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I’ve been up since 4:30 and have flown to Canada and back and now I’m too tired to fall asleep.
I am so ready to stop settling.
Houston area: this baby is terrified and in rough shape. Please share to help her find rescue (or go get her!):
Omg @techguerilla @cc_chapman RT @rbegg: The best. Morgan Freeman narrates the majestic March Of The Juggalos
Marketers: I’m all about relationships. But unless you can tell me what a good one looks like, stop just telling ppl to “build” them.
Next time I take a day trip for meetings I’m totally bringing yoga pants to put on for the flight home.
I see the same surly, unpleasant bartender is still working at the Admiral’s Club at Pearson. Nice work, American.
Well, I sure tried to leave it all out on the field today. And if exhaustion is an indicator, I mostly succeeded.
I legit met a guy on the plane named Harry Potter. I can’t help but believe this is a good omen. #accioawesome
This morning’s ear worm: eeeeverything is awesommmmmee…everything is cool when you’re part of a team…
Huzzah! RT @MarketingProfs: Introducing ‘Everybody Writes’ and a Free Gift for Anti-Mediocre Writers (This Means You)
Headed to knock the cover off the ball today in an important meeting. You guys hold down the fort, ok?
For @badbanana, sweet dreams! RT @CrapTaxidermy: What you actually look like when you’re trying to look sexy…
I have to be up criminally early tomorrow and I am wide awake.
Yay for HuffPo doing #pitbullweek. They kick it off by debunking 10 myths:
My pit bull ate my watermelon plant.
There’s no therapy quite like barn therapy. #horselove
Gee I’m so flattered to do all the work so you can take my thinking, publish it, and promise me “exposure”
Am I the only one tired of “content” that’s created by compiling a bunch of other people’s work/insights?
Small victories today. Thanks, universe.
I want to virtually fist bump people who disable comments on their YouTube videos. Prevention and cures and something something.
Sometimes when you aren’t listening well, the universe simply finds a way to force your hand.
I dunno who has the mary jane out here but someone nearby the cafe where I’m working is having a very happy afternoon.
Oh, NFL. Your priorities are so screwed up. I want to keep being a fan, but…gah.
Why am I just now finding Little Daylight? So. Good.
Young lady behind me at the cafe lamenting that her boss told her not to wear cropped shirts to work anymore. Sigh.
My ADDish brain in action: write site copy, then make a slide, then write slide notes, then check twitter, then write an email, then…
Please keep helping me spread the word that my foster boy, Casper, needs a forever home! #adoptcasper
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