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Swear I drank a toddy and my fever broke. #homeremedy #toddiescureall
Dear Easter Bunny, I recommend maybe skipping our place this year. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #pitbulls
Slept mostly all day. Waiting to see if I have mono (let’s hope not!) and drinking hot water with lemon and honey. Yay weekend?
RT @danprimack: WOW RT @Techmeme: Exclusive: Nike fires majority of FuelBand team, will stop making wearable hardware
RT @austinkleon: Hey folks here’s the deal: you pick something you want to get good at and you devote every day of your life to it. That’s it. No secrets.
Earlier today, the C-Man soaking up sun with his moo cow. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #rescuedogs #pitbulls
Awake for three hours…and back to bed. Stupid plague. Sleep seems to be what helps most. Missed #CrossFit all week. Sad panda. :(
:: dies :: RT @CuteEmergency: Baby husky curious about his new friend.
There was a bunny out there for about ten seconds. Hope hasn't moved for ten minutes. #dogs
RT @VanityFair: RIP Gabriel García Marquez. This is how we want to remember him
RT @jchutchins: Wow, a new @Storium stretch goal! If we hit $65k, YOU get the amazing "Young Centurions" world from @EvilHatOfficial!
RT @orbiteers: Time to cast your vote #Chicago! Who's your favorite speaker? TY @djwaldow for the idea :) @mjcarter @seanmcginnis
RT @nxthompson: All the wonderful Gabriel Garcia Marquez #longreads in The New Yorker.
Very sad about Mr. Marquez. A giant and an artist. Read Very Old Man with Enormous Wings. Magnificent.
RT @stevesilberman: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, author of "One Hundred Years of Solitude," has died.
I remember the first kludgy “command centers” from early R6 days. My how times have changed. :: nostalgic sniff ::
I hate Illness of Nondescript Symptoms. #IONS #moreteaplease #allthesleep
Hope checking out the neighbor's dog. She's a solid pup. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #rescuedogs #pitbulls
Had to peek under the covers and steal this shot. She hates the camera. #dogs #dogsofinstagram
This took me way too long.
Kiddo is singing her Lego instructions out loud to the tune of Für Elise.
Got to that point when working on something today when I just couldn’t look at it anymore. Happen to you?
RT @SideraWorks: All questions that we didn’t get to will be included and answered in the eBook you’ll receive. Just not enough time! #SWcollaboration
Thanks all for joining us today, though. Great questions and input, much appreciated. #SWcollaboration
Whoops, sorry we went a few minutes over, folks! #SWcollaborate
RT @britz: I'm paraphrasing... 'Culture is made up of people's daily practices. Change the practices, change the culture'- @hjarche #SWCollaboration
RT @gbrettmiller: If you are looking for increased efficiency in executing something you already know how to do collaboration is not for you. #SWcollaboration
RT @mitchjoel: Want to work with me at Twist Image? We're looking for a Business Development pro with experience:
RT @SideraWorks: While we won’t be doing a full-on chat, feel free to ask anything during the webinar using hashtag #SWcollaboration
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