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Sean McBride
An Apology: On Images From Gaza - David Frum - The Atlantic -
An Apology: On Images From Gaza - David Frum - The Atlantic
Top comment: "I would like to remain civil, but this still reads as "I'm sorry, I have a bunch of pre-existing prejudices that I can't sublimate in the face of even strong evidence counter to my inherent assumptions, even though it's a vital part of my job to do just that." Just awful, and so unworthy of the high standards of your colleagues both at this magazine and your industry." - Sean McBride
A creepy apology by a ringleader of the trillion-dollar foreign policy disaster in Iraq. - Sean McBride
canadian toad speechwriter for Bush. uglier than a grouper. surprised he got so much air time back when he was listened to. - Chu_
Neoconservatives like David Frum still haven't apologized for the American deaths and injuries they caused in Iraq (not to mention the Iraqi deaths and injuries and the total costs of the war) -- they don't care. They only care about Israel and their narrow ethnic nationalist self-interest. - Sean McBride
Atlantic readers seem to detest David Frum as much as New York Times readers detested William Kristol. Browse the comments. - Sean McBride
very stupid 'apology' as a lead in to hasbara spin?...and he thinks people fall for that?. - American
fly Star of David from bridges, overpasses, along highways everywhere. saturate the USA with flag of Israel. Capture in symbols what is taking place in political real-time. - ChasMark
photoshop image of US Capitol with flag of Israel flying where Stars & Stripes should be. That is the reality. - ChasMark
In "Those Angry Days," Lynne Olson mentioned that tensions were so high that people sent miniature coffins to politicians who did not make the 'right' decisions. Do it again, but this time, when you put your traitor congressman/senator in a coffin, drape it with an Israeli flag. That who he/she is working for. - ChasMark
'' ""fly Star of David from bridges, overpasses, along highways everywhere. saturate the USA with flag of Israel. Capture in symbols what is taking place in political real-time. - ChasMark)....That's what I have suggested also....hoisting them on capitol hill and other Dc agencies...... BUT..... I though about it again and they would just be removed and media would hush it up. Might be... more... - American
Sean McBride
National Jewish Democratic Council: Liberal Jews Worn Down Defending Obama | FrontPage Magazine -
National Jewish Democratic Council: Liberal Jews Worn Down Defending Obama | FrontPage Magazine
Top comment: "SoCalMike: When I see this picture of Obama treating Netanyahu like a waiter, I wish Netanyahu would have taken his right fist and laid out the precious waif in chief on his back with a bloody nose." - Sean McBride
File under attacks by Jewish Zionists on American presidents. - Sean McBride
Israel is working hard to open up a multi-front war with Americans, Europeans, Iranians, Muslims, Palestinians, etc. Quite ambitious. - Sean McBride
Will there be a holocaust (of some type) in America? If we accept the continuation of jewish Zionist domination of our polcies then we are going to be following the same warring and aggression 'around the world' as Israel practices on its ME neighbors----WHICH ....will lead to the collapse of the US. - American
I am still not seeing anyone coming up with a 'real plan' that would actually work in getting rid of this Zionist infiltration in the media and then government. Whats the plan people?. - American
The plan is to use social media to keep going after the most influential Zionists with the most effective facts and arguments. They are already being overwhelmed as we speak. They are on the verge of being routed. Keep turning up the heat. - Sean McBride
Serious question---If Americans had to vote on continuing to allow Jewish/Zionist/Israel rule of the US congress and US politics ---or----vote to expel all the Jews as the only way to end it---what would most American choose?
No only have two choices---1) let it continue --or---- 2) expel the jews-----no in between choices - American
Expel immediately. - Todd
The Question is What would most Americans choose. I believe most Americans would choose 1) Let it continue. Germany is an object lesson in what happens to a nation that attempts to remedy a problem through legislative & nonviolent means. Same for Palestine. - ChasMark
If most Americans were truly aware of the problem, I believe they would choose expulsion, at the very least. If 9-11 were a proven false-flag to benefit Jewish interests, I don't think most Americans would accept the status quo. If most Americans understood just how infiltrated the nation is, and how everything is being torn apart to suit Jewish needs, I don't think Americans would sit... more... - Todd
Agree Todd. But most people are NOT truly aware. - ChasMark
9/11 truth is probably the fastest and safest way to separate. They'll scurry like rats. - pepsi
How do you get to 9-11 truth? Is there anyone who is in a position to know the truth that is working on putting the truth out there? Obviously nobody is going to advertise that he is planning in spilling the beans, but I see 9--11 developing into something like the Kennedy assassination, where the truth has probably been told by someone who knows the truth, but it was put off as just... more... - Todd
NYC’s Investigation of Collapse of Building 7 a Step Closer as 67,000 Petition Signatures Submitted to NYC Clerk - pepsi
Israeli just requested emergency US ammunition supplies and Obama agreed.
Filth, filth, filth. - American
Can't they even produce their own ammo? What sort of technological super power can't even produce conventional ammunition? What a bunch of damn leeches! - Todd
They probably have mountains of ammo, they just know this is a good opportunity to get more freebees. - pepsi
You are probably right about that, Pepsi. Is there anything they don't horde, or any means that they will not use to extract something from others? The ewige Israeli! - Todd
Sean McBride
Zionist leaders have convinced the world that they are the official representatives of Judaism and the Jewish people.
Apparently most Jews still haven't figured out that there might be a problem with that -- Israel and Zionism = Judaism = the Jewish people. - Sean McBride
Every bad or criminal policy or act associated with the Israeli government and the Israel lobby can now be blamed on Judaism and the Jewish people ("the Jews"). - Sean McBride
Peter Beinart and M.J. Rosenberg have spotted the dangers here, but they are swimming against a powerful current. They reversed course too late and they lack enough allies to turn the tide. - Sean McBride
Phil Weiss spotted the dangers much earlier than Beinart and Rosenberg -- he was a brilliant prophet in that sense. - Sean McBride
The only development that might save the day: a radical turning against Zionism by a majority of American and European Jews -- and it had better happen very quickly. - Sean McBride
Phil and et al still have no idea how to fight their Zionist. ...because they are soooooo fixated on *protecting the reputation of the collective* . I have pointed out what they need to do numerous times. They need to treat US Zionist as a "jewish mafia' , they need to be out in public burning 'Zionist mafia figures' in protest. They need to be attacking the 'traitors' within them---BUT THEY WONT----because they are trying to protect "the collective". - American
Ask yourself why these jewish protest aren't protesting to jewish politicians?...aren't protesting to all politicians, arent in front of CNN, Fox, etc...there is NO point in protesting in front of the Isr Embassy or the UN, its stupid. All the jewish activist call themselves 'doing something',,,but they aren't getting any results...soooo are they stupid?...or are they just putting on a show? - American
But we have all seen Phil and Mike challenge (even attack) the Jewish establishment on many occasions. What more can you possibly demand of them? - Sean McBride
In words only. the only jews I have seen ever seen confront any politicans is Meda and her Code on Pink group. If the other jews wanted to get real attention they would descend by the thousands on congress, in front of AIPAC and etc. - American
Mass demonstrations by Jews against their own establishment organizations would certainly have a major impact. - Sean McBride
People tend to think that protest just to protest and show up in the streets accomplishes something. Well, it doesn't except maybe getting mentioned in press and media. ...all it does is make other like minded people feel good about people out there protesting. For protest to have a real effect they have to have a *TARGET*...they have to target the persons who are responsible and go after them. - American
I have observed that Jews do NOT typically engage in street protest and interpreted that as a signal that street protests are not generally effective. Jews have far more effective means of influencing public opinion and affecting political decision making at the highest levels. Street protest is what those who are otherwise disempowered are forced to resort to. St. Phil of Weiss: DO JEWS DOMINATE AMERICAN MEDIA AND SO WHAT IF WE DO? - ChasMark
Sean McBride
Andrew Sullivan: Denial among those pro-Israel is perfectly understandable response when confronted with nearly 250 dead children:
The MW mystery of the disappearing comments.
Does anyone remember back in 2012 when I had a huge fight with Slater and Donald over the possibility of the US attacking Israel if it ever used its nukes or to prevent it using nukes? It was a big fight concerning his "Just War" theory and went on and on on the thread and now its all gone. Poof!..disappeared. - American
All that left from that fight was Slater's later reappearance and Donald the philo posting a article about my comment and calling for censorship........... - American
American, did you check in the archives whether your own comments disappeared too? I do think it's extremely unfortunate to disappear such a valuable archive. If that happened I would be quite disturbed as well. especially as we are in the middle of one of those "just war" escapades that israel loves to mount now and then. not to mention what's been done to eastern Ukraine as we speak.... more... - Danaa
American -- did you ask Annie about this? Do you have her email address? - Sean McBride
I looked for it as well, couldn't find it. Also they have scrubbed a lot of people if you search them. I did this a few months ago. People like Ed and America First don't return their search results. You can still find their comments on old threads, but to search by name returns no results. -Same for Avi, it was all screwy when you searched his comments. Click on (later Avi g) and a 2013 comment will take you back to Avi with the last comments being 2011. - Chu_
could be that Hophmi & friends got some pro-bono lawyers to go and threaten MW at the time. Part of the negotiations were a laundry list provided by the trolls. I wouldn't put it past Hoph - he is part of many Jewish organizations and a lawyer or studying to become one. - Chu_
Danaa, .....yep, my comments are gone as well. This is very disturbing as so far as why would they remove it? The more I think about this the more disturbing the whole thing is---especially the Donald twit using that argument to call for censorship....and Phil Letting him. The blowup was over some of us questioning Slater on his just war theory concerning intervention or attacking... more... - American
Slater argued that the US would never attack Israel because it was 1) jewish and 2) because Israel 'was too powerful" for the US to delusional. - American
Donald didn't argue anything...except UNTHINKABLE!! UNTHINKABLE!!! CENSOR SUCH THOUGHTS!! - American
The trolls on that thread had also argued that 'nothing could stop Israel' and so forth----I pointed out that one ballistic missile could take out TA and/ or Isr nuke facilities before Isr could even get its boots on...and that sent Donald and Slater into melt down. in HOW DARE I EVEN THINK such a thing. Anyone who thinks the US doesn't have plans for how to and what to do on Israel in certain events like it does for host of other nuclear countries is very naïve. - American
You know, if Internet communities don't take the trouble to acquire control over their own communications from the bottom up, this kind of thing will be a regular occurrence. - Sean McBride
American -- at a bare minimum you should keep personal and local copies of all your writings and back up those files in the cloud. - Sean McBride
Donald Johnson - is that like a made-up name? From the beginning he was always the unofficial moderator, even before moderation existed. And what non-jewish man has a subscription to The Forward throughout the 80's? But American if you play by the rules, like Donny did, you can probably pen some articles on MW from time to time. Also if you remember, Alec made some serious digs at Donald's comments calling it bilge. He packed it up and left around that time. - Chu_
alec says: January 19, 2012 at 8:24 am Ever get the feeling you are being Goldberged, Phil? If one approach doesn’t work, try another one. I think your weak point has been fingered: seeking acceptance by Liberal Zionists. - Chu_
One thing for certain whatever or whoever Donald is he's a liar....if you're a deliberate liar that's it for me, no respect.. and he's even a bad liar, he got his ass handed to him in that censorship article he did. - American
On a social media platform like Friendfeed, that kind of censorship is nearly impossible. Every individual stands on a level playing field. Individuals are free to connect in whatever combinations they choose. - Sean McBride
No independent blog is ever likely to protect the interests, rights, posts, etc. of commenters. Why would it? - Sean McBride
Re Donald - he maintains he is not Jewish. yet, every jewish commenter can sniff him out as one. I said something yesterday about a "code", a way insiders can tell, just from style, emphasis and a few throw-away lines who is a member and who isn't. I am working on a code manual for that. I should say that if Donald is indeed not jewish (or not a serious philo-semite, which is almost the... more... - Danaa
Chu.....I would be the last person on earth MW would ever let publish their opinion/view on this Isr can of worms. I respect everyone and no one, and everything and nothing, and can do both at the same time on a journey to the truth ----which is what some on MW hate most of all. - American
Paul Eisen: Payback is a bitch, With To-do List for "We Jews who always go too far" -
Paul Eisen: Payback is a bitch, With To-do List for "We Jews who always go too far"
"And for any Jews listening (some chance!) I've even dreamed up a starter to-do list. - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
1. Press publicly and immediately for the repeal of all Holocaust denial and all 'thought-crime' laws, full and free historical enquiry into the Holocaust and all World War II history and the cessation of all reparation payments to Holocaust survivors. - ChasMark
2. Press publicly and immediately for Israel to acknowledge the crimes of 1948, agree to the principle of the Palestinian Right of Return and begin meaningful talks with everyone and anyone on how to immediately improve the terrible situation in Israel/Palestine. - ChasMark
3. Publicly distinguish between 'anti-Semitism' and Jew-hatred (You can change the words if you want) - the one being a legitimate opposition to an abusive Jewish power, the other being a blind hatred of all Jews simply because they are Jews. Accept the one and reject the other." - ChasMark
I am way beyond even caring about definitions, differences, etc.. My trip has come to an end and I have arrived at the final destination----> Get the Zionist Jews out of my government, get their treasonous politicians out of my government---- or else. That's all. - American
The US flag being waved at 10,000 Jews protesting in NYC was my tipping point. Get Zionist Jews out of my government. Get their treasonous politicians out of my government. The problem is in the "or else." Or else what? The people of the USA are going to suffer, and suffer big-time. Jews do not go down without destroying everything behind them. - ChasMark
Deborah Solomon has been desperately trying to outrun the truth ever since American Mirror, her biography of my grandfather, Norman Rockwell, came out last November. But the truth is catching up with her.
This Jewish sounding biographer distorts her sources to depict Rockwell as a gay pedophile. - pepsi
"(Phil) Weiss’s NYT article supported the rumor that (Herman) Melville had abused his wife and sons. This rumor had been floating around since the 1920s, but was unsupported by documents from family members and descendants. But discrediting Herman Melville (a stand-in for Captain Ahab) was a major project for the conservative liberals who controlled literary scholarship in the early-mid-20th century." - pepsi
This is what Jews do. - pepsi
Jews do put a huge amount of effort into" sliming' gentiles-----especially respected well known or revered gentiles. They project their own filth onto others - American
I look at the sliming of mostly WASP America as akin to what a new alpha lion does to the old male's cubs. I don't think it will end well for Jews, but that's their problem. - Todd
Often enough they get gentiles to slime other gentiles to advance the interests of Jews. Fiction writer Daniel Silva (married to Jamie Gangel, for whom he converted from Roman Catholic to Judaism) is a case in point. In one of his recent novels Silva has the Pope speaking in Jerusalem and calling upon all good Christians to join in hating Iran. USA used to manufacture all sorts of things that the world wanted. Now we manufacture Hate. - ChasMark
Dwight Howard -- Ripped By Jewish Org. ... 'He Should Be Publicly Condemned' Read more:
"The oldest "Pro-Israel" organization in the United States is lashing out at NBA star Dwight Howard -- claiming his "#FreePalestine" tweet is hateful and ignorant." - pepsi
"...But the Zionist Organization of America -- an international group with more than 30k members -- says Dwight's apology isn't enough. "He should be publicly condemned as strong as Donald Sterling was," ZOA President Morton Klein tells TMZ Sports. "Anyone who uses the phrase 'Free Palestine' is either ignorant of the situation or hates the Jewish state of Israel. It's a hateful position." - pepsi
goddamn schwartzes - JustTheFactsPlease
comment: Scott Levy "In America, we know Israel is our greatest ally. After all, they're not the ones who attacked us on 9/11. It was Islamic terrorists, like the horrible people in Palestine." - pepsi
these people get more sickening by the day. - American
yeah but they're losing the pr war by a landslide. - pepsi
"they're not the ones who attacked us on 9/11." Yes they were you lying jew - JustTheFactsPlease
front page of huffpo. Dwight Howard Quickly Deletes, Apologizes For #FreePalestine Tweet - pepsi
sample comments. This is huge because sports forums are usually the last places that like to discuss jews or mid east politics. "sule wrote:Seriously, you think i'm anti-jewish? The hypocrite in you hasn't re-read your posts. Not one person in this thread has made generalizations about Jews, but you've constantly been making racist statements against Arabs. And there are plenty of Jews... more... - pepsi
"I'm impartial to this debate and it has been fascinating reading both sides of the argument as I've literally learned more about the topic on here than I have from the media. But the one thing that has me confused in this thread is that everyone who condemns Israels actions is apparently antisemitic? Yet you on the other hand can rant on about Palestinians at free will? Can you not see... more... - pepsi
ZOA President Morton Klein tells TMZ Sports. "Anyone who uses the phrase 'Free Palestine' is either ignorant of the situation or hates the Jewish state of Israel. It's a hateful position." >>>The Zionist plan is going to backfire. No way you can say because someone writes Free Palestine means they are hateful. Any lawyer can argue that in a court of law. - Chu_
so far it looks like nobody is picking up the tmz/zoa/mort klein story. - pepsi
Because he doesn't have a leg to stand on, legally. - Chu_
I just mean I wish that story of Dwight being compared to Donald Sterling was all over the media. - pepsi
yeah. You can see mort is angry about it. Poor old Don, and Klein. ZOA are nutjobs. check this. After demurring, ZOA condemns Arab teen’s murder While numerous Jewish organizations had issued statements condemning the murder, the ZOA’s national president, Morton Klein, told JTA... more... - Chu_
Now Rianna tweets it quickly deletes it. - Chu_ from Android
"Just days after NBA star Dwight Howard tweeted "Free Palestine" and quickly deleted it, Rihanna did the exact same thing. The tweet, which was favorited and retweeted by thousands of her 36 million followers, went out earlier today." - pepsi
everyone should start this trend (half tweet). shows you who has power in the US - Chu_
yeah i hope beyonce or somebody does it next. - pepsi
Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire Posts Pro-Palestine Photo, Allegedly Cyberbullies Israeli-Born MTV VJ - pepsi
Not Beyonce, but not bad at all: Selena Gomez Pro-Humanity or Pro-Hamas? We Don't Know ... Does She? Read more: - pepsi
comment at Merlin "advice to Israel: use a carrot as well as a stick. If you want to beet Hamas, create job centres in the Palestinian territories for regular Arabs to work and prosper. Since the Jews are the greatest merchants in the History of the World, this should not be hard. Make them your workers, pay them well and treat them right and if your plan is to take over that... more... - pepsi
response to the above comment: JW "don't you have a highway or freeway you can go play on?" - pepsi
Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem Denounce Israeli 'Genocide' in Open Letter - pepsi
MADRID &ndash Dozens of Spanish film stars, directors, musicians and writers, led by Oscar winners Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Pedro Almodovar, have denounced Israel&rsquos incursion into Gaza. - Chu_
good. more of that please. Most US hollywood types like Angelina are butt-lickers to Zionism and their Hollywood racket. - Chu_
Angelina Jewlie is Jewish. - pepsi
NBA players call off Israel visit Magic Johnson and other past and present NBA stars will not attend inauguration of Jerusalem's new multi-purpose sports arena in September. - pepsi
People in Europe are seeing the real images from Gaza on TV. That's why the Spanish actors, directors, and that older playwright (the one accused of being anti-semitic) are speaking out. It would be happening here if we didn't have media gatekeepers. - MRW_8
Contrary to Phil's belief----the msm and cable news are still 99 to 1 slanting (lying) for Israel in this Gaza assault.
What would have to be done to get the jewish zionist out of our media?..seriously, we need to think about that. - American
so are the government officials, both sides. W&M called it a few years ago. lol - Chu_
Israel has been losing the PR in the US this last month. So all of the crazies are coming out and saying the MSM is biased against Israel. Really coo-coo-like stuff. Moral Giants like Noam Chomsky (lol) should throw these depraved zionists a 'truth' bone. It may help their ziocane additions. Zionists and their rose colored glassed are a weird crew, like a spoiled and entitled group of children that refuse to see the reality. - Chu_
NRA Lobbyist Belittles Any Jew Who Backs Gun Control Because The Holocaust
"it's like, any Jewish people I meet who are anti-gun, I think, "Are you serious? Do you not remember what happened? And why did that happen? Because they registered guns and then they took them. And now you're supporting gun -- you come to this country and you support gun control? Why did you have to flee to this country in the first place? Hello! Is anybody home here?" - pepsi
the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle called on Judy to resign: "It is deeply offensive for anyone to suggest that Jewish supporters of gun violence prevention have "forgotten" the history of our people. For a representative of the National Rifle Association, or any organization, to repeat the out-of-touch falsehood linking gun violence prevention to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust is not only an ignorant distortion but is exceedingly dangerous." - pepsi
They're always so easily "offended," but have no problem being offensive: "Death to Arabs!" "Kill all Palestinians!" "Fuck the Goyim!" "Fuck Jesus!" (for those who care). "If you *VOTED* for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you." - MRW_8
jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jewjew jew jew.....gawd! it just that we are into this Isr issue and therefore think everything we hear is about jews or is there entirely too much in and about the US that revolves around jews. - American
"there (is) entirely too much in and about the US that revolves around jews" yup they are a hostile elite - JustTheFactsPlease
Sean McBride
Mondoweiss login problems
When I tried to login in this morning I received the following message: "ERROR: Too many failed login attempts. Please try again in 20 hours." But that was the first time I've tried to log in in quite a few days. Conclusion: either there is a glitch in the login procedure at Mondoweiss or someone has been trying to hack my account. Has anyone else noticed similar problems? - Sean McBride
Yes I have had the same problem several times. I think it is just a glitch. - American
Either a glitch or we are all being hacked. :) Usually the innocent explanation is the real explanation -- glitch. - Sean McBride
oh yes. same here. I emailed Adam. - Chu_
This is a message from Norman G. Finkelstein. It's Monday, 12:00 noon. I am ready to commit civil disobedience tomorrow, Tuesday, 29 July, at the Israeli Mission to the U.N.
These Jews never seem to want large crowds. Fink here gives 24 hour notice, surely to keep the goyishe masses away. He gets his Jewish hero moment and BDS isn't strengthened in the process. - pepsi
That's gutsy! I'll one up Fink: I'm going to immolate myself in front of the White House tomorrow at 2 PM sharp, if all of you join me. I'm up for it. If you guys chicken out, I'm not going to do it, and all of you are cowards and poseurs if you don't. - Todd
I am ready to commit murder but I'am afraid I might be I have been desperately trying to find a way to get into the Duke Univ lab and steal their invisibiity cloak----> The world's first acoustic invisibility cloak has been created › Extreme Tech by Mr Seb - Mar 12, 2014 - Duke University has built the first 3D omnidirectional acoustic invisibility... more... - American
Okay, I'll set myself ablaze in front of the lab, and you can sneak in the back for the cloak. I'll be in a bit of pain, so the rest is up to you. But we have to d it in the next 2 hours. Are you up for it? - Todd
what in the hell am I reading? - JustTheFactsPlease
Coward! - Todd - American
too bad about Fink. All these Jews protesting against Israel, and then he folds and calls BDS antisemitic. What a poseur. He basically was screaming about Israel's crimes for years, and now that he had an audience and people were saying 'what next', he folded like a cheap deck chair. Chomsky is another case in point - Chu_
Quality, not quantity. - pepsi
quantity was at the Pro-Israel rally yesterday, definitely not quality. A bunch of boorish hive-minded Jews saying civilians (in a jewish run open air prison) deserve what they get, cause Y'Israel is great! - Chu_
Fink also jewified up the gaza freedom march, by telling the palis (publicly quitting btw) what they could and couldn't talk about. Imagine that, a member of the tribe doing the oppressing telling the oppressed what was appropriate discourse. - JustTheFactsPlease
Sean McBride
Mooser, - Sean McBride
Establishment and mainstream Judaism -- Orthodox, Conservative and Reform -- has fully embraced Zionism and used Judaism to rationalize and promote Zionism. The worldwide Jewish religious establishment owns Zionism lock, stock and barrel. In fact, it has deliberately and systematically removed all distinctions between Judaism and Zionism and fused them into a single messianic ethno-religious nationalist ideology based on the biblical concepts of sacred peoplehood, sacred nationhood and sacred territory. - Sean McBride
The public statements on Israel and Zionism by the leading Orthodox, Conservative and Reform organizations over the last half century are a matter of public record -- simply use Google to retrieve them from JTA, Forward, The Jerusalem Post and similar publications. They have made no effort to conceal their thoughts on this subject. All of those leading organizations are members of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations -- the most important component of the Israel lobby. - Sean McBride
The notion that there are two groups -- bad Zionists and good Judaists -- and that the former group has tricked or coerced the latter group -- does not correspond with reality. - Sean McBride
True, Sean and I'm sure you're aware of anti-Zionist orthodox Jewish groups such as Neturei Karta. I've posted their site several times on MW whenever the whining starts about how "we" were "suckered." Of course the response has been silence. But Neturei Karta and similar groups have been persecuted by the larger Jewish community from Zionism's inception. - weareone
weareone -- right -- I am fully aware of Neturei Karta. Anti-Zionist groups within Judaism have been massively shunned and abused by the Jewish religious establishment for the last half century and longer. Mainstream Judaism has made its choices and now it has to live with them. - Sean McBride
The truth is, mainstream Judaism is dragging "the Jewish people" right over the cliff. Pointing this out sends Mooser into a tizzy. - Sean McBride
Why worry about people like Mooser, Sean? I think your assessment was correct. Pepsi, are you referring to me? No, I'm not Jewish. Are you? Does it matter? Neturei Karta renewed my faith in the religion of Judaism and I owe my understanding of the difference between Zionism and Judaism to them. - weareone
Mooser matters because he has posted nearly 16,000 comments on Mondoweiss and because he has tried to shut down any rational and well-informed conversation about the relations between Judaism and Zionism (with the cooperation of at least one Mondoweiss moderator). There is arguably no more important issue in the great debates about Israel and the Israel lobby. Without the passionate support of the Jewish religious establishment, the Israel lobby would collapse. - Sean McBride
Well if he has the cooperation of the moderators(who are also the editors?) then perhaps the discussion, which I agree is important, may not be able to take place on MW- at least in any meaningful way. I've seen no indication that the majority of those who comment regularly are willing to undertake that kind of self-analysis. - weareone
The interesting thing is that Phil Weiss and other writers have directly addressed this issue in lead articles on Mondoweiss, numerous times. (See Phil's post today, for instance.) But there is a weird disconnect on Mondoweiss between these articles and the comments. I suspect a few moderators can't handle the subject -- it makes them extremely uncomfortable. - Sean McBride
'' The truth is, mainstream Judaism is dragging "the Jewish people" right over the cliff. Pointing this out sends Mooser into a tizzy. - Sean McBride)......It should be a clue that some jews claim Zionism is leading jews over the cliff-----as if zionism is a 'driverless' truck----and not steered by a majority of jews supporting Israel. The one thing most have in common is the refusal to... more... - American
I suggested in comments and one private email that they bring in more diverse voices through interviews and articles. For example, I would like to see the rabbis of Neturei Karta interviewed, which I think may have been done several years ago, but not recently. I would like to see people like Randall Robinson interviewed who was an activist in the anti-apartheid South African movement and started Transafrica. These could potentially lead to very different and interesting discussions. - weareone
I once lectured mooser on the futility of his disclaiming ---and told him the better tactic was 'to admit to the world the tribal problem' and announce how jews were fighting it. Not to keep claiming they are victims of Zionism. As they say...'it s not the crime, its the cover up that gets people every time". And as any handler of a fubar will tell you, you have to get out in front of it and acknowledge responsibility not try to cover it up. He wouldn't accept that bit of advice. - American
This notion -- that Jews are the victims of Zionism and not its creators -- attains levels of irrationality that boggle the mind. - Sean McBride
The tension between the zionist project & Jewish communities in US pre-WWII is a major theme in Edwin Black's "The Transfer Agreement." As well, Allen Brownfeld concedes that most Jews did not endorse zionism until after WWII. - ChasMark
'' it makes them extremely uncomfortable. - Sean McBride).......Who can pin point why some individuals adopt the victim mantle as their identity or part of their identity. I cant explain it. But there is no doubt that the tribe collectively subscribes to that identity. It has been extremely useful to them. So anything that might puncture that mantle is a existential threat to their authority, their morality claim for jews collectively and Judaism--- and the benefits they receive from that myth. - American
And although there are those in any country who adopt some kind of innocent victim mantle as some americans did after 911 the difference is there were no individual or group 'benefits' to americans who adopted it and even they knew better than to expect any group benefits from it. - American
Seven datasets of interest: - Sean McBride
[# set; pro-Israel remarks by American * 1. Conservative Jewish organizations 2. Conservative rabbis 3. Orthodox Jewish organizations 4. Orthodox rabbis 5. rabbis 6. Reform Jewish organizations 7. Reform rabbis] - Sean McBride
weareone -- subscribe to my feed and I will give you some background information on that situation. (I deleted pepsi's comment.) - Sean McBride
Thanks, Sean. I've subscribed. - weareone
Jeffrey Goldberg and the Israeli Defeat …by Gilad Atzmon
‘’ “Anti-Semitism has been with us for more than 2,000 years; it is an ineradicable and shape-shifting virus,” says Goldberg. - American
Atzmon says.."Anti-Jewish feelings are the natural reaction to Jewish bad-behaviour. Jewish bad-behaviour is a dynamic notion, it has and has had many faces and permutations. Its different shapes and forms throughout history have evoked different forms of opposition. It is sad that Jewish bad-behaviour is as old as the Jews, probably caused by the tribal, racist and supremacist roots of Jewish tradition, heritage and texts. - American
Atzmon is right. If people cant look at what the Jews have done in the US (and other countries) and see their historical pattern century after century then they are blind. And you can blame their 'leaders' if you like---but the fact is the majority of jews support these leaders. - American
So the fact is even if Israel disappeared tomorrow there would still be a 'jewish problem' within countries and around the world. - American
This much is true: messianic ethnic nationalism produces hostile responses from all the cultures it encounters, and for perfectly logical and understandable reasons -- it's all about group competition, group egotism, culture wars and clashes of civilizations. - Sean McBride
Is this fact a call to holocaust the Jews? but it is a call to disempower 'The Jews' marginalize them politically and socially. Their victimhood entitlement, holocaust privilege, etc. must be rejected, they must have all exceptionalism taken from them or we will continue to have century after century of the jewish problem.. - American
There is a solution to this problem: back off from ethnic and religious nationalism -- dial it way down. That is how the United States has managed to survive and prosper -- so far. - Sean McBride
'' messianic ethnic nationalism'....Sean)......Herzl said Jews 'create' anti semitism' and he was right about that at least. In my observation and study they go beyond simple ethnic nationalism and group competition. They get no satisfaction from simply 'winning' anything. Their satisfaction and pleasure is in " destroying and totally crushing their competitors. For most groups achieving or winning is satisfaction enough...not so for the Jews. - American
American -- you know my position on this: as a matter of good intellectual hygiene, morality, ethics, fairness, etc. I never refer to groups in the collective -- "the Jews," "the Irish," "the Roman Catholics," "the Muslims," etc. -- that state of mind quickly leads to genocide. But *some* members of all those groups hold views that are appalling. I recommend that you focus on the particular individuals and organizations that justly provoke your ire -- and critique them in as rational a way as possible. - Sean McBride
They wont back off. 3000 years of same and currently we see their hatred/enemy based tribalism peaking all over the world. - American
At the moment there is no sign that the Jewish establishment is going to back off from passionately supporting Israeli policies, no matter how extreme or criminal. We are looking into the abyss. That much is true. - Sean McBride
I am rational. I am just not using the 'some or' all disclaimer used by many to let the collective tribe 'off the hook'. They need to be on the hook because the fact is the majority support Zionism. If we ever have a purge of Zionist I will be happy to stand up for the anti Zionist jews-----until then the collective needs to be in the hot seat. Without the consent and support (or... more... - American
American, you should note that Israel and it's zionist diapora is ruining whatever reputation it may have with the greater world around them. They are basically cheap liars when it comes to whitewashing for Israel. Asians know this, Europeans know this, Russians know this, Some Americans are getting this. the money is what corrupts the system. "The Washington Post has estimated that... more... - Chu_
I don't doubt its ruining Jewish and Israel reputation among the publics. Rational and informed people see exactly what is going on, and the why and how, of it. Unfortunately we the people have not made the politicians fear us like they fear their Zionist paymasters. Until we do it will not change. - American
yeah, that's the crux of it all. I pray for the Palestinians. But the zionist criminal regime in the Arab world is going to blow the whole enchilada on eradicating and transferring Hamas and the West Bank Palestinians? Ain't gonna work. Palestinians have no where to go, and the Israel monster is showing the world what a depraved cult they are. They're gonna kill so many Gazans in the... more... - Chu_
Some people may think my repeated suggestions on the use of 'fear' and threats' is because I am a bully myself or prone to or like violence. Not so, but I am a *realist*. 65 years of rewarding, protecting, begging, pleading, appeals, reassurances, catering to, sacrificing the US own interest, financing and aiding Israel and the Jews has not worked. Fear and threats are the 'only' alternative left. - American
'' They're gonna kill so many Gazans in the next month, it's going to be unbearable for the American media to shill for these judeo-'nazis' after 5000 Gazans are dead''''.....Maybe, but that will be no consolation to the Palestines already in their graves. - American
' Fear and threats are the 'only' alternative left.' based on how congress votes with Israel you're probably correct. Funny how people like Bernie Sanders and Pat Leahy are content to tow the Pro-Israel line. They are supposed to be the big heroes of the left, and they crumble to AIPAC in a heartbeat. They don't even debate it on the floor. American democracy is a sham, AIPAC and Jewish interests prove that Capitolism rules the day. - Chu_
Please stop using Nazism as a comparative to Israel's behavior or as an excuse for Israel's behavior. It is not logically or rationally accurate and makes those who advance the claim look like intellectual nincompoops. Israel/zionism is its own category; discuss it on its own terms based on its own history, timeline, and actions. - ChasMark
chas - it's a point of reference. notice the quotes around it, trying to be sarcastic. I know you get your undies in a bundle whenever you see this. i'll try to stop though, for you... - Chu_
Chu -- I, my undies, & my gluteus maximus thank you. - ChasMark
Chas, it may not be accurate but the fact is its what undereducated Americans relate to. The goal --or at least my immediate goal is to turn people against Israel and US Zionist 'now'--to stop Israel and US Zionist 'now'. You can educate them after that is done---and they will accept that education once they are 'turned'. - American
Chu -- the main point to keep in mind is that the contemporary German government and the German establishment would want absolutely nothing to do with ChasMark. They are doing quite nicely using their current playbook. They are forward-looking -- not mired down in trying to justify their behavior during the World War II era. They are not stupid. - Sean McBride
I'm lazy, American. I plan -- dream -- fantasize about an American public that is well-informed and don't want to have to do any more de-programming than is absolutely necessary. Israel & zionism must be defined in its own terms. - ChasMark
"my gluteus maximus thank you." anytime... - Chu_
In this time and current events it is easier to program the public against zios and Israel then it is to de program them on Germany and WWII...that's all I'm saying. - American
I get it, American, and agree on which is easier. I also tend to resist motivating for a negative reaction, i.e. AGAINST zios & Israel. In the advocacy work I do for Iran I try to 'accentuate the positive' -- inform on the benefits to Americans of a US-Iran rapprochement. I am very afraid that "programming the public against zios and Israel" will turn out very badly: Mobs are fickle,... more... - ChasMark
I am not terrified to confront any truth. I simply think that one should be smart about the way one prioritizes issues to achieve political objectives. I have a low tolerance for stupid. - Sean McBride
Ok, there is a truth I am terrified to deal with: all human life on this planet will be wiped out in October 2014. I wish Mr. Bob hadn't revealed that to me -- it's the most closely guarded secret in the world. (joking) - Sean McBride
10,000 Rally at United Nations To Support Israel Battle in Gaza -- New Yorkers Back Continued Operation to Crush Hamas– -
10,000 Rally at United Nations To Support Israel Battle in Gaza -- New Yorkers Back Continued Operation to Crush Hamas–
"The Monday afternoon rally, organized by the UJA-Federation of New York and the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, was intended to show support for Israel as it battles Hamas. The rally on 47th Street in Manhattan was co-sponsored by Reform, Conservative and Orthodox Jewish groups." - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
quantity not quality - ChasMark
embarrassing that these people show up to cheer for regurgitated lies from scummy rabbis like Boteach. Here's Blumenthal giving it his best. - Chu_
America's Jewish problem. And I have no problem whatsoever saying that. And we nurtured this problem within us by giving it sympathy and support. End it.. - American
'And we nurtured this problem ' speak for yourself. lol. I'd say it was foisted upon us. Maybe I'm guilty of believing in the concept that Americans all work together to for the greater interest of our nation. Apparently, not to case with Zionists - There came to profit to rebuild their third temple mount in the middle east. - Chu_
When I say 'we' I mean mostly our government and politicians---they were paid to nurture the monster. They gathered around 'Rosemary's Baby" . - American
Sheera FrenkelVerified account ‏@sheeraf Gaza's only power plant up in flames.Gaza is already suffering from a humanitarian disaster.
Do you have a link for the tweet? - Sean McBride
This is the third time Israel has destroyed Palestine power plants. Every time they have had to be rebuilt by donations from other countries---taxpayer's money in other countries. - American
We give Israel money to destroy and then we pay to have what they destroy rebuilt. This is insanity. - American
remeber when they destroyed their only bread factory? during caste lead. And no international body did anything about it, so of course there doing it again. fucking criminals. RICO got rid of the Italian mob, how do we get rid of the Jewish mob? - Chu_
The Israeli logic -- Hamas does not use the funds it receives for the "right" things; it uses money to build tunnels & buy missiles. If Izzie destroys Gaza power plants, Hamas, or whatever is left after Izzies genocide Gaza, will have to spend on life-essential infrastructure not tunnels & missiles. BTW, didn't Iran send a lot of money to Gaza & also to Lebanon after Izzie wars? - ChasMark
Strongly recommend spending 45 min listening to Shadi Hamid of Brookings (of all places) discuss the Gaza war, and how Hamas MUST be included in any negotiation. Hamas, like Israel, exists. - ChasMark
American Senate Leader: Israel May Need More US Aid for War Says US Should Give Israel Far More for Gaza Conflict
'' A new Pentagon request for $225 million in “emergency” aid for Israel, above and beyond the billions sent there annually, was panned by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as far too low. - American
'' “We should not give the Israeli people the minimum amount of aid and then cross our fingers and hope it all works out in the future,” insisted Reid, without detailing exactly how many more hundreds of millions of dollars he would throw at Israel. - American
Citing Holocaust, Israel Demands ‘Strict Regulation’ of Antiwar Protests in Europe Push for EU Special Commissioner to Regulate Protests
'' A new Holocaust is imminent, if one is to believe Israeli MPs, who spent the afternoon berating European officials about the growing antiwar protests across their countries, centered on criticizing the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip. Officials blamed “one-sided” media reports on the large number of dead civilians in Israel’s attack, and demanded the European Union impose “strict regulations on the format and content” of antiwar demonstrations going forward. - American
'' Some of the EU officials present, notably Danish officials, insisted that they had a right to free expression that would be abridged by the proposed “regulations,” but Israeli officials were having none of it, insisting that criticism of Israel was anti-Semitism in and of itself, and that “there is a difference between free speech and incendiary speech.” - American
'' The Israeli proposal would see the creation of a Special Commissioner in the European Union that would empowered to “monitor” antiwar protesters and restrict them from portraying Israel an “an aggressor” during its assorted invasions of Palestinian territory. - American
busy, busy, busy....proving what they call anti Semitism is a valid position. - American
Israel is not a European nation, yet they make demands on monitoring these nations? A lot of the Mossad spying and record keeping of enemies comes from the VCheka (All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution, Profiteering and Corruption) - Chu_
Sean McBride
Mooser quote: "Go boil your head. Not that it'll do any good, but please, give it a try. Remember to wipe your head when you get it out of there."
[Google; talmud boil excrement] - Sean McBride
Mooser is channeling (consciously or unconsciously?) the most vile and hate-filled theme in the Talmud. - Sean McBride
What upset Mooser? I pointed out that contemporary mainstream Judaism has fully embraced and absorbed Zionism -- which is an undeniable truth. So where is Mooser really coming from on these issues? - Sean McBride
Mooser is concerned with 'his' judaism. Unfortunately his judaism is in the minority. - American
You would have had to approach the question more gingerly to try to pull it out of him why he reacted so strongly. Feed him with compliments, maybe an apology for offending him, talking about common points of interest, etc. Instead, you chose to point out the similarity between his reaction and the strange text. - WJones
Part of the issue with Mooser is his past debates with you on the topic. - WJones
Plus, you have to be ready to let him say bad things and ignore that yourself. - WJones
yeah, jones may be correct. mooser wants comedy coupled with criticism. That's why he doesn't talk to Shmuel and Avi types, etc. He prefers 'working' his side of the block. - Chu_
He doesn't talk to me much either. Like you say, Chu, he is working his side of the block. His prerogative. - Danaa
Mooser is not interested in pursuing mutual dialogue that advances our collective understanding of any topic. He is not capable of engaging in that kind of dialogue. His thing is one-liners that ridicule the targets of his cruelty. Sort of like Joan Rivers, Howard Stern and Bill Maher, when you think about it -- that general mindset. Attack, slash and cut. Ignore any pushback. Try to maintain the whip hand. - Sean McBride
As for his "Judaism" -- I have no idea what it is since he has thought so little about what it means. Judaism for Mooser is mainly a warm fuzzy feeling of Jewish ethnic solidarity, apparently. He is worried that Zionists may be undermining the reputation of Jews and putting them in a bad place vis-a-vis the nations. He is probaby right about that. - Sean McBride
Sean, I had no idea that's what his comment meant. What a vile desecration. It's difficult to image that he didn't know. And Phil just welcomed he and Hostage(Chomsky's apologist) back so what does that mean. MW is not the place for me. That's it for me, but thanks for starting this site. I find the discussions here informative and civil, so maybe I'll continue to post from time to time. - weareone
weareone -- we look forward to your posts. - Sean McBride
Thanks, Sean. - weareone
Weareone, some topics are at the cutting edge of MW. Chomsky is one of those topics, as is the book The Almond Tree and whether it is elitist or not. - WJones
WJones, I'm not familiar with the book. Will look it up. The earlier comments on Chomsky were interesting. He just seems to engage in a lot of obfuscation, but is of course a Zionist at heart. - weareone
Weareone, Here is the link for the debates that raged on MW over the book: - WJones
weareone - you should have seen the debates about Gilad Atzmon - ah, those were the days...... - Danaa
It's sad. - WJones
And the blow-out about greta berlin. That was something! Nowadays, we can't have such great blow-outs any more, just flashes in the pan and hits and misses (where we mostly hiss about not getting the right "hits") . Actually, the way threads are closing down these days after 2 days, and sometimes long "dead" periods where nothing gets refreshed, conversations are bound to be like ships passing in the night, always ending on a question mark. No matter. me complain? never! - Danaa
Still no sign of Mooser on MW since this exchange. - Sean McBride
Thanks for the link WJones. Frankly, Danaa- I'm not sorry I missed those days, but it does seem that discussions quickly change into put downs or personal attacks. I'm more interested in action plans-how we can use our collective mind power to solve this problem. - weareone
Mooser is back -- pretending that he wasn't asked any serious questions about his Talmudic hate speech and his thoughts on the symbiotic relations between Judaism and Zionism. He's a hit-and-run specialist. - Sean McBride
That was a very nasty and uncalled for response by Mooser, I must say. I said what you did - and then some - 10 times over and nary a problem with mooser, who sometimes upped me one. It's the speaking-out about zionism/Judaism while not jewish. It really rankles some people. basically anyone and everyone who comments on MW while admitting to or being sniffed out as not being jewish (and... more... - Danaa
That sniffing can be really ugly -- quite like the way some antisemites approach the world. But what really annoys me is his inability to engage in a fair and reasonable way on some issues. - Sean McBride
I suspected as much, Danaa, but thanks for being honest enough to admit and explain it. Since I'm not Jewish I could tell that I didn't pass the sniff test even before I stated it in one post. But MW, in my humble non-Jewish opinion, suffers from it's lack of diverse voices and that's probably why. People may visit the site and "feel" the lack of receptivity. I know I have. - weareone
weareone, some day I will attempt to write down the "code". Unfortunately, unlike Sean who believes in Twitter and instant pair power, I will have to resort to some extra-sensory perception to really nail it down and alas, Twitter can't help me with this and neither can Big Data. Well, possibly the data is just not "Big" enough? this "code' is a funny one. Some people can tell just from... more... - Danaa
there are moments that I sound a bit Mooser-like, at least when I write. It's like he rubbed-off on me or something. His sarcasm really knows no limit but i'm seriously distressed to see he strayed over into nastiness. No good, that....perhaps something is not well in the flesh world. Perhaps things just got to him. Yet here it is - my first reaction is concern. Part of the code, probably. - Danaa
Sean will come to the rescue, I know, with even better software tools. More pairs and even triplets. And still, the odors will elude, as they vaporize when you as much as try to sniff them out. - Danaa
I understand, Danaa. Every racial or ethnic group probably has a variation of the code to one degree or another, but its a problem when it keeps us sealed off in our own tribal mentality. It's interesting because on MW, people consider themselves more enlightened on issues of prejudice (some serious self-delusion for some, but I won't go into that now). - weareone
Sean, have you brought this comment to the attention of the editors? - weareone
THey approved the comment for it to get posted so they know of it. - WJones
Do you assume that they know the meaning? - weareone
Because if they understand that the comment is defamatory and printed it anyway, it's even more significant. - weareone
imo, at the very least the editors should issue a public apology and mooser should issue an apology to Sean and everyone else who should have been offended( let me change that to outraged) by that comment. If he refuses, he should be banned from the site. - weareone
They won't apologize because they didnt write it. Sure, Mooser should apologize, but he didn't directly offend others. It was pushing the limits of allowable comments. - WJones
No, they didn't write it, but they approved it. It's their site and they censor comments via moderation, so they are ultimately responsible for what is posted on their site. We can agree to disagree, but I think that Mooser owes an apology to all readers of the site because defamation of any religion should not be tolerated if MW is to have any credibility as a site that supports justice, tolerance and equality. What would the reaction have been if a similar comment were made about Judaism? - weareone
weareone -- I was so shocked by the viciousness and hatefulness of Mooser's comment that I still haven't fully processed it yet. I am definitely not done responding to it. Mooser really should issue an apology as soon as possible. - Sean McBride
weareone -- I went out of my way to try to reduce the tension surrounding Mooser's blowup and meltdown over the Judaism/Zionism issue -- and I generously offered him civil greetings when he returned to Mondoweiss after a long hiatus -- and he responded with this obscene attack. Really amazing. - Sean McBride
Sean, please forgive the delay in my commenting. I restarted it several times. I am just as appalled and outraged as you are. You cannot let this comment pass without discussing it with the editors. imo, If they dismiss it, it tells you everything you need to know about MW. We can and should choose who we associate with-especially online. I tell my children that environment is stronger than will (not my wisdom but that of an Indian sage)and the environment at MW may be toxic. - weareone
I'm already gone, but I'll support you, if you would like, if you decide to address this. Not that you need any support, but so they know that others were offended as well. - weareone
Dont you'all waste your time on individuals on MW --there are bigger fish to fry. Most of MW is nothing now but trolls vr everyone else...boring and not worth while. No stimulating debate or real knockdown good back and forth arguments like we had in the past on the Greta Berlin thing and with Jeff Blankfort. I don't know what MW has censored that we dont see from some commenters but in... more... - American
Thanks for the perspective, American. If you don't mind my asking, why do you bother to comment? I have always found your comments very to the point. I also happen to agree with you most of the time. :-) - weareone
I don't think I communicated that very well. What I meant to ask was why do you comment given the racist things said by other commenters? imo, you definitely bring a different and fresh voice to the discussion and I look forward to your comments. - weareone
'' American. If you don't mind my asking, why do you bother to comment--weareone)....I honestly don't know why I I suppose its just another place where I can keep up with the events and also express my disgust with the Israel abomination. I do learn something from some of the commenters there and it also revs me up to keep harassing my politicians. - American
As for the racist commenters - they are the ones that constantly go on about how 'gentiles and 'Christians are 'all' and 'collectively' evil persecutors of the 'innocent jews since time immemorial and etc.. I believe it was WJ who said we gentiles are born with the 'disease of anti semitism'. And evidently that was fine with the moderators----whereas they all screech about people blaming jews 'collectively'. So hypocritical. - American
One thing that MW has done is convince me that Jewish 'tribalism' is never going to change....Phil for instance, may have married out to a gentile, may have assimilated in many ways and is a decent person with a conscious-----but he is still at core 'tribal'. I don't say that because he obviously wants to protect himself as jew and perhaps other jews from blowback on Israel---cant blame... more... - American
((Mooser owes an apology to all readers of the site because defamation of any religion should not be tolerated if MW is to have any credibility as a site that supports justice, tolerance and equality.)) Mooser didn't actually directly insult Christianity. I assume it's a coincidence, although it could have been a phrase that passed down in the collective unconsciousness. Anyway, Sean... more... - WJones
That's good advice, WJ -- but it may require more self-discipline than I possess. :) - Sean McBride
Thanks for the responses, American and WJones, but I do believe that the comment was egregious and should addressed by MW. Sean, I read your posts of 7/24-7/26 and agree with you, for what it's worth. - weareone
Gawd, I just looked at the google link....that is one filthy religion. In Gittin 56b, 57a[72] a story is mentioned in which Onkelos summons up the spirit of a Yeshu who sought to harm Israel. He describes his punishment in the afterlife as boiling in excrement.[73][74] - American
Compare those passages with numerous racist and genocidal passages in the Old Testament -- the pattern is impossible not to notice. Contemporary rabbis frequently cite these passages to justify Israeli policies. - Sean McBride
pretty sick and it's no wonder Christianity became a global religion, while this religion is caught in the stone age with ideas of 'chosen-ness, but built upon a foundation of vengeance and hatred. I see what Farrakhan was referring to now. Too bad that this rag-tag cult has attached it's blood-funnel to the USA. - Chu_
American Senate Leader: Israel May Need More US Aid for War Says US Should Give Israel Far More for Gaza Conflict
'' A new Pentagon request for $225 million in “emergency” aid for Israel, above and beyond the billions sent there annually, was panned by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as far too low. “We should not give the Israeli people the minimum amount of aid and then cross our fingers and hope it all works out in the future,” insisted Reid, without detailing exactly how many more hundreds of millions of dollars he would throw at Israel. - American
the recent vote in congress was 100 to zero. Israel owns the congress, like a group of pets that heel for their judeo-fascist whims. - Chu_
Are we going to have to join up with white nationalist groups in order to get rid of the US zionist?
It is becoming increasingly clear, to me at least, there might have to be a organization or movement as ethnicly 'nationalistic" and forceful as the Jewish one in order to defeat US zionist-----unless some political break thru is acheived. And I see no breakthu on the horizon. - American
I see no 'monied' force outbuying the zionist buying of our politicians. - American
Without money that just leaves a war of 'numbers'. - American
I don't even know what the language of a constitutional amendment would look like that would sufficiently address the Jewish problem, so I can't say whether the movement should be ethnic based or just anti-Zionist/Jewish. - pepsi
Ethnic nationalism is the most 'passionate' kind and easiest to arouse and already exist among racist and the far right. - American
My gut tells me that white nationalist type groups are the last thing that would be a wise move. They don't have numbers and they don't have great sums of money. More likely to alienate most Americans - pepsi
And once you start organizing Americans along ethnic lines, false flag antagonism between the ethnic groups becomes pretty easy for the zios. - pepsi
The only other nationalism is the 'patriotic' kind. To arouse that kind the public has to be shown a specific enemy or enemies as threats to their country. - American
I think Jewish nationalism makes them stupid, and I think white nationalism tends to do the same thing. - pepsi
To arouse that kind the public has to be shown a specific enemy or enemies as threats to their country. - American ... Those enemies are showing themselves more and more lately. - pepsi
Yes, the ethnic nationalism has the potential to divide even more and splinter a movement against the zionist. - American
Jewish nationalism is hopelessly and eternally pulled to the rightmost extreme. White nationalism would probably be the same. Energy would be wasted fighting blacks, etc - pepsi
One thing that most of the big ethnic groups in the US share is Christianity. - pepsi
If the Jews can get whites, blacks, and latinos fighting each other, they win. - pepsi
I started exploring this because someone said they had looked at David Duke's site and he wasnt half as racist as the zionst and israelis. - American
I think the early states had loyalty oaths or loyalty tests as a requirement for public service, and that Jews were instrumental in stopping them. Loyalty tests or oaths are probably a good idea. - pepsi
I wonder what the text of the loyalty oaths or tests looked like. Who would oppose loyalty tests but a traitor? - pepsi
'' If the Jews can get whites, blacks, and latinos fighting each other, they win. - pepsi).....Right. And that is basically what they and politicans have done. To job is reunite americans----but the problem is they have to recongize that it is imperative for them re--unite. With the zionist control of the media and press that would be a long job----all net and grass roots driven.. - American
Yeah, and we are very lucky to have so many Jewish missteps lately, most importantly the gross overreach in Gaza. - pepsi
As a southerner, your biggest challenge is to persuade the Christian Zio types, and as a northerner, my biggest challenge is just as big or bigger: liberal philo-semites. - pepsi
It doesn't help that a lot of the Jews living outside of the big cities in the NE are often pretty decent people. - pepsi
Remember that recent poll that showed that Jews supposedly despised evangelicals, and ranked them below every other group? - pepsi
Shock Pew Research Poll: American Jews prefer Muslims over Evangelicals - pepsi
And I don't want to completely dismiss white nationalism. I just think it might be a movement for another time, in a goy run future. - pepsi
The anti-war tendencies among liberal philo-semites is probably what should be targeted for that audience. PEP should be a commonly used term around them. - pepsi
American patriotism is basically already burned into our souls. That's probably why we care so much about this subject of the Israel lobby and it's Jewish offshoots. I think we can run with this idealistic Jew written American patriotic melting pot ideal, and use it to single them out for being unAmerican. - pepsi
The American patriotism thing may not be as strong as the Hebrew Nation vs the goyim thing, but it is strong and simple enough that we can win with a huge numerical advantage. - pepsi
I'll check back in an hour or two - pepsi
but this war of ideas is only going to get easier and easier. Israel and its lemmings will help immensely with that. They aren't getting any more sane, they are digging in and showing their totalitarian, unenlightened colors. - pepsi
Anyone who says "Kol Nidre" cannot be be trusted, even if they lie their way through a loyalty oath - JustTheFactsPlease
Jews have also engineered an immigration calamity into most white nations so that, and I quote: - JustTheFactsPlease
"We [Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to bigotry for about half a century. The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country" - JustTheFactsPlease
"That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible—and makes our constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever." - JustTheFactsPlease
Earl Raab, San Francisco Jewish Bulletin, July 23, 1993 - JustTheFactsPlease
Promoting racial conflict is such a big part of the Jewish playbook, that racial trouble will be unavoidable, no matter what you want, or what your views are. Whites are a hated target of many Jews, and all other groups are pitted against them, anyway. When every form that I fill out asks for demographic information that will be used to discriminate against me, I have racial interests... more... - Todd
If Americans look at how Israelis treat the Palestinians (and how American Jews overwhelmingly support the situation) and don't come away thinking that living under a Jewish elite might not be a good idea, then I don't know what to say about them. I believe that they will deserve what they get, and it's getting very late in the game to win without real trauma, if winning is possible at... more... - Todd
It appears that WNs are talking about the meritocracy themselves: - Todd
The BRICs bank might tip the balance. The US & world economies have been run on the Rothschild - Warburg plan for a hundred years. It's "success" has necessitated the most destructive wars in history and multiples of them. Now, the Russians, Chinese and Brazilians will challenge Jewish domination of the global financial system. None of these... more... - ChasMark
Gilad Atzmon - Jeffrey Goldberg And The Israeli Defeat
"Jeffrey Goldberg admits that Israel has lost the war. “Why Is Israel Losing a War It’s Winning?” asks Goldberg. The Jewish State is a regional super power, its lobbies dominate Western politics, it is technologically superior, so what could have gone wrong?" - pepsi
"the Palestinians have achieved far more than merely ‘surviving.’ They brought Israel to its knees. Palestinians performed heroically on the ground and displayed total unity, two things Israel did not anticipate. They have also delivered a clear message to the Israeli people, to world Jewry and even to the miniature Jewish ‘anti Zionist’ clan – this battle is not about ‘occupation,’ 1967 or the ‘two state solution.’" - pepsi
"It is about human dignity – the right to exist. The Palestinians do not have any plans to fade away, they are the people of the land, and they will be back. The IDF may be able to destroy a few tunnels, murder elders, women and children and turn streets into piles of debris, but it can’t even scratch the Palestinians’ will." - pepsi
From Gaza: I Would Rather Die in Dignity Than Agree to Living in an Open-Air Prison - pepsi
Jews have been on the offensive for the last 70 years no matter where they are. They attack their hosts whether they are in Palestine, the U.S., Europe or elsewhere. They'll have to be beaten back wherever they are. They are fanatics, and will not go away otherwise. - Todd
Not 70 years, Todd; more like 130 years -- since at least 1881. - ChasMark
There was a small break in that timeline, but I know what you mean. Political Zionism didn't start in the late 1800s. Jews have been on a collective rampage for the last 70 years. - Todd
More like 3000 years----they aren't going to change guys. - American
They aren't going to change. They've been causing their own "persecution" since Roman times, at least. - Todd
American Justice Dept. Moves to Shield Anti-Iran Group’s Files
'' It is not unusual for lawyers to demand documents and lob unfounded allegations, particularly in the early stages of a case. The threat of embarrassing disclosures can make both sides eager to settle before a trial. But the Justice Department’s court appearance lent credibility to the idea that larger, hidden interests were at stake - American
Thats the only snip I am going to post......just read the entire article. If you don't think we are going to have some kind of blow up to get rid of these bloody jewish Zionist you are wrong. - American
greymail. - ChasMark
This group has acted as a government agency in going after foreign banks & corporations and causing fines to be imposed on them for their "crimes" of dealing with Iran. The group acted as a government agency. Maybe they ARE a government agency in the guise of an NGO. AND http://www.unitedagainstnuclea... - ChasMark
QUOTE: UANI develops model legislation for adoption by the federal government and U.S. state governments to sever Iran from international trade and financial markets and prohibit investment in Iran. UANI’s model legislation provisions were included in the federal government’s Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010 (CISADA), and in debarment legislation... more... - ChasMark
American Justice Dept. Moves to Shield Anti-Iran Group’s Files
'' It is not unusual for lawyers to demand documents and lob unfounded allegations, particularly in the early stages of a case. The threat of embarrassing disclosures can make both sides eager to settle before a trial. But the Justice Department’s court appearance lent credibility to the idea that larger, hidden interests were at stake - American
Thats the only snip I am going to post......just read the entire article ---.Anyone who thinks we are not going to have some kind of blow up to get rid of these bloody jewish Zionist is so wrong. - American
even after they are gone it will be just the beginning. - pepsi
"Mooser had more guts, backbone and mental toughness than all the members of Goose for the Gander combined..."
"-- he actually showed some endurance in debating his beliefs. These Goosers (goose steppers?) fold under the slightest pressure." - Sean McBride - pepsi
"Mooser is a fundamentally decent human being, and that decency probably has something to do with his Jewish upbringing -- "decent" is not the word that comes to mind when one surveys the hate speech of antisemites who are pretending to be merely "anti-Zionists."" - Sean McBride - pepsi
Mooser to sean: "Go boil your head. Not that it'll do any good, but please, give it a try. Remember to wipe your head when you get it out of there." - pepsi
lol..looks like that backfired. - American
It's the rest of the comment that knocks: "Go boil your head, Sean. Not that it’ll do any good, but please, give it a try. I know you, and want nothing to do with you, okay? *'My current position is this:'* Oh, your current position seems to be about what it has always been. Remember to wipe your head when you get it out of there." - MRW_8
Why has it taken people the better part of a decade to figure Mooser out? He's always been very ethnocentric and hostile. That much is immediately obvious. - Todd
I just like watching two Jews duke it out. - pepsi
I like Mooser and I dont think he's ethnocentric and hostile at all. He ridicules. - MRW_8
I don't blame him one iota for taking on Sean for Sean's behavior on MW. - MRW_8
"I don't blame him one iota for taking on Sean for Sean's behavior on MW." Fair enough. I have no idea what Sean's behavior was, since I quit reading MW after being banned. Mooser may not support Israel, but he is/was very sensitive about Jewish issues and very defensive when he thought a line was crossed. - Todd
all sean did last year is ask mooser what Judaism's core drivers are. I think mooser is very ethnocentric. The kind of Jew who insists that Judaism is peaches and rainbows and nothing like Zionism. The reason he disappeared for a year is because knew that judaism is supremacist at heart and he didn't like being face with it by a "goy". - pepsi
Mooser is exactly the kind of cat who will freak out if the goyim start blaming Jews collectively. - pepsi
pepsi, go back and read Mooser's comments in that 2011 MW 'an anti-semitic moment' link you gave. Unlike other times in history, IF the events in Israel today CAUSE anti-semitism to rise, THEN the roots of it, the reasons, the causes, will be plain for everyone to see. Now, marry that to the absolute declaration by the Israeli leadership that it is The Jewish State--and cast in speech... more... - MRW_8
Mooser grew up around the borsch belt - hesaid he used to bus tables during the summers. Seeing Henny Youngman and all those people. - Chu_
MRW, I read his comments in that thread, but I think context is everything. Mooser was tisk tisk-ing Phil, but Mooser wasn't the one being confronted by the goy. In the same way Phil was comfortable making the same comments as the "large asian woman", but when he heard the same words from her he labeled it anti-semitism and "unsettling". - pepsi
MRW, this comment today comes from Danaa, over on sean's feed: "That was a very nasty and uncalled for response by Mooser, I must say. I said what you did - and then some - 10 times over and nary a problem with mooser, who sometimes upped me one. It's the speaking-out about zionism/Judaism while not jewish. It really rankles some people. basically anyone and everyone who comments on MW... more... - pepsi
Scarlett Johansson's brains beat Dwayne Johnson's brawn in a head-to-head showdown between star-driven summer action films. The sci-fi thriller Lucy attracted a larger crowd and captured the number one spot
Her career has not been negatively impacted at all by the sodastream stuff. - pepsi
'Avengers' 2 Comic-Con Footage Offers 'Darker,' 'Incredible' Look At 'Age Of Ultron' - pepsi
You didnt expect it to in heavily jewish hollywoood did you? - American
They're probably pushing her harder than ever. - pepsi
The Rock lost to this jewess? :( - JustTheFactsPlease
This really pisses me off on a visceral level - JustTheFactsPlease
this won't make you feel much better: Comic-Con: Wonder Woman First Photo Revealed - pepsi
The rock is actually a really talented dude...he was hilarious back when he wrestled full time, scarlett jo is a jewish supremacist cunt - JustTheFactsPlease
Gal Gadot - Crypsis in action - JustTheFactsPlease
The Rock on the microphone: - JustTheFactsPlease
Of course Johansson isn't going to be allowed to fail. She's the perfect trojan horse, in that most people probably don't think of her as a Jew. - Todd
It has nothing to do with allowing Johansson to fail. She's immaterial, a face. They are capitalizing on the same thing as the Oscar winning song from Frozen. What's that? Selling to under 16-age girls; giving them heroines. Frozen made over $1.3 billion so far. Disney has increased its value by 1/3 so far as a result. - MRW_8
The point is that Fran Drescher or Sandra Bernhard couldn't pull it off. In that sense Johansson isn't immaterial. And with Johanssson's political views, she'll never be blacklisted or have to issue public apologies, followed by tabloid "scandals" and a decline of her career. There are surely prettier women and better actresses who aren't famous. My guess is that very few of those women are Jewish and Israel supporters. - Todd
soad stream stock has been cut in half over the last year. click on year. it goes from 60$ to about 30$. - Chu_
Is it just a coincidence that Gal Gadot is the new Wonder Woman? I don't think it is immaterial. I don't know what her political or personal views are, but I'd be willing to bet my house that her opinions will never hurt her. - Todd
she's the 'new' jew. The sabra that the media can gush over while Gazans are pounded into the stone age. check this: "The term alludes to a tenacious, thorny desert plant, known in English as prickly pear, with a thick skin that conceals a sweet, softer interior. The cactus is compared to Israeli Jews, who are supposedly tough on the outside, but delicate and sweet on the inside." - Chu_
The Sabra myth was in every English language pamphlet for foreigners in Israel. I came across that in my first few days in the country, and it always seemed to me as excuse making and a warning that you will be treated poorly by Israelis. - Todd
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Destruction of Gaza’s children is something ‘every one of us must confront’ — Jon Snow -
Jon Snow of Channel 4 demonstrates what it means to bear witness to atrocities in Gaza. Our governments are not interested. People must take action, and "that in the end is the greatest hope that the people in Gaza have." Will he endorse BDS?
Better question----when will people demand the use of force to remove Israel from Palestine's land? Its going to take force. - American
I posted a comment on MW, but not sure it will pass moderation. I suggested it may be time for a 60's style march on Washington to unite and fight our corrupt government and tax dollars for war crimes. What do you think? - weareone
If you posted a softball like that surely they'll post it but it's hardly original . - Chu_ from Android
One calling for force. Another for a march. Me, I just call for more boycott, coupled with public shaming. Hold every Jewish person you know anywhere accountable for gaza, and let them know so. - Danaa
Here are some tools that probably few of us are using: Facebook - where we advertise to friends and family the goings on. Twitter, for those who use it. Instagram to spread the pictures. Comment: this is effective, the more jewish people you actually know and/or are connected to. - Danaa
Think about it - if one is not willing to use one's own Facebook (including those who just have it to say hi to the far flung kids et al once in a while) to call attention to Gaza, how effective or how daring will one be in real life? - Danaa
Sean, for example, said on many occasions that he has and had met great people who were jewish. Do they know his stand on the issue of Israel? Gaza? do they share it? if he hasn't (say, to keep the relationships smooth and unencumbered), why not? - Danaa
Chu, does it have to be original to be effective? I'm not concerned about originality. These marches bring worldwide (especially American citizens, who are perhaps the most uninformed) attention to this issue. Change has to occur at the grassroots first. - weareone
Danaa, I agree with you on BDS, as one prong of the attack but the flow of US tax dollars to Israel must be ended also. For that to happen, Americans will have to protest en masse. - weareone
I am all for a march on Washington, if there was a way to organize it. But before we can get together a "Million people march", we would have to find a way to get across to more people what is going on in Gaza. The main media outlets are not exactly helping and most people do not read altternative media simply because they don't read. I am thinking that one of the things we can all do... more... - Danaa
I have the same sense of many of the commenters on MW also. I could not agree with you more on speaking frankly to others about issues of concern to us. I have never had a problem with that, although I try to be respectful of differing opinions. - weareone
There are many organizations that might be interested in considering a march such as: BDS, American Islamic Committee for Woman and Child; Jewish Voice for Peace; Arab American Forum Neturei Karta, Palestine Right to Return Coalition and many others. Some of these organizations have been involved with organizing rallies in various parts of the world. - weareone
weareone - who are you on MW? - Chu_
Chu, I have the same name on MW. - weareone
thanks for validation. never know. - Chu_
Thanks for checking. - weareone
does it have to be original to be effective? - we'll no, and actually NYC just marched, San Fran and Chicago. Chicago seemed the biggest [a pro Israeli was busted for a a gun]. These local rallies will certainly wind up in DC. People despise killing innocent victims (and don't forget all the men of Gaza that people want to leave out of equation). Israel is a warped project at this... more... - Chu_
'' I suggested it may be time for a 60's style march on Washington to unite and fight our corrupt government and tax dollars for war crimes. What do you think? - weareone)...I agree. A BIG march.. - American
Thanks American. I agree- it would have to be huge to shake the criminals up. - weareone
American US Senate sets $225 million for Israel's Iron Dome
'' Chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee Senator Barbara Mikulski said the Democrats wanted the budget in an emergency funding bill on Tuesday, Reuters reported. "Israel is an essential American ally and needs these assets to defend itself," the Maryland Democratic senator said in a statement. - American
Mikulski, israeli whore and traitor to america....get use to saying it...unless you can think of a worse accusation to use. - American
Whores get paid - JustTheFactsPlease
I just posted this to MW. Stop and watch this. Get to the end. Send it to every Christian, church-goey type you know. - MRW_8
I'm watching it now mrw - pepsi
ok, I finished it. wow. - pepsi
And to think people like Chomsky and Finkelstein are anti-bds. - pepsi
And bernie sanders just signed the pro-slaughter resolution for Gaza. - pepsi
From Occupation to “Occupy”: The Israelification of American Domestic Security by Max Blumenthal - pepsi
Jeff Halper for the first to comment on it in Feb, 2010 during an interview in Seattle. I don't know how many times I brought that up on MW, but it was before Max wrote his article. - MRW_8
Pretty powerful piece, hunh, pepsi? That ending will get the Christian Zios no matter when and where the messiah is supposed to show up. - MRW_8
There are a lot of cops who are buying into the Israeli mentality, undoubtedly. - pepsi
Holy cow! ..I dont know any christo zios but am passing it on to my email group. - American
for every decent israeli, like Eran, there are so many cultists that cancel him out 10 times over. - Chu_
Doesn't matter, chu. This guy is a powerful voice. I've known for a long time that the Israelis are training our local police forces. Look at the horror of the Boston lockdown. They're selling lethal tear gas to Singapore? You ever been to Singapore? Gorgeous city. This is the militarization of this country by proxy, which the Constitution strictly forbids. Individual groups can create... more... - MRW_8
Got 10 mins left. Will finish later. Good story, I agree, but remember the israeli winter soldiers? That didn't get a lot of coverage. I hope the ground is shifting after this gaza massacre. We'll see - Chu_ from Android
After looking at a lot of world press and comments, I've come to the opinion that Israel seems to be deliberately provoking people into taking the next step in condemning Jews outright as citizens of the "The Jewish State," worldwide. Which they are as Netanyahu tells us endlessly. They know the chokehold anti-semitism has on sentient beings in polite societies, so they treat it like a... more... - MRW_8
"Michael B. Oren, a former Israeli ambassador to the United States, invoked the Hebrew phrase “Im kvar az kvar,” roughly akin to “in for a dime, in for a dollar.” “If we’re getting slammed, we might as well go all the way,” Mr. Oren said to sum up the Israeli mood. “One of the big checks on Israel has been the fear of being isolated, the fear of being branded as immoral,” he said. “It’s... more... - pepsi
last ten minutes are great. "you guys are next in line" - Chu_
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