Re: Class Typography Effects: Hyphenation -
"Unlike Safari, Chrome doesn’t ship with a hyphenation dictionary, which is why, even though it supports hyphens, it doesn’t actually insert the hyphens." - Albert Willis
Re: Make Your Web Pages More Legible With Ligatures and Kerning Pairs -
"According to" - Albert Willis
Re: Explain like I'm five: Jekyll collections -
"This is the best description of Collections I’ve seen. Thanks for writing it." - Albert Willis
Re: Clinton ran homebrew computer system for official emails -
"Just for the record, no other cabinet level official has ever run their own email server out of their home as Hillary apparently did." - Albert Willis
Re: Beyond Bitcoin - 27th And Final - An Architecture For The Internet Of Money -
"I find it ironic that Meher proposes some (in my opinion) weak arguments as to why Ripple can't scale and then describes what's essentially a reimplementation of Ripple with some potentially problematic changes. BTW, I have no affiliation with Ripple Labs; I’m just a cryptocurrency enthusiast and entrepreneur. Meher suggests there are doubts about Ripple’s consensus protocol and then goes on to talk about Stellar, while based on a fork of Ripple, uses a modified consensus algorithm. Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer addressed this in a blog post Why the Stellar Forking Issue Does Not Affect Ripple. Until we hear something definitive from Prof. David Mazières, the suggestion that there’s something wrong with Ripple’s consensus algorithm is just FUD--fear, uncertainty and doubt. The scalability of trust issue that Meher suggests also seems FUD-related, especially since anyone who’s read Ripple’s documentation and white papers knows the Ripple protocol doesn’t rely on trust of any..." - Albert Willis
Re: Future Boston Alliance -
"Malia, I couldn’t agree more—shocker, I know. ;-) If anything, the membership and structure seem to be created to allow for the least amount of true innovation possible. I also agree that innovation isn't something brought to the so-called masses to be bestowed upon them. The ability to be innovative is something innate in our communities and in our residents; it’s something that has to be supported to grow and prosper. It's already there in our neighborhoods; it just has to be allowed to come to the surface." - Albert Willis
Re: Fun Times with CSS Counters -
"Support for accessible generated content is coming in CSS Pseudo-Elements Module Level 4." - Albert Willis
RT @ashmont: Join us at Mayor @marty_walsh's My Brother's Keeper community forum. #MBK #MBKBoston #bospoli #mayorsdo
That look Annalise just gave Sam could have killed him dead. #HTGAWM
“I’ll stick to beating your ass in court.” Annalies is no joke! #HTGAWM
RT @theideologue: Baby Huck! 😂 #Scandal
This kid is a chip off the old block. Like father, like son. #Scandal
RT @JOEtheMORTON: Oh, I see, “Hope” mean phone sex. Oh, these kids today. #Olitz #ick
Abby was like “I’m not the one Chip” #ScandaI
RT @TheGorgeousBlog: “They hold people who eat people...This isn’t jailhouse mingle dot com.” #ScandaI #ScandalParty
Cyrus is back on his game—about time. #Scandal
Olivia is like watch me work. #Scandal
Food finally. (@ Clover Food Lab KND - @cloverknd in Cambridge, MA)
RT @jilliancyork: “Weed is legal in 18 states now … Are you white? Because it’s always been legal for us.”
RT @MzYummyDread: oh happy days RT @RawStory: Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss: Religion could be gone in a generation
RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: It just seems to me that if you need the Obama coalition to turn out, you can't act like you are allergic to the president #votersdontbuyit
RT @hodgman: I got an inside source confirming Scott Brown has announced his intentions to conquer the Maritime Provinces of Canada and become their king
RT @pastormykmac: What did @Democrats think wud happen? U deport 2 million, imprison us, roll w/ wall street bankers & never address #Ferguson? ~@rosaclemente
RT @nappypoet: Listen. There are so many structural and cultural reasons as to why folks don't vote. Understand that before you make grandiose assumptions.
. @ARainhaDoce You need to put this on a billboard!
RT @PKGM: Ugh!! RT @50th_President: The people have spoken. Right Republicans? #Midterms2014
RT @malialazu: Dems, stop blaming the consumer for not buying your product. Folks don't vote cause they don't believe in the system not apathy.
RT @questlove: not mad: @ComplexMag presents 50 Best Songs By @TheRoots @BlackThought gets OVERdue overDUE props
Potential class action over Apple Pay launched against CVS, Rite Aid
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