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:: happy snoopy dance ::
Ahhhhhhh!!!! I just bought a horse. :)))
RT @TheAuthorGuy: The votes from the Highlands are going to have to be recounted. It appears there's an obscure rule about there being only one. #Scotland
I am so exhausted I can’t sleep.
Holy…hi. Last two days = crazy sauce
Truly sad about Joan Rivers. She was one of a kind, and a woman with grit. Rest peacefully, madam.
This. Is. Awesome. All The Comments on Every Recipe Blog: (ht @DavidBThomas)
Here’s the philosophy I’m taking into my new leadership role (stay tuned). What’s it missing? #leadership
Thanks to all tweeting from #MarTech. Couldn’t make it but you guys helped me get some highlights!
Now putting together the counterpart “Conquer the World” playlist…what are your go-to ass-kicking songs?
Really, Barnes and Noble? Four full rows of magazines about guns and not one of my horse pubs? Jeez.
Sometimes, Chipotle, you complete me.
Making a big public Spotify playlist of the songs that really get you in the feels. Awesome diversity so far. What’s your song(s)?
RT @WSJD: Google is planning a system that lets parents set up and control accounts for kids under 13.
So many reasons I’m not asleep.
What is it with wallowing in songs that are aching and nostalgic? Beautiful pain.
“How is this music; my soul, my lament, my words without language that lays bare my mind and shards only of the breath within” - anonymous
Lost, lost in music tonight. Right now it’s Barber’s painful Adagio, Schippers ‘65. Soul-wrenching. How is that possible with 12 notes?
I think I finally get that Sam Smith song.
I think that whoever I love forever has to feel about music like I do.
Music is the language of my soul, of all the things that words alone just can’t contain.
Also, the acoustic version of All The Same by Sick Puppies
For the record, one song that wrecks me: When You Come Back Down by Nickel Creek
I’m listening to all of your “make me feel stuff” songs and… Wow. I’m going to make a playlist.
I feel so validated when Google Maps tells me I have arrived.
Do you have a song that just wrecks you when you hear it?
I am such a sap. Seriously.
Of COURSE I am not sitting in a wine bar crying like a dork because THAT song came on. NO I’M NOT STOP LOOKING AND BUY ME WINE
Driving through Buckhead today and…jeez. Those are some houses. $$$$$$$$$
This is an issue of learning to live as humans, together, with all of our mess, and find our common ground. #Ferguson
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