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Ph.D. in English literature, singer-songwriter, technology enthusiast.
Although in general I think contemporary poetry is too often hipped on the whole solitude in the country thing.
Love today’s Poetry Daily poem by Daniel Anderson. Southern flora & fauna, unkind words are resonant topics for me.
RT @dancohen: Application page now up for the 2015-2016 ACLS Digital Innovation Fellowships // Such a great program.
Third-party plugins!!! /me shakes fist
Ever since @rogergupton played Neil Young’s “Tell Me Why” so beautifully I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Which is just fine.
RT @brainwane: Grants, up to $500,000, to support open source/open culture projects, talks, events - not just code
RT @aworkinglibrary: Second, unconferences are where it’s at. That format is so much more satisfying that the typical tech lecture.
Hanging out at my uncle's film lab, The CinemaLab. Film preservation experts. Currently restoring Laurel & Hardy.
Turns out sulfur is pretty interesting. I didn't know that that's what "brimstone" is.
RT @icpetrie: @amandafrench Either suitable for band name provided umlauts added.
Just saw a long train go by with many tank cars, some marked "Molten Sulfur" and some marked "Molten Sulphur."
On the bus to Denver. Like I used to be more than twenty years ago.
Omeka 2.2.2 is released - Omeka -
RT @jmcclurken: "Omeka 2.2.2 is released" - Amanda
Headed to my undergrad alma mater, CU Boulder, to teach an all-day @omeka workshop tomorrow.
Paramount Theater of Charlottesville | Michael McDonald - Tuesday, September 9, 2014 8:00PM - http://charlottesville.thepara...
@JenHoward @MikeFurlough @brettbobley Come to the show in Cville! - Amanda
RT @Wikimedia: Wikipedians can now get free access to the British Newspaper Archive for their article work, via the @WikiLibrary
RT @booksprint: Looking for French speaking facilitator to assist us for a *very* interesting event. Please ping me.
sounds like social media psychological connections that were obvious to Gregory remain obscure to us, we might... - Amanda
sounds like social media psychological connections that were obvious to Gregory remain obscure to us, we might...
Post show meatballs. (at @OakCityMeatball Shoppe w/ 2 others) -
Post show meatballs. (at @OakCityMeatball Shoppe w/ 2 others) - Amanda
Twitter / amandafrench: Godzilla: author. Cc @scholkids. ... -
@schoolkids MISSPELLING RT @amandafrench: Godzilla: author. Cc @scholkids. - Amanda
Twitter / amandafrench: Is it hard to make arrangements ... -
Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself? - Amanda
RT @mattthomas: Nine times out of ten, the problem isn’t that we don’t have enough data.
RT @PeterSokolowski: Words spiking at schadenfreude, blitzkrieg, über alles #WorldCup
RT @briancroxall: Latour: I’m trying to deflate the idea of DH from a domain to an underlying set of practices. #dh2014 // We KEEP trying.
RT @briancroxall: Latour: I’m not sure that I’m qualified to apply for the EPFL jobs in DH. #dh2014 #humblebrag
RT @alastairdunning: Massive screen and conference hall at #dh2014 conference. Really hope they are showing the football here !
RT @brettbobley: 11AM EDT MT @CVCEeu #dh2014 Today Opening Plenary Lecture by Bruno Latour will be live streamed at 17:00
RT @tjowens: Did you get a PhD in the last 7 years? If so, you have a week left to apply for a @librarycongress Kluge fellowship!
Tickets | Books in Browsers -
Always wanted to go to this. RT @naypinya: registration for Books in Browsers V is now open. - Amanda
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