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"submitted by reddit to blog." - Amac
Re: Disney Makes Social Media the Centerpiece of Theme Park Ad Campaign -
"Somebody tell Cory Doctorow that his science fiction story is coming true." - Amac
Re: Disney Makes Social Media the Centerpiece of Theme Park Ad Campaign -
"Somebody tell Cory Doctorow that his science fiction story is coming true." - Amac
Re: Disney Makes Social Media the Centerpiece of Theme Park Ad Campaign -
"Somebody tell Cory Doctorow that his science fiction story is coming true." - Amac
amacan on Dear Reddit, This is my friend taking a candid shot of himself. He is insanely awesome. -
"He should be cast as the lead in "Thor"." - Amac
amacan on Dear Reddit, This is my friend taking a candid shot of himself. He is insanely awesome. -
"He should be cast as the lead in "Thor"." - Amac
amacan on Hey Reddit, my company created this link sharing service to try and raise money for charities. Thoughts? -
"Wow, this is pretty cool. You don't typically think of ad revenue companies making it easy to donate, or share the wealth. Very slick." - Amac
amacan on Hey Reddit, my company created this link sharing service to try and raise money for charities. Thoughts? -
"Wow, this is pretty cool. You don't typically think of ad revenue companies making it easy to donate, or share the wealth. Very slick." - Amac
Jason Calacanis
Actually @italiano40 folks at ABC/Mark Burnet contacted me about being on Shark Tank but it didn't work out. Maybe next season! #sharktank
What's Shark Tank? I can think of some people I might like to see put in a shark tank but it's probably not the same kind of shark tank you're talking about. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
All I can say is I've seen 2 episodes, and I spend the entire time thinking, everything I know about VC is because of Calacanis sparking my interest. Thanks for the great insights you give about startups and funding on Twit, Twist, and blogging. - Amac
Robert Scoble
12 new items from Google Reader just got pulled into my FriendFeed account at Fresh meat! Google Reader is seeing a LOT of new users lately.
It's all part of their plan for total world domination :) - Jim Connolly
Jim, LOL. - Jigar Mehta
i'm going to go out on a limb and bring up this old chest nut...the users have always been there, growing steadily by the day :) - Zee.
The Like feature in Reader, though a small gesture, opens a big window to more of a social RSS experience. Tiny software changes can have huge cultural effects. - phil baumann
Yep... and it appears to be working! - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Zee: not really true. I've been on Google Reader for years and was #1 user for quite a while. In the past week a TON of new people have joined. - Robert Scoble
Why? - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Susan: because of the new sharing and liking and searching features. New features get PR. PR gets people to try something new. - Robert Scoble
Good point! The username feature got me back in gReader this week - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Wonder how much of it is just 'us' - Geeks feeding the same information around different sites / apps? - Jim Connolly
Jim: I don't recognize most of the names of people who've followed me in the past week. So, it might be geeks, but based on the content they are picking I'd say it's going a bit more mainstream than that. Certainly they aren't the same usual folks who I usually see. For instance, on Dopplr about half of the people who follow me there are people I've actually met face to face. In Google Reader, this week's new bunch is closer to 1%. - Robert Scoble
Robert: That would be VERY interesting! - Jim Connolly
Many geeks, but I think there's plenty of other kinds of peeps. Some in mine don't appear to be geeks. - phil baumann
Q: If I Like your Like, do you see that Like back in your feed? << - phil baumann
Phil: What do geeks look like? :-) (Visions in my mind of thye cast from Big Bang Theory) - Jim Connolly
All geeks are hot :) - phil baumann
Not too sure about that! - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Since we're on the topic, do we wanna share each other feeds here? - phil baumann
Just started using it - love it! - BEX
I wonder if Google's giving us a glimpse of where Wave is going. Adding messaging into reader could kick it even farther into the social space. But then that would be sorta FFish I guess. - phil baumann
The "like" move was really smart. Based on one week of stats, a lot more people are likely to like a feature (compare to shared and shared with notes). Regarding search + follow, it is a great step forward compared to the 2 way handshake which was in place. Future will tell if people want to create yet another graph or use friendfeed + twitter. If I had to guess, I would say that friendfeed is the best solution. - Edwin Khodabakchian
phil: except FriendFeed is 1000x faster than Google Reader. The engineering team there really doesn't understand how to do fast stuff like the FriendFeed team does. - Robert Scoble
robert - the FF team is amazing. period. - phil baumann
Wow, Leo Laporte is fuming about the human rights problems he saw in China. More over at - Mark
"China is a totalitarian state and like all totalitarian states they need to control the flow of information" - Leo Laporte - Mark
Mark: and this is new? I saw the same thing 10 years ago when I visited China. - Robert Scoble
Rebecca McKinnon is doing the best job of covering China. She's at (worked as a journalist there for many years and cofounded Global Voices Online). - Robert Scoble
Robert: The ff team is indeed amazing. But the Google Reader team is also very good: GR has a clean internal structure, awesome APIs and keeps shipping which for a 2-3 year old product is a tribute to the quality of the engineering. The reason why I think friendfeed will win is not engineering or realtime. It is because as a user I do not want to have a sharing tool per application.... more... - Edwin Khodabakchian
yeah I guess - Mark
China blocked Friendfeed he says too :( - Mark
Edwin: the Google Reader team might be good if you are an average user. But on my account it is ssssllllooooowwwww. FriendFeed, however, with 10x as many people interacting with me is super fast. But I agree with your overall thesis. - Robert Scoble
He says the people of china dont seem to care that they live in a totalitarian state with limited freedom and censorship etc - Mark
The slow factor is due to the fact that it tracks "mark as read" which changes the nature of the back end beast. Which as you point out can add a 1-2s per query if you have 500+ feeds. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin: most of the slowness I'm seeing is in adding new friends to Google Reader. Horridly slow. - Robert Scoble
Good point. This is because even if it allows asymmetric follow, the Google Reader platform was not designed for more than 500-1000 following (sources and friends included). This is one more reason why friendfeed is a better sharing and conversation platform - Edwin Khodabakchian
I am back using Chrome and Reader after a stint with Firefox and Feedly. Part of the reason for coming back was the new sharing capabilities. I am having some problems getting my follows to actually stick, but I think that the follow feature will allow me to subscribe to less feeds and more people and make better use of my time. - Sean Brady
Leo Laporte: "my colleagues in the tech world are more concerned with protecting their sources and NDA's then getting the truth out" - Mark
Edwin: this is a common problem at Google. My Google Latitude account crashes with 350 friends because they didn't plan on anyone having more than 100 friends. Lame. Until they fix this attitude they won't be seen as best of breed in social networking. - Robert Scoble
Sean: the 2.0a.012 feedly patch we pushed out last night includes support for like, new profile and the new sharing capabilities. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Mark: I wish Leo would start up a chat for this stuff here on FriendFeed. I hate IRC. - Robert Scoble
I am not hearing him on the mic are you? And I agree. - Robert Burgin
re: scoble, edwin ; i'm sure google [earth] has their own beacon logfiles for this, therefore it's not really 'lame' from *their* side , j/k ; in other words, they didn't care about the front end customers, just about themselves and *their* customers, which should be real estate, bioFarma and privatized defense contractors ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
Robert: agreed. I do not think that Google can come back to in the social networking game unless they do a major acquisition. But they have a great play in the identity, profile, single sign-on field. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin: and their business listings are great, overall. They could use those to get back into the game. - Robert Scoble
right now i think twitter might buy twitpic pretty soon. Google will buy both twitter and friendfeed by next year , since both are run by former employees anyway ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
I think that the facebook vs. twitter vs. myspace vs. friendfeed battle is going to be interesting to watch. Friendfeed is definitely behind but they have such a better technology. They just need to find a couple beach heads and a few more Scoble's for something interesting to happen. - Edwin Khodabakchian
I thought MySpace was dead toast fish. - Bill Sodeman
Edwin: FriendFeed needs to do a few things to get to the next level: 1. Give us the ability to brand ourselves. Themes are cool, but we need them on rooms and on our own accounts. 2. We need better tools on search to get rid of duplicates. I'm getting a lot of duplicates from rooms, for instance, and there's no way to get rid of them even though they are quite consistent. 3. We need... more... - Robert Scoble
Robert: I know. What friendfeed really needs is to bootstrap an twitter like eco-system of apps: a lot of the issues you are highlighting are real and could be easily addressed by different clients offering different experiences. We have been seriously thinking about being one of those client applications. I am wondering what is the ingredient to make the ecosystem a reality. Any thoughts on that? - Edwin Khodabakchian
the satellite electronic defense league around EADS, Thames UK, SES Dutch Skies and others don't allow Microsoft/Facebook any longer to climb higher in the power league, coz he did his stuff in the 90s with Iridium. It's more than embarrassing , that DEMS still don't know that he was in league with the Bin Ladin Group and so was the current U.S. Intelligence Head in charge , Dennis Blair [DNI ; also in charge of CIA and FBI since 2004] - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
Thanks for the good conversation. Back to work now! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin: FriendFeed also needs a mobile strategy beyond hoping the world gets iPhones. Start bootstrapping developers there. I wish Friendfeed had a search service that let me search all of Facebook and all of Twitter. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I gather Friendfeed works good on the iphone? I really need help Robert, I mean, seriously, I cannot decide which smart phone to get. I don't want to buy an apple just to be cool if its not the best. Wikipedia has a huge list - Mark
But developers seem to move toward platforms that have a few things: 1. Users. 2. A decent chance of monetizing. 3. That do something unique. 4. That are open and/or resharable 5. Simple and consistent. If FriendFeed can do those things with an API it would be most impressive. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Mark: I love my iPhone but you have to come to your own decision there. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
waz this new Verizon wifi IPhone-Compaq Notebook about? big PR campaign on weekend ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
I learned from this thread that some Google products actually have scalability problems. Amazing. Their experience with scaling stuff doesn't perpetuate through the whole company it seems. I mean, I think the right attitude for Google would be to design for a million feeds and a million friends. - Meryn Stol
Mark: that list is comprehensive, but some of the phones on there are old - Kashif Khan
google *has* billion of feeds. After all, G Earth/Lockheed/InQTel/FCS executed main parts of 9/11, even if conspiracy smashers deny all this.... - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
...and of course Google is also in bed with Transnational Fascists around Obama: ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
ewing2001: are you an automated spam bot? - Edwin Khodabakchian
nope i'm around since 1993 and can type and research fast ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
i'm also a comedian coz politics suk ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
robert: good list. I think that it would also help them if they made "developers" a priority and were being vocal about it (one thing twitter did/does well). Enjoy the rest of the week end!! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Ewing: you are very close to getting blocked for taking my threads off topic. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
i was made invisible by ff during the davos economy forum, therefore i'm sure Edwin is one of the ignorants, which define, what "spam" is as well.goodbye and over and best to Scoble ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
what an odd person - Mark
To Robert's points re:branding & filtering issues on FriendFeed, I would add the need for a "Subscribe feed to FF" bookmarklet as described here: - Alex Schleber
I wish they would rename the "like" features on FF and elsewhere, can't think of an appropriate word. - Mark
Robert, just so you know, I was following your shared Items as a standard feed for months. When Reader made their changes, I showed up on your lists. My behavior didn't change, though. - Alex Scrivener
I just dumped Newsgator after many years of use because it just kept using up too much memory on my Blackberry. I tried out Google Reader, and found it was slightly better. I won't go back. - Amac
Actually, I suspect that almost all of the people you think have joined have actually been using it for a while - the social stuff just makes them more visible. - Ian Betteridge
Oh, and my GReader feed is at - Ian Betteridge
SimplyFile release -
Love this application. I use it dozens of times a day. - Amac
Leo Laporte
Live now: The Gillmor Gang with Steve Gillmor, Mike Arrington, Hugh McLeod, Andrew Keen, Kevin Marks, and Loren Feldman. Discuss here...
how did he die ? - John Hillestad
legal herion ? - John Hillestad
I don't wanna sound smushy but the world would be a worse place without Arrington, don't care if you guys love him or hate him xx - David Lloyd
Oh, just found this chat... thanks - Tina Chase Gillmor
wow - Karoli
kevin's link into breaks - Karoli
my thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. also wish long life and good health to all of TWiT Army - Andrew Johnson
wow - David Lloyd
wow... - Chris Heath
I know serious Leo, that's serious Leo. - Mike Lewis
this will be news [edit: and it was & and personally I think Gawker had pretty good coverage of the whole dust-up ] - Chris Heath
no drama leo - Chris Heath
by that logic every person who revierws a product would be biased - David Lloyd
Techcrunch SUCKS! - Jason Hansen
I'm so happy! - Jason Hansen
wow - just wow - Devin Baines
shortest gillmor gang ever - Karoli
lol that was classic - Chris Saad
Wow, social media drama! - imabonehead
Wow, I never saw Leo get mad before. That's a first. - Dave
/me applauds Leo for standing up to Arrington's crap - Omar Egan
Leo blew his top! - John Hillestad
It's about time someone put Arrington in his place. He is always so cocky! - Jason Hansen
man i only just caught the end - what happened? - h1ro
I missed it too - Simon Wicks
about time - Jim Posner
arrington accused leo of being biased b/c he got a review Palm Pre - Karoli
Props Leo - Nick Rae
Arington said Leo was biased because he has a review unit, Leo is the ULTIMATE ethical tech journalist. FUCK YOU ARRINGTON - David Lloyd
Leo got a review Pre & Arrington was giving Leo crap about it. - Jason Hansen
Leo for President - Matthew
what a shitty move from arrington - leo would never do that sort of a thing he is always so upfront - h1ro
wow. missed arringtons part but saw leos reaction twit live is running reruns. - Kiran Patchigolla
Kinda felt that one coming for a long, long time. - Mike Lewis
Arrington should not disrespect Leo on his own network - Steven (optionshiftk)
The problem with arringtons argument is that every single review unit in history must mean ervery reviewer was biased - David Lloyd
wow from condolences to troll in under 10 minutes. arrington needs to take his meds.You rock Leo - Andrew Johnson
Arrington's an asshole - Devin Baines
What jealousy can cause. +1 Leo - David Schmidt
@Michael that was indeed quite an over-reaction - Chris Saad
relax people... let's leave the name calling out of here - decjr
Mike just proved his bottom feeder business model by attacking one of the most trusted people in tech - Matthew
Sorry about that guys, but I've have enough of Arrington's trolling. - Leo Laporte
michael arrington Leo always discloses that info - Andrew Johnson
got funky hold music on calliflower - Kevin Marks
Mike, I agree, that should be disclosed, but the tone indicated bias and it was disrespectful! - Mike Lewis
You have nothing to apologize for Leo - Matthew
Leo is not for sale, fuck you king of the trolls, you always think you are right - David Lloyd
You did the right thing Leo! - Omar Egan
as much as Leo maybe right... he really should be more professional.... - John Hillestad
@leo i don't think anyone that knows your work would *ever* think of you not being a stand up guy on disclosure - h1ro
Totally out of line Arrington-if you did your research you would have seen that Leo gave a fair review of the pre-he didn't say it was 100% perfect - Harvey Birdman
nothing like factions to spice up a 10-minute Gillmor Gang episode. ROFL - Karoli
No need to apologize Leo How you feel and how you react id your right no worries - Erle Stride
Seemed a little uncalled for, I think Arrington was justified in asking to get the facts out there, but then again, I don't know their relationship to each other, maybe Arrington was being rude, maybe there's a code you guys like to follow. - Colin
did i miss something? - Kevin Marks
I agree. Leo has a history of owning Palm products and he was happy to see the Pre possilby bringing Palm to life again. Never once was it a biased comment. It was him being honest. My friend has a Pre... I have an iPhone.... people that don't have an iPhone or don't want an iPhone, the Pre will be a great choice. Arrington is a jerk. - Jason Hansen
yes Kevin - Matthew
the audio should go viral soon - Jim Posner
Kevin, yeah. A small nuclear implosion. - Karoli
Why are you confused Arrington? Are you serious? - Jason Hansen
Professional? It's his network!! He doesn't have to put up with Arrington's crap. In any event I think Arrington needs to be more profesional and stop all that thoughtless crap he says all the time. - Omar Egan
well, that was interesting. - Chris Pugh
Hehe - this the Real Time Web in action, that's fo sho - Devin Baines
you exist only to cause conflict mike, thats your purpose in life - David Lloyd
Mark, that's kind of harsh. Just sayin'. - Karoli
You rock Leo - don't take that crap. Arrington is a troll and just trying to bait you. Stick to your guns on this one. - Mike
Just like to say I love what all of you guys do, laying your opinions out there and getting into heated discussion, I wouldn't like it any other way. - Colin
@Michael u do lots of dick things to amuse yourself - but this wasn't one of them heh - total over-reaction - Chris Saad
thats the point ...its HIS network... storming off mad is not professional..... as much as Leo was right to be mad , he should have just cut him off.... - John Hillestad
michael arrington doesn't seem to be able to not be in provocative mode when talking about products and services - leo called him out when he said "what are you gonna do about it?" so leo did something about it... kinda sux cuz i was liking the gillmor gang, but i respect leo laporte for standing up for himself in this instance even if it was a big misunderstanding - Chris Heath
apologies if i overeacted xxx - David Lloyd
Jeez, I leave for 20 minutes and miss it? you have got to be kidding me. This live stream approach is pissing me off. - Aron Michalski
It's his network, running Arrington's show... Leo did the right thing. - Omar Egan
Leo would have disclosed it was a review model. There was no need to accuse him of being bias just because it was a review model. Leo might have over reacted a little but Arrington was questioning his honesty and Leo maybe over enthusiastic but he his not dishonest. - Kim Landwehr
I'll be uploading the audio here: - Jack
as we are all effectively coming into leo's front room, anyone should be polite to our host - h1ro
yeah, why would Mike say "What are you going to do about it"? is he really that caveman-ish? - Matthew
kim they were talking about how it was a review model... - Chris Heath
Any chance we can hire someone from the Zapruder family to document this stuff? - Aron Michalski
Chris is right... Why would you ask, "What are you gonna do about it?" That was very childish. - Jason Hansen
@jason who said that? - h1ro
I have been so frustrated with many of the people on the Gilmor Gang, but someone needs to be talking about this stuff... [edited/retracted part of this comment] ... I don't think Leo should to take over, I just think something needs to happen to get the show refocused on the content and not the personalities. - Joel Asaro
Guys, Leo is human as is everyone. I'm not familiar with the previous relationship that he had with Michael, but he's probably having a bad day and got annoyed to be mistreated by Michael just like he did. I also dislike when people have prejudices against others. Furthermore, Leo was planning to buy his Pre a long long time ago. The fact that he got a review unit in does not make him biased. - Paulius G
If the Mike Arrington supporters ever bothered to watch Leo's shows, they would have seen he has stated it was a review model and even stated he will probably stay with his iPhone. So get a clue - Harvey Birdman
Joel, I love Leo, but he should absolutely NOT take over Steve Gillmor's show. - Karoli
cliff - please call me if you can - Tina Chase Gillmor
the thing i was most excited about leo hosting the gillmor gang is that there might be some decent production values! - h1ro
I agree with Kim Landwehr. I have never been able to find a moment in which Leo has been dishonest .. keep workin' it Leo! - John Blanton
tina - which #? d msg me. - Cliff Gerrish
Waiting for the TC post :) - Chris Saad
im sure mike will make a post out of this yes :) he will have a provocative title and claim he did nothing wrong - David Lloyd
Joel, that's TWiT (on sundays) - Chris Heath
Arrington - Leo said it was a review unit. To start spinning it that he may be "influenced" on a guy who's spent his entire career being an ethical journalist was unnecessary... especially when your hosting your show on his network. I know its in your nature but bro, that's not what the show is about - get a pause button. Stop burning bridges. - Thusenth
I'll miss Mike Arrington =( - Colin
just wild to hear Leo Laporte say "Fuck you"...he must've been brewing for awhile. - Karoli
Karoli - i was shocked too! - Chris Heath
yes, it was brewing for months - David Lloyd
Went downstairs just as everyone was signing on - came back up and it's over - :p - LPH™ and his dog P™
I think that's the first time I've seen angry leo - Chris Pugh
Mike Arrington, has a way to trip peoples trigger, he seems to get a kick out of it. Like it makes him a big man. - Kim Landwehr
Well, come on.... Arrington has been an ass for how long? - Jason Hansen
What's next a 5 minute NGL @ 3am PDT? - Aron Michalski
Wondering if somebody minds if we put the recording of this, shortest ever Gilmor Gang onto YouTube? - Mike Hellers
I won't miss him.. The show is always better when Arrington's not on the show anyways. - Omar Egan
years no doubt :p - David Lloyd
I agree with Leo 100% here. I would have said this in the IRC chat, but would have been booted. - Jason Hansen
I feel bad for Steve and Mrs gillmor tho - David Lloyd
Go Leo! :-) - Moobie
Is Tina Gillmor still in here? - Jason Hansen
Aron, a 5-minute NGL at any time of day would be more than what it is now. LOL - Karoli
Leo spends a lot of his own money on products to be sure that he doesn't "owe" manufacturers anything. Even his advertisements are only for products he uses and likes himself. He only requested this unit because he records today, the day the Pre goes on sale, so he couldn't go out and buy one. If Leo is biased about a product or a company it's because he genuinely likes it. It's something Leo takes very seriously, and he had every right to be upset at someone impugning his honor, rightly or wrongly. - invariant
Kind of like telling a friend his kids are ugly while crashing at their house for the weekend...don't be surprised if you are shown the door. - Jim Posner
very true, invariant - Eric Florenzano
good point invariant - Chris Heath
hey Tina - sorry this happened - Hilary Talbot
Tina, I have a good feeling this will work itself out :) I think that boiling point just needed to happen and cooler heads will prevail :) - Mike Lewis
Incredible: Someone already updated Arrington's wikipedia page with a short description of the incident - Steven (optionshiftk)
The Mike: Arrington will never change. - Jason Hansen
Iunno invariant, I still think the question wasn't that crazy, and I was interested in the answer until I realized it really upset Leo. - Colin
I would be upset at having my integrity challenged too. - Karoli
love you tina, you are a top chick xxx - David Lloyd
Jason, agree, which is why you won't hear Leo and Mike together on GG anymore. - Mike Lewis
Tina.... MWAH. I'm coming your way next week... - Karoli
thanks @Mike Bracco - detorn
I think Leo is officially in the Gillmor Gang! - Wo
Karoli - let's get together when you do - Tina Chase Gillmor
Colin - I'm not necessarily saying Mike was wrong to ask, I'm just saying that I could understand Leo's reaction. - invariant
I'm very shocked... for the record - Tina Chase Gillmor
In my best cartman voice "I'm taking my network and going home." - Paul E. Ester
crazy that this happened just signed up on ff to participate in the show - Will Fifer
What happened? - J. Gilbert - Joe Gilbert
I'm sad my GG was cut short. It's my favorite show of the week. - Wo
Hmm, I just re-watched the Youtube video, Arrington saying, "What are you going to do about it?" was childish heh, Leo called his bluff. - Colin
yeah the "what are you going to do about it" from arrington probably not a great move - h1ro
Just watched the video again - Seriously, Mike did nothing wrong heh - Chris Saad
re what happened Arington said Leo was biased because he has a review unit, Leo is the ULTIMATE ethical tech journalist - David Lloyd
If I was not there to see it live I would guess it was staged. - Steven (optionshiftk)
He never said he was biased - listen carefully - he just said let's get the disclosures out of the way and mentioned that Leo was one of the few to get a demo unit - that's it - Chris Saad
it was not staged, the anger was real - David Lloyd
Leo always seemed to be above the GG shenanigans but it's nice he's now down to the GG level. I respect that. - Wo
I thought Leo was being facetious - Steven (optionshiftk)
If things didn't get broken once in a while I might not think you guys were actually fighting, so keep it up! lol ;) - Colin
I think the "what are you going to do about it" was the kicker - Chris Pugh
So I take it there isn't going to be a Gillmor Gang this week? - Dave
I really hope it's not the end of TGG on TWiT. - Wo
GG is not dead, it will be back - David Lloyd
just not on twit - David Lloyd
@chris i think the "what are you going to do about it" wasn't exactly a calming move - more a troll move - h1ro
well Paul, Mike did ask Leo what he would do about it. He did something. He cut his ass off - russellcoleman
Chris, remember Mike was not watching the video, so he though Leo was being facetious - Steven (optionshiftk)
Damn, I slept through the Gillmor Gang, sorry Steve (I flew back from Virginia this morning and was dead tired. - Robert Scoble
yes russelcoleman haha - David Lloyd
got it on facebook too @russtbarnacle - detorn
Leo took his ball and is going home. - Wo
arrington has been a complete assclown on the show before - Moose
you missed a classic Scoble - David Lloyd
lol - detorn
it takes alot to upset Leo, i mean REALLY pset Leo - David Lloyd
Now this is really getting Web 2.0, even the Robert Scoble is here! - Paulius G
@Robert you can re-watch the whole 5 second show here - Chris Saad
@scoble action replay - h1ro
This had been brewing for a while.... It was only a matter of time.... Leo defended himself and was correct in doing so, It`s his network and his credibility which was questioned. - David Peralta
russtbarnacle - do you see any irony in the claim of the real-time web youtubed, friendfeeded, twittered and archived? LOL - Karoli
Maybe Scoble could have calmed Leo down. - Steven (optionshiftk)
Dan is censoring the irc chat room... - John Hillestad
I was looking forward to the Pre discussion. - Wo
Before Thursday, Leo had said that he intended to buy a Palm Pre as soon as it came out, but that he'd like to get one a bit early, if possible. His radio show is on Saturday and he wanted to have one to review during that show. I don't think he gets review units very often; this one was something of an unexpected surprise. I think he only got it on Thursday. - Troy
Robert Scoble - call Steve in 10 minutes or when you're alert - Tina Chase Gillmor
hundreds of peopel are watching this thread btw in real time - David Lloyd
I suppose it's just me, but seriously, half the time this show is "real time real time" and Scoble screaming FreidnFeed, power to Leo - Chris Lindhartsen
think Leo was beyond calming down, it was weeks of little snide commentsb y arrington that exploded - David Lloyd
was great a few weeks ago when Loren made Arrington cry and go home - Moose
Leo really is doing a tremendous favor donating his time to broadcast the GG. After a 3 hour radio show, who could help but be cranky. - Steven (optionshiftk)
Gillmor Gang continues. It has been around for years before twit - Tina Chase Gillmor
HAHA, awesome, Leo put the Pre unboxing video on! - invariant
Tina, wasn't it supposed to record on Friday at 3? - Karoli
Mike will apologize and that will be that. Leo felt insulted and it seemed to be a misunderstanding. Arrington respects Laporte and Laporte respects Arrington. - Wo
I just watched the video. GG will survive, but without Arrington. - Gilbert - Joe Gilbert
Thanks to whomever posed the incident; some things never change. - Aron Michalski
Sounds reasonable Mark, and I remember that Moose. To be honest, it's Leo's network and he can do as he wishes, and if you throw torches in his house, he's bound to crack eventually. Glad to see this up again, I missed it. - Chris Lindhartsen
not angry at you or Steve, you are first class professionals tina xx - David Lloyd
"Arrington respects Laporte and Laporte respects Arrington." I have no idea about arrington but leo has called him a troll several times - jccalhoun
they shut the IRC down. FF is just as good - Mike
Why is Dan muting the IRC chat? Just because he doesn't like to see people talking about what just happened? - tollie williams
Just hope Arrington does not publish a defamatory post about Leo. - Steven (optionshiftk)
Yes...Karoli... but we had a family problem yesterday - Tina Chase Gillmor
Dan is a tool - David Lloyd
Tina, sorry to hear that. :( I nearly missed the fun. - Karoli
its funny everyone in California is a liberal until they CENSOR their own irc chat room.... very ' bush ' thing to do Dan.... - John Hillestad
There's a dictator in the IRC chat? Not cool. - Colin
There was use in shutting down the chat. People will use FF to discuss the incident. - Steven (optionshiftk)
that irc chat has more drama and BS going on.. i swear it needs to get a Daytime Emmy - Moose
I'd love to see Arrington go after Leo - Leo has waaaaaay more ethical clout than Arrington and the respect of the whole community / industry - Mike
you can't censor something if you aren't the government - jccalhoun
FF just gained a lot of points. - Colin
I am behind you leo - Theodore Grabow
Leo can do whatever he wishes with the IRC chat, it is on his server. Let's respect his authority. - Steven (optionshiftk)
Leo's rant > Christian Bale's - Chris
twit irc has never been a free speech zone. go in there and say the f word and see how long you last - jccalhoun
if Leo told Dan to shut down the IRC that's one thing, but I think Dan just made an executive decision which is only going to fuel the fire - Mike
jccalhoun after today that may be changing. LOL - Karoli
yeah the irc server is a bit odd, i dont think leos audience is children, who need protecting from big naughty words - David Lloyd
Been there jccalhoun, that's why I try to spend more time here. - Colin
Whoa. Not sure what to think about all that, but "Whaddya gonna do about it" is a pretty bullying -- even thuggish -- thing to say... - Amyloo
Oh please, if there's any time to moderate a chat room, it's now. - Bwana ☠
there is/was an adult irc channel - Moose
And our point Bwana, is that there is never a time to moderate. - Colin
mark, actually there are a fair number of tweens in there. - jccalhoun
hey Amy - Hilary Talbot
Leo had a right to be angry but I wish he hadn't gotten so angry as to close the show, would have been better to see them fight it out as to the Pre, a few fuck yous and then go on with the show - Stephen Pickering
facebook real time chat is better to be honest, we can speak our minds without being banned by those power hungry mods - David Lloyd
Never a time to moderate eh? Well have fun - Bwana ☠
hey hil, did you catch that? - Amyloo
My 2 cents, I'm behind Leo 100%, there is no need to give assholes like that airtime. - Robert Hafer
yes, it was all over in minutes... - Hilary Talbot
Yes.. Gillmor Gang is off ... Arrington out line .... for third time .... - Michael Holzinger
yes cos preteens have never heard curse words, their lives will be destroyed! - David Lloyd
Chris - don't be silly. Leo's rant was nothing. Is everyone so bored today that they have to get off on this nonsense? - LPH™ and his dog P™
I think Dan did not like people posting the youtube links to the F bomb so he censored the room like he would Gitmo - John Hillestad
I think leo felt slighted from steve when he wasn't introduced in the beginning. During the arrington exchange Steve is laughing away. - Paul E. Ester
Besides, Bwana, it just sends the conversation here... until this thread gets deleted (if it does). - tollie williams
i'm guessing the people talking about "power hungry mods" are people who pissed off the mods... - jccalhoun
Dan runs a tight ship - russellcoleman
When someone is typing the letter "a" 600 times a minute and actually ruining the service, sure, use the system to fix that, but other than that, this current mute is silly. - Colin
Yeah, because IRC is a right, not a privilege - Bwana ☠
I would assume Leo will delete this conversation - Steven (optionshiftk)
oh, I love it when people are called 'power hungry mods'. It usually means they've done something right. - Karoli
Tina: I will call Steve. Wow, sounds like I missed a something. - Robert Scoble
the biggest thing to happen in the TWITverse in like...forever...and Dan shuts down the chat? weak! - zefyr
If this thread gets deleted by anyone it'll re-start somewhere else... You just can't stop it. - Holger Eilhard
Arrington abuses Scoble all the time, but Scoble just laughs - Stephen Pickering
I wonder if killing the show was what Arrington had in mind as a response when he asked "Whaddya gonna do about it?" - Thusenth
Robert - you certainly did - Devin Baines
OK Robert... yeah, you missed somethiing - Tina Chase Gillmor
Can they just do the show today without Leo. They have a great panel and I want my GG this week. - Wo
Of course not Bwana, but if you want to facilitate open discussion, keep your channel open. - Colin
cut & paste this thread to prove it ' existed ' - John Hillestad
LOL @ Scobles understatement - Moose
google indexes this stuff fast anyway - Karoli
Steve says GG will resume as soon as we can make new arrangements - Tina Chase Gillmor
resume as in today.. somewhere else? - Moose
good old steve, another one of the good guys - David Lloyd
today Tina? - Wo
thanks for the update @tina - h1ro
any one with firefox could have downloaded it already for "posterity"... - Aron Michalski
Will Steve try and stream it over ustream? - Steven (optionshiftk)
not today maybe tomorrow or Monday after WWDC - Tina Chase Gillmor
Here's a similar incident that happened in the past: - invariant
@Bwana Moderation certainly helps in many cases, but it's also nice to have an unmoderated place to chat for those that want it. - Antoniu
TWiT is much more than just the Gillmor Gang though. - Jason Hansen
Aron, Theatre of the Absurd is an excellent description. - Karoli
I'm not sure why it pushed my buttons so hard - closing down the show was overreacting for sure and I apologize for the disrespect it showed the other panelists. Arrington is a piece of work. I can think of one time when he stimulated the conversation in a very positive manner (his question about how to respond to an invitation to talk from a guy he was slamming) but most of the time he... more... - Leo Laporte
Well Tina, if we can help by being an audience, just let us know when and if it's happening... - Aron Michalski
This is absolutely asinine. Leo Laporte has done nothing but good for his audience and viewers in the past. Leo deserves better than to work with some boldfaced idiot like Arrington. Leo was NOT in the wrong by any means necessary. I couldn't care less if I ever heard from Arrington again. - David Ford
And Mike really wonders why people "do things" to him...? - Holger Eilhard
good statement Leo - David Lloyd
I would have to say that Arrington was the straw that broke the camel's back. It was a BIG straw, but Leo has been under a lot of stress as of late. Hang in there Leo! - Patrick Hall
Why isn't the Gilmore Gang part of the whole TWiT feed in iTunes? - Michael Kaiser
Well done Leo, he really is a troll and I applaud you for not putting up with his shit. - Simon Tracey
WTG Leo - Moose
he is a troll, the king of the trolls, but he is just so damn powerful and influential :( - David Lloyd
Leo: Let Gillmor Gang do their own thing. - Jason Hansen
Jason is coming to the TWiT network btw, as a sindicate - David Lloyd
It's all fun and games until you get kicked off TWiT - Bwana ☠
Does Gillmor Gang get posted somewhere after the fact? hasn't been updated since April. - Thusenth
@Leo Thanks to you sir for standing up for us. I for one have NEVER liked Arrington. I don't think the GG should continue on TWiT. - David Ford
You called his bluff Leo, I say continue without Arrington, if that's possible. - Colin
Wow. Leo's response to what happened was very honorable. That shows the difference between Leo and Arrington. Arrington would never have the decency to respond in such a reasonable way on FF. That's why we love Leo. - Steven (optionshiftk)
Oh No, ARRINGTONS POST is up oN TC - David Lloyd
doesnt mention leo tho - David Lloyd
lmao Bwana - Moose
@leo i don't think anything that happened today has even slightly damaged my opinion of you or the Twit network. it seemed like arrington was deliberately trying to push your buttons for whatever reason. i think you made the move that was right for you at the time. keep up the great work and go have a nice cup of peppermint tea - h1ro
What an interesting political dilemma. Leo won't do anything with Arrington, Steve edits TechcrunchIT - Karoli
I would never kick you off Bwana! - Leo Laporte
Leo: The only people you didn't disrespect was Steve Gillmor, he laughed through the whole thing, & Arrington. - Jason Hansen
GG Never felt like the right vibe for TWiT. Don't blame you for how you feel Leo. No worries. Please come back on and we can do something fun. - Libertine
Yeah Karoli. Therein lies the difficulty. - Leo Laporte
Looks like Leo does have some weight behind him - Earthquake just felt in the Bay Area. - Mike
Wow, I missed a lot. Leo, keep Gillmor Gang off of TWiT. You did the right thing, and I thank you for it. - TeraDyne Azurepaw
Leo :) - Bwana ☠
I think they're saving up so that catching up on back episodes will fill your hard drive... - Aron Michalski
Stick to your guns Leo. Integrity is everything. - Chuck
Leo, in response to your question of whether to cancel the GG, I personally like it on TWIT Live. - Steven (optionshiftk)
"Dan if all the chat is going to be for the next half hour is people obsessing about it - i think it's best not to have open chat." WTF? lol - Erle Stride
Wow, never seen Leo like that. Gotta defend yourself if someone thinks your being bought out. - Adam Windisch
Let's go back to broadcasting GG the old way... I want to throw Mike off the show. - Jerry Schuman
wow can't believe I missed it give em hell Leo. Please don't cancel the gilmore gang though, I love to hate those guys - BryanSchuetz
MP3 of the whole show: - Jack
The thing about Leo, he wouldnt even advertise a product he doesnt love! he has to ADORE A PRODUCT to endorse it - David Lloyd
I think Dan is out of line cutting off IRC, if Leo didn't want conversation about this he would have deleted this thread. - Mike Saraf
Well, my vote is that the Gillmor Gang continue without restriction. If restrictions mean not working with you, Leo, then I guess that's my vote. - Karoli
I could do without GG on Twit Live personally, never felt like a good fit compared to the rest of your shows. Would personally rather see your time/energy on more interesting things (the new Google Show, for example). - Patrick Sullivan
@mark link for arringtons post on tc? - h1ro
Erie - I don't blame Dan...I would have just moderated the channel for voiced users though. But he runs it, and there's always other places to chat. - Bwana ☠
Leo, I enjoy the Gillmor Gang on TWiT Live but don't think you should stand for being bated and trolled. - Chris Pugh
I love GG with Loren .. Arrington is a distraction at best - Moose
Just get rid of Mike, everyone else seems to play nice, he's the common denominator in every incident. - Colin
@Mark That post has nothing to do with what happend on Gillmor Gang though. - Antoniu
Bwana Who's Erie? - Erle Stride
it was a mistake h1ro, it said it came from arringtons twitter, but its not about leo but about engineers they poached - David Lloyd
Steve laughed because surely he thought this was a joke - Tina Chase Gillmor
With htat said, I'm no fan of Mike Arrington's. I am a GG fan and a Leo fan. - Karoli
Erle - Erie is you when I'm reading without my glasses - Bwana ☠
i think many of us thought it was a joke for the first few seconds - David Lloyd
:) - Bwana ☠
Leo is going on techmeme? - David Lloyd
I imagine Gilmore and Arrington may be a package deal - zefyr
Bwana I know just breaking balls - Erle Stride
I agree that Dan should unmute IRC. @Bwana, he didn't filter it for trolls. He personally didn't like the TWiT community discussing the current event. IMHO - not the best use of censorship. - tollie williams
I deserved it :) - Bwana ☠
irc has a gossip filter? - Moose
Would be a bit politically touchy for Steve to toss Mike off GG to stay on Twit network...just sayin'. - Karoli
Isn't this all Marc Canters fault? He usually brings the sunshine to the gang. - Paul E. Ester
So did anyone happen to record video of the show? I missed it - BryanSchuetz
IRC is back for anyone interested - Mike
Dan - do your thing. I have an inkling of an idea of what you're going through. - Bwana ☠
Maybe they can alternate Mike and Leo each week? - Dave
So lets see Huge issue happens in Twit And the way Dan feels to deal with it is to NOT allow Leos' Army to discuss it? WOW - Erle Stride
FF > IRC - David Lloyd
Dan, good thing tomorrow is a slow tech news day, huh? :P - Mike Lewis
until they add custom formatting here? Lo - David Lloyd
Wow I've only seen two episodes of GG so far. Gotta say last weeks show was better. Hang in there Leo. - John Brazel
you got that one right Professor. - John Blanton from twhirl
Some people are calling this set up...i don't believe it, but i guess its possible. - Zee.
Full show here, it was good at the beginning: - Jack
RT Jason Calicanus "This is what happens when I resign from the Gillmor Gang... everyone loses it! :-)" - David Lloyd
Doing set ups is not Leo's style, which is the reason I absolutely don't believe the theories of this being intentional. - Paulius G
Yeah, for a moment I thought it was staged, like all this Bruno Eminem thing, but I guess it's NOT. - Nir Ben Yona
If this was a setup then Bruno's balls in Eminems face was real - Chris Pugh
well Leo can act, but that would be an oscar performance - David Lloyd
Zee: it's not setup. Boy, this has kicked off a whole debate in the scoble household with Maryam and Halley Suitt. I sure missed a humdinger to sleep through! - Robert Scoble
Just to be clear, I almost always buy the products I review, mostly because I don't like "owing" the PR folks and I hate the "when are you planning on covering it" phone calls, but also to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest. My policy when I accept a review unit is to return the unit and buy one at full retail if I want to keep using it. I don't even do "friends and family... more... - Leo Laporte
Well said Leo! - Harvey Birdman
I wonder if the show notes are on the twit wiki yet - David Lloyd
Leo has 30 year history of integrity - David Lloyd
@Leo Mike never accused you of otherwise - Chris Saad
Leo: I just received a Palm Pre unit that I have to return in seven days, too. - Robert Scoble
He was just getting the disclosures out of the way - Chris Saad
Leo, as someone who occasionally reviews products too, I totally get where you're coming from. Questioning your integrity was out of line and yes, trollish. - Karoli
Leo you are beyond reproach. - BryanSchuetz
right on - and that's why we all respect your opinion - h1ro
Chris, there was more than that to it - Karoli
We know, Leo, and we trust your reviews as a result - Devin Baines
Not so Chris - he very clearly was implying that there was some quid pro quo for the review unit. - Leo Laporte
Thank you Leo. Now, to those of you who said otherwise about Leo, I have the same thing to say to you as he said to Arrington. - David Ford
What Mike asked was fine, and how Leo responded was fine, what was not fine was the comment, "What are you going to do about it?" - Colin
No he really wasn't - listen to the youtube recording - he stopped you before you even reviewed the thing and just wanted to get the disclosure out of the way - Chris Saad
You don`t have to explain yourself Leo, your integrity is well recognized and we don`t pay attention to trolls. We are behind you 100%. I say the show takes a hike - David Peralta
re colin, flame baiting? - David Lloyd
Sorry guys, but all I can think of right now is : Man I love friendFeed - TunisianGuy
It was snarky, and the reiteration of the "free pre" thing was just the extra stab. - Karoli
can you call tina please Leo xx - David Lloyd
@tunisianguy i just wish that friendfeed would autoscroll to the bottom of this page when there is new content - h1ro
Awesome statement Leo, I just reblogged it so people are clear - Bwana ☠
@Leo as I said above - Mike does lots of crazy things - this wasn't one of them - his point was "did u get a free one, wow most of us didn't" - Chris Saad
I'm really bummed out because I like both Leo and Mike and now I feel a bit caught in between. Sort of like having two divorcing parents, I guess. - Robert Scoble
Mark, am I flame-baiting do you mean, or Mike's comment? - Colin
Everyone is on your side Leo! you did the right thing, don't doubt that for a second! - Jack
Gilmor Gang should continue on TWiT, with Steve in charge of the guests he wants to bring on. Michael Arrington can cause friction but there has been plenty of outrageous comments on GG. Arrington is too much of a force in the digital universe to simply ignore. I very much admire Leo for what he is doing with TWiT and understand losing his temper. But, if Leo doesn't want to do the show, then have someone else "moderate" it. We need to hear all sides and opinions presented on shows like GG. - Michael Ritter
Leo got Pwned lol. - Matt Ruiz
friendfeed needs to either put a margin at the bottom of the page or else stop scrolling when i'm typing. it's distracting to type while messages push it down. grrrrr. - Karoli
RT Scoble---pick the better parent then---Leo - Harvey Birdman
Remember when RSS was dead? Those were the days. Ok, last week. - Professor Messer
Leo, we know better, despite what arrington says. I hope you don't think we'd believe him over you. - Lise
We love you Leo! - Moobie
that means two Christmas's Scoble = Win - BryanSchuetz
Harvey: I will stay with both. My friends don't force me to choose. - Robert Scoble
Professer Messer, LOL. Ah, for the good ole' days when RSS died. - Karoli
@Robert choose life :) - Chris Saad
Well said, Robert. - David Ford
Chris Saad that name rings a bell, doesnt he own - David Lloyd
Canter was on GG via TWiT.. showing everyone his stash of weed....Steve forgave hime for that and he was back on a few weeks later - Moose
Chris: it's interesting how things like these cause conversations big time. - Robert Scoble
@Mark yes I do - Chris Saad
:25 in the youtube video trying to figure out what Arrington says... - Thomas McGivern
Robert, not so interesting. Conflict always draws observers and opinions. - Karoli
@Robert of course they do - this is one big highschool replay :) - Chris Saad
Leo was very clear it was a review unit. Had Arrington stopped there things might have continued fine. He continued saying "Free Pre"and then said "What are you going to do about it". It was classic bully antics .... - Jason Beck
Chris: life is one big highschool replay. ;-) - Robert Scoble
Hey ProfesorMesser loving the aplus course-you are a great podcaster.(will this get me an A) - earl wallace
Yet another reason for me to continue my personal Boycott of TC. Just as I was starting to read them again, :( - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
@Robert lol true I guess - Chris Saad
Agreed, this is life. - Colin
@Scoble -- lol, wish you'd been there.. might have diffused the situation! - Adnan
Free Pre which yo8u can keep for 7 days? Thats hardly a game changetr - David Lloyd
Leo, I have total respect for you, your approach and network. You had every right to respond as you did. We all know you are a gadget freak and have always appeared to operate with forthright integrity. My own run ins with Arrington for holding a non-Arrington opinion (read popular) probably don't even register with him. It left me feeling as if I had been played and with a very bad taste in my mouth. Success is measured in different ways. - Aron Michalski
In other news, I'm still not getting a Pre, but it's a cool piece of hardware! - Mike Lewis
Jason: Arrington is a bully sometimes, but that's what makes him interesting. Not everyone likes that approach, though. - Robert Scoble
Its not late to bring some peace back - Johni Fisher
You don't bully leo though scoble - Jack
...and the pug barks, life goes on. GG will find a new home, which we may or may not find because it will be real-time only, and we will have to rely on reading our tea leaves or gluing ourselves to Twitter and/or Friendfeed to find it. Ah, the power of the gesture. - Karoli
I feel that Mike is losing 'street Cred" in the tech world..... - Stanley Suan
Just finished watching Apocalypse Now for the first time - crazy film - almost as weird as the @leolaporte @arrington freakout :) - Chris Saad
Adnan: I doubt I could have diffused this one. I would have been forced to be on Leo's side because I have a review unit now from Palm too. - Robert Scoble
You have a "free pre" then in Mikes eyes - David Lloyd
It's on the reddits now - - James
"what are you going to do about it?" is never anything but a dick move in my book - jccalhoun
Arrington maybe interesting to the people watching the conversation, infuriating those who are part of the conversation.. - Kim Landwehr
was the google show suposed to be sat and gg on fri? - Steve Ford
Tina I pinged you yesterday about getting together with Karoli. - Francine Hardaway from BuddyFeed
No reason Leo need suffer fools gladly on the network he created. Rock on Mr. Laporte! - John Brazel
Actually Canter is infuriating - Mike is fun :) - Chris Saad
Steve: yes, but the Gillmors had a family issue they had to take care of yesterday. - Robert Scoble
Francine - sorry didn't get it .. Yesterday was a mess for me/us - Tina Chase Gillmor
whats arringtons take on all this? - Dano Hart
he hasnt commented publically, he is with his dog - David Lloyd
Don't you Think the GG meltdown was really about Rajeev's death and raw feelings? - Francine Hardaway from BuddyFeed
I like cheese. - Benjamin Grelle
Who really cares what arrington's take is on anything? - Harvey Birdman
@ right, but it seemed to me that there was lots of stuff going on backstage getting it together and onto youtube and so on, and this will likely disrupt that effort. As well as the political concerns you mentioned before. - Hilary Talbot
I like John Cheese - David Lloyd
Ok! Is there any other show please. I'm all set up. Bulleit Bourbon and everything! Damn you Palm - TunisianGuy
that was @karoli, sorry - Hilary Talbot
Yes, they needed you there Robert. I think you could have diffused it, like you did when Jason and Cantor were getting into it, but I have to admit I've never seen Leo get that angry - Stephen Pickering
Dano - I don't think arrington understands what happened, he said earlier he went for a walk - Moobie
@Harvey lol err... everyone cares - that's why he runs one of the biggest Tech news & events companies in the valley - Chris Saad
Stephen: I agree, I've never seen Leo lose it like that. Arrington makes me feel like that once in a while too. - Robert Scoble
There's just something about the Gillmor Gang that seems to engender flame-ups. It's not the direction I want to take TWiT, frankly. - Leo Laporte
Hard to have a decent conversation when someone is poking you with a shark stick, don't care who it is... - Aron Michalski
I agree with Harvey, no one cares - David Peralta
@Chris-that's funny, I've only heard about him because of Leo. - Harvey Birdman
Leo I've watched you from all the way back since ZDTV. Even helped out in the chats as a ZDTV chat host. Still watch you today. I have deeply respected you from those days and after what I've seen today I still hold very high respect for you. It's not cool to see anyone question anyone about their integrity over any product or anything for that matter. Just sounds more like this Mike... more... - Grady Joslin
has gillmore commented - Steve Ford
I think most of us would agree leo - Jack
@Grady Joslin - Well said, and seconded, sir. - David Ford
I agree with you Leo - Theodore Grabow
Updated the bootleg feed: - Jack
Agreed Leo - Moobie
Well, at least I didn't have to miss the Belmont Stakes! - Stephen Pickering
Leo I'm with you. You don't need a show like GG on your network - russellcoleman
Waffles are also delicious. - Benjamin Grelle
Halley says "your sleeping was brilliant strategically." Ahh, my nap wasn't planned. Heheh - Robert Scoble
i'm glad to know friendfeed can handle all this.hehe - Dano Hart
arrington posts on techcrunch - jccalhoun
Dano: there's a reason why I have been so excited about friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
Decent post by Arrington with some gracious comments - David Lloyd
He respects Leo I think - David Lloyd
Looks like we need president Obama to mediate between the sides and straighten the difficulties, otherwise the gang will be out of its sting. - Nir Ben Yona
@robertscoble yeah I like this better than twitter, but everyones on twitter. That TC post is what I wanted to read was mikes side, just cause I'm curious - Dano Hart
anyway to get the latest post at the top? - detorn
obama is too busy going on ' date night ' - John Hillestad
Good post from Mike. - invariant
Good post form Mike. with an apology - David Lloyd
Mike apologizes to Leo - David Peralta
if Leo was 99% of any other tech journos, he wouldnt have gotten that apology - David Lloyd
Respect exists. - David Lloyd
Do a twitter search on leo laporte and you see thousands of people agreeing with leo. sometimes people just need to be told what they are doing is wrong and leo did exactly that. thumbs up leo - Austin Garrod
yes ive been monitoring a number of comment places and its 95% support Leo across platforms - David Lloyd
Arrington apologizes, the nukes are put away. - Karoli
if most people weren't supporting Leo I don't see arrington apologizing. doesn't arrington have some place besides the front page of techcrunch to apologize? Some place that won't get him more publicity and make him out to look like a big man for apologizing? - jccalhoun
well I am sure this might make techmeme, what do you think? - David Lloyd
Good post by Mike Arrington on Tech Crunch, He obviously spoke before he thought and now is sorry. - Kim Landwehr
In some strange way, I think Palm is the winner here - Bwana ☠
the Arrington apology doesn't sound like an apology... he's saying he is sorry leo was offended by the question, not that he asked it... - detorn
finally got to the end of this thing.... friendfeed conversations are getting way way too long.. guess that's kinda the worry leo has had about 'spam' on ff - Christopher Harris
whats that tech site which has the gutter news? - David Lloyd
I now have a headache - Bwana ☠
James: for arrington, thats a gracious apology, as close as will ever be - David Lloyd
To quote Arrington's "apology" - "Comment moderation is going to be tight on this post, so keep it constructive." Unlike here where we can actually speak out minds and exercise our opinions without moderation. Arrington has lost a lot of credibility here I think. - Simon Tracey
Weakest. Apology. Ever. - Eric Florenzano
Well that was a very nice apology. I might have to reconsider. - Leo Laporte
Leo-don't, he's not worth it. - Harvey Birdman
"And I don’t consider asking a journalist to disclose if a device he says he loves was given to him for free or not as being a particularly trollish thing to do." Arrington see not an apology, an explanation. Not taking sides either way, but call this what it is - detorn
Not one of the finest moments on TWiT but very understandable. Leo's built a great career out of his knowledge and integrity and Arrington seems to be the type to push anyone's buttons he can.... That's what has made them both successful in their own right. Cooler heads will always prevail, and I think this is won't be an exception - Kyle
@bwana I agree on both statements. It is good for palm and I do have a headache from catching up on all this.hehe - Dano Hart
Leo be the better man and accept his apology and keep the show running... - John Hillestad
Whoa. I was just gonna question if Leo was going to reconsider. I think respects you, Leo. Mike is who he is, but I think he realized he screwed up. - Lise
I kind of figure from Mike Arrington, this is about as big of apology as he is going to give. - Kim Landwehr
Make peace not war Leo. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Leo, my friend, for Arrington, that was as close to getting down and kissing your feet he will ever do to anyone. He respects you. - David Lloyd
Leo, even though I am a fan of the Gillmor Gang, I completely understand if you decide it would be best if they find another host. - Dave
Peace may be the best solution here; although I do agree the GG stands out as having a different tone than other TWiT shows, not one I'm particularly fond of. Maybe a peaceful parting is the best solution? - Jason Beck
You are all friends ....we cant change the past go for a better future - Johni Fisher
Nice, I post a reasonable comment on TechCrunch, and it gets rejected. Now who's biased? ;) - David Ford
Let the show go, Leo. Bitter, yammering tech-challenged guests aren't part of TWIT's future. - Robert Kenney
Yeah, what an apology. Arrington is just butt-hurt that Palm knows he's not a journalist and his "publication" is something to be avoided. - Adam Turetzky
Don't piss off the geeks they love Leo. DOS maybe? - Randy Green
Leo - I would sleep on it over a fine wine and a Palm Pre - Bwana ☠
Wow! Just heard it. I don't know who Mike Arrington is, but Leo has kept me up to speed on all things tech for at least a decade now. I'm sticking with Leo. - Michael Kaiser
In the words of Admiral Ackbar, "It's a trap!" The apology was strategy not sincerity. - Benjamin Grelle
I say let Arrington go play in his own sandbox hardly a loss to the tech community if he never appears on another show with Leo. - John Brazel
It just isn't TWiT's style to be honest Leo, plus some of us are really missing Munchcast, even if that probably wouldn't land in place of it. Either way, I'm really tempted to get a Pre at some point, looks like a reallly nice phone. - Chris Lindhartsen
It would be nice if this came to a peaceful conclusion, but it would be a mistake to continue GG on Twit, the show is too trollish and I suspect Gilmore encourages it. - Moobie
No. Arrington is STILL being a douche in his post, 'The fact that few people ever return them is rarely brought up.' (Heavily implicit thuggery.) Leo is above question. No forgiveness. - Libertine
Let it go Leo, they deserve themselves. - Richard Coppen
I just love in Mike's apology where he says "I didn't think..." Yeah Mike, apparently you didn't think. And look what you stepped into. It's shame people are still like that these days. Leo I just say part ways with him. Its not worth supporting such... crap. - Grady Joslin
just told my parents about what happend and the first thing my dad said was, good for leo, i know airengton, he deserves it - Austin Garrod
Leo, as I don't care for the language, I believe you did the right thing, you don't need that type of show, keep up the good work. - Robert Lee
Let Gilmore and his people go. Not what your network needs. - saf
keep GG on TWiT if possible, it's been good - Christopher Harris
I like Leo on GG. A different vibe from the actual Twit show. I listen to most of the shows on the network, GG was/is really cool for what it was/is. - detorn
Disclosure: when I got back from Virginia this morning a Palm Pre was waiting for me. I didn't ask for it, I didn't know it was coming. It is only for seven days (I have to send it back). Now, that said, I think it's a valid question to wonder what Mike is wondering. It's something I always ask myself when I get goodies from the industry. Did I get these because I'm too nice? I used to... more... - Robert Scoble
What was the idea behind having GG on TWiT in the first place? Because of Leo's relationship w/ Gilmour? - Kyle
I left that comment over on TechCrunch. - Robert Scoble
You know, I've been a fan of TWIT and Gillmor Gang since the first time I heard both podcasts. I know Steve and Tina, and have a great deal of respect for what Steve does with the Gillmor Gang. It's pretty aggravating to read all these nasty barbs aimed at Steve. It's a different show. It's a great show. It's not TWIT. But why is it that everyone wants to draw a line between them? - Karoli
I like Leo being direct, admire men that are like that. Also Leo has always been honest.GG had always negative karma. Shut down show and do something better with valuable time. - Heiti Kruusmaa
Well! That was a nice 90 minutes of high drama. Kinda like a made-for-TV movie. Steve did say he thinks it's a video show - Amyloo
wait, has tech crunch never received a test unit? - Austin Garrod
Leo any idea when a real review is going to come, I've caught bits and pieces of your "ongoing" review since the unboxing. The fact that most recently I had heard you'll stick with your iphone, but respect the tech in the pre. - Steve Ford
I can see the Leo Versus Arrington mashups on youtube now? - Randy Green
Karoli: people want to choose sides in fights like this. I don't know why that's a human reaction, but it is. Leo has a lot of very loyal fans. I'm among them. We all ourselves Laporteans, even. I'm also a major fan of Mike Arrington, but Mike often gets people to have a quite different relationship with him. People often see him as rude or worse. That's because Mike often says stuff... more... - Robert Scoble
I thought this thread would be the one with the highest amount of comments on FriendFeed. But here's one with over 6,000: - David Schmidt
Robert: Well, having been the butt of Mike Arrington's need to say incendiary stuff, I understand that. However, Steve Gillmor is not Mike Arrington. GG is not Mike Arrington. There is much, much more to GG than Mike Arrington. would be nice to see them judged separately. - Karoli
in ealier conversations with david pogue leo proved his lack of any bias. - Tobias Lewsadder
I hope the gang ( excluding Arrington) from GG will be back on Twit individually at some point. They are all great guests each with strong personallities but much character. It can be hard for so many strong personallities to be in the same room or discussion sometimes but they have done a better job than I could do on the show, so props to them. I think arrington becomes a troll when in the mix, he can't hang with the big boys. JMHO&2C - Andrew Johnson
Leo, GG does nothing to help the TWiT family of shows. Looking across the shows, it should hold no place in your schedule. I'd rather hear something else. - Rob Blatt
Get Mike Arrington on TWiT tomorrow! That = ratings! - Chris
I want The Gillmor Gang on TWiT. It's not consistent in it's quality but often times can be the best show on the web. TWiT will give it the kind of audience it deserves. I hope Leo can work with the Gillmor Gang including Arrington and help them produce and distribute thought provoking content. - Wo
@david wow, wish I knew what that thread was all about - BryanSchuetz
Rob: I think Leo is trying to build a network with a variety of styles and topics. That's key to having a strong network. I know a radio station owner who has both liberal and conservative talk show hosts who hate each other. But by doing that he has a far bigger audience than if he just went all one way where everyone got along nicely. Plus the station looks far more professional and objective than if it were all run by Rush Limbaugh wannabes. Same for Leo's network. - Robert Scoble
I enjoyed GG on TWiT when I was able to see it. It is a group of people with strong opinions and that is not necessarily a bad thing. I didn' - kenneth glenn
The Gillmor Gang is my favorite show on the network, call me shallow and entertainment-hungry, but I really do like when people discuss things with this much passion, especially technology! - Colin
Leo: I think you should reconsider, not because you were wrong to get upset, but because it probably isn't worth cutting all ties. That is too absolute and despite his serious faults Arrington does have things to contribute. That said I totally agree there is just something about GG that causes flame ups and unless that can change you shouldn't have it be a part of TWIT. - Joel Asaro
Colin: we are passionate, aren't we? - Robert Scoble
@bryan: Haha, I thought Google would be assisting. Check this: - David Schmidt
Robert: You are, and I wouldn't have it any other way. - Colin
Colin: people who are passionate often get misunderstood or cause opposite passions in people. I've run into that many times. How many people have asked me if I get paid by Friendfeed because I'm so passionate about it? - Robert Scoble
@david heh, figures who in here reads Cyrillic? - BryanSchuetz
it is the passion and the humor that draws me back. That, and the fact that you all force me to think. - Karoli
If The Gillmor Gang stays on TWIT I think Leo should step out of the "host" chair and be a guest with someone else controlling the board. - Chris Pugh
I've wondered if you get payed by FriendFeed myself hah, nah I'm kidding. - Colin
I feel bad for Steve Gillmor that his show was ruined today by a stupid remark and a temper tantrum. - Wo
Karoli: being on the Gillmor Gang causes me to think harder than anything else I do during the week. Trying to keep up with all the other people is mentally challenging to me. - Robert Scoble
Wo - and that's a first? :) - Bwana ☠
@Chris P - what would that solve? - Lise
so is GG toast? or needs to be reformatted? - Steve Ford
You guys are like professional athletes, putting yourselves on the line with the same opinions we have, so that we don't have to. - Colin
Steve Ford I'm sure everything will be worked out in the next few days - Andrew Johnson
Leo should bring in Merlin Mann to host the GG, now that would be fun to watch. - BryanSchuetz
Lise, Leo could walk off the show and not shut it down. There are other people on the show who made time to be available. - Chris Pugh
i need to say sorry to leo because in the chat room i was mad at him for cutting the show but it was his right to do after what mike said what happed i was on usterem and it got cut off so i didnt see the whole thing so i just saw a video of it so i apology to leo - Andrew Villafane
Steve: Gillmor Gang is not dead. - Robert Scoble
wish it was old days when men cleared misunderstandings with pistols and swords:) then men also choose their words and showed more respect :)... - Heiti Kruusmaa
I figure they will straighten it out between them once they both cool down. - Kim Landwehr
If the show continues, and especially if Mike is still on it, you guys are doing something with the Gillmor Gang that I don't think I've seen in any type of media anywhere else. - Colin
We need that kind of Tech Jerry's TV - TunisianGuy
Gillmor Gang is not dead. Hopefully Newsgang isn't dead either, just waiting for a place in time to be resurrected. But then again, North Korea hasn't apologized to South Korea for the who knows? - Karoli
Colin: the show will continue. - Robert Scoble
leo laporte has always appeared to me to be a gentleman and to let someone bring you down to their level isnt flattering. the "what are you going to do about it?!?!"comment unfortunately showed the maturity of the conversation. - Tobias Lewsadder
I like GG on the TWIT network and Leo's presence on the show. I just hope that in whatever future there is there is a time shifted alternative to missing it every week. - Aron Michalski
Robert: I too posted on Mike's article. I struggle with his way of drawing out a story because it always appears to be disrespectful to the person he is trying to pry the story out of, typical of mainstream journalism IMHO. The story is more important than the people involved. I think Mike could have been more tactful in light of the great job he did on Rajeev. I know if we wait long enough with those who piss us off eventually show us their good side. - Owen Greaves
hey robert so with the new studio you are makeing you could broadcast it - Andrew Villafane
Interesting that Arrington's swipe at Leo was the same thing that he swiped at me and a zillion others if we couldn't possibly offer unbiased reviews of products/sites/services. - Karoli
I posted the following on Mike's Ouch post: Thanks for the post, Mike. Apology accepted. Now that I know what was going on in your mind, I apologize to you. There seems to be something about the Gillmor Gang that just engenders over the top passion. I’m embarrassed by my overreaction. Peace. - Leo Laporte
Nice, move along people ;) - David Lloyd
Robert/Colin: I hope the shows doesn't just continue, but improves... There has to be a way to have these really interesting and important conversations without all the ego and defending semantic arguments instead of trying to understand one another. - Joel Asaro
Andrew: I don't have the studio built and I don't have the ability to host that here, my bandwidth isn't reliable enough. - Robert Scoble
Nice to see that it all worked out so well. - Antoniu
Wow, things move fast on the www. Nice on you both to offer apologies that fast :) - Lasse Reiersen-Gravdal
Leo: nice, hope the show can go on! I think it would be nice to have not so many quick arguments, either, but that's the Gillmor Gang! - Robert Scoble
Joel, pearls don't exist without sand irritating the oyster. Just sayin' - Karoli
arrington is good at what he does and gets results, that cant be disputed. i watched his interview with kevin rose and kevin rose looked so uncomfortable the whole time - Tobias Lewsadder
Lasse: welcome to the real time web! - Robert Scoble
Glad both parties apologized. Stupid comment and over reaction. Gillmor Gang next week? - Wo
Aw Leo, you're too good a man. He's an a-hole. Don't be embarrassed. - Libertine
GG on TWiT is the best match to bring forward thinkers and tech enthusiasts together, it will be great if Leo reconsiders. If not, I will follow Steve and the Gang wherever they decide to continue with this realtime experiment. - Alberto Saavedra
real time web wins again - David Lloyd
leo proves to be a true gentleman!!!!! - Tobias Lewsadder
Arguments is not the problem. Questioning ethics is. Rule #1 Dont fight a land war in aisa. Rule #2 Dont piss of the host when it is dealing with ethics - Darryl Adams
I know this incident will color the future epsiodes of the "The Gillmore Gang" podcast, and the perception of the people who hear about the incident and wonder what, why, who about the podcast. - Stanley Suan
so leo will there be a show next week or you dont want to do it anymore??? - Andrew Villafane
Leo: how about with Steve, have you talked with him? - Robert Scoble
The real time web isn't always puppy dogs and ice creame cones - Chris Pugh
the real time real world isnt either Chris :p - David Lloyd
It's nice to know that you guys are human, and you get much more respect from me knowing that you are. - Colin
Stanley: On the real-time ADHD web, no one will remember what happened yesterday, much less a week ago. - Karoli
Leo, everyone is entitled to get angry when core beliefs and standards are insulted. Just hit the mute button on twitlive next time! Bombs away!!! :) - Wookie
However weird it may sound, it was good to see Leo being able to get upset like that. Just proves he can be human too. Was wondering if he's entire mind worked in a G rating ;) Also proves how passionate he is about his work. And good on being such a gentleman afterwards! Good going Leo! - Lasse Reiersen-Gravdal
That's Gracious of you Leo. Time will heal. I think both of you work so hard the stress just mounts. I do wish the show could keep its edginess but not get personal. Debate the issues. You did have a right to be angry, I'm not questioning that. I just wish the show in general got some kind of professional adjustment, if that's the right word, have the structure of Twit where there is debate but it doesn't get personal - Stephen Pickering
Oh dear. Still, in all these years it's about the 1st time. Almost superhuman not to have exploded before. - David Jones
I had never been on Friend Feed before (only heard so much about it on TWiT); however, when all this went down, it was the first place I thought to turn. I finally "get" the hype. - Jason Beck
Jay: Link to Gillmor Gang - - Karoli
Leo works too hard. He's there too much. I wonder who would be an ideal fill in, if he could take more time off? - Stephen Pickering
Wow, I think that posting the incomplete episode complete with Leo's rant/breakdown/whatever it's called is just totally disrespectful to him. Leo's a person who's never had these kinds of breakdowns in the past and I don't think it deserves to be publicized in the GG feed. - Paulius G
Paulius: Leo regrets blowing up as loud as he did, but he has no problem with that video clip - David Lloyd
I'm staying out of this one - let me say though, I wouldn't be following TechCrunch if it weren't for Leo - Leo has serious authority here. - Jesse Stay
Leo didn't break down. He got pissed off. And rightly so. He said what he wanted to say, and he's resolved the matter. Don't see the problem. - Karoli
Paulius: I think Leo more than anyone is aware of the consequences of being live all the time. - Lasse Reiersen-Gravdal
Heck, I wouldn't be on Twitter if it weren't for Leo. I wouldn't have a Mac if it weren't for Leo. I wouldn't have built my own PC if it weren't for Leo. I wouldn't be using Digg if it weren't for Leo. I wouldn't have an iPhone if it weren't for Leo. I'm dead serious in that - Leo has had serious influence in the things I've tried over the last 5 years or so. - Jesse Stay
Leo, I wouldn't worry about it. Arrington Deserved it! As long as I've listened to your shows, I know that you won't push a product unless you think it's ACTUALLY good, and that if a product sucks, you'll either not talk about it, or trash it if it deserves it. Arrington was just being a dick, and While I wouldnt have shut the whole show down, there's a good chance I would have kicked him off myself. - Justin Flood @justinflood
Do you think Leo will ask Mike for a preview of the Crunchpad??? - Darren Rowley
Just read Michael Arrington's explanation and frankly, I'd like to hear about the "story that is brewing about favoritism at Palm" and TechCruch's analysis of reviews. It's obviously an important and sensitive issue if it engenders situations like we have just witnessed. Leo, bring Michael back and let everyone talk about disclosure issues, favoritism, and gadget reviews from everyone's perspective and experience. Your audience will benefit from a rational discussion of this important issue. - Michael Ritter
I just watched your video with Mike Arrington. You just made a new fan. :D Hope you enjoy your pre. - Jason Pope
I can see why Leo blew up. Arrington is trashy and seemed to question the integrity of someone who actually cares. Not sure why Leo was on Gilmore Gang in the first place. Not the place for real interest/ideas. - Darrel Davis
love ya leo. - Mark Outten
It's nice to get a realtime issue in some sense, to work loose the shaky brickwork. the web is a wild and wonderful place. Although real emotions are involved, the live nature of the content does make certain people respond differently. - Steve Ford
I've trird to watch the Gilmor Gang, but can't get through it. It doesn't fit the TWiT lineup. Leo, let it go, you have better programs that you can do instead. - Brian Cagle
Leo would never waste fbomb for publicity - Art
I like Steve, but I agree with Brian - it's a different audience, not TWiT's - Jesse Stay
Admittedly I don't listen to Leo live very often but after many years of following Leo around the web it was actually very amusing to see and hear the foul language I'm not used to hearing outta Leo. Way to go Leo, I appreciate you sticking up for yourself! :) - Ryan
This just in: I just talked to Dave Winer and he made the most important point: what about the show? I called Steve Gillmor and he's going to try to reassemble the troops (including Mike) and we're going to try this again. I'm on my way into the studio now. - Leo Laporte
YAY! - David Lloyd
Leo needs content. While Twit Live is based on the brand of "Leo", he does allow over voices like PC Perspective and This Week in Fun to use his facilities. He has full editorial control on what he has on his network, and that is his right. I only stated to listen to GG after it came to Twit. So maybe Steve expanded his listener base, but maybe he does not need too. That question is up to Steve - Darryl Adams
Leo you're a good man - Jesse Stay
Wow, thats great Leo. Looking forward to it :) - Lasse Reiersen-Gravdal
Lol, god he loves his community doesnt he? - David Lloyd
_serious_ realtime shit - Amyloo
Leo suffers for his audience, now it is out turn :-) - Darryl Adams
gotta love live real time. - Steve Ford
Yes! :) - Adnan
<3 real time xx wish my friends got it - David Lloyd
Can the bandwidth support this episode? Ha! - Michael Kaiser
Then I'll stay up for a while (it's 2:14 am here) - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Incredibly admiral thing to do, a lot can be learned from this whole series of events. - Jason Beck
I've watched Leo "alter" his views going from the pc shows to the mac shows, but I have never felt Leo was or ever would give a positive/negative review to something based upon getting a freebee. - Brian Cagle
Can we get Dave Winer on the show too?! :) - Adnan
we want david winer - David Lloyd
why would youtube delete a keyboard cat vid? - Bwana ☠
Cool :-) I did remember last week you were a little peed about the trolling nature of Mike and I agreed then and more now Good on ya - O W
Wait, who's on their way into the studio right now? - Colin
scoble you going to be ontine for round two? - Steve Ford
Dialogue is good to work through an incident such as this. I'm glad that Leo and Mike responded so soon afterward. Apologies came quick and bitterness didn't have time to set in, which could have caused enmity between them for years to come. I've learned to be careful with strong initial reactions because I may not be totally understanding where the other person is coming from, and that is the source of so many of these kinds of problems. - Allen Blair
The best thing about this video is about 50 seconds in when Loren Feldman realizes Leo Isn't joking around as he bows his head and goes into his happy place while mommy and daddy fight: - BryanSchuetz
Lol :/ - Colin
If you guys put this back together, you guys rock, seriously. - Colin
Steve: I gotta drive up to the city, so will be calling in from my new Prius. - Robert Scoble
This video has "Keyboard Cat" written all over it! - Chris
Serenity Now. Serenity Now.... :-) - Jeff Weber
chris can't we get like a keyboard penguin or something.. you know something fresh... - Steve Ford
I'm so thankful that R. Scoble invented "real time web"! I'm joshin' :) Unless he actually did. - Michael Kaiser
I thought Al Gore invented it? - John Brazel
There goes the Bulleit Bourbon? - TunisianGuy
@BryanSchuetz ROTFLOL - Adam Turetzky
don't know about him, but I am done, that's for sure. These apologies took too long to come imho - TunisianGuy
I was missing the show until I saw the article on Techmeme, yay! - Ryan Massie
The show must go on - Amyloo
Back live woooo! - Moobie - TunisianGuy
yayyyyy - TunisianGuy
Someone with mad skills please mashup the GG video with keyboard cat to the tune of "Saturday Nights All Right for Fighting" by Elton John. Ohhh were back live, cool. - John Brazel
Very civilized! Way to get it together guys! Job done! :-) - Moobie
LOL. This is better than TV - Bwana ☠
we need a minute please - Tina Chase Gillmor
I guarantee half the TWiT fans have their recorders going now :) - Bwana ☠
Bwana - Lol! :-) - Moobie
I upped the first part here: and will do the same with this part - Jack
Was this the "new media" equivalent of O'Reilly's great "F$&k it, let's do it live" outburst? (not to compare Leo to Bill as Leo Rules) - Tim Hughes
I blame the Pre Leo... - Bwana ☠
Personally Leo...I enjoy the show. Hope it continues it is very intelligent 99% of the time. There is a lot to be said about the show...and all that goes on on it. - Kevin Hart
keyboard cat is uploading again...i deleted it because the quality was too poor - Thomas McGivern
I love it, it makes me remember the good ol' days of IRC. - Ryan Massie
Love ya Leo. Takes a big man to own up to a mistake (understandable as it may be) - Scott Edwards
Now the show will be tame :) - Bwana ☠
lol - Chris
LOL stop zephyr...I'll be laughing the whole show - Bwana ☠
You are a class act Leo! - invariant
Arrington's "apology" was merely a bunch of excuses ("I wasn't watching the video, blah, blah") I don't come to TWIT for confrontational tatics like Arrington's. Dialogue and discussion -- yes. Being a jerk -- no. - Joel R
LEO: I was the one who quickly posted the YouTube video (MPB326) and I felt kind of bad about it in a way. I have been following you since your Tech TV days and love what you are about. I think you were totally in the right in this situation although overall I think it was a misunderstanding. Message me if you want the link to add an annotation to the video. - Mike Bracco
Yes, mike's audio is fine. - Cliff Gerrish
leo, you are great. - Oldengrey (Jay)
Well done both Leo and Mike - Kim Landwehr
Perhaps there is hope for the Middle East. - Karoli
Leo, I think you overreacted a tad but I reckon I would've too, Arrington was way to quick and aggressive in his questioning. At least you guys made up. - Marco Ho
Tina, recording part ii - Cliff Gerrish
What Calacanis incident? - Chris
Well done Mike - I have high respect for Arrington after this. - Jesse Stay
I like Arrington's style. - Colin
thanksCliff - Tina Chase Gillmor
it's not the questions Mike asks, it's the snark-laden tone. - Karoli
Questioning a man's integrity without any justifiable reason is an insult and Leo is absolutely correct for what he did. - Paul
Tina, the first part is here if you need it - Jack
karoli, re: snark, which is what made the contrast with the nice in memoriam so jolting - Amyloo
keyboard cat is back up!! - Thomas McGivern
This is one of the most amazing interviews I've ever heard. I am learning so much, and gaining a ton of respect for Arrington after this. - Jesse Stay
No doubt about it, these guys are heavyweights. - Colin
The same props go to Leo for being such a great interviewer. - Jesse Stay
Steve is angry :( - David Lloyd
can't blame Steve for being angry. A lot of crap was posted on this stream that was unfair to him and to Tina. - Karoli
Thanks Karoli ... tough few days - Tina Chase Gillmor
Scobey! Welcome to the show! - Colin
Yay, we have ourselves a show - Robert
Jack, are you recording? - Robert
I wish Mike would open up more - he really is a good guy inside, and has great intentions. - Jesse Stay
moving right along... - Brad Kligerman
yep, this part will be up at later - Jack
So what's happening in tech? - Colin
This week in therapy - Thomas McGivern
Leo vs Steve is coming up next... - Chris
Thanks Jack, all those missing these live shows thank you - Robert
As a journalist you have to ask tough questions - Jesse Stay
This is even better then a 2-2 tie in the 12th... oh yeah, the Dodgers won that one. - Brad Kligerman
I'm glad I stayed up (it's 2am here) reading the FF comments and TC comments - I nearly went to bed thinking the show would be taking another hiatus - Jack
Steve has a good wife. - Colin
I seriously cannot believe this has happened. Kudos to you, Leo and definitely Mike for not throwing the F You's back and apologizing so quickly. I am happy that these two have a respect for each other and tech to and us, to come back, publicly apologize and try to continue to do the show. I'm almost teary eyed! - Lise
Leo's in his "battle stance" - Colin
Is this a kumbaya moment or another shit storm? - Brad Kligerman
Leo doesnt need Gilmore's Gang! - Chris
Chris, networks have interdependencies - Karoli
We shall see. - Antoniu
Wow, I just dropped in on some serious stress! - Aaron T. Harvey
Robert remember this is Our community. Leo Gives us a voice and we use it. - Andrew Johnson
I'm not saying everything that is said is correct or needs to be said though - Andrew Johnson
Andrew, so you're saying that because I am a GG fan from way, way back, I'm not entitled to speak, or be heard? - Karoli
For GG to work on Twit network, Steve has to retake center stage on the video feed... the production has to visually and audiably recenter around Steve. - Brad Kligerman
of course i'm not saying that Karoli - Andrew Johnson
I wonder if this video will go viral like Santelli's? - Stephen Pickering
Excellent point Brad - Robert
My point, Andrew, is that Steve has a community, too - Karoli
I do agree with Brad. - Karoli
I'm just saying that the show came to our commmunity so we get a voice too - Andrew Johnson
Yeah, I think out of respect for Steve, Leo should have maybe left, but not pulled the plug - Stephen Pickering
I'm listening to the restart of the show with all the kiss and make up. Bottom line GG doesn't belong on TWiT and should go somewhere else. - saf
Steve needs to stop reading this chat - Robert
i think it is irc that he is speaking of - Andrew Johnson
Wow, this makes for an interesting Saturday online. - Verbal
Steve Gilmor please dont take yourself so seriously - earl wallace
Oh that's not true, Mike. I don't want a fight. The drama was interesting and so is this public apology but I want a show about tech, not flame wars. I can go read youtube comments for that. - Lise
Lots of respect for the content, but seems like its about the people instead of the ideas way too often. - Joel Asaro
Pretty hard not to read the chat....Steve has always been tuned into viewers' responses. - Karoli
FTR I like every single person on this call. I find this show incredibly interesting because they're all truly opening up. I want this to continue if every episode can be like this. - Jesse Stay
We don't have a problem with you Steve, thanks for putting this show together. - Colin
Leo, the drama is the show. - Karoli
i'm confused... leo added drama too - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
This is not going to end well...... - David Peralta
If I wanted Meet the Press, I'd turn on David Gregory - Karoli
This is the most riveting show on any network I've seen in a while, it's genuine. - Matthew
Uh oh, the Middle East won't reconcile - Karoli
Gillmore Gang has value but Steve cant handle the spotlight...welcome to radio, tv, etc if you put yourself out there you need to expect this to some extent - Gary Gannon
I don't get Leo's rap on the 'drama'. Ageed Karoli - Brad Kligerman
Ohhhh.... - Amyloo
Woah - where did Dave Winer come into this? - Jesse Stay
I remember drama on the GG 2 years ago, its not all from the "chat" or even just Dave Winer... - Robert
the content is what it is because of the conflict. It is. - Karoli
Gilmore Gang has always been about conflicting personalities in tech... Leo, you should have known that when you let Steve do his show on TWiT - Ryan Merket
Everything is political. People are passionate. It is what creates pearls - Karoli
Steve's feelings are hurt. I think because what Leo did, by closing the show, really made Steve feel like he wasn't in control. Okay, I get that. I hope they can resolve this now with Steve. - Lise
'do without the drama' Steve Gillmor. Leo has got to understand that statement. - Brad Kligerman
Steve is a gateway drug, like marijuana. - Colin
I think nobody's better than Leo. But geez, once again it seems his ego's in the way. - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
We need Steve to hook all these people up! - Colin
talking about each other is part of the attraction. It is one way to figure out how people think - Karoli
We don't want to see you dead, Mike - Stephen Pickering
There's drama because this show gets bogged down in personality fights. - Joel R
We're not crazy!! *twitches* - Robert
the content and the passion are indivisible - Hilary Talbot
I would never spit on you, Mike. And I'm proud of you for how you've handled all this. - Lise
SteveGillmor - Based on the comments in this thread, I suggest you come back to uStream - Karoli
I <3 you all guys - Jesse Stay
@Jesse The show is happening now because of a conversation that Leo had with Dave Winer according to Leo's post in this FF thread - Antoniu
Sounds like they have patched things up. - Mike Doeff
Mike, it the whole anonymity thing... we don't want you dead. people just shout because they think you won't hear. - Jan Zimak
@321 I don't understand how that has caused drama though - Jesse Stay
Man they are really slamming us here on FriendFeed - Stephen Pickering
Underwear 12 y/os? wtf? - Ryan Merket
What if I'm in my undies AND rational still? heh - Lise
I haven't read anything here that was like life threatening - Stephen Pickering
OMG, you guys have a show where you are critical of your subjects, you get heated and personal sometimes yet blame us in chat for doing the same sometimes too? It is our fault? We are the bad guy? lololol - Andrew Johnson
This chat is infinately more mature and constructive than the IRC chat is - Robert
Is Robert on an AT&T network? Is that how bad it is? - Stephen Pickering
i think leo and mike have made up, but steve is the one with the attitude now - Dano Hart
Please no one tell the IRC chat about this chat - Jesse Stay
That IRC chat is a disaster - Mike Doeff
Being in the chat room is a bit like being at Comic Con, you always think YOU'RE the normal one, but everyone looks a bit crazy to outsiders. - Aaron T. Harvey
I think more of the 12 year olds are on the irc, Robert. heh They're not quite FFing yet. - Lise
Jesse, why does Arrington slam the FriendFeed chat so much? I've never read terrible things here - Stephen Pickering
No, @Dano, Steve is the one that still has something to work out. He's trying to save his show. - Brad Kligerman
Of course Scoble would say it is easy to block people here - Jack
Many of us here are on all chats simultaneously - earl wallace
Brad, Steve's show will go on whether it's here or some where else - Karoli
Stephen, I'm not sure, but this particular chat has been pretty anti-Arrington before this current live stream. He may be referring to that. FF in general has been pretty anti-Arrington from what I've seen. - Jesse Stay
You guys have made that show, you're doing it right now. - Colin
you make it sound like it's all at Leo's command. It's STEVE'S show. - Karoli
can we PLEASE talk about the Palm Pre. I'm drunk already - TunisianGuy
Just missed the GG incident this afternoon, but got to see FF unfurl the story (and the youtube replay). I'm not going to weigh in on the personalities because I just discovered GG this week...I was going to start listening for energetic and insightful banter. Now, I have been thinking about what happened today and about the back-and-forth I've read here. From the few podcasts I've... more... - Jason Miller
gillmorgang is valuable to me... I waited the whole week for this. Their are other people on this thread who also find it valuable. I don't understand why there is a question as to whether it should be on the network or not. If people don't like it, they can skip it and watch the other shows that they do like. - Adnan
why do you want Gillmor Gang to be TWIT II? - Karoli
Seems to me that the back story is that Arrington was jealous that he did not get a Pre and wanted to spoil the fun. Pretty simple. Getting lectured from Arrington on disclosure ethics was the last straw for Leo. - Jim Posner
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I like this show because it's powerful personalities. - Colin
I think the debates and snarky comments are what makes the show great - Gary Gannon
Jim, I think it's a misunderstanding more than anything from what it sounds like - Jesse Stay
why is there a problem with drama? These guys are passionate - Tina Chase Gillmor
Robert I think is friends with everyone. I don't know if I've ever heard of anyone he hates. He's good that way. - Jesse Stay
Jesse, no, Mike really was attacking Leo's credibility, and I'm not anti Mike. I like Arrington - Stephen Pickering
Tina, I have no problem with drama. I'm not in love with SNARK - Karoli
The drama is the reason I listen to GG, and not TWiT - Jack
Gillmor's talking but no one can hear. - Sprague D
Gilmore is always angry, aggressive and unpleasant, and he fosters that. Period. It's not the conversation, it's the tone. It's unfriendly and it's not Leo. If Gilmore wants that as his show, cool. But I'm with Leo in that I don't think it fits well with Twit. - Libertine
Ohh! Awwww. First time in a while to FF and I thought I could catch GG (kinda tough, just look at the sub-domain on TC; I thing they went "underground" for a reason). I appreciate both sides of the story. Everyone should calm down and join my new movement: What Would Spock Do? or WWSD? - coldbrew
Karoli - I think you hint at the problem SteveG is discovering. It's Steve's show on Leo's network... using Leo's live audience, and Leo's live chat... Steve's seeing *Leo's* network react, and not seeing *his* audience's feedback. As a result: he's offended. - tollie williams
Drama is fine, Leo just doesn't like it when people call him out on getting free/pre-released stuff, and saying "Love it! Totally impressed..." -- which he should have said "Palm sent me a 7 day loander to try it out, and I love it, totally impressed" - Ryan Merket
I think if we got Feldman on here he could solve this for us: - BryanSchuetz
All I can say is I have gained a completely new respect for Mike Arrington from this show. He manned up to this one, misunderstandings were cleared up, and I see him as an entirely new person after this. I give him my respect on this one. - Jesse Stay
I'm not a regular listener of GG, but the times that I've tuned in seemed like there was drama and people were a bit flaming. I like shows with less drama than GG. I'm not sure who has reason. I don't think that this is black and white. Having the show squeaky clean wouldn't be interesting, but the drama just gets annoying and simply delays the tech. - Paulius G
good point ryan merket - Dano Hart
Moral of the story: Don't call out Leo if he holds the "off" button - Ryan Merket
@tollie very good insight - earl wallace
Stay: Agreed. - coldbrew
Audiences long for access to this show. - Colin
@Ryan that's not the case at all - Harvey Birdman
So, I missed the setup of this call. Is Scoble the moderator? Why is he on? :) - tollie williams
Leo having Steve turned down is EXACTLY what is wrong with the show in its current form - Jack
There's a difference between a spirited discussion and flaming. - Mike Doeff
+1 Colin - Brad Kligerman
You all need to *come back* and make up live. [EDIT: I mean "real time"] - coldbrew
Hug it out guys. - Mike Doeff
Jack, agreed. - Karoli
I agree with Gillmor , no need to change the show... go to Mevio where the ADULTS are - John Hillestad
"With all due respect". Got it. - Sprague D
The show would fit the network if it doesn't disclosing free/pre-released phones. - Ryan Merket
Steve and Leo I think have different audiences. It all comes down to if it's worth merging those audience. - Jesse Stay
I'm happy that Leo cares about us as a community. The normal, non drooling ones, of course. - Lise
Ryan missed a 1 hour Palm Pre unboxing where Leo stated about 20 times it was review Unit...but that's ok. - Bwana ☠
I think we might be seeing the end of the GG/Twit collab. Steve is realising its not working. Leo seems conflicted, he wants to keep the content on the show, but he is not comfortable with it. But Leo does an excellent job of hosting the show. I fear for the continuity and quality of the GG if its not on Leo's network - Robert
Without a community there's no one to consume your content. - Aaron T. Harvey
"I dont care about the community"-Steve Gillmor. My respect has risen for Mike Arrington and lowered for Steve Gillmor tonight.amazing - Dano Hart
Dano, how about the full quote? What he said was "I do what I think is important to do" - Karoli
Can you imagine a professional broadcaster on TV or radio talking about their audience this way? - Sprague D
It kinda hurts when the broadcaster publicly advises dosent care about his listeners - David Peralta
I think my favorite Gillmor Gang episode was the one where Marc Canter kept showing a big bowl full of marijuana buds on his video screen every chance he could get. That was classic! - Thomas Hawk
"those people who don't like reality"... ok. same to ya. :) - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
Steve please do this on a closed call - earl wallace
Steve is just hurt. And I think he's not feeling respected. - Lise
Leo just pointed out my entire current frustration... why the hell is the show not post-published if Steve indeed feels that people -should- be able to Fast forward through it - Robert
"I dont care about the community" implies "I mostly care about the content' - Brad Kligerman
@Dano agree, if Steve doesnt care about the community at all then why put it out? Just talk to your buddies on the phone. - Gary Gannon
Just produce a show where you argue about tech and not about each other. Outside of this incident, it's all very self-indulgent anyway. - bobrudge
Bwana: This is looking for justifications while already having one's side chosen - coldbrew
I can be passionate while avoiding drama. It's an acquired skill. Kinda like laughing without shooting milk through your nose. - Bwana ☠
Interesting to see if there is any brand impact to all of this..Seems they all have the Martha Stewart problem with the name and brand tightly coupled. - Jim Posner
This show is going no where now - Jesse Stay
It looks like the show will be moving to a different 'network'. - Verbal
This has been brewing for a while - Mike Doeff
i think the community can create content,and help and push content. So saying you don't care about the community,is not saying your care more about the content - Dano Hart
Anella: Yes ;) - coldbrew
The problem is Leo can turn off the show - Jack
The show can go on with Leo - Bwana ☠
The thing you all should know about Steve's community comment? He does care about the community. Do you think people who don't care bother with discussions on FriendFeed? All he said was that ultimately HE does what HE feels is important - Karoli
dude bwana,shooting milk thru your nose IS a skill.hehe - Dano Hart
Rename it to The Leo Laporte Gang! Thats what it is! - Chris
Leo you can build up TWiT Sunday and then split it soon into Sat/Sun - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
The show can go on without Leo - Bwana ☠
Jack: Yes, broadcasting live via IP is so difficult these days. It would take millions! - coldbrew
Steve is just too hurt right now. I feel bad for him. But he needs to cool down - Lise
Bwana, yes, but can it go on with AND without Leo? - Jesse Stay
I am Reviled - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
Why does Steve do a show if he doesnt care if people watch it or not? - Chris
Jesse - I see what you did there. Wait..No I don't - Bwana ☠
Chris, because he believes the content is important. - Karoli
Steve works for Mike, BTW. - Oldengrey (Jay)
Steve you know more than anyone else the internet mirrors real life. Please understand the chat in the same light. - earl wallace
No one is dependant on anyone else. Steve can organise the show on his own wherever he wants, like he did for a long time. - Robert
Gillmor could take this live on his own with minimal help. Lots of people *sitting* here could do it in an hour or less. - coldbrew
Bwana, I'm confused! - Jesse Stay
If Steve does want complete control then he does need to move it. You can't have complete control when Leo sits at the helm - Lise
We Collegiates are Reviled - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
Who would have thought an hour ago that Gillmor would be the one to come out of this the worst - seems to have taken an ego hit and wants everyone to remember it's 'his' show. Pretty pathetic performance. - bobrudge
Leo was liberal with those F bombs : ) - Mike Doeff
collegial is for talk shows, radical is for Gillmor - Brad Kligerman
LOL Mike. Seriously. I really like Arrington a lot more now. I can't believe he stepped up and handled this so awesomely. "F you. F you. F you. Bye" haha - Lise
Yeah - Leo's got it - Gillmor Gang needs to decide what it wants to be when it grows up. What's the overall purpose and premise behind the show? - Jesse Stay
You can't take it with you has never been more true. - Aron Michalski
Steve is coming off a little bit arrogant, though rightfully so in some ways. Honestly, I think that Leo should stay on GG, but take it off of TWiT. If Steve wants control, he should get it. - TeraDyne Azurepaw
oh now steves crackin the jokes.alright! - Dano Hart
@Steve ROFL. Looks like we hit a resolution. - Ryan Merket
Stay: It's that there is no premise and it's some people Gillmor knows and likes talkin shit. - coldbrew
stop trying to classify things, Leo, and go with the flow. It's been kinda working since Gillmor Gang has been here. - Brad Kligerman
Jesse, I agree w/ you (and Leo) that Mike has proven to be a different person that I previously thought he was. Silver lining here might be that these types of 'misunderstandings' are headed off before they boil over in the future. - Chris Heath
Someone just asked me this question: if this is gillmor, why is laporte seeming to host? (1st time on GG) - Karoli
coldbrew, I think with that, Leo's taking risk then. Steve's got to state what the show is for it to make sense on Leo's network. That's nothing against Steve's show - it's just in conflict with the organization of Leo's network. - Jesse Stay
I think we forget that these guys have real lives, real problems, and stress that can leak into this show. - Mike Doeff
932 PM GEORGIA hi is dave glad yall are back on - daveccorey
Karoli, because it's on Leo's network - Lise
It's kind of surreal to hear this thing play out while in my car. Thank you, iPhone app. Can the Pri do that? :-) - Joel R
LOL - Last words out of Mike's mouth, "and I got a Techmeme headline out of it" - Jesse Stay
Can someone please turn this drama into a 30 second video for YouTube :0 - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
okay, real last words out of Mike's mouth, "Go Leo!" - Jesse Stay
I love so much that they brought this back out live to do it. - Lise
Who in here has this recorded? - Jesse Stay
I'm kind of amazed at about how transparent these guys are being. I appreciate that. - Mike Doeff
Whoo! GO JACK! - Robert
No offense Steve, but welcome to the real-time web - Jesse Stay
Welcome to the interwebs Steve - Gary Gannon
Leo, remember that people can scrub back on the BitGravity feed and then screen-capture or record the audio. - Paulius G
Christopher: yeah, I heard about SkyFire on Windows Weekly. Sounds pretty cool. - Joel R
I knew it would be a tame show after that - Bwana ☠
LOL Leo. Awwww @ the loooove - Lise
That was actually pretty interesting, maybe we'll see a This Week in Drama soon. - Antoniu
I learned a lot from this. As I said before I have a newfound respect for both Leo and Mike Arrington. - Jesse Stay
I wanna hug all my gadgets. Yay tech! - Lise
i'm hungry.whos buyin? hehe - Dano Hart
This is TWID! - Joel R
is the bar open yet? - Andrew Johnson
TWiD - nice! - Aaron T. Harvey
After all of that i do have more respect for Mike now, I think alot has been learned today - David Peralta
@leo it always good to hear an opinion that you don't hear agree with. you can't have good without evil. - Jan Zimak
Everyone has a shadow, the trick is learning how to give the shadow recognition privately, so that it doesn't come out publicly like it did today - Stephen Pickering
And 3 hours later we get the Pre review - Jack
Judging by Leo's little presentations, the Pre interface seems pretty slow - Bwana ☠
that would drive me nuts - Bwana ☠
Nice UI - a little 'roundy/pudgy' though. Is it comfortable to hold? - Aaron T. Harvey
Aaron, yeah looks kind of thick - Mike Doeff
Right, it's not as fluid as an iPhone. It's ages better than any Windows mobile or Palm OS phone, but still not too close to the iPhone. However, competition is great. And this hopefully means more interesting features in the future from the iPhone. - Paulius G
Bwana - Just got home and stumbled across this thread. What would we do without Friendfeed?! - Charlie Anzman
Diabolical. Legal maelstrom becomes misdirection play, host catches fecal backlash. - Aron Michalski
Steve/Tina - Hang in there. I'll touch base soon, hopefully we can connect next week - Karoli
Charlie - we'd be all over Google looking for details :) - Bwana ☠
I like that app dock - Mike Doeff
I wonder how the battery life is with background apps running, since the drain on the battery is supposed to be one of the reasons that Apple won't allow background apps on the iPhone. - Antoniu
321 - Despite what Apple may say, it's a memory issue moreso than battery - Bwana ☠
Is anyone going to post the make-up video? - Jim Posner
that phone does look pretty slick - Dano Hart
looks sluggish - Robert
anyone want some koolaid? - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
No it doesn't matter..I noticed it when he first unboxed it - Bwana ☠
It's sluggish all around - Bwana ☠
I love great notification systems, and Palm has one - Bwana ☠
Apple should hire the guy who hacked together Growl for iPhone :) - Bwana ☠
Definitely cool how notifications and things pop up on the screen - Cory Roush
Thanks! My stream is stuttering so I'm getting gaps - Aaron T. Harvey
flawless ustream for me today - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
That charger is ingenius - Jesse Stay
Nintendo kills me with that - Bwana ☠
Jeff Cannata on TWiT?! - Chris
It doesn't make sense...that's why it infuriates me - Bwana ☠
Will it sync with Palm Desktop is the question I have - Bwana ☠
For the die hard Palm'ers - Bwana ☠
Did the Pre show up in iTunes? I heard it does... - Aaron T. Harvey
Nicholas James : Unfortunately I'll only be posting audio :-( - Jack
That'll come - Bwana ☠
People have to update their code to catch the Pre's browser string - Bwana ☠
do a quick test - Bwana ☠
Call goog-411 and surf while you do it :) - Bwana ☠
It's a good time to be a Phone lover - Bwana ☠
It is "good competition" to the iPhone - Jesse Stay
Pres, G1s, and iPhone giving Nokia and RIM some stiff stiff competition - Bwana ☠
Poor Motorola - Bwana ☠
monday it will be 3rd - Byron McCollum
O_O dead pixel blues - Bwana ☠
Storm 2 will be out in a few the competition - Bwana ☠
his thumb covers 4 keys - Bwana ☠
Best keyboard I've ever had was the T-Mobile MDA - Jesse Stay
i could never use that analog keyboard - Byron McCollum
Leo - if you're missing a Brazilian BBQ (we, the enlightened, call it a churrasco), then your priorities are certainly out of order. Get off that ball and in front of a skewer of meat ASAP. Grad yourself a caiparinha, too. You've earned one or four today. - Jason Miller
I couldn't go back to a physical keyboard. - Aaron T. Harvey
That's your "We'll do it live" moment Leo :) - Bwana ☠
For me the apology will long out-live the video. - Colin
LOL Bwana - Lise
Nooooo - Bwana ☠
Dont do it Leo - Andrew Johnson
We could post your apology - Aaron T. Harvey
Mostly you gain publicity, not negativity. - Colin
I wouldn't :) :) - Bwana ☠
Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer >:D - Bwana ☠
do just the tribute and cut after that - Andrew Johnson
Don't put it back on Leo. Only those of us following from the beginning will get it. - Lise
Judge a man not by his friends, but by his enemies! - Colin
we love you, Leo! And now, even Mike. Good job, Mike. - Lise
We love ya Leo! Thanks for your support of us! - Aaron T. Harvey
Go eat some meat Leo - Bwana ☠
You deserve a few choice cuts - Bwana ☠
See you in the morning, Leo. - Lise
Man, one can only dream to have a setup like Leo :) - Bwana ☠
Oh no, so much for the chat rooms slowing down tonight. Maybe I need to make some new macros for tonight :-P - Andrew Johnson
now i want BBQ, thanks for another fun day everyone, tty tomorrow - Andrew Johnson
this type of reality that we saw today is why the future of media on the web is so exciting .. we like real opinions and real emotions ... not the puffed and polished punditry that the mass media (blech) tries to spoon us on a daily basis. Keep doing the show Leo, we can take it, and the content is quality. - Joe Magennis
Don't worry Leo!!! Good on you!!! - Andy
Haha, this is drama for geeks. - Manuel Mas
Wow Leo never seen that side of you Mic really asked for it though, One thing i can say about Leo Laportes reviews and recommendations is they are always what he really believes...... - John Spencer
I'm listening to the later call where Leo says he feels like Arrington baits people and Arrington is not once denying that he does. Arrington also says he never apologizes which also says a lot about him. If you are wrong what is so hard about apologizing? - jccalhoun
I belive we saw true real-time reality TV in it's truest form today. - Allen Blair
Seems to me Friendfeed is the winner in this scenario - chad cicconi
listening to this later call I get the feeling that some of these guys have a difficult time clearly expressing themselves. They are also overly hypersensitive but aren't aware of just how abrasive they themselves are. Get thee to a therapist. - jccalhoun
Chad - Not sure I follow your logic but 1110 comments says a lot about the 'players' and an incredibly wide spectrum of opinions. - Charlie Anzman
Gillmor is now blaming the chatroom for the tone of the show? How is that? - jccalhoun
Gillmore wants to take his ball and go home... Steve give it up and do your show we love you Man. - Rock
Leo I hope that you keep this show. It is a bit different from other shows but the drama mostly is incidental to some really interesting discussions. I think a lot of it is direct styles of discussion between passionate personalities. - Dominic
I'm not a big fan of the drama! I don't care for the show. To much beckering! I don't believe it fits the TWIT network. - MarK
They don't seem to understand Leo's point that you can be aggressive without taking shots at people. - jccalhoun
If Steve wants to take his ball & go home then FINE...Arrington was wrong & Steve is wrong not to acknowledge it...Techcrunch has been hit time & time again for it's "ethics"..Maybe that's why Palm didn't send them a review unit? Why send one to someone who has pre-judged your product? Arrington the Bill O'Reilly of tech? - David J. Garcia from twhirl
Just watched the re-run. Leo, Gillmor Gang is the best show on your network and Dominic nailed the reason why there is drama and today we got the confirmation that you're only human too. - Alberto Saavedra
Just dump the show. I'd rather watch reruns of your other shows that are all superior to what Steve has to offer anyway - Andy
i want to go to techcrunch to see if Arrington has brought it up, but then I'd be giving that bastard pageviews. - Dave Martin
dave: mike posted his side of the 'blow up' in a post titled "ouch" and he posted the youtube video too - it was kind of an apology, and leo accepted and apologized himself for his reaction - leo came back to the studio, got mike, steve, and scoble on and they talked it all out - hopefully everything is all good - it was re-running on the stream, i think that's over tho and the stream is on to the next re-run - Chris Heath
Can I download the show somewhere? - Wo
dave: in the 'second half' of the GG mike admitted that he only apologizes about once a year, and that he was being and asshole - Chris Heath
Downloads available here: - Jack
i think mike and leo are cool now - but steve still seemed pissed that the audience doesn't read his mind or something - it's kind of akin to how steve get's irked by people asking about the podcast for the GG (which hasn't been available since april) - steve moving over to twit widend his audience and he probably feels a bit out of control of his show since the audience (live audience... more... - Chris Heath
as I stated earlier on Twitter I have blocked techcrunch via OpenDNS settings - John Blanton from twhirl
Listening to the continuing discussion of this blow up reminds me of the reaction of the NPR Planet Money blog commenters to Adam Davidson's interview with Elizabeth Warren. Long after the protagonists have calmed down and made peace, the internet seethes with rage. Where's the sense of perspective, friendfeed peeps? - Matt Hall
Matt Hall -- it's only been like 4 hours since it happened. That's hardly "long after" ;-) - jccalhoun
jccalhoun - In the real-time world it is ;) - Matt Hall
If you go by Steve's logic and he doesn't care about the audience, then it doesn't matter if the plug is pulled. Don't think Leo minds banter, but just doesn't want the kind of p2p internal drama trolling you'd see on a World of Warcraft forum per say. Mike was def out of line, he apologized. Steve on the other hand seems like he needs to let "his" show go to Leo. Leo appears... more... - Jonathan Langdale
Here's the NPR Planet Money episode and blog post I mentioned, for those of you who can't get enough of the drama: - Matt Hall
Most entertaining GG moment ever! - Douglas
I am a huge TWiT content listener, and the primary emotion I feel after all of the shows is typically enthusiasm, optimism, and general good feeling. GG often leaves me frustrated over lack of manners, respect, and behavior issues. Passion over topics cannot disguise the fact that the overriding tone is contrary to the rest of the TWiT shows. I think it does not fit. - Amac
Leo doesn't need to "take over" the Gillmor Gang, he has TWiT among others which I think with the cross-pollination of some elements of the GG (JC for example) and exclusion of others (MA), is almost as good an experience. What amazes me is that Arrington still wonders why he polarises so many people... - Hamish MacEwan
Just woke up from a Nice little Nap Has the GG been recorded somewhere? Really would like to see Todays GG 2.0 - Erle Stride
Thank you Nicholas - Erle Stride
Anyone that Listens to MacBreak or TWiT knows that Leo has said he was going to buy a Pre a hundred times. Receiving a review copy means nothing, that is the industry standard practice. No apologies needed Leo, you were justified to be upset. Keep up the great work and you have my support! - John -
I think Leo should either pull the show from TWiT or allow someone else (Colleen?) sit in his seat to produce the show. Steve and Leo have very different goals. Leo puts his focus on the quality of the product for the audience. Steve puts his emphasis on running the show and doesn't care as much about quality. Leo spends thousands on equipment and facilities; Steve probably bought his webcam and headset on clearance and hosts the show from a rumpus room. - Matt Matthews
it appears that there is a demand for gg and if leo thinks its in the best interest of his nework to host it, i support that. however i think that it may be something he should consider having someone else host. as his network grows he is going to need to share the helm and this may be a perfect opportunity. personally i would love to see it a little more like the old tech tv lineup.... more... - Tobias Lewsadder
Last week the Gillmor Gang was moved to Friday recordings and Leo did call in from home with Colleen runing the board. That was going to be the new recording arrangement but personal issues meant that the show couldn't be done this Friday and so they did it Saturday. So at least the plan was for Leo not to be appearing on the show from his studio any more. - jccalhoun
As far as I'm concerned the GG has always been an inferior offering which seemed only to serve the egos of those involved, long before it ever was hosted by TWiT Network. I don't think TWiT would be any the less without it. Regardless of the current argument. - Dave Wallace
Wow. Just saw what happened earlier. Good for Leo. I'm quite confident that Leo is not proud of his behavior, but Arrington has been an insufferable prick for quite some time, and utterly had this coming. That it came from Leo speaks volumes, and should have Arrington re-thinking his own conduct. - Phil Essing
Nicholas James: Thanks for the update, but were these pro-forma apologies? Leo's reaction to Arrington's characteristic button-pushing was about as genuine as they come. I would expect Leo to apologise for his behavior, but not for putting Arrington in his rightful place. - Phil Essing
I have to add I really enjoy the GG when Leo is NOT in Studio Leo should step back and be a guest out of the studio - Erle Stride
This has to be the biggest FF comment list I've ever seen. I'm with Leo! - Jim Graham
Just listening to part 2. Scoble just called in... Michael and Leo still making up. Steve's still waiting to weigh in. I think the fundamental mismatch between Steve and Leo's approaches to dead air is irreconcilable, and today sort of brought that to the forefront. - Ken Sheppardson
Not just dead air, I guess. Hm. - Ken Sheppardson
We love you Leo! - Imran Idris
Not sure why people are calling for the GG to be removed from the Twit Network. It's an odd fit but a good one nonetheless. Whatever happens I am glad that apologies have been exchanged and we can draw the line on this drama. - Jamie
Been thinking about all of this since it happened, and particularly about the impression that people took away from Steve's comment about community. Unfortunately, people listened to the first part without putting it into the larger context of the entire statement. When looked at in the context of the entire statement, it is completely consistent with how Steve Gillmor rolls. It is an... more... - Karoli
+1 Karoli - Brad Kligerman
arrington shut down the comments on his post "ouch" at techcrunch dot com. he was getting ridiculously rude comments. isnt that why everyone was mad at him, for being rude? - Tobias Lewsadder
Tobias: Actually, they were mad at him for questioning Leo's integrity. That's a little different from being rude. I suppose they didn't listen to Part II of today's Gillmor Gang, where Leo and Mike made amends, and Mike admitted he was a couple of steps ahead in the conversation, forming a rant about Palm. It was an astonishing moment for me to hear him admit he was 100% wrong. Given that he did, rude comments seem a bit out of line. I'd have shut them down too. - Karoli
1164 comments. woah - Tyler Gillies
Tyler - I know right. This thread has two winners: 1. Palm 2. FriendFeed - Bwana ☠ from IM
a truly bad day with an incredibly awful end. Good night. - Tina Chase Gillmor
I can't believe there is already a Keyboard Cat on this, lol. - Jamie
just stating the obvious: as everybody knows gilmor gang is pretty much a bunch of old men cursing, declaring their opinions, & highlighting time and again that ugly kindergarten fights can break out regardless of age, education or status. it fosters dirty tricks and underhanded-ness. at times it's trying to have an edge with uninteresting cheap shots. the people aspect detracts from... more... - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq Maybe this is why Palm didn't send Mike a Palm Pre to review???? "We’ve never broken an embargo at TechCrunch. Not once. Today that ends. From now our new policy is to break every embargo. We’ll happily agree to whatever you ask of us, and then we’ll just do whatever we feel like right after that. We may break an embargo by one minute or three days. We’ll choose at random." - Andy
@vstromdek but the record (now at 1173 posts with this one) is remarkable not only for the quantity of posts but also for its qualities> the diversity of points of view and the spontaneous manner that 2 communities (GG & TWiT) converged + deconverged around a strange and exceptional event. I agree @bwana, a victory for Friendfeed and real-time webs. - Brad Kligerman
WOW!!! Leo said a bad word. - Joe Demartino
...but I truly believe Leo is underestimating the essential force of Gillmor Gang: it is NOT a question of 'drama,' rather a question of the creative process engaged through critical confrontation, whose goal is the emergence of raw IDEAS. 'Idea' does not always = 'content.' The entropic spin-off of this process can perhaps be 'dramatic,' but drama is neither the intention, the device nor the content. - Brad Kligerman
That was amazing. Don't press the buttons of the man pressing the buttons, huh? I think some animosity was brewing from Leo over the RIAA issue that TechCrunch was on to. I like a lot of TWiT shows: the enthusiasm, humor and inquisitiveness draw me in. Now more than before, I appreciate the transparency of disclosures (review unit vs. purchase) that have always been there, but not as glaringly emphasized. - Kevykev
The GG is the only show I don't watch on TWiT. It won't be missed, Leo. Don't waste your time with it anymore and focus your time on the other great content you create. That guy is a jerk and you don't need to feel bad or regret what you did. - MIQAL
Questioning Leo's integrity was uncalled for. I don't know Leo other than listening to his netcasts since twit started and despite our limited digital one-way interaction I trust his judgment and wait to hear what he says about a gadget before I seriously considering purchasing. Leo's a seasoned enough professional that he's probably over the whole thing by now. Leo - From 9,000 miles and 10 times zones away - keep up the great work! - Anant Gairola
Had a feeling it would be busy here................. - Kevin J Hatton
Karoli-I heard Steve's comment re: community as he will not pander to any "community." If a community forms around his work great and if it doesn't that is ok too, is my take away from his comment. I am sure Leo having the power to shut down the show was a turning point as well, where it leads will be interesting to see. - Jim Posner
karoli- i consider questioning someones integrity to be rude and insulting. arrington came off as a jerk. i did listen to that second gg and was rather impressed by how open both were and actually was a bit saddened by arringtons current emotional status. steves comments on how it was "his" show were a bit annoying but he is right. it would be interesting to see how well the show did... more... - Tobias Lewsadder
This gets a *facepalm* award for obvious reasons... see - Richard Walker
Jim: The community that forms around editorial integrity is a far better one than the opposite. The issue of control, though...that's huge. Tobias: I agree that death threats are always out of line. And my dislike for Arrington and feelings that he has no compunction about stomping on people and then playing the victim when they push back do not mean that I support in any way, shape or... more... - Karoli
wasn't a fan of Steve Gillmor and didn't care for show didn't watch after second one - Bob
keyboard cat #2 on I dont know if this makes me love the internet more or hate it. - Thomas McGivern
Loren Feldman's video response is good. - Stephen M. Otto
The second part of the show (post blow-up -- with Leo, Michael, Steve, and Scoble) is replaying right now on - Ken Sheppardson
Seems a lot of brouhaha about a couple friends having a spat. Not sure doing this in the public-stream is adding much value. It's a bit like watching Oprha Winfrey and Barbara Walters having a spat on their show. Maybe it's entertainment? - Michael Metz
Listening to the replay of the post-blow up broadcast. I totally understand why Leo blew up. I recently had a similar blow up where an aspect of integrity was questioned by someone close to me, and it hit a nerve. On the other hand, I think the purpose of GG is to probe deeply, and sometimes prosecutorially. If Leo doesn't want that style on his network, he should set GG free. - Stephen M. Otto
Wow. I always miss the good stuff. Well not "good" but you know what I mean. - Rustic Thoughts
Wow the Pre is a might sexier than my bulky android with that ridiculous "chin" - Rustic Thoughts
I love the intro music.... - Rustic Thoughts
hey from georgia STILL WITH LEO the twits vedios out of order again stick kams working ok - daveccorey
I'm jumping in--I wasn't at Woodstock, but I'm part of this historic conversation. And I'm with Leo. Anyone who has followed Leo for any length of time knows Leo's ethics. Shame on you Mike Arrington. You embarrassed yourself. And you revealed your true self. - Hamilton Wallace
Hmm. . .wonder how many more people will know about the Pre as a result of Arrington's dickishness? Could this be something new: the Arrington bump? - Hamilton Wallace
Would love to see Arrington on Cranky Geeks. Great job, Leo!!! - Jim Corkrum
We can haz FF entry for TWiT? - Ken Sheppardson
thanks to Denise we will in a second ken - Chris Heath
I love Friendfeed! I don't find it difficult, not even a little bit. - MarK
I wish the newest post in the thread was at the top. On mobile, it's a HUGE pain to scroll through all of the messages to the bottom. - Karoli
Leo, you did the right thing. Mike A. is an A-hole. - Samuel Cohen
is that my denise!!? - jeneane sessum
(still watching) - jeneane sessum
Matthew: Everybody was pretty much already on a side. This just gave them a reason to cheer for their team and against the other guy. - Ken Sheppardson
In case anyone hasn't heard it, the 2nd part of the show is here: - Jack
I can empathize with Leo. I've flown off the handle in similar situations. Arrington did have an intriguing point, but it seems like he hijacked the conversation and got burned trying to be sensational. If he had waited for a break in the conversation around whether the Pre was actually any good and brought up his point as a topic of discussion, things would have gone much better. I think I'll steer clear of GG. - Sam Ellis
Dude, MA is a total Richard. I am suprised you put up with it as long as you have. Everyone has limits man, I hope you don't feel guilty for it. - Adam Deem
I'd love to filter out comments that are mostly "Person X is a(n) [adjective Y] noun Z." They are EXTREMELY tiresome to wade through. If you have built a case on an individual write it up and point to it. Then you can enjoy moderating idiotic comments to your own post. That said, what I read here before my eyes glazed over isn't so bad on the whole. - Richard Walker
Christian Bale vs Leo Laporte vs Mike Arrington REMIX (with added calacanis dancing): - Linton Davies
ZGood Job Leo It your network and everyone need to keep that in mind - Richard Thomson
My rather late 2 cents on the Arrington/LaPorte exchange are here: But Leo, you raise a MORE IMPORTANT POINT! The GG is not a good fit for your network. A few weeks you all laughed when my comment calling Gilmore "mean" bubbled up on the Skype-a-sarous. There is a reason that his show results in flame outs. Its the rather mean/unkind manner of the host. Guests take... more... - Dale Dietrich
Dale: I've been listening to some back issues of the GG and News Gang since this incident. I'm seeing that SG is very good at what he does, though he does it in a prickly and abrasive way. Sometimes he can be abrupt, but he is well informed and opinionated. It would be good for Leo to keep the GG in the TWiT stable - it broadens his portfolio, it keeps the cutting edge and insightful... more... - Jason Miller
Jason Miller: Well said. Steve is the best at what he does. It does take effort to get in the groove, but it's worth every second. - Karoli
Got here from TechCrunch. FriendFeed: ".. the nearest thing to Shangri-La for mob justice enthusiasts.". - Marisa Duma
Leo Laporte
Looking for input: who would you like to hear on TWiT this Sunday?
Been a while since Dvorak, always enjoy him - Jan Ole Peek
Dvorak & Curry (waiting for deletion in 3, 2,1... ;-) ) - Holger Eilhard
Patrick Norton!! and PLEASE... No more Wil Harris - Jim Connolly
Only Dvorak - Charbax
With Trek out, perhaps Wil Wheaton and/or Levar Burton - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Allen Stern - Allen Stern
Patrick Norton - Bradley Goetsch
John McEnroe - Charbax
Kevin Rose, Sarah Lane, Patrick Norton, Veronica Belmont, Becky Worley (Techtv old school) or Justine (new school) - Harvey Birdman
I'd prefer no "social media experts" - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
One of the Brits you've had on before - that nice liverpulian (can't remember his name) - Jonathan Grimes
Dvorak! - Michael Kaiser from Nambu
Veronica Belmont - Harvey Birdman
Kevin Rose, Sarah Lane, Calacanis - Phillip Stewart
Wil Wheaton. EDIT: Levar Burton too. - Roberto Bonini
Stephen Fry? (I KNOW he's not a scouser, BTW) - Ian May
John C. Dvorak + Lisa Bettany + Brian Brushwood - arjo
Dvorak and Calacanis are always good. - Scott Breakall
Dvorak and Becky Worley (she was awesome too on 188) - Charbax
Dvorak and Patrick - Anton
I agree with @Charbax. Dvorak and Becky Worley were a great combination on TWiT. - arjo
<---- myself :P - Adam Jackson
All of your regulars are likable, but Dvorak and Calcanis are the only ones that drive the show into new and interesting territory. - casey wright
J C Dvorak,J Calacanis, Lisa B .Please - Ken O'Kelly
James Whatley aka @Whatleydude - Ken O'Kelly
Bwana and Dvorack. - robby
Molly Wood and John C. Dvorak - Eduardo
Norton and Dvorack would be awesome. - Ronald Bandish
Jimmy Fallon ;-) Maybe Kevin Rose can introduce you. - Mark F. Heil
Dvorak, Norton, and Rose please! - Jonas Dionisio
Star Trek cast - Robert
Bwana, and Veronica Belmont! - David Ford
MEEE!!! - Alphonso Lizcano
You can't go wrong with Dvorak - Bryan McAffee
wHil wHeaton!!!! will harris, and of course dvorak - Mark
Patrick Norton and Bwana, just to get confused with their voices! - Jack Truong
Brain Brushwood, Sarah Lane, Patrick Norton - Billy Shelton
Cali Lewis or Patrick Norton (no Dvorak please) - Ted Ellis
Bwana is always good. John C. - Willowdale
Peter rojas - lamont
Calacanis and Amber MacArthur - Stephen Lecheler
Dvorak and Patrick Norton. Lots of good news this week, so the less Twitter talk the better. - Jerry Voelker
Dvorak, Bwana, Sarah Lane, Becky Worley NOT LISA B she's horrible. - Charlieray
I would like you to do the show alone, but do voices for Dvorak, Calacanis, Will Harris, and Lisa Bettany. - Larry Roth
Physicist talking about quantum computers and an update on where we are with them. - Gilfeather
the guy from scam school.he's good - lamont
Ultimate worst topic: Brett Farve Twittering about Manny Ramirez. - Richard Hoskins
Dvorak. Always have him on please. You and him ARE TWiT. Wil Harris is also very enjoyable. So is Calacanis. Cory Doctorow also. - Emil Alexander Swenson
star trek twit wound be timely, will levar and veronica - Todd Proffitt
Oprah, Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray, and most important of anyone else in the world -- Tyra. - Walter Lounsbery
Ed Bott - Larry Basham - cornedbeefgents
How about a Patrick Norton and Leo twit? - Joe Dearman
Cranky twits Leo, Dvorak, Sebastian Ruplee, Calacanis - Charlieray
how about @jack to talk about his new "project" - patrick
hey Steve Jobs??? Could you pull that one off? - Dan Krivolavek
Bwana - Nolan Alston
cigars and wine - Richard Hoskins
With upcoming Hubble service mission, Bad Astronomer Phil Plait and Trek tie in with Levar Burton. - Doug Torneden
Dvorak, Norton, Rose, and Calacanis... - Gary Hise
We haven't heard Molly Wood on TWiT in a while. - Matt Chilcote
Dvorak, Curry, Calacanis, Patrick Norton, and yes cigars and wine - Aris/Theft
Has Curry ever been on TWiT? I'd love to see Worley on, Dvorak possibly, but if you get those two, maybe add some other old TechTV'ers if possible. Calacan would probably be good too. - Chris Lindhartsen
NINaccess - Richard Hoskins
YLNT - Larry Basham - cornedbeefgents
Mitsubishi's "Download a Car" project. - Nicholas Young
Patrick Norton, John C. Dvorak, Brian Brushwood, and Molly Wood would melt my pants. - thechadster
How about Andy Walker? - Willowdale
Molly, Dvorak, WilW, Jason Howell is under exposed, Tom Green, Harry Shearer, Veronica, mix it up Alex A sans Kevin, Merlin, yes please Merlin. And a bit less wine... - Tom Hofstatter
(Buzz Out Loud + No Agenda)*GDGT Weekly/YLNT = TWiT - MacNeurotic
Dvorak please - russellcoleman
amber - Archie Maclean
DVORAK!! - Carlos Jackson
i'\ - iTad
0. for a systm geek round: patrick norton (in the house this time, no wandering around & connection issues), dave randolph, and david caulkins 1. stephen fry, conan o'brien, jimmy fallon for a talk show host round (if you can get them), 2. as gunny wallen put it 'no social media experts'. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
molly wood and brian cooley - erick
Molly Wood - Keith Hobin
How about Bwana and Patrick. They can do impersonations of each other. - Joe Dearman
Anyone related to Star Trek I guess ... wonder if you can get JJ Abrams though :p - Clarence Chiang
although very unlikely, would be funny to have george lucas & a round of star trek actors. heh :p - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
I don't like listening to people act like they know everything and yes I'm talking about Brian Cooley .. I agree with all the other choices though - John Blanton from twhirl
It's always funny how one person's favorite is another person's worst nightmare :) I always enjoy Dvorak, Patrick and Veronica. - Jeff
Molly Wood - Renee Pie
Pete Cashmore was cranky and great although probably not popular. Ryan Block and Will Harris are always good. Worley and Molly are very good. Curry would be fun since he is opinionated. Basically choose folks who are very knowledgeable or Type A. No squeeky women who start each sentence with "um" or "well". - JustAFeed2000
Wil W pls, he's a fan of both Twit and Star Trek... - Denverken
Leonard Nimoy, Wil Harris, Dvorak, Molly Wood - chipster621
Patrick Norton, Lisa Bettany, and some Star Trek with new movie out so will wheaton & Levar Burton - Matt Pollari
James Theodore Kirk - Richard Hoskins
Tiberius! - Michael
Seriously, Johnny C, JCal, @WilW, and Levar Burton. Ever ask Barry Sonnenfeld? - Michael
Gina Trapani, Calacanis is also always interesting. - Sung Choi
Scoble maybe. - Jason Shultz from Nambu
Robert Heron is my number one choice. Dvorak ONLY if there is no wine and young women on at the same time. - John Little
Dvorak, Burton and Rose - Mike
Dvorak , Curry, Rose - Ron Acierno
Dvorak, curry, Calacanis and Kevin - americanm
Rebert Heron also - americanm
What about that Pogue guy? Or Robert Heron, Bwana, or for the lulz, have Winer on! - Mike Lewis
Dvorak! and more Dvorak ! - John Hillestad
I agree with Dunny: Wil Wheaton and/or Levar Burton. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing Bwana! - Christopher Theberge
Patrick Norton! - James Rishabh Mishra
Levar and Brushwood are the best of the newest twits - Eric Marden
Molly Wood and Dvorak. Veronica, too. - Robert
I think Adam Curry might still be in town; should invite him up to the TWiT Cottage. Bwana too. - Hawklu
Dvorak, Curry, Alex Lindsay - Matt
Wil Harris, Andy Walker and some of the old gang from The Lab. Someone to talk the effects of technology in the entertainment field such as theatre and concerts - Stephen Dean
Woz? - Hawklu
Mac vs Windows: Paul and Merlin - lofti
Jon Udell, Michael Nielsen, Ben Fry and Toby Segaran. You get cool accents and über brains - Deepak Singh
Thurrott & Lindsay - Kurtis Land
Molly Wood, WilW or LeVar, and Calacanis - Patrick Sullivan
Want to hear Dvorak tell all, how Twitter saved his life! - Craig Anderson
Dvorak, Adam Curry and Calacanis - Adam Marsh
molly wood, dvorak, kevin rose, not curry, calacanis - Randy Klassen
John Hodgman (pc) & Justin Long (mac) - Chris Pugh
Ryan Block, Scoble and Dvorak - Mike Getz
John Davison of ~ - monkeystick
bring back udell - get rid of dvorak - mike "glemak" dunn
Dave's Winer ? ;) - americanm
IHNATKO - Richard Hoskins
Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer and Andy Ihnatko! - americanm
Robert Llewellyn is in town, isn't he? - Amac
Dvorak, Curry, Dave Winer, Scoble - Kiko Cherman
What is it and the love for Dvorak? Let's take Dvorak out and have someone else in who is interesting. - Stephen Lecheler
Curry, Scoble and Lewis - Matt
Molly Wood. So smart. - Darrel Davis
Wil Wheaton (since Star Trek is out now and he can talk about it--Levar Burton's a good idea too) - Stevon
Dvorak & Curry & Mr Norton! - Adam Horne
Thich Nhat Hahn, the 14th Dalai Lama, and Bill O'Reilly - Richard Hoskins
Dvorak (always!), Levar Burton, Adam Curry, Amber McArthur - Steve Visscher
John C, Wil Wheaton, Sarah Lane, Veronica Belmont - Larry Vogel
Oh, and Lisa Bettany - Jan Ole Peek
Loren Brichter (Tweetie) and Craig Hockenberry (Twitterrific) - kirk
Have you ever asked Josh Topolsky - current editor of Engadget on Leo? He has a lot to say about Kindle2 and the "future" of e-ink - winston smith
Hannibal, son of Hamilcar Barca. - Richard Hoskins
Joel Spolsky-- no kidding. - Richard Hoskins
Steve Gillmor, Merlin Mann and Jason Calacanis. - Wo
Kevin Rose, I know you don't like having him on, but he is nice to see every once and a while. Veronica Belmont would be nice again, Patrick, Maybe John. - Dakota O'Neill
Sam Ramji, Open Source Director at MS. Talk about cognitive dissonance! Very smart guy and excellent speaker. I can introduce you if you want. - John Kordyback
Josh Topoksky, Geoff Farinha (up and coming podcaster) - Shawn Roberts
I really enjoyed Twit 188 with Becky Worley and Devorak. Calacanis is good too. Not a fan of P Norton - Allison
Wil Wheaton and Levar Burton would be awesome. - Jason Elliott
John C, Rose, Norton, and Worley. Second list is John C, Harris, Swood, and Curry. - Kacy
Patrick, Wil Wheaton, and JJ Abrams. - Matt Smith
Dvork he's always good - Annika from Nambu
Leo - I'd like to hear from Bret, et al, from FriendFeed and what they've experienced, learned from the very first major outage they have suffered (due to their colo provider losing power) - Robert J Taylor
Daniel Suarez, author of Daemon… just finished it… awesome. - Mike Meiners
I like Jerry Pournelle, if he's up to it. - doggy
Molly and Lisa--Star Trek geeks; Brian; and Patrick but, as has been stated, only if he's in the house otherwise he leaves early/gets disconnected/gets called away. No more than four - MikeNNN
I forgot. John Gruber, he's the best. - John Kordyback
Definitely could use me some Molly Wood. Also, Veronica was nice. Hell, make it an all BOL show, bring in Jason and Tom too. And I agree with John, Gruber would be sweet. - Mike Nayyar
another new suggestion considering the fate of 3d realms: editor Garnett Lee - friend of Patrick, frequent Cranky Geeks guest and all around smart dude on tech subjects - winston smith
I love the new product reviews like Pogoplug and sling iphone and using eye-fi for instant slide show from camera! LESS ALCOHOL! - Stephan Romeo
Jason Calocanis - Star Trek Guys are a good Idea too - Shane Burgess
How has no one said Molly Wood? She hasn't been on in a while. She definitely has a great amount of geek cred. - Chris Kourmoulakis
Chris, Molly has been all over this biz! - Mike Nayyar
Trent Reznor - Baron Sekiya
For selfish purpose, I'd love to come on and talk about how we're using social networking to help America's homeless. But aside from that (and pardon the plug), I like Baron's choice, Trent Reznor would make for an interesting guest given the present circumstances with Apple. I also would love to see Molly Wood. - B.J. Mendelson
Wayne Sutton - Wayne Sutton
Well that's just sneaky, Wayne. Mike Nayyar! :P - Mike Nayyar
Norton, Dvorak, Wheaton and Burton - Howard
Why doesn't Gibson ever do TWiT? - Daniel E. Renfer
Johnny Worthington - Josh Haley
Ken Ray, aka Mac OS Ken. He's great. - Dave S.
dvorak ftw! His dour outlook is always appreciated - Dantrag0
Dvorak, Kevin Rose, Sarah Lane, Patrick Norton, Dr. Kiki, and Amber MacArthur - Rocky McVey
John C.Dvorak, Steve Gibson and Jerry Pournelle. You can call it Grey Haired TWiT - dewtheone
CALACANIS!!!!! Sarah Lane is cool too. - Steve Wilson
ijustine!!! - Geeking Out
The Real Twits John C. Dvorak, Patrick Norton & Kevin Rose return to the roots! - Alan Abentrod
Dvorak, Wil Wheaton, and LeVar Burton. - Chris Charabaruk
You should do Dvorak and a roundup of your hosts from your other podcasts: Paul, Amber, ... - Steve Fumarolo
I'd like to see more of Paul Thurott, he's only done one TWit - Joe
kevin rose, Jason, and @ev :D twitter talk. ~!!! - Kar Soon
Being a ex-pat from UK, Wil Harris, obviously. Also Dvorak and Calacanis - Tony Veale
Shwood and Dvorak - Jim Garrison
Oh and iJustine. She should be on every week, and every show for that matter. - Tony Veale
Wheaton is a terrific idea too! - Jim Garrison
Steve Wozniak - Leo A. Novelli
the ffundercats!!! - (jeff)isageek
wayne sutton - (jeff)isageek
Dvorak - Charlie Wilson
Alan Watts - Thomas Cooper
Tom Merritt is always good. - Thomas Cooper
Kate Botello!!!! SS Reunion! - Brad
Love to hear Pogue if you can get him. If not, bring back Brushwood! - Joseph
Calacanis is always interesting and how about Levar Burton and Sarah Lane Wil Harris too - Shaun
FriendFeed crew, MG Siegler, Mark Spencer, Scoble, Joshua Schachter, Kevin Rose, Veronica Belmont, Lisa Bettany, Bwana, Jeff Pulver, Dvorak, Brian Brushwood, Gary Vaynerchuk ! - Jay Neff
Scott Johnson from Extra Life Radio. - Sandy
This Week in Trek? - Ken Sheppardson
Robert Schoble and Tim O'Reilly - Scott Wesson
Bill O'Reilly! - Mike Nayyar
Becky Worley and Trent Reznor hands down would be fantastic - Fragtastic
John McEnroe would be awesome. Howe about Mike Vosseller..he's an up and coming tech guy - pauldougherty
cory doctorow please! - Rodolfo Sanchez
I totally think I should be on - I could explain my new theory that explains how dinosaurs aren't actually extinct, but instead exist in a parallel dimension where, among other things, purple is a flavor. - iTad
Devorak, Shwood, Patrick Norton & Cali Lewis - Anthony
Shwood, Wil Harris, Robert Heron, and Patrick Norton! - Brandon Kester
Just get Dvorak and Jason Calacanis together again. Both are insightful, headstrong and controversial. - Dave Senior
Jason Calacanis and Kevin Rose - Arnaldo Montaner
The FFundercats. - mjc
I 2nd Michael's motion - the FFundercats. - Micah
Patrick Norton - Adam Hubbs
dvorak, calacanis, veronica belmont - Brian Waters
Calacanis, Veronica, Levar and Dvorak of course - John Gardiner
Interesting to hear what a tech-savvy VC has to say about the state of innovation in tech - what is likely to get funding - who's under presure - where money helps innovate - where VC money offers no advantage etc etc - Ian Horley
Still on the VC theme, Guy Kawazaki is a great orator, but not sure how good a pundit he is, or how tech savvy he is - I think he s in your neck of teh woods too! - Ian Horley
James Patrick Kelly AKA StoryPod SiFi - Dutch [aka fairuse]
why not. the mythbusters vs the ghost hunters - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
I enjoy the usual suspects but I really was impressed by the recent appearance of Becky Worley. She really brought some new freshness to the show. - Mark Krynsky
Anyone that will talk about tech and not swine flu. Dvorak, Patrick, Roger, Veronica. - keith
I would like to hear Bwana again. Also Levar Burton is always good. - Dylan Newstead
Kate Russell from click in the uk to add new edgy tech? dvorak of course, and any trekkies for the new movie, steve gibson to make seriously nerdy, how about roz on her new row - Rob Williams
Bring John C. Dvorak and Jason together please! They are both great to hear in the same episode. - Pigon (Piotr Golebiowski)
Adam Curry, not that bad of a guy Leo... Less Ryan Block, More Calacanis, More Wil Harris - Jim Edwards
How about a Blast From the Past! A show on the old Computer Chronicles and maybe get Stewart Cheifet as a guest. I know it's history, and not really a new tech idea, but if not on TWiT maybe on another show. Maybe TDoT - These Decades of Tech, history of where it all started, with guests like Steve Jobs, Woz, Gates (he's retired now also) Capt. Crunch etc.. There is a lot of history there! just an idea. - HamRadioActive
Dvorak. - Paul Grav
Discuss Apple's rumored acquisition of EA. Good idea/not, why/why not? With Kevin Rose (Apple Fanboy), Dvorak (Not so much of an Apple Fanboy) and Alex Albrecht (gamer, TRS etc). - Michel
Louis Gray. He should start a podcast of his own. Perhaps, you could encourage him to start one. - Michael Fidler
Jason Calacanis and Dvorak - Istvan Hoka
Doc Searls and Marshall Kirkpatrick - Brian Hendrickson
Jason Calacanis, Veronica Belmont and Kevin Rose - Anton
Cory Doc, Gina and Wil Wheaton - Dvorak is always welcome (but not sure with Cory)... - Carlos Brefe
Kate Botello - Hector Oros
More brits! - Simon Taylor
Calacanis, Dvorak and Kevin Rose - Anthony Feint
Dvorak, Roger Chang and Becky Worley - Cliff
Becky Worley, Calacanis - Antti Holvikari
In cottage guests make the show more better. Dvorak, Molly Wood, Becky Worley, and a brief appearance of the wine.... - HT
Tom Merritt for the win - Daniel Johnston
Bwana, Dvorak, Belmont, Dwight - Scott H
Regardless of who you invite, I would like to know if this list helped you decide ?? What a mess... hehe. - Brad Kligerman
Roger Chang - Grace Adams
Calacanis and Dvorak is always gold to me. (but I also tend to like Patrick N. and Will Harris) - Eric Danker
How about Morgan Webb. I miss her cynicism on WebbAlert. She'd be a blast with John C - Edward King
Still love John C....and Molly Wood, Tom Merritt, Gina Trapani. LOVE YOUR SHOW! Carlee S - Carlee Stewner
Kevin Rose - Steve
Kevin Rose, Sarah Lane, Calacanis, Patrick Norton, Martin Sargent and no Dvorak. - Michael Sarge
Hey Leo, looked at Square Space thinking about changing but have a question about my domain, i think you said it's not problem to go straight to your www but do they now take over the hosting for the domain and or email, i still would like to use my own domain and my own email extention, and i just signed up with 1and1 to have imap support, does square space have imap support, not sure how that would all work. - Charles Moore
John C Dvorak. - tommy
How about how the white house could have saved 300k and a job. To do the Air Force One Photo - hire someone to photoshop a pricture of AF1 over the SoL - why did we actually need to take the picture? - Laurence Gold
Anyone BUT drunk girls discussing 'social media' ;p - Imran Idris
Scott Johnson of Extralife Radio/The Instance - he is holding his annual Nerdtacular today, screening StarTrek in SLC, Utah. Uber Geek. - Devin Baines
Jason Calicanis or Kevin Rose. Patrick Norton is too snarky & know-it-all-ish - Chris Doppler
Becky Worley - Shane Eaton
oh...ohh.... I know.... OBAMA! - David Pincheira
Dvorak/Norton are the best. Molly Wood/Meritt/Veronica are always great, as is Shwood. Wild card Morgan Webb would be neat, but people have been asking for her for almost too long. - Victor Z
I'm available - Russ Broomell
Lisa Bettany and Justine Ezarik please :) - Peter Kruit
Paul thurott - Joe from BuddyFeed
Jason Calacanis - Caleb Elston
I'd really like to see you take it to the next level and turn it into the tech equivalent of the Sunday news shows, ala This Week, Meet the Press, etc. That is, try to get more of the folks who've actually made news in tech this week on the show, combined with analysis of why what's happened this week matters. Just getting a bunch of hosts from TWiT shows and other media outlets talking about who knows whom and promoting their stuff is less appealing to me. - Ken Sheppardson
Levar Burton - May I also add perhaps an iPhone/BB/C-phone app review/recommendation section of the show - I value the panels input on such things - Tyler Johnston
Jerry Pournelle, Levar B or Peter Rojas. Spare us the bubble gum ones like iJustine or Lisa Bettany. Shopping exclusively at an Apple Store and being cute != tech expert/panelist. - Arawak
megan morrone - TenderLovePony
Bwana McCallm, Lisa Bettany , STEVE WOZNIAK! - Ian P
Thurrott, Shwood, Dvorak, Kevin - imperator3733 from twhirl
Always love to hear perspectives from Dvorak, Norton, Calacanis, Belmont, Wheaton & Burton, lets add Adam Curry, Economist Paul Krugman and actor Jeff Goldblum to the mix - Dan Beyer
Molly Wood, Robert Llewellyn, Sarah Lane and maybe Dvorak - Molly Song ;)
Becky Worley!! - RealJon
Jono Bacon - D Raydrick
Dvorak - Marcus Sasiadek
Thurrott and Dvorak :) - Vesa Kauppinen
You need some Mom's for a Mother's Day Special - Chris Pugh
Let's have that discussion about US Internet connectivity that you mentioned last week on TWiT. I'm ready if you are. - Debi Jones
Molly Wood, Cali Lewis, John Dvorak, Jason Calacanis - David Z
Cali Lewis + Adam Curry - Joseph Kelley
You should get someone connected with the online poker business, discuss the legislation on that matter. - Pedro Fonseca
More about the National Broadband Policy, please! Did you say "MobileJones" would be on this week's TWiT? - Web Pixie
Jason Calacanis - Kevin Burton
Paul Thurrott - Kevin Burton
How about all adults. Getting tired of kiddie talk. Dvorak is good for a start. - Jim Corkrum
Dvorak!! - John Sullivan
Thurrott and Calacanis - Michael
@loic, @veronica, @ginatrapani, and @scobleizer. - Jeff Harbert
JCal, Dvorak; Wil Harris; Wil Wheaton; Becky Worley - Vickie K
Vernor Vinge. - Michael R. Bernstein
Molly Wood & Steve Gibson. It would be rant-astic! - tamahome
Jerry Pournelle, Molly Wood and John C. Dvorak - Joe Gilbert - Joe Gilbert
Dvorak's New World Symphony would do rather nicely - Antonin Dvorak - David Blumenstein
wow... thanks for the love everyone! my favorite guests to be on with are Dvorak and Kevin Rose. I feel like those shows really rock. - Jason Calacanis
Scoble, Calcanis, Gillmor, Winer and Arrington mud wrestling in pink blancmange! - Make us laugh and then they'll all be friends again! - Jan Simmonds
Dvoracanis part 2! And Miley Cyrus. Or maybe Paul Thurrott & Andy Ihnatko, plus Kevin Rose. - Thunderwing from twhirl
Or Adam Curry, Alex Jones & Michael Savage. Oh, wait, that would be a special episode of No Agenda. Sorry, my bad. - Thunderwing from twhirl
Lisa Bettany, Jason Calacanis and Dvorak. Always. It'd be nice to see Paul Thurrott on TWiT, he's always great and it was a big MS week what with the RC. - Henrik
After listening to todays Gilmore Gang, anybody that sounds more professional then that group would be better. - John Wallace
It would be an honor to be on the show... - Shane Tilton
Here it is the ultimate Twit Group. Leo, Patrick, Dvorak,Brian Brushwood,& Jason Calacanis - Tom Rowbotham
what about major nelson from the xbox team - Brad Reiter
Merlin Mann & Andy Ihnatko - Chris Weber
Martin Sargent and Laura Swisher - Will
Wil Harris - Fred Hamilton
A more science and tech oriented TWIT instead of social media would be nice. - Taylor Hutchison
sun 10 mothers day 219 atl time VEDIO IS UP AUDIO IS DOWN ON TWIC TV IN WINDOWS - daveccorey
WORKING NOW YEAH - daveccorey
Patrick Norton & Will Harris - Dakotah Jenkins
Want to hear Dvorak tell all, how Twitter saved his life! - Craig Anderson
Make: Online : Show us your shop! -
This is definitely a dream shop. - Amac
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