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I feel like 2014 has been the year of the breakup. So many people I know ending relationships. What gives?
I could really go for a big slice of coconut cake right now.
Hope legit hates the camera and hides when I aim my phone at her. But I was fast this time. :) #hoperescue
I am always so riveted by documentaries about drug culture, gangs, the mob. It’s so utterly foreign to me that I’m sad/fascinated/scared.
This bizarre thing has happened. I cannot eat pork anymore without getting sick. This is not bueno.
Uptalking table full of women next to me bitching about wedding logistics = my personal version of hell
So if you have spare good juju hanging out in your back pocket, please send some over thissaway.
I have a really exciting opportunity on the horizon, and I’m trying very hard to manage my expectations and not get hopes up. BUT MAYBE
I heard someone today describe pibbles as “underdogs”. I love that so hard. #pittiesrock
THANK you. RT @kenburbary: All this talk of Digital transformation. Remember, Structure must follow strategy —not the other way around.
I misplace headphones at an alarming rate.
I love not working in an office but I increasingly find that home isn’t ideal for me either. I work better at a cafe, etc.
Benedict is wonderful as a villain.
Oh. And Benedict. Because yeah.
Finally watching Star Trek: Into Darkness. I love the casting in these new movies. Outstanding.
My dog likes watermelon. Does yours love something weird?
Someday I will be at #SDCC. I gotta do it.
I’m following up on some interest, but please continue to share Casper! He needs our help! #AdoptCasper
6 years being a single parent and it never gets easier to leave my kid.
Thanks all for the migraine help today! I’m new to these so appreciate all the help. And sleep definitely helps! :)
Tacos and Mexican street corn. I should eat this for dinner all the time.
Sigh. If you’ve ever figured out how many X you can buy for Y dollars, yes you *did* use algebra in daily life. So cut it out.
So, I’m new to migraines…what are your best tips for coping? I have dark room, ice packs, caffeine. What else?
Fingers crossed! Several ppl sent in asking about Casper this weekend. Keep them coming! #AdoptCasper
RT @leeodden: I just know there's an amazingly talented person out there for this job: @TopRank Content Marketing Manager
Goddamn it, Twitter. I love you. Thank you for supporting me, and Casper. Xo
RT @TheRebeccaCorry: NEXT THURSDAY!!!!! NEW. STAND. UP. FOR. PITS. T-shirts go ON SALE!!! 100% of profits go the The Stand Up For Pits Foundation!! #savelives
I put Casper in a blog post to make him easier to share. Would you pass his story along? Or might you be his forever?
50. Days. #football
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