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I’ve been going since 6am pretty much nonstop. So imma collapse now. Sweet dreams, Twitter.
Toss out a hashtag, think ppl will just use it the way *you* would like? Better be prepared.
Catching up on today’s internet. When oh when will biz/orgs recognize that asking ppl to share doesn’t mean you get to choose what happens?
Don’t worry, no one famous. But still trippy how small the world is. Thanks, internet (?)
That moment when six degrees rears it’s head as someone shares a standup comic’s video…and it’s your teenage boyfriend.
Madness by Muse. What a driving song. Turned up to 11.
Happy Natal Day to @ChuckWendig, who does some fancy stuff with books and things but mostly defends us all from Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada.
RT @techguerilla: Every moment that you spend fighting the inevitable is a moment you could have adapted to thrive. #stl
What a beautiful, happy day it is. Great coffee, old friends, interesting work, a home I love, a kid that is my oxygen. What’s not to love?
Awesome. RT @qikipedia: Amazing tour of UK accents
Awesome. RT @qikipedia: Amazing tour of UK accents
My dog knows exactly when I have to wake up. And starts asking to be let out precisely 15 minutes before that.
So if you’re a human and not an axe murderer, maybe just say hi and I’ll find you. :)
Good grief. Go to follow a few folks back, and what a mess. Anyone who thinks follower counts matter should see the garbage in there!
Anyway, thanks for indulging my meandering mind, as always, Twitter buds. Back to work. :)
Say I’m someone who specializes in taking young startups to profitability/exit/IPO. That changes things, yeah?
Changing jobs every year or two. Par for the modern course or red flag if you’re hiring?
Ow. The cuteness. RT @SaraSantiago: Just one more. (For now.) :]
That. RT @MattNowak1: @AmberCadabra (((((wine)))))
Crap. Forgot to stop at store. Out of wine. To leave again or no? Hmm.
OMG MY KID KICKED ASS. Her first riding lesson and she was amazing. And she’s hooked. And I will now be broke forever.
Congrats to @tamadear and @webby2001 for completing the Boston Marathon!
RT @LauraWitkowski: Don’t Feed the Haters: The Confessions of a Former Troll via @99u
RT @barenakedladies: Eggs are done when the water is gone, house is filled with acrid smoke, and timer is melted to pot. #TheBunnyIsDrunk
Mister @chrisbrogan has unleashed his latest on the world. Freak? Grab your copy:
RT @rbegg: This is great. It’s a fucking startup. Why are you here?
Have you ever ended an interview - on either end of the table - when you simply reached a deal breaker?
Oh, dear. Never disparage a current employer during an interview.
We’d all do well to excise the use of the word “literally” from our lexicon except when truly appropriate. So prevalent in these interviews
Jeez. If you think the biz world is full of politics and BS, try the dog training world. Holy.
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