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Dan  Conover
Everyone in the house is sneezing and making disgusting noises. Except me. Because I rule, baby. Allergic losers, I PWN YOU!
Ian May
A wine tasting for $5. An excellent inexpensive dinner for two. Excellent craft beers. A Bacon Flavor choc ice. Good way to spend three hours after a day's work.
thats a lot of marshmellow! <thats what she said> - (jeff)isageek
Jared Smith
Yes, lady in the Navigator, you have heard this song on The Weather Channel before.
Dave Slusher
So when the Dems took majority in Congress in 2006 and the first thing Reid and Pelosi did was to "take impeachment off the table", they guaranteed that Bush appointees would be handling all crises, natural disasters, financial meltdowns for the next 2 years. Your hands too are bloody, you assholes.
This is why I have progressive politics but zero identification with the Democratic Party (TM). I'm not on your side until you convince me you are on mine. - Dave Slusher
And if Cheney gets his long desired bombing of Iran and it escalates into armageddon, they will have doomed us when they could have prevented it. I wish I believed in an afterlife in which they'd receive proper punishment. - Dave Slusher
What exactly would an impeachment process have proved? It wouldn't have worked with the makeup of Congress, so he'd still be in power and it would have wasted countless taxpayer dollars and prevented Congress from dealing with anything else. How is that good for America? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
1) I don't buy that it wouldn't have worked and 2) The same reason you pitch high and inside. To let the batter know you aren't afraid to plunk them if they keep crowding the plate. - Dave Slusher
3) Because George W. Bush brags about his crimes without bothering to hide them and when you don't pursue criminals that practice in the open, you get worse criminals behind them. Policing 101. - Dave Slusher
The crimes of Bush and Cheney are many and well-documented. That people use the failure of the Clinton impeachment as justification to not pursue Bush and Cheney proves that the Republican strategy was a winning one. They used a weak form of impeachment to immunize themselves and it worked. - Dave Slusher
Mona Nomura
Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder | -
Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder |
"Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder Richard Stallman Web-based programs like Google's Gmail will force people to buy into locked, proprietary systems that will cost more and more over time, according to the free software campaigner" - Mona Nomura from Bookmarklet
Instead he suggests we write our own software. Yeah, I'll get my mom right on that. - iTad
I agree that one should consider the privacy and ownership ramifications but entirely disagree that using a service like Gmail is "beyond stupid". The cost for me to provide such a service is prohibitive and the technology enables me to be productive and connected regardless of location and independent of my personal computer. I don't put sensitive info on the cloud but Evernote/Gmail/Google Docs/Google Notebook,Wordpress, & magnolia have allowed me to create an amazing library of information. - Keith - @tsudo
cloud computing - in the extreme- is potentially a trap. but i seriously doubt that open source will not always be the alternate option for us. makes you think about where you place your trust with regard to your data and money - Susan Beebe
That beard is a trap! - Roshan Vyas
There was an interesting discussion on this earlier today: - Lindsay
He may be the GNU founder, but he lost the hell out of his scissors and razor. - Mattb4rd
Thanks Lindsay. - Mona Nomura
رونوشت به امین اوبنوتویی . بيا عكس عشقتو انداخته :) - mhmazidi
I would expect that the industry would figure out some way to be compatible to make it easier to encourage other company's customers to move off that cloud to their cloud on a whim. - Ernie Oporto
What's beyond stupid: this guy's paranoia. - Alexander Carlill
on this issue I agree with stallman ... balance privacy with piracy transparently - how safe is *your* information with a bankrupt company? a government with little oversight? - Scott Moskowitz
actually it doesn't cost much at all to host your own mail. Just need an old PC, slap linux or windows onto it and then get a freebie mail server app or even use Zimbra. Then all you need is a domain name and you're sorted :) - alphaxion
RMS is one of those people with whom I rarely agree, but I respect him for being logically consistent and at least *wanting* to do the right thing. - Karim
Bravo! Stallman touches on things i've been thinking about lately, especially after i experienced a temporary 'lockout' from Gmail -- basically, I think it's great to have my apps in the cloud, but I want MY DATA on my disk, or SD card, or laptop, or desktop, or smartphone...not with some disinterested third party. since Ellison and Oracle is quoted: how about making an easy-to-use small footprint clientside DB for regular people, so they don't have to host their data in "the cloud?" SQLite ain't it. - .LAG liked that
i am concerned that gmail is increasingly becoming my sole personal knowledge management hub - for everything. - raheel naqvi
I have moved away from slow, bloated, buggy systems such as MS Outlook, and now use Gmail for all my business and personal mail. No, I don't put anything truly sensitive online, but is my mail in any more danger of a security breach on a Gmail server, than it is on net-connected server at home? Also, I would suggest, that the Gmail server is more reliable than a single PC at home is. No, I don't want to build a raid system at home! - Ian May
it isn't clear from the article whether rms's objections to cloud computing are based on privacy issues or portability. w.r.t. privacy, whether you are using a pop, imap, or web client for gmail, gmail still has visibility into your mail. w.r.t. portability, ok, you can download it, but you lose labels, stars, threads, search index etc. which provides incentive NOT to switch. i gather he is against proprietary clients in general, so unless you are using a GPL'd mail client, he might still think it's bad. - Karim
i am not *agreeing* with rms, just trying to suggest what he might think. and i'm pretty sure there's nothing he "fails to realize" about email. this *is* rms we're talking about. :-) my (perhaps incorrect) understanding is that he doesn't think people should store their email on someone's else's server, regardless of protocol, and they should not use proprietary software. - Karim
as for the "thin" privacy argument, there is a difference between your mail hitting some backbone routers on its way to your mail server, and asking teh goog to just hold it for you and index it and serve you ads based on the content of it :-) and i'm pretty sure he'd find the latter more objectionable than the former... but again, just guessing here. :-) - Karim
@jason: regarding e-mail as a 'bad example' -- you're right, gmail is fundamentally no different than getting your email from yahoo or aol, but 1) don't forget that goog's plan is to store your mail permanently; 2) goog datamines YOUR mail so they can wrap advertising around it, and 3) stallman's vision -- albeit unrealistic for MOST users -- would be for peeps to run their own E-mail servers: with always-on DSL accounts this would be technically possible, but HARD for normal folks to do - .LAG liked that
Dave Slusher
New podcast from a pissed off god -
Another offender in the "Podcast that isn't really a podcast" sweepstakes. I really need to write up a blog post entitled "You Think You Have a Podcast But You Really Don't" that explains why it matters and how to fix that. Then, when I see offenders I just send them the link. - Dave Slusher
Please do. - Derek Coward
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