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"As Scott Roth always says, this conflation of Israel and Jewry is anti-Semitic. If Israel is the Jewish people, then Jews can justly be blamed for what Israel does." - See more at:
"But that’s wrong: the Jewish community is actually diverse, and includes anti-Zionists, who don’t believe in a Jewish nation occupying Palestinian lands." - pepsi
diverse, just like mondoweiss staff. - pepsi
seafoid: well, then we are — as a group — as complicit in Israel’s crimes as Israeli citizens are complicit, again, as a group. There are many exceptions, of course, but, in each case, as a group, the support for Israel’s crimes, and the failures to speak out against them — and the failure to distance ourselves from Israel — make us, again, as a group, complicit. - pepsi
dan crowther: 'that’s not wrong at all, in fact, that’s how morality works in a group setting. You’ve got it completely wrong, Phil. The rank and file in ANY group bear responsibility for the groups actions. Also, you’re sort of poking holes in your rationale for MW – if Jews the world over aren’t partly responsible for Israel’s behavior, how could they possibly be important to the... more... - Chu_
diverse, just like mondoweiss staff. - you said it. when MW hired Roth, I was thinking geez another LI guy. JVP, Jews for Justice. etc. Give me a break... Their ineffectiveness made me realize it not worth joining these groups. It should be 'Americans for Justice' etc, But that would invite too many people to the critique. - Chu_
and that phony hippie Arthur Waskow was another aggravation at MW. - Chu_
diversity is strength! (for the jews operating in white countries, that is) - JustTheFactsPlease
Good for Seafoid and Dan. The 'its not really the Jews" claim is ridiculous....of course it is "The Jews"...*with a small number of' exceptions*. The entire its not the Jews thing is so hypocritical it makes me barf....Phil and the rest of 'anti zionist' constantly and 'collectively' blame the entire fucking world for everything that ever happened to a Jew. All this kind of dishonesty does it piss people off more. - American
Roth iis an mw financier. - Taxi
I'm tired of the whole DIASPORA concept. Why should anyone view someone who believes that he should rightfully be somewhere else as an equal citizen? It's absurd that Jews living outside of Israel view themselves as being dispersed, and after 2000 years, with no proof that any ancestor actually lived in Palestine! People like that should have very limited say in the societies where they live, for obvious reasons. - Todd
"People like that should have very limited say in the societies where they live, for obvious reasons." I think some holocaustianity re-education is in your future, todd the bod. - JustTheFactsPlease
diaspora implies there are living outside of the land of Israel. Which is wrong, because slippery Israelis can't say where it BORDERs begin and end. - Chu_
it also implies that they have an ancestral link to palestine, which is false - JustTheFactsPlease
They're self-deluded people. Their promised land is a big invention, a big lie...'a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously' - Chu_
like that of the holohoax - JustTheFactsPlease
Doesn't the term diaspora at least imply that Jews outside of Israel are not at home? I don't think I've ever heard a Jewish person object to the word. - Todd
I see what you're saying. As if they are aliens outside of the mothership. I think this term' diaspora' also makes the tribe feel a sense of collective cohesion, and as they always say 'next year in jerusalem!'... - Chu_
Mothership is probably the right word. - Todd
the african diaspora in the US is at home - JustTheFactsPlease
Computer quandry
If anyone has suggestions, they are welcome. Some days ago, I dinstalled a Firefox update (for mac). Following that supposed non-event, Google, YouTube and a host of other sites could not be accessed. I did the firewall check and I tried to reinstall the Adobe flash player. It will download but won't install. Neither would the Apple Store software updates. Or Skype. So I can come here to browse where there are few photos/videos, but MW won't open and neither will any other picture-heavy site. HuffingtonPost uploads slowly but only in Safari. - Danaa
Yesterday, as mysteriously as it disappeared, Goggle popped up again. I am pretty sure this has something to do with permissions but am stomped at how to fix them. - Danaa
If it happened to others and if anyone has insight and/or ideas to fix, I am all ears.... - Danaa
I'm not a Mac user -- but in a situation like this I would usually try to restore my system to the pre-Firefox update state. I would also Google around on this particular set of issues, looking for solutions. - Sean McBride
For instance: [Fix problems connecting to websites after updating Firefox] - Sean McBride
[Google; firefox update can't load websites] - Sean McBride
I did that, Sean. Thanks. Alas, the fixes suggested did not fix the problem. Specifically, I did the uninstall/reinstall Firefox but You Tube did not return even on another browser. It's a mystery. I just put it here in case anyone else who uses Mac has encountered something similar. At this point the best option is a trip to the Aplle Store, which, alas, is not nearby. - Danaa
Just a note: a system restore is different than a Firefox uninstall/reinstall. It can fix more problems. - Sean McBride
You might also try clearing your Firefox cookes and cache. Also try running Malwarebytes on your system. - Sean McBride
I am mortified doing too much on the system for fear of causing more harm than good. May be the Apple store should be the first step. I actually think there's a problem with the permissions/firewall system, but fixing is another story. I will try the Malwarebytes you suggested. - Danaa
Danaa, you may want to call first. The store near me requires an appointment. I had to return the next day because I didn't know about the appointment policy, and like you, I don't live near a store. - weareone
Wearone, thanks. I do know about appointments - some of "my best friends' work at the genius bar (well, they became my "best friends" after going above and beyond the call of duty, and probably violating policy, to help me with an old laptop that I refused to dump. Don't worry - lots of people become my accidental "best friends' after chance encounters, which for me invariably become... more... - Danaa
Danaa, I know what you mean about getting to know the guys at the genius bar. I've spent much too much time there, but maybe after your tutoring sessions you can advise the technologically challenged, like me. - weareone
One solution that works for some people: "This has happened to me so here's what I did and now everything is back to normal. The FF update is fine but it conflicted big time with Norton. I uninstalled Norton and went with the Microsoft virus program and it all works. Since then, there's an update on Norton that supposedly fixes the FF incompatibility problem." - Sean McBride
I am a idiot when it comes to computer problems but am confused here-----did you say the problem occurred 'after ' you 'uninstalled' a FF update? Why did you uninstall the update---did the update cause a problem? Before you un and re installed FF did you try just installing the update you uninstalled? - American
I use Foxfire 99% of the time and once in a while an update does something weird to some other function like a box popup 'saying no device found for this'' even though no functions are being interfered with and I ignore it and eventually the box just disappears and never pops up again---mysteries. - American
American, the problem occurred AFTER installing FF update. In the process of following advice found on line from people to whom similar has happened, I tried to uninstall then reinstall FF. But it did not fix the problem. This was suggested as an approach to dealing with the firewall problem (ie new FF may not be recognized by previous programs/applications). What I see now is the... more... - Danaa
British Anthony Weiner: "Jewish Lawmaker Resigns from Britain’s Parliament Over Sex Scandal: Tory Minister Sent X-rated Photos to Undercover Reporter" Read more:
Sounds like a good way to get rid of some more of them. stupid do you have to be to send x rated sex stuff to someone you dont really know..and especially if you're a married politician? Very stupid. - American
the forward comments are on the jew's side, of course - pepsi
I think world jewry is still grieving Eric Cantor's demise. - pepsi
Foreign Workers Now Teach Jews How To Farm — on the Kibbutz Thai Labor Is Changing the Historic Image of Zionism Read more:
"In fact, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, the vast majority of farm workers on all 270 of Israel’s kibbutzim are foreign guest workers." - pepsi
this is news? that jews can't work with their hands? - JustTheFactsPlease
I don't recall Israelis doing much of the work on the kibbutzes I worked on, and it wasn't all agricultural. Usually, they would just take you somewhere, show you what to do, and then disappear all day. I once worked alone for weeks in a large machine shop drilling out holes in valves for Israeli navy boats. There was so little supervision, that I was able to destroy almost every one... more... - Todd
It's no wonder that the kibbutzes went to third-world labor, instead of the old system of European, American and Aussie teen volunteers who worked for room and board and 40 shekels a month. Most people were there just to have fun, but the Israelis only wanted to exploit everyone. It wasn't a good mixture, and the end result was lots of bad blood and intentional shoddy work and destruction. - Todd
I don't know what became of it, but there was a push for the kibbutzes to expand into light and medium industry. Apparently they had agreements with mostly European universities to supply engineering students to work on some of their projects. I knew one fairly well, and he often complained that the Israelis were constantly demanding more than what was agree upon. I would bet that at... more... - Todd
Todd check this out. - Chu_
Chu, the main kibbutz that I worked on had severe financial issues due to stock market speculation. Nothing they did was well organized or managed. Sabras were generally pretty lazy. The same kibbutz also had a small grocery store located in an out-of the-way building, packed with stuff well beyond what most people would want or need. These Jews were not natural merchants, financiers or... more... - Todd
'' hat I was able to destroy almost every one that I did for the time that I was contracted out. As long as I made sure that the first two layers in every crate were fine, nobody noticed. It's not much, but I did what I could. - Todd;)......Good! rotflmao - American
shalom todd - pepsi
"These Jews were not natural merchants, financiers or managers, and they sure as hell weren't farmers, fishermen, laborers or mechanically inclined." I lol'd at the mechanically inclined part - JustTheFactsPlease
Todd, It always seemed to me like the Kibbutz is a socialist gulag camp. And until you mentioned that you worked on one, I thought it was a Jews only, kind of New Jew theory that they would go out and work the land, become strong and become less of a jewel trader, merchant etc. - Chu_
Chu, Jews may have done the work in the beginning, but mostly non-Jewish volunteers were common as early as the 1960s. I've looked at volunteer reunion/search sites, and there are countless non-Jewish volunteers listed from as far back as the 1960s. Some Jews from abroad would volunteer, but they stayed in different housing with the members, and I don't recall them working with everyone else. - Todd
interesting. And you did this through your church I'm guessing? A good deed sort of help Israel grow trip. - Chu_
American, my first day on the kibbutz, a member dropped me and an Australian girl off on a hill with a couple of picks and told us to dig a trench several hundred yards through rocky soil to replace an old water line. A leak in the old line (clay I think it was) was uncovered, but it was otherwise unmarked, so we had an idea where the line was. She'd been there several months already,... more... - Todd
Sounds like good material for a comedy. :D - Chu_
Israeli guys were always showing up to talk to volunteer girls who had spoken to them. One time this soldier showed up, and the girl didn't really remember him, but she went for a walk with him. She persuaded him that it was safe to leave his gun in her room. After they left, a couple of the guys took his gun and hid it in the fields. The look on his face when he got back and couldn't... more... - Todd
Todd - you should write a comedy script.cause you're indirectly funny ~ even through text it comes across. I get this dry sense of humor from you that most people can't ever make on paper - Chu_
The Kidbbutz ~caddyshack stylo.... - Chu_
Thanks, Chu. I guess if I had a template and a good editor, I might be able to do something. Caddyshack and Meatballs are the two movies that I had in mind. - Todd
not to discourage you Todd, but just remember who runs the entertainment industry. Just don't quit your day job like i did :,( - pepsi
I wound up in Israel under strange circumstances, Chu. A childhood dream of mine was to travel the Mediterranean and near and Middle East to see Egyptian, Persian, Roman and Greek ruins, so I decided to do so after graduating high school. I worked for a year to save the money. The problem was that I was advised by a relative that starting in Israel would be the best choice. At the time,... more... - Todd
Pepsi, I would guess that making a movie where non-Jews lampoon Jews and Israel would be hard to sell, especially when most of the movie would be believable because it is based on the truth. - Todd
Israel is truly a strange and artificial place, and to see it through the eyes of a non-Jew who has no influence or money to donate is eye-opening. I knew what a kibbutz was before I went to Israel, because it was covered in a high school world geography course I took. I also intuitively understood before going that Jews moving to Israel was an act of aggression that had victims to go... more... - Todd
"not to discourage you Todd, but just remember who runs the entertainment industry...." I always figured that writing song lyrics would be the best bet for writing, since there are far more songs than movies, and songs aren't generally controversial. But I can't make any sense of why most songs would be published. - Todd
Todd, you're dreamer. A man after my own heart! I knew there was something good about you. Another great script. Guy wants to see the ancient world and gets stuck on a kibbutz. So much slapstick material there...independent film route... don't listen to pepsi. Hollywood is a sinking ship... I hope. They got no good material... - Chu_
yeah, Iran seems to have a well developed film industry. You could put something together for them. - pepsi
I spent two years and a lot of money developing a couple of television series. One was a scooby doo style style 9/11 analogy, without any talking animals. When it came time to start pitching the project, I made a couple phone calls and was basically laughed at for not having an agent. I started realizing that there's a good reason the process is so Kafka-esque, and I just stopped trying... more... - pepsi
I had a big big shot jewish buddy, with a huge development deal and A+ list status, but I could never bring myself to pitch the project to him. A year later he was in a big legal mess because he ripped off another friend of his. - pepsi
my other project was a fictional version of Celebrity Rehab, and I got it to an executive at one of the big cable networks, who told me she was going to bring it up at a meeting the next time she was in LA. It never went anywhere, and two years later Celebrity Rehab came out. - pepsi
The big movie studios all have tiny little minority development programs, where they take in like 5 minorities a year and help them develop their writing skills and contacts. But that's really just a PR move to deflect from the kafka-esque gatekeeping nature of the business, to keep hope alive for generations of suckers who think that TV is dumb by accident and think they can do better. - pepsi
You guys remember this one? "The Most Psychedelic Jewish Movie Ever Made Is Back 1972 Cult 'Hippie' Flick Finally Gets Its Re-Release" Read more: - pepsi
Divine Intervention (Arabic: يد إلهية‎) is a 2002 film by the Palestinian director Elia Suleiman, which may be described as a surreal black comedy. I never saw this. I think this is the one that was deemed ineligible for the Oscars, because the Academy decided that Palestine wasn't a country so the film was ineligible for Best Foreign Film. - pepsi
yup. Oscars’ double standard turns Palestinian film into refugee - pepsi
'every production company in nyc was run by jews.' - and the diamond industry as well. they control the whole thing in nyc. funny about the rehab thing. people in TV land will watch anything. They are so 'tuned in' to watching nothing. Ever see Burning Love? Funny parody of the Batchelor. 'will you take this hose' lol... - Chu_
yeah, my fictional celebrity rehab was a little less trashy, with a damaged Aaron Carter type child star whose money was stolen by his parents, with a robert downey jr type befriending and mentoring him in rehab, with a few other cut from the headline types like lil kim and then a hot young love interest for the protagonist. I think i diluted the concept by extending it from a 22 minute format to a 44 minute format, filling in the gaps with trashy paris hilton types and a young GWB type. - pepsi
I'd love to see an All The President's Men type movie that gives the real story of Watergate, and the CIA participation through Woodward and the Washington Post, with CIA HWBush running the Republican National Committee. - pepsi
And the real Nuremburg Trials story, complete with flashbacks to the work camps, etc - pepsi
And the real 9/11 story, obviously - pepsi
Balfour, The Movie - pepsi
McCarthy: The True Story. Maybe Meryl Streep could reprise her role as Ethel Rosenberg. I doubt it. - pepsi
You should write something and self publish it pepsi......make it over the top and so disrespectful and outrageous that the tribe and the Zios and reviewers will attack it and you will get lots of free publicly to drive sales. - American a comedy on a second holocaust or round of Jews that starts in Hollywood as the brain fart of some rehab Hollywood types.... - American
I like the title '30 Pieces of Silver" for a TV drama 'on Jews and Politicians and USA,Israel.....I think that would have been better than 'House of Cards' flick that got boring to me real fast cause it was basically same old, same old everyone knows about DC.. - American
nice title. - pepsi
The Leo Frank story would be awesome as well, including all the sophisticated Jewish attempts to impede the justice process. - pepsi
12 Years a Cohen Slave - pepsi
Best story of all might be "The Secret History of the Jews", starting with Sabbatai Zevi, focusing on Jacob Frank and the Frankists, their influence of the Jewish "reformation", up through the Protocols, Freud, and the Frankfurt School. Have the first movie end with Freud getting on a ship for America, and saying to his buddy, "we are bringing them the plague" - pepsi
Secret History of the Jews Part II could be about the psycho-analysis movement, WW1 manipulation, up to the start of WW2, or through WW2. - pepsi
Secret History of the Jews Part III could be about the Post War commercialism mass manipulation, through the red scare and Ayn Randism, up to the assassination of JFK after stifling Israel's nuclear program - pepsi
Part IV could be about USS Liberty, 6 Day War, Kissinger and the Vietnam War, and the rise of JINSA and the neocons. End it with the first meeting of the Jonathan Institute in the late 70s. - pepsi
but most of that stuff is already on youtube anyway - pepsi
"Todd, you're dreamer. A man after my own heart! I knew there was something good about you..." Thanks again, Chu. I've had ideas for movies, though it's always been something to think about for fun. I never really considered doing a send-up on Israel based on my experiences. Like you said, all the ingredients are there, and more, from the inbred kibbutz perverts who were caught peeping... more... - Todd
"The Leo Frank story would be awesome as well.." That might make a good musical. Hangin' Around With Leo Frank! It could be irreverent and light-hearted, with clever props, like a menorah submerged in a jar of piss! I could write songsforf it. "Fourteen is of age die!" Would make a snappy song title. - Todd
Pepsi, your ideas are interesting. Have you ever thought of pitching them outside the U.S.? Hollywood is a joke, and even I have an idea of how it would work. I wouldn't guess that Jews have their tentacles everywhere. Lots of good movies come from abroad. - Todd
An FMV video game would be the way to go, Hezbullah even released a game lol. You could do an interactive movie like the old sega CD games which were all the rage back in the day until people actually played them. I have no idea how much it would cost to make but it is a feasible way to get your idea out there and if you wanted to use real actors you could market it specifically for a... more... - JustTheFactsPlease
This game is from 1991 but the system is from 1988, just to give you an idea of what I mean: - JustTheFactsPlease
I'm sold on a musical or play about Leo Frank, and it could run in my hometown where the hanging actually happened, if any of the theaters would allow it. Hangin' With Leo Frank: Twenty Questions With a Psychopathic Sexual Predator. I envision it set in a courtroom with a Jerry Springer audience, a Judge Judy type Judge and an examining attorney that is a cross between Jerry Springer... more... - Todd
How do you make it interactive? Contact the people who made Ace Attorney I guess lol - JustTheFactsPlease
What is to be done about a world where everything is for sale? » The Spectator -
What is to be done about a world where everything is for sale? » The Spectator
"They say Brits will do anything for money, but the rest of the Western world is just as bad. Just look at how a tiny Gulf nation of 250,000 goatherds managed to land the World Cup in 2022. To call the bribes Qatar must have paid to Fifa delegates colossal would be an understatement. - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
"But forget the 50-degree-Celsius heat and that football is unplayable in that hellhole, the scandal of modern-day slavery as practised by the Qataris is a far bigger depravity, overlooked by the West. In fact, calling foreign workers indentured servants is a euphemism; they are modern-day slaves. - ChasMark
"Foreign workers do not enjoy a minimum wage in Qatar, nor do they have any rights. They are not allowed to change jobs, however feudal the conditions, get a driving licence, rent a room or open a checking account unless they have their employer’s permission. Thousands have died while working in appalling conditions (hundreds of Nepalese alone), which provoked an investigation by the... more... - ChasMark
". . .In cahoots with the Saudis and the Kuwaitis, the Qatari ruling family allowed various so-called private businessmen to raise money for jihad. Saudi money funnelled through Islamic charities has been funding terrorism since the 1980s. Ditto the Kuwaitis. These private fund-raisers are an obvious charade. It’s the Kuwaiti, Saudi and Qatari ruling family’s money that ends up in terrorist hands. It’s called protection money. - ChasMark
"All three ruling ‘monarchies’ are basically illegitimate, and their power derives not from the people but from their oil and gas wealth and their ability to bribe Uncle Sam and other Western powers to keep them as heads. - ChasMark
"The three desert satrapies had a falling out after the military overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The Saudis stuck with Sisi, the Qataris and Kuwaitis stuck with the Brotherhood. Qatar allowed the Taleban to open an office, and openly finances the bloodthirsty Islamic State. - ChasMark
"No matter how bloodthirsty and extreme the IS murderers became, Qatar chose to keep on paying and will do so unless the US Marines land and force the head towel to Guantanamo, where he belongs. - ChasMark
"How have we come to this? Big oil had a lot to do with the First Gulf War. Saddam was our friend and ally yet we chased him out of Kuwait, which was sort of a province of Iraq when it was still Mesopotamia. - ChasMark
"The Israeli lobby ‘ordered’ the Second Gulf War — no ifs or buts about it — and Israel is enjoying the slaughter going on in Syria and Iraq almost as much as it enjoyed crushing Gaza. (Only 6 per cent of Israelis were against the invasion and subsequent killing of innocent people.)" - ChasMark
In a world where nothing counts but money you end up living in bombed out rubble and burning your money in a fire pit to stay warm. - American
Chas, Qatar is historically a fishing culture (throw in the odd pirate here and there) - it's insulting to shepherds to call Qataris "goatherds'. But do indeed heap all the insults you can muster upon the Qataris. It's just that I have a soft spot for sheep and goat shepherds. - Taxi
Thanks Taxi. Recently I asked an Iranian friend if Iranians still 'farmed' pearls. My friend is a professor of physics -- he didn't know anything about pearl diving in the Persian gulf. I guess it's a notion that I picked up from reading too many old books. I share your fondness for sheep & shepherds. Don't know if my Mother had sheep on her village farm in Italy but she did talk about the goats grazing on the thatched roof of the shed built into the hillside. - ChasMark
Pear diving is an ancient industry in Dubai, which lies in the Persian Gulf - it used to be the main source of their economy in the olden days. Today Dubai is a financial skyscraper hub - my how the world turns. Qatar had a pearl diving culture too: Re your mum's (bless her) story of goats grazing on thatched roof is hilarious - thanks for that! - Taxi
Hey btw how do I keep track of my posts on ff - I seem to be spending a lot of time trying to locate them and that's just too much of a drag for me. Any helpful tips, anyone? - Taxi
I don't think FF archives posts, but you can click on the MY Discussions tab to look for your posts. You probably know that, though. - Todd
Thanks Todd - no, actually I didn't know that LOL! EXTREMELY helpful tip for an impatient one-eyed searcher like me. - Taxi
Taxi, also useful is groups at upper right side of page. Add a group and then use it as a corridor/bommerang to other FF sites. There are other FF worlds out there! And last the FF icon in the upper left corner.> press that and it will show you the latest comments on various feeds your subscribed to. So if you add Chas to your feed, or MWFF, or GFTG you'll see who posted what most recently. - Chu_
Thanks Chu - getting to better grips with ff all thanks to you and a bit to Todd. - Taxi
anything for you taxi...btw what happened to potsherd? he was banned from MW (he said on FF a few years ago) and he didn't say anything offensive, I thought. We should get more people here, since this site is good - cause there's no moderation. - Chu_
Yeah I was shocked that they banned pots - couldn't believe it - a few intelligent posters like pots got banned too - just didn't make sense - and just as well I was kinda behaving myself at the time cuz my head was on the block too but was removed last minute by phil. Yeah it be cool if mw's old timers were here too. - Taxi
I tried to direct message him last week on FF, but couldn't. Remeber the guy on MW who was gay and a big Israel critic? I can't remember his name, but I am not sure if he was banned or gave up because of the moderation wait times. He was like Cliff. - Chu_
Chaos. You're talking about my old pal, Chaos - both of us got banned from Huffington Post at the same time heh heh heh - at the time there was like 5 pro Palestinian posters on the Huff and 5000 zionist mothefucking LIARS and our little team of dynamite sticks blew up some big holes in the shitholes arguments - they weren't used to it - they'd had five decades of dumb Americans and... more... - Taxi
Is Kathleen still at MW? - pepsi
Chaos!!! That guy was great. I remember talking to him about Huff Post. I think he has the pic of HAL2000 and did the Q&A? I could be confusing him though. I wonder where he went? kalithea is pretty good too. Lot of vinegar from her. Check out these antisemitism police on huff post. Guess these guys are doing their daily mitzvah. - Chu_
Kathleen is still there. - Chu_
Ashkenazi IQ
the other day some hasbarist was using the supposedly superior Ashkenazi Jewish IQ superiority as a perfectly good reason for why 22 of the top 25 hollywood execs are Jewish. - pepsi
I have no problem acknowledging that white Jews have a higher IQ than average, or even a higher IQ than any other ethnic group, if that's the case. It certainly doesn't explain the dominance over entire industries. - pepsi
But I just realized that of the 2 to 3 (or 6, if you insist) million Jews who perished in WW2, how many of those Jews were brainiacs? - pepsi
The Jews of Germany, who probably tended to be smarter and much more successful than the ghetto Jews of Poland, largely escaped Germany and death during the war. They had brains and money, usually. - pepsi
So in a way WW2 acted as a Darwinian thinning of the herd, like a eugenics program. - pepsi
If the dumbest 20% of WASPS died, wouldn't WASPs test smarter as a group? - pepsi
If they were so brilliant, why were Jews were anxiously awaiting being accepted into Prussian society, eventually being admitted into universities, etc. Shouldn't they have their own schools of brilliance where Prussians would have flocked to en masse? - Chu_
In 2008, the people who capitalized most on the crash were the same Shylocks who caused the crash in the first place. - pepsi
Over the centuries, I'm pretty sure that the court Jew shylocks who triggered peasant revolts against Jews had a better idea of when the breaking point was reached, and they had more money and more horses to get the fuck out of dodge before shit hit the fan. - pepsi
And generally, the poorest and stupidest Jews were left to face the wrath of the goyishe peasants, for the misdeeds of the shylocks who had already left town under armed guard. - pepsi
The IQ thing, is only about a 5% increase over the others. Hardly a great talking point. Weiss would always say it cause we're from a 'bookish' culture. In theory even if the IQ were at say 10%, it's nothing so exceptional. This IQ attempts to dovetail into the choseness ideology. - Chu_
How do we know Jews have higher IQs. Mainly because they tell us so. How do we know Jewish Nobels were any less politically arranged than Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize. There are so many everyday dumb Jews I cant buy there is any 'inherent or inherited smartness' as a group. - American
So how many times over the centuries were dumb poor jews left holding the bag, and culled from the genetic gene pool, while the cleverest shylocks escaped to spread their seed in other cities or countries. - pepsi
go to billy burg and ask any of the yiddish guys in the fur hats about quantum mechanics and Planck's constant. See what they say. It'd be a good late night skit fo- sure... - Chu_
PhilWeasel "Still it is interesting that my friend and I shared a premise: Jews are superior; for whatever reason Jewish culture is superior in areas of modern civilized achievement. In discussing My Jewish Problem on this blog, that’s a core Jewish value I would point to: Jewish exceptionalism. Belief in that idea underlies so much of Jewish social attitudes and achievement." - See more at: - pepsi
I do believe that genetics can dictate some superior intelligence---but I think its mostly an 'accident' of birth' or a rare perfect storm of genes. Look at the parents of the worlds declared geniuses,particularly the geniuses recognized in their childhood----they were mostly people of average intelligence or at most somewhat accomplished or educated but not genius level, -- who were totally floored by their child's unusual abilities. - American
Wilhelm 1, Elector of Hess: "Upon the death of his father on 31 October 1785, he became William IX, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel. He was said to have inherited one of the largest fortunes in Europe at the time.[citation needed] William looked for help in managing his estate. He hired Mayer Amschel Rothschild as "Hoffaktor" in 1769,[1] to supervise the operation of his properties and... more... - pepsi
OMG!!.....I had never seen that Phil essay before! If anyone ever gets questioned on why they have a low opinion of Jews or some Jews just refer them to this piece. Phil is totally oblivious to how his 'secular intellectual beliefs' destroy the case for not only Jewish intellectual superiority but also reveals the racism that propels them to these beliefs. - American
It's my understanding that the early Zionists were big on eugenics when they were forming Israel. FWIW, I met many stupid Ashkenazis in Israel. I never got the impression that I was among mental giants in Israel. - Todd
Yeah, zio leaders didn't want the old or disabled to move there. - pepsi
Apparently they took the intelligence par for granted. - Todd
anybody who can say something like "becoming American-first instead of Jewish first was the greatest accomplishment of my life", like weiss did (in some other article or Gilad interview), should understand perfectly well that "anti-semitism" is a completely natural and arguably necessary survival skill for the goyim in any country in the world. - pepsi
weiss knows damn well the natural state of any jew-in-good-standing is to be a Jewish nationalist before anything else. And yet he pretends modern zionism is some great departure from jewish culture and traditional "prophetic values" - pepsi
Weiss is basically dishonest. - Todd
From the comments on Phil's Jewish Problem: Face It October 17, 2006, 6:25 am Jews aren't superior in any way, but parasites in whatever society they reside in. They rarely work in the fields necessary to human survival (farming, construction, etc.) but only in fields that further complicate the world and take it further away from people living cleanly, self-sustainingly, and simply on... more... - pepsi
I don't recall Jews in Israel having family farms, and the kibbutzim and mosahvs generally relied on non-Jewish labor that was woefully underpaid. It's also my understanding that much of the construction work in Israel is done by others. I didn't get the impression that Jews did much of the manual labor in Israel. - Todd
Jews dominate the "intellectual elite" in USA because so many non-Jews were killed, injured, or messed up in wars. Weiss was born ~1956 -- too young to serve in Viet Nam, too old to fight in Iraq. As someone on FF noted recently, most German Jews got out of Germany. They were the educated Jews -- educated in German and Austrian universities. The largest cohort of Jews who died in WWII... more... - ChasMark
Do Jews dominate the hard intellectual elite, the media and chattering classes or all? I think that dominate is too strong of a word to use when speaking of the Jewish role in technical scientific achievement in the U.S. - Todd
Ridiculous! Do Jews do anything collectively other than pit themselves against the world and wonder who does or doesn't like them? Of course, they rarely look at their own attitudes and actions when considering the causes of anti-Jewish sentiment. - Todd
Todd, They are the chosen people, once you understand this everything else is secondary bro. - Chu_
Barf. The world is just tired of the Jew's problems. They can try to call that antisemitism but the correct description of the feeling would simply be----Tired and Fed up. Just plain tired of the Jews and the Jewish state problems taking up center stage in our governments, sick of our politicians pledging allegiance to a foreign country. My best advice on antisemitism for Jews----decide... more... - American
NFL hires ex-FBI director Robert Mueller to investigate handling of Ray Rice case
We should probably just outlaw football at this point.* :D "Terry O'Neill of the National Organization for Women said that the N.F.L.'s problems with women went far beyond the Ray Rice incident." “It doesn’t have a Ray Rice problem; it has a violence against women problem.” - Chu_
going forward, I advocate for two-hand touch football.* - Chu_
Terry, if she slapped him and attacked him multiple times, what exactly did you or she expect was going to happen? - JustTheFactsPlease
Juan Williams brilliant idea (clown): Condoleezza Rice should replace Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner - Chu_
Rice or Jane Eisner. - pepsi
Shouldn't they be monitoring the Lingerie Football League? - Todd
What about the WNBA's problem with violence against women? - JustTheFactsPlease
That's a funny article, JTFP. Apparently Holdsclaw thought firing a gun would ignite the gasoline she poured in the car. It seems she envisioned a movie explosion that would destroy the car and everyone inside. Should she be charged with attempted murder? So much for gentrification in the Hemphill Ave. area. - Todd
"Should she be charged with attempted murder?" Discharging a firearm into a vehicle with someone inside of it, better or worse than Ray Rice? He beat her ass because she was being a crazy bitch, the media are acting like she was in the kitchen baking him cupcakes and he ran up behind her and just started whooping her ass - nothing could be further from the truth. - JustTheFactsPlease
I bet she was just upset because they had a difference of opinion about the flavor of the frosting she would use on the cupcakes that she planned on baking for Rice when they got home. What a beast! - Todd
Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Abuse - pepsi
The sports world is self-destructing. Might be a good time for Aaron Rogers to come out of the closet. - pepsi
Peterson's 2 year old son was murdered a year or two ago by the boyfriend of Peterson's baby mama. - pepsi
Arrest of Adrian Peterson (reported by @MarkBermanFox26) stems from the disciplining of a son with a switch, source says. He’s been indicted - pepsi
this one might be blown out of proportion, and texas is the most fucked up state for child protective services, or tied with florida as complete failures. - pepsi
photos of the injuries - pepsi
I watched the video on this and it looks like Ray stepped away from her in the elevator, moved to the other side to get away from her and then she went after him with her hand raised. However a man Ray's size shouldn't have to cold cock a woman to control her if she's in a fury. The second however though, is what do you do with an enraged woman who is physically going after you after... more... - American
watch the video again. Right before he steps away from her in the elevator, he spits in her face. He also spit in her face before they got in the elevator. - pepsi
Its very grainy and hard for me to tell but I'll take your word for it. - American
"texas is the most fucked up state for child protective services, or tied with florida as complete failures." I can attest to the Texas part, seems like everyone in central texas suffered some form of abuse. Wanna know what its like to live around a bunch of crack babies when they have all grown up? Move to Austin, TX. - JustTheFactsPlease
show me the video where he spits in her face, I think the washington post (not reputable though) says that she spit in his face. Men dont usual spit in women's faces although I have seen it first hand before. - Chu_
it looks like he spits at her at :08, and then again at :25 at :25, he spits in her face, she flinches/reacts, he smacks her (as he was prepared to do when he spit in her face), she flinches/reacts again, and then he lays her out with no restraint and no remorse. This idea that he was defending himself is bullshit. The best case I could make... more... - pepsi
Ray Rice Prosecutors Our Boss Handled Criminal Case 'Shamefully' - pepsi
Yeah, I see what looks like him spitting in her face around :08. But I think if he really hocked-one at her, she would have wiped her face. - Chu_
and what about at :25, when she is turned/cowered away from him against the wall of the elevator? - pepsi
could be also. What's more bizarre to me is after he cold-cocks her, he drags her out of the elevator and dumps her on the floor like an old bag of trash. You'd think after he clocks her, he'd take better care of his wife.- But now I see he blames hard-liquor for the attack and they were both baptized as born again Christians in March. - Chu_
Chu, it doesn't look like like Rice views her as his wife when he dumped her on the pavement. At that point, he looks like he is trying to figure out a way to dispose of the body. If security hadn't shown up, I wonder if he would have put her in the trunk or the back seat. - Todd
yikes, good point Todd. With a rap song or a scene from "Goodfellas" looping in his head while burying the body. - pepsi
Todd, exactamundo... if the security guard wasn't at the upper level when he dragged her out, was he gonna drag her to the ice machine room? what a freak, now they conveniently find god through the church. Sounds like something Al Shapton would advise. - Chu_
who knows. All this NFL press is probably good for ratings. Women are probably tuning in to hear the drama. - Chu_
"Vikings general manager Rick Spielman and head coach Mike Zimmer stumbled through a 20-minute media conference of offensive drivel that might as well have been reduced to a simple statement: Child abuse is bad, but losing is worse." - pepsi
Adrian Peterson is a gem, isn't he? He found out last year that he had a son after the son was beaten to death by the mother's boyfriend. He leaves lacerations all over the body of his four year old son after "whooping" him with a stick, and one of his other four year old sons (by a different mother) was injured in another disciplinary incident involving Peterson last year. And several... more... - Todd
'I've started seeing a therapist, and I've cut way back on my steroid use until the offseason. This should improve my parenting skills 110%.' - pepsi
I like how Charles Barkley chimed in, in defense of Peterson, saying that most black parents in the South would be in jail if Peterson's disciplinary tactics are child abuse. I don't know if Barkley is right, but blacks often make fun of the fact that whites don't "discipline" their children. I've seen quite a few cases where black mothers will spank a child in public. I even had one say something to me about noticing. - Todd
AD was awesome at Oklahoma though - JustTheFactsPlease
and he was born in PALESTINE, TX - how did we all miss this? - JustTheFactsPlease
It figures that Purple Jesus would be born in Palestine, TX. - Todd
RG3 forced to turn religious T-shirt inside out, Christians get mad at gays. SB Nation Teamsite By Cyd Zeigler - pepsi
"A law enforcement official said he sent video of Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee inside an elevator to NFL security chief Jeffrey Miller in April." - pepsi
funny mccoy video (last year): - Chu_
surprised that the media hasn't called this 'rice'gate yet - Chu_
True believer Ohio treasurer pledges to support Israel as 'beacon of American values' -- Any comment, Maggie Sager? -
True believer Ohio treasurer pledges to support Israel as 'beacon of American values' -- Any comment, Maggie Sager?
"Israel Bonds have not only been a strong investment for Ohio taxpayers, but these investments also send the message that as American policy leaders, we recognize Israel as our friend, ally and beacon of American values in the Middle East." - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
Sickening isnt it. - American
good Seafoid comment "Mandel is a type of nut in German, of course." This tool must be a poly-sci major. - Chu_
I assume Joshie is Jewish. Strange that we need to watch out for the new generation of Pro Israelites. You'd think they'd finally go under after all the Holocaust people kick the bucket, but it seems (as Todd always says) these 'plucky' Israelites always show up to the party. Fuck em. Fuck Shumer to. - Chu_
"Mandel enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, where he served eight years. His first tour was from February to November 2004, during which he was attached to a light armored reconnaissance battalion. He left for his second tour in September 2007. Attached to an infantry battalion, Mandel served in the city of Haditha.[5]" [Religion Judaism] Service/branch United States Marine Corps Reserve seal Marine Corps Reserve - Chu_
U.S. Begins Airstrikes In Syria, Pentagon Says
its on now! - JustTheFactsPlease
Shit!.....we're gonna end up with another fricking war in the ME over this. - American
I disagree American. This one is going to come to the good ole USA. "The Homeland" is going to play host to a false flag. - ChasMark
really hard to get away with that shit these days chas - JustTheFactsPlease
wonder if we'll hear sloganeering like 'freedom is on the march'? "The hesitation comes as a bipartisan majority in the Senate voted 78 to 22 to approve Obama's plan to vet, train and arm about 5,400 moderate Syrian rebels over the next year to help confront the militants. The GOP-controlled House approved the plan Wednesday." - Chu_
"U.S. officials said five Arab nations either participated in the airstrikes or provided unspecified support. They were Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. Dempsey said their role was indispensable to the U.S. goal of showing that the battle to degrade and defeat the Islamic State group is not just a U.S. fight." - pepsi
Israeli Military Shoots Down Syrian Warplane Over Golan Heights - pepsi
The incident coincided with but did not appear to be directly related to air strikes the United States and Gulf Arab allies mounted on Islamic State strongholds in Syria. "But it presented another challenge to Israel's oft-stated desire to stay on the sidelines of a conflict on its northern doorstep, in which al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front rebels took over a border crossing on the Golan last month." - pepsi
"democracies do not go to war" -- KSA -- monarchy - ChasMark
"Qatar has been ruled by the Al Thani family since the mid-19th century. Qatar is an absolute monarchy and its head of state is Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani." [something like the Assad family in Syria] - ChasMark
"The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks violence in the civil war, said the warplane had been bombing areas outside Quneitra, a Syrian town near the Israeli-held side of the frontier, at the time it was shot down. It said the pilot had bailed out." - pepsi
Syrian gov attacks al queda type groups near Golan heights, Israel protects al queda by shooting down Syrian jet. - pepsi
I wonder if mondoweiss will even report this, or if it goes beyond its mission scope of maximizing Jewish dominance over the world. - pepsi
Bahrain is a "Kingdom," not a "state." Bahrain's government forces have cracked down on democracy-seeking protests, resulting in deaths of hundreds and imprisonment of thousands. Bahrain is home base for US Fifth Fleet. - ChasMark
Bahrain is basically a saudi proxy, correct? And Quatar is the one that funds Hamas, correct? i get them confused sometimes, but I think Israel has been pressuring the US to curtail its relations with Quatar after Operation Protective Genocide. - pepsi
I guess mondoweiss doesn't find the strikes on Syria newsworthy. - pepsi
When Phil starts doing foreign policy analysis, the crowd is usually laughing at his insights. Here's a recent example. perhaps cause he's been in the Judah cocoon for too long, he probably believes most of it as truth. - Chu_
Chasmark, there are so many differences between the Bashars of Syria and the Al Thanis of Qatar starting with, well... EVERYTHING. Notably, one is wahabi and the other is secular (and pluralist); one is a sharia-capitalist and the other is an authoritarian socialist; one is not prepared to give up the crown and is rewarded for it by us, while the other had started to reform towards a socialist democracy and is being viciously punished for it by us. - Taxi
Thank you Taxi, I appreciate the substantive response. My parenthetical note, that Assad = Al Thani, was semi-sarcastic: we have been told Assad needs to be taken down because it's a family dynasty & Father Assad was a bad guy therefore Son Assad must be a bad guy, but Al Thani, who is, by all evidence, a bad guy, is to be embraced. - ChasMark
Yeah Chas, we're also being told that Bashar has killed 150.000 of his own people and missed all the aims he took at the terrorists. They're telling us that the terrorists in Syria managed to avoid civilian casualties 100%. - Taxi
Don't get me started on Bahrain's royal fuckers! - Taxi
I am personally more amenable to the Levant Arabs than to the Gulf Arabs. They got real culture there binding people together, not just a koran and a gallon of crude like the Gulfies do. Did you know that Damascuss is 12,000 years old? Now THAT is real wealth! Why do you think Da'ish and their jealous Gulfie bankers are on a mission to destroy Syria's ancient monuments? - Taxi
why are they called daésh in arabic? - JustTheFactsPlease
Da'ish/Daesh//Daish is an acronym in Arabic for D=Dawla(state)/a'= Al-islamiyah(islamic)/I=Iraq/Sh=(al)Sham (Levant), therefore it would read: the Islamic Dawla of Iraq and (al)Sham. - Taxi
welcome, Taxi, nice to see you here. - pepsi
Gracias amigo/amiga pepsi! - Taxi
our first new visitor/member in a long long time. - pepsi
state is not walaya3? - JustTheFactsPlease
Dawla = country and Welaya = state - Taxi
shukran ya taxi - JustTheFactsPlease
you speak some arabic, jtfp? - pepsi
lived in middle east for a time - JustTheFactsPlease
not in talmudia, much to mcbride's dismay - JustTheFactsPlease
Hey right now I'm in a remote village in south Lebanon - came to the middle east for a tour around visiting old friends, then ended up in Lebanon, went south, love it, rented a small farmhouse on the outskirts of a village whose old part looks like old Jerusalem - but without the stink of zionists in the air, of course - been here now almost three years (unbelievable how time flies, or... more... - Taxi
I need to get out more:) - pepsi
TAXI, enta msh 3arabi?! - JustTheFactsPlease
South Cal Girl - lived in the middle east for a few years as a kid - uk educated (yikes I coulda been the product of Hollywood High!!)- been kicking israel in the nuts for three decades plus. - Taxi
I love LA, I like southern Lebanon too tho - JustTheFactsPlease
Hardly any difference in fauna and flora between coastal southern California and the Lebanon. - Taxi
No jews in lebanon though, thats nice - JustTheFactsPlease
Actually they do have Lebanese jews still living in Lebanon - very small numbers though - there used to be more but the israelis invaded Beirut in 1982 and made sure to bomb their neighborhoods so they would move to israel, very few did go to israel, the majority went to usa and canada. But yeah I hear ya: Lebanon is zio-free! Yippeeeee! - Taxi
Do Jewish Actions Ever Cause Anti-Semitism?
deep, deep thoughts - pepsi
channahmeira52 · 8 hours ago "Europe's current anti-semitism is the same old thing with a new coat of paint. It's based on the same old historical lies: Jews have too much power, they think the rules don't apply to them, they make problems wherever they live, etc., etc., etc. The current Israeli/Palestinian conflict merely gives a new shape to old hatreds. Europe didn't want the Jews to live among them, now they don't want them to live somewhere else." - pepsi
Only an idiot would question whether or not their own actions are sometimes responsible for disgust from others. - Todd
You are being wholly inappropriate, Todd. This is the type of thinking that led to 6 million jews being placed into gas chamber death ovens in Germany. - JustTheFactsPlease
The dreaded gas chamber death ovens! :) - Todd
you never hear mondoweiss mention israeli mafia activity, even inside israel - pepsi
There is no 'cure' for the jewish tribal problem---there is only a solution, which is marginalizing their political, financial and media power within nations --and then ignoring them--giving them no attention. Likewise the only solution to Israel is to lock it down, denude its military power and cease any economic or other aid. - American
OMG!....I Never Saw this Essay Before....
Someone quoted some of it....'' Still it is interesting that my friend and I shared a premise: Jews are superior; for whatever reason Jewish culture is superior in areas of modern civilized achievement.'...and it gets even worse from there.. - American
This was back in 2006 before my time. I've seen one or two essays similar from Phil but fairly mild in hubris--definitely not as bad,bad,bad, as this one. Has he changed since the primitive or inferior underbelly of Jewishness has been fully exposed now in zionism and majority Jewish lack of opposition to it.? - American
This just floored me---it sound just like the fricking nazis anglo people and cultural superiority claims. - American
What Phil seems to do often is play the insider angles and then tell the world what's going on (i.e. Elizier). Not sure if he is airing out the laundry in his own way, but certainly he's been criticized by M.J. about this and I've seen Mooser say, 'oh no, here he goes again'. Any any rate, who knows, but these stories could fuel antisemitism the zios will say, but I think it's good housecleaning. maybe I'm wrong... dunno. - Chu_
Maybe writing all this stuff on MW is his 'do it yourself psycho-analysis' - American
Let's Quit Calling the Israel Orgs. ' Lobbies' and Call Them What They Really Are---a Foreign Fifth Column in the US
Def.........''A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. . Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage, disinformation, or espionage executed within by sympathizers with an external force''. - American
Origin.....''Emilio Mola, a Nationalist General during the Spanish Civil War, told a journalist in 1936 that as his four columns of troops approached Madrid, a "fifth column" of supporters inside the city would support him and undermine the Republican government from within - American
American, the point that you're making is critical, imo, because to paraphrase (not sure who said this-Orwell?) he who controls the language, controls the debate. I would drop the word, debate and end with controls, period. We have allowed those who wish to control, determine, even the language that we use and language is a very powerful tool. It can be used to illuminate the truth or... more... - weareone
Thanks for the insight. - weareone
a fifth column could easily create havoc within an existing system. - Chu_
Yes, and they certainly have, but we've allowed it by not being vigilant. - weareone
strength arises from the weakness of others. - Chu_
Yep, agree. we've given away our power and now we have to take it back. - weareone
if government reps worked for the people and the hidden media hand weren't so corrupted things would look a whole lot better. - Chu_
That's what I mean by being vigilant- we must insist that they work for us and if they don't, they're out. They get one chance to do what they say they're going to do and if not- out. One term and out- a revolving door until they finally understand that they work for us. Otherwise we allow them to make a mockery of this system of government. - weareone
But that takes an electorate that's vigilant- that's paying attention. - weareone
wasn't that sort of the tea party? - before it was co-opted by the establishment. People have been getting the shaft especially since NAFTA/GATT and the media and politicos stay in power. - Chu_
I think you may be right about the tea party before it was co-opted, if I remember correctly. Any "movement" seems to be an easy target though, like occupy, but I don't think we necessarily need a movement. It seems that individuals and loosely aligned groups can make a difference.- and a grouping of individuals :) who come together for a specific cause, as at the protests for Palestine. - weareone
I agree with everything you said weareone....hit nail on head. - American
The Tea Party was co-opted.I remember a news article in which the spokesperson for the original' Tea Party said they got 'taken over' by DC people with money (some GOP 'operatives) and that since they really were just a grassroots group they didnt have the money to fight them or even try to sue them for using the name "Tea Party. - American
Thanks American. It seems the original Tea Party and Occupy were wake up calls for many people, so from that perspective, I think they were successful- a beginning. - weareone
we are one, we need a tea party 2.0. Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin are not invited. - Chu_
Chu, not invited? It won't be a party without them. (kidding ! :) - weareone
Palin proved herself to be a pretty face that cashed in for a book deal after her poor VP performance (dunno if you recall she was picked on an Alaskan cruise by the neocon cabal to run as VP). Here's a 2010 article on prisonplanet how neocons also coopted the tea party. At the start of the tea party, there was something raw and true, but it got saddled by the beltway and their yahoos like Palin and later Cruz. - Chu_
Thanks for the article. As Paul says it was diluted, but I think things are happening now that, although not really a tea party 2.0, are very positive. For example, at the risk of generalizing, I've noticed that people are taking an interest in issues and causes that are not limited to their own racial or ethnic groups. Palestine is a perfect example- the demonstrations that I've... more... - weareone
'causes that are not limited to their own racial or ethnic groups. Palestine is a perfect example' - yeah this is human rights at work and Zionists hate this. In their blogs, etc. they equate helping outsiders rallying to Palestinians to Jew hatred. Usually reiterating why aren't these 'activists' helping all the other people in other causes around the world. Not a solid argument... more... - Chu_
"pro Zionists will eventually alienate then from most people in the world" This has arguably been happening for decades, with most humans, by this point, duly alienated. The only people who don't seem to realize this are Zionists, due to ? megalomania or narcissism or insanity(as someone said, doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result). The diagnosis of the collective psychosis seems irrelevant, as the outcome will be the same-alienation and isolation. - weareone
and part of it is (I think) is that they look down on others, I have to remember often that they believe they are the 'chosen people' of god, so why would they need help from average people with their average opinions? This Israel thing is their special project, which seems to be turning into a dystopian nightmare, yet they don't realize it (although they could all be collectively... more... - Chu_
# pro-Israel activists are increasingly relying on the following methods to muddle through 1. assassinations 2. assaults 3. black ops 4. blacklisting 5. bribery 6. censorship 7. death threats 8. false accusations of antisemitism 9. false flag ops 10. Holocaust exploitation 11. illegal spying 12. intimidation 13. Islamophobia 14. massacres 15. personal attacks 16. vandalism - Sean McBride
How to win friends and influence people? No. - Sean McBride
yep, and no one is exempt from the consequences of their actions. For some, like Zionists, that may be the only teacher, so hopefully war criminals (nations as well as individuals) will experience legal consequences, in addition to isolation and alienation form the international community, which is already occurring. - weareone
'' the demonstrations that I've attended are so diverse(Muslims, Jews, black, white, hispanic, asian etc.) with signs saying "We are all... more... - weareone).....I am delighted to have first hand confirmation of that! I have wondered how mixed the protestors were. And since I am not in a metro area where most take place I dont have the chance to check it out myself. The media and... more... - American
American, I wish you could have been there. At the largest one that I attended in DC, with an estimate of 50,000 people, for a few hours I got a glimpse of what the world could be. Many different languages were being spoken in the crowd, parents of all races carrying young children on their shoulders and even pushing strollers, Muslims taking photos with Orthodox Jews and not one... more... - weareone from iPhone
Good--- would like to see photos. - American
Ok I'll try to send them directly if you subscribe to me. - weareone from iPhone
wao....done,. just subscribed. - American
UK’s home secretary urged to act on Zionist threat
Galloway urged British Home Secretary Theresa May to do so in a letter on Tuesday, saying the same measures used against terrorists must be applied to Zionist extremists. - Chu_
The British lawmaker wrote the letter after a firebomb attack last week on Rabbi Ahron Cohen, an active campaigner against Zionism, outside his home in Salford, a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester. Cohen’s car was destroyed after it was set on fire following a failed attempt to explode the fuel tank. Nobody was hurt in the attack. - Chu_
Cohen responded to the attack by saying that “If everybody resorted to violent activity, the world would be a very terrible place to live in. People are entitled to discuss their views but it has to be done in a civilized manner.” In a separate incident last week, Galloway received on September 17 a mail death threat at the houses of the British parliament. - Chu_
I want Zionist and Zionism declared to be a terrorist group .... or at minimum a 'subversive movement' within nations just as communism and similiars were viewed.. - American
The communists, eh the frankfurt school marxists have won - JustTheFactsPlease
Help me decide what the author of this post is trying to do. Its either one of the lamest most bumbling and uneducated attempts at deflecting attention from the Lobby or this girl is just very under educated. - American - ChasMark
I cant even go over all the nonsense in this and the statements that don't even make sense like the one below:. - American - ChasMark
'' There is an undeniable difference between Muslim and Jewish fighters returning home– namely, one fits into the global discourse on terrorism, and one does not. Consequently, this fact undermines the thesis of an all-powerful Israel Lobby as it exposes the deeper connections fueling the West-Israel love affair.'' - American - ChasMark
It appears she is claiming that since Jewish fighters coming home (to the US) are not viewed as possible terrorist as US Muslim fighter coming back the US would be----it proves the Lobby isnt powerful. ???????? Where does she think the idea of Isr as a ally of the US came from if not the Zio fifth column--the Easter bunny? - American - ChasMark
Maybe is the arrogance of 'half educated' youth....her age is about 20 -22 something I would guess, which means she was about 10 years old when most of us or at least those like me started digging into the Israel issue. - American - ChasMark
When some 'guest' writer at MW does an article that is all over the place and has lot of rat droppings in it down playing the Lobby I get question marks flashing on my radar. - American - ChasMark
When I questioned her about her switcharoo with some articles she wrote directly opposite of what she said in this one she said she had 'just recently' become aware of the US imperial interest. Huh? - American - ChasMark
Sometimes I.think MW gets people to write this stuff just to see what the MW lab rats in the comment section will do with it. - American - ChasMark
Her thinking is confused and inverted. My awareness of zionism and the 'Israel lobby' began when I read chapters from Bradford Westerfield's (Dick Cheney's ideological mentor) "Foreign Policy & Domestic Politics," written in the early 1950s. Zionism was an established power in US domestic & foreign policy way before Walt & Mearsheimer brought it to the fore in 2006-2007. - ChasMark
But let's start with a 1953 date for a baseline: In 1953, would the US government have tolerated the sons of prominent US journalists fighting for the army of a foreign government? I don't think so. - ChasMark
Over the years, that position has changed, as Sager points out: US gov seems to have no problem with US citizens fighting with IDF, possibly even committing war crimes, as Russell Commission has reported Israel did commit war crimes in Gaza. - ChasMark
How did that change come about? What were the change agents? Chomsky -- and Sager -- would argue that something inside US values changed, and that's true, but again, what changed those values? I say, zionists/Jews changed American values through the relentless effort that Westerfield identified, Mearsheimer and Walt revisited, and that years and years of holocaust indoctrination have brainwashed Americans to adopt as their way of thinking. - ChasMark
Chas Freeman (my avatar is an homage to Freeman) summed it up: - ChasMark
QUOTE: "These references to Iraq and Afghanistan underscore the extent to which the United States, once the principal champion of a rule-bound international order, has ***followed Israel*** in replacing legal principles with expediency as the central regulator of its interaction with foreign peoples. - ChasMark
"The expediently amoral doctrine of preemptive war is such an *** Israeli transplant in the American neo-conservative psyche.*** Neither it nor other deliberate assaults on the rule of law have been met with concerted resistance from Palestinians, Arabs, or anyone else, including the American Bar Association. - ChasMark
"The steady displacement of traditional American values – indeed, the core doctrines of western civilization – with ideas designed to free the state of inconvenient moral constraints has debased the honor and prestige of our country as well as Israel. " END QUOTE - ChasMark
Sager described a symptom -- the Double Standard -- but not the cause. The CAUSE of the debasement of American moral values is the relentless and unchecked, unresisted influence of the 'Israel lobby.' - ChasMark
HOWEVER, the Israel lobby could find such fertile ground to transplant its amoral values without undue fear of rejection because the US body politic does, indeed, share a common mythos with Jewish partisans and the Jewish fifth column; that common mythos is Hebrew scripture, or the Old Testament, or the notion (mistaken, in my view) that Christianity is part of the "Abrahamic" tradition. - ChasMark
The above comment needs an entire thesis to unpack, and I'm not going to do it now. I will, however, make a foreign policy connection between Hebrew scripture/Abrahamism by citing the John D. Rockefeller and Dulles Brothers - ChasMark
John D. Rockefeller was a staunch Baptist bible-pounding believer in the god of the Old Testament -- the god of Abraham who, in my view is a psychopath with materialist proclivities. In large measure the US national ethos has adopted that psychopathology through US foundation on "biblical" principles conveyed to it through the milk of its mother country, England. - ChasMark
re the Dulles brothers, I rely on Stephen Kinzer's book, "John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles and their Secret World War." A key point in the foundation of Kinzer's book, and in the 'formation' of the thinking of the Dulles brothers, was their rigid indoctrination in Old Testament, from the time they were very small children. - ChasMark
I am always leery of Jewish activist involved in I/P---too many of them are concentrated on protecting the Jewish reputation --as in trying to portray the 'Jewish' lobby as a 'minor' problem in I/P---and throw the blame on the US imperial machine. It is an insult to a retards's intelligence to ignore the fact that Israel occupation of Palestine isnt in the US imperial interest or a benefit to the US. - American
I place little stock in Jewish "activist", even -- or maybe especially -- Jews who harshly criticize Israel's actions against Palestinians. I think they're looking to separate themselves from culpability. They don't necessarily want anything to change, they just don't want to suffer any consequences. - ChasMark
there are about 1500 American Jews fighting in the IDF today. "If you are interested in volunteering for the IDF without becoming an Israeli citizen, there are a few short-term volunteer programs available." Volunteer IDF Programs: Mahal: Mahal is an enlistment track dating back to the 1948 War of Independence specifically... more... - Chu_
Help me decide what the author of this post is trying to do. Its either one of the lamest most bumbling and uneducated attempts at deflecting attention from the Lobby or this girl is just very under educated. - American
I cant even go over all the nonsense in this and the statements that don't even make sense like the one below:. - American
'' There is an undeniable difference between Muslim and Jewish fighters returning home– namely, one fits into the global discourse on terrorism, and one does not. Consequently, this fact undermines the thesis of an all-powerful Israel Lobby as it exposes the deeper connections fueling the West-Israel love affair.'' - American
It appears she is claiming that since Jewish fighters coming home (to the US) are not viewed as possible terrorist as US Muslim fighter coming back the US would be----it proves the Lobby isnt powerful. ???????? Where does she think the idea of Isr as a ally of the US came from if not the Zio fifth column--the Easter bunny? - American
Maybe is the arrogance of 'half educated' youth....her age is about 20 -22 something I would guess, which means she was about 10 years old when most of us or at least those like me started digging into the Israel issue. - American
When some 'guest' writer at MW does an article that is all over the place and has lot of rat droppings in it down playing the Lobby I get question marks flashing on my radar. - American
When I questioned her about her switcharoo with some articles she wrote directly opposite of what she said in this one she said she had 'just recently' become aware of the US imperial interest. Huh? - American
Sometimes I.think MW gets people to write this stuff just to see what the MW lab rats in the comment section will do with it. - American
Fwd: Zionists believe that Israel has the right to exercise extreme force in the protection of its Jewishness -- in the ethnic, religious and cultural sense. (via
Which means that Zionists have no principled grounds on which object to any other ethnic or religious nationalist movement anywhere in the world. - Sean McBride But many Zionists continue to crazily insist that they are "liberals." - Sean McBride - ChasMark
English, German and other ethnic nationalist movements (defined as racist in character by liberals) are *exactly* like Zionism. - Sean McBride - ChasMark
Liberal Zionists believe that liberalism is bad for Israel but good (and necessary) for the rest of the world. How more absurd can they be? Furthermore, they demand that liberal Western nations provide lavish support for Zionism -- an ideology which is in direct contradiction to the core values of modern Western democracies. - Sean McBride - ChasMark
By the basic premises of Zionism, disagreements with English or German ethnic nationalism should be characterized as expressions of anti-Englishism or anti-Germanism (anti-English or anti-German bigotry). - Sean McBride - ChasMark
This stuff is not rocket science -- it's all about basic facts about the world and elementary logic. - Sean McBride - ChasMark
No wonder the Jewish establishment is on the verge of a nervous breakdown over liberal Zionism -- it is increasingly impossible to straddle both liberalism and Zionism. If it jumps to the Zionist side of the divide, it risks opening the floodgates of ethnic and religious nationalism in the United States and Europe -- a development which would endanger Jewish interests in the West. If it jumps to the liberal side of the divide, it risks enabling the dissolution of Israel. - Sean McBride - ChasMark
There is a possible third way: Israel could greatly dial down ethnic and religious nationalism in Israeli culture and politics. But all the key indicators suggest that Israeli attitudes are trending in the opposite direction. - Sean McBride The example that Israel sets for the world: politics is all about the pursuit of ethnic self-interest -- ethnocentrism trumps all other issues. - Sean McBride - ChasMark
I hear the KKK is trending toward white supremacism right now. And Jews are trending toward Chosenism and ethnocentrism. And they're trending toward exhaling after they inhale. - pepsi
and leopards are trending toward a spotted look. - pepsi
' Israel could greatly dial down ethnic and religious nationalism in Israeli culture and politics. But all the key indicators suggest that Israeli attitudes are trending in the opposite direction.' - I think they believe they are only getting started. This is like the stage where the catepillar metamorphosizes into the ancient butterfly. Surely the promise of the third temple is high on... more... - Chu_
rotflmao!!.....pepsi you are the master of one line quips. - American
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Jodi Rudoren effectively annexes Golan Heights to Israel -
New York Times reporter Jodi Rudoren neglects to explain the Golan Heights are occupied territory in a story about Israel shooting down a Syrian fighter jet.
Where exactly is the homeland of the Hebrew? They say that Adam was born somewhere in Turkey (Eden), Abraham was born in Iraq, Moses was born in Egypt, Theodor Herzl was from good old Belgium and David ben-Gurion was from Poland. All their idols are foreign to the holy land. Palestine was undeniably populated long before the zionist scum arrived to the holy land and fucked up millions of people there and in the surrounding countries. - Taxi
I'm not sure it will end at the supposed borders of Israel.Israel seems like a black-hole gateway. Once that is established, they'll be looking in Iraq and Turkey, etc to reclaim lost parts of the Hebrew empire. The tribes of Judah (modern Israel) was a pilot program. If it's successful, who knows what else will come. - Chu_
The Zionist and Israel are firmly committed to the Protocols of the Elders domination plan. They believe it really was real. Who knows, it might have been, --wouldnt be the first 'lets dominate the world' plan by some group. If you've read the (real) history of the Jesuits they werent exactly boy scouts in political intrigue and extending the Vatican's influence in countries either. - American
Let's Quit Calling the Israel Orgs. ' Lobbies' and Call Them What They Really Are---a Foreign Fifth Column in the US
Def......... ''A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. . Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage, disinformation, or espionage executed within by sympathizers with an external force. - American
Origin......''Emilio Mola, a Nationalist General during the Spanish Civil War, told a journalist in 1936 that as his four columns of troops approached Madrid, a "fifth column" of supporters inside the city would support him and undermine the Republican government from within - American
I could see if Israel were some lone 51 state of the US, but they have proved they only take, take, take. So yeah, 5th column is appropriate. Try to say that on MW and get held up for a day and then it will get deleted. - Chu_
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
West Bank settlers exporting dates labelled as ‘Made in Palestine’ -
Middle East Monitor reports: "Along one of the roads in the city of Ariha in the north of the occupied West Bank, merchants Khaldoun and Hassan regularly receive 30 tons of dates produced in the neighbouring Israeli agricultural settlements, in preparation for their transfer to one of the packaging factories built on the outskirts of the city, Anadolu news agency reported. Inside the factory, about 13 miners are working on "screening" the dates and repackaging them in bags that read "dates of the Holy Land" in both Arabic and English and "Made in Palestine" in order to market them locally, in the Arab states and in Europe."
''by way of deception' everything. - American
Grading David Brooks’ random thoughts: The world is great! But we need aristocracy? The exhausted NYT columnist argues that things aren't so bad after all, though bad enough to eliminate democracy
Show all
"Brooks begins by noting that New York City is really nice these days. “There has never been a time when there were so many interesting places to visit, shop and eat, when the rivers and the parks were so beautiful, when there were so many vibrant neighborhoods across all boroughs, with immigrants and hipsters and new businesses and experimental schools,” he writes." - pepsi
"The scope of the problems we face are way below historic averages. We face nothing like the slavery fights of the 1860s, the brutality of child labor and industrialization of the 1880s, or a civilization-threatening crisis like World War I, the Great Depression, World War II or the Cold War. Even next to the 1970s — which witnessed Watergate, stagflation, social decay and rising crime — we are living in a golden age." - pepsi
"This leadership crisis is eminently solvable. First, we need to get over the childish notion that we don’t need a responsible leadership class, that power can be wielded directly by the people. America was governed best when it was governed by a porous, self-conscious and responsible elite — during the American revolution, for example, or during and after World War II. Karl Marx and Ted Cruz may believe that power can be wielded directly by the masses, but this has almost never happened historically." - pepsi
Brooks must be PWeiss' id. - pepsi
"Brooks argues that the switch from pretend-covert to overt rule-by-elite can only be accepted if the elite are willing to make a sacrifice — to become the “responsible” elite who, uh, buy less stuff, for PR purposes: "Second, the elite we do have has to acknowledge that privilege imposes duties. Wealthy people have an obligation to try to follow a code of seemliness. No luxury cars for... more... - pepsi
'As an undergraduate, Brooks frequently contributed reviews and satirical pieces to campus publications. In his senior year, he wrote a spoof of the life-style of wealthy conservative William F. Buckley, Jr., who was scheduled to speak at the university: "In the afternoons he is in the habit of going into crowded rooms and making everybody else feel inferior. The evenings are reserved... more... - Chu_
potential victim alert: 'Brooks was an outsider in more ways than his relative inexperience. National Review was a Catholic magazine, and Brooks is not Catholic. Sam Tanenhaus later reported in The New Republic that Buckley might have eventually named Brooks his successor if it hadn’t been for his Judaism. “If true, it would be upsetting,” Brooks says.[14]' - Chu_
check out all the stories weiss did for new republic: - pepsi
weird: 'Brooks met his wife, the former Jane Hughes, while both were students at the University of Chicago. She converted to Judaism [28] and changed her given name to Sarah.' - Chu_
did he goy shame her to change her existence? - Chu_
I knew an italian woman who married a Jewish guy, and she didn't realize she was marrying into his (what she described) cruel family. She said at every holiday they were cruel to her, but they thought it was fun. I don't remember all the stories she would tell, but she divorced and remarried and had kids with another man. - Chu_
Brooks thinks he would be part of the aristocracy. Phil thinks he already is. - American
There is some truth to needing a leader class if you leave the 'class' part off of it. All those periods Brooks describes as 'ideal' were led by 'men of the people' actually.Geo Washington was a man of the people, so was Roosevelt despite his wealth, so was Truman, and Eisenhower. Brooks doesn't know the difference between character and class-- they dont necessarily go together. The one thing the founders were against was having a aristocracy, they had seen the abuses that led too often in Europe. - American
if the US ends up with a non-jewish aristocracy, Brooks would cry victim at the injustice and undemocratic horror of it all. - pepsi
At least the WASPs put America first and weren't trying to start WWIII. That's the difference. - MRW_8
mrw, you have lived a crazy awesome life - JustTheFactsPlease
totally off topic I know - JustTheFactsPlease
In some ways I have. I have been present at events where I saw the grouting between the tiles of world events and didn't even know it at the time other than noting the lined connections. - MRW_8
Yes the WASP did put America first.That why we need them to come back. Been thinking about Webb since Chas put him forth. We need to have a WASP Summit and figure out how to do it. What is Ted Turner up to these days--he could round up some fellow WASP. - American
I don't think Ted Turner is your man. He's as NWO flaky as they come. He may be a WASP by birth, but he wouldn't rule as one. BTW, are you sure you aren't the AmericaFirst who used to post at MW? He often talked of a WASP revival, and even claimed one was underway behind the scenes. - Todd
" I have been present at events where I saw the grouting between the tiles of world events and didn't even know it at the time other than noting the lined connections." Details! I'm not questioning your honesty. I'm interested. - Todd
America First. Yeah did you ever resolve if that was you!? - Chu_ not really. At first I said it wasn't cause I don't remember ever using America First..But then I thought it might be possible cause I think I made some comments on MW before I ever started regularly commenting there---back when I was mainly at Steve Clemons, The Washington Note. It doesn't show up in my archives naturally cause my user name is different . I tried to find... more... - American
Ha ha, well anyway fust-cluss was top notch! - Chu_
BTW---the US is now bombing Syria
It took ISIS for Saudi and Israel to get the US to bomb Syria. - American
Someone call congress and Chomsky and ask why our" Israel asset" wasn't assigned the chore of bombing Syria since the only reason we support it is so it will do our dirty work in the ME. - American
I don't know about you buddy but I think the whole thing's hilarious! I mean how everyone doesn't seem to know what the fuck they're doing. Our mideast foreign policy is like this: there's twenty holes in the sinking ship and only ten fingers. - Taxi
They're the grand strategists, American. We can't get them involved physically, and who else could do the brilliant thinking that is required for this chess game? :D - Chu_
The insiders in the US military should arrange for Tel Aviv to be bombed by the USAF--then use the good ole 'southern ploy' and feign dumbness and claim is was a mistake by someone unimportant who has already been reprimanded and we're all sooooo sorry but no point in crying over spilled milk. - American
We're like the biggest military base whores in the world! We keep stirring up shit in countries and coming in to save them from the shit we're stirred up and building military bases there to make sure we're really cleaning up the shit we created in the first place then we expand the bases just to make sure our own shit isn't stirred up in these poor countries any more. That's our... more... - Taxi
Funny you should say that American cuz hand on heart today I had the same fantasy of our mighty airforce doing a u-turn in Raqqa and hitting tel aviv and NOT saying sorry. - Taxi
yeah, kind of how the IMF/World bank schemes work. Move on in to say Ecuador ( or name your country) and say your there to help develop the water system, building hydro dams and make them a debtor nation. Then you got them good. - Chu_
the southern ploy. that could work, but Zios would want answers quickly. Maybe they could corner the market on the US military. Then Chomsky might make clear sense. - Chu_
A list of demonstrations protesting the bombing can be found here: - <<We in the ANSWER Coalition oppose this war and are calling for demonstrations to oppose the bombing of Syria and Iraq beginning September 23 through September 28. Click here to see a growing list of demonstrations nationwide>> - weareone
America's new war in Syria is a total disaster: - Taxi
Sean McBride
Israel’s Mossad Recruits New Spy Generation With Website, Video - Businessweek -
"Israel’s legendary Mossad agency is courting a new generation of spies through social media, a Homeland-derived video and an 18-page application to be filled out by hand." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The 83-second clip presents a blond agent resembling actress Claire Danes who leaves her son on the beach with a radio-controlled drone toy while she penetrates the computer network room in a nearby Tel Aviv office tower. “It’s not child’s play,” she intones. “It opens doors.”" - Sean McBride
"Viewers are invited to click on the Mossad home page in Hebrew, English, French, Russian and Arabic. Links carry labels such as “Engineering Management,” “Overseas,” “Farsi,” “Satellites” and “Thinking outside the box.” Each leads to the same form and a separate 8-page questionnaire for one’s spouse." - Sean McBride
Are they serious or is this just a way of collecting info on people who go to the site? If its for real they are crazier than usual--advertising for people to join Mossad and spy or commit treason against the countries they are living in for Israel. - American
Sounds like recruiting is down. Mossad needs an array of foreign troops who can help Mossad in different parts of the world. Victor Ostrovsky made this point. Maybe once Pollard gets out he can assist Mossad classes, provide a few pointers on how to avoid detection. - Chu_
Our transgender child When my toddler declared he was a boy, I had to mourn the daughter I thought I had, and learn about the son I did by T. Bisterfeldt
"“But don’t you want to grow your hair long and have piggy tails?” Lola pondered for a second and said, “Sure, Daddy, but not right now. I want spiky hair, like Kyle, the babysitter’s boyfriend.” When the long locks fell away, Lola looked at the short spiky haircut in the mirror and exclaimed with the biggest smile, “I love it!!!” He had such joy in his face. It was the moment I became fully convinced we were doing the right thing. My child was finally living in the gender he truly felt. With preschool approaching, we had one more transition to make." - pepsi
"With preschool approaching, we had one more transition to make. “If you’re going to be a boy, you’ll need a boy’s name,” I said." - pepsi
"At 4 years of age, I don’t think he would understand why we would force him to be someone he’s not; to wear a dress would confuse and distress him." - pepsi
OMG...a 4 year old?....a 4 yr old has no idea what they are, they have no real concept of sex differences at that age. - American
I want off of Gramsci's wild ride. - JustTheFactsPlease
this guy is still grieving that he never had a son he could bris - pepsi
This is your brain on narcissism: Jeffrey Kluger, author of “The Narcissist Next Door,”
''Is that it is actually a clinical personality disorder affecting 1 to 3 percent of the population. - American
''Is there a chapter that was really surprising? The one on tribal narcissism. I find that topic terrible and dark and fascinating and all kinds of combinations. I’ve written a bunch for Time on morality and racism and how tribalism drives those kinds of behaviors. - American
''And tribalism in this case really is just narcissism, the grandiosity of the group. So it wasn’t too hard to find the overlap in the Venn diagram there. So I find that topic both compelling and awful.'' - American
''Do you want to delve more into the chapter for the reader who hasn’t gone more into it? There’s narcissism of the individual and there’s narcissism of the group, and in both cases it’s essentially the same thing. We are better, we are more entitled, we are different or at least less interested in the people around us, or the tribes or nations around us, because we’re worthier than... more... - American
'' At the end of book you arrived at a place of having sympathy for narcissists. What led you to that that place? Well there’s nothing wrong with responding to narcissism with frustration and fear and outrage and exasperation, and all these different things we feel when we’re dealing with impossible people. But at the same time, almost all that behavior comes from pain. Almost all of... more... - American
imo what drives Jewish tribalism is narcissism in the extreme. And I think this narcissism was inbred in ancient times at the beginning of Judaism for a lot of different reasons. The concept of being The Chosen had to be part of it. And the 'smallness' of the Jewish tribe compared to the larger tribes who always outnumbered and defeated the Jews making them the 'losers' in every... more... - American
I have commented also on how Jews cant write about themselves without always 'comparing' themselves to 'others'. Regardless of what the subject or issue is they always include some comparison to others in which they are presented as 'better'----whether it is about intelligence, morals, acheivements, etc.. One of the most bizarre examples of this I have seen was the Rabbi Boteach's... more... - American
[Google; shmuley boteach kosher lust] - Sean McBride
Another good example is some of Phil's writing. In his article on Jews and education. he couldnt just write about how Jews revered education. Instead he had to include gentiles and say they didnt revere education as the Jews do. And that gentiles 'flocked ' to Jewish education at the 'Ivies'--as if Jews created the US 'Ivies'. I had to waste my time posting the history of each 'Ivy' and... more... - American
Thanks Sean, that the one. Very weird. - American
imo also , as I said above about Jews 'justifying' their ancient loses and defeats, I think the narcissism of some is a fight against their secret feelings of inferiority---for some others it really is full blown irrational narcissism, they absolutely believe they are superior beings to all other humans. - American
You can see narcissism in other tribal -like groups also but the difference is for most groups it is an off and on thing in response to something, like a challenge. otoh In the Tribe it is an 'always' and everyday thing, part of everything they think and do, an integral part of Jewish 'identity'.Thats why the 'identity' jews like Boteach cant even write about sex of all things without including how the jewish version is better than the christian version. - American
American, Arabs too are a tribal people. But what's interesting about Arab tribalism is that it's had some kinda revolution back in their 'golden age'. The concept of 'truth above all' started coming out of philosophical schools: meaning if a member of a tribe committed a crime against a member of another tribe, then that criminal member should not be protected by the tribe as the... more... - Taxi
# regarding ethnic politics: some closely connected concepts 1. ethnic aggression 2. ethnic chauvinism 3. ethnic collectivism 4. ethnic cronyism 5. ethnic cultism 6. ethnic entitlement 7. ethnic exceptionalism 8. ethnic fanaticism 9. ethnic groupthink 10. ethnic imperialism 11. ethnic lobbying 12. ethnic messianism 13. ethnic militancy 14. ethnic mysticism 15. ethnic narcissism 16.... more... - Sean McBride
There are simple ways to measure the degree to which individuals are wedded to those attitudes -- just pay attention to what they say. - Sean McBride
Taxi. ..imho, as an observer, not an expert on any of this--Arab tribalism like gentile or christian tribalism is 'not based' on the narcissism of "better than" or 'innocent victimhood' as the Jewish tribe is. The difference being the narcissist 'embraces only himself' whereas the non narcissist and non narcissist tribes can 'embrace' 'higher ideals and will look for or explore truths.... more... - American
I could be tribal in the sense of southern 'identity' or embrace of certain southern traditions but it doesnt preclude me from seeing the truth about some of those traditions or seeing and admitting to the 'tribal' faults of it the slave era. ALL tribalism isnt necessarily bad, it depends on what that tribalsim is based on and if it is 'hostile' to others (without reason or provocation) if it's always aimed against others outside the tribe. - American
Don't forget that jewish tribes were Arab pagans before they adopted the teachings of Abraham etc. So their tribalism is in essence the tribalism of desert Arabs. Most Arab trbes eventually introduced the concept of truth-above-tribe into their folds and escaped the 'my tribe right or wrong' folly. Interestingly, the Italian 'la familia' phenomenom is also an Arab influence (through... more... - Taxi
We all came from tribes originally---some of my British, Irish and Scottish ancestors were no doubt descended from the Celtic tribes that roamed Europe and stuck their enemies heads on stakes outside their tents. But most tribes 'evolved' out of the primitive hostility as a means of survival to a truce at minimum, so to speak, and co operation as a means of survival and preserving. I... more... - American
Everyone probably has a touch of narcissism in them about some things but some narcissism is of the dangerous variety. - American
This seems very interesting- <<Recent research has identified a structural abnormality in the brains of those with narcissistic personality disorder, specifically noting less volume of gray matter in the left anterior insula.[15][16] This brain region relates to empathy, compassion, emotional regulation, and cognitive... more... - weareone
The myth of Narcissus: http://www.greekmyths-greekmyt... - Taxi
Well that wiki article pretty much covers it but I dont think it is saying empathy is the right treatment for narcissism....just that it may be for 'one of the types' of narcissism, there are several types and extremes. As said I am not an expert on any of this but have had many discussions about the Jewish and US and I/P issue with my sister in law who is a psychiatrist and MD with a... more... - American
weareone, I used to volunteer at a mental hospital in Oxnard/CA reading short stories and light-hearted poems and limiricks to patients there. Real rough states of beingness the patients were in - mostly schizophrenic - and narcissism, extreme narcissism was a major factor that led them to breakdown into schizophrenia. Even though the patients that I read to were drugged up to the... more... - Taxi
In my college years I hung out some with Jesuit friends of my Jesuit uncle and was floored one time when a leading Jesuit at Georgetown told me 'not all people are born equal or good". Sounded like the opposite of all christian teaching to me---but now I get what he was saying ..that there can be genetic mistakes in humans such as in the case of psychopaths. Jesuits are actually the... more... - American
[Wikipedia; Collective narcissism] - Sean McBride
"Collective narcissism (or group narcissism) is a type of narcissism where an individual has an inflated self-love of his or her own ingroup, where an “ingroup” is a group in which an individual is personally involved. While the classic definition of narcissism focuses on the individual, collective narcissism asserts that one can have a similar excessively high opinion of a group, and... more... - Sean McBride
We're born like leaves on a tree: all different yet all the same. - Taxi
I have always had the feeling that many neoonservatives are suffering more from a psychological disorder than an ideological infirmity. That narcissistic vibe -- they emanate it from their every pore. ME, ME, ME -- feed my neurotic personal needs or I'll throw an apocalyptic tantrum. They never come across as sane and clear-minded strategic thinkers. I don't think there is any treatment... more... - Sean McBride
Yea I agree this applies to neocons also. McCain is a good example to me of a narcissist type compensating for his secret feelings of inferiority and loserhood related to his less than admirable pow experience (which wasn't as brave and patriotic as he pretends according to the other pows with him). He goes into extreme rages and has some psychopathic need defeat and crush enemies--a way to rewrite his own loserhood and defeat by his captors.. - American
McCain is a great example or a narcissist, or a smoother narcissist is William Kristol. - Chu_
'extreme narcissism was a major factor that led them to breakdown into schizophrenia.' - I never heard this idea, but it makes a lot of sense. usually we are told schizophrenia was the result of child abuse, etc. - Chu_
John MacCain is more of a Napoleon but with a small penis. A sort of an extremist compensator. But heck yeah there's abundance of narcissism in McCaine too: I mean can you really wanna be the president of the United States of America and NOT be a narcissist? - Taxi
" The extreme narcissist will strike at you for the mere suggestion that something is wrong with them no matter how sympathetically or in their own interest it is presented''....This is why I say any discussion or interaction with zionist is useless. Even when approached in a humble or the kindest way with sincere desire to help them understand the fallacies of their thinking they react... more... - American
Chu, neurologically speaking, schizophrenia is a chemical imbalance in the brine and fluids of the brain. The causes of this imbalance are plenty - an unaddressed traumatic childhood could be one; a severe head concussion while playing sports for instance, could cause a chemical imbalance from the shock that the brain would have received; a broken heart untended to could lead to an... more... - Taxi
Taxi - surely working in that environment will bring you much closer to understanding the human brain is a complicated component when damaged or imbalanced. I had to go to a mental health clinic for a work related issue, but got to see how a group of say 40 people are cared for. Everyone at this clinic had some sort of issue, and those that cared for them have to have so much patience,... more... - Chu_
Utterly heartbreaking and forever haunting to witness, literally, the physical confinement of 'lost souls'. - Taxi
all of these people in such close quarters, but miles away from each other. It's a sad thing. How nice that you put the time in to read to them. I knew there was a sweet side to you ;D - Chu_
Yeah Chu - I've helped a few old ladies cross the road in my lifetime. And, I do have an unusually soothing reading voice too ;-) - Taxi
Actually I just have to say that patients at mental hospitals are really lovely, gentle people - they do have their fun and funny moments - they form relationships with each other like students in a dorm: some antagonistic, some friendly - they form themselves into a community when they're in their common room relaxing, watching TV or doing communal activities: music night/story... more... - Taxi
Sure they are more often gentle, but I never thought of the the idea of seeing their tantrums filled narcissistic traits. And you see flashes of young toddlers/kiddies with these innate desires to please only themselves. I wonder if this is an inherent trait in all of us, that eventually will be addressed and resolved, or can it be encouraged and incorporated into a collective narcissism like Sean mentions? - Chu_
I guess we are all narcissistic as little children but most of us mature out of it. I cant remember at what age the experts say the brain becomes or should be fully developed and supposedly 'adult' but its pretty late in the teens I think. - American
I agree with Taxi about the mental patients. I've never spent time with any myself but a friend of my wife does and she calls them 'her children'. I thought it odd that she never made it or them out to be too 'sad" but see now in Taxi's description that they have their own sorts of lives even though its not exactly like ours. - American
Taxi, your experiences are humorous and heartbreaking, as you mentioned. I do believe though that teaching and practicing empathy, which shifts the focus from ourselves to others, is the only solution for narcissism. (Not always easy :)) - weareone from iPhone
Weareone, how right you are about the importance of empathy to the health of one's mental equilibrium. - Taxi
Former Senator Jim Webb for President, 2016 ?? | Video | -
"SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 Former Senator James Webb on Economic Fairness and Foreign Policy Former Senator James Webb (D-VA) talked about economic fairness, foreign policy, and the balance of power between Congress and the president at a National Press Club luncheon. Afterward, he answered questions from the audience." - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
"What is it that unites Americans rather than divides them? Where is our common ground when the centrifugal forces of social cohesion are spinning so out-of-control that the people at the top are existing in a distant outer orbit, completely separated in their homes, their schools and associations from those of us who are even in the middle, and completely disconnected from those who exist paycheck to paycheck ...?" - ChasMark
I remember Webb. I thought he would have more of an impact for democrats, but still seems like a good guy. I recall he went to work on the prison systems after he was disillusioned with washington beltway politics. - Chu_
I could get excited about a Webb for President campaign. He seems authentic. Could he beat a Clinton-Warren ticket? He has gravitas that makes Cruz look like the sleaze ball he is, and that might make even Rand Paul look too opportunistic. What position would Webb take on I lobby? Ignore them? Would that be a net positive in a US campaign where people are becoming aware and are fed up?... more... - ChasMark
Webb might not be able to get Jewish money but would that be a problem? Adelson poured millions into Romney but that didn't produce success. Maybe rejecting Jewish money would be the best tactic one could take. - ChasMark
I think Webb could be a contender---of course every time I say that about someone they prove me wrong. - American
BUT......the Irish-Americans ( and I hate doing the 'hyphen'-American thing really) are the second largest group in the population after German-American ,so if you could get the Irish stirred up and behind Webb like they were for Kennedy it might be possible. - American
All of the beltway is tainted. Webb could win but you gotta get the money to stay affloat. That's when your candidacy potentially gets corrupted. - Chu_ from Android
You were right about Walter Jones, American. - ChasMark
hey American, What's going on w/ McBride? - ChasMark
I dont know, I think he is expanding his views some and also narrowing in on the cores of zionism with more politco-ethno approach instead of ethno-religo approach. Can you not access his feed? I tired to get him to not do the banning stuff but to no avail. Taxi contacted me by mail and is over at Sean's, I told her to also sign on here, I;ll remind her to do it. Taxi is into history of ME as you are into history of Germany/Europe so you could have some interesting conversations. - American
Sean McBride
Zionism and Germanism
Imagine if German Christians redefined Christianity as the religion of German ethnic nationalism and "the German people" worldwide -- a mystical ethnic collective transcending all conventional borders. That would be like Zionism. - Sean McBride
Germanists would create German-only settlements in whatever territory around Germany they claimed as their divine right -- but it would be obscene to describe that policy as racist. - Sean McBride
Germanists would declare any opposition to their ideology or policies as anti-Germanism and would attempt to silence that opposition in the United States, Europe and all around the world by labeling political opponents as anti-Germanists. Anti-Germanism would be defined as a mysterious mental disease that has afflicted the human race for millennia. - Sean McBride
Germanists would conjure up visions of God destroying their enemies all around the world by divine punishment. When those psychological ops didn't work, they would threaten the world with the prospect of annihilation by nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. - Sean McBride
The German lobby (and German oligarchs) would acquire control of American foreign policy with the full cooperation of the US Congress and the American mainstream media. - Sean McBride
Germanists would insist that the values and interests of Germany and the United States were one and the same. No American politician would dare to disagree. - Sean McBride
Germanists would persuade Americans to engage in endless bankrupting wars on their behalf to support the Germanist project. - Sean McBride
Germanists would view themselves as being involved in an eternal struggle with all the other nations and peoples in the world -- until Germanism managed to save and "perfect" the planet by imposing its will on it. - Sean McBride
Liberal Germanists would insist that their Germanism and liberalism were perfectly compatible and contradiction-free. - Sean McBride
One wonders how that scenario would play out. There could be a few objections -- by anti-Germanists, of course. - Sean McBride
thanks. Send this exercise to the Forward. They should publish it. - Chu_
Seriously !!... That should be a letter to the Editor @ NYT or where ever you can get it published when some article is hasbara-ing the legitimacy of Zionism.. - American
They would probably pick Lutheranism. - WJones
So, in a world in which Germanism was as active in world politics as Zionism, we would see the following organizations on the American scene: - Sean McBride
1. AGC (American German Committee) 2. AGPAC (American Germany Public Affairs Committee) 3. Conference of Presidents of Major American German Organizations 4. GA (German Agency) 5. GDL (German Defense League) 6. GINSA (German Institute for National Security Affairs) 7. GNF (German National Fund) 8. GOA (Germanist Organization of America) 9. NGDC (National German Democratic Council) 10.... more... - Sean McBride
Imagine, also, if many Germanists and pro-Germany activists were as abusive, belligerent and confrontational in their interactions with the world as many pro-Israel activists. - Sean McBride
What is strange is not that Israel and Zionism are in conflict with so many groups around the world -- ethnic, religious, political, national, etc. -- but that the level of that conflict isn't much greater than it is currently. - Sean McBride
We could easily predict similar conflict situations if Irishism, Englishism, Frenchism, Swedishism, etc. aggressively emerged on the global political scene. Germanism is just one example among many. - Sean McBride
"Self-identified German Americans made up 17.1% of the U.S. population, followed by Irish Americans at 12%, as reported in the 2000 U.S. Census. This makes German the largest, and Irish the second-largest, self-reported ancestry groups in the U.S." [Wikipedia; Race and ethnicity in the United States] - Sean McBride
Germanism (German ethnic nationalism) and Irishism (Irish ethnic nationalism) would make more sense on the American scene than Zionism (Jewish ethnic nationalism) -- Jews constitute around 2% of the US population -- compared to 17% for German Americans and 12% for Irish Americans. But German Americans and Irish Americans have no interest in pursuing ethnic nationalist politics -- they are Americans. - Sean McBride
What Max Blumenthal saw in Gaza -
What Max Blumenthal saw in Gaza
Phil Weiss wrote: "2, Reminds me of all the bollocks you hear about the clash of cultures. At some level everyone is the same. And educated seculars always find one another." - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
If "everybody is the same," can Phil cite instances when Jews, whose whole world has just been blasted to kingdom come as was that of the Gazans, have offered "a soda," "some sweets" to a member of the entity that ravaged them? - ChasMark
"educated seculars always find each other." note the elitism and anti-goyishe-religion attitude. The most humanistic this raging narcissist can get is to rub elbows with just the right kind of goyim, patting himself on the back the whole time for being so down to earth. - pepsi
wow. Gazans have been annihilated and all American Jews think about are the 3 kidnapped teens that died. What contrast. I don't know how all the Rabbis don't see this as terrible and sepak at it on their holiday coming up. Not that i can vouch for a rabbi, but aren't they supposed to be the sages, wisemen, etc? They could be more of a Pharisee though.- kind of rep for their congregants. - Chu_
Well fortunately or unfortunately everyone is not alike. At least not all the time. And some people's faults are worse than others. At least some of the time. - American
Sean McBride
Danish foreign minister threatens sanctions against Israel -
Danish foreign minister threatens sanctions against Israel
"If the indirect talks between Israel and Hamas set to start Tuesday in Cairo do not yield significant Israel concessions, the EU should consider trade sanctions against Israel, Denmark’s foreign minister said on Monday." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Comment: "I don't wish the Danes ill - some of my ancestors hail from Denmark - but see just how quickly that ranking changes when they start cursing Israel by means of boycotts, divestment or sanctions! The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not mocked! Genesis 12 verse 3 clearly states that He will bless those that bless Israel and will curse those that curse Israel. Believe me, I... more... - Sean McBride
Comment: "Someone needs to put Mr. Laardebutt in a box and bury it." - Sean McBride
Comment: "After making several holes, 9mm size." - Sean McBride
The comments I see I-people make convince me that primitive brains are attracted to Zionism.--all the religious mumbo jumbo and all the thug type talk....hopeless. - American
what vengeful comments. Israel worship will have to recognize that their future is bleak if they want to continue their occupation and prison camps. The entire world is aware that they are not the victim here, as someone needs to tell them the jig is up. But the minority left wing in Israel, nor the diaspora, doesn't have the courage to confront the ugly fact that Israel was born from a... more... - Chu_
What strikes one about the relentless torrent of abusive and threatening comments from pro-Israel activists on this article (and in general in all media around the world) is that they couldn't be better calculated to polarize the entire world against Israel. - Sean McBride
The pro-Israel argument is gradually degenerating to a crude threat: if you disagree with us, God (or Mossad) will destroy you. Do what we say or else. - Sean McBride
# some of the political "arguments" being used: 1. arson 2. assassinations 3. assaults 4. blacklisting 5. blackmail 6. censorship 7. death threats 8. firings 9. massacres 10. personal attacks 11. poisonings 12. threats to use the Samson Option 13. vandalism 14. verbal abuse - Sean McBride
I think it's because no one believes their victimhood spin any longer, the cloak is off and now they are sinking their teeth into any doubters. But as you say, they are polarizing the world against them. Israel and their supporters are showing the world what a Trojan Horse the Jewish state is/or has become by default. They could have stopped decades ago, but, well... wasn't part of the greater plan. - Chu_
The true nature of Zionism is being expressed and exposed in many thousands of comments by Zionists all across the Internet. It's all right out there, uncensored and unvarnished. - Sean McBride
I think the global zionist effort is losing its grip on the narrative that they deserve a state. - Chu_
Israeli refuseniks expose Occupation’s dark underbelly - Jonathan Cook
"Because of their place at the heart of the system of control over Palestinians, they have set out in detail, in the letter and subsequent interviews, what their work entails and why they find it morally repugnant. Veterans of the secretive Unit 8200, Israel’s NSA, say it is drummed into new intelligence recruits that no order is unlawful. They must, for example, guide air strikes even if civilians will be harmed. - Chu_
'They must, for example, guide air strikes even if civilians will be harmed.' - Just following das orders, mensch. - Chu_
dont besmirch the good germans please, they have suffered enough at the hands of the jews - JustTheFactsPlease
"dont besmirch the good germans please, they have suffered enough at the hands of the jews - JustTheFactsPlease" !!! - ChasMark
hey, a joke with historical reference. take it easy. - Chu_
maybe a "joke" but the history part is factually suspect. Allies killed far more German civilians than Germans killed Allied civilians (or Allied military, for that matter). And the Allied killings were not collateral damage, they were premeditated & rehearsed. Just sayin' .. This space _______ for readers to insert their "get a life," or, "jeez louise lighten up". - ChasMark
'history part is factually suspect.' what history part? just following orders was part of the Nuremburg defense. - Chu_
We could get into a long discussion of Nuremberg & "just following orders..." Apply the novel concept added to international law, that "just following orders" is NOT a defense, to the situation of US forces in Iraq, especially in light of the refusal of Maliki to acquiesce to SOFA terms that would have provided impunity to US soldiers. What was good for the Nuremberg goose is not good for the US gander. - ChasMark
God only knows were things stand now in the military--but back in the old days the 'official' policy of all branches of the military adhered to international law after WWII regarding war crimes, treatment of prisoners etc-----a solider who committed a crime on order of his superior was not excuse from guilt---his 'duty' according to the rules was to refuse to obey illegal orders.... more... - American
But a country that was founded on terrorism probably will not have a strong code of honor. When is Israel going to unveil their constitution anyway? - Chu_
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