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Allen Renear

Allen Renear

Faculty member and Associate Dean for Research at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinis, Urbana-Champaign.
Tho attributed by Renear to Sperberg-McQueen. [original was apparently: "metaphor is good, formalization is better"] @oxford_dharma #dhoxss
Jodi Schneider (#gslisui MS '08) on international developments in library linked data. [Lots!], at @ALCTS #lodlam session @jschneider
Ashley Clark (GSLIS, UIUC) just finishes "Meta-Stylesheets: Exploring the provenance of XSL transformations. #balisage LB. Terrific talk.
Yup, our pubs group apparently decided to promote me, skip the search process. Nice of them. But I'm not sure the provost will go for it.
*Interim* dean. A critical adjective was missing from headline & article. Now fixed. But thanks nonetheless!
"Automate like you are going to live forever; document like you are going to die next week" -- Michael Sperberg-McQueen. #balisage
Amtrak(Ethan Allen) from RPI to NYC is beautiful. Now in Starbucks south of Penn Stn; delaying EWR. Sign up for foursquare v keep working?
Responding to the hot topics with funders questions, Brett Bobley (NEH): "linked open data". #dh11
Responding to the hot topics with funders questions, Chad Gaffield (President SSHRC): "semantic web". #dh11
Keller recalling Spires (remember?), and early programs for having specialists working simultaneously in departments and central IT. #dh11
Cliff Lynch: "This is wonderful and badly needed work" #oacwkshp annotation
Simone Sacchi, (GSLIS/UIUC) wins (1of3) iConference poster awards. "Annotation evolution:..." (Web 2.0 technologies & annotation practices).
Datanet session. Now speaking: Carole Palmer (CIRSS/Illinois), Data Conservancy, speaking. Data Curation Framework. #iConf11
Datanet session. Geof Bowker moderating. Speaking: Christine Borgman (UCLA), Data Conservancy, speaking. iSchool challenges. #iConf11
Datanet session. Geof Bowker moderating. Speaking: Christine Borgman (UCLA), Data Conservancy, speaking. iSchool challenges.
RT @jschneider: "Reading avoidance" remix: Slides from @AllenRenear Carole Palmer @gbilder Carol Tenopir #beyondthepdf
Great session. Impressive projects all. Annotations do nicely raise all the hard problems. #dhcs10
Headed to GSLIS ASIS&T student chapter meeting, 5:30 rm131 to hr @karenwickett give latest vers collection/item metadata talk. #gslisui
At the GSLIS Data Curation Meet&Greet. Big turnout, great students. Melissa Cragin answering questions about courses, jobs, etc #gslisui
In Mountain View for #SciFoo (Hotel Avante). Anticipating interactions around new directions for scientific publishing, data curation, etc.
Great talk by Paul Caton. Recommends not taking the easy "terminological difference" way out, but diving deep: which he does. #dh2010.
at the Esquire with Carole Goble, Downie, just arrived, but maybe not for too long. Tho if you are at the Pig or Esquire already, etc.
oops, that last tweet was a query typed in the tweet box. Glad it wasn't embarrassing.
"Persistent Identifier" frbr
Karen Wickett presents poster giving a first order logic treatment of FRBR. Delightful. I watch, do email. Enjoyable morning. #asist09
Sperberg-McQueen's traditional closing plenary at #Balisage2009. The man is a force of nature.
Pierazzo: what is the diplomatic edition? The XML the HTML? Both? ... we need a new type of edition: the Documentary Digital Edition #dh09
Lorcan Dempsey recommends Karen Wickett's rule: "I like to do favors for my future self." #sihdc09
it's G Bilder: "For every distributed service created, we've then had to create a centralized service to make it useable again." #sihdc09
Martin Mueller: "The library should add a kitchen to its pantry" (from the talk description).
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