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Anyone here? reply and subscribe. Thanks.
Here I am. I have to go do some stuff right now I have ignored and put off for a week. So will check back later. Read your DM on this....Good idea. - American
this is set to private right now taxi. let's work out the bugs, if any, and then make public or keep private. makes no difference here... - Chu_
I dont see taxi appearing here, is she subscribed? - American
Also a comment you made here yesterday is now missing....????? - American
I think I deleted it yesterday. I made this public now, to see if Taxi still has issue gaining access. I asked her to try and join today, if she can. - Chu_
Chu....did you know this other taxi ff is still active?........ - American
I can see the link, so I assume yes. - Chu_
<> reply ?
cant see any reply. - Chu_
me either - American
Sean McBride
America Must Reject Netanyahu’s War Cry on Iran - (Sheldon Richman) -
"Netanyahu’s narrative is a fabric of lies and omissions." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Moreover—and this ignored fact seems rather important—Israel is the nuclear monopolist of the Mideast. That hardly anyone talks about this is at once remarkable and unsurprising. But think about it: Israel has hundreds of nuclear warheads—some of them on invulnerable submarines capable of surviving a first strike. Even if Iran built one warhead, it would be useless—except as a... more... - Sean McBride
"As Gideon Rose, editor of Foreign Affairs magazine (published by the establishment Council on Foreign Relations), said on CNN recently, Israel could "destroy Iran this afternoon." If there is an existential threat, Israel is the source and Iran is the target." - Sean McBride
'' But think about it: Israel has hundreds of nuclear warheads—some of them on invulnerable submarines capable of surviving a first strike.;)........Another example of how It is impossible for any jew to write about Israel without his ego exaggerating isr power. This is also why I keep saying these people are truly stupid---they just make up shit or repeat shit and dont even ever fact... more... - American
LOL...everything about Isr is a hype and ponzi scheme. they've been faking it to make it for 70 years and still havent made it---still a welfare state of US and Germany and dependent on the holocaust whine and blackmail and suing the world for money for jewish existence. - American
Obama: Netanyahu is a “Liar” and a “Coward”--
This article was written in 2013 but could have been written today. "Rarely, if ever, has any American President openly shown such contempt for the leader of another nation. Even the leaders of wartime enemy nations get more respect." - weareone
"What makes this situation even more astonishing is that since the murder of John F. Kennedy, Israel has had a death grip on the American presidency:" - weareone
"•- Lyndon Johnson, in league with Israel, called off JFK’s covert war on Ben Gurion’s nuclear program, allowed Israel to steal American nuclear material, and conspired with Israel to launch the 1967 war and murder American servicemen on the USS Liberty.... •- Robert Kennedy’s virtually guaranteed election to the presidency was forestalled by an assassination plot. The mind-controlled... more... - weareone
"•- President Carter was ejected from office after one term by the Israeli-dominated media together with the “October surprise” plotters in the Bush crime family. Carter’s offense: Pushing the Israelis to give back the land they stole in their 1967 war of aggression. •- President Reagan was held in check by the Israelis, who had plenty of material to blackmail him and Vice President... more... - weareone
"Will the President who finally gives Israel the thumbs-down sign be none other than Barack Obama? Probably not. Zionist power is still too great. But one thing is certain: Given half a chance, Obama will give the “thumbs down” sign to the coward and liar Benjamin Netanyahu." - weareone
Two years later, I'm not sure that I agree that "Zionist power is still too great." It appears to be eroding quickly. - weareone
I wish Veterans Today would be more careful about separating well-documented historical facts from conspiracy speculations. Conspiracy speculations are worth pursuing and investigating in depth, to see where they go, but should never be mistaken as proven statements of truth about the world until they are in fact proven. - Sean McBride
Let's imagine a worst-case scenario in which all these speculations above are true: would it be possible for Israel to accomplish these amazing feats of political manipulation without substantial cooperation from powerful non-Jewish players in the American power structure, military-industrial complex and national security community? I honestly don't see how. Why would the CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI, etc. stand back and let any foreign government get away with such criminal and sinister activities? - Sean McBride
you assume the CIA wasn't created by their puppets. - pepsi
In answer to your question Sean-- no, I don't think it would be possible without substantial cooperation. "Why would the CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI, etc. stand back and let any foreign government get away with such criminal and sinister activities?" You might ask the same question of US elected officials or the US media. - weareone
weareone -- one must conclude, then, that what is going on here is quite complicated and requires in-depth unpacking with regard to interests and motives. - Sean McBride
Sean, I agree, but if democracy is to exist, it's incumbent upon every informed citizen to do their own research in search of the truth. It's unlikely that governments will admit their crimes against their citizens. It's rare for someone who has access to facts that expose government criminality, like Edward Snowden, to expose the truth. It's really each individual's responsibility, imo. - weareone
Of course -- individuals should be investigating the operations of their government and holding it accountable. But they need to rely on solid facts and rational arguments when making assertions about the world -- if they want to be taken seriously, that is. - Sean McBride
For instance, I vaguely recall that Kevin Barrett claimed that Mossad was involved in the Boston Marathon bombing. I didn't see any solid evidence to support that assertion -- and I looked carefully. When I see analysts making two or more questionable claims like this, I tend to stop paying attention to them. They give the impression that they are bending (or inventing) "facts" to fit their theories and speculations. - Sean McBride
Real conspiracies are bad enough without fantasizing about unreal conspiracies. Shaky conspiracy speculations and theories undermine serious political research. - Sean McBride
Conspiracy theory is a much misused label, often used to discourage deeper inquiry and to limit the discussion. Others have made similar speculations. I think it's important, in a democracy, for everyone to be able to share their perspective. Who determines credibility? - weareone
If you don't feel comfortable with this topic, I'll remove the post, but I don't agree that it shouldn't be discussed. - weareone
I think it must be discussed. - weareone
Conspiracy theories are based on speculations and vague associative thinking, not on logically connected and locked-down facts. Intel agencies are masters of flooding the world with false conspiracy theories as a tool to muddy the waters and confuse the public about real conspiracies. That is why one must be careful not to be taken in by skillfully crafted disinformation dishonestly packaged as truth-seeking -- it is a conjuror's trick. - Sean McBride
No, by all means leave it up -- the subject is worth debating. - Sean McBride
Which government agency do you feel is not capable of criminal activity? - weareone
All governments and government agencies are corruptible -- that's the historical track record in all times and places. Power tends to corrupt. - Sean McBride
For instance, Watergate and Iran-Contra were real conspiracies, not conspiracy theories -- investigators nailed down their facts and charges right and proper. - Sean McBride
But before the crimes were solved there were many speculations ---"conspiracy theories" by your definition, which were discussed. For example in the case of Watergate, the Washington Post ran many articles, which you may consider speculation, in search of truth before the crime was solved. Was the Warren Commission report the definitive answer to the Kennedy assassination? - weareone
Yes -- all investigations begin with speculations -- speculations provide leads to explore. But don't mix up speculations with facts -- keep them carefully segregated until you know what is really what. When the facts come together to powerfully support your speculation, it is no longer a speculation or theory -- it is well-established truth. - Sean McBride
The Washington Post uncovered Watergate by pursuing one solid fact after another -- until all the facts came together and revealed the truth. - Sean McBride
This all comes down to truth standards -- the higher your truth standards, the better. It requires a great deal of patience and skepticism to maintain high truth standards. - Sean McBride
Sean, from what I've read, the facts in the Watergate case were not even considered unassailable by the reporters and editors at the time that they went to press because they could never be 100% certain of the reliability of their sources. My point is that discussion of these topics should not be tabled until certain "truth standards" are met. Discussion may be helpful in exposing the truth. I've got to run now, but if you'd like, we can continue the discussion another time. - weareone
'' weareone -- one must conclude, then, that what is going on here is quite complicated and requires in-depth unpacking with regard to interests and motives. - Sean McBride)...Whats complicated about it? - American
American, I believe that exposing the truth is often difficult, which is what I assumed Sean meant by "requires in-depth unpacking," but perhaps I misinterpreted his comment. - weareone
weareone -- you got what I meant. Quite a few special interests are tangled up in these activities in complex ways in ever-shifting alliances of convenience -- it's difficult to sort out. And of course these special interests are adept at blocking inquiries into what they are up to. But it's doable with the right analytic tools. - Sean McBride
An example of how one begins to sort out these matters: - Sean McBride
# o; CFR (Council on Foreign Relations); d2015; member+*; * 1. billionaire 2. Christian 3. Jew 4. Mormon 5. Muslim 6. Protestant 7. Roman Catholic // You need to be able to fill in the blanks and graph the data. - Sean McBride
I think American may be saying that the ideas presented in the article aren't complicated. Getting definitive proof may be difficult but the idea that Zionists/Israel may be deeply involved in these acts is straightforward. - weareone
Sean, it isnt complicated. Its simply a matter of identifying all the various special interest that are operating. Some of them are in 'shifting alliances' and cooperate with another, some dont. JINSA is connected to the arms industry for Israel's benefit, thats why they stack their board with retired US generals, On the other hand the Catholic church is connected to immigration because... more... - American
The difficulty is in exposing it to the 'general public'--because the media is also serving many agendas. - American
Can't improve upon your message, American. - weareone
American -- good comment. - Sean McBride
LOl....I am a full blown paranoid or cynic now....I take nothing at face value in anything i read by anyone from any source without researching the author background or source to see if they have a agenda in what they are putting out and promoting. The state of US journalism and media today is such that too many of them do have agenda and are propagandizing. - American
To clarify my position: I think the world is full of real conspiracies and always has been -- but I think one should rely on well-developed collections of concrete facts when making charges and claims on these matters -- otherwise one risks being discredited, dismissed and marginalized. I also think that the Israel lobby is probably the most powerful player in contemporary American... more... - Sean McBride
Never believe in anything until it's officially denied - Claud Cockburn - peacefly
Sean McBride
The Mystery of the Netanyahu Disaster, and a Possible Explanation - The Atlantic (James Fallows) -
The Mystery of the Netanyahu Disaster, and a Possible Explanation - The Atlantic (James Fallows)
Paul Pillar: "The prime objective that Netanyahu is pursuing, and that is quite consistent with his lobbying and other behavior, is not the prevention of an Iranian nuclear weapon but instead the prevention of any agreement with Iran. It is not the specific terms of an agreement that are most important to him, but instead whether there is to be any agreement at all. Netanyahu's defense minister recently made the nature of the objective explicit when he denounced in advance “every deal” that could be made between the West and Tehran. As accompaniments to an absence of any agreements between the West and Iran, the Israeli government's objective includes permanent pariah status for Iran and in particular an absence of any business being done, on any subject, between Washington and Tehran." - Sean McBride
George Friedman: "This is the heart of Israel's problem. ... Israel does not want to be considered by the United States as one power among many. It is focused on the issue of a nuclear Iran, but it knows that there is no certainty that Iran's nuclear facilities can be destroyed or that sanctions will cause the Iranians to abandon the nuclear program. What Israel fears is an entente between the United States and Iran and a system of relations in which U.S. support will not be automatic." - Sean McBride
"" George Friedman: "This is the heart of Israel's problem. ... Israel does not want to be considered by the United States as one power among many.').....EXACTLY. This is what W&M explained in 'The Israel Lobby' book. Israel must try to keep itself as the ONLY ally of the US in the ME. ---and all other countries as enemies of the US and of Israel---got to keep the 'partnership' claim. W&M also went into a lot of history of Isr sabatoging US attempts at normal relations with other ME countries also - American
Hit the nail on the head, for sure. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Taxi's feed is now readable here:
# a few valuable tools for amping up anyone's news feed on any topic 1. Google Alerts 2. Google News 3. News360 4. Nuzzel 5. Pocket 6. Prismatic 7. Twitter search 8. Zite - Sean McBride
Nuzzel is crazy good -- its AI algorithm can run circles around the best human editors. - Sean McBride
And now Taxi's account seems to have disappeared again -- what's up? - Sean McBride
Didn't Taxi claim that she had two accounts: Taximondo and Taxilady? Were they two different actual Accounts, or were they two different actual Feeds created by a single user? - Raccko
Could she have made the same mistake as last time and deleted her whole account when she just wanted to delete a feed? - Raccko
That is what I am wondering -- perhaps someone can contact her. This is really strange -- she had her account up and running and in fine shape earlier today. - Sean McBride
Annie blocked my messages to you on MW about FF. - Raccko
TAXI MONDO is still up and running - Raccko
On contemporary social media platforms, no one is able to interfere with communications among other parties -- and that is why they are so liberating. - Sean McBride
What the h is with the Taxi feed..... I have gotten 2 different emails to subscribe to her feed---the first was dead as a door nail and 'not found'---the second one went down shortly after I subcribed and commented. ??????????????????? - American
She needs to check in with someone here and explain what happened. It isn't likely that she accidentally deleted her account. Yesterday she was enthusiastic about getting it up and running and seemed to understand how to manage it. - Sean McBride
Think about switching over to a Mondo group on - Raccko
Geez Louise -- what the heck happened? - Sean McBride
(Taxi appeared again for a few moments -- at -- and then disappeared again.) - Sean McBride
Got the taxy1...dont think she is making the same mistakes, not four times. Her location in Lebanon might be the problem. Been reading about net censorship in Lebanon and Isr hacker team that hacks various sites and etc. Might be that someone is taking her down every time she registers and gets going...or someone playing games on FF.Odds are against her accidently deleting herself this many times. - American
The reason I don't think it is too likely that someone at Facebook/FF is behind this -- I have never seen reports of similar previous activity from anyone -- not a single incident. There is a possibility of outside hackers being involved -- but no proof yet. You should create an alternative secure channel to communicate with her about what's going on. - Sean McBride
Too many things dont make sense--for instance taxi said she tried to contact me thru the old American-ME feed I created years ago------> ...but that she couldnt because it was a 'private' feed.---its not private and I just checked it to make sure setting hadnt changed.... its still public and anyone can post there. So if she reappears tell her to go there. - American
You could create a feed for her and then give her adm privilages----that is if she's even able to stay registered to comment on FF at all. - American
I just checked -- that feed you mentioned is in fact public, not private -- I don't understand why Taxi thinks it's private. In fact, I've never been able to get a clear description of what is going on on her end regarding any of these issues -- if I did, I am certain I would be able to sort them out. - Sean McBride
She should set up Facebook and Twitter pages for herself -- both of which provide alternative channels for communication. - Sean McBride
Overall I've noticed that most Mondoweiss commenters have no understanding of how to use social media -- not an inkling. They tend to be passive, not proactive. - Sean McBride
Maybe she kookoo? - Raccko
Maybe playing hide and seek or amusing herself? I don't know -- whenever I try to systematically debug her tech issues the conversation quickly stops. It's impossible to solve tech problems without facts and details. - Sean McBride
Warren’s out, as list of skippers surges, and White House offers Selma for Iran -
The number of Democrats who will skip the speech doubled in the last few days, to 57, though Robert Menendez says he will walk Benjamin Netanyahu down the aisle
This is an excellent essay by Phil Weiss -- an example of why I keep reading him. - Sean McBride
Phil quotes Richard Cohen: "The fact is that the United States does not need Israel." - Sean McBride
Phil: 'The special relationship between the U.S. and Israel is “in danger” not because of a personality conflict between the leaders but because– surprise– the countries don’t share interests after all.' - Sean McBride
The mistake there is that although Phil will admit that the US and Isr dont share interest----he will Not admit that the presence of Jews in the US and that fact that more of them than not either actively or passively 'support the US supporting Isr. ' is a problem and its not just a 'few rich jews'. Do you see any US politicians pandering to non jewish american citizens on israel... more... - American
57? Looks like we might be hitting under the 90% attendance bar this time. - Raccko
Netanyahu’s speech and the end of the Israel lobby -
Netanyahu's speech has exposed the power of the Israel lobby, and it will never be the same. The American establishment is too diverse, and we are all tired of the lobby's 40-year-run in power.
"It is my belief that much of the Jewish establishment’s view of the world is a trauma-induced delusion." This is disingenuous, at best, and once again casts Jews in the role of victim. If Weiss really wanted to tell the truth he would acknowledge that the Jewish establishment and zionism are intricately intertwined and share a world view motivated by a desire for power, money and... more... - weareone
Totally agree wao. Phil is, as Aztmon has said, a gatekeeper for 'The Jews" if not for Israel. And his trauma 'hasbara' is as transparent as the zionist troll's hasbara. Just as in this latest article Phil will start a 'headline' about the Lobby or etc.---but then he always 'segways' into The Jews, their elitness,their wealth, etc.. He pretends to criticize it but he actually revels in... more... - American
You're absolutely right, American. I should really stop commenting on his articles. He clearly has no interest in exposing the truth on this issue. - weareone from iPhone
I've heard these critiques of Mondoweiss bandied about -- controlled opposition, Mossad flytrap, Mossad honeypot, Mossadweiss, Yet Another Israeli Op, etc. -- but I am not quite willing to go there yet. But peculiar issues and anomalies are becoming increasingly evident. It's obvious that Phil hasn't really sorted out his self-contradictory attractions towards both ethnocentric... more... - Sean McBride
"It's obvious that Phil hasn't really sorted out his self-contradictory attractions towards both ethnocentric tribalism and universalism." Well, in that case, perhaps he should have chosen a different name for his site--mondo-- meaning something striking or remarkable of its kind. He had an opportunity to make it remarkable but imo, he squandered that opportunity by perpetuating the... more... - weareone
I didnt sleep in a Holiday Inn last night but I will play psychologist for Phil just for fun. In his 3 part "Notes on My Racism' and some other post he made on Jews and WASP he once said that when at Harvard he stayed in the Jewish clique where they made fun of the upper crust WASP --but that he envied the WASP group for their 'self assurance' and he 'studied' their mannerisms and how... more... - American
imo, after 12 years on this issue I dont believe the uber identity jews can be changed or will ever admit to the myths their culture has invented about Jews. I dont even try to point any of this out to them any more, its pointless. Their brains are firewalled against any truth or historical facts or ratiionality on this. I excommunicated myself from MW several weeks ago, the hypocrisy... more... - American
Quite a few progressive anti-Zionists are as ethnocentric as Benjamin Netanyahu or Shmuley Boteach -- it's all about me, me, me and the travails and melodrama of my ethnic collective -- nothing else matters -- other people don't exist. The endless ethnic solipsism can become tiresome. At some point, many of us want to move on. - Sean McBride
And the question that keeps arising: why are some of us much more ethnocentric in our outlook on the world than others? What are the cultural and psychological factors in play? That is not a subject about which most Mondoweiss denizens seem to be curious. In fact, for some them, the topic provokes extreme anxiety and defensiveness. - Sean McBride
"Quite a few progressive anti-Zionists are as ethnocentric as Benjamin Netanyahu or Shmuley Boteach -- it's all about me, me, me and the travails and melodrama of my ethnic collective -- nothing else matters -- other people don't exist." Very true, Sean. The series of articles that American mentioned "Notes on My Racism" are revealing in that regard. These beliefs are ever present in his writing. - weareone from iPhone
'' What are the cultural and psychological factors in play? )......You know where it came from, you have argued it yourself. It started in their religion, the choseniness and then the victimnhood because of being chosen innocents. And then it 'became' their 'culture'. It is still their culture. Always will be. If they cant make it in america after all they have been given and favored by---they cant make it anywhere. - American
How Gaza’s Natural Gas Became the Epicenter of an International Power Struggle---
"Guess what? Almost all the current wars, uprisings, and other conflicts in the Middle East are connected by a single thread, which is also a threat: these conflicts are part of an increasingly frenzied competition to find, extract, and market fossil fuels whose future consumption is guaranteed to lead to a set of cataclysmic environmental crises." - weareone
"Amid the many fossil-fueled conflicts in the region, one of them, packed with threats, large and small, has been largely overlooked, and Israel is at its epicenter. Its origins can be traced back to the early 1990s when Israeli and Palestinian leaders began sparring over rumored natural gas deposits in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Gaza. In the ensuing decades, it has grown... more... - weareone
"After 25 years and five failed Israeli military efforts, Gaza’s natural gas is still underwater and, after four years, the same can be said for almost all of the Levantine gas. But things are not the same. In energy terms, Israel is ever more desperate, even as it has been building up its military, including its navy, in significant ways. The other claimants have, in turn, found larger and more powerful partners to help reinforce their economic and military claims." - weareone
[Google; israel gaza natural gas] - Sean McBride
Hi wao, to show how much I luv you I am breaking my vow of not gracing Sean’s feed with my brilliance...LOL A few comments on this post for future reference on the oil discussions..not really on the Gaza situtation. Beware of claims that ‘oil is behind it all in the ME’ claims. The fact is the US now imports only 25 to 30% of its oil needs—and the US actually ‘exports’ some of it own... more... - American
Here are some links to actual facts and can see that the US could actually draw more oil from other nations and cut out Saudi and OPEC altogether if it chose to - American Company Level Imports With Data for December 2014 | Release Date: February 27, 2015 | Next Release Date: March 30, 2015 | XLS Previous Issues Month: December 2014 Import Highlights Monthly data on the origins of crude oil imports in December 2014 show that one country, Canada, exported more than one million barrels per day to the United... more... - American
How dependent are we on foreign oil? Over half of U.S. petroleum imports come from the Western Hemisphere Some may be surprised to learn that over 50% of U.S. crude oil and petroleum products imports came from the Western Hemisphere (North, South, and Central America, and the Caribbean, including U.S. territories)... more... - American
So the real issue and question regarding ME oil I think you can easily see is in who the major oil’ players’ are....not the supply of oil’. Except to as I said to the global economy being dependent on the ‘supply’. These players are in various countries and positions in oil production and they are in ‘competition’ and more than that they must constantly push for profits according to... more... - American
Who are the major players supplying the world oil market? Last Updated: September 30, 2014 - American
This info is not to say that the Isr desire to take Gaza's oil field is not correct, it is---they do intend to steal it....eternal parasites that they are. I just wanted to show that 'oil availability' for now at least and in re to US is used as a red herring by some interest---its really the 'profit' angle as in which country the 'private co. oil producers' maximize their profit in. - American
And yea we are going to have cataclysmic environmental crises if we dont do something about the kind of energy we use. - American
Just pass this on when you run into the 'its only oil, not Israel influence' that accounts for US ME policy. - American
American -- good to see you again. (And FYI -- I am generally not into grudges and feuds -- and am usually tolerant of intense disagreements on some issues with natural allies.) Nice set of comments on the oil issue here -- with which I agree. - Sean McBride
Thanks American and Sean. American, I had no idea when I posted the article that it might entice you to break your vow--but I'm so happy that it did. We can all benefit from your brilliance and spirit. :) Thanks for the articles and all of the information. I'll read them this weekend. - weareone from iPhone
thanks,,,:) other thing to note in oil ME discussion not mentionedin the sources is that the Saudi and other oilies are investor/stakeholders in several US refineries---so they profit both ways---selling oil to the US and then in refining it. That also adds to the politics. - American
Yes it sure does. Thanks. - weareone from iPhone
What is this?
I got this email today 2/24 2015 saying taxi subscribed to my friend feed: - American
( Taxi (taxi3) ( has subscribed to your FriendFeed. Subscribe back ( Taxi recently joined FriendFeed, and hasn't shared anything yet. - American
When I hit the subscribe back link is shows file not found. - American
I also received a notice that Taxi subscribed to my Friendfeed feed this morning -- but when I tried to subscribe back to her, the link was no longer available: (with two i's). Perhaps she changed her mind about setting up the account. - Sean McBride
Fwd: Israel gives $1 million honor to Wikipedia founder, five others - (via
OT! OT! OT! But you need to read this. Did you know there is an Office of Antiboycott Compliance (OAC)? It applies mainly to businesses, by when did they sneak this through, fercissake? I don't have time today but someone who publishes on MW needs to underscore it. It's under Penny Pritzker's control. - MRW_8
a company out of kansas city was fined a few years ago for this - JustTheFactsPlease
"These "antiboycott" laws are the 1977 amendments to the Export Administration Act (EAA) and the Ribicoff Amendment to the 1976 Tax Reform Act (TRA)." - pepsi
"The Arab League boycott of Israel is the principal foreign economic boycott that U.S. companies must be concerned with today. The antiboycott laws, however, apply to all boycotts imposed by foreign countries that are unsanctioned by the United States" - pepsi
AIPAC doing the work of the nightflower, while the congress rush to sign it into law, all the while mainstream media are silent. Shit… How did you find this MRW? - Chu_
North Kansas City company settles charge related to boycott of Israel - JustTheFactsPlease
They are that stalker girlfriend that will never leave you. And the Weiss brigade missed this story- What good are they besides Jewish group therapy? - Chu_
SAID YOU - JustTheFactsPlease
oh man I forgot how mad it used to make me when I read Werdine's shitposting. I am mad at you for triggering me pepsi - JustTheFactsPlease
we’ve been bilked long enough by these soulless greedy power obsessed occupiers. - Chu_
The anti boycott for israel law has been around a long time. I didnt know they had an 'actual office' for it however. To best of memory very few have been prosecuted under it. or two I read about. It mainly for Arab companies who wont buy anything containing Israeli materials. if a US company were to get a request for anything Not containing Israeli material and honored by... more... - American
But not enforced? How long? - Chu_
I must have missed the Werdine era. - pepsi
Even people who follow the Israel infiltration of the US and think they know the extent of it, dont know the half of it. Down to the 'book buying and recommendation services' for public libraries in the US. I spent all my research time the second year after my discovery of US ziojewish octopus just finding all the tentacles. I cant even remember it all--thats how much it is. I regret... more... - American
true, they've got their feeder hooks deep into the belly of the beast. Gonna be hard to throw them overboard, as they've gamed it to take you with them. P - Chu_
One file I would spend some time on is collecting the non jewish and offical reports of embassy heads and officers and other reporters of various countries that were in Germany. I have seen a few by British,US consuls and reporters that describe the German complaint of Jewish monoply and litteral control of many sectors in Germany at the time as legitimate...and damaging to the German population.. If it was anything like what the uber jews are doing in the US then Germans had a point. - American
The IRS could set all the zios up and wipe them out if they wanted too.....all it would take is the order to do it, the Justice Dept and fixing a few courts----the same tricks they use. - American
The zio trolls always throw up this law as why BDs is illegal...they are so stupid - American
well aren't they technically right? - JustTheFactsPlease
'well aren't they technically right? - JustTheFactsPlease).....Cant remember the exact wording of the law' but it was restricted to US companies refusing to 'buy' Israel tainted materials just because they are Israeli --and honoring Arab request for Non Israelis tainted materials. It was aimed at the Arab boycott of Isr. I dont remember it saying anything about US companies refusing to... more... - American
I don't understand how it is illegal for a company to tell another company where a part/material originated from - JustTheFactsPlease
isn't that more about trade tariffs, etc. - Chu_
"I must have missed the Werdine era." For some reason, I thought Werdine was a much older Christian. Did he play that part once, or am I remembering wrong? - Todd
Todd, he was a white guy who said he was a Lebanese-American Muslim, who changed his views to be totally pro-Israel. He's an illusion that hasbara crafted. - Chu_
If I remember correctly, the few exchanges I had with him were about Christianity, and he came off as an American. I would have never taken him for a Muslim or non-American. - Todd
Chu, I found a link to these regulations on a site.This is a fucking political decision regulated into the Department of Commerce? Did any of you hear the debate? Was this put up for a public discussion? - MRW_8
American, you wrote, "Down to the 'book buying and recommendation services' for public libraries in the US." I've noticed this separately. The nation's public l;libraries are being culled of historical documents. I buy used copies of books from Amazon all the time when an older book is not available. What do you know about this "book buying and recommendation services" thing? Have any links? - MRW_8
I read the site and JTF posted cases of companies being sued. Each instance of a boycott from a business I read can result in a fine of up to 50,000$! I can post it on MW. Not sure anyone read's my comments though! Fucking AIPAC skirted around the boycott by stealth, and the msmedia's cowardice will not report on it. Brian Williams is more important for sure. How did you find this bill?... more... - Chu_
BDS is only a few years old. They did this in 2011 from my cursory read of this. - MRW_8
I was searching for a date also, since american said this was old news, but why doesn't the intercept or someone pick this up? - Chu_
Chu, I found it VIA a website referenced on was a link trail. - MRW_8
i think they've framed this as an Arab/Israel issue. Also there was a boycott in the 1970's Arab/Israel but 10,000$ at the time. - Chu_
US Anti-Boycott Laws: Top 5 Things Exporters Should Know April 2014 - Chu_
"Even people who follow the Israel infiltration of the US and think they know the extent of it, dont know the half of it. Down to the 'book buying and recommendation services' for public libraries in the US...." I don't doubt that. I'm pretty sure at least some university libraries purge books on the PI topic. Two books that I read years ago are no longer available when I recently looked. And large booksellers obviously promote pro-Israel books. - Todd
Article excerpt Jan 2015: "Fair Competition. Companies should be certain that the local entity is aware of and committed to observing anti-bribery and fair competition law, including the U.S Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions. And, though companies may want to have discussions around... more... - Chu_
big fines like 50k can destroy businesses. This is also a warning to corporate america. - Chu_
I searched MW yesterday form my phone when I was out. There was a mention of the Office of Anti-boycott whatever but I couldn't access the page on my phone. - MRW_8
here's the MW article: also has relevant links I'm guessing. - Chu_
The U.S. didn't rank close to the top in a recent study on economic freedom. At least that's been reported lately. I've heard the headlines, but don't know the specifics. Not surprising if true. - Todd
On Point Comment: Woody Tanaka March 12, 2014, 4:40 pm Oh, what a Wonderland that zionism has turned the world into, so that an ethno-religious exclusivist ideology like zionism once properly deemed by the UN as racist no longer deemed so by that same group (thanks, pressure on small weak nations by the zionist-controlled US government!!!), and yet the fight against that ethno-religious exclusivist ideology is slurred as racist. Down is up and up is down. - Chu_
todd, u should sign on to MW again. my comments don't get filtered anymore. I think they need more critiques - Chu_
This is known as Gresham's Dynamic: Bad ethics pushes out good. Good ethics cannot survive in an environment of bad ethics. - MRW_8
Jonathan Swift wrote about this: "The Lilliputians look upon fraud as a greater crime than theft. For, they allege, care and vigilance, with a very common understanding, can protect a man’s goods from thieves, but honesty hath no fence against superior cunning. . . . [W]here fraud is permitted or connived at, or hath no law to punish it, the honest dealer is always undone, and the knave gets the advantage (Swift, J., Gulliver’s Travels (1726))." - MRW_8
AMERICAN, you on now? scroll up and see my library culling request. Thx. - MRW_8
Chu, I think my IP address was banned. - Todd
then that means it banned an entire neighborhood, todd. - MRW_8
try it, Todd. - MRW_8
So there is no way to ban an individual? Is there a way to do that, and what is the terminology? - Todd
Just try setting up an account and see what happens. - MRW_8
MRW, as far as the book thing is concerned, I can remember reading a Eustace Mullins book where he discusses how ADL agents would go into bookstores and pick out the ones they didn't like and make sure they were removed. - JustTheFactsPlease
"Any publication which rejects Jewish censorship is either driven out of business, or taken over by Jewish financial interests. A book which is published by gentiles who are not of the shabez goi class is ignored by the book review departments of mass publications, and bookstores refuse to stock it, for their stocks are reviewed monthly by traveling ADL agents who enter the store... more... - JustTheFactsPlease
THE BIOLOGICAL JEW by Eustace Mullins - JustTheFactsPlease
I'm kind of leery of Weiss after having my name revealed on the site without my knowledge. I tried several times a few years ago to set up a new account to reply to some of you all, but nothing ever went through. I could try again just to see. - Todd
what's the point of spending time writing a post on mondoweiss, just so you can wait (sometimes days) for the superior jews to deem your comment worthy of their truth hating approval? - pepsi
Say it Loud, I'm Goy and I'm Proud - pepsi
It seems like it'd be way more productive to create a facebook account, from which you can comment on a wide variety of web sites with gentile readership who don't hate the truth with every fiber of their being. - pepsi
I'm with you, Pepsi. - Todd
not that I should talk, since I've stopped participating in all social media except for this private feed. I need to do more. But circle jerking with the JKK isn't on my agenda. - pepsi
The place to challenge weiss would be in person at a public speaking engagement. Otherwise he'll pretend not to hear you and censor your comment. - pepsi
Maybe it's just me, but I've noticed that comment sections from Yahoo to HuffPo and The Atlantic have really eased up on censoring Israel criticism. I think taking on Israeli apologists, hasbarists and Jewish supremacists in front of a much larger American audience makes more sense. - Todd
correct. You can even cast subtle doubt on the 6 million holocaust number, and cast doubt on 9/11 - pepsi
the mondojews are basically pathological liars, just more nuanced. Trying to talk them out of their deceptions and self-deceptions is like trying to talk Jeffrey Epstein out of his compulsive attraction to 13 year olds. - pepsi
I've even seen the official holocaust story debated in the comment sections of Yahoo stories lately with very little censorship. Something has changed, and these threads go on for thousands of posts over weeks. Everyone reads Yahoo, and these stories are featured daily. Who really reads Weiss? Nobody who would listen to me. - Todd
They're all Orthodox Jews, that's my recent conclusion. The details of their orthodoxy are just pilpul. - pepsi
Masadaweiss - pepsi
it's amazing how much they keep themselves in an isolated thought ghetto. Probably the best place to try to change their opinions on something (fat chance) would be on twitter. I've hit anniefofani pretty hard for being a token gentile, with extensive quotes of Weiss' bigotry. - pepsi
You can be as effective as you want on twitter, which presents its own problems. I deleted my twitter account to keep a lower profile. - pepsi
speaking of low profile, Todd you should look to see if there's a free VPN, or invest in one if not. You can conceal your IP address, and even choose which country you want to be seen as coming from. If you ever did want to comment at mondo, it would be cake with a VPN. - pepsi
I use ZenMate. But I don't have any desire to troll Weiss or anyone else. - Todd
twitter was a lot of fun. Addictive even. Slapping MJ Rosenberg upside the head with his own secret Jew-first Jewish nationalism, asking Max B during the last Gaza massacre, "at what point does a liberal Jew start to question all of Jewish history?", and tipping Gilad off to supremacist comments he might have missed by Max or Phil, while Gilad was on tour. - pepsi
I've gotta run for now. I don't mean to dismiss commenting on mondoweiss as a complete waste of time. It's probably more effective than I'll ever know. it just seems like there are much more effective venues, and giving mondoweiss another token goy just gives them credibility. I'd almost like to see it be exclusively Jews, so that it's harder for them to kid themselves. - pepsi
and even then, they wouldn't have any inconvenient epiphanies. - pepsi
"W]here fraud is permitted or connived at, or hath no law to punish it, the honest dealer is always undone, and the knave gets the advantage." Who doesn't witness that on a daily basis. I don't claim that there was any golden age in the past when society was pure and chaste, but I think it's obvious that America is way off the rails right now. I heard a report yesterday that 80% of the... more... - Todd
Todd, I only suggested it cause there are so many idiots on MW. They deserve criticism. I occasionally drop in and check it out. But I can understand wanting to avoid it completely, after they banned so many commentators in order to satisfy the trolls and and ensure they are kept safe from reality. - Chu_
No problem, Chu. I took it as a compliment, and I don't get many of those. - Todd
good. - Chu_
"isolated thought ghetto" I like... - Chu_
"Slapping MJ Rosenberg upside the head with his own secret Jew-first Jewish nationalism..." What was the reaction? - Todd
What was the reaction? - Todd .. BLOCKED - pepsi
Annie posted the AIPAC behind new US/EU trade legislation designed to thwart BDS - Chu_ from Android
'but honesty hath no fence against superior cunning' - that should be a warning/slogan for a 3rd party presidential run. - Chu_
MRW...nope that link and article bit the dust in the great melt down of 2012. But it was about the 'book jobbers'...that libraries use to buy books. These companies also provide 'recommendations' or offer 'package deals' on books and are by necessity joined at the hip with publishers. Publishers give better wholesale deals to jobbers who will push certain books. About 2/3 to 3/4 of all... more... - American
Sean McBride
Well, I finally moved the needle on discussion about the Judaism/Zionism issue on Mondoweiss.
It took a few months but I knew that eventually this controversy would get sorted out in a reasonable way. - Sean McBride
See this discussion -- the topic has opened up considerably: "Israel should pay 1.4 million Palestinians to leave Gaza, Moshe Feiglin says" - Sean McBride
Why do you care about saving Judaism? You need to connect with the *real world of life and death*, the Palestine plight and the Zionizing of the USA government. The last thing you need to do is encourage Jews to think about themselves and study their Judaism navel any more than they already do---that self absorption and narcissism is their problem to begin with. - American
The main objective here is to find ways to modify the influence of the Israeli government on the American government -- and to reduce the hold of Old Testament cultism on the minds of American Jews and Christian fundamentalists. We need to reconnect and realign American culture with the attitudes and value system of its Enlightenment founders. - Sean McBride
Are you a chess player? - Sean McBride
If you want to rid the US of Isr/Jewish/Zionist influence you go after the US politicians and the media . The Jews and Judaism haven't changed in 2000 years and they are not going to. And no one has time to wait for them to if they were capable of change. - American
I/P isnt a chess game. Maybe you need to be plunked down in a Palestine refugee camp or stuck in Gaza the next time the Jews and the Judaism you want to save drop a 1000 tons of bombs on men, women and children. This is not an intellectual pursuit or game for hobbyist . - American
*All* political conflicts are exercises in combinatorial game theory. If you can't play, you can't win. - Sean McBride
# some chess concepts you should take the trouble to master 1. absolute pin 2. advantage 3. attraction 4. bind 5. blockade 6. blunder 7. breakthrough 8. brilliancy 9. building a bridge 10. calculate 11. check 12. checkmate 13. clearance 14. combination 15. connected passed pawns 16. connected rooks 17. consolidation 18. control of the center 19. counterplay 20. cover 21. cramped 22.... more... - Sean McBride
"Going after" US politicians and the media will get you nowhere -- you need an effective strategic plan -- one that is superior to that of your opponent. - Sean McBride
The Israel lobby has been running circles around its opponents for decades now by playing smart. - Sean McBride
For the definitions of the chess terms above, see [Wikipedia; Glossary of chess] - Sean McBride
At the highest levels of play, you maneuver your opponent into a position in which it defeats itself. That takes strategic planning and skill -- not blunt forward attacks based on the emotion of the moment. - Sean McBride
How to play stupid: [Wikipedia; Sonny Corleone] and [Youtube; Sonny is Killed - The Godfather (4/9) Movie CLIP (1972) HD] - Sean McBride
Keep deluding yourself that this is all some chess game of great strategy instead of the simple corruption that it is. Corruption is not 'maneuvered" out, it is attacked and thrown out. Live long enough and you will learn that if history hasnt woken you to that fact yet. - American
Put another way: if Tom Brady focused on hurling verbal abuse at Peyton Manning, would the New England Patriots beat the Denver Broncos? Winning in politics is not about yelling at your opponents -- it's about executing a strategic plan with skill. You need a brilliant plan and the skills with which to execute it. Planning and execution is the name of the game. And effective strategic plans usually rely on multilayered misdirection. - Sean McBride
I doubt that the National Defense University would endorse your approach to political conflict. [Wikipedia; National Defense University] - Sean McBride
A conviction of moral superiority over your opponent is not sufficient to win political conflicts. - Sean McBride
The National Defense Univ?...LOL You do understand dont you that 'war plans' and strategies are 'plans' based on the use of brute 'force'. - American
And the use of brute force always occurs within a complex strategic context -- within a set of carefully prepared political plans which rely heavily on scientific propaganda and psychological warfare. Military force is a branch of politics -- not vice versa. You keep putting the cart before the horse. - Sean McBride
You are advocating the Sonny Corleone approach to politics -- as opposed to the Michael Corleone approach. Thrashing as opposed to thinking and planning. - Sean McBride
You dont really know what's involved in what I am advocating. That's your intelligence failure. You 'assume' you know. Big mistake. - American
You have been quite clear about what you are advocating -- I am capable of reading plain English. - Sean McBride
So, Sean, do you plan, single-handedly to defeat the powerful genocidal regime in Israel by using chess maneouvers and logical debates to convince "people" (who exactly?) that zionism was always embedded in Judaism? you do realize, I hope, that at least among jewish persons, the response would be 'dah"? just because Mooser puts up road blocks in your path doesn't mean there two and... more... - Danaa
As for the non-Jews, you may convince a couple of not very knowledgeable ones that indeed judaism has in it the seeds of its own destruction. And then what - eradicate it? what is your end plan? - Danaa
I think that in general, looking too hard for logic in history and/or international affairs is a bit of a dead-end street. Just as zionism is buried within the finest wrappings of "jewish values", so is illogic and bare-knuckled quest for power buried in the finest affairs of humans, including the ones who consider themselves seriously "enlightened". - Danaa
I can see why American despairs. I do too often. Though I tend to use the despair more as a mourning ritual than a tool of advocacy. For the latter, BDS, in its full-throated version, is the one and only tool remaining to us. Then again, I have done my share of talking to israelis so I know that all the best talking points in the world do not suffice to save a single gazan life, if... more... - Danaa
Or, may be your debate adversaries would be people like Annie? if she came to agree with you today, would she do any more advocacy for palestinians than she is already doing? How about Mooser? would he go charging into the woods trying to bad himself an anti-zionist or two, using his tefilin as a rope? i think the image is kind of funny though. - Danaa
OTOH, I sure don't mind you diseecting zionism/Judaism to your heart's content. I like rhetorics and am sure you'll come up with lots of facts and sources to bolster your arguments. I know I am not exactly the intended audience but because of some fondness for argumentation I'll probably remain seated when all others left the auditorium. - Danaa
These attacks by pepsi on Danaa remind one of a uniformed male Nazi viciously beating an unarmed Jewish woman with the butt of his rifle. Appalling and disgusting. And deleted. - Sean McBride
Danaa -- I apologize: as you may imagine, I can't track this group 24x7. - Sean McBride
By the way, as I mentioned before, it's easy to save full copies of FF posts with all comments to one's local or cloud drive -- and I saved a copy of this one before the deletions. If you want to see it, send me a direct message. - Sean McBride
Danaa -- you may have missed a major turn in the road here -- quite a few Mondoweiss commenters are in fact strongly interested in discussing the role of religion (Judaism, in particular) in driving and rationalizing Israeli and Zionist beliefs and policies. It's the elephant in the room that many people can't wait to address head-on. Effectively countering this religious dogma and... more... - Sean McBride
Citizen's remarks on this subject have been insightful: (search the page for "sean") - Sean McBride
Thanks Sean, I know you can't be everywhere at the same time. Still, some fun was had - I am practicing increasing my typing speed without adding too many typos. - Danaa
To be stalked is to be popular, right? unless...... - Danaa
The biggest problem I see with this re-examination of the religious tenets of Judaism, is that religious jews themselves, long ago, made it a cul-de-sac. They cannot be reached, and I don't mean just the ultra-orthodox but even most of the sort-of-believing observants. people like peter beinart that liberal jews love to admire. It would be great if you could make a dent in the belief... more... - Danaa
So, what about the secular humanist Jews? there you'll find quite a few who will agree that Judaism itself birthed and helped promote the toxic version of zionism we see running rampant. But to them that's just grist for the mill - reaffirming their secularness. Problem is that the jewish progressives built another shiboleth, known as "Jewish values". I call them the Tikun-olam crowd.... more... - Danaa
Danaa -- pepsi is indeed stalking you -- in a flagrant way. What he is doing has been noticed. - Sean McBride
So, assuming you know all that, i'll conclude that your target of people to convince (who are not yet) are non-jewish people who may hold zionist views. Now, if that's the case, you can see the problem Mooser had all along. If that's the target, and realizing what naivite resides in those parts, the only way you can cast doubts upon zionism is to show its deep connection to Judaism.... more... - Danaa
Do you think pepsi could be a secret fan? (yes, i know. Always the self-flattering positivist). other possibilities are more disturbing whether he is a agent or not. Sometimes, I wonder how many personas are buried in a single handle. Wondering is good exercise. - Danaa
The group has gone private again -- stalker pepsi simply won't leave Danaa alone. - Sean McBride
Danaa -- the discussion about the role of Torah/Old Testament memes in forming the attitudes of contemporary Zionists may well have a significant impact on non-Jewish Western political, policy and opinion leaders. And I think they are smart enough and decent enough to make careful discriminations on these matters that won't lead them down the road towards classical hardcore... more... - Sean McBride
Danaa -- what may happen is that non-Jewish political elites in the West may begin to hold the Jewish religious establishment (and Judaism) accountable for the behavior of Israel -- which doesn't seem unreasonable, given the facts on the table. The prospect of this development may motivate Jewish religious leaders in the Diaspora to try to influence Israel in a positive direction -- and with sincere energy and force -- not just empty feel-good words. - Sean McBride
Gawd Sean, you are such a wannabe babe in the strategy sphere. First, the only reason you 'moved the needle' is because you did a blow job for Judaism by praising it--that's the only reason Mooser even responded to you without his usual slurs. - American
I actually like several aspects of Judaism -- we could all learn a great deal from it -- it emphasizes family values, personal responsibility, hard work, achievement, love of learning, charity, philanthropy, etc. Many Jews succeed in the world because these values are their bedrock. - Sean McBride
Second, the Jews should take the advice of wasp like MRW and myself----""MRW December 25, 2014, 8:28 pm Does anyone understand the tedium these circumlocutions are having on non-Jews? They’re not doing themselves any favors. Why should non-Jews stand up for this lack of self-reflection, this inability to be smart or intelligent?'' The more the Jews talk and whine and chew their Jewish cud like cow in a pasture and obsess about themselves and their religion the more disgusted non Jews become. - American
MRW is right -- too much ethnocentrism expressed by any ethnic group in American life will lead to a backlash. - Sean McBride
'' we could all learn a great deal from it -- it emphasizes family values, personal responsibility, hard work, achievement, love of learning, charity, philanthropy, etc. Many Jews succeed in the world because these values are their bedrock. - Sean McBride).....Ugh, thats actually nauseating. Do you have little Jewish figures and shrines to Jews in your house too? LOL.... - American
American -- what is the difference between the bigotry you express towards Jews and the bigotry that Berthe expressed towards blacks? There is no difference. For some reason you find it necessary to demonize all Jews, just as Berthe found it necessary to demonize all blacks -- you simply can't acknowledge that some Jews -- many Jews -- might have positive traits. Your views on Jews are perfectly consonant with Pamela Geller's views on Muslims. - Sean McBride
'' MRW is right -- too much ethnocentrism expressed by any ethnic group in American life will lead to a backlash.'' - Sean McBride)....And you think your Jew worship is any less ethnocentric? Why dont you switch to worshiping Buddhist-ness and Buddhism ....I think we 're all over dosed with of your Jewish/Judaism obsession. And you've never explained why you are so obsessed with Jews and Judaism. Why are you? - American
Don't start your nazi hunting shit with me again little boy or I will go back on MW and verbally eviscerate your pretentious ass. You are the lying screwball on here buddy and you have a Jewish obsession mental problem. MRW says you are a Jewish supremist pretending to be a irish American, I think he is right. We are done. - American
When I point out the positive features of the Jewish tradition, I am pushing back against the ignorant and revolting antisemitism of some crazies in the anti-Zionist camp who are using controversies about Israel to try to finish the work of Adolf Hitler and to ignite a new and bigger Holocaust -- and these people are easy to spot. Generally I feel more sympathy with my own cultural tradition (European Christian) than any other tradition -- but I am not chauvinistic about it. - Sean McBride
MRW is making a fool of himself if he is claiming that I am not Irish American (and Anglo American, French American, Dutch American, Roman Catholic and Episcopalian). I've noticed that he seems to be highly susceptible to wild conspiracy theorizing. The most extreme antisemites are unable to tolerate the slightest praise for any Jew without losing their minds. - Sean McBride
American -- you didn't answer the question -- what is the difference between your views on Jews, Berthe's views on blacks and Pamela Geller's views on Muslims? There is no difference. You have no reply. If you would like, I could collect your most colorful quotes on Jews from GFTG and post them on Mondoweiss -- what do you think? - Sean McBride
Sean, I will not go off the handle here but I must point out to you that the values you list as jewish are pretty much Christian values (protestant tradition primarily). With one exception - you cite "love of learning". That however, was largely meant the Torah learning, not general learning (even though secular scholarly jews of course promote love of general learning, as does every... more... - Danaa
I am not inclined to blow-outs but can understand American's annoyance. This thread is hardly the place to extohl "Jewish values", certainly not by one who seeks a close look at the deep connection between the religion Iand its values) and the messianic/ethnocentric streak represented by zionism. You just can't mix things up like this without raising doubts as to your motivation. You,... more... - Danaa
American, don't leave me all alone now...just me and Sean - that might get a bit lonely - I like a little crowd now and then. - Danaa
Danaa -- I didn't say those values I mentioned are exclusively Jewish values -- I said I have noticed them among nearly all the Jewish families I have known or encountered -- especially the emphasis on education (the more the better) and delayed gratification (hard work). And I mention this only in response to some of the vicious comments made about all Jews by extreme antisemites like... more... - Sean McBride
Keep in mind that most of the Jewish families I have known have sent their kids to Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, etc. Nearly all of them were progressives in some of the most progressive communities in the United States -- probably not typical of most Jewish families scattered around the world. Perhaps Chu had many unpleasant encounters with Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn -- I don't know. - Sean McBride
It just occurred to me that those values you mentioned - education and delayed gratification - are really quinessential Asian values. Ascribing them somehow to jews is silly, as the enormous success of Asians in America would attest to. Not only that but the "hard work" aspect is not all that typical any longer of successful jewish families. I know many who were seduced by the promise... more... - Danaa
Also I can't help but notice that there is one value entirely missing from your list of "Jewish" values - humility. Not in the play book. Not in the US and not in israel. So how much arrogance and exclusivity are people to put up with (the "bad" values) in order to to soak those magnificnet rays of the "good" values? - Danaa
Yes -- Asian culture also strenously promotes education and delayed gratification as core values -- as I said, these are not exclusively Jewish values. As to how well Jews are doing these days regarding respecting these values, one could look at the latest statistics for the number of graduates from leading universities, law schools, medical schools, business schools, etc. - Sean McBride
Everytime you choose to illustrate and list the great jewish values, Sean, you lose one or more people. Not sure why you didn't seem to get the message that just about everyone who ever visited this feed has next to zero interest in basking in the benevolence of said attributes. not one. not ever. Myself included. Which brings up the question - you always try to get people to come to... more... - Danaa
I call things the way I see them -- people can take it or leave it. The only reason I encouraged people to use this feed was to pursue discussions that have been been banned (or severely impeded) on Mondoweiss. I also encouraged them to start their own feeds and groups -- to take the initiative and break out of the box defined by top-down blog-style discussion forums. But many folks are still living in a 1990s model of Internet communications. - Sean McBride
Every time you choose to illustrate and list the great jewish qualities, Sean, you lose one or more people. Not sure why you didn't seem to get the message that just about everyone who ever visited this feed has next to zero interest in basking in the benevolence of said attributes. not one. not ever. Myself included. Which brings up the question - you always try to get people to come... more... - Danaa
American has stormed off before -- and he is always welcome back. We both have our individual views on these matters and we don't hesitate to express them. - Sean McBride
But on this feed you can also see the downside of too much real-time back and forth. Nothing seems to survive the onslaught of temper. At the end, temper wins. may be the delayed posting of comments provided by moderated blogs is a opportunity for a cool-off period. WE humans who care about world events tend to be a quick-tempered and fast on the draw crowd. I think it's part of the DNA... more... - Danaa
I don't see that as a problem -- I am focused here on the even-tempered flow of posting high-quality items on Mideast politics. If you find the lead items of news value, good -- if not, by all means turn to other, better sources. - Sean McBride
But sean, you already know all too well what makes American (and others) storm off - it's the tacit accusation/insinuations from you that they are somehow anti-semitic. that people should become riled up by accusations is simple enough to understand. The question is, why do you keep doing it? you already know the outcome and can surely expect it. If people storming off doesn't bother you, fine, it's your choice. But it bothers me, and perhaps others who are reading. - Danaa
On a positive note, my 8 finger typing skills have greatly improved, thanks to FF. I should send them a thank you note for the training. - Danaa
To repeat this important point: when I see clear cases of antisemitic language, I call them out -- and I will always do so. And the reason I do this is because I think they degrade the ability to pursue a useful critique of key issues regarding the I/P conflict. By all means feel free to disagree -- or even to hang out in GFTG. It's a free Internet. Build whatever discussion communities most appeal to your tastes. - Sean McBride
I like the chat capabilities of FF -- my mind tends to move quickly (as do my typing fingers), and an hour from now I will be on to other topics. Catch it while its hot. - Sean McBride
Regarding type A personalities (in reference to arrogance, etc.) -- I tend to have a high tolerance for them -- many of the most interesting people I have known have been completely impossible. But they were still worthwhile -- as long as there was some creative activity going on in their heads. - Sean McBride
‘Desperate’ Senator Graham promises ‘violent backlash’ by Congress if Palestinians go to UN -
Senator Lindsey Graham wanted to visit Israel "in the most desperate way" to convey to Netanyahu that Congress will have "violent pushback" against a Palestinian statehood bid at the U.N., and that Congress will reimpose sanctions on Iran "at the drop of a hat."
Traitor trumps anti semite every day of the week, in every country in the universe, and always will. Traitor is what will US Zionist. Not games and chess. - American
Traitor is what has deported the Jews 109 times in history....every prince, potentate and king when confronted by his populace on the Jews perfidy has chosen to throw the Jews over in favor of holding onto his subjects. It will be the same again. Never learn is not worth saving. - American
"Traitor" doesn't trump "antisemite" when you have no control over or influence on the mainstream media outlets, policy centers, academic departments and government agencies which define and frame the public conversation on these issues. In chess terms, you need to take stock of your "material" and position on the board -- you have very little to work with. For the Israel lobby, bottling you up is as simple as pie -- not even worth the expenditure of a pawn. - Sean McBride
American -- my comments in this vein are not intended to attack you -- merely to help you improve your game. Feel free to ignore all my advice and do as you will. - Sean McBride
Reminder: Lindsey Graham is a Southern Christian Zionist from South Carolina who is fully responsible for his own words and actions. The residents of South Carolina who keep voting him into office, most of whom are not Jewish, are also fully responsible for their actions. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Florida congressman denied access to censored pages from 9/11 report | The Miami Herald -
Florida congressman denied access to censored pages from 9/11 report | The Miami Herald
"The U.S. House Intelligence Committee has denied a Florida congressman’s request for access to 28 classified pages from the 2002 report of Congress’ Joint Inquiry into the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Orlando, told he made his request at the suggestion of House colleagues who have read them as they consider whether to support a proposed resolution urging President Obama to open those long-censored pages to the public." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Redacted on orders from then-President George W. Bush, the report says the 28 pages concern “specific sources of foreign support” for the 9/11 hijackers while they were in the U.S. Specifically, that is “the role of Saudi Arabia in funding 9/11,” according to former Florida Senator Bob Graham, who co-chaired the Joint Inquiry and helped write the 28 pages. Graham has long called for... more... - Sean McBride
If you want to unravel the 9/11 coverup, start here. - Sean McBride
All we know is that Fla Sen. Graham -->*who helped write the pages*<--- says it was Saudi. And there are like 119 Saudi Princes who could funded which one or ones if it was Saudis? I believe 0 that comes out anyone in congress. - American
My calculation on this: let's tug on the loose Saudi thread and see what else comes tumbling out, extending well beyond Saudi Arabia. Plenty, I'm betting. That is why TPTB are so adamant about blocking the public release of those 28 pages. If the New York Times and Washington Post still possessed any real investigative energy (think back to the days of the Pentagon Papers, Watergate and Iran-Contra), they would have been all over this story quite a few months ago. - Sean McBride
Think back to the days after 911 when Fox news was all over the Israeli angle and operatives around 911 and the hijackers and got suddenly shut down. - American
Saudi is a red herring. Saudi itself had nothing to gain by 911. Saudi objected to the invasion of Iraq. - American
The uppermost levels of the Saudi government were thoroughly penetrated by both CIA and Mossad decades ago. Saudi Arabia has been a CIA/Mossad tool for quite some time now. - Sean McBride
Any activity that intensifies public doubt about the 9/11 official story helps create openings for triggering a reinvestigation into *all* aspects of the story. You work with what you've got. One step at a time. - Sean McBride
Israel should pay 1.4 million Palestinians to leave Gaza, Moshe Feiglin says -
The west didn't try to "weaken" Hitler in WW2 but destroy him; and Israel must undertake the same approach with Hamas, says Moshe Feiglin, deputy speaker of the Knesset and a Likud leader
The West would be better advised to destroy the zionist. - American
Pro-Israel interests now dominate the West -- quite thoroughly. Look at Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban and Michael Bloomberg for a few examples. - Sean McBride
On the Judaism/Zionism issue a few passages leap out: - Sean McBride
1. a tremendous miracle is going on today in the land of Israel 2. biblical cities 3. destroying your enemy 4. Eretz Israel 5. Every square inch of historical Palestine belongs to the Jewish people “because God gave it to us." 6. feminism has destroyed family values, something essential to Judaism 7. Judea and Samaria 8. long Jewish history 9. religious nationalist movement 10. the land... more... - Sean McBride
With regard to "Jewish law," it is apparent that Feiglin is referring to Jewish *religious* law. - Sean McBride
Annie wrote: "Feiglin’s religious nationalist movement “Manhigut Yehudit“, meaning “Jewish Leadership” is the largest faction within the Likud Central Committee, which decides Likud Party policy." - Sean McBride
Likud dominates the Israeli government. The worldwide Israel lobby marches in lockstep with the Israeli government. - Sean McBride
To effectively challenge this political agenda one must deconstruct the Torah-based religious ideology that empowers and supports it. - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
chain of command: Judaism+Zionism > Manhigut Yehudit > Likud > Israeli government > Israel lobby+Jewish religious establishment > US Mideast policy - Sean McBride
Judaism is the core driver. - Sean McBride
Mooser, - Sean McBride
Stop to think about it: Jewish religious Zionism is a much bigger issue than liberal Zionism or neoconservative Zionism. - Sean McBride
Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Jewish leaders have been passionate supporters of Zionism for decades now -- they comprise the core of the Israel lobby and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. What binds together many liberal Zionists on the left (in the Democratic Party) and neoconservative Zionists on the right (in the Republican Party) is their emotional commitment to Judaism. Their Zionism is grounded in their Judaism and their childhood religious indoctrination. - Sean McBride
Eventually Phil Weiss, Adam Horowitz, Max Blumenthal, Alex Kane and other Jewish progressive anti-Zionists will need to confront this issue directly and forthrightly -- not evade or dance around it. - Sean McBride
What is at the core of this Torah-based ideology? -- the belief that God has ordained that a special people and nation -- one set apart from and raised above all other peoples and nations -- must inhabit a special piece of territory in the Mideast with Jerusalem as its capital. - Sean McBride
Earlier, with regard to this important article: - Sean McBride
"1,350 U.S. Rabbis Denounce the American Council for Judaism" | Jewish Telegraphic Agency - Sean McBride
I posed the question: so why is this Jewish religious establishment much stronger now in 2014 than it was in 1956 with regard to American Mideast policy? We need to see more conversation on this topic. - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
Teapot, - Sean McBride
You wrote: - Sean McBride
"Frankly, I don’t think this has much to do with the Torah. Sadly, you can find people like Feiglin in every religion and every secular ideology." - Sean McBride
Nearly the entire Jewish religious establishment supports Zionism -- not just Moshe Feiglin -- and it uses the Torah and Judaism to justify Zionist and Israeli policies. - Sean McBride
Without the bedrock support of the Jewish religious establishment, the entire Zionist project would probably collapse. - Sean McBride
What binds together liberal Zionist Chuck Schumer in the Democratic Party and neoconservative Zionist Elliott Abrams in the Republican Party? -- they are both Jewish religious Zionists who believe that Judaism and Zionism constitute a single seamless ideology. - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
Mooser, - Sean McBride
You should try browsing the JTA Archive: - Sean McBride
I just noticed this article on the Judaism/Zionism issue, published on September 14, 1965: - Sean McBride
"800 Rabbis in Call for Zionist Enrollment on Eve of 5726 New Year" - Sean McBride
"More than 800 rabbis of the three branches of American Judaism–Orthodox, Conservative and Reform–from 44 states, signed a proclamation today, calling upon “our fellow-Jews throughout the United States to identify themselves with the program of the Zionist Organization of America through membership enrollment, as a vital service to the progress of Israel and the future of our people.”" - Sean McBride
It would be useful to construct a timeline for all the documents and events that define the relationship between Judaism and Zionism. Over the last century, the ties that bind establishment Judaism and Zionism together have grown ever tighter. There is no longer a speck of daylight between them. - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
Mooser, - Sean McBride
This is the question that fascinates me: to what degree have the archetypes, legends, memes, myths, narratives, symbols and themes of the Torah and Old Testament strongly influenced, and resonated with, Jewish secular minds -- even militantly Jewish secular minds? - Sean McBride
Think, for instance, of David Ben-Gurion -- a self-described atheist. - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
Mooser, - Sean McBride
"Like I said, Sean wants to have one of those “Which-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg-salad-sandwich?” discussions. They’re useless." - Sean McBride
The archetypes, legends, memes, myths, narratives, symbols and themes used by contemporary religious Zionists, both Jewish and Christian, have their explicit origins in the Torah and Old Testament. There is nothing remotely chicken-or-egg about it. The Torah provides the ideological foundation for contemporary religious Zionism (and most of secular Zionism as well). - Sean McBride
TITLE Zionism as Judaism - Sean McBride
AUTHOR Robert Wolfe - Sean McBride
DATE April 2005 - Sean McBride
PUBLICATION The Jewish Magazine - Sean McBride
There exist innumerable definitions of Zionism. The one I prefer is: Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. The question I want to raise here is: what is the relationship of Zionism to Judaism? Some see Zionism as an outgrowth of Judaism, others as its antithesis. In my view, Zionism is Judaism. - Sean McBride
Anyone who has studied this religion in any depth can have no doubt as to what it was all about. It was about the expectation that if the Jews performed the mitzvot correctly, the Messiah would come and restore the Jews to the land of their birth. This was the faith which sustained the Jewish people during the long centuries of exile, segregation and persecution. If there was a... more... - Sean McBride
From the 13th century onwards, those who sought to "force the end" were identified with the teachings of Kabbalah. And central to Kabbalah was a text known as the "Zohar", which taught that only in the land of Israel could the religion of the Jews reach its full stature. Starting in the late 15th century in connection with the expulsion from Spain and Portugal and the rise of the... more... - Sean McBride
The goals of the secular Zionists were at heart no different from those of the religious Zionists. Those goals were to create a Jewish state and society in the land of Israel that would serve both to rehabilitate the Jewish people and act as a light unto the nations. This was the program of the "Zohar" no less than it was the program of Ben Gurion, and Ben Gurion repeatedly described this program as "Messianic" in his writings and speeches. ... - Sean McBride
Properly understood, Judaism is first and foremost Judahism. The word Judaism is derived from the word Judah, which is the English form of the Hebrew word "Yehudah". Judah was originally the name of one of the Hebrew tribes, and because it was the tribe of David, Judah became the name of the Hebrew kingdom which David founded. In other words, Judah in ancient times was not the name of a... more... - Sean McBride
The people of Judah also had a religion, but this religion is not perpetuated by any modern version of Judaism since it was centered around the Temple in Jerusalem, which no longer exists, and required the sacrifice of large numbers of sheep, a ritual which is no longer practiced. What remains of Judah today is above all the ideal of a Hebrew language nation state on the territory of... more... - Sean McBride
END ARTICLE - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
Citizen, - Sean McBride
The discussion about religious Zionism -- both Judaism and Christian Zionism -- is really about the power of the Israel lobby in contemporary American politics and the ideological glue that holds the lobby together. Until that ideology is effectively challenged and deconstructed, I doubt that progressive anti-Zionists are going to be successful in changing the attitudes and policies of the US Congress on Israel and Mideast politics. - Sean McBride
You wrote: "Perhaps seanmcbride’s stress in at least partially on the notion it’s time to look at Judaism the way we have evolved to look at Christianity in the USA?" - Sean McBride
Precisely. - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
"As for the relationship to non-Jews – sure, some, like Cyrus or the “good” Pharoah are positively described, but only because they were ‘good for the jews”. It doesn’t change the fact that the bible in its entirety revolves around the jews and what’s good or bad for them. It is profoundly ethnocentric, parochial narcisistic, and often incredibly small-minded. But then again, I am sure you’ll be able to find “universalist” messages if you look hard enough with sufficiently rosy tinted glasses." - Sean McBride
lol.....good for Danaa,I am sick of the bible babble crap that goes on in I/P--- what we have is a cult ethnic mafia screwing Palestine, the US and everyone else..I dont care what they base their cult on or where it came from...just get rid of them. - American
John Mearsheimer: What Mondoweiss Means To Me -
John Mearsheimer writes the latest message in our series What Mondoweiss Means To Me: “Criticizing Israel or its American lobby is mortal combat for intellectuals, journalists, and policymakers. We have all paid a serious price for doing so. Mondoweiss has been one of the few places where one could speak the truth despite the professional risks. Academic freedom, journalistic freedom and fact-based policy analysis are fundamentally intertwined. If you value the pursuit of truth as a tool in developing rational, humane policy, please join me in supporting Mondoweiss.” We are asking Mondoweiss readers to help to raise $60,000 by December 31. Please donate and tell us what Mondoweiss means to you.
Cant believe they let this comment appear on that thread---->'' slandau December 24, 2014, 1:21 pm......" The most serious danger to Israel is not from their neighbors in the Mid East, but from the growing army of outraged Americans and Europeans who have been silenced in exactly the way Prof. Mearsheimer has outlined. The practice of shaming and defaming truth-tellers is traditional in... more... - American
Here is the permanent link for that comment: - Sean McBride
slandau seems to be arguing that the authortarian/totalitarian strains in Zionism are grounded in the authoritarian/totalitarian strains in Judaism. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
# selected Mondoweiss commenters: sorted by total number of comments as of December 23, 2014
1. Annie: 25,584 2. Mooser: 19,747 3. Hostage: 10,158 4. Walid: 6,946 5. hophmi: 6,654 6. Taxi: 6,455 7. lysias: 4,630 8. Krauss: 1,991 - Sean McBride
Annie and Mooser combined: 45,331 comments. - Sean McBride
wow....thats like over 5000 comments a year for annie or 14 a day. I berated myself for wasting so much time commenting and mine only come to about 3 a day over a 5 year period and a lot of those are one liners. That is a Lot of time. - American
American China foreign minister says willing to help Russia
'' (Reuters) - China is willing to help Russia if needed but believes that the country has the ability to overcome its current economic problems, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was quoted as saying in a state newspaper on Monday. The ruble has dropped about 45 percent against the dollar this year, suffering particularly steep falls early last week. President Vladimir Putin has declined to call it a crisis and said the currency would eventually rise again. - American
'' Wang, speaking to reporters over the weekend, said that Russia also had the "wisdom" to get out of difficulties, the official China Daily reported. - American
'' "If the Russian side needs, we will provide necessary assistance within our capacity," he said, noting that the two countries had consistently helped each other. - American
'' China's trade minister, also speaking at the weekend, proposed more use of China's currency in settling trade with Russia in the face of the weaker ruble to ensure safe and reliable trade. China and Russia have close diplomatic and economic ties, particularly in the energy sector. - American
Cindy Corrie: What Mondoweiss Means To Me -
Cindy Corrie writes the latest message in our series What Mondoweiss Means To Me: “Please join me today in giving to Mondoweiss. We must act together to ensure the continuation of news that sheds light on all who suffer from the violence and brutality visited upon Palestinians, and on all who struggle against it. Support for Mondoweiss is a practical way to work for human rights.” We are asking Mondoweiss readers to help to raise $60,000 by December 31. Please donate and tell us what Mondoweiss means to you.
I don't think I will donate this time. I hardly ever comment there any longer. I don't know if it has always been the way it is now or not. It seems to me that when I first started there it wasn't so anti gentile, at least in the comment section, although Phil and marc ellis did do numbers on gentiles and Christians on occasion. Scanning the 100 comments a few days ago I really had a... more... - American
weareone said the reason she dropped out of MW and anything related (like this FF) was the constant blaming and attacking of Christians. I can't blame her for not wanting to be subjected to that. I wonder if maybe the good commenters we have seen disappear like Thomas Rutherford and others didn't drop out for the uselessness of engaging with that attitude and the mixture of religion and politics.. - American
I merely got a glimpse of weareone on here, what an amazing mind. Looked up on Mondoweiss, Hostage was struggling for words on the Chomsky reference weareone brought up. Yes it does seem blaming Christianity for Zionism is a common feature. Zionism after all casts Jews as eternal victims rather than players on the stage like everyone else. - peacefly
‘TNR’ pivots to racial diversity, away from ‘privileged demographic of political elites’ -
Gabriel Snyder, editor of the New Republic, said new writers "will be diverse in race, gender, and background." The magazine "can no longer afford to represent the views of one privileged class, nor appeal solely to a small demographic of political elites."
Glad to hear that. - American
Great news. - peacefly
Sean McBride
As anti-Semitism heats up, so does Fuel For Truth | The Times of Israel -
As anti-Semitism heats up, so does Fuel For Truth | The Times of Israel
"“Being pro-Israel today is a scary thing,” says Ron Wasserman, 35, who runs the boot camp. “Young Jews are afraid to be pro-Israel. That’s one of the biggest problems we face. Why are they afraid? Part of it is they don’t have the facts. Also, the other side seems very confident and is intimidating. Unless you have a baseline of knowledge you won’t have the backbone to come out in support of Israel. We do role-play; it’s live-action fire so people will be prepared.”" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Muldoon said she’s naturally persuasive but wanted to learn more history about Israel and sharpen her skills. A key of the boot camp was to learn how to speak in a calm and conversational tone, as opposed to screaming, which can often undermine an argument, she said." - Sean McBride
"Richards said that some of the graduates join the organization, which has about 260 members and hundreds of other volunteers. Others fan out to join UJA, AIPAC, AJC, FIDF and other Jewish organizations." - Sean McBride
c; Israeli op; Fuel for Truth - Sean McBride
c; World op; another century, another jewish problem. - American
Jewish nationalists haven't yet figured out that that any form of lobbying for Israel and Zionism in the Diaspora, no matter how low-key and diplomatic, is a losing proposition -- one guaranteed to create friction and conflict between Jews and non-Jews over the long run. Certainly most citizens of modern Western democratic nations are not mired down in the politics of cultural warfare... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Zionism isn't a deviation from Judaism -- it's the natural and organic expression of the core beliefs and values of Judaism.
And who is the leading authority on this subject? -- the worldwide Jewish religious establishment -- the most respected Jewish spokespersons for the most influential institutions in Judaism -- member organizations of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. - Sean McBride
The ACJ (American Council for Judaism) and JVP (Jewish Voice for Peace) carry no weight on these matters -- they occupy the fringe of Jewish institutional life. - Sean McBride
Progressive anti-Zionists who are obstructing a discussion about the role of Judaism in Zionism are spinning their wheels and going nowhere -- in the same way that liberal Zionists who have obstructed effective opposition to Israel's settlements program are spinning their wheels and going nowhere. Progressive anti-Zionists and liberal Zionists -- two peas in a pod. Both groups are more enablers of Likud Zionism and Greater Israelism than effective opponents. - Sean McBride
# In the merger and fusion of Judaism and Zionism, these are some of the key concepts and terms that keep coming up in the language of pro-Israel activists: 1. Amalek 2. blood libel 3. Eretz Yisrael 4. G-d 5. Haman 6. Hashem 7. Judea and Samaria 8. the chosen people 9. the enemies of the Jews 10. the Jewish people 11. the Land of Israel 12. the nations 13. the promised land 14. the Third Temple - Sean McBride
There is an endless and ever-increasing torrent of this language in the articles and comments of leading Israeli and Jewish publications. The main ideological themes are not difficult to pick out. - Sean McBride
Disagree to a degree. Zionism has subsumed Judaism, but it is not the natural and organic expression. Even cellular biology depends on variables. Zionism is the opportunistic admixture of myth and technological narcissism. It is a kind of remorseless self-promotion at the expense of murder. A form of psychopathy but not madness for its proponents are aware and responsible for their actions. In liberal Zionist terms shoot and cry and shoot again. - peacefly
peacefly -- I find it difficult to believe that Zionism hijacked Judaism for two main reasons: 1. the foundational documents of Judaism are even more violent, racist and xenophobic than the foundational documents of Zionism. 2. the worldwide Jewish establishment and the leaders of Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Judaism have passionately embraced and promoted Zionism in the name of Judaism. Zionism is the latest ideological iteration of Judaism. - Sean McBride
One definition of Judaism: the aggressive pursuit of personal and group self-interest, in competition with other groups, by means of mystical ethnic collectivism and in the name of God. - Sean McBride
# the face that Zionism has put on Judaism 1. aggressive 2. belligerent 3. chauvinistic 4. confrontational 5. ethnocentric 6. segregationist 7. self-obsessed 8. selfish 9. violent - Sean McBride
Sean - no doubt the chosen people, tribal thing has its roots in Judaism but so does "thou shalt not kill". In this sense Judaism is understood as multiple, contradicting narratives. For e.g. Even one G_d is not the universal. However, that does not naturally lead to Zionism which is in fact a single narrative of chauvinism minus any redemption, no matter how flawed the redemption... more... - peacefly
Jews in the Old Testament appear to be fully dependent on their God, no matter the invented masochism e.g Joshua's genocide etc. Zionism, on the other hand, has the central belief in making the desert bloom etc. or making own destiny. - peacefly
However, you are right on one grand point: the power and philosophy of tribalism, it's textual roots, as the working horse of Zionism. Jesus was a critic of this and emphasised faith through actions not tribe or power. - peacefly
We may have to live with our somewhat different views on this. Zionism (violent and xenophobic ethnic nationalism) is by far the predominant theme in ancient Judaism -- and the contemporary Jewish religious establishment has overwhelmingly and passionately embraced Zionism. The rare exceptions to these beliefs and policies don't define the essential character of the ideology -- they are outliers. - Sean McBride
One begins to wonder -- is Jewish universalism as much an oxymoron as liberal Zionism? Apparently Spinoza thought so. Gilad Atzmon seems to think so. How often do we see the terms Irish universalism or Russian universalism or Chinese universalism? They are contradictions in terms. - Sean McBride
# set; Old Testament: * passages 1. anti-intermarriage 2. capital punishment 3. ethnocentric 4. genocidal 5. intolerant 6. militaristic 7. nationalist 8. pro-slavery 9. racist 10. stoning 11. violent 12. world domination 13. xenophobic 14. Zionist - Sean McBride
No doubt Judaism isn't a universal religion nor does it promote universalism so so-called Jewish universalism is undoubtedly imbued with a Christian sense. However, tribalism only becomes a problem when it is dangerously threatening and influentially powering a nuclear-armed state and fomenting civil war between and inside its neighbours eg Iraq and Syria or holding a country hostage eg... more... - peacefly
Zionism=Judaism=Jewish ethnic self-interest. It would be like saying that Italian nationalism=Roman Catholicism=Italian ethnic self-interest or that English nationalism=Protestantism=English ethnic self-interest. But of course most Christians do not define themselves in ethnic nationalist terms. - Sean McBride
Judaism is a religion that has organized itself around a single nation and a singular insular tribe situated on a single piece of territory. There is nothing universalist about it unless you believe that trying to impose the authority and rule of a local tribal God -- one with appalling personality traits -- over the entire human race is universalist. - Sean McBride
There are too many Judaisms for me to know much about. ..all I know I got from MW and searching for answers to a few questions I was curious about. All I can say about it is when you peel back all the layers in the various groups, marc ellis types and etc. others, what you get is Judaism is exceptional, therefore Jewishness is exceptional....maybe that is standard for religions. However... more... - American
It's always the fault of "the nations." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
What Will Israel Become? - (Roger Cohen) -
What Will Israel Become? - (Roger Cohen)
"“There is a growing uneasiness, social, political, economic,” Amos Oz, the novelist, told me in an interview. “There is a growing sense that Israel is becoming an isolated ghetto, which is exactly what the founding fathers and mothers hoped to leave behind them forever when they created the state of Israel.” The author, widely viewed as the conscience of a liberal and anti-Messianic Israel, continued, “Unless there are two states — Israel next door to Palestine — and soon, there will be one state. If there will be one state, it will be an Arab state. The other option is an Israeli dictatorship, probably a religious nationalist dictatorship, suppressing the Palestinians and suppressing its Jewish opponents.”" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Tolerance is under attack as a wave of Israeli nationalism unfurls and settlements grow in the West Bank. This virulent, Jews-first thinking led recently to a bill known as the nationality law that would rescind Arabic’s status as an official language — and proved a catalyst to the breakup of Netanyahu’s government. It also finds expression in the abuse hurled at anyone, including the Israeli president, Reuven Rivlin, who speaks up for Arab rights. “Traitor” has become a facile cry." - Sean McBride
"Danny Danon, a former deputy defense minister who is challenging Netanyahu for the Likud leadership, told me his long-term vision for the West Bank, or Judea and Samaria as he calls it, “is to have sovereignty over the majority of the land with the minimum amount of Palestinians.” The two-state idea, Danon said, “is finished, and most Israelis understand that.”" - Sean McBride
Comment regarding Danny Danon: "If this were said by a non-Jewish minister of a non-Jewish state, most American Jews wouldn't hesitate to call this fascism; the sentiment is worthy of the French National Front or of the British National Party. But because it was said by a Jewish minister of a majority Jewish state, many American Jews can't bring themselves to identify this for what it is, i.e. a virulent form of racism as the underpinning for land theft. The more shame on them." - Sean McBride
Most of the New York Times comments would fit in seamlessly with Mondoweiss comments. - Sean McBride
'' “There is a growing sense that Israel is becoming an isolated ghetto, which is exactly what the founding fathers and mothers hoped to leave behind them forever when they created the state of Israel.”").....His statement does not even make sense. Obviously they did Not intend to leave the 'ghetto' behind. Creating a state of,by and for Jews only Was creating a Jewish ghetto. Neither... more... - American
American, the ghetto has been a complicated situation. There are indeed many places where the jews were quite content to leave in their own "enclave" and this was greatly supported, encouraged and mandated by their rabbis - so that they may remain separate. Because they were already in ghetto-like situation, it was easy for the ruling authorities at various times and places to keep them... more... - Danaa
Judaism and Zionism have always been self-ghettoizing ideologies, movements and cultures based on separating "Israel" ("the chosen people") from "the nations" (cult outsiders). A complex array of traditions and rituals was constructed to help maintain that separation. - Sean McBride
regarding your other point - the jewish leadership not really wanting to stray from the ghetto model - I think that also requires some acknowlegement of the variance between intent and reality. Those leaders (the ben Gurions etc) really did not want the old shtetl model to prevail in israel, as they set out for an "enlightened" state, at least what they considered so, a state like any... more... - Danaa
The idea I am trying to promulgate here is that it is not really possible to be "enlightened" and separate at the same time. There was, at its root, a universalist component to enlightenemnt which was never going to sit well with parochialism. There are numerous examples of the dichotomy and how it played out in different countries. The very concept of "separate bu equal" - a Jim Crow... more... - Danaa
The clear choice: reject Enlightenment culture and modern Western democratic norms. Actually, I am not surprised. So now the game will play out along inevitable lines. - Sean McBride
What is perfectly predictable: Likud Zionists will work tirelessly to inflame and normalize racism in the United States and Europe in order to justify racism in Israel. They will form alliances (many of them under table) with white nationalists in the West. - Sean McBride
'' The idea I am trying to promulgate here is that it is not really possible to be "enlightened" and separate at the same time. ..Danaa).....Of course it isnt. "Separation" from others was the goal and cornerstone of Zionism. Only in nonsensical Jewish pilpul can they pretend, redefine definitions of democracy, ect. and convolute what Israel was 'intended to be'. it is what is was from... more... - American
Sean McBride
Rethinking Taxi's Friendfeed problems
I think Taxi may have confused accounts with groups. When she deleted her Friendfeed account she also automatically deleted all the groups that were created by and associated with that account. With regard to creating new accounts: it works perfectly. I just experimentally created and deleted three new accounts without a hitch. - Sean McBride
Once again, I will be happy to help her out in getting reestablished on Friendfeed -- she just needs to contact me in email: - Sean McBride
Why am I still able to access Taximondo Feed and post on it if she deleted all her feeds and accounts? Is is because I was a subscriber ? I would have thought that would have been wiped out also, even for subscribers. - American
Because (I am guessing) is an independent and standalone account -- not a group created from and associated with another independent and standalone account that she deleted. (The existence of that account means that she has always been able to communicate with other FF users all along. Has she responded to your posts in that feed?) - Sean McBride
Nope no response. I think I will delete my post and comments there, no point in leaving them up. - American
Have you asked her through another channel why she isn't responding to communications in her own feed? If you have access to it, she does. - Sean McBride
What I got from her is that she can see posts on this FF but not on Taximondo. But she can't post a response. Note that the taximondo feed has just three subscribers - American is one and I'm another. The admin subscription is not there any longer which is probably why she can't post or even see comments on that feed (that because it was private, unlike this one). - Danaa
According to her communication with me, she is busy setting up a blog and for now is taking a break from the FF patform. I actually don't blame her. It was a bit of a jolt. I also lost my own comments on her feed as well as any on a thread started here by her. I am still smarting from that and wish there was a way to resurrect those. She is sending her apologies to those whose comments... more... - Danaa
If the feed is still up, and you and American can see and post to it, that means that she unsubscribed herself from her own group -- strange. I've never seen that before. - Sean McBride
It does not make sense that she deleted her 'account' and wiped out her two other feeds and herself and all her comments and left the Taximondo one intact. If she did indeed wipe herself 'totally out' of FF the Taximondo feed should have been wiped out also. Maybe Sean can explain. - American
My guess is that if you create a group with yourself as sole administrator, and then unsubscribe yourself from the group, the group just sits there under the control of no one. Existing members can still post to it. I am completely baffled by Taxi's actions. - Sean McBride
Bottom line: without knowledge of the exact URLs she was working with (for all acounts and groups), I don't really know for sure what happened or how she became so tangled up. This situation is a first. - Sean McBride
Well I deleted my post there and unsubscribed to get it off my list. - American
Sean McBride
Comment to Annie Robbins on the American Council for Judaism (ACJ) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)
Once again, Annie directed a critique at me, in her usual rambling and disorganized way, here: She sought out and initiated the exchange, not me -- which is how this always goes. I composed a civil and substantive reply -- which is still sitting in moderation -- which means that her post has still gone unanswered. This is no way for a moderator to run a forum. This is the way dictators and despots conduct debates -- muzzle your opponent while you deliver speeches. - Sean McBride
Annie, - Sean McBride
When we begin to see organizations like the American Council for Judaism (ACJ) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) start to move the political needle in a significant way -- especially to exert a significant impact on the US Congress -- then we will all stand up, take note and applaud. But the ACJ has been around since the 1950s, and during the last half century its impact on American Mideast policy has been negligible -- non-existent really. - Sean McBride
I recently turned up this fascinating article in JTA from **May 7, 1956**: - Sean McBride
"1,350 U.S. Rabbis Denounce the American Council for Judaism" | Jewish Telegraphic Agency - Sean McBride
BEGIN QUOTE - Sean McBride
Some 1,350 American rabbis of all three branches of the Jewish faith–Orthodox, Conservative and Reform-this week-end scored the American Council for Judaism in one of the sharpest denunciations of the Council voiced. The statement was released by the New York Board of Rabbis, which circularized 1,500 rabbis in all parts of the country with the document. - Sean McBride
The joint declaration hit the American Council for Judaism, asserting that it has “consistently misrepresented the Jewish people before the bar of public opinion” and “has consistently maligned and impugned the integrity of Jewish institutions, organizations and causes, and has consistently distorted the precepts of Judaism which it purports to serve. The joint declaration reprimanded the anti-Zionist organization for what it termed “slanders” against American Jews “who adhere to the ideals of Zionism.” - Sean McBride
Asserting that the Council’s “real goal is the complete disappearance of the Jewish people,” the declaration stressed that the Council represents numerically “an infinitesimal fraction” of American Jewry. “we view with contempt the Council’s attempt to dissuade Americans from helping their fellow Jews and the State of Israel through contributions to the United Jewish Appeal and the... more... - Sean McBride
END QUOTE - Sean McBride
Notice that the Jewish religious establishment -- Orthodox, Conservative and Reform -- was overwhelmingly lined up against the ACJ back in 1956 -- and even then was conflating Judaism with Zionism. Since then this situation hasn't improved -- it has only become worse. - Sean McBride
One needs to be a realist about these matters, even while holding on strongly to idealistic beliefs and objectives. - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
There is no good reason not to clear this comment. I think the problem is that Annie can't figure out how to answer the points and handle the discussion. - Sean McBride
New comment: - Sean McBride
The ACJ (American Council for Judaism) was challenging the Jewish/Zionist establishment back in 1956: - Sean McBride
"1,350 U.S. Rabbis Denounce the American Council for Judaism" | Jewish Telegraphic Agency - Sean McBride
So why is that establishment much stronger now in 2014 than it was in 1956? - Sean McBride
One might come to the reasonable conclusion, based on solid facts, that the Jewish community as a whole is constitutionally incapable of reforming the Jewish establishment on the issues of Israel and Zionism -- that is what the long historical track record reveals. Lots of idealistic talk and promises, no effective action. The game goes on and on with no change. Fool me once, shame on... more... - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
I actually agree with you Sean, on the substance. Unlike phil, who continues to hope against hope, I actually don't believe the American jewish community - as a community - has it in them to change. Some young people push the debate forward, some other young people become activists, a few good people raise their voices and call it like it is (Stieglitz comes to mind). And yet, this... more... - Danaa
Danaa -- a big idea has been taking shape in my mind and perhaps you can critique it. It was triggered by that JTA article I cited earlier: [1,350 U.S. Rabbis Denounce the American Council for Judaism] - Sean McBride
The idea in a nutshell: there has been a stream of Jewish anti-Zionism in Jewish culture for more than a century now, but the influence of Jewish anti-Zionists never rises above a certain level of minimal influence. Phil Weiss is the latest proponent of this stream of thought -- and his impact on the Jewish establishment will probably be no greater than the Jewish anti-Zionists who preceded him. The overwhelming majority of Jews has consistently rejected and punished anti-Zionists in their midst. - Sean McBride
For instance, long before Phil Weiss there was Alfred Lilienthal: 1. [Wikipedia; Alfred Lilienthal] 2. [; Alfred M. Lilienthal] - Sean McBride
And there is an analogy here regarding Enlightenment and universalist Jews in general, beginning with Spinoza -- they have consistently been rejected and punished by the overall Jewish community. Why should we believe that this situation is ever going to change? - Sean McBride
I think Gilad Atzmon took a good look at this overall pattern of behavior over centuries and decided to ditch the tradition altogether. - Sean McBride
If my analysis is correct, then one can predict with considerable confidence that the Jewish establishment (and the Jewish community as a whole) will find itself once again in a state of severe (even apocalyptic) conflict with "the nations" -- with non-Jewish groups -- a situation that has erupted repeatedly since the founding of Judaism. Conflict with "the nations" is the most salient... more... - Sean McBride
JVP members (including Annie Robbins) keep dangling before us the hope that Jewish anti-Zionists are going to succeed in reforming the Jewish establishment, Judaism, Israel and Zionism, but there is little reason to believe that this is actually going to happen. The truth is that Jewish anti-Zionists have continued to lose ground since the 1950s. - Sean McBride
What do you think? - Sean McBride
"" I actually don't believe the American jewish community - as a community - has it in them to change...Danaa).......Leaving out my disgust with Zionism completely and just looking at the Jewish Community objectively as an outside observer I don't think there is going to be any change either. In every instance I have seen in history when Jews were confronted with a choice of 'cleaving... more... - American
Also the truth is most Americans rarely think of Israel, its not on their radar or something they care about one way or another. So I doubt there will be great uprising there either unless Israel causes some horrific event that blows back on the US and puts Israel on their radar. - American
The way some kind of change might come about is a war between the 20%s. The 20% who want Isr out of Palestine and out of the US v. the 20% of US zionist and The I-Lobby Orgs. - American
American The National Catholic Review, America
Did a review of Blumenathals 'Goliath'. Good. Rile up the Catholics against Israel. - American
Sean McBride
Report: FBI's Anthrax Investigation Was Flawed - ABC News -
"Flawed" doesn't begin to cover it -- it was utter nonsense -- and obviously part of a deliberate coverup. What, precisely, has been covered up? - Sean McBride
The Jewish Col. who had worked at the lab and was let go or left who was seen entering the lab and being let into it after hours at night by his girlfriend who still worked there was the most obvious suspect. But the obvious was ignored. You would think the FBI would have asked why that Col. and his friends, who had harassed the Arab doctor at the lab, had sent a letter to the FBI accusing him of being the anthrax guy - American
Everything obvious about the case was deliberately buried. - Sean McBride
Philip Zack. - Sean McBride
Some pointers into the controversy: - Sean McBride
# Google; 9/11 anthrax * 1. "allah is great" 2. "death to america" 3. "death to israel" 4. advance warning 5. ayaad assaad 6. barbara hatch rosenberg 7. barbara hatch rosenberg jdo 8. bentonite 9. bruce ivins 10. bruce ivins fbi 11. bruce ivins meryl nass 12. bruce ivins paul kemp 13. bruce ivins wife 14. camel club 15. cipro 16. cipro richard cohen 17. cipro white house 18. dick cheney... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Likely US presidential candidate: Egyptian option should be examined to solve Israeli-Arab conflict - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post -
Likely US presidential candidate: Egyptian option should be examined to solve Israeli-Arab conflict - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post
"Ben Carson, on his first visit here, tells ‘Post’ he is not sure that a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria ‘makes sense,’ and that Israeli settlement construction is ‘blown out of proportion.’" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Carson's use of the expression "Judea and Samaria" reveals that his mind has already been invaded and taken over by Likud Zionism and Greater Israelism -- as has the Republican Party in general. - Sean McBride
"Asked what would change in the US -Israel relations if he did ever come to power, he replied that he “would want it to be very clear that people who are allies are allies. They are our friends, they are not people who should ever be questioning our relationship and our loyalty.”" - Sean McBride
The notion that the United States should ever declare its "loyalty" to *any* foreign government would cause the American Founders to turn over in their graves. The concept is absurd -- nations have ever-shifting interests -- not "loyalties" to other nations. This is America on Zionism. - Sean McBride
My bet is that Ben Carson will be a strong candidate in 2016. - Sean McBride
I don't think so. I think he will be seen as a black man trying to ride the coat tails of our first black President. The racist wing of the GOP isnt going to go for him and the fringe fanatic wing of the Dems are likely going to line up behind Hillary. The 45% of registered voters that are independents could go any which way but I doubt it would be for this guy. My prediction is we wont have another black president for a while. - American
I have a slim ray of hope that Jim Webb will run...very slim. - American
I don't think he will win the presidency or candidacy -- but he may perform well in the primaries -- be a disruptive force in the GOP. - Sean McBride
Jim Webb would be my candidate. - Sean McBride
Yep, we desperately need a common sense America Firster. - American
And that's the problem: any candidate who puts American interests and values first is going to be savaged by the Israel lobby. Loyalty to Israel and Zionism trumps all other issues in contemporary American politics. Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban are the ruling billionaire monarchs behind the scenes. - Sean McBride
The CIA official who is the subject of the NBC article - protected by the torture report - has a Wikipedia page
Good catch. - Sean McBride
"Despite the CIA's insistence on the professionalism of its interrogation program, according to two well-informed Agency sources, one particularly overzealous female officer had to be reprimanded for her role. After Mohammed was captured, the woman, who headed the Al Qaeda unit in the CTC, was so excited she flew at government expense to the black site where Mohammed was held so that... more... - Sean McBride
"In January 2004, Bikowsky, as head of the Bin Laden Issue Station, made the decision to extraordinarily render Khalid El-Masri to Afghanistan for five months without any evidence in hand. El-Masri's name was a different transliteration of Khalid al-Masri, the name of a person who had supposedly met Ramzi bin al-Shibh and Marwan al-Shehhi on a train in Germany. Even after El-Masri's... more... - Sean McBride
What an incredible blot on the CIA. - Sean McBride
"certain CIA officials blocked information on future 9/11 hijackers from reaching the FBI" - Sean McBride
And why did they block that information? - Sean McBride
[Google; alfreda bikowsky] - Sean McBride
One is reminded that all the many important unanswered questions about 9/11 loom larger than ever. - Sean McBride
"Alfreda Frances Bikowsky is a CIA analyst who is partially responsible for intelligence lapses that led to 9/11." - Sean McBride
"Former counter-terrorism “Czar” Richard Clarke has let the cat out of the bag. The CIA top leadership all knew that Al Qaeda hijackers were living in the US, and for 16 months, they let them. Even one week before 9/11 this info was kept hidden from high-level people like Richard Clarke and the head of FBI." - Sean McBride
"A growing number of former government insiders — all responsible officials who served in a number of federal posts — are now on record as doubting ex-CIA director George Tenet’s account of events leading up to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. Among them are several special agents of the FBI, the former counterterrorism head in the Clinton and Bush administrations, and... more... - Sean McBride
What is this woman's personal background? I cant find a thing on it---its well hidden for some reason. Birth? school? ,married? religion?....what produced her? - American
I've been searching -- without success. It's probably safe to say that she is a neocon. One is curious to know what type of neocon in particular. - Sean McBride
Bikowsky is a very common jewish name....I wonder if she had in for arabs and liked to see them tortured. - American
I wouldn't speculate without hard facts. - Sean McBride
I dont think we are going to get any hard that she's been outed she probably has to have bodyguards. - American
More on Bikowsky------- "NBC News is withholding her name at the request of the CIA, which cited a climate of fear" ------- -----But one former intelligence officer who worked directly with her at the time said the expert bears direct responsibility for the... more... - American
This is one of the biggest stories in American politics for the last decade or two -- and the mainstream media are covering it up. - Sean McBride
Google turned up the fact that Bikowsky is often a Jewish surname -- but there are surely numerous exceptions. What would be interesting to know is the complete history of her political statements and affiliations. Americans have a right to know. - Sean McBride
My theory on 911 has always been that it wasn't a big' Bush Adm" plot as some want to think. . What is was was a 'let it happen" plot---and the people involved in the "let it happen' were certain people in strategic positions like Bikowsky who could 'withhold' vital info and shut down other agents who were pursuing leads on suspicious people entering the US. There were numerous FBI... more... - American
Your theory is highly plausible -- it would be easy to build a powerful case supporting it, based on the available evidence. - Sean McBride
If you want a bridge to collapse all you have to do is remove or weaken a few structural supports and wait for the time when there is a heavy enough traffic on it to collapse it. - American
The agonizing creaking and squealing sounds from the 9/11 official story keep getting louder, even though the mainstream media are doing their best to look the other way. At some point the entire edifice is going to collapse. On the Internet, the official story has already been exhaustively torn apart. Eventually the mainstream media will be forced to catch up. - Sean McBride
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