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If my battery dies...then what
"We don’t have time or even patience for the real effects that may occur in a battle-hardened psyche..."
My mom and older brother were absolutely horrified the day I wrote Souxsie and the Banshee lyrics on my...
Sorry math prof 4 not getting farther on my studies, I needed all my out of class time to cry, be emotional & get into relationship discord
#Repost from natgeo --- By @edkashi Lima Company, a #marine unit based in Columbus, Ohio, marches to…
The Interstellar FAQ: All your questions about Christopher Nolan's new movie, answered.
Physicist who inspired Interstellar spills the backstory—and the scene that makes him cringe
RT @neiltyson: In #Interstellar: On another planet, around another star, in another part of the galaxy, two guys get into a fist fight.
Yesterday's party hair in college...
My training last week: 2 workouts for 3.84 mi and 140 calories burned
Can someone cancel Monday?
All my Jewcy dreams came true...
things I do in-between math problems... #atx
now, math
Started Cycle with #cyclemeter at 3:22 PM, on Beautiful Sun route, Cyclemeter will speak your replies to me.
blown away today at Shabbat services… the insight and the perspective spoken of was quite something. shavua tov.
YAY I got an A in my Maryland classes! wheeee….
I hold in my heart all the shoulds and expectations I planned myself. The odd ways I sought my own saving,...
Man Spends Ten Hours Walking Around Austin, What Happens Will Horrify You #atx
Excellent study parter… He’s so cool …
Meditation minyan in Austin tonight was AWESOME. Ya'll should check it out #atx #judaism #meditation
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