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not so fun and games with danaa
how gentle should we handle recovering jkk klan refugees? - pepsi
I worry that i pressed her kahane button: "The problem with you pepsi is that you care more about the "who done it" of 9/11 than about the fate of the palestinians. 9/11 is one major disaster out of many and it led to greater disasters still. So where were you when israel, in the person of Sharon, started the second intifada back in 2000? how many Palestinians were murdered and cities... more... - pepsi
She edited that comment, in an even more kahanist direction: "The problem with you pepsi is that you care more about the "who done it" of 9/11 than about the fate of the palestinians, or for that matter, the fate of the Syrian people subjected now to destruction by the PTB of the US/ Britain/French/Turkish/saudi Arabian axis of evil. Or the fate of the east Ukrainians, or that of the... more... - pepsi
if we don't draw a red line at something as central as 911, we might as well pick up some other hobbies other than advocating for peace and justice and sanity. - pepsi
"You care solely about the holocaust, Danaa. More people died in Russia and Ukraine than Jews died in Germany/Poland 1941-1945, why aren't you concerned about them? You care more about the "who done it" of the holocaust than about the fate of the palestinians, or even of the Germans who were killed as a direct outcome of the agitation & propaganda of Rabbi Stephen Wise, Louis Brandeis & Felix Frankfurter. ...." - ChasMark
Danaa's comment was rambling and incoherent. Has SMcB taken her to task and derided her inarticulate response as soooo deficient when compared to uber intelligent Jews. O, wait ... Danaa IS an uber intelligent Jew. - ChasMark
depressing is what it was. It makes you wonder if Gilad has a kahanist button waiting to be pushed. Probably not, he took the schtetl out of the man. One in a million. - pepsi
pepsi why is danaa a kahanist? - Chu_
CHu, it was an allusion to when McJew said he found himself "instantly switching into Kahanist mode" - JustTheFactsPlease
There are probably many simple litmus tests one can do to determine if an american jew is more american or more jewish nationalist. Unfortunately, the results are ugly. - pepsi
50-60% of americans question the official 911 narrative, despite the media's best efforts. How many jews have a single question about 911? - pepsi
Ask a Jew if it's a good thing that 22 of the top 24 hollywood executives are jewish. You won't get a straight, honest, democratically inclined answer out of more than 4%, and that number would go down as soon as the goyim piped in. - pepsi
Ask a Jew if Israel-firsters should be able to get a job inside the us government. - pepsi
pepsi.....Danaa doesnt defend the Jews and try to deflect blame from them to everyone the gatekeepers like Chomsky, Slater and others so I wouldnt be harsh on her. Why she and hostage admire Chomsky though is beyond me---the man has spent his life blaming the US Evil Empire for I/P and telling us all the US makes Israel do what it does---a bald face lie and ridiculous... more... - American
As far as the 911 stuff I wold ask one quesiton----who stood to gain. Only two groups,organized crime and Israel. The mob wanted Robert Kennedy out of justice because he was after them and the union connection and Israel wanted Jack out of the WH because he threatened their nuke facilities. Neither Russia nor Cuba had a motive for the simple fact that getting rid of Kennedy would NOT... more... - American
As far as how 911 was pulled off by whoever did it? If you want a bridge to collapse all you do is remove some underpinnings and wait for some heavy enough traffic to cross one day. All that was necessary for some terrorist to suceed in a attack effort was for there to be a few people in various agencies who would lose reports (as they did) or delay investigations into suspect (as they... more... - American
The mistake people make in going on about how it had to be some "high level" involvement in the gov among a bunch of people couldn't be more wrong. All it would take is a few pillars under the bridge to be rotten or tampered with---then you just sit back and wait for one heavy truck or in this case one group to come along with terrorist intentions. If is was Israel that is how they did--with a few faithful helpers in the right place. - American
Danaa likes Chomsky because he's jewish, and fights against "the US/ Britain/French/ Turkish/saudi Arabian axis of evil". Oh, and Chomsky "is on a different plane" and "he doesn't run interference" for the Jews. In other words, it's a religious thing. - pepsi
Richard Harris writes fiction, and won awards for historic fiction tracing the life of Cicero and events involving Pompey, Caesar, Cato, etc. He's a master at creating a story that explores the political intrigues among the powerful and those striving for power. He applied those insights to a study of US-British relations in the context of the GWOT in the novel "Ghosts." It's a quick read. - ChasMark
I find it interesting that the international goyim cabal installed a Jew in Ukraine, and two jewish oligarchs as governors of eastern ukrainian provinces. - pepsi
Don't you think that is a good thing, pepsi? Jews being so much smarter than everyone, and good with finance, they'll be able to tikkun olam Ukraine into destitution. Wonder who the Ukrainian Sheldon Adelson or Sandy Weil will be? - ChasMark
Fred Kagan explains how Iran has a "Napoleonic complex" and is a rogue, as was Napoleon, who was uppity enough to think he could resist British empire hegemony, just as numerous "rogue" states like Russia, Iran, Syria, Libya, etc. think they are "right" in resisting US empire dominance. --- This video explains a lot... more... - ChasMark
How could Obama not be in control of the State Department and FPolicy? He was ELECTED, lol. - pepsi
Danaa says that caring Jews like Chomsky are preventing Israel from doing even more bad stuff. It's a good thing we ungrateful goys have all this caring on our side, looking out for us. - pepsi
Danaa's comment that "Christians have done nothing" re Palestinians really annoying. So, it's Christians fault Jews were holocausted, and Christians fault Jews are holocausting Palestinians, and thank yahweh for Chomsky who's protecting both. - ChasMark
White House asks American parents to monitor their children for signs of terrorism
'In a speech earlier this week, Lisa O. Monaco, President Barack Obama’s assistant for homeland security and counterterrorism, insisted that American parents must be vigilant because their “confrontational” children could be on the verge of becoming terrorists ' - American
Monaco began her remarks by eloquently describing the lives tragically lost last year during the Boston Marathon bombings. Interestingly, the Harvard grad failed to mention the religion or the motive of brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Muslim terrorists behind the Boston bombings. ''' - American
In the very next paragraph, Monaco specifically noted racist and disgustingly anti-Semitic beliefs of Frazier Glenn Miller, the 73-year-old former Ku Klux Klan leader accused of gunning down three people at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas last Sunday. (RELATED: Guess what college the Jewish Community Center shooter lectured at) '' - American
The White House bureaucrat then settled into the heart of her speech: That Obama “has been laser-focused” on preventing “violent extremism” “by homegrown violent extremists” right here “in the United States.” - American
'' This is where the American parents of American children in America’s towns, cities and countryside can provide the greatest assistance, Monaco said - American
Interesting that the full text of her speech is blocked at the WH link and every single gov link I tried to access it from. - American
Last week Harry Reid called the militants in the ranch standoff in Nevada 'domestic terrorist'. I dont think the millionaire rancher Bundy had any grounds to refuse paying his grazing fees and in fact there is a legitmate claim on the land by two Indian women that the gov actually did screw. But all this lableing by the Gov of domestic groups as "Terrorist" is asking for trouble. - American
O'Reilly had a segment last night on gay activist intimidation tactics, which include death threats and showing up at people's homes. Then theres the IRS going after "Tea Party" groups. And then theres the mainstream media silencing dissent. This all adds up to something creepy in the national fabric and it seems to be coming from the Democratic Party. An insistence on conformism and an authoritarianism. - Berthe
The fact is, they had all the information they needed to know that the Tsarnaevs needed to be watched or even booted and the government did nothing. - Berthe
Our nation has been flooded with illegal and foreign gangs, criminals and terrorists, and the government is poised to turn on American citizens who are largely law-abiding. Our national parks/forests are often used by Mexican cartels to grow marijuana on a large scale, and Americans are the target over grazing fees? There is plenty of gang and racial violence that the elites ignore or... more... - Todd
American, I haven't really followed the ranch standoff, but I caught part of an interview where Bundy said that he has paid grazing fees. - Todd
You need to read what this woman said. Four people die and they go into this mode? On White House site: - MRW_8
No he hasnt paid the fees since 1993. He went to court in 1993 to claim he had 'squatters rights" on the land and shouldnt have to pay. But he lost his court case and just quit paying the fees in 1993.. - American
However if you want to relate the Bundy case to immigrants-----Bundy is actually the "immigrant" who is illegally using the land. The land 'legally' belonged to a "native American Indian tribe', the Shosnah, who 2 Indian sisters had rights to. You can read about the case of how the US screwed the Shosnah sisters and tribe out of the land.-------... more... - American
American, I don't know anything about the Shoshona sisters. All I know is that Bundy claimed that he paid his fees. There is obviously a lot more to this story than I have looked at, but the federal government is selective in its outrage and use of force. Of course Bundy is not an immigrant or an alien, and calling him an immigrant is the same as stating that the U.S. is illegitimate. - Todd
@ MRW....[.""First, the Department of Homeland Security is building partnerships with key cities across the country to establish a locally-based envoy dedicated to coordinating government engagement on the threat of homegrown violent extremism. Piloted in Los Angeles, this effort has already helped focus our resources and strategic efforts by streamlining federal, state, and local... more... - American
Bundy is an immigrant if compared to the Shoshona sisters and saying that saying he is an immigrant makes the US illegitimate is nonsense. You, I and everyone else in this country is descended from an immigrant if we are not descendents of the original native Indians. I point this out because you introduced the immigrant issue into this case and bemoaned the gov picking on a' American'.... more... - American
American, I've repeatedly admitted that I haven't paid attention to the Bundy situation, but it is clear that the U.S. government is selective in who/what it views as threats, and which laws it enforces. If the issue is federal land, the U.S. government doesn't make a peep out of the widespread use of federal lands by Mexican cartels for drug production. Instead, we are encourage to spy... more... - Todd
Todd, he hasn't paid any fees since 1993. This is happening in my backyard, my area of the country. He got pissed about the new rules for the desert tortoise back in 1994 that the rangers got passed, and he was forced to change where his cows grazed. Pissed him off that he would have to honor the desert tortoise because his cows were interfering with the tortoise domain, so he refused... more... - MRW_8
Fox News tried to make a hero out of him. Websites in Colorado are touting Bundy as some western holdout for real government values. The majority of people in Nevada think he's an asshole, esp. the people who live near him. No one is impressed with this jerk. This has nothing to do with government interference. He didn't want to move where his cows grazed to accommodate the tortoise,... more... - MRW_8
::found any ancestors who weren't descended from colonists, so none were immigrants, since they were in the U.S. since its founding. That's not a knock on the native indians, but they didn't found the U.S....Todd) ....... I think you are confused about the difference between being a' colonist' and 'founding a "New Nation" on a land and being an 'original inhabitant' of that... more... - American
I think the majority of Fox News' viewership is in Nevada. And this story is two decades old; not new to Nevadans. This jackass Bundy has been in the news off and on for years. It would be one thing if he were fighting the government over some government law that was seriously infringing on his rights. But he wants to let his cattle trample all over the desert tortoise birthing grounds... more... - MRW_8
Interesting point of view MRW, I had heard rumblings about some type of real estate deal/oil/gas thing being the reason for this sudden hullabaloo, what is your take on that? - JustTheFactsPlease
Why dont we all round up all our friends and everyone with horses, goats, etc and just go and turn them loose on this land and crowd Bundy and his cows out....thats about as sensical as Bundy's claim to free use of the land. - American
@JustTheFactsPlease. Could be. I'm afraid for me it's been a case of 'Oh jesus, is this guy back in the news again?' This time, of course, they took his cattle so he's screeching. He's actually getting a good deal. It's cheaper to pay the grazing fee than feed costs per cow. - MRW_8
@JustTheFactsPlease. Let me give you the sense of this. I belong to a gun club. It's out of town. Full of guys so red inside that the word "Democrat' destroys their teeth. OK? So the word never comes up. A bunch of punk kids showed up on the range about 10 years ago and joked that they wanted to go out on the desert and shoot [desert] tortoises, see if they exploded. These guys wanted... more... - MRW_8
Weiss's Shabtai Zvi Complex --- --- Truman and FDR both predicted World War 3 in establishing a Jewish state. And then-- -
Phil wrote, about Judis's portrayal of Truman: "Truman was a man of his era with conventional social stereotypes about many groups. He saw Jews as too “emotional,” “selfish” and “fanatical.” But he was moved by the plight of eastern European Jewry and revered Chaim Weizmann and had a sincere friendship with his former business partner Eddie Jacobson. Truman’s prejudice against Jews as selfish was obviously exacerbated by the pressure of the lobby. Still, it was prejudice: it was surely unfair to call a group selfish who had just seen 2/3 of its European population annihilated. " - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
But even Jewish Daily Forward has written that in 1948, nobody knew about the holocaust, but Phil is kneels at that shrine. - ChasMark
Phil is also passionate to find the magic bullet, the exonerating rationale, the ultimate justification for Jewish crimes against the Palestinians (the sin he is willing to cop to). Peter Beinart was the messiah, for a time. Weiss opened his National Summit talk by stating that Walt & Mearsheimer opened his eyes, cracked the barriers - ChasMark
HOSTAGE called Phil to account (once again, tho, only wrt to the same sin against the Palestinians and not the shitload of sins and crimes against humanity that Jews and zionists have committed and continue to commit against Russians, Germans, Arabs, Iranians and penultimately Americans. - ChasMark
HOSTAGE wrote: ""At some point Phil we have to suspend our sense of disbelief and ***anachronistic appeals to the Holocaust*** and accept the ***fact that the Zionist agenda in Palestine was based upon unabashed selfishness and militarism from day one.*** Truman and everyone in his generation had been warned about that fact when the long-suppressed King-Crane Commission report was finally published:" - ChasMark
Now, if Hostage stretches his mind and recognizes that "Day One" preceded, and was a causal factor in, --- the Russo - Japanese war, which Jacob Schiff provoked the Japanese to fight & financed Japanese militarization, out of hatred for Czar Nicholas; - ChasMark
DAY ONE preceded Chaim Weizmann's manipulations of Alfred Balfour, who agreed to grant Palestine to Jews in exchange for Weizmann (whom, according to Judis, "Truman admired") collaborating with Brandeis to involve Wilson & USA in war against Germany, because Weizmann had placed his bet on England, and England was about to be defeated by Germany. The Allied blockade of Germany was one of the major factors that led to the Armistice of the Germans. - ChasMark
DAY ONE preceded Jewish dominance of Weimar Germany, during which many more thousands of Germans died of starvation while Jewish financiers and profiteers grew wealthy. - ChasMark
DAY ONE preceded the travesty of Versailles Treaty, from which "zionists emerged with a dual triumph: they acquired a homeland for Jews in Palestine and affirmation of rights of Jews in European states". Germany lost land, population, wealth, and a future -- its young people had been starved to death or to deprivation-induced idiocy; had been gassed, dismembered, killed in the millions.... more... - ChasMark
DAY ONE came well before 1933 and the period of "disappeared history in Germany" (quoth Danaa): between 1933 and 1939, while Hitler was trying to reinvigorate a dispirited and starved population, right the German economy, and do what Germans demanded that NSDAP do: reverse the onerous terms of Versailles; Jews were flooding Palestine with money and manipulating various immigration laws... more... - ChasMark
DAY ONE came before, and during the period when Jewish (with their American Anglophile Christian collaborators such as Henry Luce & The Century Club) propagandists were demonizing Germany, Stalin was starving Ukrainians and Russians by the millions. - ChasMark
Phil is like Francesca Rimini in Dante's first ring of Hell, blaming whatever sacrificial lamb she can find in the thicket for her sins, but carefully avoiding the most obvious of facts: Francesca was screwing her brother-in-law; when her husband found out, he killed them both. Jews were screwing Germany to build the zionist fantasy-land in Palestine. BUT, when Germans found out, they... more... - ChasMark
These are some of the truths and facts Phil is so eager to conceal by his frantic search for the Magic Bullet, the Messiah who will save Jews from the condemnation that their crimes deserve. - ChasMark
Weimar Republic -The theme of stab-in-the-back was articulated in 1919 most prominently by General Erich Ludendorff, one of the two top German commanders. He blamed the Berlin government and the civilian population for the armistice/surrender of November 1918, saying they had failed to support him, had let him down, and had proved itself unworthy of the traditions of a fighting nation.... more... - Chu_
".” But he was moved by the plight of eastern European Jewry and revered Chaim Weizmann and had a sincere friendship with his former business partner Eddie Jacobson. Truman’s prejudice against Jews as selfish was obviously exacerbated by the pressure of the lobby. Still, it was prejudice: it was surely unfair to call a group selfish who had just seen 2/3 of its European population... more... - Todd
My (polite) inquiry on MW asking Phil why he would call Truman's *acccurate" observation and then statement of the selffishness of the zionist that were strong arming him for Israel *prejudice" was censored. They were selfish and even more than selfish. - American
''These are some of the truths and facts Phil is so eager to conceal by his frantic search for the Magic Bullet, the Messiah who will save Jews from the condemnation that their crimes deserve. - ChasMark ''))..... NAILED. That is what it is all about. Trying to protect and maintain the eternal innocence and moral superitory of the Jews and the myth that anything they do is ultimately the fault of others.. - American
Nuclear export group debates ties with Israel: document -
Nuclear export group debates ties with Israel: document
"By Fredrik Dahl VIENNA (Reuters) - The United States and three European allies want a global body controlling nuclear exports to consider whether to establish closer ties with non-members including Israel, despite its assumed atomic arsenal, a confidential document showed. The issue is sensitive as Israel is outside a 1970 international pact designed to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and the Jewish state is widely believed to be the only country with such arms in the volatile Middle East." - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
"At the time the NPT was proposed, there were predictions of 25–30 nuclear weapon states within 20 years. Instead, over forty years later, five states are not parties to the NPT, and they include the only four additional states believed to possess nuclear weapons.[4] Several additional measures have been adopted to strengthen the NPT and the broader nuclear nonproliferation regime and... more... - ChasMark
OT, but don’t know where else to put it. You gotta read this great Hostage comment: "At some point Phil we have to suspend our sense of disbelief and anachronistic appeals to the Holocaust and accept the fact that the Zionist agenda in Palestine was based upon unabashed selfishness and militarism from day one.” And then Hostage proceeds to anchor his comment with Jewish-sourced proofs... more... - MRW_8
Here is what Phil said -------''Truman’s prejudice against Jews as selfish was obviously exacerbated by the pressure of the lobby. Still, it was prejudice: it was surely unfair to call a group selfish who had just seen 2/3 of its European population annihilated'' - American
Somebody ask Hostage about 9/11, pleeeaase. Anybody know if he is religious on that subject like he is about the hollywoodcaust? Danaa's not much better, and that disturbs me. - pepsi
Danaa thinks it's okay for Jews to run interference for these official narratives, which 95+ percent of them do. And she blames the goyim for not speaking out on Gaza. Only righteous gentiles get their voices heard or reported on, but Danaa seems blissfully unaware of this little factoid. - pepsi
Truman made an 'accurate observation' and statement of their behavior and demands. And Phil calls it prejudice. - American
people like phil are what inspired the Germans to go Zionist style in their own land. - pepsi
jews have been going zionist style for centuries, as ungrateful traitors inside other peoples' countries. - pepsi
PEPSI. Where is this coming from? "Danaa thinks it's okay for Jews to run interference for these official narratives, which 95+ percent of them do. And she blames....little factoid."??? What are you referring to? - MRW_8
on mcbride's feed. she might have deleted the part where she said chomsky doesn't run interference for the jews/zios, i can't find it. - pepsi
American is the link to 2014 Budget you requested [PDF] The Budget of the United States Government, 2014 - US ...‎ United States Department of Agriculture riculture (USDA), we closed or consolidated 260. USDA ... Budget includes a total of 215 cuts, consolida- ... to save more than $25 billion in 2014, and...
You have to put this-----[PDF] The Budget of the United States Government, 2014 - US ... your broswer to get to it and then click on it to get pdf. - American
This is the one that mentions selling off goverment land to reduce debt. - American
Where's the link? - MRW_8
"selling off goverment land to reduce debt?" What a scam. The federal government HAS NO DEBT. I need that link. - MRW_8
MRW...I cant make the damn link stay in.... you have to put this.....[PDF] The Budget of the United States Government, 2014 - US ... your broswer and find it on google and get the download. Every time I tried to link it it didnt go thru....dont know why. - American
American. Problem is that even what you're trying to give me is truncated, so I'm not getting the link to enter. Try and see if you can truncate it to something that will stick. I really want that doc. Thx. - MRW_8
Here...try this.>>>> - American
These links are working now. - American
Thanks! - MRW_8
American. I'd love to see where they parked the money in the budget that Debbie Wasserman Schultz got for her constituents--the ones that were supposed holocaust victims--where they received restaurants meals 3X/day because they couldn't live in nursing homes because the sounds in the nursing homes reminded them of concentration camps. meals were only part of the package. Nursing and... more... - MRW_8
Yea I remember it. Thats just the tip of the iceberg too. I had dozen and dozens and dozens of similar special bills passed for Jews,survivors,communities, schools bookmarked but my unexpected computer meltdown lost the bookmarks. If I can ever make myself take the time I will try to re find some of them. Its best to use Govtrac instead of if you bookmark them cause doesnt allow reaccess--will tell you you've timed out---Govtrac doesnt have that bug. - American
One of the most egerious bills I had was one where the social security and SSI and medcaid for the Jewish Russian immigrants was extended from 7 years to 12 years. The reason given in the bill to justify this was 7 years wasnt long enough for them to" master English" and get jobs. At the same time congress was cutting unemployment benefits for american jobless. If most americans knew as... more... - American
AMERICAN. You ought to do the work and find them. Then send them to CNI and the If Americans Knew site. You wrote them here on Friendfeed on SMcB's site. If I knew how to search efficiently I would. But I think it's easier to do that on yourself. Not sure. - MRW_8
AMERICAN. Did you ever link to any of that stuff on MW? Because if you did, it's searchable over there. - MRW_8
AMERICAN. You know what's weird to me? Then Budget is on the USDA site. - MRW_8
Its probably on some others to but I didnt feel like downloading others just to see if they were the same. I was looking for the 'cuts' in the budget and that was the first one I came accross. What IS funny is the 2014 budget pdf at the WH portal doesnt give a line item budget or the cuts---it gives a 'summary' of sectors----not specifics. Probably on purpose. - American
fun and games with McJew. Me: "you value your pathological superiority complex way more than you do truth. Calling yourself a truthseeker is just another means to puffing up your self- image as a great thinker, as is your use of a gentile internet persona."
Did you post this to him? - JustTheFactsPlease
yeah, under the post where he claims kerry and obama stupidly fell for the jew registration flyer hoax. He may not have a semitic bone in his body, but neither does he have any irish in him. Pure white crypto jew. - pepsi
He is all khazar methinks - JustTheFactsPlease
most habitual liars i've known were mediocre minds with a burning desire to be smarter than everybody else. McJew isn't even smart enough to throw in an irish american family anecdote once a year. It's all jews all the time, and working to improve their image. Just like mj chosenberg, McJew hates critics of israel and jewish supremacist ideology much more than he dislikes zios and other raving militant jsupremes. - pepsi
Do you- Pepsi, and JTFP have equal derision for non-Jewish elites who are involved in human rights abuses and systems of oppression? - WJones ).....I'm guessing they do. I certainly do. But the thing about the "Jewish thing" is there has never been a group so *hypocritical* about their abuse and hatred of others. At least that I have ever seen or read about in history - American
American nails it - JustTheFactsPlease
of course, jones, not that your question had anything to do with this thread. Ironically, i think the western world's goyim have morally evolved way ahead of the jewish community because of the self-serving brow beating by jewish media and lobbying. - pepsi
I do not see the tribe in general as ever having moved "emotionally or intellectually beyond the primitive.' While they are willing and able to adapt to modernity or modern cultures and imitate it or take on 'the guise' of it in some ways for its economic, political and social benefits to them, their 'feelings ' perceptions' and' mental processing' about the outside world (of others)... more... - American
McBride is a good example what is called Jewish intellectualism----he will write a 100 words of 'cover' to be able to insert one supremist claim in his disertations on 'ethnics 'and that one supremist claim is always the "one glaringly contridiction" that trips him up and exposes him. And he isnt smart enough to see it. He needs to go study with the Jesuits, they know how to do it and get away with it, the Jews dont. - American
pepsi, sean hates southern wrestling, he banned me from his feed lol - JustTheFactsPlease
"" I revere Southern culture enough to have spent a great deal of energy in studying it''...Sean McBride)...OMG!, thats a whopper of a lie. I cant even count the number of times Sean insulted me,. 'specifically as being a Southerner'. Going back to the days I was on his feed one can find 100s of his comments calling the South and southerners backward, ignorant, uneducated,... more... - American
He hates white rednecks with a burning passion and tried to play it cool, but by acting like pro wrestling was not a huge part of southern culture in the last 50 years he gave himself away. Muhammad Ali learned to talk the way he did by imitating wrestlers by the way - JustTheFactsPlease and pepsi were hystericaly funny on that thread....Sean was biting his tounge in an effort to not end the conversation - American
I ain't got a chosen brain but I do what I can with what I have :D - JustTheFactsPlease
Ali was a student of Gorgeous George: - JustTheFactsPlease
American, did you watch the interview with Dusty Rhodes that I posted before Sean deleted it? Hilarious? - JustTheFactsPlease
Weren't Kentucky & Tennessee the intellectual capitol of the USA until ~very late 19th century? I'm intrigued by Supreme Court Justice James McGregor, from Elkton, KY, where he attended an exclusive (at the time) prep school, then University of Virginia law school. He was Wilson's Attorney general, then Wilson appointed him to Supreme Court. McGregor hated Brandeis, Frankfurter &... more... - ChasMark
No I only looked at his feed right before my comment...didnt see a link to it. - American
He asked if I had read some overly intellectual mucky muck book about the civil war, I said no because of the hard times that hit me: - JustTheFactsPlease
"Weren't Kentucky & Tennessee the intellectual capitol of the USA until ~very late 19th century? " No idea - JustTheFactsPlease
Ah...McBride wants me to go over and converse with him about what I said about him. Should I do it?Probably not he'll just chase his tail like a puppy and pee all over himself trying to convince me how much more he knows about the South than a dumb Southerner like me whose family has been Southern for 396 years..since the days there was no seperate NC and Virginia but one colony state... more... - American
"You have to live here Sean old boy to know the South" Bingo - JustTheFactsPlease
He asked if I had read some overly intellectual mucky muck book about the civil war, I said no because of the hard times that hit me:'' JTFP) Was that about Shelby Foote's Civil War volumes? If you're a southerner you'd enjoy it or at least appreciate it or maybe I should say understand it...cause its written about more than the war and the battles, its about the individuals and... more... - American
"The trick was to keep winning. If a trash talker made a habit of losing, he was a laughingstock, not a villain. Of course, fixed matches kept George winning, but talent kept Ali on top." From your link, JTFP. Boxing may be ust as fake as wrestling. - Todd
Yup American and LOL to Todd - JustTheFactsPlease
McBride true to form---says my comment here knocking down his Southern comment shows I am a Jew hater and bitter person. Arguement over the South =Anti Semite. Liking Dusty Rhodes = Anti Semite Wife Beater. McMoron's answer to every subject he gets trounced on is the other person is a Anti Semite. He's got to be a - American
My personal feeling is that Sean and many Zionists would have collapsed into an ecstatic, orgasmic glee had the BLM shot up those ranchers in Nevada. - JustTheFactsPlease
Jews/Zionists/Whatever you wanna call them are VERY hostile to rural Americans - JustTheFactsPlease
"You couldn't be more wrong -- I can't imagine any people I would rather have covering my back in a battle than many of these "rednecks" -- they are courageous, brave, honorable and loyal..." He's sounding like an Israeli now! - Todd
Zionist fear the 'unity' of any other people or groups, particulary those that might touch on the rights of the people vrs. the Government because it might also end up emcompassing or questioning their special interest. Rural people are historically more united as communities and people because of their interdependence on each others help in much of the rural way of life. There are no... more... - American
If McBride could think beyond his pretensions he'd figure out that the South = home base for Christian fundies & Christo-zionists because South = center of cotton trade w/ England & English ship carried bibles from Oxford Press in their holds on the 'empty' trip to Charleston & other cotton trading ports. Oxford Press bibles were the most oft printed books of the time. Jews were not... more... - ChasMark
Actually Jewish bias began to exist in the South during and after the Civil War. Before then it was hardly prevalent.. Its an unfortunate fact that a great number of what were called Carpetbaggers were Jewish and they flooded into the South after the war. The backs and poor whites were the main victims . Mark Twain wrote about this if anyone wants to go look it up, cant remember the... more... - American
" As late as 1970 in the South a person with a Jewish name couldn't get a resversation at certain upscale resorts in the South like Sea Island Ga. and the Cloisters." It wasn't just the nice places, and the ban extended inland. I knew an old Jewish lady in Atlanta (she and her husband were form NYC originally) who told me that she and her husband had to sleep in their car in some of the... more... - Todd
Here's a great interview of the Australian Attorney General by Brendan O'Neill of spiked-online. I say it's great, of course, because I think like the AG. ;-) - MRW_8
I think the left is far worse than the old right when it comes to the possible harm they can do, and have done. Basically, the old right sought to preserve a social order that worked fairly well for most people, at least well enough to create a society in which leftists were able to thrive. The left, on the other hand, is hell-bent on turning society upside down, and will accept no dissent or take any prisoners. Leftists are far more likely to round people up, in my opinion. - Todd
I don't know about that, todd. The jewish media can whip either side into a frenzy at will. 11 years ago, if you didnt want war on iraq you were a coward traitor who should git out according to the bush loving rightward masses. - pepsi
I mean the old right, not the neocons, Pepsi. The largely leftist and Jewish neocons purged the old right in order to have the wars. - Todd
Well, when you say the left, do you mean to include the left masses of voters? - pepsi
Mostly I mean the people in charge, but if you have seen the average leftist hopped up on South Park or Jon Stewart, you know what I mean. I'm not even sure that the left-libertarians are much better than the Stalinists. - Todd
todd...I think you are right in many ways. The old GOP , in terms of leadership, was, as the saying goes, more 'moderate and balanced' overall. It had its 'fringes' but as a party it wasnt anything like as fringy as both parties are today--both now driven by their fringe minorities. I blame the liberals more for the breakdown in society and unity and the extremes of liberalism have now... more... - American
Voters on the right had few qualms with the patriot act, the department of homeland security, etc. Freedom was a big word while their hero bush was gutting the constitution and bankrupting the country with multiple wars. I don't see either side being much better than the other. - pepsi
The old GOP hasn't really existed in my lifetime, so my opinion is based on reading and perception. It's obvious what was done to the so-called paleoconservatives, and I remember that. I just don't see anything good coming from the left/neocon alliance. One group is primed to destroy America, and the other the world. I'd take the old bigotry and racism over the new, any day. - Todd
"Voters on the right had few qualms with the patriot act, the department of homeland security, etc...." I agree that much of America went into a frenzy after 9-11, and the traditional patriotism of the right was used and abused. However, Bush ran on a platform of isolationism after Clinton's wars and Desert Storm. W was famous for proclaiming that America would no longer be the world's policeman. He was also strong on the curbing of state power initially, which also played well with the right. - Todd
fact is the old bigotry and racism fits right in with the jewish bigotry and racism. It's just that muslims are the new niggers. - pepsi
I think the new racism and bigotry is more likely to be directed at the majority. - Todd
but another fact is people like gilad atzmon get praised as geniuses for stating what some on the right fringes knew about jewish ideology all along. - pepsi
also, i assume a majority of the isolationist movement in the early 40s was from the right, although joe kennedy probably wasnt alone on the left. - pepsi
From what I can tell, Atzmon is something of a multiculturalist and one-worlder when you peel away the anti-Zionism and Jewish critique. He's the kind of prog that Weiss pretends to be. - Todd
There is not much really new or unique in what Atzmon is saying, from what I have seen. He can give a little more insight into the tribe than a Sam Francis or Joe Sobran, but the message seems pretty similar on Israel and Jews.. - Todd
''Voters on the right had few qualms with the patriot act, the department of homeland security, etc...." I agree that much of America went into a frenzy after 9-11''.......I think its more like 'some' of american went into a frenzy. Most people around here are conserative voters but not right wing voters. The week after 911 I flew to Atlanta, some friend flew to LA, some other friends... more... - American
I think most Americans were deeply affected by 9-11, whether they wanted war or not. At the time, I lived near two major military installations and a port, and the troop and supply movements made it look like an occupation. One of the bases is so large that civilian access roads run through the base in order to make it from one end of several counties to the other, and searches and... more... - Todd
Well I live between Camp LeJuene Marine Base, Cherry Point Marine Air Base and Fort Bragg Army base. LeJuene and Bragg being two of the largest military bases in the states and while there was a lot of talk there was no frenzy. This area is military land everywhere you look,including bombing ranges. In fact most of retired military officers here were VERY critical and opposed to... more... - American
The frenzy was more on the part of the pundits and media, but America did change. Frenzy may be the wrong word, but many people were deeply affected, I don't recall any rah-rah among those who thought they might be asked fight the war, and the soldiers that I knew were apprehensive. I guess the point is that immediately after 9-11 there was real uncertainty and fear that was manipulated... more... - Todd
I live in the southwest, another hangout for ex-military, and no one I knew bought one iota of what 9/11 portended, and that extended for three years after the fact. The greatest disgust was saved for post-Bush-on-ship-mission-accomplished. - MRW_8
The average I.Q is 100. 95% of US has average of 97 to 100. I/Qs above that are more inclined to analyse. BUT there is another kind of I.Q. that screws people up...what is called Emotional I.Q.. Some people, probalby a lot, are more influenced by their emotions than by objectivity. Which means they dont have or dont use their ability to assess the correspondence between what is... more... - American
"they go by their 'feelings." Yeah, aided and abetted by the talking head on TV asking the interviewee how he or she *felt* about whatever incident. Drives me nuts. - MRW_8
The Enron collapse came just a month or so after 9/11. I thought that had more impact on more people than 9/11 did. Rudy Guiliani said, initially, that the number of dead would be very large, "more than we can bear," and numbers in the tens of thousands were tossed around -- 20,000 to 60,000 dead in WTC. When it turned out that 3,000 died, it seemed anticlimactic. Then there was the... more... - ChasMark
He Didnt Ask the Question
Anthony Bourdain's travel and food show was on Gaza Palestine to night. He let some of the I/P conflict into the show and Gazans as refugees into it. He also spoke to a Israeli but he never asked the Israeli the question. - American
Which is--Do You Know the Name of Palestine Family Whose Land Your Home Is Now On? - American
Bourdain is Jewish - JustTheFactsPlease
how do you know? just curious. - MRW_8
i remember he did a show in israel and he said he was half jewish or something. Maybe on his mother's side. The rabbi types in the tourist district in jerusalem were trying to convert him and praying for him, trying to pull him in. What pissed me off was his show in leb in 06, as leb was getting half destroyed. Bordain was trapped in his hotel while the earth was shaking and jet fighters were flying over his head, and he didn't have a bad thing to say about israel. Just a fair and balanced war being fought. - pepsi
Bourdain finally admitted he is Jewish on a recent show from Israel, but it was obvious from past shows where he always spoke of eating Chinese on holidays. He screams Jewish, yet he always let on that he is French Catholic. - Todd
Good comments with this article
"I think it is important to recall how this mess started. Ukraine had a democratically elected government, but we and our friends supported a coup despite our expressed foreign policy goal of 'democracy'. The EU would love to get control of the economy in Ukraine, NATO has generals spoiling for a war and in Ukraine people in the east would love to see it all end with a regional election that would either rejoin their area to Russia or split off into some sort of new (and probably unstable) 'republic'. Knowing how Putin would react we pushed and pushed and now we have what we have, the horrible consequences of putting euro bankster interests ahead of democracy. Meanwhile, there is not one, single thing of worth to be gained for the United States as we continue to muddle ahead like we have some sort of moral mandate. Look to how this disaster began and try to keep something similar from happening again is all we have left to take away from this catastrophe. As far as the sabre rattlers... more... - Berthe
"Yes, you are correct but all-in-all it is a pretty good summation of events...its just that so many people are unaware of the WHY in all this. The US is definitely up to its dirty tricks and it all revolves around getting Ukraine in debt and keeping it there while the US and partners use the borders to rattle sabres at the Russians. A few more missile sites erected and Russia will, indeed, have its back to the wall and war will ensue...and this is just what the US, Rothschilds, banksters etc. want....WAR." - Berthe
most of the comments were intelligent, well-informed, and sympathetic to Putin & Russia. ain't that a revoltin' development. - ChasMark
[“Buy when there's blood running in the streets.” ... Baron Rothschild, in 18th Century] ...... I believe he meant ( and practiced) that both literally and figuratively. Panic, war and chaos are wealth creators for vulture opportunist. - American
WRMEA - Interview with Gilad Atzmon by Prof. Norton Mezvinsky a quick & dirty transcript of Pt. IV -
the fact that we talk about otherness implies that we accept that jews are different. the jew is a very complicated category — ethnic, racial or religious? you can never criticize this identity. i attack from a different angle. one of the most interesting psychological instruments i developed is PRE traumatic stress disorder. with jews we are dealing with this pre-traumatic stress disorder. look at iran: we invent a fantastic scenario of the iranians developing nuclear weapons; the evidence says they don’t; the mullahs say its against their religion, and a government that is run according to religious rules you have to believe them! —- but the fantasy of destruction is very vivid and leads toward a war. - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
another interesting anecdote, i spoke about — - - we are dealing with a collective that is tormented by the prospect of disaster. and why? because they know that they bring it on themselves! and why? because of the role of the Other. this is a very complicated question. when i speak to american people i tell them that their role is to start to talk about it openly. i’m subject to some... more... - ChasMark
so it’s the role of yu and me to dismantle this ticking bomb. nobody’s been able to do it. when christ came and said love your neighbor, they nailed him to the cross. what did they do to spinoza? they kicked him out. they didn’t just kick him out, … they also sent to the pope and asked him not to take in spinoza. … mezvinsky: but in judaism you can’t be excommunicated, so that doesn’t leave apart the idea that spinoza challenged … - ChasMark
gilad: what can we do? you have the first amendment, the most precious value, freedom of speech. i know that there is a huge assault on your most precious liberty but this is the only window of opportunity we have to resolve this. we have to start to talk about it, to call a spade a spade; to tell AIPAC NO! because even Walk over aiopac is gate kept by the same people. - ChasMark
we must liberate ourselves of political correctness because due to political correctness we have lost our immune system. what is political correctness? it’s a very clever instrument: it’s basically a political position that doesn’t allow political criticism. no. everything should be open. we should start to speak our mind. if we don’t do it now it will be too late. - ChasMark
Final question: re Israel and Iran, you implied that the israelis actually believe the propaganda about iran. gilad: you’re right! the symptoms of pre traumatic stress is that you really see a vivid image of your destruction! this is a serious mental state. I discovered this ptsd issue — for many years after being in the army i had very vivid dreams … I was tormented every night by very... more... - ChasMark
but when it came to the 2nd & 3rd generation, they were traumatized. why? because the ones who endured the trauma learned how to survive it, but the later generations, they matured into pre traumatic stress. it was something they had never lived thru and they couldn’t deal with it. this is what afflicts israeli society. this is called politics of fear. exactly the same thing happened in... more... - ChasMark
but there is one other concept that is crucial to me to mention: the more brutal you are to the Other, the more tormented you become by the possibility that the other is as brutal as yourself. Easy! If you are very vicious to your girlfriend you may imply that she may be as vicious as you. if your girlfriend is ___ and weak, and you are really aggressive to her, you’re much more... more... - ChasMark
what is the way around it? It’s funny. who came up with it? Jesus: turn your other cheek. this is the only way around it. and this is what we need now. now, with AIPAC dominating your foreign policy you’re not going to turn the other cheek. you’re strong enough to turn the other cheek. you’re strong enough to tell afghanistanis, You know what? sorry, we are going to bomb you with food... more... - ChasMark
I am so ---blankety blank-----fed up with this messed up brand new toshiba I m about to toss it out the window. It will play videos about every other time with no reason I can find for why it doesn ...I set and re set setting and nothing is wrong with the blankety blank settings and its driivng me crazy. Whew! so anyway I am temporarily unable to watch there a transcript somewhere?....otherwise I will just have to try it later. I think this is a female computer---only explination for its whims. - American
american, try opening the vid in a diff browser than the one you are using - JustTheFactsPlease
I tried IE 10 and Chrome and neither worked. I think I may have to send it back to toshiba anyway --- when I ran a diag on it the other day it showed a fail on my internal fax moden it may need to go back for that repair. I have resolved however that when this machine goes I am going to bite the bullet and switch to a mac or whatever I can to get away from microsoft crap--the last decent os they made was w 95 and then XP. That what I should have done this time. - American
try firefox and download the latest java and shockwave - JustTheFactsPlease
reading "Truman, American Jews, and the Origin of the Arab-Israeli Conflict" by John Judis. Don't know if Atzmon has reviewed it; iirc Phil praised it to high heaven. I heard Judis give a talk about the book; when asked questions of a historical nature, Judis repeatedly said, "I am not a historian." Although he's billed as a historian, he's correct in his self-assessment: he's not a... more... - ChasMark
so far (I've read only the first chapter) the argument Judis tries to make is that the mess that is zionism in USA and the Arab-Jewish conflict in Palestine all started with Truman. That's hogwash. Etan Bloom wrote in "Arthur Ruppin and the Production of Hebrew Culture in Palestine" that Jews started to deliberately displace and undermine Arab businesses & culture in Palestine as early as 1908. - ChasMark
We have got to take back the writing of this history. That why I got so upset w/ Berthe: if we cede the field to the Judises of the world, we make of ourselves the possum-victim: we curl up and play nice, while they get away with cementing lies into place. We have to be porcupines, call them on their bogus history and make sure quills stick. - ChasMark
I think I'm aleady a porcupine or a skunk where the zios are concerned. I think I prefer to be the skunk at their garden party, spraying them with my skunk juice. - American
The Victim - who is a victim, what are their characteristics
Money quote 1. The victim can become quite skilled at manipulation, and end up surrounded by people who seem to constantly trying to meet their needs and make them happy... abusers can use the victim role quite effectively to get others to do what they want. They may insist that their needs are more important than any one else's, and that they need to be the center of attention. The core issue in this scenario is that the abuser genuinely believes with all their heart that they are ENTITLED. Change in this situation can only occur when the abuser gives up their sense of entitlement, which almost never happens. - Chu_
Victims are entitled. great example the IDF tour in at dawn to the Masada fort. Really quite poetic and skillful scenario that alters young Jews to regain the former region of the 12 tribes of Israel. - Chu_
2. Being a victim evokes a sympathetic response in people. When a victim shares their story of need, or complaint, and it is convincing enough, people will be responsive. - Chu_
3. The victim gets to be the center of attention. (narcissism) - Chu_
4. They deserve sympathy. - they were not responsible for the occurrence a harmful act that occured. - Chu_
5. self-absorbed: unable or reluctant to consider a situation from the point of view of other people - Chu_
Do ALL ethnic groups/religious groups lie to their young to maintain them in the group? This video drove home a powerful lesson: A coed, now at Univ. of Maryland but went to high school in Israel; her parents were big-time zionists, -- she says, almost in tears: "We were lied... more... - ChasMark
Lots of benefits in being a victim. Who believes Israel would exist today if not for holocaust? I dont. - American
And that doesn't even take into account inherited victimhood! One descriptive word left out: shameless. - Berthe
what holocaust? - JustTheFactsPlease
inherited victimhood - how many holocaust survivors are out their today? Not many. Iran served as a good foil as the new enemy, but even Israel looks foolish trying to attack them, when they changed their president and have moved closer toward international diplomacy. - Chu_
A Jewish woman I worked with - very nice person, I liked her a lot, went to her kids' bar and bat mitzvahs - told me that her great uncle died in the Holocaust. Now, she was not born until several years after the end of WWII so she didn't know this man. Probably no one in the family she grew up in actually "knew" this man just like I don't know any of my European relatives except to... more... - Berthe
Gilad Atzmon talks about PRE traumatic stress syndrome ~14 min into Part IV - ChasMark
Chas - I just watched that section of the video about pre traumatic stress. It still doesn't explain it, does it? I think he's leaving out the legitimization that media and governments have accorded Jews to feel that they are all holocaust victims forever. He does capture that its probably not healthy for the individual. And what do the rest of us do about it since we certainly want to... more... - Berthe
What you do Berthe is say to them...'You are not the only people in the world to have been victims and holocausted"...and walk away. It is they who are offensive and insensitive in their selfish narcissism. You lose nothing by shunning and not accepting these kind of people. You dont need friends like that. - American
No, American, it wasn't like that. People are complicated. She was - still is, I am sure - a very sweet person and you always have to think what really matters. She mattered and her feelings mattered and the best thing was for me to hold those truths to myself. My husband's boss wasn't the only German person I'd known who had lost a father in the war. A decade earlier - the 70's - I... more... - Berthe
I agree with American, Berthe. Yes, we all have to "be nice," but what we are really being is cowardly in (to use the psychojargon of the day) enabling narcissism. Allowing another person, however complicated, to wallow in a lie is not being "nice," it is building on the foundation of a very sick system. Eventually the system will fall. Did you catch the part where Atzmon talked about... more... - ChasMark
"She was - still is, I am sure - a very sweet person and you always have to think what really matters. She mattered and her feelings mattered and the best thing was for me to hold those truths to myself." --Berthe" --- I posted an article from Dan Joyner's blog, Arms Control Law, about more evidence suggesting that Israel really did steal nuclear material from USA. The clip included... more... - ChasMark
Chas, don't ignore the porcupine pictures - JustTheFactsPlease
yeah, JTFP, I came back after feeling I'd been harsh & overbearing toward Berthe -- not nice. Do porcupines actually throw their quills, not just ruffle them up like a peacock in heat? Anyway, I threw too many porcupine quills at Berthe. Do porcupines have any redeeming features? And yes, I'm not a Southern redneck; midwesterner, distinguished by the complete lack of distinguishing... more... - ChasMark
''No, American, it wasn't like that. People are complicated. She was - still is, I am sure - a very sweet person and you always have to think what really matters...Berthe) ...Not telling you not to be polite. But when I consider my 'friends' I dont have one that is afraid of losing my friendship by calling me out on anything they think shows an attitude 'beneath me' or ignorance on a... more... - American
Oh, I do understand what you're all saying. Thank goodness for the internet where we get to speak our minds. Chas, I think the Israel-Zionism-Jewishness "obsessiveness" has a lot to do with the elephant-in-the-room nature of it. They don't poll for what percentage of the American public is sick and tired of hearing about how much we're supposed to love that little country that's never... more... - Berthe
Bryan Singer Accuser: LAPD Knew About Sexual Abuse in 1999
Santa Monica - beautiful and ugly at the same time - JustTheFactsPlease
here's singer in a pool orgy - pepsi
read this gay forum thread from 3 years ago - pepsi
"He grew up in a Jewish household" - JustTheFactsPlease
"In the first sexual assault complaint brought against Singer, an extra from the film Apt Pupil accused the director in 1997 of forcing him to get naked and filming him in the shower. Singer denied the accusations and the case was later thrown out due to insufficient evidence." - pepsi
"Singer is Jewish and openly gay and has said that his life experiences of growing up as a minority heavily influenced his movies. As a child, he was very interested in the Holocaust and has described his films as explorations of his own situation and his personal fear of intolerance. His 2008 film Valkyrie, starring Tom Cruise as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, is about the 1944 failed attempt by Nazi officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler." - pepsi
"Apt Pupil is about a teenager who becomes fascinated by his neighbor who is a former Nazi in hiding and in X- Men there is a flashback to Magneto as a young boy in a concentration camp. Singer's own family was from Poland and Russia and many of his father's relatives were eradicated." - pepsi
"X- Men there is a flashback to Magneto as a young boy in a concentration camp." That was actually part of the original story and not gratuitously jewishly thrown in there like so much other crap, according to my X Men loving friend - JustTheFactsPlease
Terms I learned: Chicken = underage boy. Chicken Hawk = older gay man into underage boys. Twink = young gay male, usually teenage or early 20s. Twank = older gay man in mid-20s or older who has a youthful twinkish appearance. Beard = girlfriend/wife of closeted gay man, used as a disguise. - pepsi
A hundred years from now, homosexuality will be pushed back into the "closet" if not recriminalized and drug use will be as strictly penalized as it was under the Rockefeller drug laws. Right now theres a through-the-looking-glass inversion of common sense masquerading as "tolerance." - Berthe
last night i was reading a blog by a gay producer with old ties to singer. In one post the guy announced his divorce from gay culture. He mentioned a story of a gay couple returning a surrogate baby they paid to have made for them, because she had a small birthmark on her leg. The blogger mentioned another gay man who adopted a child, which was being raised by nannies because the guy worked all the time and only saw the baby on the weekends. - pepsi
I don't think homosexuality is inherently wrong by any means, but gay culture deserves as much honest scrutiny as any other group behavior. There is at least a tendency of some gay people to be emotionally damaged, which is understandable given the identity crisis triggered by the discovery of homosexual orientation. This probably relates to the peter pan complex often evident in gay... more... - pepsi
That's interesting about the babies from surrogates and adopted children. Its a media invention for gays to adopt children or want to be around babies, IMO. Hopefully things will not get worse and very few will do it. Its not what they want from life. Most children living in gay households, contrary to the media portrait, are the children of one partner from a previous heterosexual relationship. The whole notion of "gay families" as its being portrayed to us is pretty much a canard. - Berthe
I think the gay blogger i was reading quoted a doctor or something as saying that gay prospective parents were generally looking to adopt 'perfect' babies. - pepsi
Re homosexuality being inherently wrong --- yeah, I know what you mean and I want to say "live and let live" but what have we seen from them? Totalitarian intolerance. I think Lech Walesa is one of the few modern figures who had it right that minorities should not impose on the majority. He's right, proof is in the pudding. Give them an inch and they take a mile. A lot of people will get hurt. - Berthe
I actually think gay people should be able to adopt children, but the scrutiny should be intense before handing the baby over. Their background, like anybody else's, should be deeply investigated for emotional health. Being adopted by healthy, loving, accepted gays might not be perfect, but it'd be way better than bouncing around foster care homes. - pepsi
I have the feeling that so much is artificial and confected. My daughter (age 27) told me that in her experience the biggest supporters of "gay marriage" are straight people and, especially, straight guys. Why is that? They're also the biggest supporters of legal abortion and its not too hard to figure that out. Ergo, might they have some self interested motive for supporting gay... more... - Berthe
The gay movement has become 'too militant' imo. Elements of it have gone beyond activism for their rights into some kind of world wide zionist- like movement that has gone beyond homosexuality being 'accepted" to insisting that homosexuality should be "admired" or 'elevated'. You cant force people to admire or accord a higher status to what they dont admire . Gays should stick to their... more... - American
A few months ago, before CNN went 24 hours missing plane, there was a Crossfire on gays and one of the hosts, the supposedly conservative one, averred that she was in favor of gay marriage and in favor of gays adopting and she phrased it oddly as though the issue was gays adopting children no one else would adopt. But that's not the reality. They are higher income and if they are... more... - Berthe
Gays who have the means from what I've read use sperm and egg donors and surrogates to have their children. Have seen some examples where Asian children have been adopted but nothing on them adopting handicapped or foster children. - American
anybody who requests a flawless designer baby should be inhibited from getting their hands on one. - pepsi
As someone who supported gay rights I have quit watching TV programs where gays are featured or are host. Why? Because they push their gayness in what I consider very distasteful ways and graphic ways. . I do not like people overtly and constantly displaying ,pushing,concentrating on 'sexuality' on society's airwaves straight or gay. Its like someone vigorously and lewdly picking their nose or scratching their balls in public. - American
my old gay boss told me the most common crack user is a white gay male. I think meth and definitely booze are very popular as well. But there are well adjusted gay men who are romantic and not self-destructive hedonists. One of the many gripes they have with gay culture is the conformity demanded by the community, to behave as a gay stereotype. - pepsi
I would think that as homosexuality has become much more accepted, young homosexuals will be generally less emotionally damaged/traumatized by their discovery and coming out of the closet. With that, we should see and probably are seeing healthier and better adjusted gay people. There will always be hedonistic gay subcultures, but it might be a minority or smaller majority of game men within a couple decades. Maybe less agressive man hating from the lesbian community as well. - pepsi
My friend saw one gay dude sucking the other guy off on a pool table at a gaybar during mardi gras, the guy receiving the BJ felt so into it that he pulled his legs up and the giver began lickin his asshole out in the middle of the bar. A straight couple would have been asked to leave or have gone to jail I reckon.... - JustTheFactsPlease
pepsi, you're an optimist. I think the sense of entitlement will make for worse behavior. They are already triumphalist; they've succeeded (for the time being) in suppressing any dissent. The media has legitimized the really bad behavior. Extremely legitimized it. Every once in a while I'd see a few minutest of "Will & Grace" and that was a primetime network comedy show that legitimized... more... - Berthe
Tomasz Siemoniak confirmed after a meeting with his US counterpart Chuck Hagel that US ground troops are coming, to be deployed in Poland in the near future. - American
The exact size of the deployment is unclear. Poland has been pushing for a minimum of 10,000 NATO ground troops in their country to “counter Russia,” and previous reports have suggested the US was planning to send roughly 5,000 troops to the area. - American
How long till Uncle Sam Supercop cant afford to get his superman cape back from the dry cleaners? - American
scary stuff. - pepsi
Ukraine Jew registration hoax traced
'' Anonymous Ukraine, the group that intercepted emails outlining false flag terror attack plans made by the US Embassy in Kiev in March, has done it again. Emails intercepted between Washington DC offices tied to the Anti-Defamation League sent to neo-Nazi extremists in the Ukraine were the sources of the outrageous materials. - American
The article doesnt offer any real evidence of this or back it up with copies of the emails but who knows. As far as Isr wanting to get the US into a war with Russia the only two benefits I see to them there are Isr's Iran agenda and the opportunity for Jewish oligarchs to take over industry and other wealth sectors in the region as they did when the USSR fell. So its not a entirely wild assumption about Isr's motives - American
Jews being Jews... - JustTheFactsPlease
Anything but pathetic
I bet the leopard had severe stomach and colon problems after that meal. - American
I posted a link earlier where a pitbull got owned, large cats can win if they flip them over. - JustTheFactsPlease
Pitbull owned, hopefully it learned its lesson: - JustTheFactsPlease
My dogs are trained not to go after anything unless I command them...too dangerous, dont want to them to tangle with muskrets or racoons or other dogs---the will howl and grow though...the German shepard will growl, the little beagle mongrel will just howl. - American
'' You have a personality, American! - WJones)....Formed by my associaiton with animals..LOL You have no idea of the favors I have had to do neighbors to get them to put up with the little beagle's howling. He howls at everything.....sits on the porch and howls at the moon. And the cats we take in for the animal rescues....we have one that loves to ride in cars, he acts like a dog... more... - American
Unfortunately I have not been able to train the cats. - American
Do you hunt with that beagle? - JustTheFactsPlease
No I dont hunt...dont enjoy killing animals. Swore off it as a teenager. - American
Why you have the little beagle then? - JustTheFactsPlease
I use to fox hunt with the Piedmont Fox Hunt Club but we didnt hunt live fox we used fox urine to lay a trail for the hounds---it was purely for the thrill of riding horses and jumping over fences. LOL - American
I adopted him from the pound cause no one would take him---- he's not pure beagle he's part something else but looks like a beagle mostly except he's fatter than a beagle usually is and has shorter legs. - American
Iran Gets an Unlikely Visitor, an American Plane, but No One Seems to Know Why
'' on Tuesday morning, Iran had an unlikely visitor: a plane, owned by the Bank of Utah, a community bank in Ogden that has 13 branches throughout the state. Bearing a small American flag on its tail, the aircraft was parked in a highly visible section of Mehrabad Airport in Tehran.'' - American
' While federal aviation records show the plane is held in a trust by the Bank of Utah, Brett King, one of its executives in Salt Lake City, said, “We have no idea why that plane was at that airport.” - American
'' While federal aviation records show the plane is held in a trust by the Bank of Utah, Brett King, one of its executives in Salt Lake City, said, “We have no idea why that plane was at that airport.” He said that the Bank of Utah acted as a trustee for investors who have a financial stake in the plane and that the bank was investigating further. - American
Interesting..but these investment groups that own planes, sort of like a time=sharing aarrangement on the plane use , also rent them out to other it could have been a group investor using it or someone who rented it. - American
"Oh well, the Israelis are already shipping them arms." Are we back in the 1980s? - JustTheFactsPlease
Would have typical mo for some Israeli arms dealer to use obvious US owned and registered plane to visit Iran. Same way they use other country passports for their asassination and spying operations. - American
JTFP....Israeli arms dealers were caught a month back shipping arms to Iran. Right before the 'phony Israeli 'intercept' of Iran shipping weapons to - American
link to that? - JustTheFactsPlease
There were lots of new reports on it till the new about the phony Iran shipment to Gaza replaced it LOL Isr likely phonied up the Iran shipment to get the israeli arms dealers out of the headlines.________Two Israelis arrested in Iran arms sales case | The Times of ... › Israel & the Region‎_______________Feb 20, 2014 - Two Israeli arms dealers have been arrested on suspicion of selling ... multiple times for allegedly trying to sell and ship military equipment to ...'' - American
(NIAC) perpetuates Jews as perpetual victim canard: NIAC Condemns Deadly Shootings at Jewish Center -
(NIAC) perpetuates Jews as perpetual victim canard: NIAC Condemns Deadly Shootings at Jewish Center
On the blurb to an email blast, NIAC wrote: "The National Iranian American Council sends its deepest condolences to the families of the victims of last night's shootings outside of Jewish community centers in Kansas City, Kansas, that left three innocent people dead--***one Jewish, two Christian.*** It goes without saying that NIAC unequivocally condemns this heinous act of hate that was allegedly perpetrated by an individual who is an avowed white supremacist and anti-semite. - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
the message on the linked website deletes identification of the victims as "one Jewish and two Christian." It says: "last night's shootings outside of Jewish community centers in Kansas City that left ***three innocent people dead. It goes without saying*** that NIAC unequivocally condemns this heinous act of hate that was allegedly perpetrated by an individual who is an avowed white supremacist and anti-semite. " - ChasMark
Not a word about the METHODIST community that the Grandfather and Grandson belonged to, and which has been the target of Jewish demonization over its efforts to support Palestinians in their bid to free themselves from Jewish oppression, and not a word about the CATHOLIC woman who was killed when a man who was enraged by the actions of Jewish leaders & politicians made of Christians and Catholics a sacrificial lamb in the place of the (sons of) Isaac. - ChasMark
Did you ever notice that even in Jewish mythology -- the myths that Jews celebrate to this day -- it is never Jews who end up dead, but Jews who are the "victims." Firstborn Egyptians were killed, Jews were spared; 75,000 Persians + Haman & his 10 sons were killed, Jews were not only not killed but actually insinuated themselves into the government and wealth-holding structures of... more... - ChasMark
Being a victim is a big deal in the US. People love to complain about how they are afflicted with something. I hear it often. My aspberger child, or this prevents me from doing this. There's a desire to be a victim Chas. You should revel in it, man. Even though it's S. Africa look at Oscar Pistorious. He's a victim of his environment he believes. If it weren't for those goblins outside his window his girlfriend still may be living. - Chu_
check it: There are a few benefits of the victim mentality: 1. Attention and validation. You can always get good feelings from other people as they are concerned about you and try to help you out. On the other hand, it may not last for that long as people get tired of it. 2. You don’t have to take risks. When you feel like a victim you tend to not take action and then you don’t have to... more... - Chu_
The point is that when you feel like a 1) victim you are nless likely to take responsibility. It's the MJ Rosenberg conundrum. - Chu_
They start lifting the oppressive rock of truth and it's too painful to bear so they go back into the cave. 'Waltz with Bashir' had this component to the film. - Chu_
wow Chu. I feel like I've just gotten up from a therapist's couch. interesting insights. - ChasMark
Chas, deep thoughts man, deep thoughts... but the victim thing is a powerful force that man fails to recognize, and Zionists wield it so well. It's religious conditioning and social transference that keeps the wheels of Judah finely lubricated. Freud and Jung must have found some good mental material that the Israelites used to solidify Zionism in the 19th c - Chu_
Aren't porcupines among those animals that use victim-response as a defense mechanism? They curl up in a ball & act pathetic. "Appeal ad misericordiam" is one of the cheesiest of the emotional fallacies; it's the heart and soul of hasbara. - ChasMark
lol, porcupines curl up like that so their sharp quills will jab any predator that tries to eat them. I have seen dogs with porcupine quills stuck in their muzzles. Usually only takes one experience like that for dogs to give porcupines a wide berth. Possums play dead. I have possums around here occasionally in breeding season when they have baby possums, they are attracted by... more... - American
"Aren't porcupines among those animals that use victim-response as a defense mechanism? They curl up in a ball & act pathetic." This is how I know you aren't a redneck LOL - JustTheFactsPlease
Does this look pathetic to ya Chas? - JustTheFactsPlease
If you want to see what Jewish hate looks like among Liberal Zionist look no further than MJ Rosenberg
This guy really hates. 3 out of every 5 of his tweets is about 'who he hates'. And he hates everyone who doesnt totally support Israel no matter what reason they may have for objecting to Israel....although he does give some Jewish critics a pass and sticks mostly to gentiles, Arabs,Christians and Europeans as anti semites. - American
As Israel gets more and more criticism he expresses his irrational hate more and more and cites more ridiculous examples of anti semites. - American
He has now labeled annie --of all people--an anti semite for a comment she made in KC shooting thread. - American
Semitic Arabs are "anti semites" in the world of Talmudia - JustTheFactsPlease
No shit, American. What happened to MJ? Hostage does a superior mop-up with the Twitterverse Zio Crowd. Says the KS killer is no different in wanting to create a White Christian State than what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians. - MRW_8
'' What happened to MJ?')....mj revealed himself in all his sick glory long ago when he incorrectly attacked me for comment I made that was totally mild and that had nothing to do with Jews. He hates gentiles and non Jews and thinks we are all anti semites. And he really, really hates Catholics----he once sent out a tweet demanding that the new Pope be charged with genocide in the... more... - American
mj acts like a meglomaniac. He's played all his cards in a shabby way. Lol. remember when he thought he coined the term Israeli-Firster? All he need to do was look at MW comments for the past 4 years to swipe the term. The guy is a hater with a short fuse. - Chu_
I think you can consider mj busted......his big mouth just sent out this tweet----"MJ (Mike) Rosenberg‏@MJayRosenbergApr 13 I don't like the lobby anymore. But I do like the anti-Israel crowd much less. I've seen them up close "--------in other words he's admitting he's an "Israel -firster'----cause he prefers the Jewish Lobby control of the US to the anti zionist ending the Palestine occupation. He's a complete phony. - American
I was on board with him until he started his meltdown. I suppose it's hard to look deep inside oneself and see the ugly pit. He pretends he's a lover, but he's a hater. All he does is bitch on about the right wing, irrelevant topics. The tytpe of clown that shouldn't have a twitter feed. Overall he seems like a thinned skinned arrogant lefty whose never really done much for leftist... more... - Chu_
If there was such as thing as a Jewish little 'bantum rooster' mj would be it....strutting around the barnyard going "cockadoddledo"..look at me! - American
I wouldn't want to be a non-Jewish prisoner under his watch. As a non-Jewish free person, I wouldn't want someone like Rosenberg having any voice in my society. - Todd
It's always bad if you become the show, not the actions that you accomplish. MJ is the star of his own performance. He's become his own red herring. - Chu_
Below are the comments mj calls anti semitic - American
Woody Tanaka says: April 15, 2014 at 8:13 am “That incidents like these would be ten times as frequent without the existence of Israel.” Nonsense. Israel’s actions are more likely a net cause of these incidents, both those which are taken in solidarity with Israel’s victims in Palestine and those — like these murders and like those murders by Anders Breivik — which are taken in... more... - American
The only thing those comments say is that Isr zionism is like white and nazi racism and that the US gov supports it. And that Isr likely likley adds to anti semitism. Says nothiing about Jews or hating Jews or blaming Jews. Mj is sick sob.. - American
the lefty zionauts really dislike Annie. She's a shiksa in their eyes. Remember Jerry Slater and the nasty email he wrote to her? He really lost his cool. Had to rehab his image thereafter. Atzmon called their bluff a while ago, but their clique is having a rough time accepting their gatekeeper status. - Chu_
''really dislike Annie. She's a shiksa in their eyes.'' ..Chu).....While I dont think I am a antisemite by any means, in the sense I dont hate Jews as Jews or think they are ALL alike---I will admit that my time on this issues has given me what I would describe as a sort of 'distaste' for the tribe 'as a collective'. And that negative has come from the way so many Jews treat... more... - American
MW has shed a lot of light on the falseness of the left wing Jews who call themselves humanists. when you pull off the candy wrapper they are just tribalists. Phil had done a good job of exposing this whether intentionally or not. His comrades often show that tribe first, then humanist second (i.e. Alterman, Beinart, MJ, etc) - Chu_
I sometime wonder if Phil's kind of dismisal of gentile opinion--and I say dismisal because someone like Hostage and Danna can say somehting exactly like what I've said (in my more intelligent moments) and it will be allowed but mine wont-----is because despite his mixed marriage, he is leary of gentiles in general--- of-those outside he and his wife's trusted circle of friends. - American
Adam has admin rights also. I think Phil is the more daring of the duo. I think Danaa said she's has been blocked on occasion. I think it's the content of what is said. Phil didn't give a shit about what was said until outsides forces made him start to censor (because of hurtful things that were said like plain ole' truths). I read some of Weiss at the new yorker days. Ziobots would... more... - Chu_
Well maybe your take is the correct one....too bad we cant know who is moderating which thread....some of mine go up quick and some never go up so it might be different moderators have different opinons of what can be said. - American
But Phil goes out of his way to get Jews to convert to Anti Zionism. Peter Beinart was the crowned prince who took the throne for a few months, but the Jewish ostracization got him quickly back under Judah's wing. - Chu_
I guess I can say the thing that bothers me most on MW is the disallowing of documented factual history about certain periods----and I dont mean anything about zios cooperating with the nazis or that type of thing. But interesting real history about what German Jewish groups were doing in the early 1930s and what the nationalist groups were doing , basically all the things going on that... more... - American
''But Phil goes out of his way to get Jews to convert to Anti Zionism''..Chu)..... Yep he does. But you will never in a million years ever see him a feature a gentile American opinon or gentile guest article on how non Jews in the US regard this Isr aberrationn in US gov..Determined to keep it a mainly jewish conservation--big mistake imo. The Jews are never going to change US policy... more... - American
american. I had always said in the comments to stop making all these organizations against Israel have in the title Jews for Peace, or Jews for Justice and expecting non-Jews to join. First off Jewish in the title implies it is for Jews, and second non Jews would be more comfortable working under an organization that is a collective effort (not one that sells itself as Jews in the lead.... more... - Chu_
Israel and it 's confused occupation is on the downward slope (it can't repair itself). The world knows it, the USA is starting to collectively realize it, and the Zionists are losing their footing defending land grabs when their 'safety' is far from threatened. - Chu_
Speaking of "What Jewish hate looks like," in my jaundiced view, Marc Ellis barely conceals his visceral hatred of Christianity beneath abstract references to "the prophetic." - ChasMark
this comment appeared in response to Keith's comment acclaiming Ellis's "fierce moral clarity" -- "Keith says: April 17, 2014 at 10:59 am MARC ELLIS- I feel the need to comment, but am unsure of what to say or how to say it. Is it your fate to now feel the need to drive the money lenders from the temple? Is that even possible? You have a fierce moral clarity and my respect, yet I fear that your verbal bludgeon will win you no friends. Take care." - ChasMark
I for one find Ellis's writing not only morally murky but rhetorically juvenile and inarticulate in the extreme. I don't proofread my comments, but neither does Ellis. I'm a random commenter; he's publishing. - ChasMark
On the bet that this comment will disappear, it's copied here: - ChasMark
"Feathers says: April 17, 2014 at 11:48 am re “fierce moral clarity,” it would be helpful if Ellis provided a definition of “prophetic”. also helpful if he stopped bashing Christians. ---> - ChasMark
"My intensely Catholic upbringing emphasized the “mystical body of Christ,” explained this way: When One member suffers, the whole body suffers; when one member rejoices, the whole body rejoices. This concept seems to have been displaced, even among many Catholics, by notions of choseness and particularist advantage: now, we celebrate inflicting punishments and measure their... more... - ChasMark
"We will have truly arrived at what I suspect — or hope — Ellis means by “prophetic” when we can recognize that Egyptian suffering in the events of Passover far exceeded those of the Hebrews." - ChasMark
ellis appears to dislike Catholics and christianity intensely but he mixes it with criticism of Judaism--but to him Judaism has been 'hijacked' by zionism ---whereas other religions are just naturally what they are.... that how I read him anyway..his writting is very confused. , maybe by design. - American
His desire to convey ideas gets lost in an attempt at lofty prose. Good material to make one dreary. - Chu_
I consider the Holocaust Industry to be a Organized Crime Operation, probalby the largest the world has known.. And keep saying so. Probably why I am so unpopular with the professional victim crowd at MW. - American
And the one thing no one can explain is why Jews dont tear it down----there have been dozen and dozens of examples of the mafia scam type operation this group -where the extorted money goes to the Zio orgs and Isrsel and not the survivors-- and yet Jews who claim to be so concerned about their survivors do nothing about it. - American
I would imagine that many people benefit, and there are so few survivors. Why not keep up the scam? What could other groups and orgs do with so much free money? Outside of the free money, Jews have been given enough land to build a nation and have it largely paid for, supported and sustained by others? Why stop the scam voluntarily? Crooks usually carry on until they are forced to stop. - Todd
Senior members of this mafia aimed to suppress the Armenian genocide because it may potentially undermine their sacred Holocaust. - Chu_
Article in today’s Congressional Quarterly, Fears of Israeli Spying Underlie Reluctance on Visa Waiver Program (subscription required--from lysias on MW
Lawmakers and staffers on two House committees are concerned that admitting Israel to a program that eases entry of foreigners into the United States would increase the risk of Israeli espionage, congressional aides say. - American
For several years, Israel has sought admission into the U.S. Visa Waiver Program, which comprises 38 nations whose citizens may enter the United States and remain for 90 days without first obtaining approval for a visa at a U.S. consulate. Until now, U.S. officials have said they have refused Israel’s entry into the program only because the Jewish state does not meet specific... more... - American
Several senators are pushing a bill that would effectively waive those requirements for Israel. - American
But this is the first time congressional aides have indicated that intelligence and national security concerns also are considerations in weighing Israel’s admission into the Visa Waiver Program. “The U.S. intelligence community is concerned that adding Israel to the Visa Waiver program would make it easier for Israeli spies to enter the country,” a senior House aide said. - American
JTFP....the link didnt come thru and wouldnt give you the article anyway as its by subscription---so I copied the whole text from lysias's post on MW. - American
here is a link to her comment though.... - American
ATZMON: "As a leading commentator on Jewish identity, I am closely familiar with pretty much every critical text related to Jewish politics. I can confirm that I have never come across contemporary opposition to Jewry that is blood or biologically related. I can’t point to any body of work or political call to oppose Jews for being Jews. But I have seen many texts that criticise Jewish racism, culture and politics." - MRW_8
ATZMON: "You will have to ask yourself, maybe for the first time, is cultural criticism wrong? Is political criticism a crime? Should a certain kind of politics be free from criticism? Elaborating on these questions may lead us to a better understanding of the notion of Jewish power. Jewish power isn’t solely the manifestation of the dominance of certain Jews within our political,... more... - MRW_8
ATZMON: "We tend to believe that politics of any kind must be subject to thorough criticism. We don’t stop ourselves from criticising the BNP or David Cameron. We do not seem to hesitate before we criticize the Muslim Brotherhood, but try to comment on Ed or David Miliband’s support of Israel and the Zionist project. Alternatively make an attempt to question what is the meaning of the... more... - MRW_8
Atzmon has a set of cajones located under that brain. - MRW_8
Atzmon always drills down to the essence......whatever the criticisms to Jewish domination--they have the 'big 3 ' accusations for are either 'racialy, 'religiously or 'culturally bigoted if you criticize Jewishness.. - American
And yes the Jewish 'left' also does demonstated by what happened to those like Blankfort on MW. WASP-ness, Arab-ness, Southerner-ness, German-ness, European-ness, Christian-ness, Etc.,Etc., all those cultures, their history and traits can be investigated and criticized---but not Jewishness. - American
I dont accept their exception and I 'm going to continue not to abide by it. Its ridiculous.. - American
so, American, you are going to prove Sean McBride correct in equating GFTG with the Kansas shooter ( /s ) - ChasMark
I haven't looked, but it sounds like McBride is having a field day with the KC shootings, which is funny because he always came off as ecstatic when talking about the extreme violence that those he deemed reactionary and/or stupid would unleash upon themselves in Civil War II. - Todd
''so, American, you are going to prove Sean McBride correct') one could prove McBride correct in his own hypocritical generalizing unless they knew how to turn dirt into gold. - American
I just took a look at MB's thread on the KC shooting. The thing about a lot of what MB says is it just like the illogical and self contridictory hasbara of the zionist. He constantly 'generalizes' about Jewish superior intelligence for instance but then accuses others of 'generalizing' about negative Jewish traits. Its bullshit. - American
''Missouri mayor on alleged shooter—"Kind of agreed with him on some things but I don't like to express that too much" ...'' .Wonder what he agrees with him on?...White nationalism or the Israel takeover of US politicians?. - American
Cue up two minutes of hate for this evil, white, redneck, country bumpkin mayor from the hillbilly midwest who doesn't know what's best for him. - JustTheFactsPlease
Here you go .... The Kosher Trinity and Jewish Quantum Mechanics--Atzmon
At a certain stage, largely at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, some elements within European intelligencia were fascinated by Darwinism and its political applications. It was then that opposition to Jewry adopted a racist rationale. Some political thinkers and movements were clearly opposed to Jews just for being Jews. Such opposition could be recognized as an essentialist tendency that is racially driven and is often tagged as anti-Semitism. However, I believe that this rationale had been defeated by the end of WWII. - American
As a leading commentator on Jewish identity, I am closely familiar with pretty much every critical text related to Jewish politics. I can confirm that I have never come across contemporary opposition to Jewry that is blood or biologically related. I can’t point to any body of work or political call to oppose Jews for being Jews. But I have seen many texts that criticise Jewish racism, culture and politics. - American
You will have to ask yourself, maybe for the first time, is cultural criticism wrong? Is political criticism a crime? Should a certain kind of politics be free from criticism? Elaborating on these questions may lead us to a better understanding of the notion of Jewish power. Jewish power isn’t solely the manifestation of the dominance of certain Jews within our political, cultural and... more... - American
We tend to believe that politics of any kind must be subject to thorough criticism. We don’t stop ourselves from criticising the BNP or David Cameron. We do not seem to hesitate before we criticize the Muslim Brotherhood, but try to comment on Ed or David Miliband’s support of Israel and the Zionist project - American
We will now try to grasp the mechanism by which this suppression of political criticism has taken place When you criticize Israeli policy, the Zionist Jew will denounce you as a racist. When you disapprove of the racist and supremacist tendency entangled with Judaism and the Talmud, the progressive Jew will accuse you of religious intolerance. But when you expect the cosmopolitan Jew to... more... - American
Jews are pretty gifted in bringing disasters upon themselves. Jewish history is a spectacular chain of horrid holocausts. And if there is something Jews fail to do, it is to look in the mirror and admit some faults. Instead of taking responsibility for their past and future, Jewish culture and politics can be understood as a successful attempt to blame others. It is somehow always the... more... - American
Whatever Jews are good at, they are not good at being successful. They'll screw things up for themselves in the U.S. eventually. - Todd
same passage American selected: "At a certain stage, largely at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, some elements within European intelligencia were fascinated by Darwinism and its political applications. It was then that opposition to Jewry adopted a racist rationale. Some political thinkers and movements were clearly opposed to Jews just for being Jews.... more... - ChasMark
My comment on it: I think Atzmon has it wrong. Yes, Darwinism was in the air in the 19th - 20th centuries, but the more compelling facts were the economic changes brought about by industrialization and, w/ specific reference to Jews, Jewish emancipation; the Franco-Prussian war and consequent French climate of simmering grievance, analogous to Jewish grievance over defeat by Rome in... more... - ChasMark
wrt to F-P war and German unification: Jews had been part of Prussia-German life since ~700 AD when they set up trading posts on the Rhine. Jews lived in Prussia-Germany for all those centuries without trouble -- no "persecutions," or "pogroms," with exception of Crusaders from England who went postal on a Jewish enclave. - ChasMark
An even larger population of Jews lived in Polish lands, where they were NOT well integrated into the population since that acted as middle-men for the ruling powers. - ChasMark
Post-Franco Prussian war, Germany unified and was well on its way to becoming an industrial powerhouse that would threaten English dominance. Poland, on the other hand, had never developed the habits of mind or the governmental & political infrastructure to support industrialization. JEWS from all over, including Russia & Poland, FLOCKED TO prosperous Germany, and proceeded to take... more... - ChasMark
Much as I admire Atzmon, the Darwin-racism ---> antisemitism argument is one that was probably dreamed up by a 19th century hasbarist. Peoples from the land of Germania mingled and confederated with multitudes of diverse peoples, from Swedes to Italians, from the time of Christ if not before. People from German lands were among the first to adopt Christianity, following Constantine, to... more... - ChasMark
Hitler knew this perfectly well. Although not university educated, Hitler was very well read -- he had a library of over 6000 volumes -- perhaps slightly smaller than Sean McBride's library, but then, Hitler actually did things like pull a nation of dispirited and impoverished people out of a bitter funk to a point of full employment in a peace-time economy by doing exactly what MRW... more... - ChasMark
I also reject Atzmon's statement that "Some political thinkers and movements were clearly opposed to Jews just for being Jews. Such opposition could be recognized as an essentialist tendency that is racially driven and is often tagged as anti-Semitism. However, I believe that this rationale had been defeated by the end of WWII." - - - As long as no discussion of Jewish predatory... more... - ChasMark
'' Some political thinkers and movements were clearly opposed to Jews just for being Jews. '' ..Atzmon).....I dont think he's saying there that opposition to Jews just for being Jews was entirely unwarrented----I think if his theory about the Darwinism inspiring racism is correct then the natural outcome was people rejecting the traits of the tribe that they found unacceptable or... more... - American
The "rationale" of "hating Jews just because they are Jews" was NOT "defeated by the end of WWII" because it never existed in the first place. Rather, the actions mentioned above that are still censored from open discussion, in addition to the increasingly insane holocaustism that plagues the world, serve to INCREASE "opposition to the Jews" NOT "just for being Jews" but for being goddammned liars. - ChasMark
'serves to increase opposition to jews').....That is true. Their decit and supremist tribal traits provoke that opposition. The biggest mystery of Jewishness to me is why they have never 'learned anything' from their history. The only answer I can see is as Atzmon says, they are incapable of examining themsleves----their supremist attiude tells them they dont need to question themsleves. They keep on repeating the same mistakes century after century.. - American
omg. "Ready Fire Aim." --- I went off on a rant immediately after reading that passage by Atzmon and before I read the rest of his talk. I got him all wrong. my bad. - ChasMark
"The only answer I can see is as Atzmon says, they are incapable of examining themsleves----their supremist attiude tells them they dont need to question themsleves. They keep on repeating the same mistakes century after century." It appears that Jews are so tribal that they act like an individual. Of course, that can have an upside, but when a group is such a tiny minority, caution would be advisable when dealing with others. Jews are not acting with caution at the moment. - Todd
Tribalism = less individualism. Less individualism = stagnation. Stagnation = no new thinking.....stuck in primitive mode. This is not a sign of intelligence. - American
The question is, how to resolve "the Jewish question?" My fear is that US will be next on their hit-list; it's already starting w/ Netanyahu giving USA the bird on Russia. That's not surprising: Jews stood to gain more than US does from Nuland-Kagan fomenting unrest in Kiev. US officials have not figured out yet that have been used for 100 years by zionists, tho Andrew Sullivan is... more... - ChasMark
" A Truth and Reconciliation movement: Jews AND Americans who collaborated w/ Jews to harm i.e. Iraq, Iran, Syria, Palestinians, GERMANS, etc. must be made to allocate to their wrong-doing, pay reparations, be excluded from a voice in international and US national affairs for 25 years." Chas, I wish something like that would work, but my guess is that after 25 years is up, they would... more... - Todd
This is so interesting. MW will not allow me to reply to tokyobk's constant accusations of anti semitism. Here's his post ----tokyobk says:------ April 14, 2014 at 9:24 pm ----- The vast majority of people who comment at MW are in no way anti-semites. Anti-semitism is both a real thing and also an overused shorthand for “I don’t want to listen and you don’t have a right to say it.” Max... more... - American
tokyobk was referring to gentile posters like me who have said the same thing the KKK guy said in his Howard Stern interview----that 'US politicians are corrupted by Israel'. When I replied that indeed I was one who constantly said that and futhermore is was true and just because a white supremist said the same thing doesnt make it untrue. And that furthermore people need to pay... more... - American
Those precious young prog Jews need to feel safe. I should ask myself every morning what can I do today to make Jews feel safe. Wasn't tokyobk's point that if Jews feel threatened, they aren't going to be on board with the rest of us, and may go tribal or worse? That's a great reason to censor and do away with people who are obviously threatened by Jewish politics and ethnic supremacism. - Todd
tokyobk's point as well as Phils and all the rest of the professional jews is do not question any aspect of jewishness or jewish victimhood, or question or correct or challenge any leftist jews--only question the 'extremely rare' bad jew zionist who dont really represent the tribe LOL. As if the over all jewish tribal attitude toward gentiles, just as Atzmon has described it, didnt foster zionism. - American
American Obama celebrates Passover at the White House
Bet he doesnt celebrate any other religious occasions at the White House. - American
I bet he celebrates every Jewish holiday. - pepsi
I've never heard of Obama having any other 'religious' groups to dinner at the WH....has anyone heard of any others? - American
This is something I cant prove by any means but I think Obama actually dislikes white people and christians...and particulary the 'anglo descendents' of the original colonist. I notice he never says anything about them, he talks all the time about 'new immigrants being the most important thing to America and about gays but never about traditional people. He has never to my knowledge... more... - American
Meanwhile, it's the Iranians who are hosting an international conference on Shakespeare, not the Jews (or Americans) that Phil touts as such intellectual giants. - MRW_8
Someone--one of you admin guys--highlight this as a post: - MRW_8
I think you are allowed to MRW - JustTheFactsPlease
Wjones, what does that have to do with anything? - JustTheFactsPlease
Jones....I think the theory is the Egyptians invented the concept of 'leverage' and that is how the pyramids were contructed. - American
Congressional Hopeful Pushes Latino-Israel Ties
You absolutely cannot make this shit up .Here we have a latino immigrant who got free lunches and welfare help upon coming the US--then got a US Pell scholarship to Harvard. IOW every thing he has and what he has acheived has been courtesy of the US democracy and its opportunities. - American
But he thinks Israel is a better country than the US and the US should be more like Israel on ..Wait for it! ..Immigration!.... and that all latinos should support Israel. - American
Even though since he's not Jewish he couldnt even get citizenship in Israel. - American
Like I said you cannot make this shit up. - American
Us should be like Israel on immigration, we should ship this poop back to Mexico - JustTheFactsPlease
“It’s natural,” he told me, in large part because “the Latino experience is very similar to the immigrants who have made Israel.” How so? As hostile, illegal invaders? Who cares that this idiot served in Iraq? He was nothing more than a mercenary. I'm sure that my lot will be vastly improved after the whole nation is flooded with enough Latinos to bring people like this to power everywhere. His wife's tribe is bad enough on its own. - Todd
I read the other day that 30+% of hispanic americans have 'antisemitic' leanings, higher than average americans raised on talmudvision. - pepsi
"I read the other day that 30+% of hispanic americans have 'antisemitic' leanings, higher than average americans raised on talmudvision." I've read that for years, but they generally vote with the Rainbow groups in the U.S. It's also my understanding that Catholicism in much of Latin America is more like Medieval Catholicism that the version practiced in much of the U.S. Either way, I don't see the Latinization of America being a good thing. - Todd
repeal nafta and cafta and most of them go home, gladly. - pepsi
Pepsi, I don't believe for one second that the U.S. would be some sort of shangri-la if we could just go back to pre-1964 demographics.The U.S. probably has more problems than it can overcome, and ethnic balkanization, trashing the rule of law and demographic change don't help one bit. - Todd
Well its getting harder and harder for moderates like me not not turn 'right wing' and anti- immigration and anti -multiculturalism and anti -the extreme liberalism. If I vote for liberals I get more of Israel, more of white people are bad and worthless, more of identity politics, more pandering to ethnic niches. If I vote for the GOP I get more war, bigger and bigger defense budgets,... more... - American
Jones----I said voting for either is a lose and I was thinking of the next presidential election .As things stand now I hope Paul will turn out to be a moderate at least on foreign affairs. If he does I will vote for him---I cant see a single repub or dem I woud vote for right now. They are both parties of the 'Extremes" when they get in office. - American
Yesterday I read that white protestants are over 40% of the country. Imagine that. There isn't a single white protestant Supreme Court Justice but there are 3 Jews. What a hullabaloo if there wasn't one Jewish Justice/Black Justice/and now Hispanic Justice. - Berthe
Yes it is all out of proportion. But worse they either 'ethnic promoters" or elite class' promoters. - American
Shit, American, I can't find where I asked you what WS means. What does it mean? - MRW_8
ohhh, fuuuuaaaaaaa. It means Wall Street. - MRW_8
'' Shit, American, I can't find where I asked you what WS means. What does it mean? - MRW_8) ...... I dont see it either. Sometime I have to 'refresh' the page to get my own comments. to appear..dont know what causes that. But it happens pretty often. - American
Jonesie...yep Kucinich is way too 'moral' for the party to support him. - American
Secret’ London conference seeks to link BDS to… terrorism
''Mr Lauder promised greater use of legal means to challenge boycotts. - American
''' “We will draft and lobby for legislation that will withhold government funding from academic institutions that boycott Israel,” he said. - American
''' “We will draft and lobby for federal anti-discrimination statutes in the United States against banks, businesses and governments that target only Israel. We will follow the money to find out just who is funding these attacks on Israel and if there is any connection to terrorism.” - American
They just don't know when to quit..... - JustTheFactsPlease
Let them keep on.....we'll see where it ends. They have already estranged the US from most countries over Israel. If for instance they were to suceed in this then banks for instance that do buiness with a Dutch bank or a bank headquartered in some country, even England that has boycotted Isr settlements would be affected. The US banks and businesses wont take this sitting down I dont think......would have too many potentialy far reaching effects on their business.. - American
I can't name too many big banks in the US run by goyim tho.... - JustTheFactsPlease
These are the largest banks in the world and their CEO's ------1 - Royal Bank of Scotland - 3808 - Stephen Hester - not jewish 2 - Deutsche Bank - 2974 - Juergen Fitschen & Anshuman Jain - not jewish 3 - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China - 2501 - Jiang Jianqing - not jewish 4 - BNP Paribas - 2494 - Jean-Laurent Bonnafé - ?? 5 - Barclays - 2459 - Antony Jenkins - not jewish 6 -... more... - American
Dimon's parents are Greek. - ChasMark
Sandy Weill persuaded Dimon to pass up offers from Goldman Sachs and a bunch of other hi pay offers and instead join him at American Express. Together they turned American Express into Citicorp. iirc Weill & the Citicorp project led to the dissolution of Glass-Steagel, that led to 2008 financial melt-down. - ChasMark
ChasMark, what led to the '2008 financial melt-down' was the Clinton surplus. Forever etch this image into your head. If the fed government is in surplus, then the private sector is in deficit. Has to be. Cannot be anything but. BECAUSE the US economy is a closed system (by virtue of the US making its own currency), it must exist in balance. If the private sector is in surplus--which is... more... - MRW_8
Thanks for the list, American. (Got a link for that list?) What does 'WS banks" mean? The whole thing about banks, international or otherwise, being run by a bunch of hook-nosed Jews in a basement in the City of London and controlling the Federal Reserve from afar is 1000% bogus. It ranks up there with the myth that we have fractional reserve banking--yeah, we did in 1929, not now--and... more... - MRW_8
". If the private sector is in surplus--which is where you want it to be--then the federal government will be in deficit. It's a straight teeter-totter." We definitely agree here. When most people argue about the deficit, they are really arguing about irresponsible spending on the part of the government. Yes, most people believe that the FED has too much power, but it is the federal government that most focus on. Congress has low ratings for a reason. - Todd
Problem when the economy is in the tank--like now--is that the private sector CANNOT CREATE THE NEW DOLLARS TO IMPROVE THE ECONOMY. Otherwise, that is called counterfeiting. The only entity on planet earth that can create new dollars--new net financial assets--is the US federal government. The US federal government does it it by provisioning itself with new roads and infrastructure, new... more... - MRW_8
You're right about Congress, Todd. The mofos are destroying this country by their failure to act. - MRW_8
Congress needs to enact fiscal policy. The Federal Reserve can't do squat; it only has monetary policy under its belt. - MRW_8
The Banning of Blankfort and the beginning of the friendfeed spinoffs. Since it is raining and my helpers and I cant finish up our flyer distribution for Jones today I thought I'd take a stroll down MW's memory lane. Wonder how many commenters have decamped MW--like Thompson who was superb. Not many interesting ones left. Has MW made anyone more supportive of Jews?....or has all the claiming of no Jewish or "Jewish religion &culture' involvement /guilt for Zionism made people less inclined to defend the Jewish collective? I have grown weary of it and the Stepford routine commenters have to follow by always having "to add to "any comment a absolving of Jews of any responsibility for the growth of zionism in the US. - American
I've learned more from the mondoflaws than anything else. I haven't even been to the site in weeks and i doubt i missed anything. Jews have generally had it better than any other group of people in history, and most of their problems were invited, if not demanded. Jewish 'culture' would break into a million little pieces and scatter to the dirty assimilated winds without a religious... more... - pepsi
if weiss gave a shit about truth as a value, his 'notes on my racism' three part series would have been a starting point, not a one time and unexamined thing. He wrote those notes as if just briefly admitting his kkk family values was enough, and just further evidence of his and his people's superiority. It doesn't work like that, lizard brain. Judaism - secular or otherwise - equals... more... - pepsi
I don't think Jews have had it better that any other group in hostory. Come on pepsi. But they have evolved on the cusp of other societies. And now they think their Zionism is such an important contribution to the rest of the functioning world! Problem is no cares and have other problems and concerns in their lives. But they can always rope a few american politicians to say how great they are and how special their new state (built on the backs of an oppressed people) is so completely wonderful. - Chu_
Chu, name a group that had it better. For every King in any region there was a 75-90% population that were basically worked to death at best. You know, goy work, like manual labor or warfare. - pepsi
this line of thought never crossed my mind until a very wealthy jewish friend admitted it. Superior whining and history rewriting does not equal superior suffering. - pepsi
One court jew could support an entire schtetl of 'Torah scholars'. Meanwhile, the goy serfs were worked until their bodies gave out, at which point they were lucky to keep eating. Sitting around reading the bible or collecting taxes wasn't an option. Weiss: "This was truly the basis of my social identity construction. You are a Jew, and you are smarter, more sensitive, more moral, you... more... - pepsi
part of the 'wandering' existence offered a downside to Jews. They didn't form a nation because they would exist in someone elses. Where else do the profits and trades come from? If they were independent and tilled the soil like the goy slaves, of the medieval kingdoms, they could have found a nation in Kazaria a long time ago. It's bizarre how Palestinians get fed this narrative that... more... - Chu_
Does anyone have or know how to find the Phil post way back in which he claimed that gentiles ' flocked' to Jewish education and that it was Jews who created the Ivies like Harvard and Yale because of their 'higher then gentiles tradition of learning"..? I cant find it and it contains my list of all US Ivies and when they were established and by whom. - American
American.You mean YOU wrote a list of Ivies under Phil's post? - MRW_8
Besides, the oldest universities on the planet are on the continent of Africa in present-day Cairo, and the other WAS in Timbuktu []. The concept of knowledge for its own sake DOES NOT COME FROM either Jews or Christians. It is entirely an Islamic characteristic, written into the Koran. While Jewish boys were bobbing with their Torah and believing... more... - MRW_8
Basically, Phil was saying that he was taught the 'don't let yourself be part of the servant class' lesson that minorities train their children not to accept. That's fairly normal, especially since the eastern europeans who came here 100 years ago were uneducated and working peasants. Phil's dad was a scientist, so it was completely understandable that he got the message to continue the family tradition in a similar intellectual pursuit. - MRW_8
No, MRW. He was taught that manual labor was beastly, like the Goyim who engage in it. And Jews have been taught this for hundreds or thousands of years. Manual labor is not an ashkenazi jewish value and probably never was, considering the Kazaars that converted to Judaism were already ruling class. - pepsi
Even today in Israel, it's the sephardim who are funnelled into the goy work jobs, along with the slaves from thailand etc. As Israel Shahak wrote, Jewish values for centuries meant you should either be studying Torah or making money to help pay for somebody else to sit on their ass and read torah. - pepsi
American.You mean YOU wrote a list of Ivies under Phil's post? - MRW_8 Yes, Twice as a matter of fact. The link you gave was the "second time" I posted it''. I still havent found his original post where he claimed Jews 'created' the US Ivies and universities because Jews 'valued learning more than gentiles"----The question would be if gentiles didnt value learning why did they create... more... - American
When Jews were sent to goy work camps in WW2, what did they call it? Starts with an H. - pepsi
watch this clip of Gene Simmons teaching his son the value of getting one's hands dirty - pepsi
former chief rabbi of israel: “why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap; and we will sit like an effendi and eat.” “That is why gentiles were created.” - pepsi
Henry Ford had some interesting thoughts on this subject. Scroll down a paragraph to the section titled Labor and Jewry: - pepsi
Jewish intelligence is such 'hype'. What is called Jewish 'intelligence' and ' Jewish scholarship' is 99% a vomitous spewing of pilpul. If I had handed in some Talmadic essays I have seen written by a Jew to my Jesuit professor in school I would have gotten a automatic D - for gross and repetitive verbosity and mystical premises. I have no patience with their primitive mental processes.... more... - American
Ford: ''The Jewish philosophy of money is not to "make money," but to "get money." The distinction between these two is fundamental. That explains Jews being "financiers" instead of "captains of industry." It is the difference between "getting" and "making." - pepsi
''The only way to break down this strong safeguard of society -- a creative laboring class of sturdy character -- was to sow other ideas among it; and the most dangerous of all the ideas sown was that which substituted "get" for "make."'' - pepsi
''The idea of "get" is a vicious, anti-social and destructive idea when held alone; but when held in company with "make" and as second in importance, it is legitimate and constructive. As soon as a man or a class is inoculated with the strictly Jewish idea of "getting" -- ("getting mine"; "getting while the getting is good"; honestly if you can, dishonestly if you must -- but get it" --... more... - pepsi
wild theory: Glenn Greenwald becomes our first Jewish president
I can just picture it, maybe as soon as 2016. He keeps talking about how he's going to fly to the US to test if he'll get locked away. I bet he doesn't get locked up, his movie(s), books, and Huffpo partnered web site(s) will launch him into the 90%+ recognizability rate among the voting public, and he'll be the hero that 51% of the country will rally around. - pepsi
That is wild. - American
the big MSM will be hyping him and blathering on about the power of social media, and how we now have a much more responsive democracy, as embodied in that amazing nice jewish gay boy with the colored partner and 10 dogs. All running around in the White House. Think how slick the Barack Obama narrative was early on. I think Greenwald is going to be the Obama narrative of 2016. - pepsi
just found this: "Young Candidate Stirs Lakes By Alan Cherry, Staff Writer, January 24, 1985 The political apprenticeship of Glenn Greenwald, the 17-year-old City Council candidate, started with a bit of spunk, temper and confusion. Greenwald, a Nova High School senior, is challenging three incumbents and a fourth candidate for a council seat. Only three will win. The grandson of former... more... - pepsi
Obama was a constitutional lawyer slash politician slash author slash presidential precedent setter. - pepsi
Dreams of My Partner - pepsi
pepsi, if this comes to pass, I am flying to wherever you are and buying both of us a $500 dinner. Hope you drink. You are relentless, and you make me laugh. - MRW_8
But I am still on the other end of the teeter-totter from you when it comes to GG. - MRW_8
Greenwald doesn't come off well on TV, IMO. - Berthe
It probably won't happen, but it could. Greenwald will look good in the movie(s), and he'd be excellent in debates and Q+As, projecting sincerity and passion with a rapid fire mind, while skirting over all the 3rd rail issues like 9/11, Jewish power, and false flag war mongering. - pepsi
Standout Naval Intelligence officer Bob Woodward probably could have run for Congress after the All The President's Men movie/fairy tale came out. - pepsi
Everyone looking at Greenwald's motives but no one looking at Omidyar's possible motives. A few things I've found on Omidyar frm reading his press interviews and his speeches. - American
Omidyar believes Capitalism can solve poverty problems. He envisions this happening by capitalist investing in not for profit run programs. He further also (like so much techies do) thinks the social net is indespensible in solving poverty. - American
Omidyar belongs to a Iran Cultural Heritage group, so while he may be into Culture he is not a enivormentalist. He is currently trying to deveop property in Hawaii and being opposed by the enviormentalist there because of the damage to the ocean front bluffs that his high end development would cause. He has a 48,000 sq foot home in Hawaii. - American
Omidyar is a supporter of the seperation of chruch and state. He says Iran is a theocracy but doesnt limit others right to their religions. - American
First Look, World Post, and Ezra Klein's new heavily funded venture all look like part of the same intelligence operation: - pepsi
There appears to be a 'gap' between Omidyar's belief in Capitalism and his philanthropic advocating...some cognitive disconnect. or 'one trackness' that we see in 99% of accidential billionaires and capitalist. - American
So who knows what his motives are with GG. He must realize it isnt gong to be a big money maker. Is it 'for the "sake of democracy' , free press, all that jazz?---does he have a political agenda?----or is he just bored and looking for a new hobby? - American
Huffpost/AOLTW just launched World Post, a globalist media project, with Jewish Billionaire Nicolas Berggruen. Omidyar sits on the World Post board along with google jew Eric Schmitt, and Omidyar also started huffpost hawaii with AOLTW. Ezra Klein got his startup cash from probable jew and former AOL bigwig Jim Bankoff. Three flashy new media ventures, all closely interlinked, all launching at the exact same time. Not a coincidence. - pepsi
American, I think this is the origin of the whole thing. Omidyar teamed up with Berggruen and his globalist friends a few years ago: "In 2010, Berggruen founded the Berggruen Institute on Governance, a think and action tank through which he aspires to develop and implement more effective systems of governance.[11] Through the institute, he has launched several government reform projects... more... - pepsi
Omidyar joined Berggruen in '11"The 21st Century Council was formed in 2011 to address gaps in global governance. The group, chaired by Ernesto Zedillo, includes political leaders such as Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Gerhard Schröder, Gordon Brown, George Yeo, Pascal Lamy, and Zheng Bijian. The council also includes several Nobel laureates and leading thinkers such as Joseph Stiglitz,... more... - pepsi
Berggruen = CFR = World Economic Forum = Google = AOL Time Warner = HuffPost = World Post = Washington Post = Vox Media = Jim Bankoff = Omidyar = Ezra Klein = Glenn Greenwald = Barton Gellman = Dafna Linzer, editor of, which is owned by Comcast, which is trying to merge with AOL Time Warner - pepsi
back when, I helped host a college party with a top underling to one of these 3 new ventures. It was a collection of future world royalty, basically. Now they're slowly starting to emerge as the next generation of power, and their close social ties go back to college or prep school. Today's upper crust young adults can meet up in a different world location every weekend or every month... more... - pepsi
Instead of 6 degrees of separation, this global elite is usually 3 degrees of separation or less, and the connections of elites/elitists are more significant than usual. - pepsi
American, my theory on Greenwald is that he's an attention whore, like most politicians-at-heart. That's why he left Salon for Guardian, and that's why he's all excited about making movies and books and articles and msm interviews about his hong kong adventure and his partner's 9 hour detention at the London airport. I think somebody offered him a really sweet deal to advance his personal brand and maximize his recognizability. Whether this deal included a career in politics or not is unknown. - pepsi
Intel agencies and cabals are always on the lookout for exceptional talent. Greenwald could have been recruited while topping his class at NYU Law School, or at his corporate law firm. The guy has been marked by exceptional ambition and talent since he was 17. Who wouldn't want him? His whole blogging era very easily could have been a sheep dipping operation, designed for him to emerge later as a credible "independent" voice. Very valuable, like Bob Woodward, confidant of every president. - pepsi
Ah yes so....Omidyar is another accidential billionaire that wants to save the US and the world----So, like all of his type he advocates everything except the Real Cure-----------> Getting money out of politics. Phfftt..enough of these hobby boys with more money than sense. - American
lol, from facebook: Alan Grayson I stand with Glenn Greenwald. Do you? #StandWithGlenn - pepsi
Rep. Alan Grayson Asks Eric Holder If US Citizen Glenn Greenwald Will Actually Be Allowed Back Into The US Without Arrest - pepsi
video of that? - JustTheFactsPlease
If Greenwald runs, I think it will be as a third party or independent. Remember Bloomberg's Third Way party? It will be like that, funded from the globalist shadows to either win the presidency or throw the election to a republican. - pepsi
"Glenn Greenwald claiming he only wrote “2 freelance articles” for the Cato Institute is offensive it’s so utterly absurd. We know it. Glenn knows it. For one thing, one of those “free-lance articles” was nothing resembling a “freelance article”—it was a major policy whitepaper, a one-year massive report that included numerous speaking engagements on behalf of the Koch-founded Cato Institute. And let’s not forget, the Cato Institute was originally founded as The Charles Koch Foundation of Wichita." - pepsi
Why are the global elite letting a persian get in on things though? - JustTheFactsPlease
"Moreover, as Greenwald himself knows better than anyone, his ties to the Cato Institute and the Koch- funded libertarian nomenklatura go deeper than this. For example, Glenn Greenwald was one of the keynote speakers at an elite “Cato Benefit Sponsors” event, featuring Glenn and Cato fellow P.J. O’Rourke and winger Michael Barone. Who among progressives is invited as a top entertainer for the elite Cato Institute Benefit Sponsors event? Glenn Greenwald, that’s who." - pepsi
JTFP, Omidyar being goyishe and even persian helps it look like a melting pot. - pepsi
"So when the Koch brothers pay for Greenwald to spend a year on a policy whitepaper, even on something as “benign” as a drug policy whitepaper, we don’t see it as benign when Greenwald simultaneously protects libertarians, defends Citizens United, and attacks journalism critical of Koch-funded libertarians." - pepsi
Since when are CATO group members actually libertarian? - JustTheFactsPlease
JTFP, such questions are classically antisemitic and homophobic. - pepsi
With Koch project Chris Christie out of the game, Greenwald could be on deck or in the hole. - pepsi
2010 Cato published this: The Digital Surveillance State (Cato Unbound) [Kindle Edition] Glenn Greenwald (Author), Julian Sanchez (Author), John Eastman (Author), Paul Rosenzweig (Author), Jason Kuznicki (Editor) - pepsi
"Commenting on Greenwald's essay will be Professor John Eastman, formerly of Chapman University Law School; Paul Rosenzweig, now of the Heritage Foundation and formerly Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy in the Department of Homeland Security; and the Cato Institute's own Julian Sanchez, a prolific journalist on the interface of technology and civil liberties. Cus" - pepsi
Greenwald was a lawyer until 2005, when he started writing a debut book with a title fit for an aspiring politician: How Would a Patriot Act? Defending American Values from a President Run Amok by Glenn Greenwald (May 15, 2006) - pepsi
barf: Book Description Publication Date: May 15, 2006 "Glenn Greenwald was not a political man. Not liberal, not conservative. Politicians were all the same and it didn’t matter which party was in power. Extremists on both ends canceled each other out, and the United States would essentially remain forever centrist. Or so he thought. Then came September 11, 2001." - pepsi
"Working Assets Publishing's First-Ever Book - How Would a Patriot Act? - Enjoys Instant Success" - pepsi
"Glenn saw the power behind this idea and wanted to sign on. Then I went to a number of forward-thinking leaders and asked for their support. Simon Rosenberg stepped up, and offered me a fellowship with his New Politics Institute (of the New Democratic Network) to help develop the idea. And the directors of Working Assets stepped up with the funding and organizational support to make this book a reality." - pepsi
Who's Simon Rosenberg? "Before founding NDN, he served as a key member of two Democratic presidential campaigns, working for Michael Dukakis in Iowa in 1987-88 and for Bill Clinton in the New Hampshire primary and the Little Rock War Room in 1991-92. From 1993-1996, he worked at the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Leadership Council." - pepsi
"Rosenberg is a member of the Aspen Institute’s 2001 Class of Henry Crown Fellows and served on the 2004 Democratic National Convention Platform Committee." - pepsi
2004 (centrist dems Rosenberg + Soroses) Wiring the Vast (fake) Left-Wing Conspiracy: - pepsi
pretty ironic. A bunch of globalist jews fund greenwald's book, written after his move to brazil, and they title it 'how would a patriot act'. - pepsi
Glenn Greenwald Unethically Taped Witnesses While Working for Matt Hale, White Supremacist. - pepsi
I was a HUGE Patrick Fitzgerald fan around the time of the Hale case, and then during Scooter Libbygate. Now i think he's cia, which would explain him letting everybody off the hook in the libby case, as well as him letting queda/cia mastermind Ali Muhamad walk after the 93 wtc bombing. Back then Fitz was working out of the southern district of ny along with michael chertoff and rudy g... more... - pepsi
That nytimes link above, "Wiring the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy", is key. "Soros's and Lewis's donations made it possible for longtime leaders of Democratic interest groups to do something they had never done in the modern era: work together. Now the insular factions have begun to form alliances. The founders of ACT included Ellen Malcolm and Carl Pope, the heads of Emily's List and the... more... - pepsi
From Daily Kos: "Supporting the Accountability Now PAC are Daily Kos, MoveOn, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU),, Democracy for America, 21st Century Democrats, and BlogPAC." - pepsi
Two other key partners of accountability now are Hamsher, and treasurer GLENN GREENWALD: "Accountability Now has a "single guiding principle," said co-founder Glenn Greenwald, "of challenging the institutional power structures that make it so easy, so consequence-free for Congress to open up the government coffers for looting by corporate America while people across the country are losing their jobs and their basic constitutional rights while unable to afford basic health care." - pepsi - pepsi
Greenwald is the creation of a Soros-led cabal of mostly Jewish centrist democrats/DLC moneymen. They probably helped shape the mccain feingold finance reform legislation that so empowered the moneymen and weakened the two parties. No wonder Greenwald supported the Citizens United decision. - pepsi
Daily Kos = firedoglake = glenn greenwald = moveon = howard dean's democracy for america. But i think it gets worse than that... - pepsi
Before starting firedoglake, Jane Hamsher was a producer on the Oliver Stone directed Natural Born Killers. I'm pretty sure Mossad superspy Arnon Milchan produced that movie but i'll check. - pepsi
Yup, progressive hero Jane Hamsher worked as a producer under Arnon Milchan on Natural Born Killers, then gets a book deal about the making of natural born killers, then shortly after moves to dc and starts firedoglake. - pepsi
Jane also dated fellow Soros collaborator Andy Stern, pres of big union SEIU, covering Stern favorably while he seemed to be selling out the union. Hamsher kept the romance a secret. - pepsi
Check out this 'indy' video of Hamsher, Greenwald, and Goodman trying to crash a bluedog democrat party at the 08 dem convention. "Amy Goodman, Glenn Greenwald and Jane Hamsher try to crash the Blue Dog Party at the Democratic Convention in Denver that was thrown by the telecom cmopanies." - pepsi
Amy Goodman is undoubtedly another Soros pet. And Greenwald's new journalism partner Jeremy Scahill worked for Goodman for 10 years or so. - pepsi
But we have Greenwald both being heavily promoted by the Soros 527s cabal, while at the same time in '08 working for the Koch Cato Institute for a year writing that white paper on drug legalization. - pepsi
The big question: What do Soros and the Koches/Schwartzman/Greenberg/Pete Peterson gang have in common? Is Soros in the CFR like those guys? The Soros left and the Koch right are probably all just theatrical circus for us masses. Please let me know what you guys think! - pepsi
Yup, Soros and his son are CFR members too. - pepsi
there is no safe place. - ChasMark
GG is downright vicious when questioned. It reeks of anti-humanity: - pepsi
1879, Wilhelm Marr: "Into this confused, clumsy Germanic element penetrated a smooth crafty, pliable Jewry; with all of its gifts of realism [as opposed to German idealism], intellectually well qualified as far as the gift of astuteness is concerned, to look down upon the Germans and subduing the monarchical, knightly, lumbering German by enabling him in his vices." - pepsi
"What we [Germans] don’t have is the drive of the Semitic people. On account of our tribal organization we shall never be able to acquire such a drive and because cultural development knows no pause, our outlook is none other than a time when we Germans will live as slaves under the legal and political feudalism of Judaism." - pepsi
I understand what it must be like to be black and watch your leaders sell out to the white wealthy caste, instead of building up black pride and responsible organization. - pepsi
All of our leaders sell us out, Pepsi. Black leaders at least deliver Affirmative Action, set-asides and push to keep outdated civil rights laws in place. - Todd
You obviously don't believe the victory is final. - Todd
Todd, I'm a multi-racial product of a strategic Rockefeller Foundation Scholarship in the 40s. I'm a Frankenstein person in a Frankenstein country. - pepsi
What does that mean, Pepsi? - Todd
America is one big social engineering experiment, as am I. The Germans were a melting pot of tribes, but it was a natural melt. They all looked pretty similar, and all melted into one natural German tribe. Except that one tribe, the jewish tribe. Even the Germans didn't have enough tribal awareness or enthusiasm or survival instincts. And then when they did finally fight back in WW1,... more... - pepsi
I'm aware of German history, but have no idea what you mean when you claim to be a social experiment or a product of a strategic Rockefeller Scholarship. Are you telling me that you are a science project? ;) I don't agree that Americans have little shared culture. The attempt to destroy the shared culture is ongoing, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a shared culture. - Todd
yeah im telling you im a science project. - pepsi
Some Rockefeller or employee must have decided to give out scholarships all over the world, just as they were funding the construction of the un headquarters on their land in manhattan. - pepsi
Maybe that makes me quintessentially American after all. I'm as American as Edward Burnay's imagination. - pepsi
"Greenwald told Buzzfeed that the documents had been beautifully organized, “almost to a scary degree.” He then went on to imply that his reporting on the story would be over in a matter of months, telling journalist Jessica Testa: “If I’m still working on these stories a year from now, I’ll probably be in an asylum somewhere.”" - pepsi
lol @ greenwald: "In the post, Greenwald bizarrely claims that his critics are forgetting that Laura Poitras also has access to the full set of Snowden documents without noting that she is also joining Omidyar’s $250 million operation. When he does address the issue of the blatant conflicts of interest in the situation, he writes: “Ultimately, in terms of ‘conflicts of interest’, how is... more... - pepsi
pepsi, what is your racial background? - JustTheFactsPlease
"yeah im telling you im a science project." You are being evasive now, Pepsi. Btw, I didn't mean anything offensive by the science project remark. You left a bit to the imagination with your Frankenstein remarks, so I went with it. - Todd
pepsi, watch this whole series. Now. Use the link he gives. - MRW_8
nice link, mrw - JustTheFactsPlease
mrw, i dont have flash, but is that the hitler documentary? I watched part 1 on youtube and have been meaning to watch the rest. - pepsi
guys, im half irish, quarter english, and quarter south american, from a rockefeller scholarship that brought a grandparent to nyc. I pass for white, and could pass for may ethnicities, like italian, jewish, many things. Anyway no big deal, i just think the rockefeller scholarship had to do with artificially mixing up america racially. I'm sure many black americans feel like a science experiment from the slave breeding days. - pepsi
Rockefeller Foundation -- would that be the same Rockefeller whose Standard Oil recruited Erich Mendelsohn to destroy Germany -- "urban renewal" in Mendelsohn's own words -- "the Jewish architect" thought Germany was in need of radical re-design, the people needed "reeducation" ---> - ChasMark
"But in order to reeducate the people at large, beautiful per se, to that beautiful end, to rebuild their towns and dwellings—the visible expression, the broad acre of their social and civic consciousness—the people themselves must first experience the fight for existence, experience personal danger and common sacrifice, the turmoil of mechanized battles, the mental preparedness for... more... - ChasMark
"After watching their neighborhoods burn, some hapless victims decided to jump in rivers or to hide in makeshift bomb shelters. +ey literally boiled or cooked in those places in which they tried to avoid the destruction. Neither Mendelsohn, Wachsmann, nor Raymond acknowledged the human toll of their project. In processing the extent of this devastation, could we, even for a moment,... more... - ChasMark
""THE total earthquake of this revolution, the great fire of this war leaves us no time to hesitate or to postpone decisions. We must prepare now for what this country, the whole world, demands and expects of us: guidance on the road to a new era; it is the longing for life, when death is omnipresent; the devotion to truth, when truth is on trial; the courage of action, when values... more... - ChasMark
The U.S. also had plans to destroy rice production in Japan and grain production in Germany, and was doing research on airborne herbicides at a location near where I live. I was told that Japanese-style rice paddies and fields of rye, wheat, etc. that were typical in Germany were planted at the site for experimentation. The site is a botanical garden today, specializing in bamboo. - Todd
Dugway, the site of German (& Japanese) village, is about 80 miles from the NSA data collection center. Is Glenn Greenwald aware of that? btw pepsi, I think you are a genius, a prophet. ""Every prophet has realized that nobody loves you for being the enemy of their illusions. Every prophet has realized that most of us want peace at any price as long as the peace is ours and somebody... more... - ChasMark
chas, nice quotes, but those ideas are new to me. I'm no prophet, just paranoid, obsessive, and probably a little bitter. I suppose i'm a little more intuitive than some, but mostly just paranoid. I was fortunate enough to live among a variety of strains of jewishness, including family and close friends, secular and religious, urban and rural, super wealthy and poor, fanatically tribal... more... - pepsi
"guys, im half irish, quarter english, and quarter south american..." Incan, Mayan, Amazonian or something else? Are you Irish like McBride? ;) - Todd
Paranoia is a survival skill. One of my kids has been inside the Jewish hive since high school. The child lacks an outside perspective -- too enmeshed to think survival skills are essential. THAT makes me even more paranoid. - ChasMark
What does your child think of your views, Chas? You must have interesting conversations. - Todd
Pepsi, new york is one big city I could never live it, I can handle LA but not the big apple - JustTheFactsPlease
Chas, my sibling has an israeli live-in nanny taking care of their kids. Todd, I'm a quarter Incan, which gives me a bit more rythm than my hopeless irish relatives, lol. Jtfp, i couldn't handle la either at this point. I lived in chicago while i was still a philosemite, and found it a bit bland and sterile and probably not jewish enough. Now i think Rahm has jewed it up pretty good, lol. - pepsi
I wouldn't want raise a family in New York, but certain areas seem nice for singles. As a tourist, it seems like a really rootless place and completely detached from the rest of America. - Todd
Pepsi, according to a DNA test, I'm just over 1% Native American, which took me by surprise. I don't know which group, but I'm sure it isn't Mayan. Otherwise, I'm mostly English and Scottish with some German Moravian, Swiss Protestant and French Huguenot ancestors. How do you go over with your Jewish relatives? Are they in-laws or blood relatives? - Todd
Todd, I actually had an Irish grandparent convert to Judaism after Vatican II. So I attended the 'gogue maybe 5 fridays as a kid, and again for the funeral, before the shiva turned into an irish wake. Before the shiva/wake, all wood coffin, wooden nails, Jewish part of the cemetary. That congregation was very welcoming and friendly toward me. JVP types in the boonies. I also have 4... more... - pepsi
I don't know if you guys read the sockpuppetry link above, but it's pretty funny, Greenwald bragging about his bestselling books and being read by presidents, under fake names but the same ip address. I could be wrong, but I think this is greenwald doing it again last night in a more sophisticated fashion on fdl, under the name UT1, which might stand for unclaimed territory. Check this out: - pepsi
Great response by Public: Public February 23rd, 2014 at 9:58 pm In response to UCT1 @ 16 Your nasty tone is unwarranted. We are in this terrible position right now because of people like you accepting the risible Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Zelikow official story of 9/11, no questions asked. And even worst, people like you doing their very best to stop any substantive questions about that... more... - pepsi
Why Do You Need The Services Of A Professional Website Designing Company? - Cristy Rice
greenwald back in the us - pepsi
I wouldn't vote for him as Prez. Not a chance. - MRW_8
"All of our leaders sell us out, Pepsi. Black leaders at least deliver Affirmative Action, set-asides and push to keep outdated civil rights laws in place. - Todd" Yep. - MRW_8
pepsi, et al. Sit back. Watch. Listen. Now I know you won't, pepsi. You will be regaling us over the next four days with tons of shit, and I will be delighted. But you need to understand: the idiots are out in full force. Putin is in control because he has the superior intellect and a superior grasp of the facts. So do we. Sit back, and watch. - MRW_8
nobel and oscar up next - pepsi
I just looked at the Greenwald FirstLook site----nothing happening there. Their editor says will 'take them a while' to get 'process' of editing and etc set up. I think by the time they do the 2 second attention span of the public will have moved on to a new scandal. - American
If that psyop publishes anything, they will get flooded with questions about Ukraine and their silence on it. So they hire a puppet 'executive editor' to take the flak for a big payday. Now Greenwald can try to claim his hands are clean while the site goes dark and Cook does a purge of the comments section. - pepsi
McJew and Danaa are still true believers in Greenwald's precious jewish soul. Blame it on the indian goy;) ... Danaa, time to re-think the GG narrative, even the salon days. He was groomed and obsessed with being a politician since he was 3 years old. When Greenwald went off to DC after losing a city council race at age 17, he was recruited by some agency. Is there any better route for a hyper-ambitious politician? - pepsi
I see what you're saying pepsi. He may be the reluctant politician that has to change Washington cause no one else has the know-how to do it. Kind of like Jon Stewart -a politician who uses his cable 'news' perch to lambast those who he disagrees with (really a pundit). But I am not totally sure of his ambitions yet. Glen must have been the precious son in Fort Lauderdale - note that Nova High School was a public school (not a jewish day school). - Chu_
Good point on JStewart, Chu. He was Weiner's roommate when Weiner was being groomed by Chuck Schumer. And then Stewart's brother also goes on to run the nyse. - pepsi
I'm really curious about Greenwald's college years in DC. It was right around the time Barney Frank was running a brothel out of his apartment. It's just such a small town, and an out of the closet 20 year old gay jewish striving politician would have attracted the attention of some powerful older dudes. - pepsi
I can't find the quote from Greenwald's mother about being obsessed with politics since age 3, but i found this from 1985: ''If he wins, the National Merit Scholarship finalist plans to attend the University of Miami. He will study pre-law and political science. Previous experience for the young politician dates back to 1975, when he was appointed to the city`s Parks and Recreation... more... - pepsi
Handling holy hypocrisy at holiday season Marc H. Ellis on April 15, 2014
Is it just me or is this not dripping with venom for christians, catholics and the Pope. - American
'If we applied the refusal to celebrate liberation or salvation in an unliberated, unsaved world to religious rituals across the board, the suspension should be centuries, perhaps millennia old. This as Pope Francis is hailed for his impromptu remarks and selfies in St. Peter’s Square on Palm Sunday and as he addresses or further deflects the Church’s pedophile crisis, depending on... more... - American
"Is it just me or is this not dripping with venom for christians, catholics and the Pope." Without reading the piece, I would assume so. Is that really any different than what Ellis usually writes? Okay, it's usually covered with long-winded convolution, but it's always there. I pretty much turn blind eyes and deaf ears to most Jews at this point. - Todd
I was going to post this reply below but decided it would be pointless and likely censored I guarentee however if someone was wrtting the same things about the history and sleeziness if Judaism it would be automatic banning. I think this guy is a jewish bigot like MJ --and the more Isr and zionist and jews keep getting notice becuase of Israel the more they attack gentiles and christians. - American
''hey marc..If you despise christianity and catholics and the pope why not just write a article about why you despise them...not try to cover your real agenda of bashing them by 'incorporating' it into the Israel-I/P- Judaism issue---would be a lot more honest.. - American
'' I pretty much turn blind eyes and ears to most Jews at this point. - Todd....I'm just saving some of these more venomous digs for posterity. lol - American
That was saccharine, not venom...I guess McBride was right in that I write like a high schooler. One day I'll learn to express myself with letters. ;) - Todd
hey guys. I just read this Ellis piece at lunch an hour ago. He doesn't make much sense and delivers his lame sermon much like Richard Witty used to ~ all hot air and no real coherent message except an underlying bitchiness to complain in general. An lofty wankerish quality pervades his sermons - like he's speaking in a giant ampitheatre with no one in it. His contempt for Christianity... more... - Chu_
I thought it was foggy, murky writing. What are the similarities behind Easter and Passover. Really not much. “Christians are accomplished empire travelers. As a whole Jews have only recently been invited to the Christian empire table. ” So Christians invited Jews to the empire table. Not sure about that even it this is supposed humor ~ more of a smoke screen - Chu_
Well I'm not that religious... sort of an Easter and Christmas type and whatever Sundays the family prods me into. But I have to say we all cant help but see the digs at other religions---and they are always much worse than his digs at Judaism. In fact he says Judaism is ruined by zionism, not that anything in it helped foster zionism. - American
Latest archological finds/opinion says there was never was a Jewish exdous from Egypt--so they are celebrating a myth. Celebrating their 'deliverence' from "Enemies". Hopeless. - American
I think Zionism played the right chords of Judaism to foster their 'promised land' meme. Look at all the brimstone & fire (Ezekial & Ester) which is a cornerstone of violence for modern day Jews. - Chu_
In this article he really wants to criticize Jews, but he needs to associate Christians with the Jews so he doesn't step on any Zionist toes. - Chu_...I dont about that. He could have wrtten about his Judaism angst without dragging in the pope and christians. This guy is a bigot....I have read enough of his round about way attacks on the Catholics in particular to be very confident in... more... - American
Yeah, what percentage of secular jews don't believe in Moses and the Egyptian persecution? To be a self-described Jew is to be religious, and hostile to truth. - pepsi
There is always a slight toward Christians. Jones is knows about his fundalmentalist background. In 1998 he was appointed Professor of American and Jewish Studies at Baylor University until 2006. From all his writing, it seems like he had a sour relationship with a Baptist university. And Baylor may have sucked, I can't say, but he criticizes everything Christian. I think he is one of... more... - Chu_
".I'm just saving some of these more venomous digs for posterity. lol" Ears are deaf, not blind. Corrected. :) - Todd
3 dead after shootings at Kansas City-area Jewish centers
CNN) -- Three people were killed Sunday in shootings at two Jewish facilities near Kansas City, police said. But it's too soon to say whether the shootings were a hate crime, Overland Park Police Chief John Douglass told reporters. "It's too early in the investigation to try to label it. We know it's a vicious act of violence. Obviously, at two Jewish facilities, one might make that assumption, but we're going to have to know more about it," he said. The shootings occurred at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas, and at the Village Shalom Retirement Community in Leawood, Kansas. Authorities arrested the suspect at a nearby elementary school after the shootings, Douglass said - American
Just noticed this on the news. Nothing reported yet on the man or why he did it. - American
if the shooter is Jewish there will be hell to pay. if the shooter is not jewish there will be eternal & perpetual hell to pay. - ChasMark
it's already starting -- in NY Daily News: " An anti-Semitic gunman killed three people during a shooting spree at a Jewish community center and a senior home in a Kansas City suburb, authorities said. Cops busted the triggerman, dressed in a white T-shirt and green jacket, outside a nearby elementary school. The man spewed anti-Semitic hate speech as officers led him away, local media... more... - ChasMark
The sherrif who arrested the man said he made some statements ---BUT that he 'didnt know if this was a hate crime' or notfrom what the man said---so I think the NY Daily is lying about that. Whatever his motive shooting children is beyond the pale. He could be mentally deranged mixed with some Jewish grudge and resentment. - American
This is sad, but with all the obvious racial and random violence that goes ignored, I have a hard time seeing this as anything exceptional. Jews are not the largest group of victims of violence in the U.S. - Todd
@ they arent but the I-lobbies will use this for more demands. There have been only two attacks on Jewish centers since 2001,the one in Seattle and this one. Meanwhile there have been a dozen or half dozen school shootings with multilple dozens of children killed. Yet90% of all Homeland Security funds go to Jewish entities.I would say US public schools need those funds more. - American
"shooting children is beyond the pale" Not for the Chosen! - JustTheFactsPlease
no, not for them it isnt....I have lost count of how many Palestine children they have killed....with no remorse at all....and no punishment for it either. - American
Not just no remorse, but a downright sickening, orgasmic glee. It's like they are cumming when they do it. - JustTheFactsPlease
NO Jews were Killed: the grandfather, a physician, and his 14-year old grandson were members of a Christian church; the woman was Catholic, "Terri Lamanno, 53, of Kansas City. Douglass said Lamanno was a member of a Catholic church in Kansas City and was visiting her mother Sunday at Village Shalom retirement community." - ChasMark
Well I must have enraged MW---they put my comment up on this thread--and then Took it Down!...LOL. .no shit, disappeared it After they posted it. they have done this a quite a few of min recently. All it said was the compliant the nut made on Stern show about corrupt politicians and Israel was true and people shoold start paying attention to that becuase that is the majority complaint... more... - American
y'know it IS government land and the guy DOES owe money to the gov that he hash"t paid. On the other hand, this is Settlers vs Likud. - ChasMark
Friend of mine from Kansas sent me report on this couple of days ago---questions are why the gov let him use the land for 20 years and just now decided to do something about him. Lots of rumors in Kansas about some corporation or foreign company wants the land for a factory.....which might be true because in the Gov 2014 Budget it says that the gov is going to sell off gov owned land to help reduce the debt---so could be. - American
Is there FFracking in that part of the country? Is the "foreign country" Israel? - ChasMark
Dont know if the foreign country is Israel or not. - American
I haven't followed this issue, but is it really only about grazing fees? If so, that's ridiculous! The government gives out loans all the time without any real expectation of repayment. The U.S. government ignores and promotes all sorts of law breaking, so why send armed forces against these ranchers? America is my home, so I obviously don't want to see it harmed or plunged into chaos,... more... - Todd
If the gov is selling off gov land some 'insider' or elite donor to politicians will snap it up for 10 cents on the dollar. Thats what happened in the Resolution Trust sell offof assets in the S&L failure. - American
ChasMark, you are way off base on this - JustTheFactsPlease
It wouldn't be the first time, JTFP. I'm just talking off the top of my head on this, so I welcome all instruction. It's also enjoyable to think about something other than Zios 24/7. - ChasMark
American, can you post the report? - JustTheFactsPlease
JTFP...I would if I could find I have searched all my doc and bookmarks and I evidently didnt keep it and I have cleaned out my sent mail---. But I think I did mail it off the link to some friend so I will send out an alert and ask them to check any of their saved mail and see if its there. I though it was the one on WH site but after downloading that one its not the same... more... - American
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