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RT @Techmeme: Cable Companies Are Astroturfing Fake Consumer Support to End Net Neutrality (@lhfang / VICE)
i really want to put together an ignite talk about iggy azalea that has something to do with technology + the future. hmm. ideas?
RT @pmarca: 4/eBay, Etsy, Alibaba = superpower to take goods you make or want to resell to a global market of buyers, with transparent & fair pricing
RT @paulfinchauthor: No-one messed with Stanley Kubrick.
RT @tristanwalker: so i caved into peer pressure from @amandapey and @mh and just copped the dopest backpack in the game. We matchin'!
RT @RonenV: I first heard about bitcoin Summer 2010 from a street juggler I'd just bailed out of Riker's Island. He's now a millionaire world traveller.
there's almost no sex in S1 of "Silicon Valley" (gilfoyle u stud). while def a reflection of reality, how is this a successful TV show?
RT @gwbstr: NYC Citi Bike: Zero fatalities in 8.75 million rides during bike-share program's first year.
manhattan, 2am. one era’s treasure….
RT @rschouwenburg: So true! “Advanced Manufacturing’s missing logistics layer” by @pencerw
holy eff pies n thighs opening down the street from me, so many tears of joy right now:
have now taken 6oz sunscreen through security three times in two weeks. I think the whole liquids thing may be relaxing a bit
“sometimes you just want to make art.” thank you @ayahbdeir // @OReillySolid
fort mason so pretty today. hellooo sf @ Fort Mason Center
RT @andykessler: WSJ: The Cheap-Smartphone Revolution $35 devices coming fast, to change Third & First Worlds. Cheap Smart Ubiquitous.
RT @verge: Breaking: Apple reportedly considering buying Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion
RT @bud_caddell: How Etsy Has Quietly Become A Booming Electronics Marketplace
thanks to everyone for all the enthusiasm and congrats this week. all your emails, tweets and texts made me smile :)
RT @chaddickerson: welcome to @Etsy, @amandapey @JoeLallouz @aaronhenshaw & @grandst team! Great things ahead. Announcement here:
huge news: law & order svu is filming outside our office tomorrow. NYC dream come true
what is the NYC equivalent of @useluna? want to try it out
congrats to our former officemates @zola on their awesome new app!! // <3 @shanlynm
RT @fromedome: Intel execs trying to woo fashion designers in NYC for help with wearable tech:
i'd love a "recently archived" tab on gmail, i'm a little quick on the trigger finger sometimes :( labs, perhaps?
when will @seamless realize their whole rating system is rigged/filled with astroturfing cheaters and pull in yelp reviews?help me out here!
started following @sapnam today. consistently high quality longform writing on the ever-evolving world of retail biz, fascinating stuff
RT @anildash: Astounding. If you miss an @amtrak train, you now forfeit your fare. No refund. No advance notice of the change.
RT @kuanluo: Approached by Elle's photographer for street style in SoHo, and turned out he's a fan for @grandst. YES.
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