. I've been searching FF to see if anyone was checking it out. - metalerik
Installed and playing with it now. Really liking this, top work Aaron. - Keith Bennett
Thanks, Keith! In all seriousness, comments like yours make the four months I spent writing it worthwhile. Also, to everyone who has purchased it: please help me out by leaving a review for it in the AppStore :) Exposing it to more people generates more revenue which lets me spend more time adding new features to it (like support for direct messages, real time support, and so on) - Aaron Brethorst
What you mean it doesn't do dm or real time??? Well in that case.... Only joking. I'll add a review for the UK store later. In all seriousness, this is a really cool app. It's looking like my default FF app from now on. - Keith Bennett
thanks again, Keith :) So, the backstory on DM is that this wasn't even supported for third party apps until the release of FF's v2.0 APIs, which only happened a few weeks ago. By then, I was in to final testing of my app, and didn't want to switch over to a new API version or figure out how to shoehorn in a feature I hadn't originally planned on. As far as real-time goes, I spent a lot... more... - Aaron Brethorst
Good to hear mate, always a difficult decision about when to release something I guess. Keep adding those features. Any chance of an option to send something to twitter in the same way you can with the send to facebook? - Keith Bennett
Also, any chance of setting up a support/feature request group here on FF? - Keith Bennett
Twitter's on the list of things to support :) You can find the discussion group here at - Aaron Brethorst
Cheers, will post my requests in there. - Keith Bennett
I already have BuddyFeed which is a pretty decent app. I'll be downloading Stir too. I prefer the FriendFeed service to any other Social Networking destination but have to admit that, especially from the point of view of posting, I use Twitter more. The explanation is simple, superb third party iPhone apps, especially TwittelatorPro which is really best of breed. If Twitter wasn't served so well by the likes of TP then I'd hardly use it at all. Best of luck with this new application. - JSLeFanu
Looks cool, gonna check it out now :-) - Jalada
Yawn, yet another boring iphone app. - Richard A.
wish someone would make the blackberry app... - Richard Reeve
Kudos Aaron. I'm using Stir to post this reply, and I'm really, really liking the app. It's well designed, has pretty much all the FF features (and those it doesn't have look like they'll be coming soon), and it's rock solid. BuddyFeed is good, Stir is way better! - Brad Brooks
Thanks, Brad. I'm glad you like it. If you have a spare minute, please leave a review on the AppStore :) - Aaron Brethorst
Awesome, finally another FF app to try! I like BuddyFeed, but it seems like the dev isn't going to update it anymore. That the Stir dev seems active here, fielding questions and requests, is promising. Thanks for posting about it here. - Cheryl Jones
I've posted a review on the AppStore (UK), Aaron. It should be up soon :) - Brad Brooks
@Brad: Unless your review gets rejected for objectionable content or something. ;) - David Chartier
@David: Well, you never know with the AppStore reviewers :D - Brad Brooks
I'm finally starting to use my FriendFeed account now that there is a decent iPhone App available. - Justin Stevens
Got it yesterday (after reading it here). So far so good. Very good FF client for the iPhone! - Peter van Teeseling
@justin, @peter - thank you both :) - Aaron Brethorst
I've bought buddyfeed, but I still buy stir, it's much better. I like it. - pastas9
Seems awesome bit buggy. For enchance, everytime I hit load more it just adds the first batch of updates again with no older updates. Way better features and interface than any of the alternatives though! Will try it again later, maybe the FF API was freacking our with it. - Chris White from FreshFeed
Weird, works fine - Chris White
Whoops, sorry. Works fine on every feed but everything. It doesn't just not add more either, it addsthe same items already loaded below the current items - Chris White
Chris- can you follow up with me at I'd like to better understand what you're seeing. - Aaron Brethorst
I just downloaded this app. It replaced FreshFeed as my FriendFeed iPhone app. - Chris Martin
I really like the UI, but so far it has crashed the three times I've tried using it (once while trying to leave a comment). FreshFeed is a bit more stable, but I just left a comment that got truncated (with no warning from the app). :P - Cheryl Jones
I've been using amigo for the last few months. how does stir stack up against that app? - David Miller
Cheryl, Justin - please follow up with me at I'd like understand what seems quirky in the ui and get to the bottom of those crashes. - Aaron Brethorst
I downloaded it, and understandably it's a 1.0 release, but I'm regretting the purchase immediately: the menu system is unintuitive. Clicking on my name doesn't bring up my feed, it brings up my home feed. Clicking the Everyone link brings up the public feed instead of people I'm subscribed to: why is the public feed the top link? There's no link to my discussions page, my likes page,... more... - Mark Trapp
Hi Mark - 'My Discussions' is coming in the next release. Likes and comments can—for the time being—be found through saved searches. Direct messages weren't supported through the FriendFeed API until v2.0, which was released about 4 days before I submitted Stir to Apple. Same thing with Best of Day and OAuth. Can you tell me what you mean by inline commenting? Hide exists; try swiping a... more... - Aaron Brethorst
Aaron - another missing item, or item I've not found yet, is the groups I'm a member of. That and my discussions are two big misses I think. Like others, I enjoy the UI a lot - Patrick Jordan
got 1 on mine 2 - daveccorey
Hey Patrick - groups are supported from the main page. Choose the Groups item and you should be good to go. - Aaron Brethorst
"all groups," actually. - Aaron Brethorst
This is an excellent app! Far superior to what I've been using. - David Miller
@Aaron: I'll try to use Stir more and see if there's a pattern to the crashes, but so far it has seemed random. - Cheryl Jones
Cant find it at US AppStore :( - Kfir Pravda from iPhone
Lucas Buck
Testing out friend feed for the first time.
John McCrea
thanks to @bmblack, @sooon2b, @tjtrapp,@shiffert, @hsabri, @miotch your news reporting of the quake helped me find @911
Dylan Parker
Boxee removing Hulu at Hulu's request -
"Two weeks ago Hulu called and told us their content partners were asking them to remove Hulu from boxee. we tried (many times) to plead the case for keeping Hulu on boxee, but on Friday of this week, in good faith, we will be removing it." - Dylan Parker
Wow, that is a bummer - Bret Taylor
Sucks. And I was just about to install Boxee on my AppleTV. Probably still will, but sad. - Kevin Fox
I wonder if "in good faith" actually means "in good faith" or "we got a knock on the door by some dudes in suits and briefcases" - Johnny
No, no, no! - Mike Doeff
:( I was thinking of using Boxee because of the Hulu part - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
So it's basically revision3, CBS, and ABC now? Is there some compelling content I don't know about. - Andrew
I'm bummed about it, but definitely not a dealbreaker for me. Most of my content comes from auto-downloaded tv shows via torrents. - Dylan Parker
and content providers wonder why people use bittorent, its because you make it so difficult to watch stuff legally the way consumer want to, brililant move, why don't you just shoot yours self in the foot, it would make more sense - Kim Landwehr
WTF?! Less ad revenue to Hulu from me, I guess. - jakebf
Back to the land of no commercials... - Robert DeBord
+1 Robert - Dylan Parker
I'm so disappointed in this - Hulu has been successful, by in large because of its accessibility through multiple platforms. As their "content providers" carve those outlets away in an attempt to force them through the portal, all they're going to do is alienate their fairly savvy audience. - Jennifer Dittrich
another retarded move by the networks... this is what--the 12billionth example of how they just don't get it? - Joshua Schnell
god this is just plain stupid Hulu, I guess we know who's brain has really turned into mush. - Bill Pennington from twhirl
What a shame. I guess I'll have to stick to watching commercial free TV downloaded to XBMC on my xbox - Chris Brakebill
This sucks. Watched the first season of Fringe on boxee via Hulu. - James Jackson
Tom Andrus
20+ Great Twitter Tools for Firefox -
I'm playing with Adobe Air and TweetDeck ... - Allen Hurff
dave mcclure
THE BROKERS WITH HANDS ON THEIR FACES BLOG - http://brokershandsontheirface...
Aren't they're always like that" :) - GlennIsaac
David Risley
I think FriendFeed should add ability to have a short bio, like Twitter. Especially seeing as Twitter is falling off the wagon.
FriendFeed can use MySpace's DA to pull MySpace profile data - ... Techcunch has a demo at - Allen Hurff
Leah Culver
Hanging out with !zacman85 from YouTube and talking about site... -
Jim Norris
Radio Host Kevin James Walks into a Smackdown -
Radio Host Kevin James Walks into a Smackdown
And yet nobody's positions will change. :( - Robert Konigsberg
lol - j1m
wow. I'm so glad SOMEONE called this GOP mouthpiece on their gross misuse of "appeasement." Robert is probably right, though. - Chieze Okoye
He should do those used car lots ads on the radio - Soup in a TARDIS
This video appeased me. This means that YouTube is a member of the Nazi Party. - Michael Scarpelli
That guy has his own radio show? How unfortunate. - Nathan Johns
Ouch. =) - Eric Hamilton
Scott Beale
just installed iStat menus, a cool Mac app that monitors cpu, memory, disk usage, network, temperature & fans
dave mcclure
Redesign A First Step In Bringing Order To The MySpace Chaos -
Redesign A First Step In Bringing Order To The MySpace Chaos
Redesign A First Step In Bringing Order To The MySpace Chaos
Redesign A First Step In Bringing Order To The MySpace Chaos
Seems amazingly similar to another Social Networking sites improvements! - Joe Dawson
Brian Credus fixed MySpace. Pass it on. - Brian Oberkirch
Where are the half page ads of the undressing girls? - Adam Loving
Paul Buchheit
Twitter brings in big guns from Pivotal Labs to help rebuild its troubled infrastructure » VentureBeat -
Twitter brings in big guns from Pivotal Labs to help rebuild its troubled infrastructure » VentureBeat
This is definitely a step in the right direction for twitter. - Mike Fruchter
Here comes the posse... - MG Siegler
hmmm we ll blame pivotal :-) - Erhan Erdoğan
I've worked with the Pivotal team. Very smart. Assuming they're still going to scale Twitter on Ruby then, huh? - AJ Kohn
About time they use that money for some good. Get that infrastructure built properly. All I have to say is I am glad I am not in their shoes... - Mike Wills from twhirl
Louis Gray
I Don’t Care That Colbert Is On Hulu, It’s Still Georetarded! -
Georetarded - a new word is born - Brian Sullivan
Pandora also suffers from the same US centric short sight... aww chucks.. there's always Bittorrent... - Luis Figueiredo
like: georetarded, should be put on addictionary - mike "glemak" dunn
Here's where the desire of the general content consumer departs dramatically from those of the rightsholder. If you hold it to be fair and reasonable that the rightsholder would like to maximize revenue, then clearly it is reasonable that they would seek to sell the rights to distribution of content to as many parties as possible. And that's where your complaint regarding "georetarded" comes in. In order to license those exhibition rights often comes the requirement to exclude internet distribution.. - Marc Vermut
(ran out of characters, didn't realize there's a limitation), unless everyone is willing to allow complete and total international television competition today (and I'm sure many are, but governments are preventing it), it's just not yet possible. The state of the web today seems more and more likely to maintain those artificial cultural and national boundaries for content that exist offline. At least for content that is broadcast initially on another platform. - Marc Vermut
Marc is right -- summary: the networks/content producers sell the digital distribution rights in other countries and aren't authorized distributors outside of the US -- so they lack the rights to distribute to those countries. Still some product issue on Hulu's end though -- they shouldn't allow you to browse lists of shows they can't stream to you, but geoblocking was probably somewhat of a design afterthought from the product spec point of view. - Robert Seidman
Robert, thanks for being so succinct, I sometimes like words too much. And point on the geoblocking afterthought. I've seen that happen in other distribution platforms as well. Last minute "hold up" realizations and incomplete implementations. - Marc Vermut
It is not the government preventing it, it is the fact that you have sold the rights separately and may have existing contracts. the original creators of the content need to redapt and afaik some studios are already starting this. To give you an example: I do not watch any american show on german tv for the simple reason it is always dubbed. Therefor not all content even makes it to my TV. Start showing the content to me in time and in the lang. I want and we can start figuring out how to monetize it. - Nicole Simon
dave mcclure
Scott Beale
Paul Buchheit
Sitting down to check my Twitter.
I'm thinking about the way in which Twitter will be adopted by the type of people who "sit down to check their email" once per day (or week). I'm guessing that it will necessarily involve more long term status, such as "Going to NY for the weekend". - Paul Buchheit
Will Twitter be adopted by those folks? I'm not sure. Interesting thought, though. - Phil Crissman
For those types of people, I think Twitter will be much more closely used in the way it was intended: status updates on friends and family. I think the idea of Twitter as the global talk-show is lost on many, many people. People don't want global interactions: they want local interactions made easier. - Mark Trapp
I think you'll see the hunt-and-peck-sit-down-to-check-my-email crowd using Twitter to figure out why they can't get ahold of Johnny or Susie, going to their profile page, clicking on Johnny or Susie's icon, and reading the latest tweet, then closing it. - Mark Trapp
Maybe, but information from something like Twitter is never meant to be static. I feel information is more fluid in this case. - David Ambrose
Funny, since my twitter rss feed went dark and I did a 'hide unless comments' for twitter in FF I get limited 'river' views into the twitterverse anymore. - Ashton describes a very rough way to determmine if a servcie is mainstream or not -twitter & FF are not - martin english
"mainstream" takes time. Facebook certainly wasn't mainstream 3 years ago. - Paul Buchheit
Evan Williams
"My name is Jason and I came across your website and realized we both are in the 'weight loss' niche."
Robert Scoble
I want a page that shows what important stuff I missed since I was on FriendFeed last.
Define "important" as a regex :P - Brad McCrorey
I second that - Akshay Dodeja
How do you want to show it? Keyword? People? Why can't we group users? - Chris Miller
I was just thinking "man i wonder how much good stuff I have missed" - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Nice concept, but I echo Chris. How do you you define important? - Joel Gray
important = anything not involving Jessica Simpson and/or Tony Romo - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
It's ok to miss something... You don't have to read everything. The cool part about FriendFeed is that YOU determine what's important. If I wanted it fed to me, I'd go to Techmeme, or some other service. - Bwana ☠
that would definitely make FF THE killer app! - julian_marain from twhirl
Importance would be defined by the number of Likes and Comments. - Akiva
Important things are different from one to another, so i guess it would need a filter. - Nir Ben Yona
Search function is not powerful enough to express the notion of importance. :) - Morton Fox
I guess they could use the Flickr model of interestingness? - Gerard van Schip
If you can decide on a set of parameters that would normally catch your eye as important, I'm sure Greasemonkey can do the rest. - Rahsheen from twhirl
How about make a search page and subscribe to the RSS feed in a reader with smart groups. - Tom Landini
You mean, "I want a page that shows what important stuff I missed while I got my usual 3 hours of sleep last night without my internet IV stuck in my arm." - Thomas Hawk
akiva wins the prize. Things that have likes and comments. - Robert Scoble
Could there be some functionality like AideRSS? - Alex Williams
perfect idea...just came back from kitchen with salmon for lunch and sat down to "catch up on Frienfeed", so this idea is perfect! thanks for suggesting it! hear that Bret and Paul? - Susan Beebe
Me to; I have been working on a new GraffitiCMS theme for my site to bring FriendFeeds into the site in this manner. Looked at Scobles FriendFeed widget on his sidebar but that is just also looked at Pirillo’s Social Me page-not sure what that is yet. - Kevin Tunis
This is why when I hide things, I don't hide them if they have likes and/or comments. My important stuff is on my main feed. I go venturing out on the everyone feed. - Bwana ☠
in case you closed that "second page" without scrolling/seeing all of it could come with another page - for the skipped bits ;) - Tudor from Alert Thingy
Now I know FF is really popular: I'm not the only user named Tudor any more. - Tudor Bosman
I think "important" stuff is really just making a group/category of a select few friends, or a global tab of a combo of 'most comments + likes". I'm sure someone is building a firefox plugin right now! (never used the group plugin I've heard about already) - karl dotter
You know what happens when two Tudor's meet - Tudor from Alert Thingy
I wan't a way to undelete if I screw up like last night! - Charlie Anzman
Robert. Te best thing about ANY aggregating service is that life goes on when you leave it. Forget about what you missed. Look at what is passing by when you return. If you missed something it's old news already - Alexander van Elsas
Does anyone else find it interesting that Robert Scoble defines what is important as what other people liked or commented on? I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. - Rob Diana
Well, it's no fun to go back to something that nobody is discussing... - Rahsheen
FriendFeedMachine can sort items by # of comments or likes so that's a start: Also a good tool would be FriendFeedLinks at But I believe where you add value is finding important stuff before others, so this may not work for you. - Louis Gray
Something that shows most commented items! - Dave Peck
The problem is, we start relying on social services for direct communications without taking the time to be "direct". It is a lower priority form of communication. The real answer is, if something is important, it should be sent directly. If it is big news, it SHOULD make it to the top of the various outlets (tech crunch, cnn, etc...) If not, I agree with Alexander van Elsas. Forget about it, it's old news! - Joel Gray
@Ron Diana - that's the beauty of human filtering, ain't it? What do people who I trust find interesting. - Hutch Carpenter
ffmachine looks cool, but I couldn't figure it out in less than 30s so I quit (: - Rahsheen
@Rahsheen - that's sort of my experience as well. It's beta, so I hope the UI will improve. - Hutch Carpenter
I didn't bother to look too hard, but I don't think I saw any Help or anything either. I hate when stuff looks really useful...but I don't know how to use it... - Rahsheen
I also recommend the Greasemonkey scripts over at The group feature is really nice - Bwana ☠
You do of course see the fault in Robert Scoble's FF strategy. If he only looks at things that others have liked, and we all do that, well, then there isn't much left to be seen. If you are truly a noise adept, then you make decisions without others doing it for you. No need to wait for likes. Be the first to like something (or not). - Alexander van Elsas
There is already a thread started on the Feedback group for it. Or at least for some way of noting what you've already seen and what's new. - xero
Completely agree! - Marcie Lascher
Showing what is popular, either generally or with a chosen subset of people, would be a big Friendfeed plus. Actually, I don't know if I need that filter -- you've been a pretty good filter, just seeing what you like. - Alex Hammer
Agree 100% - richrecruiter
Soon, soon ;) - Aviv
how do you define important? - Ouriel Ohayon
Since your are on Windows, you could try bTT: leave it open with filters on minimum likes/comments while you are away - Francois Bochatay
And now you have it - Christian Burns
Ben Metcalfe
Scoble interviews Aber Whitcomb, CTO of MySpace. Good, v techy, interview:
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