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American New Book: Senator Schumer Was Regular Visitor to Madoff Offices
Apparently the mainstream media had no interest in pursuing this story -- in fact, this is the first mention I've encountered of the Schumer/Madoff connection. - Sean McBride
I am not at all surprised at Schumer's involvement in the Madoff affair. His and other politicians connections to jewish mobesters and criminals was already exposed in Robert Friedman's The Red Mafia---about the Russian-Jewish organized crime cartel. Schumer and others had run interference/defense for some of the biggest heist and goverment frauds by the Red mafia and jewish Rabbis caught in US gov grant frauds and gas tax swindles --said to have cost the US billions. - American
Of course the msms has no interest in this Their job is to cover up the corruption, not expose it. And we all know why. - American
[Normally Talkative Schumer Turns Silent When Asked About His Former Pal Bernie Madoff: “I am not commenting”] - Sean McBride
[Google; chuck schumer *; 1. aipac 2. benjamin netanyahu 3. bernard madoff 4. gaza 5. guardian 6. iran 7. iran sanctions 8. iraq war 9. israel 10. israel lobby 11. koch brothers 12. mission from god 13. political contributions 14. sheldon silver 15. shomer 16. wall street 17. zionism 18. zoa] - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Facebook is useful
This morning I noticed valuable new Facebook posts from +972 Magazine, Council for the National Interest, Gareth Porter, Guardian, Haaretz, Ian Bremmer, Juan Cole, Middle East Monitor, Mondoweiss, Pat Lang, Richard Silverstein, Times of Israel and Tony Karon - Sean McBride
What you can do with the posts: comment, like, save, share. - Sean McBride
I don't know much about the alternatives, Sean, but have you seen this? "NSA and Facebook Work Together." "Edward Snowden had earlier revealed that the NSA’s notorious PRISM program had provided access to a number of US tech companies and social media services, including Facebook. Facebook, Apple and Google have argued... more... - weareone
I wouldnt touch Facebook with a 10 foot pole. Anything on Facebook related to FP you can get from following the right twitters and right FP sites. - American
I still can't understand the attraction to Facebook, either. - weareone
NSA and several other agencies have full access to most of the public and private Internet, with or without the cooperation of Internet companies and services -- they are able to intercept data that is transmitted between endpoints without control of any assets at the endpoints. So you are not gaining any significant privacy by avoiding Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and other major... more... - Sean McBride
Even Glenn Greenwald is active on Facebook -- and he knows the score. [Facebook: Glenn Greenwald] - Sean McBride
The Congressional Black Caucus may ultimately decide whether Obama critics can nix a nuclear deal with Iran.
Congressional Black Caucus has quit Team Israel. - American
Black population of the US---55 million. Hispanic population of US- 50 million, 90% catholic. Whites in US not includiing hispanics - 197,816,000 million. Jews in US 6 million. I think its time to go back to majority rule. - American
Last summer, during the Israeli's murderous orgy, every single subservient member of the Congressional Black Caucus voted for a resolution that called the massacre legitimate "self defense." So what explains this change? Here's one explanation which seems likely: "The principled opposition to Israeli apartheid on the part of South Africans is in sharp contrast to the immoral support the... more... - weareone
Really-----what a reprehensible travesty for them ever to have supported Israel. - weareone
Sean McBride
Harry Reid endorses Chuck Schumer to succeed him as Senate Minority Leader - The Washington Post -
Harry Reid endorses Chuck Schumer to succeed him as Senate Minority Leader - The Washington Post
This is all about Israel and control of the Democratic Party and the US Congress by the Israel lobby. - Sean McBride
Schumer: I'm on a Mission From God (to Be Israel's Guardian in Senate) - Sean McBride
Harry Reid one of biggest israeli whores ever. You should read the 'love letter' he wrote to his jewish chief of staff---telling him he would be nothing without him and so on---it will make you vomit. Reid is a very stupid, timid, little man who needs a baby sitter to feel safe and function and the jews have been his baby sitters. - American
What American politicians have learned is that befriending the Israel lobby is all upside and no downside from the standpoint of personal careerism -- and that alienating the lobby is all downside and no upside. You've got to go along to get along. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
America Loses No Matter Who Wins the Next Great Middle East War - The Daily Beast -
America Loses No Matter Who Wins the Next Great Middle East War - The Daily Beast
"A cataclysmic war is taking shape in Yemen, one that pits nearly all of Washington’s key allies in the Middle East against Iran and its proxies in a fight that could quickly spin out of control." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"A Saudi-led bombing campaign already has begun and troops from Egypt and some other countries may soon intervene on the ground. All of this was done, according to a Saudi source who is part of the inner circle in Riyadh, without significant American involvement. “We have done this on our own,” this source told The Daily Beast. While the U.S. has a handful of people in a Saudi... more... - Sean McBride
In other news, Saudi Arabia turns a recent Swedish critique of its human rights abuses into an assault on Islam. These guys have helped create a number of failed states in the last few years: Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan. If anything Saudi Arabia shares a large part in destabilizing civil cultures in many Muslim countries to protect their hold on power. The founders of the... more... - peacefly
Saudi Arabia is certainly not innocent, but I would be highly suspicious of this story and this source. The Daily Beast is owned by IAC whose chairman is Barry Diller, previously head of Fox Broadcasting. "All of this was done, according to a Saudi source who is part of the inner circle in Riyadh, without significant American involvement" according to the article; however Press TV... more... - weareone
Have these events ever occurred without US//Israeli involvement? I can't think of an example, so any article that states otherwise raises a red flag, for me. - weareone
If you want to be really afraid for the US start adding up..*' ' the US doesnt dictate to us any more" * clues coming from Europe. Specifically all our allies defying the US and joining China's World Bank which is in competition with the mostly US controlled World Bank organization. The US told them not to join and they did anyway...including Germany, which is Europe's largest economy.... more... - American
A plausible scenario: the Israel lobby will be blamed by Americans for the collapse of the United States as the world's leading superpower. The lobby has pushed policies that were good for Greater Israel but disastrous for America. And liberal Zionists at media outlets like the New York Times will be held as responsible for this mess as Likud Zionists. Could this backlash coincide with and blend in to a major outbreak of antisemitism? -- easily. - Sean McBride
I want my country back -
Jodi Rudoren's advocacy piece for Benjamin Netanyahu against a "harsh...disrespectful... patronizing" President Obama might have been her application for an interview with the PM, but why did the Times run this assault on US policy at the top of the front page? The lobby is embedded in our political culture.
Apparently Mondoweiss has turned off notifications by email for new comments -- which makes new comments across multiple articles nearly impossible to follow efficiently. - Sean McBride
"I’ve never seen anything like this before: the top space of the newspaper turned over to a war- and fear-mongering foreign leader to undermine the US president." - Sean McBride
"But that’s garden-variety journalistic corruption, and the real offense of the piece is staggering. This is the journalistic equivalent of the Tom Cotton neocon letter: a foreign prime minister is given the top space in the New York Times to suggest again and again that Obama has gone off the rails. We are told that the president had “harsh” words for the prime minister and that the president has been “patronizing and disrespectful” to Israeli voters." - Sean McBride
"That’s what’s so mindboggling about the Times piece. The newspaper is once again lending its pages to aggressive Zionists. In the top spot, no less. To take on an American president in his foreign policy." - Sean McBride
"I always underestimated the strength of the Israel lobby. I didn’t want to extrapolate beyond what I’d seen before my eyes. But this piece suggests that the lobby is imbedded in the New York Times itself, that our leading newspaper sees it as its job to support Israel when the president is seeking to reassess his relationship with the country– supporting a rightwing racist foreign... more... - Sean McBride
Is there anyone involved in the US-Isr and Isr-Pal issue that doesnt understand the US press and media is under the domination of jewish -zio-dom? Not even worth wondering about---thats the way it is. You are looking at the exact conditions that existed in jewish dominated Weimar German society that made it easy for Hitler to arouse the population against the jews. Go to the JTA and read some more--its all there...dejavu,dejavu,dejavu----over and over. Never learn. - American
Many Zionists (both Jewish and Christian) are deliberately trying to provoke a Weimar moment with the United States (and the West in general) -- and they may well succeed. It's all part of the grand biblical/cabalistic narrative and master plan. - Sean McBride
"Is there anyone involved in the US-Isr and Isr-Pal issue that doesnt understand the US press and media is under the domination of jewish -zio-dom?" True, American---- which relates to the issue that was discussed on another thread about an article from Veterans Today. Who is credible and how does one determine credibility? Certainly most msm publications like the NYT and WaPo are... more... - weareone
The most interesting development here: the readership of the New York Times and Washington Post is in open revolt against those publications on Israeli issues. Monitoring the comments is fascinating. What must the ownership and management of the Times and Post be thinking? -- the flames are licking at their feet. - Sean McBride
WAO....agreed, there are so few sources that can be trusted. The msm definitely cant be trusted and I dont even trust anti israel sites to be totally accurate. There are some on the ground reporters like Fisk and others I trust and some analysts like Freeman and Walt and Cole. When it comes to Israel and the Jews I primilary trust 'past history' I said its all thing you cant question is 'a pattern' that has repeated itself exactly for 2000+ years. - American
"the readership of the New York Times and Washington Post is in open revolt against those publications on Israeli issues." Sean. Finally--it's taken long enough, but I doubt it will change anything. They'll probably just double down on the lies until the readership in non-existent. American, yes--- patterns can be very revealing. - weareone
Sean McBride
The GOP’s Playing Dangerous Politics with Israel - Rep. Steve Israel - POLITICO Magazine -
The GOP’s Playing Dangerous Politics with Israel - Rep. Steve Israel - POLITICO Magazine
"Never before have I worried about the duel loyalty idiocy. Any Republican who now puts that on the table gives credibility to the notion." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Steve Israel is the perfect example of a jewish/congressional traitor to america. - American
Sean McBride
Harvey Weinstein Urges Jews to Take on Anti-Semites: "Kick These Guys in the Ass" - The Hollywood Reporter -
Harvey Weinstein Urges Jews to Take on Anti-Semites: "Kick These Guys in the Ass" - The Hollywood Reporter
""We're gonna have to get as organized as the mafia," the mogul told the audience at the Simon Wiesenthal Center's national tribute dinner, where he was introduced by friend and competitor Jeffrey Katzenberg as "a really nice Jewish boy."" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
They already are a mafia. How did the World Jewish Congress declaring war on Germany work out for them? There are 7 billion potential anti semites or resisters to Zio-Jewish-dom and only 13 million jews. Their hubris makes them stupid. - American
Haven't Mossad, Sayeret Matkal, Unit 8200 and similar agencies, operating globally with local help, been around for decades? - Sean McBride
"Kick these guys in the ass" suggests that more than fair and open political debate is on the menu. - Sean McBride
Zionism and Christo Zionism now has a New Cult coming after them....heheheh.
Meet Bibi’s New Tribulation-Courting, Jew-Converting, Demon-Exorcising American Allies------- - American
'' Get to know the NAR: they are the future of the Christian Right. Their leaders describe themselves as modern day “apostles and prophets,” anointed by God to reform the church in preparation for the end times. This is a triumphalist theology, one in which the adherents believe they will exercise “dominion” over all of American society, be victorious over their opponents on earth, and convert all the Jews.'' - American
This gonna be sooooo interesting. Here a cult, there a cult, everywhere a cult-cult. - American
American American Jews are taking back their power from Israel US Politics Philip Weiss
This is a truly vomit worthy post from Phil who claims it was 'the jews' who supported the opposition to netanyahu and are responsible for Obama's new hard line on israel. Weiss is one sick fuck....his jewish egotism is in the stratosphere. It was in fact the Congressional Black caucus, specifically Rep Lewis , who first stepped up and led the boycott against Netanyahu's support to Obama. The jews had jack shit to with it. All 'the jews' did during the dust up was either whine about it causing a rift in the dems and Isr or causing anti semitism. - American
Glad to see a few commenters ripped his ass on his jew crap. The more I see of Weiss the more I realize what a sicko he is. - American
marc b. :"good god, what a nauseating paean to exceptionalism..." and "it’s possible that a significant number of Americans are coming to the conclusion that jewish sensibilities should be irrelevant when considering solutions to the IP conflict..." I certainly agree. - weareone
It were mostly the lib Zionist part of the lobby that gave permission to Obama because they don't like Netanyahu. They still support cast lead Livni and apartheid Israel. No change at all. - peacefly
Exactly peacefly. - weareone from iPhone
Sean McBride
Top White House official calls for end to '50-year occupation' | The Times of Israel -
Top White House official calls for end to '50-year occupation' | The Times of Israel
"White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough called for the end of Israel’s “50-year occupation” and doubled down on the Obama administration’s critique of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a warmly received speech to the lobbying group J Street in Washington Monday." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
A related article by Ali Abunimah: "Is Obama really going to get tough with Israel?" " if Obama were serious, the first step he would take is to halt the supplies of weapons that are used to occupy and murder Palestinians...It is late in Obama’s term for him to be considering minimal actions against... more... - weareone
Obama is going to have to do more than talk. It will take total sanctions and or military force on Isr to get them out of Palestine. Obama's problem is he doesnt trust white mainstream americans, has no faith they will back him----if he did he would take to the bully pulpit and lay it all out to the american people...with his emphasis being on 'american' unity and nationalism. I am sure... more... - American
"Obama is going to have to do more than talk." I agree and no doubt, as you say, the Zionists are using race, but Obama has no credibility with many Americans, for very good reasons, and he has rarely displayed the honesty required to do what you suggest. Would Americans even trust him, after so many false promises and lies? I tend to agree with Abunimah's skepticism. - weareone
'' Obama has no credibility with many Americans, for very good reasons'..wao).......I agree. Obama lost them imo by being totally 'unbalanced'. He has governed almost totally for minorities and fringes-- 'jews,, blacks, gays and immigrants--that has been his major concentration and its been glaringly obvious to americans. He had said he was going to make government 'look... more... - American
That's an interesting perspective, American. It seems that many minorities feel equally abandoned by Obama's policies. His appointments have been token, no different from Bush's in substance--perpetuation of the neocon/neoliberal agenda and many in the minority community are highly critical of Obama. Take a look at a few of the headlines from Black Agenda Report: "Why Barack Obama is... more... - weareone
I dont disagree with the black disappointment in Obama either....I'd have conversations with the black lady that has helped us out for decades..she doesnt think he' s approached the black poverty problem in the right way...she calls the liberal answer to it sticking a free milk bottle in their mouths to hush them up.....the basics of blacks have not improved. And those basics are all... more... - American
well, as you may have guessed, I'm kind of for unity, too. :) - weareone
lol....yes I sort of got that in 'wao'. wao is the only thing that works long term for a nation and for equality of people . Together we stand, divided we fall.---Hang together or hang separately. Why more people dont get that basic truth is beyond me. - American
beyond me, too. - weareone
Sean McBride
Israel vs. Judaism » CounterPunch (Norman Pollack) -
"[When I say “humanism hangs in the balance” I mean that Judaism today is in danger of losing its moral-ethical-universal foundations by the stand it takes toward Israel’s policies and historical record of ethnic cleansing, well-antedating Netanyahu, what already regrettably seems or appears to be a losing battle. Israel has the potential both of destroying itself and bringing Judaism down with it in what I believe is a paroxysm of hatred and paranoia of overcompensating conquest. As the reader will see, I am rooting with all my heart for Judaism, which I proudly affirm against the baseness of contemporary Israel.]" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
From the article: " Israel stands in the eyes of America’s political, military, and intelligence communities as code for a still deeper affiliation or attachment, spearhead for US global hegemony, not unlike Britain and NATO, in strategic importance for America’s whole counterrevolutionary agenda (rapidly extended now to the Far East through Pacific-First and the Trans-Pacific... more... - weareone
Pollack is another jewish gatekeeper like MW----->'' ''Needless to say, this is a corruption of Judaism, which for centuries has expressed universal values of peace and mutual respect.''.----->'' '' Jews from say 1900-60 stood in the forefront of humanistic philosophy and learning, interpreted Torah in universal terms favoring welcoming the stranger and helping the underdog. In the... more... - American
Enlightenment and humanist Judaism was a tiny blip within the larger historical arc of Judaism -- and it is a non-factor in contemporary politics. Norman Pollack seems to know very little about the history of his own religious tradition. - Sean McBride
Yea, anytime you see this and this--->Perhaps the whole topic is artificial if not ill-considered given the overwhelming bipartisan support for Israel in America regardless of particular political leadership on either side. ----->Tempest in a tea pot? Probably, because Israel stands in the eyes of America’s political, military, and intelligence communities as code for a still deeper... more... - American
They also as I have said before can never ever write about zionism and israel without bring in anti semites--->' Here I’m reminded of Sartre’s “Portrait of the Anti-Semite,” one who possesses the durability of stone—a hardness of soul and heart allowing nothing to penetrate.'' Who is actually causing more death and destruction in the world right now--the jewish zios and israel or the... more... - American
Sean McBride
The Jewish Left Is Not The Solution, It Is The Heart Of The Problem — Gilad Atzmon -
The Jewish Left Is Not The Solution, It Is The Heart Of The Problem — Gilad Atzmon
"In the last few years, Mondoweiss has become the home for this Hasbara operation. It enthusiastically promotes Judeo-centric half-baked thoughts and comments that are designed to divert attention away from the Jewishness that drives the Jewish State and its lobby. Three years ago Mondoweiss went so far as to ban discussion on the role of Jewish culture and religion in relation to politics. The ‘progressive’ site changed its comment policy, the site’s editorial wrote, “from here on out, the Mondoweiss comment section will no longer serve as a forum to pillory Jewish culture and religion as the driving factors in Israeli and US policy.” As if by banning the discussion, they could influence reality." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Reading Jeff Halper’s Mondoweiss commentary confirms what we have known for some time – the Jewish left does not provide a solution; it is actually the heart of the problem. It is delusional at best and consciously deceitful at worst. It is not surprising that the left has been eradicated in Israel; it had nothing to offer to either the Israelis or the Palestinians. The ‘Jewish Left’... more... - Sean McBride
"The hard core Israeli hawks admit their tribalism and are motivated by the search for a home for their true Jewish nature and the meaning of Jewish politics while our imaginary Jewish ‘dove’ ‘allies’ invest their political energy in concealing what is obvious about a ‘Jewish’ state,’ its Jewishness and the role of that Jewishness in its politics." - Sean McBride
It would be instructive to witness an online debate between Phil Weiss and Gilad Atzmon on these issues -- who is making more sense? One can only tell if the discussion is permitted to develop fully. - Sean McBride
Most progressive anti-Zionists could not handle a debate with Gilad Atzmon -- they are out of their depth. - Sean McBride
He's too honest for them. John Mearsheimer said: "Atzmon’s basic point is that Jews often talk in universalistic terms, but many of them think and act in particularistic terms. One might say they talk like liberals but act like nationalists." - weareone
Some people define "universalism" in terms of their narrow tribal particularism. It can be the ultimate ego and power trip. - Sean McBride
I think it's also that they have an agenda which is in conflict with the universal values of justice and equality. As Atzmon eloquently stated: "one can be either a universalist or tribal, one cannot be both" and they have clearly made a choice. Unfortunately, this marginalizes them, as most of humanity appears to be making a different choice. They're becoming increasingly marginalized... more... - weareone
imo, MW and others like them have nothing, at this point, to add to movements and discussions for universal justice and peace. By banning open discussion of key issues, they missed an opportunity to be a transformative voice in the discussion and are now no different from msm, involved in treacherous attempts to misinform. I rarely read their articles now. Fortunately, we have access to many other sources of information with an inclusive perspective. - weareone
On the macro level, the marginalization and isolation is occurring with Israel as well, with countries on almost all continents discussing or involved in boycotting, divesting or sanctioning... and the ICC. The power dynamic is shifting and the discussion should as well, imo. - weareone
Liberal Zionism and ethno-religious nationalist univeralism are both oxymorons -- they don't make sense on their face -- unless you make the assumption that a single tribe (people, nation) has been divinely ordained to impose its will on all the other tribes (peoples, nations) in the world -- which, when you think about it, is the core theme of the Old Testament. Most progressive... more... - Sean McBride
And that is why many progressive anti-Zionists find Gilad Atzmon to be so disturbing -- he explores that forbidden territory in pursuit of the truth. Atzmon is disturbing in the same way that Spinoza was disturbing. - Sean McBride
Aztmon has always been right. "Jewishness' is the jewish problem. And they will never change because they refuse to admit to the sick and primitive parts of their culture. For 2000 years the same scenairo has played out in the Jewish Tribe where ever they settled in any numbers, the hostility, the demands to be more entitled than all others, their desire to dominate the others, the... more... - American
To the degree that "Jewishness" is associated with messianic and exceptionalist Jewish ethnic nationalism it's a major problem -- and the contemporary Jewish establishment (including the Jewish religious establishment) has worked hard to maximize that association. Progressive anti-Zionists for the most part are unable to acknowledge the ideological roots of the problem -- which is why... more... - Sean McBride
The problem I have with anti zionist like Phil & Co. is their gatekeeping insist that 'zionism has ruined the Jews"....the fact is if that kind of zio supremism wasnt already in their culture they wouldnt have gone for it. Just like race bigots against blacks and muslims, if those people didnt lean toward that kind of supremest attitude to begin with they wouldnt take it up. Their culture is sick and they wont admit it...ipso facto....they will never change. - American
American and Sean--2 related articles--I know that Atzmon usually doesn't discuss Judaism (the religion) and personally, I separate the religion of Judaism from Zionism, but this has been the subject of much discussion on this site so: "Humanism Hangs in the Balance Israel vs. Judaism" by Norman Pollack-- And a follow-up article... more... - weareone
I think any discussion of judaism vr zionism is mostly like asking which came first...the chicken or the egg. As far as I have been able to ascertain with some research into judaism the 'seeds' of zionism were always in judaism. Every religion seems to have bad and good seeds but the bad seeds seem to dominate the jewish tribal culture and keep it more primitive than other---iow... more... - American
American -- you're right: Judaism is ethnic nationalist at its foundational roots and core, as anyone who is capable of reading the Torah will quickly discern. Zionism is a natural and organic expression of Judaism -- which is why the Jewish religious establishment -- including Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist branches -- has embraced it so fervently. Until Jews... more... - Sean McBride
When I tried to open up this conversation on Mondoweiss, quite a few progressive anti-Zionists went crazy -- the topic provokes in them enormous anxiety -- perhaps they feel that it strikes at the root of their identity and being. - Sean McBride
MW will never let it be discussed sean....because it cuts to bone truth--- the bad parts of judaism produced zionism and everything else in their history. Phil and Co and that crew would suicide themselves if the actual inferiority --the still 'primitiveness' of jewishness was exposed. - American
Sean McBride
The US-Israel Relationship Has Changed Permanently | MJ Rosenberg -
The US-Israel Relationship Has Changed Permanently | MJ Rosenberg
"Don't believe it when you read that in a few days, weeks or months, everything will be back to normal in the U.S.-Israel relationship. They won't be." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Note: when it comes to the power of the lobby, the Jewish community is the ball game. Those millions of Christian Zionists out there do not fund Congressional candidacies, nor are their votes in play. Moreover, for them Israel takes a way back seat to such issues as gay rights, illegal immigration, abortion and hating liberals and secularism. AIPAC is focused on only one issue, and directs money to campaigns on only one issue. The conservative Christians are irrelevant." - Sean McBride
mj is saying the same thing about the cz's being irrelevant to who actually makes US- Isr policy as I have said numerous times----take his word for it. They have no real clout on the cabal and committies in congress that make Isr policy. The main thing the cz leaders do is raise money for Isr settlements from their member retards....and of course skim some money off for themselves. - American
American -- once again, opinion is moving strongly in your direction -- MJ is now saying forcefully what you've been saying for years. And it's true: without the Jewish wing of the Israel lobby the Christian Zionist wing would be barely on the map. The CZs basically do what they're told -- without higher direction they would be adrift. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
OMG! Cotton is Kristol’s Protege « LobeLog -
OMG! Cotton is Kristol’s Protege « LobeLog
"While in Iraq, Cotton also struck up a correspondence with Kristol—a fellow former student of Mansfield at Harvard—and when he was subsequently stationed at Arlington National Cemetery, in a prestigious unit called the Old Guard that oversees the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the two men met frequently over drinks and dinner at Washington’s downtown Mayflower Hotel. Kristol saw a kindred spirit in Cotton’s aggressive national-security hawkishness, and the men developed what Kristol describes as ‘a bond beyond pure policy.’” [The Atlantic, The Making of a Conservative Superstar, September 17, 2014)" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"So this relationship, which must have opened up promising vistas for Cotton, goes back nearly a decade at least. And to think they were both mentored by Harvey Mansfield, one of this country’s most influential followers of Leo Strauss and author of the almost cartoonishly patriarchal 2006 polemic, Manliness (which provoked one hilarious New York Times reviewer to ask, among other questions, “when was the last time he [Mansfield] left the faculty club?”)" - Sean McBride
hash tags trending ...#Traitors.....told you so.....traitor trumps the anti semite slur....enough loud and wide spread accusations of 'traitor' is the only thing that will separate 'the I orgs and their politicicans from the US government. And separating them from the US government is the only thing that will end I/P. - American
American -- over the last month there has been a seismic shift in public discussion about Israel, at the highest levels, moving radically in your direction. I'm amazed. I didn't see this coming -- at least not this soon. - Sean McBride
Commenting no longer possible
Just checking -- commenting is working for me. Is anyone else having problems posting comments? Many people are still posting comments in other FF feeds -- with no other reports of the comment button not working. - Sean McBride
Danaa.....Comments are still working. Dont think FF shuts down for good until April 9th. GFTG has already set up its own site to move to when FF shuts down. Meanwhile you can check the FF feed back blog to get some tips on how to save and download some of your FF content and see what is going on. - American
The shut down may be why Taxi kept getting deleted. - American
My commenting box just reappeared, as mysteriously as it disappeared before. But I can only view the commenting thread under any post by clicking on the date stamp. I really couldn't comment earlier (actually since a couple of days ago). I think someone is tweeking things on and off. - Danaa
And now I can even view the comment thread which I couldn't before. Looks to me like some privilege was lost and then restored, just as abruptly. I guess some administrator is watching over me. - Danaa
One could be slightly suspicious of outside hacker mischief directed at members of this group in particular -- but without proof, it's better not to go there. If one wanted to degrade and kill a group, without being too obvious, this would be an effective way to go about it -- keep nicking away incrementally at the edges. File under the concept of emergent cyberwar methods. And cyberwarfare is now the current hottest topic in advanced politics. - Sean McBride
"cyberwarfare is now the current hottest topic in advanced politics" Lukashenko mentioned that in one of his town hall style conferences too. - Raccko
It is impossible to overstate the importance of cyberwarfare in contemporary politics -- cyberwarfare methods can be used effectively to control political conflicts at every conceivable level of activity. And the most effective methods are completely invisible and undetectable -- they are very difficult to defend against. It's no wonder that CIA has just announced its intention to shift its focus to cyber operations -- that is where the action is. - Sean McBride
Where the action is right now -- -- applying machine learning methods to cyberwarfare. - Sean McBride
The declining number of users cannot possibly be the reason for the shutting down of FriendFeed.
There's no revenue from it. It would have been more honest to say "we don't want to be bothered anymore", and this is understandable if very sad. - .mau.
It shouldn't even be a problem with high hardware / bandwidth costs. If this were the case, the people in Facebook could have decided to close which is the real space hog... - .mau.
The latest subscribers had a lot of problems. Maybe FF reached some hardcoded limit and they decided to shut it down before everything goes FUBAR - Angelo Ghigi from Flucso
I would guess that there are few in Facebook that know how FF works and those that do are either moving on or tired of kicking it back to life. - Me
I'm thinking about the post on Quora. "At some point, everyone who knows how to bring the service back up will have left Facebook, something will go wrong, and the servers just won't come back. And then a horde of angry Turkish people will yell at me about it on Twitter, and we will all remember the small but well-loved site it was." It didn't go that way, it seems. - naltro
There are only 3 individuals inside of Facebook that deal with Friendfeed. So shutting it down makes sense if any of them decided to move on. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
sì, ma dai. get a life. - 7 a 1 guest, cioè LiberoF
Facebook wants to herd FF users to Facebook----they are losing 'active' users --people who visit their facebook every day----and to keep revenue up Facebook depends on users clicking on the ads. FF has some uniqueness that is worth money if they wanted to make it profiting making---but Facebook is the one that went 'public' with stock offering and made a ton of money off their ip offering so they are going to do whaetver is necessary to draw more active users for revenue. - American
Sean McBride
Fwd: Dear FriendFeed community, We wanted to let you know that FriendFeed will be shutting down soon. We've been maintaining the service since we joined Facebook five years ago, but the number of people using FriendFeed has been steadily declining and the community is now just a fraction of what it once was. Given this, we've decided that it's...
I've got Facebook and Google+ accounts but have always found their interfaces to be unappealing. I may tweet now and then -- -- or go silent until I see a new social media platform that turns me on. What I have always liked about FF is that it is clean, lightweight, nimble and powerful compared to the competition. Most other people apparently don't share my aesthetic tastes regarding social media software -- they flocked to Facebook. - Sean McBride
Posting comments on blogs controlled by others increasingly strikes me as a waste of time and energy. - Sean McBride
shutting down???? - Raccko
wow-that's too bad, but I guess it explains the lack of tech support. As you mention, Sean, FF does seem to have many advantages and makes dialogue faster and easier, but maybe dialogue is not much valued. - weareone
I dont know if I believe that FF is losing users---from what I hear from everyone I know they are disenchanted with Facebook and are falling away from it. This may be Facebooks way of trying to draw FF users to Facebook. - American
"dialogue is not much valued" -- most people seem to be primarily interested in using the Internet to post their personal photos and family albums -- not to pursue in-depth conversations on complex subjects. FF is the best conversational software I know of. - Sean McBride
I think so too and American, you may be right--that sounds like a possibility. - weareone
sites similar to friendfeed....... be worth checking some of these out if want to continue. - American
Never used facebook cause dont trust it---they were exposed last year for 'steering users' to certain political news sites....their excuse was it was some kind of one time 'experiment' . - American
I've never used facebook either---also-never trusted it :) - weareone
One of the complaints I hear about facebook from friends is that all the 'Like' business attracts hordes of people that want to build up their 'likes and friends" and tons of comments they arent interested in from people they dont know. People tell me now that they dont use it it except to look at photos family post on facebook and several I know have gotten out of it entirely. - American
American -- you are right about Facebook -- and the interface is cluttered and clunky. Current alternatives to Friendfeed: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google Groups, Yahoo Groups, Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger -- none of them are as well-designed as FF as a platform for sharing and discussing news and information. - Sean McBride
I think the financials of Facebook are iffy anyway...Zuckerberg made a ton on the public offering and then sold a big amount of it and then the stock tanked---I dont know where its at now but its depenedent on users clicking on the advertising to make money so if users are dropping out and I think enough are that it concerns them--then it makes sense they would try to snatch and draw in new users from their friend feed site since the FF site doesnt make them any money. - American
Actually, you are right that FF is one of the best I know of for short, quick conversations because you don't have to reload the page. There might be more like it out there but I don't know of them. - Raccko
I think most people who use FF would be happy to pay a yearly fee to do so. FF is the most 'addictive" site imo for users---people get addicted to seeing their thoughts and replies appear instantly. Surprised no one has thought about scooping it up to do just that. I guess it would not represent something big enough for the big boys who want something they can do what Zuckerberg... more... - American
When FF disappears on April 9, many people are going to realize how valuable it was. It was a service that was ahead of its time. - Sean McBride
FF quickly instructs one that you don't need a blog or publication to tell you which news is most important and how to interpret that news -- or moderators to control your interactions with other minds. It's a liberating platform for independent-minded and proactive people who are interested in engaging in in-depth conversations in real time on their own terms -- truly democratic. The American founding visionaries would have loved FF. - Sean McBride
The big players on the net, goggle, facebook, etc are trying to do the exact opposite of what the net started as---free and open---they are trying to corall net users into their services. - American
One of the biggest mistakes the net nerd capitalist make is 'tinkering' with what already works---they keep adding and adding and tweaking and tweaking until the *majority of users --who arent net nerd people who spend all day every day on the net get disgusted with all the time consuming complications and quit it. Check out the problems/complaints posted on the net about all the... more... - American
The same players who enjoyed monopoly control over the mainstream media during the mid-20th century are now trying to impose their centralized autocratic model of communications on the Internet -- the disintegration of their power during the last two decades has driven them crazy. They crave absolute control. - Sean McBride
nail on head. :) - weareone
Some folks are trying to route around the Facebook shutdown of FF: - Sean McBride
Todd Hoff: I'm toddhoffious on ello, but I'm not really getting ello yet. It doesn't seem to have a bookmarklet. - Sean McBride
Hope you will find a workaround. Gamespy shut down one of its games that was so popular that I think people found work arounds for it. There was also a kind of workaround for geocities when that went down called Reocities. - Raccko
How to Create a National Insecurity State -
by Andrew Bacevich Policy intellectuals — eggheads presuming to instruct the mere mortals who actually run for office — are a blight on the republic. Like some invasive species, they infest present-day Washington, where their presence strangles common sense and has brought to the verge of extinction the simple ability to perceive reality. A benign
Bacevich is 100%. - American
The problem is that the Andrew Baceviches in the American foreign policy community are greatly outnumbered by the William Kristols -- and neoconservative and neoliberal policy centers, which tend to be funded by passionately pro-Israel billionaires and hectomillionaires, greatly outnumber realist policy centers. It's more a losing battle than an uphill battle -- the weight of big money keeps tilting more in favor of neocons and neolibs. - Sean McBride
Bacevich wrote that never before in the history of the world was there an example of a nation being taken over by small client state like Isr has taken over the US government. He said therefore it was impossible to predict by historical example how it would end for the US. - American
Might use the history of Weimar Germany by simply interchanging some of the actors. From 1918 thru 1932 and during the great depression in Germany Jews flooded from Russia and other countries into Germany and with outside jewish financing were able to buy up property and business for pennies on the dollar. That was the beginning of the Jews golden age success in Germany and the crux of... more... - American
There are a number of interesting parallels between Weimar Germany and the contemporary United States -- and one can imagine a number of scenarios unfolding -- all of which have probably already been gamed out by a number of interests. It's a volatile situation that could easily blow up. Or perhaps policy corrections will be made that defuse the situation. At the moment the Republican... more... - Sean McBride
Related: "In possible U.S.-Iran conflict, Netanyahu leaves the Jews with no alibi - West of Eden - Israel News | Haaretz (Chemi Shalev)" - Sean McBride
Well they dont really have an alibi except stupidity. One would have thought that the last thing the Jews in the US or outside of Israel would have done after WWII was practice the 'nation within a nation' tribalism, re Israel, that dogged them thru the centuries. So dumb on their part I still cant comphrend it...its dejvu all over again. ''Principiis obsta and Finem respice—'Resist the beginnings' and 'Consider the end.'' They are blind as bats. - American
Perhaps they are working with determination and due deliberation, and with high intelligence, with a script in mind that is inexplicable to most of us. Clearly Christian Zionists are working with a script -- a completely crazy script from the perspective of rational people. Keep in mind that Zionists and antisemites have closely collaborated since the founding of Zionism. The game plan here is arcane -- arguably insane at the root. It may be essentially cabalistic. - Sean McBride
There really are only three things in the script-------Power- Domination- Money----for Isr, Jew-Zios, Christo Zios and Politicians----these three things apply to them all in terms of their leaders - American
Powerful players often provoke conflicts that result in them acquiring even more power. [Google; strategy of tension] - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Benjamin Netanyahu, John Boehner and America’s Evangelicals - (Frank Bruni) -
"Some evangelical Christians’ interest in Israel reflects an interpretation of the Bible’s prophetic passages that’s known as premillennial dispensationalism. It maintains that the End of Days can play out as God intends only if Jews govern Israel and have reconstructed a temple on the Temple Mount, where there’s now a mosque. But just a subset of evangelicals subscribe to that. Others are motivated by their belief, rooted in scripture, that God always intended Israel for Jews and that honoring that and keeping Israel safe is a way of honoring God. God’s blessing of America, they feel, cannot be divorced from America’s backing of Israel." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The conservative Christian television preacher Pat Robertson once publicly suggested that Ariel Sharon had suffered a stroke and that Yitzhak Rabin had been assassinated because both of these former Israeli prime ministers had pursued policies of “dividing God’s land.” “There are evangelical connections to the land,” said Russell Moore, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention." - Sean McBride
"The attacks of 9/11 and the spreading threat of Islamic extremists have further strengthened American evangelicals’ sense of kinship with Jews in Israel, whom they see as crucial partners in fighting butchers who have recently singled out Christians for slaughter. Moore told me that American evangelical leaders are routinely trying to get American lawmakers to focus on anti-Semitism... more... - Sean McBride
Hehehe....this article good example of our discussion the other day on knowing your authors and sources. So let's dissect this. By the numbers. 1) Bruni is a gay and a atheist who has written extensively about his grudge against the gay denying the evangelicals. 2) Bruni also leans conserative but wants the conservatives and GOP to change its views on gays and... more... - American
The role of the Jewish lobby in the Israel lobby is far more consequential in terms of money, organization, planning, propaganda, scripting, direction, production, etc. than the role of Christian Zionists. Without a doubt. Christian Zionists take their marching orders from the Israeli government, AIPAC and dozens of other organizations that are largely funded and dominated by Jewish Zionists. But both sides probably believe that they are manipulating the other side. - Sean McBride
Now lets look at how the premier jewish defender and anti semite warrior at MW, the Donald 'converts' the article------>“Christians loving Jews”? In other words, the NYT is letting a columnist say that love for the far right Likudist position on Israel is the same thing as loving Jews. Interesting that you can say something blatantly anti-Semitic in the NYT and get away with it, so long... more... - American
MW and all other groups/individuals related to israel/Jewish situtation are really ramping up their defense of 'The Jews" as anger is perking over US-Isr .. However in their stupidity and inability to understand the 'other's minds' they are doing more harm than good, both short and long term I told them once what to do, how to do 'disaster defense' I'm not telling them again. Let them... more... - American
mj knowingly or unknowingly demonstrates the first rule in disaster defense----admit the problem. ----- MJ Rosenberg@MJayRosenberg · 2 hrs2 hours ago The Israel lobby is the Jewish lobby. "Christian Zionists" don't bankroll politicians for #Israel. Only Jews do that. - American
Regarding the relative power of Jewish Zionists and Christian Zionists in American politics: - Sean McBride
# compare Jewish Zionists and Christian Zionists for number of * 1. billionaires 2. CFR heads 3. CFR members 4. elite policy center funders 5. elite policy center heads 6. elite policy center members 7. elite university board mambers 8. elite university JDs 9. elite university MBAs 10. elite university Ph.Ds 11. elite university presidents 12. elite university professors 13. Federal... more... - Sean McBride
The power advantage of the former over the latter in terms of political leverage is probably 100 to 1 -- even 1,000 to 1. - Sean McBride
The name of the game in power politics: acquire control over the most important financial, legal, media, policy, academic and cultural centers. Exercise top-down influence from the peak of the pyramid. Craft the narrative. Label heroes and villains. Define the terms and limits of debate. Reward friends and punish enemies. Establish and cultivate a subtle climate of fear and intimidation. - Sean McBride
''Fundamentalism draws its support primarily from the Baptist, Pentecostal and Independent Bible churches associated with individuals such as Haggee, Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsey and Mike Evans. They claim they have 2 million christian zionist. If I am not busy or feel like a trip I may go to this CZ meeting just to observe. - American
If you go, be sure to provide a report. - Sean McBride
# some key power centers in which Jewish Zionists greatly outnumber Christian Zionists 1. AEI 2. Apple 3. Brookings Institution 4. Caltech 5. CFR 6. Columbia 7. Defense Department 8. DNC 9. Facebook 10. Federal Reserve 11. Google 12. Harvard 13. Hollywood 14. Justice Department 15. Microsoft 16. MIT 17. NSC 18. Princeton 19. RNC 20. Silicon Valley 21. Stanford 22. State Department 23. Treasury Department 24. University of Chicago 25. Wall Street 26. WEF 27. World Bank 28. Yale - Sean McBride
By comparison, CUFI is a tiny blip on the screen. - Sean McBride
If you do go to that CUFI meet, go with a perfectly calm mind and absorb the details without outrage or emotion -- simply try to grasp what is going on as clearly and dispassionately as possible. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Statement by NSC Spokesperson Bernadette Meehan on the Special Assistant to the President and White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf Region - EIN News -
"Today, National Security Adviser Susan E. Rice announced that Philip Gordon, Special Assistant to the President and White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf Region will be stepping down, and will be succeeded by Rob Malley, currently NSC Senior Director for Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Gulf States. Dr. Malley will assume his new position on April 6, 2015." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet, suposedly pro peace and fair. However it is past time to quit appointing Jews to a position that involves I/P. I do not care how good they may be, its a posible conflict in waiting. - American
why have we never had an Arab specailist appointed to the ME? 1 billion arabs and only 6 million jews in ME? ...seems rather obviously unbalanced... - American
I agree. - weareone
He ought to appoint Chas Freeman, the Arab expert, and James Baker , Bush I 's political bullet man, to go handle I/P and close it down. - American
How I interpret this appointment: the Obama administration is going to bear down hard to achieve a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians over the next two years. And one can easily predict that Likud Zionists in Israel and the United States will do everything in their power to disrupt or bring down Obama. - Sean McBride
American -- perhaps you were looking for this Wikipedia entry -- [Wikipedia; Robert Malley] "Robert Malley was born in 1963 to Barbara (née Silverstein) Malley, a New Yorker who worked for the United Nations delegation of the Algerian National Liberation Front, and her husband, Simon Malley (1923–2006), an Egyptian-born Jewish journalist who... more... - Sean McBride
Is that a different wiki page on him? for some reason its not coming up for me. or is your point that since his father was egyptian born the son robert might have as much 'arab speciality/interest as he might have 'jewish interest ? That may be --but we have seen in the past that the jewishness of these appointees on I/P and ME always seems to trump in their approach and sugestions on... more... - American
This link works for me: - Sean McBride
I agree that the creation of American Mideast policy should restored to the full control of America-centric experts (and patriots) who have no emotional investment in Jewish nationalism, Arab nationalism or any other form of Mideast-centric ethnic or religious belief system. Pro-Israel activists in the American national security community have wrought havoc on American interests in the Mideast. (But the American military-industrial complex has earned handsome profits from the messes they have created.) - Sean McBride
The jury is still out (for me) on how objective Robert Malley can be in evaluating American interests vs. Israeli interests. He strikes me as being less under the sway of the Israeli government than Dennis Ross and Aaron David Miller -- but that is just a superficial impression. - Sean McBride
Getting him into focus: [# o; Robert Malley+Israel; * 1. articles 2. books 3. dates 4. facts 5. links 6. quotes 7. videos] - Sean McBride
One of the FF registered users can see feeds and comments but she is not able to comment or have her comments appear even on public feeds. What can be causing this?
I think when solving one problem, they wrote some sort of fix that accidentally hides the account of some legitimate users (who have more than one account or do something else that looks suspiciously like what bot spammers do?). So far trying to communicate with who's left at Facebook has not helped. What is the user's username? - Spidra Webster
The users name is Taxi. - American
Spidra Webster: "I think when solving one problem, they wrote some sort of fix that accidentally hides the account of some legitimate users (who have more than one account or do something else that looks suspiciously like what bot spammers do?)" -- have any other FF users reported this problem? Has there been any past discussion about it on FF? - Sean McBride
SM..yes, saw where someon else had this problem some time ago.....üsamem hey. Im invisible i can. See others but they cant my feeds and comments. Helppppp!😱🔥⚡ November 13from Android- Comment- Like - American
She may have inadvertently triggered a spam/bot filter -- perhaps someone reading this with high-level privileges on FF can fix this problem. She is neither a spammer nor a bot. - Sean McBride
<> reply ?
cant see any reply. - Chu_
me either - American
yes we can see you did you solve this or did it just suddenly correct itself? ..its been driving us crazy trying to figure it out. - American
Sean McBride
Menendez Expected to Face Federal Corruption Charges - -
Arguably the most extreme pro-Israel militant in the Democratic Party -- even in the US Congress as a whole. - Sean McBride
Menendez accused Obama of using talking points "straight out of Tehran" -- he essentially accused Obama of being a traitor because Obama wasn't sufficiently deferential to the *Israeli* government. An incredibly confused person. - Sean McBride
Will AIPAC be able to bail Menendez out of this problem? - Sean McBride
MJ Rosenberg: Menendez to be charged for corruption; that will slow his efforts to get us into war for Israel. - Sean McBride
Quite a few I-Firsters appear to be suddenly embroiled in scandals. If i was an optimist I'd say someone is making an effort to get them. Wonder if it could be that old timey WASP cabal that S. Clemons mentioned years ago was beginning to form.. - American
Sean McBride
America Must Reject Netanyahu’s War Cry on Iran - (Sheldon Richman) -
"Netanyahu’s narrative is a fabric of lies and omissions." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Moreover—and this ignored fact seems rather important—Israel is the nuclear monopolist of the Mideast. That hardly anyone talks about this is at once remarkable and unsurprising. But think about it: Israel has hundreds of nuclear warheads—some of them on invulnerable submarines capable of surviving a first strike. Even if Iran built one warhead, it would be useless—except as a... more... - Sean McBride
"As Gideon Rose, editor of Foreign Affairs magazine (published by the establishment Council on Foreign Relations), said on CNN recently, Israel could "destroy Iran this afternoon." If there is an existential threat, Israel is the source and Iran is the target." - Sean McBride
'' But think about it: Israel has hundreds of nuclear warheads—some of them on invulnerable submarines capable of surviving a first strike.;)........Another example of how It is impossible for any jew to write about Israel without his ego exaggerating isr power. This is also why I keep saying these people are truly stupid---they just make up shit or repeat shit and dont even ever fact... more... - American
LOL...everything about Isr is a hype and ponzi scheme. they've been faking it to make it for 70 years and still havent made it---still a welfare state of US and Germany and dependent on the holocaust whine and blackmail and suing the world for money for jewish existence. - American
Obama: Netanyahu is a “Liar” and a “Coward”--
This article was written in 2013 but could have been written today. "Rarely, if ever, has any American President openly shown such contempt for the leader of another nation. Even the leaders of wartime enemy nations get more respect." - weareone
"What makes this situation even more astonishing is that since the murder of John F. Kennedy, Israel has had a death grip on the American presidency:" - weareone
"•- Lyndon Johnson, in league with Israel, called off JFK’s covert war on Ben Gurion’s nuclear program, allowed Israel to steal American nuclear material, and conspired with Israel to launch the 1967 war and murder American servicemen on the USS Liberty.... •- Robert Kennedy’s virtually guaranteed election to the presidency was forestalled by an assassination plot. The mind-controlled... more... - weareone
"•- President Carter was ejected from office after one term by the Israeli-dominated media together with the “October surprise” plotters in the Bush crime family. Carter’s offense: Pushing the Israelis to give back the land they stole in their 1967 war of aggression. •- President Reagan was held in check by the Israelis, who had plenty of material to blackmail him and Vice President... more... - weareone
"Will the President who finally gives Israel the thumbs-down sign be none other than Barack Obama? Probably not. Zionist power is still too great. But one thing is certain: Given half a chance, Obama will give the “thumbs down” sign to the coward and liar Benjamin Netanyahu." - weareone
Two years later, I'm not sure that I agree that "Zionist power is still too great." It appears to be eroding quickly. - weareone
I wish Veterans Today would be more careful about separating well-documented historical facts from conspiracy speculations. Conspiracy speculations are worth pursuing and investigating in depth, to see where they go, but should never be mistaken as proven statements of truth about the world until they are in fact proven. - Sean McBride
Let's imagine a worst-case scenario in which all these speculations above are true: would it be possible for Israel to accomplish these amazing feats of political manipulation without substantial cooperation from powerful non-Jewish players in the American power structure, military-industrial complex and national security community? I honestly don't see how. Why would the CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI, etc. stand back and let any foreign government get away with such criminal and sinister activities? - Sean McBride
you assume the CIA wasn't created by their puppets. - pepsi
In answer to your question Sean-- no, I don't think it would be possible without substantial cooperation. "Why would the CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI, etc. stand back and let any foreign government get away with such criminal and sinister activities?" You might ask the same question of US elected officials or the US media. - weareone
weareone -- one must conclude, then, that what is going on here is quite complicated and requires in-depth unpacking with regard to interests and motives. - Sean McBride
Sean, I agree, but if democracy is to exist, it's incumbent upon every informed citizen to do their own research in search of the truth. It's unlikely that governments will admit their crimes against their citizens. It's rare for someone who has access to facts that expose government criminality, like Edward Snowden, to expose the truth. It's really each individual's responsibility, imo. - weareone
Of course -- individuals should be investigating the operations of their government and holding it accountable. But they need to rely on solid facts and rational arguments when making assertions about the world -- if they want to be taken seriously, that is. - Sean McBride
For instance, I vaguely recall that Kevin Barrett claimed that Mossad was involved in the Boston Marathon bombing. I didn't see any solid evidence to support that assertion -- and I looked carefully. When I see analysts making two or more questionable claims like this, I tend to stop paying attention to them. They give the impression that they are bending (or inventing) "facts" to fit their theories and speculations. - Sean McBride
Real conspiracies are bad enough without fantasizing about unreal conspiracies. Shaky conspiracy speculations and theories undermine serious political research. - Sean McBride
Conspiracy theory is a much misused label, often used to discourage deeper inquiry and to limit the discussion. Others have made similar speculations. I think it's important, in a democracy, for everyone to be able to share their perspective. Who determines credibility? - weareone
If you don't feel comfortable with this topic, I'll remove the post, but I don't agree that it shouldn't be discussed. - weareone
I think it must be discussed. - weareone
Conspiracy theories are based on speculations and vague associative thinking, not on logically connected and locked-down facts. Intel agencies are masters of flooding the world with false conspiracy theories as a tool to muddy the waters and confuse the public about real conspiracies. That is why one must be careful not to be taken in by skillfully crafted disinformation dishonestly packaged as truth-seeking -- it is a conjuror's trick. - Sean McBride
No, by all means leave it up -- the subject is worth debating. - Sean McBride
Which government agency do you feel is not capable of criminal activity? - weareone
All governments and government agencies are corruptible -- that's the historical track record in all times and places. Power tends to corrupt. - Sean McBride
For instance, Watergate and Iran-Contra were real conspiracies, not conspiracy theories -- investigators nailed down their facts and charges right and proper. - Sean McBride
But before the crimes were solved there were many speculations ---"conspiracy theories" by your definition, which were discussed. For example in the case of Watergate, the Washington Post ran many articles, which you may consider speculation, in search of truth before the crime was solved. Was the Warren Commission report the definitive answer to the Kennedy assassination? - weareone
Yes -- all investigations begin with speculations -- speculations provide leads to explore. But don't mix up speculations with facts -- keep them carefully segregated until you know what is really what. When the facts come together to powerfully support your speculation, it is no longer a speculation or theory -- it is well-established truth. - Sean McBride
The Washington Post uncovered Watergate by pursuing one solid fact after another -- until all the facts came together and revealed the truth. - Sean McBride
This all comes down to truth standards -- the higher your truth standards, the better. It requires a great deal of patience and skepticism to maintain high truth standards. - Sean McBride
Sean, from what I've read, the facts in the Watergate case were not even considered unassailable by the reporters and editors at the time that they went to press because they could never be 100% certain of the reliability of their sources. My point is that discussion of these topics should not be tabled until certain "truth standards" are met. Discussion may be helpful in exposing the truth. I've got to run now, but if you'd like, we can continue the discussion another time. - weareone
'' weareone -- one must conclude, then, that what is going on here is quite complicated and requires in-depth unpacking with regard to interests and motives. - Sean McBride)...Whats complicated about it? - American
American, I believe that exposing the truth is often difficult, which is what I assumed Sean meant by "requires in-depth unpacking," but perhaps I misinterpreted his comment. - weareone
weareone -- you got what I meant. Quite a few special interests are tangled up in these activities in complex ways in ever-shifting alliances of convenience -- it's difficult to sort out. And of course these special interests are adept at blocking inquiries into what they are up to. But it's doable with the right analytic tools. - Sean McBride
An example of how one begins to sort out these matters: - Sean McBride
# o; CFR (Council on Foreign Relations); d2015; member+*; * 1. billionaire 2. Christian 3. Jew 4. Mormon 5. Muslim 6. Protestant 7. Roman Catholic // You need to be able to fill in the blanks and graph the data. - Sean McBride
I think American may be saying that the ideas presented in the article aren't complicated. Getting definitive proof may be difficult but the idea that Zionists/Israel may be deeply involved in these acts is straightforward. - weareone
Sean, it isnt complicated. Its simply a matter of identifying all the various special interest that are operating. Some of them are in 'shifting alliances' and cooperate with another, some dont. JINSA is connected to the arms industry for Israel's benefit, thats why they stack their board with retired US generals, On the other hand the Catholic church is connected to immigration because... more... - American
The difficulty is in exposing it to the 'general public'--because the media is also serving many agendas. - American
Can't improve upon your message, American. - weareone
American -- good comment. - Sean McBride
LOl....I am a full blown paranoid or cynic now....I take nothing at face value in anything i read by anyone from any source without researching the author background or source to see if they have a agenda in what they are putting out and promoting. The state of US journalism and media today is such that too many of them do have agenda and are propagandizing. - American
To clarify my position: I think the world is full of real conspiracies and always has been -- but I think one should rely on well-developed collections of concrete facts when making charges and claims on these matters -- otherwise one risks being discredited, dismissed and marginalized. I also think that the Israel lobby is probably the most powerful player in contemporary American... more... - Sean McBride
Never believe in anything until it's officially denied - Claud Cockburn - peacefly
Sean McBride
The Mystery of the Netanyahu Disaster, and a Possible Explanation - The Atlantic (James Fallows) -
The Mystery of the Netanyahu Disaster, and a Possible Explanation - The Atlantic (James Fallows)
Paul Pillar: "The prime objective that Netanyahu is pursuing, and that is quite consistent with his lobbying and other behavior, is not the prevention of an Iranian nuclear weapon but instead the prevention of any agreement with Iran. It is not the specific terms of an agreement that are most important to him, but instead whether there is to be any agreement at all. Netanyahu's defense minister recently made the nature of the objective explicit when he denounced in advance “every deal” that could be made between the West and Tehran. As accompaniments to an absence of any agreements between the West and Iran, the Israeli government's objective includes permanent pariah status for Iran and in particular an absence of any business being done, on any subject, between Washington and Tehran." - Sean McBride
George Friedman: "This is the heart of Israel's problem. ... Israel does not want to be considered by the United States as one power among many. It is focused on the issue of a nuclear Iran, but it knows that there is no certainty that Iran's nuclear facilities can be destroyed or that sanctions will cause the Iranians to abandon the nuclear program. What Israel fears is an entente between the United States and Iran and a system of relations in which U.S. support will not be automatic." - Sean McBride
"" George Friedman: "This is the heart of Israel's problem. ... Israel does not want to be considered by the United States as one power among many.').....EXACTLY. This is what W&M explained in 'The Israel Lobby' book. Israel must try to keep itself as the ONLY ally of the US in the ME. ---and all other countries as enemies of the US and of Israel---got to keep the 'partnership' claim. W&M also went into a lot of history of Isr sabatoging US attempts at normal relations with other ME countries also - American
Hit the nail on the head, for sure. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Taxi's feed is now readable here:
# a few valuable tools for amping up anyone's news feed on any topic 1. Google Alerts 2. Google News 3. News360 4. Nuzzel 5. Pocket 6. Prismatic 7. Twitter search 8. Zite - Sean McBride
Nuzzel is crazy good -- its AI algorithm can run circles around the best human editors. - Sean McBride
And now Taxi's account seems to have disappeared again -- what's up? - Sean McBride
Didn't Taxi claim that she had two accounts: Taximondo and Taxilady? Were they two different actual Accounts, or were they two different actual Feeds created by a single user? - Raccko
Could she have made the same mistake as last time and deleted her whole account when she just wanted to delete a feed? - Raccko
That is what I am wondering -- perhaps someone can contact her. This is really strange -- she had her account up and running and in fine shape earlier today. - Sean McBride
Annie blocked my messages to you on MW about FF. - Raccko
TAXI MONDO is still up and running - Raccko
On contemporary social media platforms, no one is able to interfere with communications among other parties -- and that is why they are so liberating. - Sean McBride
What the h is with the Taxi feed..... I have gotten 2 different emails to subscribe to her feed---the first was dead as a door nail and 'not found'---the second one went down shortly after I subcribed and commented. ??????????????????? - American
She needs to check in with someone here and explain what happened. It isn't likely that she accidentally deleted her account. Yesterday she was enthusiastic about getting it up and running and seemed to understand how to manage it. - Sean McBride
Think about switching over to a Mondo group on - Raccko
Geez Louise -- what the heck happened? - Sean McBride
(Taxi appeared again for a few moments -- at -- and then disappeared again.) - Sean McBride
Got the taxy1...dont think she is making the same mistakes, not four times. Her location in Lebanon might be the problem. Been reading about net censorship in Lebanon and Isr hacker team that hacks various sites and etc. Might be that someone is taking her down every time she registers and gets going...or someone playing games on FF.Odds are against her accidently deleting herself this many times. - American
The reason I don't think it is too likely that someone at Facebook/FF is behind this -- I have never seen reports of similar previous activity from anyone -- not a single incident. There is a possibility of outside hackers being involved -- but no proof yet. You should create an alternative secure channel to communicate with her about what's going on. - Sean McBride
Too many things dont make sense--for instance taxi said she tried to contact me thru the old American-ME feed I created years ago------> ...but that she couldnt because it was a 'private' feed.---its not private and I just checked it to make sure setting hadnt changed.... its still public and anyone can post there. So if she reappears tell her to go there. - American
You could create a feed for her and then give her adm privilages----that is if she's even able to stay registered to comment on FF at all. - American
I just checked -- that feed you mentioned is in fact public, not private -- I don't understand why Taxi thinks it's private. In fact, I've never been able to get a clear description of what is going on on her end regarding any of these issues -- if I did, I am certain I would be able to sort them out. - Sean McBride
She should set up Facebook and Twitter pages for herself -- both of which provide alternative channels for communication. - Sean McBride
Overall I've noticed that most Mondoweiss commenters have no understanding of how to use social media -- not an inkling. They tend to be passive, not proactive. - Sean McBride
Maybe she kookoo? - Raccko
Maybe playing hide and seek or amusing herself? I don't know -- whenever I try to systematically debug her tech issues the conversation quickly stops. It's impossible to solve tech problems without facts and details. - Sean McBride
Warren’s out, as list of skippers surges, and White House offers Selma for Iran -
The number of Democrats who will skip the speech doubled in the last few days, to 57, though Robert Menendez says he will walk Benjamin Netanyahu down the aisle
This is an excellent essay by Phil Weiss -- an example of why I keep reading him. - Sean McBride
Phil quotes Richard Cohen: "The fact is that the United States does not need Israel." - Sean McBride
Phil: 'The special relationship between the U.S. and Israel is “in danger” not because of a personality conflict between the leaders but because– surprise– the countries don’t share interests after all.' - Sean McBride
The mistake there is that although Phil will admit that the US and Isr dont share interest----he will Not admit that the presence of Jews in the US and that fact that more of them than not either actively or passively 'support the US supporting Isr. ' is a problem and its not just a 'few rich jews'. Do you see any US politicians pandering to non jewish american citizens on israel... more... - American
57? Looks like we might be hitting under the 90% attendance bar this time. - Raccko
Netanyahu’s speech and the end of the Israel lobby -
Netanyahu's speech has exposed the power of the Israel lobby, and it will never be the same. The American establishment is too diverse, and we are all tired of the lobby's 40-year-run in power.
"It is my belief that much of the Jewish establishment’s view of the world is a trauma-induced delusion." This is disingenuous, at best, and once again casts Jews in the role of victim. If Weiss really wanted to tell the truth he would acknowledge that the Jewish establishment and zionism are intricately intertwined and share a world view motivated by a desire for power, money and... more... - weareone
Totally agree wao. Phil is, as Aztmon has said, a gatekeeper for 'The Jews" if not for Israel. And his trauma 'hasbara' is as transparent as the zionist troll's hasbara. Just as in this latest article Phil will start a 'headline' about the Lobby or etc.---but then he always 'segways' into The Jews, their elitness,their wealth, etc.. He pretends to criticize it but he actually revels in... more... - American
You're absolutely right, American. I should really stop commenting on his articles. He clearly has no interest in exposing the truth on this issue. - weareone from iPhone
I've heard these critiques of Mondoweiss bandied about -- controlled opposition, Mossad flytrap, Mossad honeypot, Mossadweiss, Yet Another Israeli Op, etc. -- but I am not quite willing to go there yet. But peculiar issues and anomalies are becoming increasingly evident. It's obvious that Phil hasn't really sorted out his self-contradictory attractions towards both ethnocentric... more... - Sean McBride
"It's obvious that Phil hasn't really sorted out his self-contradictory attractions towards both ethnocentric tribalism and universalism." Well, in that case, perhaps he should have chosen a different name for his site--mondo-- meaning something striking or remarkable of its kind. He had an opportunity to make it remarkable but imo, he squandered that opportunity by perpetuating the... more... - weareone
I didnt sleep in a Holiday Inn last night but I will play psychologist for Phil just for fun. In his 3 part "Notes on My Racism' and some other post he made on Jews and WASP he once said that when at Harvard he stayed in the Jewish clique where they made fun of the upper crust WASP --but that he envied the WASP group for their 'self assurance' and he 'studied' their mannerisms and how... more... - American
imo, after 12 years on this issue I dont believe the uber identity jews can be changed or will ever admit to the myths their culture has invented about Jews. I dont even try to point any of this out to them any more, its pointless. Their brains are firewalled against any truth or historical facts or ratiionality on this. I excommunicated myself from MW several weeks ago, the hypocrisy... more... - American
Quite a few progressive anti-Zionists are as ethnocentric as Benjamin Netanyahu or Shmuley Boteach -- it's all about me, me, me and the travails and melodrama of my ethnic collective -- nothing else matters -- other people don't exist. The endless ethnic solipsism can become tiresome. At some point, many of us want to move on. - Sean McBride
And the question that keeps arising: why are some of us much more ethnocentric in our outlook on the world than others? What are the cultural and psychological factors in play? That is not a subject about which most Mondoweiss denizens seem to be curious. In fact, for some them, the topic provokes extreme anxiety and defensiveness. - Sean McBride
"Quite a few progressive anti-Zionists are as ethnocentric as Benjamin Netanyahu or Shmuley Boteach -- it's all about me, me, me and the travails and melodrama of my ethnic collective -- nothing else matters -- other people don't exist." Very true, Sean. The series of articles that American mentioned "Notes on My Racism" are revealing in that regard. These beliefs are ever present in his writing. - weareone from iPhone
'' What are the cultural and psychological factors in play? )......You know where it came from, you have argued it yourself. It started in their religion, the choseniness and then the victimnhood because of being chosen innocents. And then it 'became' their 'culture'. It is still their culture. Always will be. If they cant make it in america after all they have been given and favored by---they cant make it anywhere. - American
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