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Louis Gray
KickPost Predicts Popular Posts for Top Tech News -
KickPost Predicts Popular Posts for Top Tech News
KickPost is the newest product via Caleb Elston: - Louis Gray
my cabeasy man! - Allen Stern
Hey guys! Thanks for the post Louis. I just finally decided yesterday to put it on hacker-news for some feedback, didn't expect anyone to pick it up, but then again, you are the guy who detected Toluu traffic from your logs :) - Caleb Elston
Louis Gray
Awesome FriendFeeder Pea visits the twins and delivers a twin Domo set to boot! @elzbeth
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You can find Patricia here: - Louis Gray
Good for you, Pea! You did it. :) - Josh Haley from iPhone
Cool! - Rodfather
Pea FTW! Yarrrr, mateys! - Jim #teamFFrank
oh, and Louis, you're nice too. :-D - Jim #teamFFrank
Very,, very sweet! - earl wallace from twhirl
Visit of win - Eric - Final Countdown from iPhone
<3 - Derrick
Completely awesome. <3 - Yolanda
Bump for the good times. - Mark Krynsky
<33333333333333333333 - Mo Kargas
This is why FriendFeed rocks. - Louis Gray
The search and discovery and bumping? - Louis Gray
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CloudContacts - CloudContacts Featured on 37Signals Blog -
Product Blog: Turn your business card collection or Rolodex into Highrise contacts with CloudContacts
Jesse Stay
"The Playing Field Is Even, Now It Just Comes Down To Preference" -
Nice post Holden - I agree, competition is great. - Keith - @tsudo
Thanks, Keith - Holden Page
Jesse Stay
"25 Free Google Analytics Alternatives" -
Linnea Johnson
Business Card Scanning and Transcription - CloudContacts -
Dan Lewis
Going to Yankee Stadium? Don't Bring Your iPad! -
Nicolas Roberge
Business Card Scanning and Transcription - CloudContacts -
Business Card Scanning and Transcription - CloudContacts -
Jon Bloor
Loving the combination of @Cloudcontacts (to scan business cards) and Highrise for contact management…
Louis Gray
Why I Trust Blippy, Mint and Others With My Financial Data -
Why I Trust Blippy, Mint and Others With My Financial Data
Love the kids at a soccer game analogy about the tech press! Louis you are truly transparent - I couldn't go as far as you do, though I understand the sentiment behind it. I mean, do I really want people knowing if I end up needing to buy some Preparation H or something like that .,..? - Laura Norvig
cuz you broke - sofarsoShawn
Louis Gray
Enabling social sharing with FeedFlare -
I added "Share to Buzz" to my FeedFlare yesterday. It's good. You should add it as well. - Louis Gray
Jesse Stay
Getting very tempted to write a blog post on "Facebook Open" vs. "Google Open", and why both have their own elements of "Closed"
Any entity X pushing a spec "Open" in its name that requires X to be in the middle somewhere, isn't IMHO. - Ray Cromwell
More specifically, if Site A and Site B are on an "Open Graph", they should be able to work without Hub site X in the middle. If any transaction between A and B requires X to be an intermediary, it effectively means X owns the graph, and it's not open. The only way any kind of network graph can be "open" is if it is federated. - Ray Cromwell
Open Graph protocol isn't stopping anyone else to adopt it and allow multiple sites to revolve around hub site X. Don't buy what Google employees are telling you. - Jesse Stay
The part about the metadata is trivial and insufficient, but federated, yes, however the protocol does not standardize action vocabulary, so inevitably, this will be filled with proprietary links back to FB services (e.g. the Like button) How can Site A publish a 'Like' to an arbitrary Hub so that Site B may discover that 'Like'? That's my point. The RDFa metadata alone is practically useless and redundant if you consider that most of the time it duplicates existing info (Page title, FavIcon, etc) - Ray Cromwell
Reformed, it's coming later today. Ray, it works perfectly for any site that wants to implement a Pages-like product. It's still open and federated - there is just no one else that has anything like that. If you wanted to, you could create one any time though and it would work with any site that implements this protocol. - Jesse Stay
Without a standard spec and something that addresses the discoverability problem, you'd end up with a menagerie of "Like" buttons in a site (one for each hub), and no ability for crosshub sharing. It also preserves the walled garden around user networks, which is the real thing that needs to be opened. The way I envision it, if I 'Like' a site, I should be able to publish the like to... more... - Ray Cromwell
Louis Gray
Facebook Instantly Sharing Your Data With Third Parties -
Rob Diana
Zipcar Acquires U.K. Car Sharing Service Streetcar -
Eric Ungs
Snap a photo of a biz card w/ your phone & @CloudContacts does the rest. It now integrates Twitter’s @Anywhere Platform
Robert Scoble
RT @WebWorkerDaily: CloudContacts Integrates Twitter’s @Anywhere Platform
Business Card Order Form - CloudContacts -
Place an order for the CloudContacts social business card scanning and transcription service. - Steve
Eric Ries
Me too: This is why I use @cloudcontacts to scan all my business cards: service really rocks /via @Scobleizer
Lucas Newcomer
Business Card Scanning and Transcription - CloudContacts -
This is why I use @cloudcontacts to scan all my business cards: service really rocks and now I have you all on my iPad!
Marc Nathan
Business Card Scanning and Transcription - CloudContacts -
Craig Thrall
Making Your Business Cards More Social -
Jesse Stay
I either have a lot of rich friends or a lot of in-debt friends buying iPads today. Some even buying 2.
Jesse - this is the smartness of Jobs - he has gone after those with lots of disposable income - it's something the other manufacturers haven't done. I bet all these people buying one today will buy another with 3g in a month - just watch. - Allen Stern
He also gave them 60 days to save - Johnny from iPhone
I heard Louis used his babbies as collateral; they are now an offical TradeMark of Apple #exploitation #toddlerlabour - sofarsoShawn from iPhone
is this why he is having a 3rd? to be first in line for ipad 2.0? lol - Allen Stern
I am neither rich nor in debt. - Louis Gray
Cloud Contacts is the bomb ya'll! I sent them all my business cards from all the conferences and conventions I've attended and they put it all online for me with tools! Check it:
Rob Diana
CloudContacts Will Now Scan Your Business Cards and Then Find Your Contacts on Social Networks -
J. Sperling Reich
Business Card Scanning and Transcription - CloudContacts -
Company that will scan, transcribe and connect your business cards on social networks, email services and CRM systems. - J. Sperling Reich
Business Card Scanning and Transcription - CloudContacts -
Steve Hand
RT @ScottKirsner: CloudContacts was an awesome way to digitize several hundred paper business cards: - Highly recommended
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