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Ph.D. in English literature, singer-songwriter, technology enthusiast.
Tickets | Books in Browsers -
Always wanted to go to this. RT @naypinya: registration for Books in Browsers V is now open. - Amanda
Always wanted to go to this. RT @naypinya: registration for Books in Browsers V is now open.
RT @PuffChrissy: @amandafrench PIN number has always annoyed me.
I’m far too aware that saying “PDF format” is as bad as saying “ATM machine.” No one cares.
What We Talk About When We Talk About Customer Service | Vitae -
Remember that ad for the english prof who had to "provide customer service?" The university president called me - - David M. Perry (Lollardfish) - Amanda
Capital in the Twenty-First Century - Video and audio - News and media - Home -
@lorcanD Listen to Piketty's recent talk @ LSE - LSE events (LSEpublicevents) - Amanda
I think of Brady Earnhart’s lovely song “Albany” often: “Except for the students, I love college towns.” :)
An old friend from grad school & the Cville music scene. “After Long Illness, Brady Earnhart is Making a New Album”:
For every “happy birthday” wish I get today I will eat one petit four. Come on, gang! Let’s make Amanda sick!
Court rules in favor of for-profit corporations, but how broadly? In Plain English : SCOTUSblog -
Court rules in favor of for-profit corporations in #hobbylobby. Amy Howe has our coverage in Plain English. - SCOTUSblog (SCOTUSblog) - Amanda
RT @wilbanks: Easily my favorite piece on the FB research hooha. by @MichelleNMeyer
If you didn’t know, the Mellon Foundation supported #THATCamp. Blog post about that from April 2013:
Important piece in the @chronicle today by @JenHoward about The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s support for humanities:
The US feminist organization @NationalNOW was founded today in 1966. @smithsonian #dplafinds -
The US feminist organization @NationalNOW was founded today in 1966. @smithsonian #dplafinds - DPLA (dpla) - Amanda
RT @MotherJones: The 8 Best Lines From Ginsburg's Dissent on the Hobby Lobby Contraception Decision
The “Kern Your Enthusiasm” series features posts by @MatthewBattles, @publichistorian, @wynkenhimself, & @whitneytrettien. All good folk.
Really looking forward to @HILOBROW’s series of blog posts about typefaces starting in August (I wrote one):
My last tweet was completely ungrammatical. I blame Twitter’s editorial staff for letting that slip past.
Nothing tells me how provincial I am by how much I adore #THATCamp tweets in other languages than English.
RT @warnick: In almost any city in America, you can find a free, quiet place to work, complete with restrooms and wifi. Public libraries are amazing.
RT @academicdave: @amandafrench but we also need a random metric to decide if said random problem and random solution worked
But maybe we could agree to enact the random person's solution and see if that works. One free random policy change per year. Boom.
Of course, that wouldn't eliminate the arguments over *which* policies would fix the random person's problem.
RT @DonnaLanclos: @amandafrench I'll bet if we fix the biggest problem of 5 random people we hit a huge chunk of our common problems. :)
And then just wait for the spillover benefits.
I'm getting tired of data. Perhaps we should take one random person and make policy changes that demonstrably fix her/his biggest problem.
.@rivenhomewood Argh. Yes. Silly error on my part. I was actually psyched, though, that MLA was getting so involved ...
Correction: @ALA_ACRL wants comments from MLA members on *its* information literacy document. My bad. Still:
And hey, nonlibrarians, “information literacy” amounts to “research skills.” Google, Wikipedia, books, articles, etc:
Provide Feedback on Draft of Information-Literacy Document | News from the MLA -
Hey, librarians. The MLA would love your feedback on its information literacy document: - Amanda
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