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Alyssa Goodman

Alyssa Goodman

Astronomy Professor at Harvard
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Can I implement your algorithm?
I can’t wait until all the #eyeo talks are up… will soak up much time, will be worth it.
Everyone once in a while, a sky image on #apod just takes my breath away. Here’s a horse’s head that looks real.
21 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do #aplus I learned plenty!
RT @OverheardOnAph: This work was not supported. In fact, they told us not to do it.
Amazon’s Cloud Is Growing So Fast It’s Scaring Shareholders | Enterprise | WIRED
#trulia is amazing. We should look at it for improving the, @augustmuench @beaumontchris
Wow, this is what paper journals have come to be used for. The American Economics Review, as a doorstop! At #harvard!
@FastCoCreate @FastCompany That may be the most difficult to read infographic I've seen this year. A great example of style over substance.
45 yrs ago, my parents woke me to see Armstrong step on Moon at 2:56 UTC. Today, I profess Astronomy at #Harvard. Thx #NASA. #fb #Apollo45
101 Years of Tour de France Globalization via @NatGeo
#Instacart delivers groceries from local stores in about an hour. #Lexington needs to be next! Retweet now to agree
World Cup, all over the world through Twitter images. Thanks @recycledelec for the pointer!
#Astroinformatics2014 is in Chile, next month! Hurry if you want to go & have not made plans.
@cgsunit Wish I knew, Lauren.... sorry! Alyssa (from Budapest)
RT @WIRED: Why the TSA's ban on uncharged cell phones isn't as stupid as it sounds
Capping off #gaiaviz with a tour of the Vienna Observatory. Telescope from 1878, Grubb, Dublin.
Discussion is always better with "refreshments"! Thanks for that and #gaiaviz, @joaoalves!
Is Richard Hanson talking about 3D dust mapping or giant #rainbow birds at #gaiaviz?
RT @BeaumontChris: Hooray, today's #gaiaviz talk pushed to 100 stars :)
#gaia sandbox viz outreach software looks great at #gaiaviz
@astrojonathan have you tried this simulated #gaia data in #worldwidetelescope? I think @mpoessel would try it at HdA
Yu et al. 3D selection keeps coming up at #GaiaViz. Maybe someday it will be available!
@BeaumontChris #killingit @Gaiaviz showing easy back & forth from #Glueviz to #iPython We should have recorded his talk @joaoalves!
RT @joaoalves: Killer viz talk brewing... Chris Beaumont #gaiaviz
@BeaumontChris Defines the "Valley of Sadness" between Code and GUIs at #GaiaViz.
@BeaumontChris @corbett @acolt we should show @michelle_borkin when she's back online!
@BeaumontChris @corbett @acolt best rainbow award? From #gaiviz
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