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Allen Wolfe

Allen Wolfe

Christian author of the Balancing the Sword books and designer of the BTS Reading Planner software.
NGC's #Wicked Tuna makes me want to visit Gloucester to hook into a monster bluefin tuna.
Discovery is airing a series named #Africa. Tonight's episode is on the Congo. Such beautiful footage!
"The Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart" Who hardened Pharaoh's heart? Does God lead people astray?
Nixon's Watergate deceived us re theft; Obama's Benghazi deceived us re terrorism. CIA, DOJ and White House involved in deceit. Expect more.
It's 10:05 PM, and it's not looking good for Romney.
Driving on I-4 at 2 AM, I witnessed fog, as thick as clouds, descending to envelope the tree tops. The sky appeared to be falling.
#Debate: Obama attempted to gain ground by aggression as a team trailing in points.
#Debate: Obama can't offend China because he needs them to bankroll ObamaCare.
#Debate: Romney sounds must stronger regarding China than Obama.
#Debate: “We will have trade relations with China that work for us.”—Mitt Romney
#Debate: Romney wants America to lead from the front. Obama wants America to lead from behind, i.e., follow.
#Debate: Romney sounds more presidential than President Obama.
#Debate: The sparks are not flying on foreign policies because Romney and Obama are so similar. Their differences are philosophical.
#Debate: Obama refused the advice of his top generals in Afghanistan.
#Debate: Setting a date for withdrawal in Afghanistan gave the Taliban fighters an expected victory date.
#Debate: Iran is four years closer to a nuclear bomb.
#Debate: Obama's apology tour took him to Saudi Arabia and Egypt but he skipped Israel. Obama’s childhood creates Muslim sympathy.
#Debate: Romney projects a greater tone of strength toward American leadership.
#Debate: Obama mocking tone about aircraft carriers does not sound presidential.
#Debate: They are both attempting to redirect this debate toward domestic policies.
#Debate: “What I’ve seen over the last four years is not what I want to see over the next four years.” —Mitt Romney
#Debate: Obama pulling our missile defense from Poland hurt our relationship with the Polish people to give a concession to Russia.
#Debate: “Our national debt is our greatest national risk.”
#Debate: “We should play the leadership role,” asserted Mitt Romney. Expect to hear the idea of American leadership repetitiously tonight.
#Debate: Who will win Syria? We do not know them. America does not have leadership over the rebels.
RT @BillyHallowell: "Attacking me is not an agenda." -Romney to Obama on the Middle East #debate
#Debate: Romney wants to invest US $$ into Islamic countries to turn their hearts from radicalism. Wrong! Wrong!
#Debate: Obama just claimed that he’s kept us safe. Tell that to the four Americans who are dead from the Libya attack.
#Debate: “We cannot kill our way out of this mess.” —Mitt Romney
#Debate2012: Obama pledge to “heal the planet” and “recede the oceans.” If only Obama had healed the budget and receded the national debt!
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