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Alyssa Goodman

Alyssa Goodman

Astronomy Professor at Harvard
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@peterdedmonds @planet4589 @AlanStern take up complaints with Dimitar Sasselov...#3 on the slide is his!
Gr8 #harvard Talk by Becker 2day Unravelling Starlight:William and Margaret Huggins and the Rise of the New Astronomy
Perseus 13CO from COMPLETE -
Perseus 13CO from COMPLETE
CfA Colloquium: Exoplanets in HD by Jacob Bean. Is #comparitiveplanetology a hashtag yet? Yes, that's a real thing.
@acolt at #harvard "You shouldn't 'test' your #visualizations on yourself--you should test them on your audience." Indeed. #seamlessarzu
@aagie: @acolt talk on perception and visualization starting now at #harvard #seamlessarzu
Our perceptual limits in reading and interpreting visualizations #seamlessarzu at #harvard
Our perceptual limits in reading and interpreting visualizations #seamlessarzu at #harvard
@acolt talk on perception and visualization starting now at #harvard Hashtag is #arzuseamless steam link next
@hpfister @kinggary Did you know that #msu has designated business analytics as #STEM field (heard this at #scifoo)
Dear #dccc Stop spamming your potential supporters. SPAM=anger & filtering your emails out; RESPECT=donations. Try a new plan. Please.
on Mo+ ( ) ~ Unlimited free calls and messages
RT @MarkHahnel: Semi-regular field notes from the world of data (gathered from Scifoo 2014):
@baratunde you need to hear @acolt 's idea for a tv show called "not so intelligent design". Consider this a #twintro
@JetBlue someone feeding erroneous info to #FlightTrack. Alert says we left gate 15 min ago. Not so. Still at gate.
@JetBlue @aagie thanks. We are still parked at the gate, so the takeoff will be at least 3hrs late--with lovely weather on both ends!
@JetBlue now in plane we apprntly stole from now disgruntled Charleston bound folks. Stole crew from ? Might lv soon. ~3hr delay on 1hr flt!
@JetBlue now the plane is sitting at gate and there's no crew. Brilliant? Look it up flt 690.
@JetBlue now it is worse. They have repeatedly delayed the flight. Allegedly now moved to a new gate. Still not left
@JetBlue Oh, and by the way my one hour flight to Boston is two hours late.
This zoo at #dca is the current state of @JetBlue 's gate area. I have been so unimpressed on this very short trip.
#OpenRev looks like it could be interesting for #JournalClubs (enhances group discussion of documents)
.@JetBlue thanks! Now please fix #tsaprecheck at gates 40-42 at #Logan, or stop using them.
.@JetBlue didn't think publicly tweeting a confcode was a good idea?
@JetBlue Also, the lack of #TSAprecheck at #Logan 40, 41, 42 (used by your BOS:DCA route) makes me rethink airline choice. Fixit please.
.@JetBlue Thanks. Flt is 0427 & you know my name...
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