Allen Stern
I don't think we'll get a unified opinion on unifying comments. Some like having conversations on FriendFeed rather than on the original source. Others, mainly the content producers, want the conversation on their site. But while Allen says, "No reader is going to hit up all of the services listed above to try to track and join the conversation", I say, "No reader is going to go to all the individual blogs to make comments." - Louis Gray
Allen, we're explicitly supporting a multiple conversations model. I've explain this a bit in a blog post earlier this week: That said, we are exploring way to provide better integration and linkage at the user's control. - Paul Buchheit
Y'know, I'd almost be just as pleased that if I, as the email address listed in the feed as the feed owner, got a summary email or something giving me the comments from FriendFeed so I at least know a discussion is going on about a post. A lot of times, I'll take comments from a previous post and incorporate them into future posts. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
(assuming I wasn't already a member of friendfeed. but I am. but still might be nice. just sayin'.). - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
If they're willing to hit up all these other sites for discussion, why wouldn't they be willing to go back to the original article and discuss it too?! - Corvida
Speaking for myself, not really. I comment where I'm most inspired. If there's a good discussion going on in FriendFeed, I'll respond here, but I won't necessarily have the compunction nor the time to rephrase the comment in the context it was originally proffered in all the relevant locations. This is a lot like Digger's comment habits (or Slashdotters). You'll see posts there with thousands of comments, but only 10 or 15 on the original article. That's just the way of it. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins