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Susan Beebe
I think the Google Chrome browser logo is a rip off copy of the 1970's "Simon" electronic game. What do you think?
simon says.jpg
its pretty close. - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
You should send this - Mike Nayyar
guitar hero is a heavy rip off of simon says too, pretty inspirational game - Yunus Tunak
Mike - I might just do that! - Susan Beebe
The device name is not "Simon Says"...just Simon. "Simon Says" was on of the modes of play on Simon. </ComicBookGuy> - Josh Haley
That's why it looked familiar - M F
@Josh Haley - Thanks! I just corrected it... much appreciated - Susan Beebe
i remember that game. god, how i hated it. - Nathan Rein
in the other news ... ;) - A. T.
and little more chrome 80s styled :) - A. T.
I bet kids today have never seen the "Simon" electronic toy... makes me feel old! - Susan Beebe
I saw my name mentioned a few times, things ok over here? - Simon Wicks
Pft, it's obviously a pokeball - Daniel Bruce
hahaha! - Susan Beebe
omg, totally!! - Sarah Perez
I knew it reminded me of something! - Mary DeSive
since you put it that way, yeah ;) - Doug Schumacher
Lots of folks saying the Google Chrome logo "makes them want to play Simon" - LOL - Susan Beebe
to me it looks like how a non-computer-using artist type would design a trackball -- either that or they are trying to get a HAL vibe without creeping everyone out - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Uh-oh, Google, you've been caught with your hand in the electronics bin! - MiniMage
I got my son a travel version of Simon, so there's at least one kid who's seen it. (He needs hand-eye coordination practice.) This does seem very, very similar. - Kisha from BuddyFeed
I remember it ! :-) - Roberto from fftogo
I get the Simon apps for my phones. WinMo and iPhone. - MiniMage
Not sure why I didn't mention that I still have my old Simon. - MiniMage
Leo Laporte
Docs Are Old-School, We Need PageRank for People -
Docs Are Old-School, We Need PageRank for People
"PageRank assigns a reputation score to the URL where content is published. This makes it a great fit for content that stays put in one location. However, evolving content distribution via blogs, RSS, guest columns, and syndication are a challenge for PageRank. Tweets, retweets, micropublishing, ratings, and comments - even bigger problems. The solution lies in associating reputation with the identity of the author - a PageRank for People." - Leo Laporte from Bookmarklet
Reminds me of "wuffie" where personal reputation replaces monetary wealth in Cory Doctorow's DOWN AND OUT IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM. - Liam Watts
I love that comic. Makes me chukle every time. - Roberto Bonini
Doctors are catching on to this and have slipped a "patient will not post online comments about doctor" clause into their standard forms. You don't even know you've agreed to it unless you read the whole thing, and who does that? - jjjobst
Desirable, but immensely difficult: how do you define a "person" for rank purposes? We are talking here about a huge collection of disparate things. And, what if, contrary to the online reputation, the real reputation sucks? - Nikos Anagnostou
Agree that we need a soltion for this but a Nikos touches upon is need to agree definitions of scope. Others male valid point also some further discussion and thinking required. - Najeeb Mirza
PersonRank tied to (possibly) OpenId anyone? ...Everytime I click „Like“ FF brain is assigning whuffie to the author of a message. - Mindaugas Dagys
Great analogy Liam. Loved that book. - dthree
Doesn't Googles Sentiment Analysis a step in the right direction? It infers sentiment to rank and “service,” “value,” and “general comments.” Aspects are defined in one of Google’s papers on sentiment analysis as “properties of an object that can be rated by a user.” Unfortunately, Google is attempting to Patent this process. - Greg
Yup. This made me think of "Down and out in the Magic Kingdom" too. If you haven't read it, it's worth it. - Chad McCoskey
I would say not desirable - relevance is highly relative when it comes to people, and frankly anything that ranks people by the noise they make online and how many people they can get to claim they are great... will produce the wrong kind of behaviour - Iphigenie
I agree with Joelle, mostly. The exceptions would be for trolls and spammers -- it's too much work to be on a constant lookout for trolling, and I'd really like to have an automatic metric which would enable me to automatically filter out such rubbish. - Nathaniel Thurston
leo: yes indeed, and such a content filter would work well by taking into account the distance through the social graph between the author and each reader, rather than using a fixed measure of the author's reputation for all readers. - Bob Hitching from fftogo
Nathaniel - I might agree for spammers, but "trolls" are a difficult thing. Many game changing people were labelled troublemakers first, today we'd call them trolls... - Iphigenie
Hi Guys - I'm the author of the original article. One thing to keep in mind is that this system could be made topic sensitive. We'd be looking at total contribution/reputation for each person for a specific social graph relating to a specific topic. Is some ways this would be like mapping the Hilltop/HITS algorithms used in algorithmic text search to the social space. The similarity is... more... - Marshall Clark
The problem with any such measure is that some people will take it far too seriously - make it into something authoritative instead of something helpful - and some people will game it. I dont want to have to think about my "score" in any field and have to "work" in the way the score measure in order to be taken seriously - Iphigenie
Interesting post, I was just thinking today when reading about about how Twitter Lists plus this new form of "Track"/search on them can at least partially solve that problem: Just pick a reputable List, one that is large enough to create a thorough but vetted "universe of discourse" (e.g. Scoble's Tech-News-Brands with 500 entries). Then you're searching over that set, and not over the entire freaking Internet. This pretty much bypasses all of Google's PR machinations and their gaming by SEOs. - Alex Schleber
On SocialToo we're assigning a rank to people based on various points assigned by other people they come in contact (via follow, dms, etc). It has the potential to become this. - Jesse Stay
Yep eBay comes to mind A+++++ Quick operator will deal with again!!!!!!!!!111one - Phill Price from iPhone
But isnt the problem then that all you see and hear is from the "big guys" who are already established, as defined by "in" players who by nature will want to be in the "big guys" good books? We're right back in the landscape of television, where the barrier of entry for new players is high, opinion and value is centrally defined... and we get lower quality and service as none of them tries very hard... - Iphigenie
Who was your first email account with? Moi. Hotmail...God, that was/is awful.
karoo for me. - alphaxion
WebTV. - Rochelle or, both about the same time. - Tsali - A dude man
Local ISP, until I realized the value of webmail. Then yup, it was Hotmail. - Brad @ The Next Web, back when Windows 95 was so money it didn't even know it. - Tyler Hayes
First e-mail account was with Sprynet when it was CompuServe's Web-only ISP -- before the AOL buyout! - Jared Smith - Dave Winer - Beebo Wallace
Prodigy. - Oliver Ortega Chua - yagami
i don't even remember i think it was planet something or i dunno something like that no wait i don't know why i'm thinking i don't know i'm probably wrong lol - Cardeen Risen
crikey, i've never even heard of some of these... - Zee.
A BBS in Morgan Hill. - Rodfather
1st public internet email was via ... my own domain via ISP I started in 1993. 1st corporate email was 1978 ish internal on our private global DECNET, connected to public Internet in about 1984. - Don Strickland
A shell account in '92, I forget with who. Was BBS'ing for years before that, and they sort of had email. - Bob Morris (polizeros)
wow, very impressive Jason...and Don! - Zee.
Hotmail was my first email provider. - Andrew Trinh Alternative back than was only hotmail (I think, can't remember about yahoo) which totally sucked. I think is extinct now, but they used to have multiple domains. And I had about 5 different accounts. 4, 5, or 6MB, can't really remember exactly. Wow, the days... This is one example (of many) where I'm very happy we are where we are today. - Vlad Bobleanta
I can't remember. Possibly Yahoo, but I think Yahoo may have come later... - Rahsheen
Hotmail, way back in 1998 (although before that I had an ISP email through Frontier) - B.J. Mendelson, 1989 - Dave Roth
Toronto FreeNet. - Chris Charabaruk
Michigan State University - Steve Lowe
Yahoo mail. Still have it but its been so spamefied I hardly use it anymore. - TkFromWestSide
My employer - Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue - circa 1984. - Gary Walter (gwalter)
Hotmail - Tim Keneipp
Prodigy in 1991, followed shortly thereafter by AOL 1.0 for the Mac, then Compuserve. And finally a POP internet dialup with Chicago's Interaccess in about 1992 after getting Adam Engst's Internet starter kit book that came with a copy of the Mac/TCP control panel on a 3 1/2" floppy. - Adam Turetzky
Prodigy, then AOL - Robert Kenney
My first was at work. -- no joke. Then I had an alumna account with Virginia Wesleyan, and then I think I picked up a yahoo account. My first web site was on geocities, and it was so kewl for its time, too. :-) - Ordinarybug Heather
AOL - Derrick
<- AOL - Costa Walcott
AOL then Juno - Violet Mae Lim and compuserve - Peter Ghosh
Technically, my first email address was on an internal mail service for a large corporation back in 1991, but it was possible to email other people on the internet with a byzantine series of pipes, slashes, gateways and hostnames. My first personal email on the internet proper was with a regional dialup service called in 1992. - dthree - Trish Haley
I forget the exact name, but it was local and called Charlotte's Web. I live in Charlotte, NC. - Matthew
75106,3139 - Leo Laporte
I want to say Compuserve - Basenet InterMedia
whats 75106,3139? - Zee.
Those are Compuserve addresses Zee - Adam Turetzky
AOL - Gabe Diaz
Prodigy - Nick Smith
Oof. CompuServe! - Akiva
ah, interesting - thanks Adam - Zee.
My first was a VAX server at but I quickly shifted to an Ultrix machine also at So, - Akiva
Yay Nation Hahn! - Rochelle
76020,702 lol, had to look mine up! - Adam Turetzky
I had in 1986 way before there ever was such a thing as spam. Now there's probably not a single spammer's list out there that doesn't have that address. I still log in there occasionally. - Bruce Lewis
netcom - Scott Slade
A tiny, local ISP here in Vermont call Kingdom Connection. I was one of the first 25 subscribers I think, and I still have my original e-mail address. Scary. - Bob M. Montgomery
Mine was AOL. Man that was a long time ago.. - David van Sunder from Nambu
Hotmail for me as well. Recalling this alone makes me nauseous. ;-) - Dan Dashnaw
I had a Hotmail account as well. Never again. - Diego Espinoza V. - Morton Fox
geez... I can't even remember. - Jim #teamFFrank - Ken Sheppardson
Prodigy. Then AOL. Then followed by,,, and then (Also in there, GMail, Excite, Netscape, and work accounts, etc.) - Louis Gray
Hotmail - Sometime in 1997 I think. My first email account for work was in 1998. - David Yarnell
AOL. I was so excited to get Hotmail because at the time, it was cooler than AOL. Heh. Then Yahoo and now Gmail. And that's it, not counting work/school accounts. - Jandy
Prodigy. - Anika
crap whatever we had at college before the internet had pictures or an internet. :) We could send messages between colleges though - Steve C, Team Marina
Probably Mindspring. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Mine was AOL over my 2400 baud modem. - Allen Blair
<student id>@<sydney university undergrad domain), then something at which was the Sydney University dial up provider then good ol I thought that would be my non service provider bound email address, till they decided to charge for it. Thank god for gmail. - Tom Horn
Compuserve was my first Internet email address. - Gary Walter (gwalter) from fftogo - Alex Scrivener
Hotmail I'm ashamed to say. - Daniel Drysdale from Nambu
web mail? Gmail. Otherwise Carleton U - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Hotmail as well :( - Drew Lucas
Genie - Randy Caldwell
yahoo - oooh forgot about Juno! - BEX
My math prof gave me an account on a NeXT box. - Hiro Asari
ISP provider,, I then upgraded to Hotmail. lol - Sharon McPherson
Compuserve was my first "email" (not internet) and nassau community college was my first internet email address - Sean Reiser
A local ISP called Jetlink. - Stan Augustyniewicz
Alta Vista - Brent - Yes I am
My first email address that I used, but didn't control was gmail. My primary address and everyone I've had has been in my own house. - Dustin Sallings
Hotmail. 2MB. Remember that? - David Damore
Mississippi State University. 1990 or 1991... (might have been 89) - iTad - James Beake
AOL - Kim Landwehr from BuddyFeed - Paola Bonomo
aol - David Dudley
My employer, Microsoft. 1983 - Rod Bauer from twhirl
my very first was in the early 1980s at Uof Penn, my first online email was hotmail - Monique
Hotmail. - Steven Perez
University in '94. didn't know what email was before that. - mikepk
Back in Romania, when the whole Internet thing was just showing up there (1993?), a VAX/VMS machine (, also ROEARN on Bitnet) - Tudor Bosman, a local SCO box. still have the account: - coffee
AOL of course - Keith - @tsudo
Well my first email was hotmail in like 2004, but before that, our family account was yahoo which was around 94/95 (which i think it was better UI then vs today) now i use gmail for everything! - Bryce Campbell
yep hotmail - Dobromir Hadzhiev - pb:
The University of Leeds in 1997, closely followed by Yahoo Mail in the same week. I still have the Yahoo account but only use it to log into Flickr. - Martin Bryant
Compuserve...over and over again with those 30 day trials :) - Mark Krynsky (netaddres) - Toni @ NavinoT
On the WWW it was but I was on BBS before then and the address was something like - Kol Tregaskes
Back at my college (ISU) in the early 90's. Used Pine on a Unix server. - Ward Seward
Hotmail for me too. Amazing that it's still so popular - Gee Ranasinha
Two at same time, for work and hotmail for personal, I actually still use that hotmail acct. - Brytne from Nambu
Why is everyone hating on Hotmail? Oh yeah, I know, it's cool to bash MS. It was and is one of the better webmails out there. My first was - Matt Hall
not for sure but i am guessing hotmail maybe yahoo - (jeff)isageek
AOL. - tehKenny - DGentry - l.m.orchard from twhirl
Actually, I lie, was my second - some funky FidoNet address leading to a BBS was the first. - l.m.orchard from twhirl
erols out of Maryland then hotmail then gmail with an occasional visit to yahoo mail cause they made me have a yahoo mail account for yahoo IM and other Yahoo properties (flickr). - Dan owns
AOL, then freeserve! *1998 face* - Iain Baker
Internal mail in my high school in 94, using Pegasus. Signed up for Hotmail in 95 I think. - FFing Enigma
I think it was yahoo or - Shamir Ramjan
worldnet (does not exist anymore, french provider) - Olivier
CompuServe (72740,114) c. 1989, c. 1993 - Michael McKean
Mine was with Hotmail too. :-/ - Ben LaMothe
Compuserve, then Demon and - Fraser Smith
It was "" <- clever name for an email for that time :) abandoded them after some other guys has offered pop3 for free. History long gone. - Dušan Šimonovič
Local ISP and then Hotmail. - Kevin Bondelli
OMG am I as old as Leo Laporte? LOL no, but I had an email account at Rutgers Univ that was numbers (I don't remember what it was though) & then Prodigy was my first - PCChick. funny I'm a mac girl now. - Lynette Young
Local ISP then Hotmail and Yahoo! mail. - Ninh Nguyen
Hotmail, at the time it was good compated to everyone else, then went down the toilet fast, it's better these days but I prefer my Gmail account thank you. - Eric Fisher
Compuserve. I AM NOT A NUMBER! - John Craft
yahoo...still use it, but hate its non-existent spam is still the best at spam cleaning...i have hotmail for msn, but recently they've improved the mail feature, so i use more often now - brainno722 (Peter)
Compuserve (73000,673 if memory serves me right)... and some other obscure usenet type account through a local BBS. - Carlos Granier-Phelps
CompuServe in 1979 (70040,104). - George Brickner
BTW, the CompuServe addresses were known as PPNs (Project Programmer Number). - George Brickner
Hotmail - Damond Nollan
prodigy, if I remember correctly - Chieze Okoye
yep, I was on prodigy too for a couple of months, then Rjcc @aol and i've been using that nick for 13~ years now - Richard Lawler
Promenade aka AOL, probably. But I've had Hotmail for 10 years -- I got an email celebrating my decade with Hotmail a few weeks ago. - Tamar Weinberg
AOL - Just Mrs. V
Hotmail :( - Mitra_s, then finally got my address about a year after school and have had that ever since. :) - felix
mine was hotmail too. - Thom Allen
Used excite for a long time, until yahoo and google started theirs up and actually offered some sort of spam protection. - Matt Thompson from fftogo
Juno - Martha
TSO, which started out as but eventually became - Wirehead
UUCP email account at Bell Labs, reached via something like ucbvax!ihnp4!...!fcy Then an account at, a Chicago area ISP. - Fred Yankowski I don't know if they're even still around. - James Ferguson
I can't remember if I did juno or hotmail first. I think juno.... - EricaJoy
Mine was with because they offered toll-free dial-up access in the Spring of 1995 - Michael K Pate
My first email was at my job at Sybase in 1993. - Lisha Sterling from twhirl
aol when I was in 5th grade. Username: hawaiiman2. Cuz hawaii is like cool and stuff. - Daniel Morgan
cix UK - John Francis - Piaw Na
I guess my first e-mail account was with my ISP, but the first web based e-mail account was good ol' hotmail. - Jeremy
AOL *facepalm* - Mike Lewis
I think it was AOL or Compuserve - Shevonne
My first public email account was with MCI Mail (in the eon of X.25). My first email on a TCP/IP network was with Netcom. - Lorin Olsen
not sure, or - Gökmen Karasu
The US government. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Hotmail, not msn hotmail. just "Hotmail" - İrfan -- I was a beta tester for the MSN network during it's Windows 95 Launch. I had FREE dialup access during the extended beta testing period. - Anthony K. Valley ©
AOL - I HAD MAIL! - Mona Nomura
Mine was a free email account from a local ISP ( - Beau Liening, then hotmail. - Arlan K.
UUCP email on unix .. circa 86 - Peter Dawson - i thought it was funny. - mike - yeah, that was back in middle school. LOL - Mike Templeton - Darrell Bell from twhirl - Josh Haley
Aol huuuh - Marie Jubin from Nambu
Admittedly - AOL. - AJ Kohn - Carlos M. Gomes
AOL > Compuserve > Burntmail - Kevin Pruett
first email account was & first webmail was with lycos! - Maciej Matyjas from fftogo
Prodigy! Oh wow. That was a long time ago. I remember I had some 25 cents an e-mail plan. I used to get in trouble from my parents when I went over my allotted amount. I can't imagine paying 25 cents an e-mail today. - Jennifer Mitchell haha. - David Chartier from BuddyFeed
Compuserve - Bryan R. Adams
Penn State University - Ernie Oporto
My graduate school, University of Kentucky. It was on VMS. - MiniMage
hotmail - Dane Findley
angelfire - Rachel Lea Fox
Hotmail, but they closed it due to inactivity. I wish I still had it, though. It's impossible to get my name anywhere now. - Michael Fidler
Local ISP, Connect2 I think was the name. Haha. Didn't even have 56K internet speed yet at the time. First web based email was Hotmail before Microsoft acquired it. - Rolf Schewe
Other than my Bell Labs account? Delphi. Fun-ky... - John Blossom
AOL and then Hotmail....two real winners.....not! - Bonnie Foster
hotmail 1995 - MugeCerman *shrug* XD - Franc, a rememberer
AOL -> Yahoo -> gmail - imabonehead
Hotmail for me. I haven't used it in 3 years. - Michael Forian
My first emailaddress was at my own designstudio: (meaning 'chief of police') And brought me my nickname Hoof (or Hoof99). - Ruud van Wijngaarden
hotmail - Bill Hice, my university in 1996? - Phillip Stewart
Messaging on the Univac in late 70s probably, at the college. BITNET, HEPNET, ARPANET in late 1980s. (Ignoring the BBS phenom of 80s.) EDU & GOV 1989+ My own domain I hosted around 1994. NEVER AOL or that fake-Internet stuff of the mid-90s. Ewww! After years of GOV, moved to COM at work in 1999. Started using GMAIL for all my personal mail when that was in Beta. I now have about 20 domains forward to GMAIL. - John Johnson
not counting university and school, or BBSes? My first email account would then have been (back the first time when IBM did internet services) - they were one of the few to have reasonable dial up plans with a multi-country presence - and I was using OS/2 a lot then too. After it got bought by ATT and they changed the address, I decided that I would always have my own domain for email, so I would never lose people because I lose an email. Hosted it myself for years, now it's all with fastmail - Iphigenie
Yahoo. God bless Gmail! - Özgür Akman
"pipeline". anachronistic friend still has email account with them. - Marg Uerite
it was either aol or nyonline - Lynne d Johnson
AOL for me... horrible. - Michelle
Yeah, hotmail. Not great is it... - Rich
yahoo, broke before I could use it then got a Hotmail - Yant
Paul Stamatiou
Command-line Fu < The best UNIX commands on the web -
Richard Akerman
the corollary of "be the change you want to see" is: "we are the problem that we need to solve".
I was just reflecting on some of the ideas in the Community book I'm reading, about the tendency for projection - for people to project their issues onto others. I've seen many libraries (including my own) with variants on dismissively saying "the researchers think they can find everything with google". Well the user isn't broken. If that's what they think, it's because we have failed as content providers in a number of ways. - Richard Akerman
or, as we used to say, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem - Christina Pikas
+1 sockpuppet - Richard Akerman
Eileen Rivera
Lunch Photo Challenge Day 28 -
Lunch Photo Challenge Day 28
Leo Laporte
5 Signs President-Elect Obama Is a Geek | Geekdad from -
hen Leonard Nimoy was the guest on NPR's "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" in September, he said that he had run into "one of the presidential candidates" and that that candidate had, upon seeing Nimoy, given him the Vulcan salute. - Leo Laporte
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