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Anyone know anything about cats?
A lady I know took in a stray cat and kittens, and we took one of the kittens for our kids. It's a great cat, but it wants to sit on my shoulder all the time. It even stands on my shoulder when I brush my teeth or take a piss, and no amount of putting it down helps. The thing is like a furry spring. Anyone know how to train a cat? - Todd hard to train a cat. But what it is doing means it loves you, it thinks you are its momma. If its still young it will normally grow out of its need to be constantly with you and become more independent. Some cat personalities however are 'very dependent' or insecure and want to always be near their human where they feel safe and protected. One thing you can do is play games... more... - American
Leave it alone and love it, Todd. Cats know decent people. Cats never, NOT EVER, go near people that they know will harm them. If you want to stop the behavior, constantly hold it. Eventually, it will want to be on its own. You must be a nice guy, btw. - MRW_8
The cat is a little over 2 months old, so it's still pretty small. I've already built her a climbing stand with a perch and a scratching post, but she usually sleeps next to me. I hold her a lot but, for some reason, she wants to be on my shoulder, which I usually don't mind, except when I'm eating. I don't really know too much about cats, since I've always had dogs. Several years ago,... more... - Todd
I think 2 cats are better than one. Gives them company. I have 8 foster cats right now and they play sleep and squabble together. In my experience it is best to have pairs of two neutered males --or two spayed females Although a spayed female and neutered male will also get along well if they are raised together and in that scenairo the female tends to be the dominate one and the male... more... - American
As for a dog it depends on the german shepherd and beagle are friendly to the cats. I had a friend with a shepherd and a cat and one time the cat disappeared and he started searching the neighborhood for it--he thought some kids had taken it or lured it in their house---anyway he couldnt find it---then about a week later here comes his shepherd down the sidewalk carrying the the cat back home in his mouth just like a momma cat carries her kittens. - American
Don't kittens carry toxoplasmosis? - JustTheFactsPlease
not unless their momma does. - American
How do you know? Like how can you test for it? - JustTheFactsPlease
"You must be a nice guy, btw." Animals usually like me more than people do. :) - Todd
Ameri, I've already taken the cat to the vet and started the shots. Don't worry, I always have my pets neutered or spayed. The last thing I want is a bunch of kittens. - Todd
The original plan was to get another female cat, but my son needs something sturdier, and we were thinking of a larger dog. Most of my experience with dogs is with Chows, and they are usually one animal/owner dogs and not great with kids. I'll definitely have to put some thought into this. Thanks for the advice. - Todd
Sean McBride
Curious observation: several Israeli publications -- including Israel National News, The Jerusalem Post and Haaretz -- create enormous problems in my Web browser (Firefox) -- and often crash it.
One assumes that some parties wouldn't be foolish enough to use those publications to try to load spyware or malware on the systems of visitors. - Sean McBride
The crashes have sometimes happened to mine when I used their sites too. Why do you say they wouldn't load malware? - WJones
If leading Israeli publications were caught loading spyware and/or malware on the systems of visitors -- possibly selected visitors on a list -- at the behest of the Israeli government (say, Mossad) -- that would be very damaging for the reputation of those publications. Why would they risk it? - Sean McBride
Because they are instructed to or are infiltrated. It would not really be so surprising, you know. - WJones
Their country may not have the same "safeguards" about that kind of thing like we are supposed to in the US. - WJones
Here is how the game would work: the Israeli government, as part of its global cyberwarfare efforts, is collecting detailed data on critics of Israel worldwide, including email addresses and IP numbers. It would be a simple matter to deliver spyware and malware payloads to selected visitors on any website under its control. There is no doubt that this is already happening on quite a few websites. - Sean McBride
A sidenote: many Israeli websites rank among the worst-designed in the world -- massively overloaded with crap -- advertising, popups, etc. In an effort to ram advertising down the throats of visitors, they may be accidentally gumming up your browser. I go out of my way now not to visit these sites, unless certain articles look especially interesting. I invariably have to reboot my system after visiting them. - Sean McBride
I ran Malwarebytes on my system after visiting Israel National News and, yup -- it found a new piece of Trojan spyware that wasn't on my system yesterday. - Sean McBride
As mentioned before, it is a safe bet that the Israeli government has been using loyal assets within organizations like Google, Facebook and Microsoft to spy on and run ops against people on its very long enemies list. It wouldn't be surprising to learn that Israel has access to Google's entire private dataset -- including searches and email. - Sean McBride
c; pro-Israel activist+*organization employee - Sean McBride
Israel is probably going after the private digital data of the *family members* of leading American government officials and politicians -- not to mention the private digital data of the officials and politicians themselves. - Sean McBride
Would they take an interest in, say, Phil Weiss's wife? You bet. - Sean McBride
((I invariably have to reboot my system after visiting them.)) LOL. <>RUN PROGRAM?: AUTO YES <> PROGRAM RUNNING... <>INSTALL ON RESTART?: AUTO YES - WJones
Beware. Also beware of any unsolicited email messages which may contain links leading to sites that deliver spyware and malware payloads. Pro-Israel activists are extremely active and aggressive in running these kinds of ops. - Sean McBride
YES.....any Isr related site or org would bug you. In 2004 I sent a 'inquiry' to JINSA, it had a loaded question in it that they can see wasnt Isr friendly. JINSA replied to my mail and tried to insert a virus into it....luckily my mail system flagged it as dangerous and I didnt open it. But yes indeed they do try. - American
I think we should, as a default option, assume the worst about any and all Israeli publications, systems and products. We could count on them keeping a complete database on all MW visitors, with a special tag on commenters. I wouldn't be surprised if they have an individual assigned to groups of commentors, eg, one assigned follower to every group of three. Then they monitor (since they... more... - Danaa
One common Category grouping is Mondoweiss/moonofalabama. Anyone who visits both of those sites on a regular basis is flagged for "follow". You can easily imagine the rest of the tags. - Danaa
What could they do with all this information? well, for one, if they succeeded in inserting malware (chances are high they did), they could bring huge numbers of computers to 'crash", say right around an event they did not want to see surface. They could also do damage in people's workplaces, banks and travel. It will be possible to "insert" malicious detail in one's background, causing... more... - Danaa
What options do we have? none really. Encrypting e mail is a good idea but at the moment it can really take the fun out of communication. Perhaps the only option is to go about our lives assuming they are an open book to malicious entities (more than one, really). One obvious conclusion of something one can do for example, is to change bank accounts every few months (if one does much shopping on-line) , and/or keep multiple accounts, none of which has too much in it. On the flip side - what a bother! - Danaa
Danaa -- that private digital data can be used in much scarier (and more ingenious) ways than you have mentioned (and possibly imagined). - Sean McBride
Not to be mysterious about this: that private data can be used to uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses in individuals that can be exploited in a wide variety of sinister ways. There are entire departments in some intelligence services that are devoted to refining the state of the art for these kinds of operations -- they occur in the real world on a regular basis -- they are not simply the stuff of spy fiction. - Sean McBride
Sean, I understand all that about "exploiting vulnerabilities". However, I was referring in my imagined scenarios to those individuals (quite a few Id imagine) who have no particular interest in porn, have not undergone recent messy divorce, do not keep an over-the-top mistress/mister locked in a posh apartment, have never pimped, taken hard drugs, embezzled or plagiarized. The gay... more... - Danaa
“I think there’s a myth that the Jewish community supports the Israeli attack on Gaza,” she added, and asserted that there are “hundreds of thousands” of Jews in the U.S. that oppose the Israeli occupation. Read more:
"Misha Shulman, a 37-year-old Israeli immigrant, had an unplanned protest of his own. The former IDF soldier strongly opposes Israel’s Gaza operation and joined the march against it. He said he is “pretty horrified” by the war and the number of Palestinian civilians being killed...." cont'd - pepsi
"...But after a few minutes of marching, he no longer felt comfortable. “They’re calling [the operation] a genocide,” he said, and noted that the marchers also shouted slogans in favor of boycotting Israel. “It’s essentially an anti-Israel protest, and I’m not anti-Israel in general, I just oppose most of the government’s policies.” - pepsi
Not enough. - MRW_8
Great to see you MRW. - pepsi
'' Not enough. - MRW_8'') Ditto. I am so enraged its making me physically sick. - American
I hear you American. And when this Gaza chapter is over it won't be long until people like the mondojews are telling us how blood thirsty baby killers are a minority of Jews, and the Prophet will be blasting Christians, and Weiss will be reminding us of his Jewish eliteness, and taking swipes at our stupid goy pop culture. - pepsi
The broken spirit of those around me, so sickeningly jewified that it's almost indescribable, has got to be one of the most terrifying and depressing things I have ever witnessed. When Lukacs, or whoever, said he wanted a culture of pessimism could he have even foreseen the disgusting spectacle that is America today? 20 million hostile illegals (many of whom are raped by their family... more... - JustTheFactsPlease
Authoritarian Communists/Socialists love to argue about economics and say everything boils down to just that, but if the spirit of a people is broken, if common courtesy is no longer valued, if dignity/integrity/honor/confidence no longer have a place in society then what is the value of a "hip, smart, techie economy" or a "worker owned factory" if the workers/serfs/whatever are willing to stab eachother in the back over the slightest little bullshit? - JustTheFactsPlease
pepsi's "stupid goy culture" set me off on this rant, btw - JustTheFactsPlease
MRW. you're back. good. - Chu_
“I think there’s a myth that the Jewish community supports the Israeli attack on Gaza,” she added, and asserted that there are “hundreds of thousands” of Jews in the U.S. that oppose the Israeli occupation." - pepsi
Hundreds or thousands. - pepsi
Far more jews support dysfunctional activism which harms normally good natured people, in fact nearly all of them do. - JustTheFactsPlease
We should rub patriotism in their faces. They hate patriotism like they hate Christianity. - pepsi
Whatever they fight hardest against is what they fear most: European solidarity, Humor (look at Diudonne), Holocaust Skepticism, Arab Resistance - JustTheFactsPlease
How about a hipster-ish t-shirt with a big picture of Jonathan Pollard and a gatorade logo but spelled Traitorade. - pepsi
Or "ironic" tshirts of Senator McCarthy. - pepsi
pepsi, you good with photoshop? - JustTheFactsPlease
yeah - pepsi
When I even see the word "hipster" now I become guarded - they are sick people. - JustTheFactsPlease
mostly just misguided. except the jewish ones - pepsi
Hipsters tend to be white liberal males - jewified to the point that they are no threat to the meddlesome interlocutors amongst them. "DEMOCRATIZE THE MIDDLE EAST!", how? By turning the women into vapid whores, the guys into fags and the culture into a spiritual cesspool of shit. Didn't some jewish lady write a book about the intersectionality of queer and gender theory in the middle east and have Soros pump money into the project? - JustTheFactsPlease
I don't know much about the straight-edge movement, but I knew some hipster straight-edge kids in NYC that were like Hitler fans or something. I think Portland Oregon might be the epicenter of that crowd. - pepsi
hipsters/straight edge aren't exactly the same thing - JustTheFactsPlease
wuddever. - pepsi
They kinda dress alike but hipsters are into weed, coke, molly, and Pabst Blue Ribbon (seriously wtf?) but the straight edge kids don't do drugs at all. - JustTheFactsPlease
you wanna take a stab at the traiterade image? - JustTheFactsPlease
I don't have photoshoop but is free and is damned good - JustTheFactsPlease
yeah, within the next week I'll do a mock-up - pepsi
One the second page in, she just can't contain herself: “We were raised with two Yiddish concepts about Christians: kopf and punim. Yiddishe kopf and Goyishe kopf. To say that someone had a Yiddishe kopf (A Jewish mind) was to say admiringly that he was a genius, that he was analytical and conceptual and an original thinker. To say that someone had a goyishe kopf was to say that he was dull-witted, conformist and slow” (p. 2). - JustTheFactsPlease
National Jew-o-graphic magazine. - pepsi
Jew Wise potato chips. - pepsi
remember how they freaked out over that gas station mural of the oral circumcision ritual? - pepsi
imagine if it was on a flyer. - pepsi
that gas station guy is awesome by the way - JustTheFactsPlease
so was the turk in the cammo pants kicking that soccer player - pepsi
not as awesome as the jew who kicked the tire - JustTheFactsPlease
I remember maybe 5 years ago I was just learning about Jonny Pollard and I wrote something about it at TPMCafe, and MJ Rosenberg got all upset because he was reminded how the Pollard scandal still affected "good, patriotic Jews" ability to get security clearance in certain government departments. - pepsi
pepsi, on a sidenote are you like a graphic artist? i have been playin with (photoshoop knockoff) and could use some pointers if you have the expertise to hand down to my stupid goy brain - JustTheFactsPlease
youtube should have some good tutorials fer die goyim. - pepsi
I dont wanna buy photoshoop though - JustTheFactsPlease
youtube probably has tutorials for your program, which I know nothing about. - pepsi
what prog do you use? - JustTheFactsPlease
i play around with photoshop - pepsi
Find the guys who put the white flag on the Brooklyn Bridge----I want to hire them.
To hoist Israeli flags on US landmarks and around Washington. - American
Then we figure a way to send anonomus messages and tweets claiming credit for it as the US zionist's warning to americans to STFU and not oppose Israel because we own you.. - American
Wonder if its possible to sneak the Israeli flag on some poles over capitol hill--or the pentagon or the state department or a few other places? - American
That should start a media hullabaloo. - American
Looks like somebody already hit the Plaza Hotel on Central Park: - pepsi
humm....what was the occasion ....or does the Plaza fly those all the time? - American
I don't know, probably all the time though. - pepsi
"After Trump's divorce from Ivana Trump, the Plaza Hotel's president, Trump sold the hotel for $325 million in 1995 (equivalent of $503 million today) to Troy Richard Campbell, from New Hampshire. He sold it in 2004 for $675 million (equivalent of $843 million today) to Israeli-owned Manhattan-based developer, El Ad Properties. El Ad bought the hotel with plans of adding residential and... more... - Chu_
El Ad is the owner - Israeli (occupied) territory. - Chu_
Are we going to have to join up with white nationalist groups in order to get rid of the US zionist?
It is becoming increasingly clear, to me at least, there might have to be a organization or movement as ethnicly 'nationalistic" and forceful as the Jewish one in order to defeat US zionist-----unless some political break thru is acheived. And I see no breakthu on the horizon. - American
I see no 'monied' force outbuying the zionist buying of our politicians. - American
Without money that just leaves a war of 'numbers'. - American
I don't even know what the language of a constitutional amendment would look like that would sufficiently address the Jewish problem, so I can't say whether the movement should be ethnic based or just anti-Zionist/Jewish. - pepsi
Ethnic nationalism is the most 'passionate' kind and easiest to arouse and already exist among racist and the far right. - American
My gut tells me that white nationalist type groups are the last thing that would be a wise move. They don't have numbers and they don't have great sums of money. More likely to alienate most Americans - pepsi
And once you start organizing Americans along ethnic lines, false flag antagonism between the ethnic groups becomes pretty easy for the zios. - pepsi
The only other nationalism is the 'patriotic' kind. To arouse that kind the public has to be shown a specific enemy or enemies as threats to their country. - American
I think Jewish nationalism makes them stupid, and I think white nationalism tends to do the same thing. - pepsi
To arouse that kind the public has to be shown a specific enemy or enemies as threats to their country. - American ... Those enemies are showing themselves more and more lately. - pepsi
Yes, the ethnic nationalism has the potential to divide even more and splinter a movement against the zionist. - American
Jewish nationalism is hopelessly and eternally pulled to the rightmost extreme. White nationalism would probably be the same. Energy would be wasted fighting blacks, etc - pepsi
One thing that most of the big ethnic groups in the US share is Christianity. - pepsi
If the Jews can get whites, blacks, and latinos fighting each other, they win. - pepsi
I started exploring this because someone said they had looked at David Duke's site and he wasnt half as racist as the zionst and israelis. - American
I think the early states had loyalty oaths or loyalty tests as a requirement for public service, and that Jews were instrumental in stopping them. Loyalty tests or oaths are probably a good idea. - pepsi
I wonder what the text of the loyalty oaths or tests looked like. Who would oppose loyalty tests but a traitor? - pepsi
'' If the Jews can get whites, blacks, and latinos fighting each other, they win. - pepsi).....Right. And that is basically what they and politicans have done. To job is reunite americans----but the problem is they have to recongize that it is imperative for them re--unite. With the zionist control of the media and press that would be a long job----all net and grass roots driven.. - American
Yeah, and we are very lucky to have so many Jewish missteps lately, most importantly the gross overreach in Gaza. - pepsi
As a southerner, your biggest challenge is to persuade the Christian Zio types, and as a northerner, my biggest challenge is just as big or bigger: liberal philo-semites. - pepsi
It doesn't help that a lot of the Jews living outside of the big cities in the NE are often pretty decent people. - pepsi
Remember that recent poll that showed that Jews supposedly despised evangelicals, and ranked them below every other group? - pepsi
Shock Pew Research Poll: American Jews prefer Muslims over Evangelicals - pepsi
And I don't want to completely dismiss white nationalism. I just think it might be a movement for another time, in a goy run future. - pepsi
The anti-war tendencies among liberal philo-semites is probably what should be targeted for that audience. PEP should be a commonly used term around them. - pepsi
American patriotism is basically already burned into our souls. That's probably why we care so much about this subject of the Israel lobby and it's Jewish offshoots. I think we can run with this idealistic Jew written American patriotic melting pot ideal, and use it to single them out for being unAmerican. - pepsi
The American patriotism thing may not be as strong as the Hebrew Nation vs the goyim thing, but it is strong and simple enough that we can win with a huge numerical advantage. - pepsi
I'll check back in an hour or two - pepsi
but this war of ideas is only going to get easier and easier. Israel and its lemmings will help immensely with that. They aren't getting any more sane, they are digging in and showing their totalitarian, unenlightened colors. - pepsi
Anyone who says "Kol Nidre" cannot be be trusted, even if they lie their way through a loyalty oath - JustTheFactsPlease
Jews have also engineered an immigration calamity into most whites nation so that, and I quote: - JustTheFactsPlease
"We [Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to bigotry for about half a century. The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country" - JustTheFactsPlease
"That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible—and makes our constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever." - JustTheFactsPlease
Earl Raab, San Francisco Jewish Bulletin, July 23, 1993 - JustTheFactsPlease
An anonymous cartoon of President Obama shielding Israel from world criticism as it stomped on Gaza was making the rounds on social media networks.
I called the WH comment line again today.....if you havent called you should. My animal rescue group took part in a national wide call with the SPCA, Humane Society and PETA and animal groups across the nation back during NewO's Katrina to get Bush to change the rescue policy of not taking pets onto the rescue boats----and it worked, he intervened and the NG and CG started taking in the... more... - American
thanks American. - pepsi
202-456-1111 - MRW_8
I often call the WH comment line and my congressman and senator. It probably doesn't make sense, but I call my state reps, and tell them that national party policies can affect them too, and to pressure the national party over issues. On a good note my 20 year congressman who just loves Isrul was defeated in his bid for the senate, and his chosen replacement is in a real fight in a primary run-off. Being an incumbent isn't such a great thing right now, but I don't have much faith in the challengers. - Todd
Sean McBride
Europe's Jews Blamed For Israel's War - The Daily Beast (Eli Lake) -
"The chief executive officer of the World Jewish Congress, Robert Singer, summed up the problem as follows: “I think Jews in Europe are being seen as Israeli.”" - Sean McBride
"With the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, Yadlin said it ironically makes the case for immigration to Israel much stronger. “The threats imposed to Jews by anti-Semitism in Europe are not a surprise to us, Jews have been suffering from them for centuries,” he said. “The irony in it, today, is that it encourages Jews from countries like France to immigrate into Israel, thus making it stronger.”" - Sean McBride
Eli Lake fails to point out that the Israeli government, the Israel lobby and the Jewish establishment have all stridently and relentlessly claimed that Israel is the official representative of "the Jewish people" worldwide -- all of them collectively. Many non-Jews around the world have heard that message and believe it. - Sean McBride
Eli Lake also fails to divulge that the worldwide Jewish establishment (including the Jewish religious establishment) has stridently and relentlessly claimed for decades now that Judaism and Zionism constitute a single ethno-religious nationalist ideology. - Sean McBride
Clearly Eli Lake is unable to pursue a rational discussion on this subject. - Sean McBride
How many pro-Israel activists in Europe in recent decades have attacked their fellow Europeans in an aggressive, belligerent and confrontational way about Israeli issues? There is plentiful documentation out there on that subject on the Internet. - Sean McBride
Israel lobby > Daily Beast > writer: > Eli Lake - Sean McBride
set; attacks by Eli Lake on non-Jews over Jewish nationalist issues - Sean McBride
Ethnic and religious nationalists like Eli Lake (the Menachem Begin fanboy) are responsible for creating the problems in social relations they complain about. - Sean McBride
set; attacks by Jewish nationalists on Europeans over Israeli issues - Sean McBride
The majority of Jews world wide have supported Isr crimes for 65 years---so yes they are responsible...and ignorance is not legal excuse. - American
They own Israel and the entire Zionist project. It's their baby. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
DRUDGE REPORT: Joan Rivers Defends Israel In Emotional Rant
She was a militant ethnic nationalist from day one -- that's how she's wired. And what better way to win sympathy for her cause than to belch forth torrents of verbal abuse. - Sean McBride
That woman looks like she has had so many face lifts I am surprised she can still move her lips. - American
She is grotesque in every conceivable way. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
institute 4 research: If Israel were really a US strategic asset, would 200 Zionist lobbying nonprofits have to spend $1.4 billion a year?
I guess. Oil is a strategic asset and yet there is an oil lobby. - WJones
That analogy makes no sense to me. - Sean McBride
Some things can be strategic assets and yet have very big lobbies to tell legislators how to best use those assets. I assume that military-related companies have big lobbies too. - WJones
Now of course if you're a lobbyist, and your asset (like Pet Rocks) is not strategic, and is actually a waste, then yes, you definitely need a lobby telling people and legislators to focus on something that they wouldn't normally if your goal as a Pet Rock Lobbyist is to have the country produce 10 million Pet Rocks a Year.. - WJones
The difference here is that the Israel lobby represents the interests of a foreign government. - Sean McBride
'' Some things can be strategic assets and yet have very big lobbies to tell legislators how to best use those assets. I assume that military-related companies have big lobbies too. - WJones)...,Wrong. Oil companies dont have 'big lobbies'--with lots of citizen members----oil companies have some individuals that set up personal relationships with politicians to influence them and in... more... - American
There is also no big lobby with citizen members for the defense industry or for Wall street. - American
Actually, the defense and Wall Street lobbies often appear to be arms of the Israel lobby these days. This situation is graphable. - Sean McBride
One could look into joint Israeli/Lockheed Martin ops, for instance. Or Chuck Schumer's relations with Wall Street. - Sean McBride
Sean, I am basically arguing for the sake of arguing on that one. - WJones
That's what I thought from your first comment. :) - Sean McBride
Jewish Deputy Prime Minister Appointed Acting Prime Minister of Ukraine Read more:
Figures. - American
"Ukraine's prime minister resigned after his governing coalition collapsed, plunging the former Soviet state into political limbo as it struggles to quell a deadly rebellion in the east." - pepsi
Let's see this guy manage the Ukraine the way they've managed Israel. - MRW_8
Remember when Obama said 'make him do it"? Well make him.
I called the WH comment line again today.....if you havent called you should. My animal rescue group took part in a national wide call storm with the SPCA, Humane Society and PETA and animal groups across the nation back during NewO's Katrina to get Bush to change the rescue policy of not taking pets onto the rescue boats----and it worked, he intervened and the NG and CG started taking in the stranded animals. Altogether there were more than 30,000 calls flooding the WH. the same thing should be done on Gaza---WH phone-202-456-1111. Call. Its your chance to sound off about Israel - American
American -- do you care a great deal about the well-being of animals? (Perhaps you are even a passionate animal rights activist?) I feel that way, too. I noticed that Glenn Greenwald does also. - Sean McBride
Yep I am big defender of animals. I help financially support a animal sanctuary in my county for abandoned and abused animals and formed a animal rescue team here. - American
American -- I really respect what you are doing -- thanks for your efforts on that issue. - Sean McBride
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
How Israel militarized social media -
Is Israel losing the media war? In the last few days, as Israel continues its bombardment of the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian death tools continues to mount, this question has consumed the global media. And most have agreed: in the age of social media, with abundant mobile technologies in the hands of Gaza Palestinians and their global supporters, the Israeli state-sponsored media strategy has failed. What’s been lost in this coverage – in this story of surprise -- is the history of the Israel’s army presence on social media.
The more that pro-Israel activists try to propagandize their cause -- a narrow ethnic and religious nationalist cause -- the more enemies they make. That is the social dynamic in play here. - Sean McBride
I am surprised that more people haven't noticed this. The other guy's ethnic and religious nationalism is usually a turnoff for most people. - Sean McBride
What Israel (and Zionists) desperately need is a much lower profile on the world stage. But they keep raising their profile in the most negative ways possible -- self-destructive behavior at its finest. - Sean McBride
Switzerland is not aggressively trying to push a narrow ethnic nationalist agenda on the world. Smart. - Sean McBride
All the money and effort that the Israel lobby has invested in promoting its cause will eventually torpedo its cause -- it is drawing unwelcome attention to itself that it should have sought to avoid by all means. - Sean McBride
Is Sheldon Adelson good for Israel? "Good for the Jews?" - Sean McBride
The last thing I care about is what is good for the Jews. They've had 3000 and 65 years to change their ways and learn something, and havent. But now the world sees what they are about. Every tiime they have had a choice between enlightenment and democracy or following their leaders of hostile tribalism, they chose that tribalism and ethnic nationalism. - American
By supporting and embracing the latest massacres in Gaza, certainly the Jewish *establishment* has undercut its moral authority and damaged its relations with most of the world. The more it tries to defend its positions on these events, the deeper the hole into which it sinks. - Sean McBride
Many Jewish establishment leaders have decided that Jewish nationalism takes precedence over every other issue. They will probably come to regret that decision. Why they have chosen to stride boldly down this path is a matter for psychologists to investigate. - Sean McBride
Fwd: As Much of the World Frowns on Israel, Americans Hold Out Support (via
POLL: (numbers are shrinking for Israel) — 57 percent — believe that Israel’s military actions in Gaza are justified, with only four in 10 saying that Israel has used too much force. The poll, conducted Friday through Sunday, echoed a similar one conducted earlier during the latest conflict — July 8 to 14 — in which the Pew Research Center found that 51 percent of Americans sympathized with Israel, compared with 14 percent who sympathized with the Palestinians. - Chu_
I keep telling you you cant depend on Pew and CNN and other media polls....they are also infected. There is zero chance jeff zuckerman of CNN or Pew foundation would do a poll that showed less american support for Israel. - American
Sean McBride
PresidentPeres: As a man who has learned from experience that the greatness of Israel's reality is greater than the dream which begot it at its dawn.
This grandiose and messianic rhetoric doesn't go down well with most of the world -- particularly in the context of recent events. - Sean McBride
It really is vomit inducing.....all this 'greatness' -chosenness- destiny-claptrap they spout all the time---sane people hear this and think they are like those 'snake handling primitives.' Well they are...a primitive cult. Yuck! - American
It's all so very biblical. - Sean McBride
Pepsi is so Ted Cruzy -- if you know what I mean. (He is demanding more attention.) - Sean McBride
MJ (Mike) Rosenberg@MJayRosenberg · 17h With all due respect for my fellow Jews, 90-plus % (at least) of all commentary defending this war comes from Jews. Nobody else''
Except politicians. - American
politicians paid for by zionist interests - Chu_
Mike often shows a great deal of intellectual honesty on sensitive Jewish issues -- and I think he should be given credit for that -- it must be very difficult for him. - Sean McBride
American -- I wish you would include the links for those tweets -- it's easy to do. Right-click on the time stamp for the tweet, copy and paste it into your post. - Sean McBride
American: here is the link for the tweet you cited: - Sean McBride
Here is Mike Rosenberg's Twitter feed: I see very little to complain about. It's righteous. - Sean McBride
I give people a great deal of room to disagree with me, to change their minds on issues (sometimes several or many times) and to wrestle with many controversies with a great of deal of ambivalence. I expect them to afford me the same consideration. We all need space and time to figure things out. Life is not simple. - Sean McBride
We are all embarked on journeys that can take many strange turns -- and we don't really know where we're going. - Sean McBride
well not if they all think like Donald. - Chu_
Pepsi is the most extreme hater I've ever encountered on the Internet. He may be beyond help. A steady diet of hate completely poisons one's mind. - Sean McBride
We don't even know where Donald will end up. - Sean McBride
MJ has said so much in the comments he prefers a 'donald' over a harsh american critic. And MJ has made some swipes/threats at Phil on his blog/twitter about the comments. He doesn't want people to really criticize Israel, he prefers some nice softballs because Israel is special. MJ is the type of guy who lives in a glass house and prefers to throw stones at all the other neighbors houses. - Chu_
Yes -- he is trying to wrestle with many conflicting feelings about Israel -- but overall he is trending on the right track. Why not focus on your points of *agreement* with Mike rather than on your points of disagreement? - Sean McBride
I don't want someone like that to be on parallel ground with. he's proven his meddle time and time again. I prefer Max Blumental. Younger and not a MJ baby boomer Zionist. One of his tweets the other day said in college he and his friends were ultra Zionists. Ultra Zionists whether they wear the garbs, tellefin, or are just regular dressed are often strangely weird, confrontational, and yet wimpy at the same time. - Chu_
I don't agree with Phil Weiss, Gilad Atzmon, Jeff Blankfort, Mike Rosenberg and many others on all issues -- but I agree with them, respectively, on many issues. It's a waste of time -- and self-defeating -- to get bogged down in the disagreements. - Sean McBride
When you are trying to achieve a political objective, you use every available resource -- that is smart politics. You don't permit yourself to be distracted by the narcissism of small differences. - Sean McBride
[Wikipedia; Narcissism of small differences] - Sean McBride
"The narcissism of small differences (der Narzißmus der kleinen Differenzen) is a term that describes 'the phenomenon that it is precisely communities with adjoining territories, and related to each other in other ways as well, who are engaged in constant feuds and ridiculing each other' – 'such sensitiveness [...] to just these details of differentiation'." - Sean McBride
Only Freudian theories though, this gets to a central character issue... MJ is such a boob he told himself he coined the term 'Israeli-Firster'. Meanwhile in reality, people were using I-Firster years before~ prob while he was still working for AIPAC. He's seems like the type of narcissist that works for a polluting chemical corporation, and when retirement nears, he works to save the forests. - Chu_
Clearly we are not communicating. :) I am trying to focus on the best methods for achieving political goals -- most of which require a great deal of self-discipline and prioritizing of efforts. - Sean McBride
'' When you are trying to achieve a political objective, you use every available resource'''..sean).....So true. Thats why I am formulating something to post on the neo nazi and ayran net sites to get them to start protesting the right way on the US jewish zionist problem in our government and on Israel and our corrupt polliticans. They need instructions on how to gather more followers and have more force as a political and voting group---a true' patriot' group--- not as racial separatist group. - American
The overriding objective in all political conflicts is to *win* -- not to vent. - Sean McBride
good one, american. Someone mentioned David Duke the other day. I went to his site. I didn't see any white race stuff on it at all. More a screed against Israel with articles from Jewish newspapers backing what he said. Strange because 25 years ago, I was led to believe he was the devil (same for Pat Buchanan), but his motto on the site said 'for Human Freedom and Diversity'. Is that a jab in the eye to Zionists? - Chu_
Pepsi continues to harass this group with trolling comments, apparently in desperate need of attention. - Sean McBride
Observation: Pepsi is extremely gay -- but he is incredibly confused about his gayness. Straight males do not spend much time thinking about gay males -- they are thinking about women. Obsessive homophobes are almost always closet gays who are struggling to suppress their gay feelings. It's textbook stuff. - Sean McBride
Pepsi is one of those extreme antisemites who would have murdered Jews in the death camps -- including women and children -- with enthusiasm and self-righteousness. He would have been proud of his work. - Sean McBride
Attention granted. - Sean McBride
Pepsi is hypersensitive about about his Hispanic/Latino heritage -- one wonders what is going on there. Certainly not something healthy -- definitely something quite confused. - Sean McBride
GFTG is a textbook example of how to lose a political battle before it has even begun. - Sean McBride
Here's a good post that MJ posts about Jews (when Arabs do this, Jews go nuts So he posts stuff that is occasionally good. But he really dislikes most of American culture. I'm not going to be on someone's side who demeans other people's existence. What a lot of Yiddish people do so well is mock everything in the world around... more... - Chu_
You need to set all that aside and focus on achieving particular political objectives at particular moments in time. You are losing sight of the main game -- which is a long game, pursued step by solid step -- one small step after another -- using every resource at your disposal -- and with as little distracting emotion as possible. Bear down on the final goal -- or lose to a superior player. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
MJ (Mike) Rosenberg: AIPAC &other Israel Firsters blast FAA for putting American lives over Israel's wants. Dual loyalty...nope, just one.
Why did MJR close his blog? - WJones
You should ask him. - Sean McBride
he has a blog. See his twitter feed. Left side. He probably doesn't allow comments, because he is a hot-headed wimp, that's why he closed his last blog, because he couldn't take the criticism that I would write or many others. - Chu_
One wonders if Mike can handle fair, free, open and rational policy debates. He tends to be very emotional -- sometimes even abusive. He is no Stephen Walt. - Sean McBride
he's clearly biased. bu he has been talking about AIPAC on his feed the last day. 1. No. Because I left on good terms, giving me cred to bash it now. Most ex-AIPACers were fired. Can't speak out. 2. At AIPAC, those fired get paid off, sign agreements not to speak. - Chu_
But when all is said and done, I agree with most of Mike's tweets. - Sean McBride
mj closed his blog because some non jews like me commented there and even when our comments werent controverisal or critical he literally could not stand for gentiles to think they had any say so on Israel -US ---and he would attack them in the most absurd ways that even the jewish commenters there condemned him for----he had exposed himself and his hateful attitude towad gentiles too... more... - American
Israel Has a New Worst Enemy — Twitter The Medium's Immediacy and Emotion Overwhelm All Logic Read more:
Troubling Signs for Israel in New Poll of Americans Support Coalition Shifts — Democrats and Young Split Evenly Read more: - pepsi
There's another holocaust like event or events somewhere, some place in the jew's future.....will bet money on it. Will likely begin in eastern europe as it did before. - American
Where is a list of all the zionist media and TV execs and producers that control Isr info? Is there one on here already? It would be very helpful.
we need to work on it. post it on mwff2. and we can compile one. - Chu_
o,k,,,,just posted on MMFF2 - American
I wonder is it possible to list things and share in an excel format. It would be nice to categorize in columns different levels of media types. - Chu_
I'll settle for just a plain list for my purposes. - American
Plain text lists are usually more useful than Excel files -- and they are easy to convert to Excel files. - Sean McBride
Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) is flying to Israel tonight on the Israeli airline El Al to protest a Federal Aviation Administration ban on U.S. carriers flying to or from Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv
The Logan Act is still on the books---Enforce it. - American
The Logan Act states, in part: “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in... more... - American
And apply to every US citizen and politicans in particular who go to Israel to side with Israel over the official stance of the US government on settlements. Deny them re-enry to the US and confiscate all their assets and holdings in the US. - - American
"If you don't feel safe here, I don't know where you would feel safe," Bloomberg said. - pepsi
Worth watching that interview btwn Wolf Blitzer and Bloomberg. - pepsi
Bloomberg & Wolf. Wolf tries to bait Bloomberg and he gets offend that closing the FAA was 'politically' motivated (seemed as though Blitzer is baiting Bloomberg to say Obama Admin was involved w/ FAA decision). - Bloomberg is another Sheldon Adelson really, it shows here, now he's taken off his mask because he doesn't have a chance in US political office. Bloomberg net worth is 22 billion. - Chu_
Retweeted by Max Blumenthal Barak Ravid@BarakRavid · 33m BREAKING: UN human rights council in Geneva decides to form an international commission of inquiry for alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza 7:34 P.M. UN human rights council in Geneva decides to form international commission of inquiry for alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Twenty-nine nations voted in favor of the commissions' creation, one member-state voted against it, and 17 abstained. Netanyahu condemns the decision as 'a travesty that should be condemned by decent people everywhere.' To read the full article, click here (Barak Ravid) - American
And please don't hire Goldstone to lead the investigation. Someone with a little spine that will stand by his words without condemnation from his local S. Africa Synagogue. - Chu_
Next round of US hasbara: (wait for it)... The UN and it's unjust treatment of Israel. - Chu_
The Logan Act is still on the books, Enforce it -----
The Logan Act states, in part: “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.” - American
And apply to every US citizen and politicans in particular who go to Israel to side with Israel over the official stance of the US government on settlements. Deny them re-enry to the US and confiscate all their assets and holdings in the US. - American
"with intent to influence the measures (or conduct) of any foreign government (or of any officer or agent thereof), in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States" - sometimes legalspeak is often confusing, but i think negatively, or detrimentally, should have been applied here, as in 'with the intent to [negatively] influence the measures...' - Chu_
Sean McBride
StandWithUs: .@HowardStern has had it with anti- #Israel activists. LISTEN to his rant here: #israelunderfire
Mondoweiss should transcribe Howard Stern's comments here -- the details are telling. - Sean McBride
Pro-Israel activists are going to do in their own cause -- the level of savage aggression and obscene abuse coming from that quarter is mind-boggling. It turns out that Howard Stern is just another Pamela Geller in pants. - Sean McBride
One keeps wondering: what effects do they think they are having on the minds of their audience? Probably they are too overwrought to care. - Sean McBride
Many pro-Israel activists believe that they can bully Americans and Europeans into submission, much like Howard Stern in this exchange. I guess we'll have to see how that works out. - Sean McBride
This guy said we should blow up the Arab world right after 9-11. He hates Jesse Jackson for calling nyc 'hymietown' but used his black female cohost as a crutch for his racist crap. - Chu_ from Android
Chu -- someone needs to pull out the juicier quotes from that broadcast and post them -- they require no comment -- they speak for themselves. - Sean McBride
yeah, he's an insecure troll, that got a big siriusXM deal for being a loudmouth. Even got a nose job to change his whiny voice. worth half a billion - Chu_
Please pull out the juicier quotes. - WJones
(( This guy said we should blow up the Arab world right after 9-11. )) Did you hear this directly? On 911 I was listening to Howard Stern and heard him say he knew who did it and they need to kick the towell heads out of the Land. I realized he was talking about the Pals even then. - WJones
No someone told me years ago. I can't listen to such a guy. Man is insecure egotistical who gathers insecure characters around him and slowly breaks them down. Robin, Gay-cee, the guy who tried to kill himself. All a crew of Fuck ups on captain Stern ' s boat to no where. - Chu_ from Android
He slowly broke down Robin? - WJones
Can you imagine Howard Stern trying to debate Mideast and Israeli politics on Mondoweiss? Now that would be funny. - Sean McBride
Robin was already broken. He got away with a lot more racism against blacks because she was his sidekick. - Chu_ from Android
How do you know she was broken? - WJones
'How do you know she was broken?' because I used to date her. -I'm kidding. Broken because Stern would often berate black people in her presence and she would sit their and take it. I realize it's supposed to be comedy, but he got away with a lot. They used to use this guy 'Angry Black' who would call in with rage. I guess that's funny to his viewing audience, but this type of humor can... more... - Chu_
Is there any problem those Jewish brains can't solve? AM YISRAEL CHAIM!
"Minister proposes giving Gaza a port, airport – without compromising on Israel’s security." - JustTheFactsPlease
Of course it would all be done with "international funding." Jews inc. have no problem at all spending other people's money on pipe dreams. - Todd
Two more were just sent to heaven: - JustTheFactsPlease
pray that the jewish people stay strong in this tough time, please Todd? - JustTheFactsPlease
I'm already on my knees, so I might as well say a prayer for those plucky little Sabras and their ubermensch cousins in the diaspora. Do I have to ask God to bless his chosen people? - Todd
Please do, and give shekels if you can plz. - JustTheFactsPlease
I don't have money, but I can donate food. Are canned hams okay? - Todd
you guys are very generous. Bless your B+ hearts. I graded you on a curve because I too am generous of spirit. - pepsi
B+ hearts, huh? I still remember your first post to me at MWFF, Pepsi. It was only up for a few seconds before you took it down, but I remember. :) - Todd
what did i say? - pepsi
It doesn't matter. - Todd
'' Is there any problem those Jewish brains can't solve?''.....yea they cant figure out how to dial 1-800- Rent a Brain. - American
Give Gazans an Island, what generous offer from the cult. Actually I proposed giving israel is an Island years ago to solve their problems. They hate all their f'ing neighbors anyway. An island or a giant mega steamship so they can pick up their uber mensch cousins as Todd says. - Chu_ from Android
Sean McBride
For Israel, There’s No Such Thing As An Innocent Gazan « The Dish (Andrew Sullivan) -
"When you are killing scores of children, it is not enough to argue self-defense (even though the Iron Dome has given Israel about as robust a defense against home-made rockets as you can get). You have to argue for something grander to nullify the corpses of children. And the dehumanization of those living in Gaza – to the point at which spectators with popcorn cheer their deaths – has led to Israeli indifference to the deaths of human beings that, if they were Jews, would be regarded as the harbinger of calamity. Can you imagine the response in Israel if over 200 Israeli children were killed by a rocket attack by Hamas? Can you imagine anyone saying that the Israelis did this to themselves? That tells you everything about how deep the moral rot has gone, how this kind of zero-sum war and brutalizing occupation over decades cannot but destroy a country’s soul." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"And this is the truth about the state of Israel today. To endure it must crush. The more it crushes the deeper the resistance will run; the deeper the resistance the more unthinkable the carnage will have to go. This is an abyss of revenge and hatred, the dreadful consequence of every utopian scheme in human history." - Sean McBride
"an abyss of revenge and hatred" - Sean McBride
I dont think zionism had a soul to destroy---but it sure has destroyed the US's late lamented soul. but it hasnt destroyed the Palestines yet. - American
Haven't you heard? -- Israel is the soul of the world and a light unto the nations. At least it says it is. You can't disagree with the Bible. - Sean McBride
Don't forget though that it's 100 times worse in the US because of the US wars and casualties in Afghan/Iraq. Or so says Hostage. - WJones
Howard Stern Talks About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Stern: "If you're anti-Israel you're anti-America." - pepsi
Another One Bites the Dust - pepsi
what do you expect from a sick f**k like that. - American
And Ventura wants this guy to be his VP :( - JustTheFactsPlease
Probably a Frankist. - pepsi
good to see you back american - JustTheFactsPlease
If Howard Stern weren't Jewish, he would have been bounced, blacklisted and forgotten decades ago. His racial attitudes and exploitation of the mentally and physically handicapped go far beyond anything Don Imus ever did, yet Stern skates. That's not even mentioning his sexual perversion, that is always played off as mildly naughty, and Howard being Howard. It's no surprise that he's also a Zionist to go along with his obvious Jewish supremacism. - Todd
Where did American go? - Todd
And all Don Imus did was call them "hoes" when rappers and other femeales call eachother far worse, and furthermore I dont have a problem with women ho-ing. - JustTheFactsPlease
I hadn't seen him in awhile - JustTheFactsPlease
I personally watched Stern refer to Puerto Ricans as "dirty Puerto Ricans" with a Rosie Perez on the show. She looked shocked, confused and a little mad before she gained her composure, and remembered who she was speaking with. He's done the similar things with Asians, other Hispanics, blacks and, of course, non-Jewish whites. And it all slides, just as he knows it will. Robin Quivers was always his token who allowed him to get away with everything. - Todd
Sean McBride
Why Israel Is Losing the American Media War -- NYMag -
Why Israel Is Losing the American Media War -- NYMag
"In many ways, the story of this month's eruption of violence in Israel and Palestine has been depressingly familiar. But in one interesting way it has been a little bit different from the beginning: American audiences are seeing the story of the conflict, perhaps more than ever before, through Palestinian eyes." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"It's been a little more than two weeks since Abu Khdeir's kidnapping, and the violence in Gaza has escalated from retribution murders into a military campaign. But in the American press, the human story of the Israel-Palestine conflict — in which more than 500 Palestinians have been killed, and fewer than 30 Israeli soldiers — has stayed, unusually, on the Palestinian side. As the... more... - Sean McBride
"If Netanyahu is so bothered by how dead Palestinians look on television then he should stop killing so many of them. But his complaint is in itself a concession. The story of the conflict between Israel and Palestine looks a little bit different this time around. Social media have helped allow us to see more deeply inside war zones — in this case, inside Gaza — and allowed viewers much... more... - Sean McBride
Comment: "If anyone wants to keep score, as of today this is thought to be the numbers of dead since 2000: Israel: 1,100 casualties (100 children) Palestine: 7,500 casualties (1,500 children) These are from an Israeli human rights organization. " - Sean McBride
How many Palestinians died in 1970 in Jordan? Why do liberals like the Muslim Brotherhood ? - Eric Logan
'' How many Palestinians died in 1970 in Jordan? Why do liberals like the Muslim Brotherhood ? - Eric Logan)...What does how many Palestines died in Jordon have to with the current Gaza assault by Israel? Nothing as far as I can see. This whataboutery doesnt work. - American
Jordan killed more Palestinians in a year men, women and children than Israel has in a decade and they were not lobbing rockets into Jordan. Do American liberal values align with those of Hamas ? Why does Hamas encourage women and children to stay in areas where there is fighting and weapons ? The moral outrage at an implacable ideology that would sacrifice the lives of children is... more... - Eric Logan
Where is the outrage at Imams that incite their followers to violence using scriptures from the Quran? My Muslim friends tell me the scriptures are being taken out of context. Just pointing that out if that's the case seems less than sufficient. Sean would have me believe that support of Israel is the equivalence of supporting the white nationalists. I don't see it that way I think both sides of this conflict are inhabited by crazy religious fanatics hell bent on destroying one another. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Gaza is about 4 miles x 25 miles. All the Gazans lived in what was Israel today, but the IDF managed over 6 decades to push them into a concentration camp [1.8 million] and now they systematically bomb the camp, because they don't want any reconciliation (or right of return). Israel is the losing the public relations war with the world, even if Hamas launches some ineffective rockets at... more... - Chu_
Why does the Arab world that surrounds them allow it? - Eric Logan from FFHound!
"Arafat later claimed that the Jordanian army killed between 10,000 and 25,000 Palestinians, although more conservative estimates put the number between 1,000 and 2,000" Black September in 1970-71 - Chu_
Re: Gaza - The neighbors of the Gaza prison are Israel and Egypt. In a word, mostly Hosni Mubarak was the strong man president of Egypt and did what the West prefers (Saudis as well) for the past 3 decades. Now with the Brotherhood made illegal in Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (former Minister of Defence of Egypt) seems unwilling to give any Gazan a hand with their plight. It's like Rhode... more... - Chu_
Israel defense force is not equipped for a big war though. They won 1967 by a preemptive strike on the Arab world. Here's a more recent analysis on the IDF - - Chu_
Eric: "Sean would have me believe that support of Israel is the equivalence of supporting the white nationalists. I don't see it that way." Why don't you see it that way? Can you explain your reasoning? Zionism is an aggressive ethnic and religious nationalist movement that has from the very beginning seized territory by force from others on the basis of biblical myths, legends and... more... - Sean McBride
Eric -- I don't support Hamas and I strongly oppose rocket attacks on Israel, but I know for a certainty that Americans would react with extreme and justifiable violence if Zionists attempted to build a Jewish state by terrorism and force anywhere in the United States. Every group on the planet would react the same way. So why should Americans support Israeli aggression in the Mideast -- and especially its ever-expanding racist settlements? - Sean McBride
Eric -- as for liberals supporting the Muslim Brotherhood -- preposterous -- they don't. Jews in the United States are overwhelmingly liberal and they are the most influential financial supporters of liberalism in America -- do you really think that they are fans of the Muslim Brotherhood? Examples? - Sean McBride
Most Americans dislike all forms of ethnic and religious extremism -- Americanism is all about overcoming that style of politics. Zionism is all about wallowing in it. - Sean McBride
Eric -- the ethnic xenophobia index: the number of times you mention your ethnic enemies. Pay close attention to that index with regard to American political activists and pundits. Think of William Kristol, for instance. Ask yourself why American politics increasingly revolves around the ever-escalating conflicts of a single very small ethnic group. - Sean McBride
Ethnic xenophobia index is real strong here. I read stuff like this Sean and it makes me wonder? ==> Muslim Double Standards Abound - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Eric -- you didn't respond to any of my points -- not a single one. I don't think you are very well-informed about these issues. I think your mind is highly susceptible to Israeli propaganda. You've been led up the garden path. - Sean McBride
Eric -- who in this group is complaining about their ethnic enemies? Which ethnic groups in American politics in your mind are obsessively preoccupied with their narrow ethnic nationalist interests and waging war against their ethnic enemies? - Sean McBride
Eric -- who are the English, Irish, German, French, Italian or Swedish equivalents of Jewish nationalists like Charles Krauthammer, David Brooks, William Kristol and Jeffrey Goldberg among the American pundit class? How many of them regularly publish articles attacking their ethnic nationalist enemies in the Washington Post or Wall Street Journal? I will answer for you: there are none. They would be considered racists if they were active on the American political scene. - Sean McBride
The American equivalent to Zionism would be WASPism -- America for White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. The German equivalent to Zionism was Nazism. The Italian equivalent to Zionism was Italian Fascism. Zionism, Nazism and Italian Fascism all sprang from the same ethnic nationalist currents in European culture in the latter 19th century. Zionism predated the rise of Nazism. I urge Eric to study modern Western intellectual history. - Sean McBride
WASP were snobs and tinged with racism but not 'cultist' like the tribe. In fact it wasnt even 'ethnic'. Among the most prominent WASPs written about and referred to were Italians, Irish, Dutch, German--a mixture--- of elite 'industrialist' and elite bankers. However most people associate WASP with the anglo saxon 'British' elites. - American
tweets from inside the Gazan Prison. funny & dark stuff. - Chu_
American -- Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and that visionary crew -- WASPs all -- were true nobles compared to contemporary neoconservatives -- certainly exhibiting signs of greater mental health, superior intelligence and more elevated values. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Charles Krauthammer Calls the U.N. the ‘Headquarters of the Libel Against the Jewish People’ | -
Here we go again: "the chosen people" vs. "the nations" biblical meme -- endless conflict between "the Jewish people" and everyone else. It strikes me as a crazy mental construct -- I would love to hear a convincing explanation for why it is not crazy. Jewish Zionists like Charles Krauthammer have organized their politics and mental and emotional lives entirely around this meme -- they proactively keep this conflict boiling, endlessly generating the situations they complain about. - Sean McBride
What could be more irrational and *neurotic* than to proactively generate the conflict situations you most bitterly complain about. - Sean McBride
all part of the standard luftwaffe/zionist siren that sends the diaspora into panic mode. There are a whole bunch of triggers just waiting to get pulled. - Chu_
It is impossible for messianic ethnic nationalists to get along with ethnic outsiders. Who doesn't get this? - Sean McBride
Sean, I can give a rational, noncrazy explanation that would not be sound. - WJones
"“It is this astonishment and refusal to accept the realities of the uniqueness and the magnificence and the importance of this Jewish state that leads to all the mystery you’re hearing and all the lies you see on television and on the media about the calumnies that you hear against Israel, issued in the four corners of the globe, particular in the headquarters of the libel against the... more... - Sean McBride
"the uniqueness and the magnificence and the importance of this Jewish state" -- what in the world is Krauthammer ranting about? He made these remarks before CUFI (Christians United for Israel). - Sean McBride
The terms that come to mind with regard to Krauthammer: messianism, grandiosity, narcissism, euphoria, megalomania, triumphalism, xenophobia, etc. These mental traits tend to come as a bundle. - Sean McBride
Those zio Jews are on their way to causing a civil war over this.-.within both jews- and vr gentiles. Pitting jews against jews, gentiles against evangeical fanatics, jew against gentiles. americans against americans. But let it happen, it needs to come to a head so the US zios can be defeated. - American
So much for Jews keeping a low profile in Western politics -- a policy which many wise Jewish leaders have advocated over many years. The level of angry emotion about Israel and Zionism (Jewish nationalism) keeps escalating on all sides to the point of explosion. Neoconservatives have played the lead role in stirring the pot in the United States. - Sean McBride
Top NYTIMES 'Reader' Comments 10pm (7/21/14) 429 comments [totally abnormal] Times is in operation: desperate propaganda
Pediatrician X Columbus Ohio 10 hours ago Israel left Gaza several years ago - left its greenhouses intact for the Gazan Palestinians to have a thriving industry. Instead, they have turned toward destruction of Israel - through rockets and tunnels which have no purpose except to kill and main Israelis, or to kidnap them. How dare the Palestinian apologists complain about the Israelis not letting cement into Gaza! See where it goes - to make these tunnels. And why are the Palestinians not allowed to hide there? Are they only to store rockets and let Hamas leaders hide, and to send murderous infilatrators under the border into Israel? Hamas, not Israel, is guilty of human rights abuses. - Chu_
check out the comments that floated to the top. Not consistent with normal voting trends over NYTimes comments. NYTimes is a fascist newspaper for Israel's criminality. - Chu_
some analysts who monitor NEWS publications can see that there is fraud here. - Chu_
I think Hillary or Samantha Powers recently complained and retold a story where Israelis left horticultural buildings in Gaza and Hamas supposedly asked for them to be destroyed and so the Israelis "had" to destroy them. - WJones
Apparently this greenhouse story claims that the Israelis left the greenhouses intact. Maybe it's a different story. Whatever. - WJones
Comments are overwhelmingly against Israel in any typical Judi Rudoren column. Now both NYTimes selected comments and the readers comments are stacked to favor Israel. Something is rotten here. - Chu_
Perhaps it's the network of trolls, but I think NYTimes is helping this anomoly. - Chu_
The top 'readers' comments at 10:25 Eastern time are all pro Israel. Only at the 4th 'readers' top comment does someone blame the USA for the situation! Maybe all the rational commenter gave up on NYTimes and hit the internet. They choose not to be part of the corporate pro Israel mouthpiece, but I doubt it. - Chu_
NYT is minipulaitng the ratings of comments. Comment dont go from being overwhelmingly anti Israel for 'years' to pro Israel like that over night---especially given the current crisis. This is pure DESPERATION by the NYT and zios. All the zio outlets must be really scared of public opinion this time. - American
Too many people are rebelling, too many speaking their mind, too many reporters exposing Israel and telling the truth. They are paniced because they cant control EVERYONE..the dike is springing too many leaks. So they are trying to clamp down even more. - American
Serious bilge from NYTimes for years wrt Israel. Surprising so many idiots maintain their subscriptions (although they have been struggling to survive the digital realm). The Sulzbergers and their mossad/JIDF trolls must be collaborating on a new scheme. That's how Israel wins is with more schemes. - Chu_
the top 7 'readers' picks this morning, were also 'NYTimes' picks. I've never seen this before. Do you think FAIR would look into this? Seems like the Times has hit a new low. - Chu_
It would be extremely easy to rig the software which creates these lists -- and difficult to detect the manipulation. - Sean McBride
I've known all along that the Readers' Picks on Mideast politics had to be driving the New York Times ownership and management crazy -- and I knew that they would be searching for ways to push back. I don't know that that is happening now and in this way, but I wouldn't be the least surprised if it were. - Sean McBride
NYT and hasbara agents trying to give appearence that americans support Israel.......they know that anti israel public opinion is 'catching'....people observing and not likening Isr get their opinion 'reinforced' and 'enlarged' by seeing others expressing the same. Zios media and press and etc have politicians locked up----but with alternatives to msm the masses have other options---and ZOG is rightly concerned about more of US pubic catching anti israel fever and acting on it. - American
The mainstream media establishment is terrified of the Internet -- it would love to find a way to put it back in the bottle. - Sean McBride
You wonder how many negative polls have been published against Israel in recent years that the establishment press had to suppress? This poll indicates Israel is viewed unfavorable by (24%+14%) 38% of the polls. Here's a cnn blog but not on their main site - Chu_ CNN found in a poll of adults conducted Friday, July 18 through Sunday, July 20 – but the network also found that support has been waning since earlier this year. It also found a clear divide by party, with Republicans approving of Israel's actions against Hamas by an overwhelming majority, while less than half of Democrats approve. - Chu_
Well, the lazy folks will never lead the parade --they will just fall in behind and be led. - Sean McBride
True. So here is my lecture to people. If you arent 'personally' speaking truth to power--as in personally calling the "powers' to express your outrage, opposition to Isr'merica, your opposition to any politicans that support it----then you arent a serious person. People like that are just using this Isr-P/I-US issue for academic.religious and intellectual games and excerise, as a hobby, in which they can generate conversations and demonstrate their knowledge and opinions. - American
Knowledge without action is useless. This is a habit commenters on their cause fall into. If everyone who comments on Isr on boards across the net made a call to their politicans at the same time and as often as they comment the US Isr problem would be solved by popular demand and outrage. - American
1 877 762 8762 ---- Congress - American
Don't be unfair, American. sean was just responding to my comment expressing exasperation with the laziness of the masses. I consider people who are at least motivated enough to say, read something like MW or MoA to be that much further ahead on the scale of "Immense laziness". Those who comment are a step further and those who act by say, writing to their reps, participating in some... more... - Danaa
I know that Sean sometimes resorts to lectury style. I'm sure he is working on that tendency. We need everyone we can have on-board, and having food-fights among us over style, misstatement, occasional outburst, etc are just the kind of diversions TPTB feed on. - Danaa
My issue continues to be not unlike yours - how can the people be woken up, short of a major disaster? they (TPTB) have ALL the MSM, ALL the money and ALL the influece. I see them rolling out the "Blame Russia" gavel-to-gavel accusation over the downing of MH17 and I shudder. hardly a flutter to disturb their tsunami of mis-information and propaganda. Even worse with gaza. - Danaa
WJones I think is doing a good job acting and informing and debating within the Christian community he knows. I am glad to see you, American, are in the midst of a writing campaign. I know a few others who do more. Can you imagine how much more could even just a few of us if we had serious money behind us? Why, we could hire some interns to send letter bombs, start initiatives, shadow reps etc etc. - Danaa
Which leads to a question - do you happen to have a good link to the State department? I guess I could google but i know you have the contacts handy. - Danaa
'' Don't be unfair, American...Danaa).....There is nothing "unfair' about it. And my lecture was to everyone, not Sean specifically. I have posted this 'lecture' on 7 blogs so far between my faxs to Reid and Peliso on why my 168 democrats are leaving the party over Israel. Do'ers do what they can from where they are, some are in a position to do more than others but everyone... more... - American
The State Department has no public comment line. You have to call the 'country desk" at the State Dept of the country you want to ask a question about or comment on. - American
American -- I appreciate your lecture and agree with it. But I am pretty much convinced at this point that American politicians respond only to MONEY -- large sums of it. That is the political "activism" that gets their attention. And few of us are in the financial league of the oligarchs (billionaires and hectomillionaires) who own and control the Democratic and Republican Parties, the mainstream media and the leading policy centers. - Sean McBride
That leaves the Internet as one powerful way to oppose them -- and I do think it has having some impact -- with the potential for much more impact in the future. - Sean McBride
congress has a 15% approval. They are whores to big capitol and oligarchs. "More than one in five say replacing all members is best way to fix it" - Chu_
Phil Weiss posted this today on MW: - Sean McBride
"My colleague, Matt Frei, tweeted that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interview with Netanyahu was less a grilling more “a warm bath and a back rub”. Others used more profane metaphors." - Sean McBride
"But now, for the first time in a major Arab-Israeli conflict, the American public has other sources of reality. All research says that young people everywhere regard Twitter as essentially a news service, and via your social network you can easily get served up words and pictures more impactful than anything on TV. By the time many Americans woke up on Sunday, these pictures were of dead Palestinian children." - Sean McBride
"Netanyahu complained the Hamas strategy was to provide “telegenically dead” people: but where Israel is losing the hearts and minds of the world is not via “tele” anything: it is in the JPEGs that stream into millions of people’s mobile phones every time they glance at the object in the palm of their hand." - Sean McBride
Twitter has proven its worth as a tool for the masses imo---the msm is in for a run for their money---in their disinfo and propaganda for Isr. One of the most illuminating things is how it reveals the crudeness and hatred of the Isr crowd in their tweets . 90% of them are on the level of psychopathic teenagers. - American
Top 10 Non-Jews Positively Influencing the Jewish Future 2012 | Jewish & Israel News -
"I was inspired to initiate an annual list of my own.  Not of Jews, but of non- Jews, specifically those who are most positively influencing the Jewish future." 10. Pilar Rahola Spanish Journalist, Politician. 9. Bob Costas Sportscaster Costas came out front and center to highlight the request of Israeli widows of the Munich ’72 massacre. They had called on the International Olympic Committee to hold a moment of silence during the opening ceremony 8. Jose Maria Aznar Former Spanish Prime Minister. - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
6. Eric Schmidt Google Chairman. Among the world’s most respected technology industry leaders, Schmidt’s praise of the Jewish state during a visit this past June could not have been more emphatic. “There are no disadvantages to investing in Israel – just advantages,” he was quoted as saying. “Israel has the most important high-tech center in the world after the US.” - ChasMark
5. Ayoob Kara Knesset Member, Deputy Israeli Minister. A member of Israel’s governing Likud party, Kara is a Druze Israeli who has been recognized as the Knesset’s most pro-Israel Arab, serving as a role model and example to other Arab Israelis. - ChasMark
4. Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of India. As I write, four of India’s top naval warships are docked at the Haifa port as part of a four-day visit to Israel to “strengthen service-to-service linkages.” Indian officials said that the warships, which are equipped with advanced electronic sensors and missile systems, show “the importance India attaches to the growing Indo-Israeli relations, and continued cooperation and engagement between the two countries is expected to grow.” - ChasMark
. Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada. 2. Rupert Murdoch CEO of News Corporation. 1. Mitt Romney U.S. Presidential Candidate. Love or hate his politics, Romney’s vocal support for Israel as a contender for the world’s top job, has challenged the incumbent and many Americans to rediscover their own understanding of the United States’ special relationship with the Jewish state. - ChasMark
algemeniner is propaganda. ..its like the Pew polls that tell you 90% of america suports israel. - American
chucky shumer is on algeminer recently. Seems like a site for abnormal Zionists like Tokyo, who was also published there. - Chu_
israel is more hi tech than japan...yeah right - JustTheFactsPlease
And Germany...and Sweden...and Finland...and Russia...and China...and Canada...and India...and Singapore...and the Netherlands...and France...and...well, you get it... - Todd
If we are talking about Japan and Israel, Japan should be holding a grudge, but Israel does and often blames Europe and on occasion will blame the US for not rescuing the Jews in WWII. I don't see too many MJ Rose-ntakamatsu in the media though. - Chu_
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