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Re: Future Boston Alliance -
"Malia, I couldn’t agree more—shocker, I know. ;-) If anything, the membership and structure seem to be created to allow for the least amount of true innovation possible. I also agree that innovation isn't something brought to the so-called masses to be bestowed upon them. The ability to be innovative is something innate in our communities and in our residents; it’s something that has to be supported to grow and prosper. It's already there in our neighborhoods; it just has to be allowed to come to the surface." - Albert Willis
Re: Fun Times with CSS Counters -
"Support for accessible generated content is coming in CSS Pseudo-Elements Module Level 4." - Albert Willis
RT @ashmont: Join us at Mayor @marty_walsh's My Brother's Keeper community forum. #MBK #MBKBoston #bospoli #mayorsdo
That look Annalise just gave Sam could have killed him dead. #HTGAWM
“I’ll stick to beating your ass in court.” Annalies is no joke! #HTGAWM
RT @theideologue: Baby Huck! 😂 #Scandal
This kid is a chip off the old block. Like father, like son. #Scandal
RT @JOEtheMORTON: Oh, I see, “Hope” mean phone sex. Oh, these kids today. #Olitz #ick
Abby was like “I’m not the one Chip” #ScandaI
RT @TheGorgeousBlog: “They hold people who eat people...This isn’t jailhouse mingle dot com.” #ScandaI #ScandalParty
Cyrus is back on his game—about time. #Scandal
Olivia is like watch me work. #Scandal
Food finally. (@ Clover Food Lab KND - @cloverknd in Cambridge, MA)
RT @jilliancyork: “Weed is legal in 18 states now … Are you white? Because it’s always been legal for us.”
RT @MzYummyDread: oh happy days RT @RawStory: Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss: Religion could be gone in a generation
RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: It just seems to me that if you need the Obama coalition to turn out, you can't act like you are allergic to the president #votersdontbuyit
RT @hodgman: I got an inside source confirming Scott Brown has announced his intentions to conquer the Maritime Provinces of Canada and become their king
RT @pastormykmac: What did @Democrats think wud happen? U deport 2 million, imprison us, roll w/ wall street bankers & never address #Ferguson? ~@rosaclemente
RT @nappypoet: Listen. There are so many structural and cultural reasons as to why folks don't vote. Understand that before you make grandiose assumptions.
. @ARainhaDoce You need to put this on a billboard!
RT @PKGM: Ugh!! RT @50th_President: The people have spoken. Right Republicans? #Midterms2014
RT @malialazu: Dems, stop blaming the consumer for not buying your product. Folks don't vote cause they don't believe in the system not apathy.
RT @questlove: not mad: @ComplexMag presents 50 Best Songs By @TheRoots @BlackThought gets OVERdue overDUE props
Potential class action over Apple Pay launched against CVS, Rite Aid
Damn @maddow is on fire tonight! You know, people can’t stand too much truth.
Just mentioned on @msnbc: this is the first election since most of the voting rights act was struck down.
. @jkarsh I couldn’t agree more.
RT @TheTweetOfGod: Retweet this and you'll go to heaven. Yes, the standards are now that low.
RT @audaciouskay: 😵😵😵 RT @ParisBurned: *phew* RT @cocochanal: Pretty much sums it up RT @thelindalord: This…
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