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Robert Scoble
Everytime I start worrying about Google taking over the world I open up Google Buzz. What a mess. Hope there are major changes soon.
agreed very disappointed with buzz - Thomas Power
Josh Wills from Google has said they are working on filters. A much needed feature. - Kol Tregaskes
They should have never released it in my opinion. I hope I never have to switch from Twitter. - Amar Shah
I think it's great that Google have released it and allowed some feedback between users and the Buzz Team, who are listening to users and working on solutions. Some major changes are needed but already they are paying attention - when some filters are introduced Buzz will be far more useful and will be a potent weapon in Google's arsenal. - Chris Loft
Google Buzz remains poor. Poor software does not hold attention. - Thomas Power
Barack Obama
With Hours Before a Final Vote, Momentum for Reform Continues to Grow -
May the force be with you... - Amar Shah
Robert Scoble
Gartenberg: @apatrizio I still think Droid overhyped. In six months few will remember it -
Remember that Droid is essentially Motorola's 'bet the farm' device and backed by a multimillion ad campaign. Like Palm and the Pre. - JR Holmes
Barack Obama
LIVE: President Obama Speaks to Doctors from Across the Country -
Matt Cutts
I've decided what to do for my next 30 day challenge. It's a geeky one, but I'm super-excited. :)
What is it? - Paul Buchheit
Don't use your mouse for 30 days? Rely on keyboard shortcuts alone? That would be a cool learning experience! - Tony Ruscoe
I'm going to shoot for no Microsoft operating systems for 30 days. My laptop is normally WinXP and my main home computer is WinXP (with an Ubuntu machine as sidekick), so it will be a switch. - Matt Cutts
Matt, that's evil considering Win7 is launching this month. LOL - Chris Arkwright
or BeOS! - imabonehead
Does it include no Microsoft Office programs usage for those 30 days, as well? - Amar Shah
Robert Scoble
JohnAByrne: Amazing facts: 2.5 billion searches are done via Google daily; 720 million people use Google monthly. Our story: -
wow just wow! - Susan Beebe
Robert Scoble
Brilliant. I'm filtering/searching twitter messages through - Orli Yakuel
This is a great kyte cast. Is that the right word for it? I'm always trying to figure out the best way to utilize these social sites to proper filter out the garbage for the nuggets. - Daniel Norton
To learn how to use Friendfeed effectively, where do you suggest starting? Watching your video here and interested in leveraging its capabilities so would like to know a good way to get my feet wet here. - Lyn Graft
Excellent live video...thanks! - Keith Neisler
You should do a similar one on just Friendfeed, try to get more people over here :) - Simon Wicks
Robert that was great. Thanks for doing the video! Can you do one on Friendfeed like Simon asked? I think that would be very helpful! :) - Daynah
Thanks for sharing - good segment. Now I just need more time in the day! Can you do any split screen interviews like the Peter Himmelman show a few weeks ago? - Lyn Graft
That was awesome live video you did. - Amar Shah
Thanks for the live video! Inspiring me to spend more time working out FriendFeed. - Jalada
Lyn: I did a separate video on how to use friendfeed: - Robert Scoble
I like tweetdeck a lot but I can't live without navigation w/keyboard and the two-fingers horiz scroll so they really need to get this for me to definitely switch! - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
I missed the Friendfeed one, thanks for the link again Robert - Simon Wicks
Check out the Unofficial Guides to FriendFeed included in the post at - Gail Gardner
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It was really helpful - Pelle Sjoqvist from twhirl
Excellent video Robert. - Jim Connolly
Thanks Robert. I always learn something about using FriendFeed or Twitter more effectively from you. - Tom Landini
I'm behind a terribly unstable and slow 2G connection. Anyone care to summarize the video? - Jan Ignatius
brilliant - Thomas Power
This is really helpful. Sco. I like the "media snack" term. And "attention thief." Would like to see your GTD vid when you do it. And less so your google reader one. And generally how you drink valuable memes from the firehose is helpful. Is there a "channel" of these vids from you? "" I couldn't parse the verbal- google grabbed it based on sound. - moon_shadow70
I'm finding kyte interface a bit annoying cause I paused and walked away and can't just reload to where I was!!!! (is it me?) Arg, I may redo the first 15+ minutes. - moon_shadow70
It would be helpful to have your "must follow" list in non-verbal format that was too fast.And Kyte's rewind is way too inexact to keep rewinding it. Thanks. :-) - moon_shadow70
Has this changed in recent times? I heard on the gilmore gang that 90% of your friends are on FF, so is twitter still as prominent? - Chris Lloyd
Chris Twitter is becoming less important. - Robert Scoble
Tim O'Reilly
Wondering if anyone has done research on how twitter/friendfeed commentary is affecting blog comment counts. Need tool to link the two.
My blog comments haven't gone down. My blog posting, on the other hand, has definitely suffered because of Twitter and friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
I @replied this on Twitter and FF didn't see the relationship. Would love to see that bridge. - Dave Ferrick
The time i spend twittering would have been spent blogging. However as mobile usage grows, the mobile will become the preferred twitter device and we will get back to using our computers for blogging or work. - Steve Plunkett
@rizzn & I talked about ff, disqus comments last night, think should flow like a two way street- he has some interesting stats - michael sean wright
I've never maintained a blog regularly for any length of time - but I'll spend hours Friendfeeding and Facebooking. And I notice I'm getting a lot noisier here on ff. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
There are tools to bring FF discussion back to a blog. I think though, the more important question is, what is wrong with fragmented conversations? Paul Buchheit is right.. Discussions happen. Whether it's on friendfeed or around a kitchen table or on the original blog, the point is that they are happening. Eventually, us who converse can't help but return to you, the source, for things to talk about. - Phil Glockner from BuddyFeed
Speaking just from personal experience, the availability of FF & tools like Disqus is making me much more likely to comment on a blog. And also of note, both tools make me much more likely to see a blog (because the link shows up in my stream from a trusted, respected source) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
This is Allen Stern's pet issue, I'm sure he can give O'Reilly some stats for CenterNetworks. Edit: I tweeted the relevant links, hopefully Tim can take it from here: - Daniel J. Pritchett
I've actually considered turning friendfeed into my full time blog comment platform. It links to global conversation and reputation management better than individual blogger/wordpress/etc platforms. - boz
Most of LinkLogs are gone. They live on Twitter. Blogging has certainly gone down. - Dorai
we've got a plug-in we use to pull FF comments into blog, cross post blog comments back to FF. Has increased our number of comments substantially - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Marshall, What's the plug in and is it available? - Molly
The Backtype Connect plugin seems to work pretty well for Wordpress - - Matt
There's a WordPress plugin, but I would dearly love an option for TypePad integration. - Richard Akerman
I'm pretty sure RWW uses TypePad, Richard. Try messaging Marshall directly to see if you can't get a better response. Then again knowing RWW's high technical competence they may well have written their own plugin in house. - Daniel J. Pritchett
the Movable Type plug-in we use was made by - Marshall Kirkpatrick
My blog comments are down. People get personal when you comment on their blog. On FF/ Twitter, it's hard to delete your comments - Vivek Puri
Unfortunately MT plugins can't be used directly in TypePad - Richard Akerman
@Vivek - how is it hard to delete comments on FF? - Daniel J. Pritchett
@Daniel J. Pritchett since someone else might be posting the original story. - Vivek Puri
the thread owner can delete comments. the comment owner can delete comments. that's about it. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
can the MT plugin be used in Wordpress? I'm trying right now to figure out the best way to have both FriendFeed comments and Disqus comments on my blog. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@guruvan there's a WP plugin - Richard Akerman
considering you can get twitter/friendfeed commentary in your blog now, i doubt its too big a deal these days. blog posting on the other hand, i notice that goes down nowadays... my rss reader isn't as filled up, as it used to be - FriendFeed is my new RSS reader - Colin Charles
Rochard: Thanks Looking into that right now :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson), that's not quite what I want. I think I saw what I want on Techcrunch. I can't locate discussion that I saw here about it either. A magic trick that integrated 9at least one way - pull from FF) comments from FF into the blog commentary - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@Rob: There's Disqus's FriendFeed sync, there's BackType's social mentions tracker, and there's Carter Rabasa's FF2Disqus as seen on ( Pick your poison! - Daniel J. Pritchett
Silos of comments aren't particularly useful, they lack the potential for connectivity. A friendfeed wordpress plugin would be the category killer. - Cliff Gerrish
Robert, do you mean your volume of posting comments on blogs has gone down, or that the content you post on your own blogs has gone down/suffered because of your posting on Twitter/Friendfeed? Like many others, I prefer your longer thought out pieces on your blogs than your posts; certainly, however, don't cut off your finger (microblogs) to spite your arm (blogs). - Chris Aldrich
I'm pretty sure Scoble meant (note, his comment is a month old) that he no longer devotes as much time to posting at as he once did. He is still wired 24/7, he's just spread his presence out to more outposts i.e. FriendFeed. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Chris: both have gone down because of friendfeed. But I'm still writing longer posts when the opportunity strikes me. I'm working on a long one about Zappos right now, for instance. - Robert Scoble
Analytics! Track whenever a blog comment is posted, and correlate those numbers against specific referring domains such as Facebook, Twitter, or Friendfeed to understand the impact. I do this with a number of my social-media-savvy clients and they love it. - Shawn C. Reed
@Daniel interesting. May be worth it to Disqus-ify my blog just for the FF integration. - Richard Akerman
Daniel: Thats IT! FF2Disqus Was the the item off to discover all the deets now :) Thanks!!! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@Rob: If you like it be sure to publicly thank Carter Rabasa! He doesn't get enough love for his great contributions IMO. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Daniel: I will do that. I rave about my fav toys. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
today I noticed for the first time that ReadWriteWeb has an "also post to friendfeed" when commenting - Jodi Schneider
i visit a more blogs and comment on them from twitter links, twitter has become the new rss feed for info. - Steve Plunkett
I'm far more likely to comment on FF than on blogs, b/c blogs have more trolling and I don't revisit posts to check for replies. - Daniel Dulitz
Mark Trapp
To those who have been around FriendFeed for several months now: do you find yourself missing the people who lit the initial FriendFeed fire for you?
Granted, there are still a few of these people left for me, but it seems one by one the people I really enjoyed following and interacting with have all gone away: Patricia Hanrahan, edythe, Ginger Makela (although I see her around once in a while), Dan Kaplan, Dan Liebke, and others. I wonder if people have started to notice it with their own influencers and have been nostalgic for times gone by, as well. - Mark Trapp
I miss the initial twitter enthusiasm, think that's the drawback on most online communities. - Richard A.
yep - RAPatton
I've been here 9 months... The answer is kinda and no. No cause they are still here, kinda cause others have pulled back and another no cause I meet new people everyday here that rock :D - Johnny
Yep. My own interaction has been down quite a bit because of a challenging balance between life/work/play. I'm trying to bounce back though. FriendFeed is a wealth of great information about...everything. - Anthony K. Valley ©
I'm rather new to FF so I'm just now meeting these trendsetters and industry leaders. I've a lot by following on Twitter and FF. Anthony K. Valley is one. - Damond Nollan
Considering that you were the one that introduced me to the site and you WON'T F-ING LEAVE, then I guess not. - James Ferguson
:-( - Mark Trapp
They're all still here. - David Cook from fftogo
I am still here. :) Just still in a recovery mode from my virus. I miss Ginger, too. - edythe
Hooray, you're back! I thought you went radio silent broadcast mode. :-/ - Mark Trapp
I miss my brother. *sob* - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Nope. I should add, that there *are* people I've met in the past 3 or 4 months who don't participate at much because they're busy (Egyriba and Matt Musgrave are 2 who come to mind), but other than that, not really. - Anika
I specifically miss one person, Sean Mcbride, who has blocked me (months ago) after some heavy debate. I hadn't seen it coming. I have since learned to not continue a debate for too long: Too risky. - Meryn Stol
Alex: I am too busy interviewing CEO's. :-) - Robert Scoble
Meryn, that's amusing, since most people tend to block McBride. - Anika
I still see people around and I still prefer FF over Twitter - even though I push some noise out the other night on the Twitterland. FF is more focused on meeting "friends" while Twitter seems to be just me tossing out thoughts. I prefer the conversation mode of FF -- maybe that's what I'm saying.. LOL - LPH™ and his dog P™ guys are making me blush. I'm still here! But my participation (especially posting) has leveled off -- don't know if it's because I'm finding fewer interesting articles, or I've gotten pickier about what I find interesting. - Ginger Makela Riker
Anika, I liked Sean very much. He has some "specific" political views, but he's really smart. I can still see his comments on other threads, and I still consider him one of the most interesting FF users, possibly *the* most interesting user. I'm just not the type of person who would block anyone for his or her opinions. - Meryn Stol
I'm wondering if FF is attracting people in the areas that I'm interested in following. Take Microsoft's Mix09 conference for web developers and designers from last week. There was lots of Twitter usage at the conference, but almost none on FF, where it would seem like sharing photos of the conference and comment threads around topics would make sense. - Loren Heiny
No, because I live with him. :) - Rochelle
No, 'cos they are all still here. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Ginger, I found myself getting tired of topics, or overly picky with stories, over time; the stuff I post now isn't the same stuff I was posting a couple months ago, much less 6-9 months ago, and it took me finding entirely new news sources to keep posting stuff. But it's great to see you still commenting here and there. :) - Mark Trapp
Not that I have noticed. All the people that pulled me in are still around. - Just Mrs. V
Loren: there are a few conferences that get a lot of mass coverage on FriendFeed. Any of the Apple conferences/events, CES, SxSW, etc. I do notice FriendFeed being sadly underrepresented in some areas of interest: I go back and forth between thinking those types of people just aren't on FriendFeed yet, or there's not an adequate enough way for people with obscure or unpopular interests to connect. - Mark Trapp
No, they are busy on other projects. New blood is good (unless they open four account to get 30,000 followers. Twitter has not peak it is just starting stage 2. - John Flynn
Nope, most of them are still around, more or less. - Steven Perez
Louis and Scoble are still here :) yay! Everyone is more busy though, me included - Susan Beebe
This seems to be a common thread lately. - Mark Krynsky
Somewhat. My list has grown a lot and people's interests have changed. I miss the intimacy of the beginning. - Corvida
Yes. You can add yourself to the list too Mark. - Parth Awasthi
Thanks for the roll call, Mark. I've been wondering if some of those people were truly gone. I think if we continue to get enough new people and enough of them stick around, we'll be okay. It is sad to see people disappear, though. I miss edythe and some of those others. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Skittles has changed its entire homepage to a Twitter search - brave! #skittles
Wow, indeed very brave. Will others follow? - Samuel Driessen
but what does it do for you? You gonna buy skittles cause they're linked up with twit? But thanks, Scoble for sharing :) - chaz2b
incredibly brave of them! - Alexander Kucera
I don't understand how this is useful to anyone? Seeing twitter messages for "Skittles" gets boring soon and that floating navigation menu over the twitter UI is quite annoying and distracting. First thing I wanted to do on that page is kill that floating window but it can't be done. - Amar Shah
Amar, they also link to YouTube, Flickr and Wikipedia on their subpages. It's a great way to show people what Skittles is all about without big PR. It only shows what is out there concerning Skittles. I think that's a great way to use external content for self-promotion. (The only thing is the legality of it all. Does anyone have an opinion on this?) - Alexander Kucera did a similar thing for a day and gained 1000's of new followers for the econsultancy twitter account. - Mark Edmondson
Bold, maybe this sort of thing is part of the business model twitter had in mind? - Chris Brakebill
Robert Scoble
Friendfeeders: did you notice that Microsoft's Channel 9 website has friendfeed icons? More on that here:
very forward thinking of them - Zee.
Jeff Sandquist showed me lots of new stuff he's doing to keep his teams involved in Twitter, Facebook, and friendfeed worlds. I'll try to get a video up that I did with him, but gotta run to the airport in 30 minutes. Might be later tonight. - Robert Scoble
Nice. - David Wilson
Works better than the submit to digg ones ive tried to use. - Simon Wicks
Would love to see the Tips Robert!!! - Eric Gehler
All the PDC videos have them too. He told me to watch the Windows 7 keynote here: - Robert Scoble
For me, channel9 got very boring after you left Robert. Wonder if it has changed? - James Beake
James: I think Microsoft got boring. Windows 7makes it a little more interesting. - Robert Scoble
I've just noticed now. - Tyson Key
Here's my feedback. - Alan Le
no kidding, wow - Susan Beebe
Paul Buchheit
I'm getting very annoyed by my iPhone. The browser crashes all the time, it drops calls a lot, and the SMS "app" takes 5 seconds to launch. I really hope the Palm Pre is good. Any news on when it will be out?
Have you considered the G1? - imabonehead
Did the 2.2.1 update not help? Let's hope the Pre isn't killed by Apple's legal dept.... - Jonathon
wow 5 sec to launch SMS?! hmm that's not good. Sometimes I have had to remove the last app / update on my iPhone when it bugs out, perform a hard reboot (hold down home key /power key together) then reboot... all is GOOD. I've had to do this about 3-4 times. Some apps just never load - affects iPhone too much. - Susan Beebe
did you load the latest v2.2 firmware? supposed to fix both browser crashing and some known dropped call problems. - Tim Connors
I already rebooted my iPhone once today because the phone part stopped working entirely. I think the sms app is so slow because I have a lot of messages, and of course there's no way to "bulk delete" them (that I know of, at least). I'm not sure what version I have. The last 2.2 update changed Safari from crashing on every 3rd page to crashing on every 10th page, which was a big improvement. - Paul Buchheit
It's so loud and so annoying and it never wears a shirt! ;) - April Buchheit
Paul, the G1 browser hasn't crashed for me yet, and I've had the phone for about 3 months :) - Tudor Bosman
That's amazing Tudor. I wonder why Apple can't fix Safari? Is it not the same codebase? (webkit) Does the G1 work on AT&T, or would I have to switch to t-mobile to try it? - Paul Buchheit
Echo you Paul. Dropped calls - iPhone is better when not in 3G mode, which kills the speed benefit. Browser crash - yup, drives me insane, happens too often. But I'll stick with it, still digging it a lot for its other features. - Hutch Carpenter
That's because AT&Ts 3G really isn't, and where it is, isn't quite reliable. There's a reason Verizon and AT&T were both ordered to stop saying they had the biggest and/or fasted 3G system. That honor goes to Sprint. - Anika
I can't load more than 8 pages in Safari - period....instant FAIL. must close pages first...lame - Susan Beebe
Try turning off 3G - I have found that the EDGE mode causes much fewer crashes and you even get much better battery life. - Arvind Sundararajan
Thanks Arvind. I'm installing 2.2.1 now (I didn't usually sync so I didn't know about the latest update). If I'm still having problems, I'll try turning off 3G and see if that helps. - Paul Buchheit
Paul, the G1 works fine on AT&T, but you don't get 3G (something about frequency bands). You can totally swap a SIM to give it a whirl. I won't claim it's an irritation-free experience, but I also have not seen the browser crash. - ⓞnor
Maybe I should try that ⓞnor. Any Googlers out there have a spare Christmas gift that I could borrow for a while? - Paul Buchheit
AGREED. And the reception is piss poor. Come on Apple! - Alex Wilhelm
AT&T dropped my calls pretty often in the past year or two, and I had a simple non-smart phone. G1 on T-Mobile has been a better experience so far (3 months in). - Seth
FWIW, the SMS app loads a lot slower when you have tons of SMSes in it. Sadly there *still* doesn't seem to be a way to batch-delete SMS messages. Ugh. - Kevin Fox
I have no problems with my G1 and t-mobile service. Have it for 3 months also. - imabonehead
My iPhone stop responding at random times. It gets in a hang state for a few minutes. Sometimes putting the phone charges gets it out from the hang state. Very weird. A lot of times even trying to do a force shut down wouldn't work. I hate it when that happens but I still don't see myself going with any other phone, because when it works, it's simply awesome and there is nothing close to it. - Amar Shah
Paul: My G1 is SIM-locked so I have to use T-Mobile. You can play with my phone at work tomorrow (there's good coverage in the office, except in the bathrooms :) ) to see if you'd like it. Also, as you witnessed on Sunday night, Jeanette's phone fell on the sidewalk and she stepped on it afterwards, and it still works great (with only minor cosmetic damage). - Tudor Bosman
Jailbreak, get the MySMS app; it still takes 5 secs to open (~150 messages), but it stays open in the background and you can bulk delete. Also, why does anyone need to open more than 4 safari pages? It's a small gadget with limited memory. - mj
I think that, aside from the SUPER annoying browser crashes, that most of the problems are due to AT&T's unbelievably shifty network. I have no doubt they're doing things that cause the iPhone to get all confused and hang. - jakebf
Like Paul, I can't understand. I have dozens of friends with none of these problems. Maybe ATT is bad in your area. My iPhone never crashes. I get a little wary of such anecdotes but good luck with the Pre (if it makes it.) or the G1. I'd go to my Apple store and raise a fuss. They may be able to help. - Phil Boiarski
the same sh*t with my iphone. sometimes I want to throw it at wall - Dmitry Skavish
My iPhone runs like a swizz, well, phone. I never have any problems (apart from the browser, which 2.2.1 seems to have improived). Stick with it. Software can always be improved. - Roberto Bonini
@paul - I'll loan you an unlocked G1 for a few weeks next time i see you. Would be interested in your thoughts on android after using it for a stretch. - DeWitt Clinton
I love my iPhone. My wife loves her iPhone. I guess we are the family of weirdos :) - andrei_c
Paul - i have never deleted a message in three months. i keep every message i get. SMS works fine - Roberto Bonini
for me, the latest software update helped a lot. my biggest gripe is that my iphone 3g has miserable coverage along the 101 unless i turn off 3g. other gripe - if you have a lot of contacts, composing an sms or email takes forever as it scans your list looking for matching recipients. - Charles Hudson
the latest update is supposed to help with browser far so good here, but then again, I haven't yet tried the ever-crashing greader yet - Sarah Perez
Sagar Shah
Just read 'Obama the top iconic brand, ahead of Google and iPhone'
Robert Scoble
MUST WATCH: “RT @MichaelHyatt:The Bush twins wrote a letter to the Obama girls.This video will make you cry. Guaranteed. (via @PWilson) ...
Yup. Tears. - Jeanine W.
Respect to them and a lesson for me. I wasn't sure they were sober through the whole thing. Everybody's all focusing on the position, and they remind those girls to focus on the people. Beautiful. And no, I didn't cry. - MiniMage
Kevin Rose
Fact: there is always cute girls at @wholefoods
Dude, this is so true. Excellent talent at WF. It goes with the money required to shop there, I'm afraid. - Daniel Miessler
There ARE always... sorry Kev. - Josh Haley
Yep, that's one they have on Trader Joe's - Robert Hafer
Thank you, Josh. - Yolanda
Well, they have yummy chocolate mousse desserts, but I'm not sure the cute girls are going there for them. - MiniMage
Depends on your definition of "cute", I guess. At mine I've seen Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Minnie Driver, Amber Valletta, and Mena Suvari. So, I guess you could say there's a little something for everyone. 8-) - Anthony Citrano
So True, Me and afriend were talking about that a few days ago. Unfortunetely, the girls herin L.A. are looking for there next meal ticket. - Michael Fidler from twhirl
... can't believe nobody's said this yet, but here goes: "Pics or it didn't happen!" - Chris Heath
Anthony I want to go to your Wholefoods. - Kenton
Alexander van Elsas
Our need for real-time information consumption is pointless -
you make some interesting points...there will always be a need for deeper, richer understanding of information, but I don't feel that will override the need for real-time info either...the 2 will co-exist - Sarah Perez
@Sarah, yes they will co-exist. I was just wondering what would happen if we have instant access to everything, It seems to be a 'holy grail' that becomes pointless. I didn't write it down, but if you follow this line of thinking the value of Google search will diminish at some point too ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
Wes comments that value is difficult to predict in any context - Alexander van Elsas
My resonse: " @wes value in the context of this post is just the value you (the user) perceives. Value decreases when you have instant and unlimited access. It is like the cookie jar that contains these great cookies. You value one of those when you do not get them as often. But if you can have the same cookie every ay, it will become worthless after a while. Zero transaction, you are... more... - Alexander van Elsas
Real value becomes more apparent as information becomes more quickly available. The formula for what equals value will "rise" to the level of of flow. - Chris Stevenson
I like blog posts like this. :) - Bwana ☠
@Bwana, thanks ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
ravi karandeekar
Indian real estate buyers tempted by dream home opportunity -
Indian real estate buyers tempted by dream home opportunity
"The survey also showed how much people expect to spend on a home, with about 52 per cent saying they could spend between Rs 10 and 30 lakh." - ravi karandeekar from Bookmarklet
The survey doesn't seem to include Pune residents. What do you think on where do Pune real estate buyers stand on this? - Amar Shah
Robert Scoble
Internet Explorer 8 is 6,000x better than IE6, but it still bugs me. Google Chrome is the future. Here's why:
1. Google Chrome is way faster. - Robert Scoble
2. Google Chrome is a rethink. IE8 is a bug fix. - Robert Scoble
3. Google Chrome has one box. IE 8 has two. - Robert Scoble
4. Google Chrome works better with Google Reader and other AJAX sites. - Robert Scoble
5. IE8 has too many menus and icons. Gives a real cluttered feel. - Robert Scoble
IE's been a glorified bug fix since MS relabeled it from Mosaic, Robert - no secret there. :) I'm loving Chrome. - teleken
WebKit is a really good rendering engine. I've always secretly wished IE8 would use WebKit as their rendering engine and scrap IE rendering, and somehow incorporate ActiveX and all of the IE features into it, since WebKit is open-source, not tied to a specific competitor (as opposed to Gecko and Firefox) and is fast and stable. – Have to agree about Google Chrome as well. It's a great browser. As much as I love Safari, I wish Chrome would come to Mac sooner :) - Mark Bao
6. Google Chrome's search integration is magic. Start typing something and it figures out what you want. IE8 waits for you to finish, then brings up a boring web page. - Robert Scoble
Any others? - Robert Scoble
When it finally works on a Mac, perhaps I'll believe you ;) - Jeff
If it didn't bug someone it wouldn't still be Internet Explorer. - Josh Sharp
Google Chrome and FLASH don't get along! - paul mooney
Now I just wish Chrome worked better with Flash, or Flash worked better with Chrome. - Dennis Jackson
Google Chrome is focused on internet. IE seems to mix to much other junk in - Mike Scott
By the way, I wrote this whole item in IE8 running on Windows 7. If you are still going to use IE, please do get IE8. It is much better than previous versions. - Robert Scoble
Not a big fan of IE or Chrome... I'll stick with FireFox. - Steven Sanders
Google Chrome is slick...but I still like the simplicity of FireFox. - Charlie Flowers
I love Google Chrome, I just wish the addon's started rolling out. - Michael Fidler
Because the browser is a commodity... Connecting (correction - Deep Integration) with Google's cloud based services is the secret sauce. - Brian Roy
I still need to play with Chrome in order to form an educated opinion. I'm just too hung up on Firefox still. :P - Korey
Charlie: simplicity of Firefox? You've gotta be kidding, right? I love Firefox because of its complexity! (Plugins keep me there a lot of the time). - Robert Scoble
Timely thread. I literally installed Google Chrome on my home computer within the last half hour (hey, I'm slow at these things - I'm not trendy). Just poking around a bit now, liking the speed. StumbleUpon support is an issue, but I'm reading up on it and other stuff. Just read Sarah Perez's post on privacy. - Ontario Emperor
I h ave never been a fan of ActiveX. The fact that several websites still rely on it versus better technologies irks me and I refuse to use them. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Paul: Google Chrome gets along fine with Flash here. What are you experiencing? - Robert Scoble
Yeah, I have to admit, IE8 is a pretty good browser, relatively speaking (relative to IE7 and IE6.) Renders my pages a ton better than previous versions. - Mark Bao
Flash slows down Chrome for me pretty significantly, sometimes to where it's not even usable. Maybe it's just my computer. - Dennis Jackson
How is IE6 a basis for comparison to anything anymore? Totally agree about Chrome. - Bob Starr
loved chrome until I found out it wasn't compatible with my Roboform. I'm lazy and not too security conscious. - BEX
Amen on the 'IE mixing other junk in' thought. I hate typing a hostname into it & it tries to hit a UNC or whatever the heck it's doing... - Steven Byrnes
Chrome has a whole list of niggling problems and has had since day one -- they just never seem to get fixed. I like the speed and simplicity but Chrome will become the next IE unless Google starts paying attention to detail. - Brian Sullivan
Chrome lets you create 'desktop applications' that don't get lost in all of those tabs and don't waste space with the address bar! - Jon Issler
I use Chrome from time to time, but it just feels wrong when I do, I think I'll be sticking with Firefox. - Randy
I am with Vaibhav on "webkit is the future as well" - Peter Finn
Val: Privacy is dead. I really don't care. - Robert Scoble
Chrome's biggest shortcomings right now are password security and the lack of plugins/extensions... Have to give Firefox a nod for having those two nailed! - Jon Issler
I think Chrome is Google's paid service platform... - Johnny
Google Chrome is like FireFox back when it was Phoenix: Sleek, sexy and satisfying. Beta 2 adds autocomplete, profiles and a Greasemonkey style scripting. - John Rubier
@Dennis check your fans. If your on a laptop the fans and/or exhaust may be blocked with dust. that happened to me on my laptop, any flash video slowed my laptop down. realized one day (after reinstalling windows and still having the problem) that my fans had a lot of dust. used compressed air to clean them out, problem solved. happy laptop! - Jason Shultz from twhirl
One thing I know I liked about Chrome: The web-comic! - Korey
I'm amazed at how many flash/chrome issues there are. Ive never had any? - Mike Scott
I still see that firefox is the future! unless google chrome will be a 100% organic software - Mark Guadalupe
I love firefox and plug-ins, but does Chrome need plug-ins? I thought their deal was to run current and next-gen online applications better, which will likely preclude the need for the plug-ins we firefox users can't live without now. - Bill Garrett
Robert, I really like Chrome too. The universal address/search/history bar is the future of browsing. There are only a small % of sites that do not work with Chrome... usually old school corporations, such as ones that I have to pay bills online at. Grr. Works 99.8% of the time for me otherwise. - Brian
I just installed the Windows 7 beta. I fired up IE 8 and it didn't correctly render a nonprofit's Web site I administer as a volunteer ( IE 8 didn't correctly render some of the CSS. I installed Chrome and Chrome got it right. IE 8 is obviously not yet ready for release. - Rod Bauer from twhirl
I love Chrome and it is my default browser now. In fact all my flash problems in Firefox and IE went away in Chrome (video paused many times during playback, audio kept going). They are both memory hoars. Maybe a problem with too much Flash on websites? The lack of plugin support is very troubling. - Chris Mayer
I'm keen for getting mac version of chrome too, though its going to be interesting to see how they're gonna handle interface - Mike Scott from IM
Re: 6. The search bar autofill? Err FF has that too for recently visited sites. If you get an Add-On it'll do the potential sites too. - Adam
Google Chrome may be nice, but there was an "Epic Fail" on my system when Chrome decided that it was the default browser (out of four browsers) and would not directly allow me to un-check the Default-Browser checkbox. It was quickly removed. - Robert Miller
Love Chrome. Use it whenever I can. It does have problems with some sites, and I'm always having problems with flash crashing in it. - cjmart
Kind of ironic that Chrome and Firefox and both performing much better for me under Windows 7. The beta Chrome release is really sweet. - Charlie Anzman
@Pat: I use live mesh to sync my bookmarks between machines all the time. Add your favorites folder to mesh and you are good to go. Mesh for mac is available too. - Chris Johnson
Google Chrome doesn't know what's RSS!!! FAIL - carrotmadman6
I feel like people are debating the relative merits of tn3270 emulators... - Brian Roy
I like the speed/lightness of Chrome, however i dont think it will be big anytime soon with anyone other than techies. Doesnt run many addins/plugins etc... Unlikely any enterprise will adopt it either. Its a great reference app. - Chris Johnson
Chrome certainly is clean and renders fast, but until the experience can be customized via extensions like Firefox, there is no one way I can make it my primary. I just loaded Win. 7 on my laptop and the only thing I ported over from any of my other machines was my FEBE. - George Rogers
Important point for me is that Chrome opens more of the monitor for the content on the page, not for toolbars that i do not need while browsing a page. no loss of functionality without the toolbar. - Jeff DiStanlo
I wonder how many people even know what tn3270 is used for :) I know I do all too well. - Patrick Allmond
+++ on this. FoxMarks is awesome. Just wish FoxMarks had an iPhone browser sync also :( - Patrick Allmond
Any Flock 2.0 users here? If Chrome comes out for the Mac, I may take a look as well - but Firefox/Flock has been great for me for now. - Erich Miller
@Robert: Maybe simplicity wasn't the right word..."ease of use" might be a better term. I think that FF's layout is not as radically different from the browsers I grew up with (IE & Netscape), as Chrome seems to be...maybe that's why I find it simpler to use. Having said that, Chrome is by no means complex, just not as intuitive as FF. As you mentioned, the plug-ins add to the ease of use. It seems you can get a FireFox plug-in for anything. - Charlie Flowers
BTW, have you tried FF's AutoPager plug-in. That thing is amazing! It "automatically loads the next page of a site inline when you reach the end of the current page for infinite scrolling of content"'s perfect for things like Twitter, Google, and yes it works for FriendFeed too. :D - Charlie Flowers
I'm using Flock 2.0 on both Mac and Windows. I've uninstalled Chrome -- didn't care for it much since Flock does everything I need it to. - Victor Solanoy
:hits the Googles to figure out what the Flock you guys are talking about: - teleken
IE8 (and Firefox) offer a lot of tools to supplement your browsing experience. Chrome just gets out of the way. I'm not sure one or the other is a fundamentally superior approach. - Toph Tucker
Installed Flock for all of 5 minutes. Sticking with Chrome, thanks. - teleken
ctrl+t takes forever on IE8, and for what? A blank tab. I like Chrome's approach - Andrew Smith
Firefox's is simple and extendable. Firefox' strength comes from its pluggability and ease of developing new plugins. Chrome needs to beat that. - Angsuman Chakraborty
Chrome needs to support Linux before it can even think of replacing Firefox. Chromium port of Chrome on Linux isn't very stable. - Angsuman Chakraborty
firefox plugins are the new activeX. there's too much functionality i use for me to shift *now*. i *do* like chrome, though. - moogs
I like moving tabs into new windows, but does crashes alot w/ Flash - Da
7. If one tab crashes, all the other tabs are unaffected. Let's see ANY other browser do that. - Nathan Chase
i think i'll stick with firefox. so much more you can do with it.. - Terry O'Fee
Chrome is fast (unlike IE), has a very minimal UI (also unlike IE), and you can move tabs to other windows. I have never been able to get Firefox to open new tabs next to the tab they're opened from, instead of at the far right, plus I don't really care about extensions. Plus, I've never had any issues with Flash. The only problem is that my school email won't work in Chrome (but that's minor). Chrome wins for me. - imperator3733 from twhirl
Robert - how is the performance of IE8 compared to Chrome and Firefox? Personally, I'd be using Chrome if I had my add-ons and greasemonkey scripts. I love Chrome's mult-tasking / memory management - very nice - Susan Beebe
@Imperator, Firefox's UI can be slimmed down, and you can fix the tab issue with Tab Mix Plus. Also, Firefox 3.1 is faster than Chrome. - Tanath
how bout: Chrome is CSS compliant? IE8 isn't, I know this by experience - Duncan Riley
@Nathan -- as far as I know, IE8 separated tabs into different processes first.... - Toph Tucker
I think FriendFeed should put a comment button at the bottom of the comments... that said, Opera is the fastest, but it has a few shortcomings. I use FireFox or Chrome depending on what PC I'm at. Some sites only work in IE. - Gus
Google Chrome uses your screen real estate more efficiently - Aad 't Hart
Chrome focuses on the web and not on the browser and that's what a browser's supposed to do. - Rohit
May be when there are basic extensions available for Chrome then it will be fair to compare with Firefox. For now, I don't see Chrome that useful, even though it's clean, a bit faster and provides more screen space. After a couple of days of using Chrome, I switched to Firefox as I felt less productive without the powerful extensions in Firefox. - Amar Shah
When Chrome has an extension like Better GReader, TabMixPlus, and NoScript, then I'll switch, but FF has everything I need with the extensions. NoScript is about the ONLY addon I absolutely need to use for security of my computer. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
You can install extensions on the Chromium Builds! Go for it! - Will Higgins™
love chrome as much as the next guy, but it does crash sometimes over simplest things, like downloading sth from gmail or greader. & it's not just one tab that goes - it all goes & only one comes back, either gmail or greader... - siggimus
Chrome also crashes when importing Firefox Bookmarks, which makes it awkward to switch. But yeah, I would still use Firefox over IE 8. - Todd Brunner from twhirl
my mother understands the search-thingy-box in chrome. - Svensonsan
@scobleizer I think this would have made a good blog post. Would have been easier to read you view points. The discussion could then have happened on friendfeed. Too many comments to read properly - Sidharth Dassani
Chrome and WebKit are the future - just hope there's still room for Firefox. Remember how Firefox became Firefox? - Mona Nomura from fftogo
WebKit can do CSS3 gradients, and I have only seen it in WordPress for creating actual images with gradients. Chrome is the future indeed! Extensions? heh, I use javascript bookmarklets to do my bidding! Chromes bookmark manager is more powerful than I expected. Passwords can be imported from FF but there is no backup option yet. - Web20Critic
If chrome crashes, report it! Make a note of what you were doing and blog it, microshare it, post it on the chromium blog etc. This way all of us can help make it work for us! Nice thread for tech support, Mr Scoble! - Web20Critic
7. Because Chrome has a new and improved version every week/month/quarter (depending upon the distribution channel) whereas IE version comes once in 3 years. - Varun Mahajan
Robert: How did you get IE8 on Windows 7??? The installer refused to run when i tried. - Roberto Bonini
Roberto: it came with Windows 7. Or so I thought. I already had it loaded on this machine before I upgraded. - Robert Scoble
Loic Le Meur
How would you all define Frenchness?
Frenchness is directly proportional to ones level of frenchitude. - Will Higgins™
style, charm, and a bit of attitude, if you are Parisian. If not, then well...the term 'provencial' comes to mind, with all it's myriad meanings... :) - Bren
2-hour lunch - Mike Doeff
Macarons. - Mona Nomura
cigarettes - sean percival
Lots of rich food, wine, and kisses on the cheek. - Rochelle
Based on the French people I know? American-phile. Is that a word? I have no POR because all the French people I know can be dropped into any large city in the US and be at home. - Anika
if only I could start another good war with the brits - Loic Le Meur
Frenchness is a combination of large quantities of butter, heavy cream, cigarette smoke, fine wine and fine art. - Christian (Simply X)
rahulrrao: @loic Anything that's got a "le", "la" or "les" before it? :-) - Loic Le Meur
Chris_normal Chris_Hougardy: @loic Something Scobble would like to attain but do not succeed ?? :) - Loic Le Meur
bruceprokopets: @loic An American really wishes their sex partner had your accent. Your Frenchness is solely based on how Americans perceive your accent lol - Loic Le Meur
ledretch: @loic we never agree, but we always do it! =D - Loic Le Meur
1938media: @loic A quickness to surrender, bad humor, mice in hotels, insane restaurant owners. Pepe La Pew. and you, King of the Frenchies in my book. - Loic Le Meur
N618057730_7834_normal sam_piroton: @loic frenchness = 2-hour lunch? - Loic Le Meur
nancycole: @loic you're asking "us" about Frenchness? must be time for bed. at least for me. and perhaps the French. - Loic Le Meur
mattcampagna: @loic Frenchness = Class, good taste, craftsmanship, superiority, arrogance, and charm. To me, anyway. I'm only 1/4 French :) - Loic Le Meur
plasticbagUK: @loic "The quality of being mostly at war with the English" - Loic Le Meur
shefaly: @loic Obsessed with slow food, argumentative, smart but under-rated in that area, warmer than Germans/ British but generally aloof. - Loic Le Meur
alexanderhorre: @loic americans are full of themselves; frenchies are stuck up with themselves. - Loic Le Meur
willhiggins: @loic Frenchness is directly proportional to ones level of frenchitude. - Loic Le Meur
hakandahlstrom: @loic Cheese - Loic Le Meur
what did I start!!! ah. so copied a few Twitter replies to keep the conversation - Loic Le Meur
A certain... je ne sais quoi. :) - Jandy
@Loic - wow I was really confused. I thought this might be some new twitter-reply functionality from Friendfeed. Too bad it's not! - Mitch
++++Jandy =) - Anika
People who really know how to love life! Simple, elegant, smart, witty, lovers, passionate people. Also great cuisine!, cheese, wine, cafe shops, french bread, pastries, croissants! Parisian street scenes, lavender fields!! - Susan Beebe
Wine. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. Unions & strikes. Roadside cafes. Art. I've never been to France though. - Arvind
@loic Revolutions ! :) People really showing what they mean and rallying to Paris for anything:) Just my perception, but Frenchness when it comes to economy; solid industries but dependant on state support and hard to change around because of very strong and hardline unions. And principles! The best free healthcare. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
French... bimonthly cycles of burning tyres in the streets :) - Prolific Programmer
americans, with style - Ouriel Ohayon
Conservative revolutionaries - Bertrand Doux from fftogo
2 hour lunch - Sidharth Dassani
tongue. - Mike Scott
dare I say: surrender ;-) before you attack me though, remember my great greandfather is burried in Bullecourt, and the day I day I'll remember my grandmother telling me how she lost him, and having full read his diaries. - Duncan Riley
Bread. - Roberto Bonini
my wife's suggestion was hairy women, but that's probably not helpful. Inappropriate protesting and immigration policies come to mind though. So does the koran come to speak of it...given the demographic shift. - Duncan Riley
Duncan it is not only helpful it is totally wrong. I have never seen one in France in 36 years. - Loic Le Meur
Wine, food, cigarettes, and a disdain for all things American. - Cyndy
Why, love, of course. Is there any other more apt description? - Steven Perez
other very french things: 1) a love of good quality things combined with an paradoxical tendency to cut corners. 2) loving to hear oneself talk, and 3) complaining raised to an art form (I'm afraid I have that third one, as a french-swiss) - Iphigenie
champagne:) - Igor Poltavskiy
Claude Debussy - Todd Hoff
When I think of France I think of footballing brilliance - not so much now, but that glorious team that won the World Cup and European Championship - with great flair and great players like Thuram and Barthez and Blanc and Henry, and most of all Zidane ... - Patrick Jordan
Patrick, Thierry Henry! :D - Rochelle
Zidane headbutt - Sidharth Dassani
Rimbaud - Mahesh CR
Frenchness = Liberté, égalité, loisirs (Liberty, equality, leisure) ;) #Frenchness - Alexander Ainslie
Mona Nomura
Everyone must stop and watch this. STAT. Most amazing kid on YouTube. Seriously.
Everyone must stop and watch this. STAT. Most amazing kid on YouTube. Seriously.
Oh, he does Fields of Gold, too. I LOVE this kid! - MiniMage
THank you so much, MiniMage - I was so excited I forgot to credit you. I'm sorry. :( - Mona Nomura
NP, I think Type Micah's the real hero, here, because I got it from him (saw it because Rodfather liked it). - MiniMage
I can't get off the kid's channel. - Mona Nomura
Right there with ya! - MiniMage
Do whaaaa???? crazy awesome! - thanks, Mona. I needed that! - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
I know - he made my week. - Mona Nomura
Amazing. Then I started watching his other ones. Living on a Prayer: - Kevin C. Tofel
I know what folks think about G4, but if they had the Chocolate Rain guy on there, young Mr. Jung needs to be there, too! - MiniMage
Listening to Living On A Prayer right now. Wow. - Mona Nomura from IM
Kid can play! right on - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
He needs to come out with an album, I will TOTALLY buy it. - Mona Nomura from IM
Sheesh. He's just turned 12 last September. - Kevin C. Tofel
Is he even real? LOL - Mona Nomura from IM
Hit The Road Jack FTW!!!!!!!! - Mona Nomura from IM
No Woman No Cry is my favorite I think... he's TOTALLY grooving. - Mona Nomura from IM
Beautiful! - Anna Marie
This kid is BEYOND. Wow. - Lis
I can't get off his stream. Every. Single. Video. = WIN - Mona Nomura from IM
gotta check starseeker - harmonics are on-point: - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
I Believe I Can Fly (you don't see him playing) - MiniMage
BTW I found this through MiniMage Who found it through Micah - Mona Nomura from IM
Thats so freakin cool! Thanks for sharing! - Brandy Lea
It's the power of FriendFeed, Brandy! Forget noise, FoAF FTW!! - Mona Nomura from IM
absofreakinlutely! - MiniMage
wow, I must reblog. Thanks Mona. - Ryan
Whoa, thanks Mona (and MiniMage) for this. I quite like his version of Smells Like Teen Spirit too. - Kol Tregaskes
@Roman, Rodrigo y Gabriela is not bad either. - Tapio Kulmala
Awesome! Thanks for the heads up on Sungha Jung. I love his creativity (watch his hands on ) Some of his songs rock, and some need work. Much better than 99% of the guitarists I hear. - Mitchell Tsai
He composed Starseeker and it's very relaxing! - Mitchell Tsai
This one is a double wow! (I wish he'd sing...) - Orli Yakuel
Anyone know how old he is? - BEX
12! - Mona Nomura from IM
He is awsome, great find thank you - Ian
I wanna hear him sing one too, even if he can't sing it would still be huge. - Steve C, Team Marina
WOW! - Brandon
Watching 24 instead .... Maybe watch this later ... heh - Charlie Anzman
Michael Parekh
Interesting compare/contrast of India vs. China, especially in the context of the Mumbai attacks:
mathew ingram
@jeffjarvis: I was pretty sure I told Twply *not* to send out the auto-spam Twitter post when I signed up, but they did anyway
FWIW, I just enabled Twply on a test account and it respected my "no tweet" request - Dan Byler
It ignored my request as well #twplyFAIL - Justin Stayshyn
Louis Gray
22 Smart, Inspirational Quotes From Bloggers In 2008 -
Robert Scoble
Here are the reasons people are giving me why friendfeed sucks:
1. Tim O'Reilly said that he liked the news aggregation, but gets too distracted by the comments and likes. You can't hide those. - Robert Scoble
2. Ross Mayfield said he gets overwhelmed. I figured out that friend-of-a-friend feature is bringing way too much into his view. If he follows just one person, me, he sees hundreds of items every week. - Robert Scoble
Too much Gmail thinking in FF. They vastly improved e individual utility, but lost the ability to scale beyond a single use case - ming yeow
3. Other people tell me that they don't know how to use it, the UI has too many choices. On further pulling what they really wanted was the "best of day" feature but it is hard to find and not very useful unless you've been very careful on following people. - Robert Scoble
I find way more things to like about FF than I do with Twitter. - Jeff P. Henderson
4. Other people tell me that they want more help in figuring out who people are before they follow them. They have a point. I just visited some people's pages and I have no idea who they are, or what kinds of things they are passionate about. - Robert Scoble
I like it but I don't use it as much because I get overwhelmed by noise friend-of-a-friend introduces a lot of people that just don't fit in with what I want to see. I don't think I would care if I was seeing a lot of relevant information to me. - NOT THE CRICKET
If I could figure out how to feed Twitter's @replies into FF I'd be all about it. - LA Snark
5. Other people tell me they want to do just see items that have lots of likes. I don't know how to do that for them. - Robert Scoble
Twitter has first mover advantage. I have too many relationships in Twitter that are not on FriendFeed. No easy way for me to sync Twitter followed/followers with FriendFeed and use it as a Twitter client. Then I'd like clean way to dedupe the Twitter stream out of FriendFeed to see the special stuff in FriendFeed. Its not enough to just hide Tweets without likes/comments. - Elliott Ng
It isn't about if it sucks or not, it just isn't for everyone, just like twitter. Twitter is simpler, I can use twitterific on my mac & iPhone. Actually, this does suck. Everytime I hit return to try and add a space, it posts the comment. Beyond 140 characters, you do need white space to be able to read text on a computer screen. - Steve Rhodes
I like FF because it is configurable. You can see as much or as little as you want and you have full control (or almost full control). The other major plus with FF is that it is threaded so you can have actual conversations. - Jeff P. Henderson
6. Other people tell me they want to see a strict reverse chronological view and that I can't figure out how to do that for them either. - Robert Scoble
If I had to stack rank, this would be my #1 tool. Ahead of Twitter, Facebook, strands, and anything else similar - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
7. Ross Mayfield wanted an easy "share this item on my blog" feature. I know how to do that (use the "More" menu, copy the permalink, etc) but that's too geeky and not as nice as Facebook's "share" feature. - Robert Scoble
7. I like how twitter reminds me of birds: cheep cheep - sofarsoShawn
Twitter, like email and Google reader, has a nice "author"/"headline" format that is easy to scan...FriendFeed visually makes you work harder to extract meaning from the stream. - Elliott Ng
Fascinating. I can be as negative as or more than anyone else, but I don't associate FF with sucking. - MiniMage
ming: there are lots of people who tell me they try friendfeed and don't get the point of it and leave. If friendfeed solves some of these pain points in 2009 it will make evangelism of the service a lot easier. - Robert Scoble
Format of the FriendFeed stream is not efficient...seems like a lot of scrolling to get infomation...less easy to scan, show/hide, tag, etc. than Google Reader. - Elliott Ng
Not everyone is going to get every thing. I suppose, though, that it's significant when it's LOTS of people. - MiniMage
Is the learning curve for the UI and information flow really overwhelming for the tech-savvy group it's aimed at? I doubt it. That said it's not a perfect product, and I can see how some people may want their aggregation without a social media aspect. - Mo Kargas
MiniMage: I didn't say that I thought it sucks, but this is the feedback I'm getting as I show it to others and talk to other people about their experiences. I've heard this feedback enough now to know that these are the roadblocks to adoption. - Robert Scoble
Ooh, I like the idea of a view with a strict reverse chronological order. - Eric Florenzano
I think #4 has merit. You can somewhat tell what people like by what they talk about and what content they share on various services, but I think FF could allow for a quick "About Me" somewhere on the profile so people would know who you are, where you're from, and what your interests are (other than the internet). - Mark Frost
FF has great potential for the aggregator but needs a simple grid of feeds in and feeds out for everything. That way I could choose where to make updates and control the flows. Twitter is feeding more than one place for me. I could use FF in some of the same ways as TweetDeck but only if I could make it work bi-directionally with Twitter and as needed with other services. - Lee Herman
Bottom line: if I choose to live inside of Twitter where my relationships are, and I have to go into Google Reader to check feeds, FriendFeed just doesn't add enough incrementally especially since I have my Reader set up with important feeds and it doesn't replace the need to go check Twitter anyway. - Elliott Ng
I pretty much ignored Friend Feed until I saw you mention the live feed a few days ago. Now I'm hooked. Darn you Scoble! Darn you to heck I say! :P - MarkCarras
#8: clients like Tweetdeck are non existent. Same for iPhone apps. - Robert Scoble
I *really* dont like the Friend of Friend feature - Sam Houston
Sam: you know you can turn it off, right? - Robert Scoble
Recall I adopted FriendFeed before you. :) Still like the aggregated feed for myself but haven't become a Kung Fu Master of FriendFeed to make it really work for me. Maybe completely hiding Twitter, setting up more groups, hiding more media types, and adding more people, would make it work for me. - Elliott Ng
So really, most of the complaints could be resolved if some of the folks making those neat Twitter applications made one for Friendfeed or if FF implemented these on their own. Sounds like a great 2009 for FF either way:-) - B.J. Mendelson
This is a feature recommendation list for the FF team. - Gadiel Rivera
scoble: I am just not sure if the world needs friendfeed. I am a big fan of reducing noise as the most direct form of value add (think google), aggregating and then recommending seems a little twisted. Hope I am making sense - ming yeow
Until recently I had hard time understanding how to make good use of FF. It was too noisy and difficult to use as compared to Twitter. However, after seeing your video on 20 reasons for using FF on FastCompany, I am now able to understand it a lot better and making good use of it. Since seeing that video, I have not been able to stop using Twitter and FF. Thanks Robert for producing that awesome overview video. FF team should have created that a long time back. - Amar Shah
So, basically, it doesn't suck. They just don't know how to use it. Everybody is not built to use everything. None of these points raised have much substance to me. - Rahsheen
ming: the world might not need friendfeed but I sure do. Also, it's really the only competitor to facebook out there and facebook needs more competition. - Robert Scoble
FF grew on me - it's organization is a bit off-putting for me but I've managed to wrap my oddly mapped out logic around it. It does help drown out the noise of Twitter. - Renee Hendricks
FF is simply confusing. Not a friendly UI at all. Don't Make Me Think says Steve Krug. FF is making me think and I just don't have the patience for it. - Bora Celik
Robert, I guess my problem that I can't find that option :P I'll go look now :) - Sam Houston
Friendfeed has been a fairly fluid concept since I started using it, and the kinds of suggestions you're hearing from Ross and Tim get addressed and fixed all the time. The question is, even if the Friendfeed crew could get every nuance tuned to exactly the specifications people are giving you, would they actually come around and use it, or would there just be another excuse? Sure, it's not perfect, but it's a work in progress -- and they progress fast around here. - Pete D
I can't stand Facebook. Totally different though. One is all about time waste pokes, super pokes, and other useless crap and Friend Feed is more about networking and sharing actual content and thoughts. Friend Feed is about actual communication. - MarkCarras
Sam: click hide on an item twice. That will bring up the hide options dialog where you can select turning off friend of a friend. By the way, even if you turn off all that stuff you'll still be able to see those items at the bottom of the page. - Robert Scoble
Pete: as friendfeed gets better it pulls more people in. Fixing roadblocks to evangelizing a product DOES pull more people into using it. - Robert Scoble
Lets not forget there is no easy way to follow conversations that you did not originate, I should have the option of being notified when someone else comments on a thread I posted on. FriendFeed is awesome though - Kelly Johns
Mark: I have 5,000 people on facebook and I never get my time wasted through poking or other useless crap. The news feed there is quite good and the social graph is way more advanced than friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
Well, maybe I am missing somethings, but everything I have seen at Facebook just bugs me. Maybe I should look at yours and see what I am missing. - MarkCarras
To me, FriendFeed isn't about being a social graph. It's first and foremost about aggregating items I publish irrespective of the source service. The ability to subscribe to a person is more comparable to subscribing to a news feed as opposed adding a friend on Facebook. In terms of subscriptions, FF is basically Google Reader with a proper commenting system. - trextor
Bora, I found Facebook's UI more confusing than Friendfeed's. The difference for me is the more I use and discover the nuances of FF the more I like it, where as Facebook has flat-line. Granted, a component that's hard to factor out (for me anyway) is FB is people-I've-known centric and FF is people-I'm-discovering oriented + grappling with ideas. - Micah
Contrary to Robert's opinion, I hope FF developers don't start thinking that they need to compete with Facebook. Subscribers != Friends. It's that simple. If anything, they're competing with RSS readers. For what it's worth, many of these same issues also plague RSS readers. - trextor
FF does have an iphone app coming any day now (Friendly). And with some more options with the IM feature (like activating it when you comment on a post like this so then it notifies you when a response is made) then it could become even more conversational. I view this as more professional and higher IQ than Facebook personally. - Amani
I'm with you on that Trextor. Friend Feed is more like RSS style of social networking. Facebook is not. Facebook just doesn't have a focus of info like Friend Feed. - MarkCarras
I have to be honest that I don't use Friendfeed as much as I probably should. They have so much automated features that I don't even bother to login in weeks. - Vlad Zabblotskyy
57 comments and 29 likes in 48 minutes. Interesting! - Robert Scoble
I feel as if Robert is doing an evil (not really) little experiment with us and showing someone else to prove some point ...LOL. - Amani
Amani: I just noted that because it seemed to have touched a nerve. Got a lot of feedback very quickly. - Robert Scoble
Robert, many of those are very valid points and it's easy to see why a new user can get overwhelmed. I know that Brett keeps talking about making the service easier and friendlier for new users. I think they should perhaps offer a 'Lite' version for new users that hides a large number of features which can later be accessed by enabling the 'Advanced' features. Just a thought. - Mark Krynsky
It took me 5 minutes just to figure out where my post was in this huge list of comments! Amani is right, FF will become way more conversational when it notifies you on additional comments on posts like this. Facebook is good at doing this when you comment on wall posts. - Kelly Johns
The 'Send an IM when someone comments on my posts' feature has probably been my favorite of the year as it keeps me very engaged with people that comment on my items. - Mark Krynsky
The 'date of post order' and some sort of basic profile are my 2 highest requested features for FriendFeed. - Kol Tregaskes
Very useful list. - Dave Winer
My biggest problem is that all my real world friends are just now getting onto facebook. a few are moving to twitter finally. it will be a year or more before my network migrates to friendfeed. you have to go where the people are! unless of course you could define a network on one platform and use the features of another platform to view/interact with that network. too much 'friend adding' duplication now. i wish you could treat these tools as readers rather than network definers. - Jeff DiStanlo
UI has too much clutter. Customization support is needed. Post aggregation could use custom filters, - anand
I consider FF the "heavy duty conversationalist". If I want wih a few folks I know for a little convo, FB is great. If I want a little convo with more folks I know a little less and make it public, Twitter is great. FF is about longer, tied-in conversations, holistic. FF needs a mobile client that works WELL with more phones than just the high-end ones else it will be in nichedom for a while." - Patrick Moorhead
It mostly boils down to information overload. Friendfeed needs to invest substantial resources and effort in dealing with that problem before it can appeal to the masses. Friendfeeding is an activity for a small elite at this stage -- for people who can easily process huge torrents of text. - Sean McBride
Robert, re: #8: clients that work with FF include Twhirl and PeopleBrowsr. - Will King
I'm surprised there's not more of an outcry to be able to dynamically filter services in Friend list/feeds (home, list1, list2, etc.). It'd be a lot easy for me to scan these if I can a) filter-out 1 to many services (eg, don't display twitter, flickr, rss on list1) and b) filter-in 1 to many services (eg, display only twitter, only twitter and plurk, etc). - Matt Albiniak
On FF vs FB: I think FB may be a competitor for FF ("ok, I can do this in Facebook" says the mainstream user) but FF is not a competitor to FB ("Facebook is much more fun", says the mainstream user) due to FB's app aggregation. - santiromero
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