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Ph.D. in English literature, singer-songwriter, technology enthusiast.
Day's end. Turning in the bestickered laptop.
Announcing the Proceedings of THATCamp! Announcement text: Go right to the Proceedings:
One of many things to do today: go to the lunch party being given in my honor. Such a grind.
I’m pretty sure that at about 6pm today I’m going to realize that the last four years have been all a dream. :)
RT @briancroxall: @amandafrench @chnm That stapler’s not going to steal itself!
Last day @chnm! Lots to do.
One loves gimmicky poems about language, one admits. “First Person” by Robert Wrigley:
.@bgzimmer @karaswisher Seriously! Television and media studies archives, step up! Ideas, @archivesnext?
RT @bgzimmer: Nooo. Can someone save the TWoP archives? MT @karaswisher: DailyCandy and Television Without Pity Will Be Shut Down
RT @rgfeal: Saying nein to tenure review is so Franfurty. MT @chithecynic: Splendid article abt fabulous tweeter @NeinQuarterly
Mildly obsessed with @the_mastersons. Been forever since I've found new music. And "Birds Fly South" hits ALL my sensitive spots.
By the way, I signed up for Obamacare the other day via and it was awesome. Got a Bronze plan for < $200 / month.
RT @ThatCampCC: ThatCamp Community College is in three days! Register here #thatcamp #thatcampcc
RT @dancohen: I, for one, welcome our new @thatcamp overlords #thatcamp
RT @digitalcampus: Digital Campus 104: "Social Science History: Electric Boogaloo"
Congrats and thanks to @AnaSalter, @jmcclurken, @inactinique, and @micahvandegrift! Introducing the THATCamp Council:
Ooh, Chrome extension Citable lets me save web quotations in a Google spreadsheet for later export to @Zotero:
RT @sarahw: Breakdown of Amazon allottment of ebook settlement credits: 73 cents corresponds to one non-NYT bestselling ebook.
RT @wilbanks: In case you weren’t feeling old enough, 30 years ago today was the Breakfast Club. #ShermerHighSchool
RT @AnaSalter: My mini-game for this week is an academic work/life sim, Balance...naturally, it's unwinnable.
RT @brettbobley: Super cool: PBS is broadcasting a documentary next week on NEH-funded Livingstone project. Started w/a DH Start-Up.
RT @wraabe: @amandafrench Just write the poem already.
Hydrangea, books, window. Beer is out of frame (in hand). Hydrangea != hyacinth. Forgive.
A beer, a book, a jar of hyacinths, and two open windows.
RT @rbthisted: First selection in @chronicle's book club will be What is College For? Looking forward to the discussion.
RT @MatthewBattles: AAA: "Always Already" Anonymous.
GMU made a very smart move hiring @lincolnmullen. Congrats to both sides!
RT @ryancordell: Spots quickly filling in @NUlabTMN’s @omeka/@omeka_neatline workshop-register today if you’re interested! @Boston_DH
RT @alanyliu: .@miriarmkp's post on how not to call for faculty DH project proposals shows deep insight & on-the-ground experience:
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