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Hagel resigning as Defense secretary:
"Among the leading contenders to replace Hagel is Michele Flournoy, who served as the Pentagon's policy chief for the first three years of Obama's presidency. Flournoy, who would be the first woman to head the Pentagon, is now chief executive officer of the Center for a New American Security, a think tank that she co-founded." - Taxi
"Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican who is poised to become chairman of Armed Services Committee, said Hagel has been "frustrated with aspects of the administration's national security policy and decision-making process. "His predecessors have spoken about the excessive micromanagement they faced from the White House and how that made it more difficult to do their jobs successfully," said McCain, referring to public criticism from Robert Gates and Leon Panetta. "Chuck's situation was no different." - Taxi
"Just last week Hagel was asked about speculation he might be leaving during an interview on the Charlie Rose show. He was asked whether he was concerned. "No. First of all, I serve at the pleasure of the president," Hagel said. "I'm immensely grateful for the opportunity I've had the last two years to work every day for the country and for the men and women who serve this country. I don't get up in the morning and worry about my job. It's not unusual by the way, to change teams at different times."" - Taxi
What's really going on here? - Sean McBride
The zios are desperate, Sean - that's what's going on. They must have their war at our expense, as well as at all other shades of goy's expense. The irony is, they will lose if they don't get their war and they will certainly lose if they do. - Taxi
Hagel and Obama fell out over a disagreement about ISIS mainly. Hagel criticized WH for not being 'clear'. So now....who can make sense of Hagel identifying ISIS as a threat to the US interest and that pissing Obama off? While Obama is at the same time willy nilly bombing ISIS? Is Obama's willy nilly bombing just for 'show"? Does team Obama actually want ISIS to wipe out Shitte power in... more... - American
The one thing that is probably useless is trying to figure US interest 'reasons' for what the Obama adm does because there are no US interest figured into it--- his decisions and policies are simply a 'collection of agendas' from his 'advisors' who are all either Jewish Pro Isr people or 1st generation European liberal neo interventionist who cant get over weak Europe not stopping... more... - American
Stephen Walt: Hagel is the fall guy & not just for the WHouse. Taproot is dysfunctional, threat-inflating, secretive & unaccountable FP establishment. - Sean McBride Why Chuck Hagel is resigning - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The Conflict and the Coverage - (Margaret Sullivan) -
The Conflict and the Coverage - (Margaret Sullivan)
"This is the column I never wanted to write. For many months I have received hundreds of emails from readers on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, complaining about Times coverage. And though email is a cold medium, their furor has practically burned through the screen." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
The level of fanaticism, rage, hatred and verbal abuse associated with Israel and Zionism, both its proponents and opponents, is unbelievable. It's a sick domain. Many people want to get as far away from it as possible. - Sean McBride
Top comment: - Sean McBride
"No doubt many readers of the Times yearn for the days of Abe Rosenthal as managing editor, when no criticism of Israel was allowed in the paper. By criticism, I include any reporting of the facts that contradicted the narrative that Israel was always and without exception in the right (and a victim of those terrible Palestinians). Now that the Times allows that just maybe, in some circumstances, that great ally of ours in the Middle East misbehaves, those same readers are apoplectic." - Sean McBride
"As for Israel being an ally of the U.S., what does America get out of bankrolling Israel and providing that country with unquestioned political coverage -- except the opprobrium of the rest of the world? I don't believe it's possible for any mainstream news outlet in the U.S. to tell the truth of what goes on in the Middle East, and the part Israel plays. Any such attempt is sure to be... more... - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
Comment: "You avoided hard facts here. I am a supporter of Israel, an ardent Zionist, but it is reckless to write about this conflict without stating up front in any article covering it, that the settlements in the West Bank are illegal, and that the increasing expansion of them is itself a war crime. The Times avoids that almost consistently and it contributes to a gross... more... - Sean McBride
Fill in the blanks: - Sean McBride
# c; Israeli op+New York Times * 1. advertiser 2. attacker 3. board member 4. commenter 5. editor 6. employee 7. executive 8. investor 9. opponent 10. owner 11. supporter 12. writer - Sean McBride
Just another excuse for Israel favortism under the guise of 'differing opinions.' The day they report on Israel from the buying of Truman to creating 750,000 Palestine refugees to today then they call themselves reporting the news. NYT= Israeli fifth column. - American
'' -- classical Western imperialist interests (*not* Jewish) have used Zionism as a convenient cover for running roughshod over the Middle East. Jewish Zionists have done all the heavy lifting for them in terms of churning out endless streams of self-justifying propaganda for their policies." ...Sean
Sean uses the same excuse as Chomsky...its all US imperalism behind I/P----the US has made Israel colonize Palestine----nothing to do with Jewish zionism or Israel. LOL - American
MRW says Sean is actually several different zio bots who take turns manning the feed----if he is right we have the stupid one on duty today. - American
MRW acquitted himself poorly in discussions about the Semantic Web and global warming -- he didn't know what he was talking about and tried to get by on braggadocio and bluster -- and his mind is highly susceptible to kooky conspiracy theories -- so it comes as no surprise that he is thrashing about and may have made a ridiculous and false charge like this one. Do you think a bot composed this comment? - Sean McBride
American -- you have a short memory. I was the Mondoweiss commenter who led the charge against Chomsky's claims that American policy on Israel was created and controlled by "the establishment" -- a vague corporatocracy that had nothing to do with the Israel and Jewish lobbies. The truth is more complex: American Mideast policy is being made by *both* powerful non-Jewish interests in the... more... - Sean McBride
When I point out to you that the military-industry complex has pocketed hundreds of billions of dollars from Israeli and neoconservative policies of political and military aggression -- a sum of money which greatly exceeds the amount that Jewish oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban have contributed to the Republican and Democratic Parties -- you maintain a dead silence. You... more... - Sean McBride
How to sort this out, literally: - Sean McBride
sort (*, people, companies, organizations) by earnings from the (*, Global War on Terror, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, Afpak War, Libya War, Syria War) - Sean McBride
You will find many powerful non-Jewish players and interests on those lists -- these people aren't idiots or characters who are easy to manipulate by any group on the planet -- including the Jewish lobby. They are sharp operators, with centuries of experience in playing imperial games on the grand chessboard. - Sean McBride
You have the simplistic intelligence of a community college gradate with a IT certificate who knows how to goggle and make lists---that is the extent of the intelligence you exhibit here. Who are the 'sharp operators' who are 'centuries old"?...the Jews again? ..or do you have some new mythical non Jewish" immorals" in your delusion bag who have operated the world for 'centuries'? - American
And dumbo I have done essays in reply to keith's nonsense about the supposed 'profit to Us weapons industry----including a paper by Chas Freeman on the fallacy of that claim. Go look it up on MW or 'goggle it'. the 2.25 billion Israel spend on US weapons out of the 3 billion give area fucking drop in the bucket to the 83 Billion in US weapons sales world wide. A fucking drop in the... more... - American
The sharp operators are the creators and managers of the British and American empires -- the vast majority of whom have not been Jews. You give few signs of knowing anything about this subject -- which would include in-depth knowledge of the history of British and American intelligence services -- especially MI6 and CIA. - Sean McBride
On what grounds can you possibly claim that the American military-industrial complex hasn't hugely profited from neoconservative policies? Don't be nonsensical. Neocon wars have enabled the transfer of huge sums of money from American taxpayers in general to arms companies and all their satellite organizations and affiliates. Who do you think it is that profits from wars? - Sean McBride
One more time read Chas Freeman---come back when get an education if you ever do. And dont try to do one of your stupid change of subjects to *who profits from wars* and neo cons zio boy----we are discussing Israel specifically and what they buy--not who profits from wars. - American
Sum up Chas Freeman's arguments in your own words. - Sean McBride
Just what i said above----''the 2.25 billion Israel spend on US weapons out of the 3 billion give are a fucking drop in the bucket to the 83 Billion in US weapons sales world wide. A fucking drop in the bucket to the 39 billion the Saudis spend with the US. A fucking drop in the bucket to the net negative of the cost of what the Israel have stolen from US weapons tech and resold to countries that would have had to buy if from the US companies. '' - American
American -- Good God -- you've completely missed the point. The military-industrial complex has hugely profited from the several *trillion* dollars that have been spent over the last decade to pursue neoconservative and pro-Israel policies. You are not a strategic thinker. We are talking about numbers that are far out of range of the piddling $83 billion in arms sales to the world. You... more... - Sean McBride
[U.S. Arms Sales Make Up Most of Global Market] "Weapons sales by the United States tripled in 2011 to a record high, driven by major arms sales to Persian Gulf allies concerned about Iran’s regional ambitions, according to a new study for Congress." See how the game is played,... more... - Sean McBride
Time for Sean to be honest about what he is...... political-research] Jimmy Carter and the Jews--Demme's Documentary Sean McBride Sun, 16 Nov 2008 09:01:39 -0800
Why do you want to lie and misrepresent yourself. If you want to have discussions of I/P and Israel why don't you admit you are Jewish and be honest about it with us. What do you think you have to gain by pretending not to be Jewish? You think you will be taken as 'unbiased' if you pose as non Jewish? Well that hasnt worked has it? - American
'' Sent to you by Sean McBride via Google Reader: Jimmy Carter and the Jews--Demme's Documentary via Mondoweiss by Philip Weiss on 11/16/08 A friend gave me the documentary, Man From Plains, about Jimmy Carter's 2006 book tour for Palestine Peace Not Apartheid. It came out a year ago. My wife and I watched it the other night. I would urge the good curators at Yivo to buy the film, for... more... - American
What's your point? It's a repost of a Mondoweiss article by Philip Weiss -- a FYI: I didn't express any opinions about the article -- just took note. Were you really unable to parse the metadata for that post? You think I wrote it? Funny. - Sean McBride
American -- when you falsely accuse people who disagree with you about Mideast politics of being Jewish, you sound completely crazy. You really need to stop doing that and start engaging in intellectually honest arguments. For instance, you might address the role of the incredibly powerful American military-industrial complex in promoting pro-Israel policies. But your mind shuts down when topics like that come up -- it doesn't fit into your purely Judeophobic narrative. - Sean McBride
Be honest about yourself. Everyone here has been open and up front about themselves...done everything but put out their actual phone numbers and address. You on the other hand refuse to say even what part of the country you are from, what you do for a living, where you went to school although you claim it was a ivy league. You demand others reveal everything about themselves and 'prove'... more... - American
American -- I strongly respect the right of Internet commenters on Mideast politics, including you, to protect their personal privacy. Questions about one's general ethnic, religious and cultural biases seem fair enough, however -- although no one is obligated to answer those questions. - Sean McBride
American -- did you assume, on no basis whatever, that I wrote the above Philip Weiss article? And then assume on that false belief that I am Jewish? An apology is in order -- you need to read more carefully before jumping the gun. I have been completely honest about my religious and ethnic background -- again, Roman Catholic, Episcopalian, Anglo-American, Irish-American,... more... - Sean McBride
No I did not assume you wrote it, I assume you passed it on to the mail group because you agreed with it.....You are not going to get any apologies from me buddy. what you will get is a large dose of your own medicine. You either make apologies to all of us you have insulted and misrepresented or else....and you know exactly what I am talking about, so do it...apologize . - American
American -- you should know by now that I often pass along articles that I don't agree with -- they are useful as starting points for discussions, for acquiring insights into the opposition, etc. I do it all the time. Why in the world did you connect this Weiss article with the false accusation that I am Jewish? Which I am not remotely? It's because you find it impossible to believe... more... - Sean McBride
Man - here be one crazy thread! - Taxi
Ok -- I just reread this Weiss article on Jimmy Carter -- classic Weiss -- a wonderful article (written six years ago, in November 2008). I agree with it (and I am not Jewish). One notices that American received several critical responses in the comments after he posted an extremely long comment. I agree with his critique of liberal Zionism in his comments. I have absolutely no idea why... more... - Sean McBride
American, thanks for this reminder about the documentary. I remembered it vaguely but did not have the time to go search for it. It's really useful for what I am writing. The chapter about how I came to America and discovered there is something mysterious bandied about called "Jewish values". Took me some decades (till my political awakening period) to realize those values are mostly... more... - Danaa
Sorry for the OT, but the jewish reaction to Carter was indeed a flash point for me, my road to Damascus moment. Such a deeply decent human being, whatever one thinks of his presidency (which proved that decency is NOT enough of an advantage for a high office where dirty politics is what it's all about). The Jews (and I say deliberately "The Jews" because it was almost the full jewish... more... - Danaa
'' That such a "goy" would lay claim to decency and directness. The gall of that guy! ad to call things by their name, without a shred of pilpul! really, who the heck does he think he is? - Danaa)......:):):) Exactly! And exactly what we (and the world) need more of....plain talk and calling things exactly whatever they are. Not more seans, Slaters, and pilpul and hasbara and jingos and spin. - American
I said apologize Sean and you havent apologized to me or taxi or danaa for your deliberate lies and twisting of what we didnt even say. - American
American -- when I expressed strong opposition to the terrorist attack on the synagogue that was reported today, I was amazed to receive a barrage of excited critical comments from you, Taxi and Danaa. We all clearly have strong views on the subject of attacking civilians in houses of worship, and I doubt that further discussion will budge us from our firmly held positions. We should... more... - Sean McBride
What is so special about a "House of worship"? what's different between that and a house where a person lives and storm troopers enter willy-nilly, destroy and kill because they feel like it? why, did you stand up daily, Sean condemning all such acts? I realize it's a full-time job but hey, condemnation is as condemnation goes. At least richard Silverstein does do just that nearly... more... - Danaa
BTW, I condemn palestinians for being meat eaters, just as I condemn israelis, jews and everyone else. There now - consistency! go PETA! - Danaa
Hey I'm macrobiotic and I condemn all non-macros including vegetarians for eating dairy and combining foods with no rhyme or reason - lol! - Taxi
Danaa -- what is so special about a "house of worship": people are very emotional about their religious issues, houses of worship should be places of peace and sanctuary, and when you attack a house of worship you are attacking an entire religion and everyone who believes in it -- inciting a bloody holy war that could go on for years, decades, centuries or even millennia. It's a very big deal. - Sean McBride
I'd rather get fucked by an Arab than by a genocidal jew. LOL! Man, you are nasty and proud of it - lol! - Taxi
Worship-shmorship is what I say. A bunch of meat eaters where the meat comes from animals slaughtered with the utmost cruelty (yes, that's kosher for you). Why do we allow Americans to go and "worship" with the cultists anyways? Isn't it the same as those going to fight for ISIS? - Danaa
Also Sean, I do happen to think Judaism, as a religion kind of sucks. But then religion is not my cup of tea. It is based on the mostr genocidal book ever written , as you yourself said. What kind of a religion is this and why should I respect the balck hat nutcases with their 10 zillion children, all brought up to be zealots? Joking aside, it is high time to take the religion of... more... - Danaa
taxi is right. macrobiotic - that's the way. I plan to reform some day. - Danaa
True story: I haven't had a single day of sickness since I went macro in October 2004. And as long as I keep eating macro, I will never ever get sick for as long as I live. Yes, I aim to die healthy :-) - Taxi
Oh taxi, that's rough. You know there's a reason we get a little sick as we grow old. If we didn't suffer some degradation of the flesh we'd never go along with dying in the first place. I am trying to imagine a crowd of taxi-like macros in their 110th year raiding the hospitals and the nursing homes, laying waste to the country-side, absolutely refusing to die no matter what. Ouch! - Danaa
LOL Danaa - thanks for the hospital raiders image! Hilarious! Actually, I am not an 'immortalist' and the idea of living to over 100 years is positively unappealing to me - I just profoundly hate illness and its wastefulness. My 'chi' will run out before my vital organs decay so I know I will die in several decades but it won't be in a hospital or due to organ breakdown. I imagine I would take my last breath while quietly sleeping, or while calmly posting here on Sean's page lol! - Taxi
hey Taxi, perhaps when the time comes you could join with some brave Hezbollah fighters to raid the zio-state! even if you are 80 I am sure they would have a role for you, and perhaps you can take some zios with you to the other place. At least it'll be a warrior's death, even if not so pretty. On your gravestone (sorry for being morbid) it'll say - "Here lies the brave macro-Taxi, Not... more... - Danaa
So in my religion, if the "players" like your program because it's a kick, they might just bring it back, though no telling in what version or gender. That's my kind of resurrection as I keep telling WJones. - Danaa
LOL Danaa - I'd join ANYONE who needed liberation. If this was the sixties, I'd be living in some native straw hut in Vietnam and observing the wildlife and the resistance there. Just like I am doing right here in the south of Lebanon. I was born to be a witness by day and a town-crier by night. - Taxi
The Cave of the Patriarchs massacre
Was a shooting attack carried out by American-born Israeli Baruch Goldstein, a member of the far-right Israeli Kach movement, who opened fire on unarmed Palestinian Muslims praying inside the Ibrahimi Mosque (or Mosque of Abraham) at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, West Bank. It took place on February 25, 1994, - American
The attack left 29 male worshippers dead and 125 wounded. The attack only ended after Goldstein was overcome and beaten to death by survivors. - American
Sean wants our reaction to the killing of 4 Israelis. - American
Here's mine---Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword. - American
I strongly condemned the Goldstein attack -- and have written at length about it -- including about reports of Jewish extremists who worship at Goldstein's grave. Israel suffered a major political blow because of that attack -- just as Palestinians are now suffering a major political blow over the synagogue attack. - Sean McBride
In israel this massacre by Goldstein is extohled by many to this day. especially the kind of black hats who "prayed" in that synagog to their god (which is really a modern day version of Beel Zvuv). In many ultra-orthodox communities and among too many israelis to count, not to mention quite a few American jews, Goldstein is a hero. They rever him for his act of ridding the world of a... more... - Danaa
But not to worry - despited my fierce opinions, I'm sure there'll be the likes of pepsi whill call me a gatekeeper, because that's their MO. hey American, tell us something about what the GFTG crowd is saying, eh? they went all secret private now. - Danaa
Danaa,,,,You are blocked from GFTG? I didnt know that, I knew Taxi was on the outs with them because of the JTFP fight but I thought I saw you comment there. Actually GFTG has gotten more a lot more sophisticated lately and pepsi is doing an excellent job of running a good steady stream of straight news reports on other issues; economics, politics, sports and world hot spots as well the... more... - American
LOL I take pride in single-handedly shutting-off gftg from the world. It's best that "sophisticated" rats stay living in dark sewers. - Taxi
American, I am not shut out actually but I simply did not register, though yes, I did comment a few times. The feed being private means that only registered users can see it. Pepsi did at times put up interesting, general purpose articles and I am always on the look-out for references. may be I will register though I can't promise to comment much. Having way too much fun arguing with... more... - Danaa
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
‘Zionism’ is now a dirty word for American opinion elite, Frank Luntz concedes -
41 percent of the American opinion elite look on Zionism as an unfavorable term, compared to just 29 percent of that group who regard it favorably, Israel-lovin pollster Frank Luntz concedes in leaked PowerPoint
Dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty zionism! And by far more dangerous than Iran and Ebola combined. - Taxi
"Zionism" is acquiring the same unpleasant vibe as "Bolshevism," "Communism," "Nazism," etc. -- Zionists themselves are feeling increasingly uncomfortable in being associated with the word. Once a word drifts into this linguistic and cultural territory it's almost impossible to reclaim. - Sean McBride
Political labels acquire the baggage of the deeds committed by the followers of the political movements they describe. - Sean McBride
Some of the by now entrenched associations: apartheid, biblical cultism, collective punishment, crazy-eyed settlers, ethnic extremism, house demolitions, olive tree uprootings, racism, religious extremism, spitting, violence committed against civilians, etc. - Sean McBride
Zionists killed the Zionist brand. - Sean McBride
My personal labels---- Petty, ugly, vile, filthy, evil, dirty, repugnant, repulsive, reprehenisble, pond scum, gutter rats, reptilian, nasty, obscene, comtemptible, debased, depraved, despicable, foul, worthless, abhorrent, spiteful, vicious, heinous , abominable, slimy, loathsome, malign, amoral, revolting, hideous, grotesque, malevolent, hatful,worthless, garbage - American
I would definitely not characterize Israelis collectively or individually with those terms -- most Israelis are human beings, no better or worse than human beings everywhere. But one could use negative terms (not this batch) to describe aspects of contemporary Zionist culture. Raw verbal abuse that is intended to dehumanize and demonize entire human groups doesn't really get us anywhere in solving difficult political problems and conflicts. - Sean McBride
This is what I would say: contemporary Zionist culture (both Jewish and Christian) is suffused and pervaded by racism and religious extremism. Not all Israelis and supporters of Israel are racists or religious extremists. Certainly not all pro-Israel activists are Jews -- in fact, most of them are non-Jews. Antisemites and Judeophobes are unable to make these distinctions -- they have suffered a mental meltdown on a fundamental level. They are beyond the reach of rational argument. - Sean McBride
'' Raw verbal abuse that is intended to dehumanize and demonize entire human groups doesn't really get us anywhere in solving difficult political problems and conflicts. - Sean McBride_.....I beg to differ. A 'group of humans' who dont object to their army regularly spraying skunk juice on Palestine childrens schools and homes should be demonized---and will be. - American
'' in fact, most of them are non-Jews. ''...Hasbara. Most are indeed Jews although to be fair many anti Israel protestors having the most impact are also Jews....but not Israelis. - American
NOT hasbara -- for instance, most pro-Israel activists in the US Congress are non-Jews. - Sean McBride
What *is* true is that the most influential financiers of the Israel lobby are Jews -- Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban are two good examples. - Sean McBride
Should we dehumanize and demonize all the citizens of all nations that are engaged in major human rights abuses? That would comprise a long list of peoples -- extending well beyond Israelis. - Sean McBride
Think of how you and others here reacted to Berthe's abuse of African-Americans and blacks collectively -- you knew in your gut that it was wrong. Think of the anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia expressed by many pro-Israel activists. - Sean McBride
I don't react to Jews collectively, I react to Zionist collectively....there is a difference. As far as I am concerned they should be as demonized as pedophiles. 'Oh I love Israel so I have to support it'' about as good an excuse to me as a child rapist saying he does it cause he loves children. - American
Most pro Israel activist in congress are bought lobby that isnt a good example. - American
So you are saying that non-Jewish Americans in the US Congress are whores and scoundrels, without backbone and character -- that doesn't say much for non-Jewish Americans in American politics, does it? Don't they possess enough money collectively to pursue the American interest? Too lazy? Too stupid? What? Do Jews possess the magical power to fog and control their minds? To force them to bow and scrape and rant on behalf of the Israeli government? - Sean McBride
Members of GFTG use the terms "the Zionists" and "the Jews" interchangeably -- their meaning and intentions couldn't be more clear. - Sean McBride
Your Jewish supremism is showing again Sean. And yea I am saying that non jewish americans in congress are treasonous, immoral fact I say that all the time. I am not obsessed with making non Jews out to be better than Jews ---but you are completely obsessed with trying to make Jews superior to non Jews....what causes that? day you must explain it to us. You are... more... - American
You, not me, are promoting a vision of Jewish supremacism -- you are claiming that Jews (who number around 2% of the American population) are somehow responsible for the bad behavior of non-Jews in the US Congress -- that small minority is supposedly so powerful, so politically skillful, that it can bend non-Jews in the Congress to its will. I am egalitarian in these matters -- I think... more... - Sean McBride
Now you are doing pilpul as well...chasing your tail. - American
'' Zionism" is acquiring the same unpleasant vibe as "Bolshevism," "Communism," "Nazism," etc. -- Zionists themselves are feeling increasingly uncomfortable in being associated with the word. '???????........Acquiring unpleasant vibes ???? ROTFLMAO - American
It is neither hasbara nor pilpul to point out that you keep claiming that hundreds of prominent non-Jewish Zionists in American politics are not responsible for their own beliefs and actions. Your assumption is that Jews possess magical super powers that enable them to bend helpless and hapless goyim to their will. Supposedly John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and other non-Jewish Zionists will be able to get off the hook with the excuse that the Jews made them do it. That strikes me as bunkum. - Sean McBride
No I am not the one that claims non Jews are not responsible for their actions----I claim they are bought political whores fully responsible for their treason. You are the one who claims mystical and brilliant powers for the Jewish tribe who runs circles around the dumb goys. What I claim about Jews in general is they are a sheep like herd culture who keeps going over the cliff by... more... - American
Here is what you have said about me----->''American comes across as chauvinistic and xenophobic about Southern culture -- and intensely hostile towards all Jews and towards anyone who shows the slightest positive feelings towards any Jew -- the very definition of an antisemite and Judeophobe. He is afraid to get into a head-to-head discussion about these issues -- where is that famous... more... - American
"I would definitely not characterize Israelis collectively or individually with those terms -- most Israelis are human beings, no better or worse than human beings everywhere" - Sean McBride. So how do you square that with the fact that 94% of israelis approved of the wanton infanticide and mass murder of Gazans in the last round? How do you square that with the fact that time after... more... - Taxi
American -- do you support or condemn the recent Palestinian terrorist attack on the Israeli synagogue? It reminded me somewhat of Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr.'s terrorist attack at the Jewish Community Center -- except the Palestinians actually hit their target. [Wikipedia; Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr.] I condemn the attack unreservedly... more... - Sean McBride
Come on pull up that thread and all my remarks that prove what you said about me. Lets see your evidence. Cause it whats its really going to show is your Jewish supremism, your hatred and bigotry toward the south and southerners, you're equating all of them to racist, your ignorance about the "Confederacy", about 'real' history, your ridiculous claim that slavery was inspired by... more... - American
STOP RIGHT THERE SEAN! Frazier Glenn Miller (whom you're now obsessed with) killed for hatred of jews - the Palestinians who attacked the synagogue KILLED FOR THEIR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT! - Taxi
Sean, asking people whether they condemn or supports acts of Palestinians, such as a hamas rocket or an attack on extremist temples/synagogs is pointless and disingenuous. 500 palestinian children were murdered in gaza by violent thugs, known as the IDF, a modern day equivalent of the Franco or the Pinochet regimes. The vast majority of israelis would be very happy to see every... more... - Danaa
Danaa -- I have repeatedly and forcefully condemned Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians -- have you really failed to notice? I strongly oppose terrorism all across the board, with no exceptions. - Sean McBride
many times I described israelis as members of a violent cult and you agreed Sean. You agree tIsrael is an ethnocentric, xenophobic, supremacist state. MOST citizens support that posture and MOST want MORE gaza killings not less. Why are you defending an evil cult? sure they are normal people. So were most Nazis - perfectly normal at home and to their neighbors. - Danaa
Danaa -- I am not defending Israel. My argument is that acts like this terrorist attack on an Israeli synagogue are not only wrong morally and ethically, but guaranteed to provide Israel with even greater political leverage against the Palestinians. Anyone who is defending this attack is doing the Palestinians no favors. - Sean McBride
I am not saying you defend Israeli's murderous actions. But at what point would you say enough if they killed your own? Do you want to sound like jen Psaki who "strongly disapproves" ciclian killings ion all sides? and are israeli rabbis - those guardians and promoters of the worst excesses of Israel - are they civilians or extremists? asking for support or condemnation in israel is... more... - Danaa
Most of us would rather see far fewer Jews in israel because to be a jew in Israel is to be a brute and a thug. There is no way out. Yes, exception is granted to those meager 10 or 100 thousand decent souls in Israel, who don't number much more than 1%. - Danaa
Sean, do you condemn the Gaza slaughter? Do you condemn the Jewish and Zionist Lobby that has worked to pervert US policy on Palestine. Do you condemn the racism of Israel? Do you condemn the Isr gov policy of allowing their IDF to shoot children and anyone else for the fun of it. Do you condemn the US gov support of israel. Do you condemn the Isr and zionist belief and 'demand' that... more... - American
Why were you not asking for condemnation on civilian killings of children in Israel? and are rabbis really civilians? did you look into what kind of synagog it was and whatkind of preachings were going there? - Danaa
Also, let me ask you this - do you Sean support the complete and total shunning of Israel, any product that comes from there and any individual who lives there? I do. That is the ONE AND ONLY way to put a break on the national psychosis that took over that murderous little country that's sucking the blood out of the American political system (and I don't mind if the imagery is repu;sive. What israel does every day, kicking America and the whole world in the teeth is repulsive). - Danaa
American and Danaa -- I have posted thousands of comments on Mondoweiss and here that have strongly condemned Israeli human rights violations against Palestinians -- but there is no way that I am going to express support for this terrorist attack on a synagogue. Is that the position of American, Danaa and Taxi here -- that you support the attack? - Sean McBride
If someone took away from you Sean everything you hold dear would you be going around asking for "polite condemnations"? would a tsek-tsek do? You have no right to ask for condemning the people who are condemned by Israeli brutality (which nearly ALL Israelis support) to the horrors of life under perpetual occupation. You should really look sometime into the actions of the vaunted French resistance for historical precendents on what people will do to oppose occupation. - Danaa
Danaa -- again, I have repeatedly argued that the West should keep ratcheting up political and financial pressure on Israel until it changes its behavior towards the Palestinians and accepts a fair and just solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. That is the only strategy that has the slightest chance of working. - Sean McBride
Nobody says you support Israel. But I am taking a serious issue with you asking people to "condemn" ANY act of resistance by palestinians. It is simply not for you to promote a high and mighty view whereby ALL "civilian" deaths are "Unfortunate". I repeat - what is an israeli civilian? a soldier who committed heinous crimes against humanity, say in Gaza, and goes home to his loving family at night. Is he a civilian? - Danaa
Sean, the problem is that you keep giving mixed messages. One day you're down on the israelis and the next you're defending them like there's no tomorrow. I've seen this syndrome before - it's called PC extremism. Utterly out of touch with reality and garners no intellectual respect. - Taxi
Danaa -- the main issue here is *PRACTICAL POLITICS* -- how does one achieve one's political goal? The application of physical violence against Israeli civilians and synagogues will only further tighten Israel's grip on the occupied territories (and Greater Israel) -- and undermine support for Palestinians among the American and European political mainstream. - Sean McBride
It's not about ratcheting up - it's about COMPLETE shunning of anything from and by Israel and complete withdrawal of any support from jewish people who support the murderous behavior by that thuggish entity. One must demonstrate that israel, and ALL the jews who support their heinous crimes against humanity, are not fit to be welcome in the company of other humans. I am not asking for BDS as much as for complete and total shunning. An expulsion from the ranks of humans. What else would you like to know? - Danaa
If not violence at this stage, Sean, what the heck do you suggest Palestinians do? - Taxi
'' I strongly oppose terrorism all across the board, with no exceptions. - Sean McBride'')....Obviously you do not oppose terrorism. What the Zio orgs do in the US is a form political terrorism --that has killed 1000's of Palestines and done untold damage to others interest-----AND yet you always present this terrorism as ' brilliant, as outsmarting lazy dumb goys, as a 'success' of the... more... - American
It is very PRACTICAL for each of us to refuse to keep company with anything from or by Israel or from or by any jewish individual who expresses support of the killers actions AND attitudes. When israel withdraws from the west bank and agrees to pay restitution of 100's of Biliions of $'s to the 48 refugees then we can start talking. I won't even speak hebrew to any Israeli or shake... more... - Danaa
What is terrorism, Sean? again what was preached in that synagog exactly/ did you look into that? - Danaa
American -- you have misread me every step of the way. I have simply pointed out that the Israel lobby has outplayed and dominated the opposition in American politics since the 1940s to the present day. I keep asking -- how can one practically and effectively change this dynamic? Verbal abuse, trash talk and angry posturing are not going to do the job. The lobby will continue to roll... more... - Sean McBride
Terrorism is physical violence committed against civilians and non-combatants in political conflicts -- it's really quite simple. - Sean McBride
And what is 'resistance', Sean? - Taxi
You do know that resistance is self-defense, right? - Taxi
Taxi -- do you support committing terrorist acts against pro-Israel and Zionist synagogues in the United States and Europe? Would you characterize that activity as legitimate resistance and self-defense? - Sean McBride
No I haven't misread you. I have nailed you and you wont admit it and come clean about yourself and your real motivations for even being in the Israel-I/P- USA issue. - American
Terrorism is also incitement and the calling for physical and cultural violence against a people. That's what's done in lots of israeli institutes including the cult collectives known as "synagogs". Some of those synagogs are cesspools of hatred and putrid bigotry. What they preach is terrorism. So if you can't arrest them all what do you do? why is ISIS bombed and not israel? can you tell us that, Sean? - Danaa
Sean, stfu with your insanely vain questions! - Taxi
American -- how can you "nail" anyone when you are unable to engage with the substance of points and arguments? To my main point -- that the Israel lobby has consistently rolled over and dominated the opposition in American politics -- you have no reply and no practical solution. Do you really think that venting angry words against "the Zionists" (or "the Jews") will have the slightest impact on the situation? - Sean McBride
'' Taxi -- do you support committing terrorist acts against pro-Israel and Zionist synagogues in the United States and Europe? Would you characterize that activity as legitimate resistance and self-defense? - Sean McBride)......Why do you ask these stupid questions? - American
If any acts are committed against the murderous thugs who sit and play nice in israeli embassies while the palestinians burn, it is not for the rest of us to condemn or praise. IF a chain saww wielding serial killer is killed while sipping coffee pretending to be a "civilian" and if he resists arrest, would you call in the swat team or not? - Danaa
Danaa -- what synagogues around the world do you think should be legitimate targets of physical attack? - Sean McBride
I support American and Taxis's questions - who and what are we to ask for "condemnations" of anyone who hits at a criminal, brutal state? I can ask you Sean, what would you have supported that the Alegrien libration movement did against the French? you do know that no occupier, ever, left any place anytime, because someone asked them nicely to do so. - Danaa
Another dumb-fuck mosad question from Sean! - Taxi
One could easily get the impression that several people here support committing terrorist violence against synagogues -- is this in fact the case? - Sean McBride
I could care less about any synagog anywhere if they support murder. same with churches - if they call for murder and mayhem by supporting a torrid little place like Israel, I don't care what the heck they do in their little synagogs. You are asking questions of me but not answering mine. So, again, if you were Algerina back in the 50's what would you have done to help free Algeria? well, the resistance brought the war to France, didn't they? and it worked, didn't it? when nothing else did. - Danaa
Sean none of us here on this board cares a hoot about your requests for "condemnations". Also you did not answer me about what was preached in the sult's synagog that was attacked? may be they were the sweetest little synagog ever, in which case, I would say it's unfortunate they got caught on the front line. BTW< are you or are you not condemning the kiev nazi Junta of what they have... more... - Danaa
Danaa wrote: "I could care less about any synagog anywhere if they support murder." I hear you loud and clear. - Sean McBride
Sean, all of us commenting on this blog are against the cult of death known as israel, AND all their supporters. You won't get anything else out of us. If you want to take the view that some israelis are nice and therefore all should be spared, that's like playing god who urged Abraham to find 10 just people in Sodom. Playing god, is not something the rest of us care to do. We are with... more... - Danaa
Do you Sean support a synagog that preaches murder? or terrorism by Israeli storm troopers (misleadingly named I"D"F)? if you do, then you are with them who are murderers. Why do those synagogs even have licences/ why aren't they treated like the KKK? you tell me that, Sean, what's the difference between Addelson and a KKK member? if a gathering of KKK types was bombed by some black... more... - Danaa
FYI< Sean I don't track with any synagog or church or mosque. But I do care what they preach in those places of religion to young people - Danaa
The key question for me is this: does one condemn or support terrorist attacks on civilians at synagogues, churches and mosques in political conflicts. This is a no-brainer for me, as it is for most Americans and Europeans. If you want to support such attacks, that is your choice. But I can guarantee you that they will backfire and play right into the hands of Likud Zionists, Greater... more... - Sean McBride
More questions to Sean, do you condemn the rocket firings by Hamas? if Hezbollah was attacked and countered by raining rockets on israeli population centers, would you condemn them? I am just saying that this business of asking for "condemnations" is silly. It's a game for kindergartners at the state department, cf. "we condemn all loss of life" (ie, we care a bit more about the cult members life than their victims, but hey who's quibbling as long as we get our "condemnation"). - Danaa
Asking for condemnations of terrorist attacks directed specifically at civilians in synagogues, churches and mosques is "silly"? Really? We will have to disagree. - Sean McBride
'' Do you really think that venting angry words against "the Zionists" (or "the Jews") will have the slightest impact on the situation? - Sean McBride).....Yes indeed I do. Stay tuned. I am going to tell you this eternal and universal fact one more time-----'traitor' trumps 'anti semite' every day of the week in every country in the universe.....the last time I called a politician a... more... - American
Sean, again, you can have any opinion you want about the I/P conflict and what is and isn't practical. What you can't do is ask for this or that individual to condemn anything done by people who are brutally oppressed because personally you know nothing about and have not experienced oppression. If and when you do, we can talk. I listen to those who suffer not to those oceans and... more... - Danaa
American -- that you would accuse a fourth-generation American of not being American -- and someone who largely agrees with you on Israel, Zionism and the Israel lobby -- speaks to how ineffective you will be in building an effective political alliance to counter AIPAC and its friends. Despite all your angry words over the last decade, the Israel lobby is more powerful in American politics than ever -- and you don't seem to understand why this is the case. - Sean McBride
You are just like so called liberal zionist ,Jerry Slater Sean ..just like him in your convoluted pilpul on Jews, Israel, US politics and etc.. - American
Actually, American, I strongly criticized Jerry Slater on Mondoweiss and bested him in argument (from my perspective). And I led the charge in deconstructing and ridiculing liberal Zionism. But I strongly oppose terrorist attacks on civilians in houses of worship. You, Taxi and Danaa support such attacks -- and duly noted. The three of you are going to find yourself in a very tiny and... more... - Sean McBride
Oh I fully understand the case Sean..its political money and corruption. And i fully understand your case want all of us to think you are smart and others are dumb and unrealistic. That most here arent buying your bs should tell you exactly how smart you are. - American
American -- I am smart enough to make accurate political predictions on a regular basis. I am making a political prediction right now -- Palestinians are going to pay a heavy political price in the West for this latest attack. From the standpoint of political chess, it's a no-brainer. Watch closely and see how many influential Americans and Europeans fall behind *your* position on this issue -- you are going to be more marginalized than ever. You simply don't know how to play the game. - Sean McBride are so stupid danaa and me support terrorist attacks and are going to be in your 'marginalized minorities' again and damage the Palestine - American
Sean, you are twisting everything. Neither me notr taxi nor America said they supported attacks on synagogs one way or another. We are all, I believe, just saying that it is not for us to condemn what extremely oppressed and persecuted people do over there. And it is also not for you to ask for condemnations. Whether such attacks are good or bad tactics for palestinians to use, that's... more... - Danaa
American -- Martin Dempsey, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently came out in strong support of Operation Protective Edge -- was that all about political money and corruption? How precisely? I recall, by the way, that Pat Lang on Sic Semper Tyrannis was rather a Dempsey fan. - Sean McBride
Dempsey is a totally corrupt individual. yes, money and power corrupt everythiing and everyone. What he said about operation "Hard Rock" (which israel sold to the world as protective Edge) was idiotic. he should have been fired pronto. If he wasn't then yes, money corrupts everything and he was influenced by the fifth column that's doing quite well in the US> - Danaa
Has Dempsey taken money from the Israel lobby? What are the facts? - Sean McBride
Pat lang is no longer a Dempsey fan. People change. Dempsey may have once been upstanding but if he supports heinous atrocities committed by a cult of madmen and mad women then he is a goner. How was he brought to his knees is the only valid question here. - Danaa
Do you have any links to Lang's anti-Dempsey comments? I'd love to read them, but don't have time to browse his site. - Sean McBride
You have no clue how the Lobby operates. They have surrounded Obama, you know. and they are making inroads through the military officer ranks. Demsey is a man with a career to protect. Threaten that career and it's likely no money needs to change hands. happened to many. I urge you to look at one of your lsist to find the names. To me, it's not the ones we know that's an issue. It's the ones we don't know about. Dempsey did what he had to do to keep his position, that's all. - Danaa
I have no links to lang since I am not a daily or even weekly reader there. Sometimes it's not by pronouncements that one recognizes a position change but by silence. For lang to come outright against Dempsey would be foolhardy. But he can stop praising him, can't he? - Danaa
Danaa -- I think one has a moral responsibility to condemn all terrorist attacks on civilians in houses of worship without hesitation or qualification. Being evasive about whether such attacks are right or wrong will be interpreted as support for such attacks in many quarters. It's a losing political position in Western politics. - Sean McBride
It is not for me to condemn what palestinian do and neither it is for you. It's the height of arrogance to say otherwise. You can go ahead and condemn whatever you want, just don't ask the rest of us. - Danaa
Danna -- I do in fact have a plan to help the Palestinians -- try to influence American and European political elites to apply effective pressure on Israel to stop violating Palestinian human rights and agree to a just solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It's the only plan that has a slim chance of working -- and it doesn't include terrorist attacks on synagogues. Obama and... more... - Sean McBride
BTW, I condemn meat eaters everywhere all the time. Just so you know. They eat the flesh or real living and breathing creatures just because they feel like it. So, does my condemnation change anything for anyone? also I support Peta. Does that make me an extremist? - Danaa
'' American -- I am smart enough to make accurate political predictions on a regular basis'....Sean).....Oh really? Give us one. And not what some political whore for the zio lobby is gonna say about Palestine aqttacks ----thats not a political prediction. ..thats sop for lobby whores. My prediction is that the Palestine revenge attacks will increase the calls by the EU and others for there to be a settlement of I/P - American
Quick Sean whose your got 3 seconds to answer. - American
Your 3 seconds are up. - American
American -- I challenge you over the coming days to find a single American politician or pundit (mainstream or alternative media) who expresses support for the terrorist attack on the synagogue. And this has nothing to do with Zionism -- these kinds of attacks provoke revulsion all across the political spectrum. - Sean McBride
Here is Rand Paul weighing in: - Sean McBride
Senator Rand Paul: Prayers sent to ppl of Israel. This horrific & violent act should be universally condemned. I vow to #StandWithIsrael - Sean McBride
I challenge you to make one comment that isnt twisted and unrelated to what taxi,danaa or I have said. And seriously how STUPID STUPID STUPID is this question......" to find a single American politician or pundit (mainstream or alternative media) who expresses support for the terrorist attack on the synagogue''''..Can you get any more STUPID STUPID STUPID than to suggest anyone is going to make a statement supporting it? - American
Twitter, per usual, is a reliable guide to how opinion is trending on particular issues among thought leaders: I haven't seen a single tweet yet trying to defend or justify the attack. Zip. - Sean McBride
'' the Israel lobby is more powerful in American politics than ever -- and you don't seem to understand why this is the case. - Sean McBride)......Why dont you explain to us why this the case Sean....come on we wanna hear your explanation. - American
American -- I've provided you with the explanation many times -- but your mind is closed and you don't want to listen. Many non-Jewish Americans support Israel and Zionism for a wide variety of reasons -- ideological, religious, cultural, financial, etc. The military-industrial complex is an especially powerful player in this game -- it has profited to the tune of hundreds of billions... more... - Sean McBride
Sean, your plan for Palestine sucks and is utterly unrealistic - it's been tried and tried again: pressure and reasoning with the zionist state does NOT work, evidently. But you seem to think it can so you go ahead and start that ball rolling and see where that gets you. Also, politicians DO NOT represent the will of the people in our democracies, they represent the funds and wills of corporations. - Taxi
American -- classical Western imperialist interests (*not* Jewish) have used Zionism as a convenient cover for running roughshod over the Middle East. Jewish Zionists have done all the heavy lifting for them in terms of churning out endless streams of self-justifying propaganda for their policies. It's a sweet deal especially from the standpoint of the military-industrial complex. These factors may be in play with regard to Martin Dempsey, who sits near the top of that particular power elite. - Sean McBride
Taxi -- if political pressure from the West won't rein in Israel (and that is a likely scenario), then I fear that Palestinians are facing a future that will be even more horrifing than their past. They can engage in military resistance, but I doubt that it will work. The track record since the 1940s suggests that it won't. But I don't think we should give up in firing up political pressure on Israel in the United States and Europe -- it *might* work. - Sean McBride
American -- make that supports, provides apologetics for, hems and haws about, equivocates about, etc. the attack on the synagogue -- I haven't seen any of that among the usual thought leaders among critics of Israel. Maybe you will turn up something. Be sure to post it if you do. - Sean McBride
Sean, if the global jewish collective was innocent and not going to hell and high water to support the war crimes of the racist state of israel, then I would find any attacks against them unacceptable. But the fact is that the jewish collective are in total, whole-hearted alignment with israel's ethnic cleansing, incremental genocide and infanticide. So it doesn't bother me to hear... more... - Taxi
I seem to recall the FBI trying really hard to reason with David Koresh and followers. Now, why, oh why did the whole place have to go up in flames? is there some truth to the assertion that reasoning with cult followers and leaders is like reasoning with the insane who claims to be napoleon? now what is practical? I believe the FBI thought they were being quite practical when they laid... more... - Danaa
If palestinians end up driven out and herded into bantustans like Gaza, there to slowly suffocate as the people in Gaza do, then perhaps, perhaps some reaction can be expected. be it upon upon houses of cult worship (cf. synagogs) or houses of education (cf. preaching) or any other place where jewish people and friends run about frolicking while others are burning. I am sure that when... more... - Danaa
For your own sake, Sean you need to take a stand on which side you are. I know you understand Big Data but I don't think you (or I, for that matter) are experts at tactics available to those who are too weak to defend themselves. - Danaa
What taxi said above about the global jewish collective - hear, hear. - Danaa
My thoughts on "the global Jewish collective": don't try to harangue and bully Jews into a corner but give them every conceivable opportunity to revise their views and to modify the policies of the collective. Try to create openings and situations for positive change. Any anti-Israel and anti-Zionist rhetoric that has the look and feel of classical antisemitism and Judeophobia will just... more... - Sean McBride
'' Sean, if the global jewish collective was innocent and not going to hell and high water to support the war crimes of the racist state of israel, then I would find any attacks against them unacceptable. But the fact is that the jewish collective are in total, whole-hearted alignment with israel's ethnic cleansing, incremental genocide and infanticide. So it doesn't bother me to hear... more... - American
Why don't you put your intellectual meat on the table and rebut the points, jkk asshole! - Taxi
Sean, do we really have to suffer more zionists who only have four words in their vocab: hitler, kkk, nazi and antisemite? The fucker has no tolerance for honest goy intellectual activity. - Taxi
Sean McBride
Jailed jihadist claims Saudi prince paid 9/11 hijackers' flight lessons - -
Jailed jihadist claims Saudi prince paid 9/11 hijackers' flight lessons -
"A jihadist serving life in prison on terror charges following the 9/11 attacks in the US has reportedly claimed the Saudi Arabian royal family helped finance the plot. Zacarias Moussaoui, 46, has filed court documents in the US stating an unnamed Saudi Prince paid for himself and the 19 terrorists who hijacked planes in the September 11 attacks to take flying lessons prior to the attacks, The Daily Mail has reported." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"He claims the prince “was assisting me in my Islamic terrorist activities ... and was doing so knowingly for Osama bin Laden”" - Sean McBride
And he does this now, 12 years later?..a "unnamed' Saudi prince? - American
If TPTB (including the Obama administration) stopped trying to cover up evidence of Saudi involvement in 9/11, perhaps we could get to the truth regarding claims of this kind. Why are they so afraid of releasing the full report of the 9/11 Commission to the American people? - Sean McBride
American Department of State Public Notice
Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Request for Proposals: Combatting Anti-Semitism in Europe The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) announces a Request for Proposals (RFP) from organizations interested in submitting proposals for projects that will combat anti-Semitism in Europe. - American
Combatting Anti-Semitism: approximately $330,000, pending availability of funding: Combatting Anti-Semitism: approximately $330,000, pending availability of funding: - American
Constantly shuffling our tax money to the Jews...and they wonder why there is anti semitism. - American
How much of our tax money goes to non-Jewish defense contractors, white Christians (many of them in red states), African-Americans, Hispanics, etc.? $330,000 is a drop in the bucket. Many special interest groups and lobbies are the recipients and beneficiaries of "our tax money." We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on military ventures alone during recent years. - Sean McBride
Regarding the hyping of "Combatting Anti-Semitism" campaigns: they are largely designed to divert attention away from the problems that Israel and Zionism are creating for Jews all around the world -- not just in Europe. Imagine how much damage Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban by themselves have done to the public image of Jews and the Jewish lobby. - Sean McBride
So what if the jews wanna self-destruct?! It's not the first time, nor will it be the last time that a hostile tribe fades from the pages of history. - Taxi
Since Jews have survived for several millennia, and are more successful now than ever before, it is unlikely that they are going fade from the pages of history in the near future or ever. The future of the Jews is not dependent on the future of Israel or Zionism. - Sean McBride
'' The future of the Jews is not dependent on the future of Israel or Zionism. - Sean McBride).....Their futures are now entertwined.......'' Imagine how much damage Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban by themselves have done to the public image of Jews and the Jewish lobby. - Sean McBride)......The Jews let the Adelson's and Saban's do it because the Jews benefit from the zionist entitlement. - American
Find for us Sean an example of a grant given to study the phenomenon of school shootings in the US that killed more children in the last decade than Jews have been from anti semitism. - American
If Israel and Zionism fail, Jews will simply rebuild around a new ideology and strategy. Jewish civilization is highly flexible and resilient -- capable of bouncing back from major failures -- even catastrophic failures. - Sean McBride
The next jewish catastrophe will be worse than ever - because the goys who helped them last time have all but been stabbed in the back by world jewry. - Taxi
Pay attention....the US is going 'red', 38 of 51 states are now controlled by conservative legislatures and governors. In the next presidential election they will take the WH. This is a reaction to the 'extreme' liberalism of the Dems who have cultivated a government and culture of victims and minority entitlements and bashing of white America and traditional values.. What does this... more... - American
American, unfortunately the conservatives can be "played" by Jewish establishment just as much as the liberals have been. May be more so because of the religious base, where a great deal of naivite and gullibility strengthens the hands of the "great jewish myth makers". I know there's another side to conservatives, one represented by libertarians but they are not very prominent on the... more... - Danaa
That is exactly what they will do.....but their fringes,especially their 'religious' will never hold. The right is very much more fractured than the liberal left. Both parties know they are 'played' by the Jewish establishment but the difference is the right wing likes to employ and show off their power, they are a lot less inclined 'to be used' and more inclined to be the 'user'. They... more... - American
It's the election of Obama I told friends that he would either 'be the revolution' people were waiting for.......or set the stage for a giant red land political revolution----I think that's whats going to happen. The Dems have blown it. And their push to legalize all the immigrants is going to kill them in most states---the liberals have gotten too liberal for the moderate 45% of the country. Its going to be a wild time. - American
I agree with you about the immigrants issue, American. I believe the democrats are way out to lunch on this issue when it comes to reading the voters true sentiments. Note that oregon, that most liberal of liberal states just passed a measure by a 2;1 majority denying illegal immigrants the right to a drivers' licence. That when the legislature approved it decisively., and the opponents... more... - Danaa
If Obama goes ahead with the "amnesty" unilaterally, I believe that would practically hand over the next presidential election to republicans (as long as they manage to come up with a half-way decent candidate). - Danaa
One gets the impression that Americans overall are not in the mood to welcome a large influx of illegal immigrants from mostly a single ethnic group -- Obama and the Democrats will probably pay a significant political price for aggressively pushing a policy that no other nation in the world would endorse for itself. There is nothing especially "progressive" about such a policy -- or even rational. - Sean McBride
I am not against immigration but I am against 'iIllegal immigration . And its not a matter of racism as the Dems try to demonize its opponents , its a matter of economics---you cant keep exporting jobs and importing workers. - American
According to the 2012 Census 35.4 percent of all American were receiving welfare payments . That's 109 million people out of 309 million people in the United States. and that does not count unemployment benefits. We have spent 20 trillion since Johnson declared 'war on poverty'---it hasnt worked. Its gotten worse. I don't know what the GOP plan to address this is but the Dem program has... more... - American
Once all the illegal immigrants are legalized they will have to pay taxes and into SS and etc----but many will also qualify for various forms of welfare assistance for the 'working poor'...part timers and low wage workers. If I am not mistaken the income thresh hold for a family with 4 children to qualify for government SSI food cards is $40,000 . You could describe the entire US economic agenda as a Ponzi Scheme. The money is moved upward and downward and the middle is left holding the bag. - American
American, the presence of large numbers of immigrants in the US is largely because we --(Washington)--in addition to the IMF and World Bank have destroyed the economies of their native countries. <<First, businesses in the US needed low wage labor… Second the so-called Free Trade Agreement made it impossible for many small farmers in Mexico to survive. Third, the US wars and... more... - weareone
'' So when we stop invading other countries, their citizens will no longer have to flee here in an attempt to survive which is a cruel and strange paradox--)...Global capitalist in the form of the US preying on lesser countries might be part of the problem but its not the entire problem re immigrants. Mexico for example is totally corrupt all on its own by its own government. - American
American, as you say, I'm sure it's not the entire problem, but my sense is that immigration is the tip of a much larger iceberg --a consequence, not a cause in itself. Mexico, like many governments worldwide may be corrupt, but does not appear to be acting alone. Much has been written on this, but just an example: <<Since 2011 the US has not only continued “losing” its war on drugs... more... - weareone
The immigrant issue can be used, like all others, as another tool to distract and divide us--ie. blue vs red, American vs Mexican and other immigrants, Democrat vs Republican--or we can finally recognize that we all have a common problem and it's not each other. There is enough in the world for everyone- the problem is the hoarding of the earth's bounty by 1% or less of the population. Maybe we should focus our collective energies on them....just a thought. - weareone
weareone -- are you arguing that the United States should permit open and unlimited immigration from Latin America and everywhere else in the world? I can't think of any other nation in the world that practices such a policy -- for reasons of clear self-interest. In an ideal world, national borders would disappear -- but I don't think we are quite there yet. - Sean McBride are going to the 'universal' on the migration and immigration problems. I was talking strictly about the US immigration problem and the domestic economic implications. The UN identifies the cause of mass migrations and immigrations to be 1) poverty, 2)wars and 3) government repression/persecution of different groups. So 'ideally' without those things migrations would be... more... - American
Sean and American, no I 'm not arguing that the US should permit "unlimited immigration." I'm simply suggesting that the problem is much more complex than is usually presented in the media. These other contributing factors are rarely discussed, at least in my experience, and if a reasonable and fair solution is to be achieved, they will need to be considered, imo. - weareone
'' In an ideal world, national borders would disappear -- but I don't think we are quite there yet. - Sean McBride).....I disagree. If you want to see real world wide chaos do away with sovereign nations. What authority and or world body do you envision upholding your 'rights' or trying to maintain order in boarderless world?....the UN? would be standing in a long- long- long line to have your grievance heard. - American
I also don't believe the solution lies in removing national borders, but in respect for each nation's sovereignty. - weareone
What are the primary factors driving national identity? A question worth pondering. - Sean McBride
Its different for different countries. For Israel's its victim hood and choseniness in both the religious and people hood sense for both the religious and secular fractions. For most normal countries like for instance new Zealand its mostly just national identity period.....not one religious or ethnic identity. - American
Ethnicity -- including the expression and protection of ethnic cultures -- seems to be the primary driver of national identity in most nations. - Sean McBride
# a few examples 1. China 2. Egypt 3. France 4. Germany 5. Greece 6. Ireland 7. Japan 8. Mexico 9. Norway 10. Spain 11. Sweden 12. Switzerland 13. Thailand 14. Turkey 15. Vietnam - Sean McBride
Many (most?) national conflicts are ethnic conflicts -- conflicts over ethnic cultures, values, interests, etc. - Sean McBride
# what comprises an ethnic culture? -- a few components 1. architecture 2. business practices 3. cinema 4. clothing 5. cuisine 6. customs 7. education 8. language 9. law 10. literature 11. manners 12. music 13. political values 14. religion 15. sanitation 16. science and technology 17. work habits - Sean McBride
Nations have repeatedly gone to war against one another over these ethnic cultural issues. - Sean McBride
When you visit the capital cities of these nations, you know you are in the midst of distinct ethnic cultures. - Sean McBride
Sean, yes, I view cultural diversity as a gift, making the world more interesting but I think cultural issues are used as an excuse for war ( Arab vs Israeli) rather than being the underlying cause. It seems to me that the causes are usually related to greed, selfishness and coveting of land and resources. If I could go back to your comment about borders disappearing. I should have said... more... - weareone
I think the emotional attachment of many people to their respective ethnic cultures plays a significant role in national and group conflicts -- never underestimate the role of non-rational factors in human behavior. People feel a strong instinctive need to protect whatever they prize as their quality of life. And of course feelings of ethnic self-interest are fully compatible with the... more... - Sean McBride
It is true that transnational interests and players can manipulate these ethnic and cultural conflicts for personal gain -- but these conflicts have a powerful proactive life of their own -- that is why they are so easy to exploit. It often takes very little to ignite them and to fan the flames. - Sean McBride
Well, I'm not convinced of that. Minus the manipulation, the enmity may not exit. As more people are becoming aware of the manipulation (ie. 9/11) it may not be as easy to instigate wars. - weareone
[Wikipedia; Ethnic conflict] "Examples of ethnic wars since the 1990s were typically caused by secessionist movements leading to the breakup of multi-ethnic states along ethnic lines: the Yugoslav Wars, the First Chechen War, the Nagorno-Karabakh War, the Rwandan Civil War, and War in Darfur among others." - Sean McBride
It would be interesting to create a timeline of ethnic conflicts and wars for the last several thousand years up until the year 2014. I am not convinced that they are going to go away any time soon. - Sean McBride
Well I agree with both of wao said greed--even when its based on a ethnic group,as in they band together to plunder some other group or fight some group that is plundering them ---is most often the factor. I also agree with Sean that other ethic wars comes from the ethnic group's megalomania--as in zionism---megalominics greed factor is their belief that because of their superiority all riches to should flow to them. - American
You need to remember however that all the world's major wars have been over territory or a nation to nation power dispute. - American
If you want a world without war then you should realize my Almighty Swat Team is only solution----because you are always going to have a certain number of bad people and psychopaths in leadership positions of nations and groups who are willing to kill millions of people to achieve their agendas. - American
A good read. - Taxi
From the article: <<What persists is the one-state reality, the status quo, and, with it, the corrosive rhetoric and behavior...>> But this "status quo" is increasingly recognized by most of the world as a temporary situation with an expiration date-- essentially Israel is on "life support" but is too delusional to recognize it. Here's another article--I've posted it before, so I... more... - weareone
<<Israel fears “delegitimization” more than anything else. Behind the velvet curtain lies a state built on myths and narratives, protected only by a military behemoth, billions of dollars in US assistance and a lone UN Security Council veto. Nothing else stands between the state and its dismantlement. Without these three things, Israelis would not live in an entity that has come to be known as the “least safe place for Jews in the world.>> - weareone
<<Israel is a failed experiment. It is on life-support – pull those three plugs and it is a cadaver, living only in the minds of some seriously deluded foreigners who thought they could pull off the heist of the century. The most important thing we can do as we hover on the horizon of One State is to shed the old language rapidly. None of it was real anyway – it was just the parlance of... more... - weareone
“least safe place for Jews in the world')...I find myself more and more repulsed by calls for 'Jewish safety.' That could be taken as anti semitic I suppose but it has nothing to do with a-s or wishing harm to Jews. It has to do with dismantling the Jewish exceptionalism and the entitled position of Jews in the world. Because not until the special status' of Jews is lowered to simply... more... - American
American Secret EU document outlines sanctions to impose if Israel thwarts two-state solution
yada yada.....I 'll believe it when i see it happen. - American
Sean McBride
Jon Stewart passionately speaks for me & all Jews called 'anti-Semitic' for critiquing Israel -
""Go f-ck yourself," Jon Stewart said in a moment of perceptible anger. This wasn't the usual, lighthearted barb during a satirical segment, nor a playful expression of ire diluted by audience laughter. It was sincere and seemingly raw, uttered during an interview with Jon Dekel and directed toward those Jews who have called him anti-Semitic, self-hating, or a kapo for critiquing Israel on The Daily Show." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
""Go f-ck yourself,", my sentiments exactly to the a-s whiners and slurers. - American
I say "go fuck yourself' John Stewart! Fucking liberal zionist charlatan! - Taxi
I have to keep repeating this bit of common sense-----if every country and society in which Jews have settled for 2000 years has had a severe enough problem with them to deport or attack them---then the Jews obviously created some or much of their problems. They wont admit it so they will keep on creating problems...... que sera, sera. Nothing the goy nations can do about it except have nothing to do with them or Israel. - American
Sean McBride
U.S. Anti-Semitism Chief Warns Future of Europe Jewry in Danger – -
U.S. Anti-Semitism Chief Warns Future of Europe Jewry in Danger –
"America’s top government official dealing with anti-Semitism warned Jewish communities in Europe could be put in danger if current trends remain unchanged. Ira Forman, speaking at the end of a conference for members of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe on countering anti-Semitism, told the Forward on Friday that the threat of rising anti-Semitism in Europe should not be taken lightly." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Samantha Power, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, headed the American delegation to the conference and delivered a stern warning to member countries. In her address to participants, Power cautioned that the rise of anti-Semitism threatens not only Jews in Europe but the overall values European democracies live by." - Sean McBride
"Choosing a loaded term to describe the threat facing Europe’s Jewish communities in light of the increase in anti-Semitism, Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League said that if governments do not take action “they will provide Hitler with a posthumous victory of a ‘Judenrein’ Europe.” Foxman used the German term coined by the Nazis to describe an area free of any Jewish existence." - Sean McBride
anti semitism....yawn. - American
Soon as the jews drop the elitist 'chosen' and take up the universal 'equal to everyone', they'll be safe. Even more succinctly: soon as the jews drop the 'chosen' they'll be safe. - Taxi
Well, they arent going to do that, so the world needs to accept its not a curable disease and start 'managing' the disease as a chronic condition instead. - American
The first thing the world needs to do take them off the victim and chosen 'entitlement' drug they are addicted to. There might be violent withdrawal symptoms but its got to be done. - American
Zionist National Anthem
♫♫ …..Suicide is painless it brings on many changes…. The game of life is hard to play I’m gonna lose it anyway The losing card I’ll someday lay so this is all I have to say…..♫♫ - American
Sean McBride
Max Blumenthal has argued that Zionism is all about colonialism and not Judaism -- to claim otherwise is antisemitic.
And yet the worldwide Jewish religious establishment asserts that Zionism is all about Judaism and Judaism is all about Zionism -- they comprise a single ethno-religious nationalist ideology. - Sean McBride
Is Max Blumenthal a more reliable authority on these matters than the worldwide Jewish religious establishment? Obviously no. Is he capable of defending his views on this issue in fair and open debate? He has never done so on Mondoweiss or in any other forum. - Sean McBride
Its a true can of worms. Who can say how much of Zionism came from Judaism? From what I see it appears the interconnectedness of Judaism and Zionism springs from " Judaism as a separate tribe of people" and Judaism's worship of Jewish victim hood and choosiness . Jews I suppose, like others, pick from their religion what they want to think or believe about their religion or people or themselves . - American
imo there is too much in the 1000's of years Jewish history that displays the same elements and attitudes as Zionism --and the Old Testament for that matter----for the connection not to have at least had some roots in ancient Judaism itself. Max can claim those roots were ' perverted' by zionist--but does it even matter? It exist and its a problem. I do not think Max is going to change many Jewish minds, his real value is in revealing the vileness of Israel to countries around the world. - American
If the Jewish religious establishment claims that Judaism and Zionism constitute a single ethno-religious nationalist ideolgy -- and it does -- case closed. That establishment is the authoritative arbiter on these matters, not Max Blumenthal. Judaism owns Zionism. Zionism is the natural organic expression of Judaism in the 20th and 21st centuries. Stop blaming other parties (like "Euro-Christians") or concepts (like "colonialism") for Zionism. That is evasive and intellectually dishonest. - Sean McBride
"Judaism owns Zionism." I agree...signed, sealed and delivered. - weareone
Game over. Debate over. And progressive Jews like Max Blumenthal can't handle the reality of what has happened. - Sean McBride
Gilad Atzmon is trying to get to the bottom of the truth of what has happened here -- Max Blumenthal's response? -- smear Atzmon as an antisemite. Max can't handle the truth. He's in hunkered down obfuscation mode. But despite that, he himself is being smeared as an antisemite by the Jewish establishment. - Sean McBride
As I've said before, the Jewish community has had 66 years to deny zionism, but chose to embrace it instead.( with the notable exceptions of some orthodox anti-Zionist Jewish sects). If there's such belated moral outrage now, Jews could storm the halls of Congress, cut off the money, place ads in every major paper and on billboards around the country, rid Hollywood and msm of zionist... more... - weareone
People that want to defend Jews or Judaism or Israel for whatever reason throw in a lot of descriptions and terms like 'liberal' (for zionist) or 'colonialism' and etc.---they are just red herrings and pilpul---zionism is not colonialism, colonialism is defined as colonizing (controlling a country or region) for the purpose of providing the colonizer with resources, wealth etc.. Zionism... more... - American
Sean and American- agree and agree- Atzmon is trying to expose some truths about Judaism and Jewish gatekeepers and the goal is regional hegemony. - weareone
I think Aztmon sometimes 'phrases' what he says for the 'shock value' of it---but I don't really disagree that the tribe need some 'shock'. Where I think the hatred of Aztmon comes from from other Jews is he does not allow the' excuse' that Jews are 'tribal' or hostile or this or that or they or Israel do what they do because 'others' caused them to be that way. Not accepting any blame... more... - American
# messianic psychology (both religious and secular) -- a few key traits 1. absolutism 2. aggression 3. apocalypticism 4. authoritarianism 5. bullying 6. chosen people mentality 7. cultism 8. dogmatism 9. dualism (us vs. them) 10. fanaticism 11. grandiosity 12. groupthink 13. herd behavior 14. hostility to free speech 15. hysteria 16. infantilism 17. intolerance 18. magical thinking 19.... more... - Sean McBride
Some folks are more messianic than others, for whatever reasons. - Sean McBride
Cant deny that accurately list what we see. Guess I will keep wondering how this Jewish zio and Israel aberration is going to end right up the day it does end. My crystal ball is showing me nothing. - American
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
US Jewish voters have more favorable feelings about Netanyahu than Obama -
J Street published a poll of 800 Jewish voters on November 4 that is scary. When asked to “rate your feelings,” warm versus cold, they favor Benjamin Netanyahu by 53-24 percent but fewer warm up to Obama– 48-44. Notice the unfavorables for Obama are nearly twice Netanyahu’s. Hillary Clinton they favor, 61-31. And only Sheldon Adelson is
I am not surprised. I tried to explain why the Jews are like this in my true monkey story. - American
"The data from a liberal Jewish organization shows staunch support for the rightwing Israeli government. Jewish voters supported the Gaza slaughter 80-20 and are against pressuring Israel to stop settlements in the West Bank, or pressure Israel to accept a peace deal. This poll exposes the attitudes that are the basis of my statement that the Jewish community is reactionary on the Israel/Palestine issue." - Sean McBride
"These numbers help explain the Israel lobby. It’s older Jews. And they’re Democrats. Let’s not blame John Hagee and the Christian Zionists, they have little influence over the Democratic Party. These folks are the reason Obama isn’t pressuring Israel on the unending settlements, let alone saying anything strong about the crushing of Palestinian life in Jerusalem. They don’t care about Palestinian life. They approve the Gaza slaughter and think Netanyahu is doing a helluva job." - Sean McBride
So revealing. The Jewish American liberal Zionist mind.
Back in my old Jesuit high school propaganda 101 classes we would often be given an essay like Prof Slater's and asked to deconstruct it: - American
'' The problem with the argument that Obama is a political coward—which at one level, as illustrated in my post yesterday, I obviously share—is that it doesn't address the other other level, which creates a terrible dilemma: it isn't Obama that would suffer political consequences if he exercised real pressure on Israel, but the rest of us. Meaning that as long as a large majority of the... more... - American
This what he actually says-----1) most of the Jewish community will not give money or vote for anyone who pressures Israel.-----2) and Obama is a coward for giving into that-----3) but if he does give into that the Jewish community will 'punish' Americans by giving money to and electing Republicans. - American
The ultimate message of this piece is it useless for anyone to fight the Jewish community on Israel and if we do the Jews will punish us, so it is better non Jews don't pressure their politicians or involve themselves on Israel or we will all suffer the consequences of conservative domestic policies. - American
The Jewish Zionist threatened Hitler and Germany with a similar economic and political punishment for going against Jewish interest in 1933. - American
Well, with all due respect to Mr. Slater, he's living in a generational, myopic, delusional vacuum. If there are 7 billion people in the world, 13 million of whom are Jews, with 5 million Jews in the US- even with a generous estimation that 60% or 3 million are zionists in a country of 300 million--the numbers just do not support his statement <<The dilemma cannot be resolved without a... more... - weareone
American Same old, same old, Russia, Germany, USA
' State Department document 861.00/1757 was sent on 2 May 1918, from Moscow by US Consul General Summers. The lower one, State Department document 861.00/2205, was sent from Vladivostok on 5 July 1918, by US Consul Caldwell. Both describe the domination of the Bolshevik Communists by Jews. - American
' U.S. Archives: State Department document 861.00/1757 sent May 2, 1918 by U.S. consul general in Moscow, Summers: “Jews prominent in local Soviet government, anti-Jewish feeling growing among population….” State Department document 861.00/2205 was sent from Vladivostok on July 5, 1918 by U.S. consul Caldwell: “Fifty percent of Soviet government in each town consists of Jews of the worst type.” - American
' From the Headquarters of the American Expeditionary Forces, Siberia on March 1, 1919, comes this telegram from Omsk by Chief of Staff, Capt. Montgomey Shuyler: “It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States but the Bolshevik movement is and has been since it’s beginning guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the greasiest type.” A second Schuyler telegram, dated June... more... - American
So how is it going to end this time? it did in Russia and Germany? - American
Definition of a Pattern ......."Consistent and recurring characteristic or trait that helps in the identification of a phenomenon or problem, and serves as an indicator or model for predicting its future behavior." - American
Sean McBride
Terrifying Tweets of Pre-Army Israeli Teens
"A simple search of Twitter for the string ARAVIM, which means "Arabs" in Hebrew, produces a long list of messages by young Jewish Israelis calling to ethnically cleanse the country." - Sean McBride
"On Thursday, July 10, I entered the Hebrew word for "Arabs", ARAVIM, into Twitter and searched for uses of the word over the previous few hours. What I found was young Israelis proclaiming their desire for all Arabs to die and in some cases be tortured to death." - Sean McBride
Ok -- this is mind-blowing. You need to scroll down through the entire page and read all the tweets. Any comments from the ADL? - Sean McBride
How much of a fringe are these teens and other arab haters----and does it matter since evidently Isr is run by its lunatic fringe just as the Us is. - American
One begins to realize that the only way that Israel can survive is by mainstreaming and normalizing extreme racism and religious bigotry in American culture. Rather than conforming to modern Western democratic standards, the Israeli government and the Israel lobby will attempt to push the United States towards the hard fascist and racist right. The neoconservative campaign to demonize and whip up hatred of Islam is a key part of that effort. Fox News is a leading media outlet in this propaganda program. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride .@PeterBeinart: The American Jewish establishment can't launder Israel’s behavior for American consumption any longer
They dont have to the US media does it for them. - American
Sean McBride
W.Jones -- on Rosemary Radford Ruether
One of the best Christian critiques of Zionism I have read is [book; Rosemary Radford Ruether, Herman J. Ruether; The Wrath of Jonah: The Crisis of Religious Nationalism in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; Fortress Press; 2002]. (It was originally published in 1989.) - Sean McBride
Have you read it? What are your best recommendations in this literature (Christian critiques of Zionism)? - Sean McBride
"In this well-written, powerful sequel to Faith and Fratricide, the Ruethers (she is author of Women-Church; he is acting director of the Palestinian Human Rights Campaign) argue that Israel and the U.S., not the Palestinians, are the chief obstacles to peace in the Middle East. The authors believe that the PLO's implicit recognition of Israel's right to exist "needs to be accepted and... more... - Sean McBride
Sean, I am Orthodox so I recommend The Nation of Israel in Prophecy: This was written by a leading theologian of the Antiochian Church to which Mideast Christians belong. Kairos USA was good except for its section denouncing "Replacement Theology". I recommend you look up the section in the "Orthodox Wikipedia" on that topic. - W.Jones
Sean, You asked me to look at THE WRATH OF JONAH. On page 24 she says the Old Testament has been superseded. That is correct. Otherwise we would still demand animal sacrifices and other rituals of Leviticus not to mention the concept of ritual cleanliness. Unfortunately what some authors have noted (See the PCUSA Book Steadfast Hope). Thus Ruether's book "Faith and Fratricide: The... more... - W.Jones
Christ at the Checkpoint's talk by Isaac Munther was fine. Stephen Sizer is a good writer about this. This is a good debate he engaged in where his Calvinist Christian Zionist opponent admitted that the New Testament superseded the Old one: - W.Jones
W.Jones -- thanks for your thoughtful pointers. I know Sizer's work -- it's solid. I'll get around to watching the video later this weekend. - Sean McBride
When you say you are Orthodox, which branch? - Sean McBride
Regarding supersessionism -- all ideologies and belief systems, religious and secular, evolve, change and revise themselves over time -- this is a natural and good thing. We are continuously learning more about the world and acquiring new insights. Judaism itself has evolved over centuries -- discarded some old ideas and adopted some new ideas. The main point is that we need to treat... more... - Sean McBride
Rather than "replace" one ideology with another, it might be more productive, whenever possible, to draw upon whatever elements in most ideologies are most beneficial for us all. - Sean McBride
Sean, Regarding Replacement, this is partly a semantic issue. If I were to follow your advice and draw on those good elements and then make a new ideology from them I could be considered to have "replaced" my previous belief in an ideology with the new one that I have just created as you instructed. - W.Jones
True enough --- but one could leave the previous ideologies intact, free to develop along their own paths for whoever chooses to believe in them. - Sean McBride
Sean, if you do that, then the later version of the ideology "replaces" the earlier version. It really can be that simple. it is not antisemitic as its critics label it. it just means that Christianity develops some things, bases itself on Judaism, but does not demand every thing like some rituals. That is what the traditional view about the two testaments is. What they will do, Sean,... more... - W.Jones
My bottom line on this: all branches of Judaism, Christianity and Islam should be allowed to develop along their own paths -- as long as no group violates the human and civil rights of any of the others. Any group is free to "replace" the beliefs of any other group -- to develop new interpretations of established doctrine -- or to develop entirely new doctrines. Let the free marketplace of ideas sort it out all out. - Sean McBride
I would not care much abotu the replace/ no replace debate about Christianity. Except that it is being abused: the claim is that early Christians believe in replacement and this means they are racist so therefore we must reject early Christian thinking about this. Obviously that is a problematic way of thinking and is its own kinds of "replacement" in fact. - W.Jones
That line of thinking would basically eradicate Christianity at its roots -- no wonder most Christians are not sympathetic to it. :) - Sean McBride
Sean, I think many Christians have not thought it through. I certainly didnt until I wanted to know the Christian traditional response to Christian Zionism. I think if they pick up a book like Ruether (depending on which of the two books) they will tend to accept whatever she says because she is an expert and will of course explain her view in a sophisticated way. So if she says... more... - W.Jones
I need to look more into her views on replacement theology before I can comment. I haven't read her other book. - Sean McBride
Ok -- she approaches the supersessionist issue from a feminist standpoint -- -- that's a different set of issues from her critique of Zionism -- highly problematic for many traditional Christians. I wouldn't dare to wade into that. Feel free to disagree with her on replacement theology. :) - Sean McBride
Sean: The one (rejection of traditional views on the testaments) runs into the other (upholding the Old Testament concepts in full force), even if the author does not intend that. Secondly, rejecting so called supersessionism from a feminist standpoint is counterintuitive. The New testament strengthened women's place in society. Jesus healed women and touched them and women played... more... - W.Jones
Just delete the thread- I can't delete "W.Jones" posts. Thank you. - WJones
An couple of side notes to your debate: most orthodox Jews take it for granted that the Talmud - with all its contradictions and argumentations - effectively supersedes the Old Testament's laws (Leviticus etc). The new laws - those 623 (is that the number? I keep forgetting) mitzvot, or rules, were what the Talmud laid out. Animal sacrifices were not required once the temple was gone... more... - Danaa
What I am saying is that the Christians have every right to consider Christianity as they know it to have superseded Judaism, or at least the the covenant. I have no idea why anyone would consider that an issue. - Danaa
News flash----Christianity and Judaism got a divorce centuries ago because of irreconcilable differences. Obsessing over this religious corpse is too much like necrophilia. - American
We make up, edit, revise and discard religious and secular ideologies as we go along -- they are human inventions. No one is obligated to believe anything. No ideology is eternally static or free from relentless challenge and interrogation. Watch out for tyrants who try to control and censor the thinking of others on the basis of this or that authoritarian ideology. - Sean McBride
Ideologies are usually about the acquisition of political and economic power and are based on self-hypnosis and social hypnosis. They are rackets. Hocus-pocus. Psychological weapons. - Sean McBride
American -- some strains of Zionism are trying turn Christianity into a guided missile for Israel by convincing Christians that their religion is subdordinate to Judaism. That is the cynical and manipulative psychological game that is being played here. And it has been highly effective -- witness the powerful role of Christian Zionists in contemporary American culture -- especially in... more... - Sean McBride
Danaa -- excellent point -- Judaism has often itself engaged in internal supersessionism throughout its history. Human history across the board has been one long process of supersessionism. We get new insights. We revise our beliefs. - Sean McBride
Yes I know what they have done and why ------we just disagree on the extent of their influence in American culture and politics----down here in the religious South-land the CZs are considered a fringe by the mainstream religious and religions. But we can accurately say that 'fringes' are running a lot of us US politics.....but they are still 'fringes' despite that, not mainstream. - American
Why do the "liberal" New York and Hollywood mainstream media give so much prominence to Christian Zionist voices in American politics and culture? The answer should be obvious: liberal Zionists and Likud Zionists are really pushing the same agenda and are working hand in glove. They are, quite simply, Zionists. But eventually mainstream Americans may show them the exits. Americanism and Zionism are in truth radically incompatible ideologies. - Sean McBride
'' Why do the "liberal" New York and Hollywood mainstream media give so much prominence to Christian Zionist voices in American politics and culture?..Sean)........All the Media is is the ' fringes.' They present only the ' fringe voices' and pov. The mainstream American voice is not presented in the media. - American
Sean - "a guided missile for Israel" - a very well put comment. The psychological/lithurgical game being played is effectively a bullying tactic. One that, I hate to say it, but Jewish scholarly rabbis have mastered through the ages. While Christians were out and about trying to survive in war riveted, church dominated Europe, Jewish talmudic minds were busy fighting to the hilt over... more... - Danaa
Danaa -- indeed -- the skillful manipulation of words, symbols, ideologies, rhetoric, etc. -- scientific propaganda -- is usually the key to achieving political domination. And the Jewish lobby overall can run circles around the Christian lobby -- especially the Christian evangelical lobby. It is much better educated. All of those Ivy League degrees (especially PhDs) acquire and... more... - Sean McBride
Having lived as a cult for more than a thousand years, Jewish people (well, segments thereof) know how to get through to other groups locked in an isolated and inward looking ideology. Not just the millenialists but also the Mormons. Where jewish manipulation through words and reliance on first hand knowledge of the OT fails, they do not make inroads. Where there are more educated... more... - Danaa
One more thing - a case in point. If you noticed how I respond sometimes to W Jones' sincere queries and statements about, say, the prophets, I rely on the original language quite a bit. Of course, the gist of my comments is that I carry no water for those prophets as I consider their collected works to be an amalgam of rants., and as a fellow ranter, I can tell a good rant from one... more... - Danaa
Unlike others in this country, in israel you are subjected to these endless prophetic harrangues as part of your schooling, so, as one brought up secular, obviously it taxed my patience. That may explain my dismissive attitude towards prophets, one and all, but perhaps does not excuse that twinge of condescention or rank pulling that I just can't seem to avoid. It's what makes it very... more... - Danaa
I guess I am one those of ' little faith'.....not to insult the religious, I respect people's right to their religion, but i find most religious studying and ranting to be like stirring a can of worms. I am good to go with the 10 Commandments and a few other better parts but the rest of it I am not interested in at all. - American
American Watch @MaxBlumenthal on Norwegian national TV: "Where are the Jewish moderates to denounce the crimes of JSIL (Israel)
So where are they? - American
Too chicken shit to even denounce the Adelson's. - American
My feeling regarding the anti semitism and Jews that Sean and others talk about is this....every Jew out there could do the same thing those like Max and David and Aztmon and Blankfort do one is stopping them. And if they don't have the wherewithall to do that the least they can do is put a political statement sign in their yard saying they dont support Israel and zionism and want the US to stop funding its crimes. - American
Many Americans have also been too chickenshit to call traitors traitors but I think that is changing faster and among more Americans than it is among Jews. For the Jews its the sheep herd thing. Among WASP and anglo saxons 'rugged individualism' and going it alone has always been more admired than sticking with the herd. - American
At some point, people who revere individualism may have to focus on collective political action to defend their values and interests. A bit of a paradox -- but sometimes historical situations arise in which it is necessary for individualists to join forces against opponents who are bent on their destruction. - Sean McBride
They likely will --but not until some 'event' of severe impact makes the Zio-Isr threat 'clear as bell' to them. Meanwhile I know from Steve Clemons that some non jewish elites have been (collectively and secretly) concerned for many years about the US zios influence. I have wondered who is funding Max's very expensive world blitz tour on Isr--it would not surprise me to find some non... more... - American
Sean McBride
Adelson's Dismissal of Democracy in Israel Draws Silence From Groups He Backs – -
Adelson's Dismissal of Democracy in Israel Draws Silence From Groups He Backs –
"Recipients of casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s largesse are dodging questions about his latest salvo against Israeli democracy." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
“I don’t think the Bible says anything about democracy,” Adelson said. “[God] didn’t talk about Israel remaining as a democratic state… Israel isn’t going to be a democratic state — so what?” - Sean McBride
"While Anti-Defamation League national president Abraham Foxman has slammed Adelson’s remarks, leaders of groups that have taken money from Adelson have not responded to requests to address his statements." - Sean McBride
"Zionist Organization of America national president Morton Klein, whose group is advertising Adelson’s presence at an upcoming dinner, did not respond to three phone calls seeking comment after a brief conversation in which the Forward explained its question. A spokesperson for Birthright Israel, whose group gets $32 million a year from Adelson, did not respond to a request for comment.... more... - Sean McBride
"The American Jewish Committee, the community’s other large domestic advocacy group, did not respond to several calls requesting comment." - Sean McBride
Comment: "Mr. Adelson is doing amazing things for the Jewish People! G-d willing, his generosity will become and more strategic (like his recent donation pledge to Ariel Univ) and his impact will be felt for generations. All the liberals out there that hate him for his domestic American political views will continue to nit-pick every random comment, those who actually care about the... more... - Sean McBride
The comments support the observation that there is nothing in the Torah to support democratic values. - Sean McBride
Two ways to interpret their silence: 1. moral cowardice 2. they agree with Adelson but don't dare expose their real beliefs to Americans and the world at large. - Sean McBride
Well I know I don't need to point this out but nothing shows the supremest beliefs of these people more than Adelson demanding all the illegal immigrants get citizenship in the US while demanding Israel be pure Jewish. - American
Right -- would Adelson lobby for a large influx of non-Jewish immigrants into Israel? Of course not. His algorithm is simple: racism is good for Jews in Israel and bad for Jews in the Diaspora. In other words, the liberal stand on these issues by ideologues like Adelson in nations outside of Israel is purely manipulative and without moral or ethical content. - Sean McBride
The interesting question is, has liberal Zionism in the United States and Europe been driven by these cynical and selfish calculations all along? One wonders if Philip Weiss, Adam Horowitz and Max Blumenthal would dare to address that issue. - Sean McBride
Yes....I think we understand that MW for instance was started on concerns for " Jewishness"..the Jewish people. I have seen not one liberal or even anti zionist who has not in all their writings still put the welfare of the Jews and a defense for them above any other consideration in I/P. That is their 'disease'...but they claim their 'disease' is cause by the gentiles inherent anti semitic 'disease'. Its a 'disease' stand -off. - American
The clear strategy of Zionists like Adelson: maximize Jewish solidarity while weakening and destroying the solidarity of all other ethnic groups. Divide and conquer. Liberalism is good for all outgroups -- bad for the ingroup. - Sean McBride
The mystery is why anyone would be gullible and naive enough to be taken in by this game. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Richard Dawkins on the God of the Old Testament (The God Delusion)
"The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully." -- Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion - Sean McBride
Does this perfectly fair observation sometimes lead to generalized anti-Judaism, Judeophobia and antisemitism? Yes. It doesn't have to, but it can. - Sean McBride
From what I remember of the Old Testament Dawkin's description is accurate. Whoever wrote the Old Testament was obviously all those things. - American
'' Does this perfectly fair observation sometimes lead to generalized anti-Judaism, Judeophobia and antisemitism?..Sean)....Don't Jews claim the God of the Old Testament? From what I understand --(admitting I am not a expert on this)--- the Old Testament was the starting place for Judaism. - American
As a lover of lists, I find this Dawkins quote to be awesome -- and he is directly on target. - Sean McBride
American -- contemporary mainstream Judaism and Zionism are based squarely on Old Testament ideological structures -- they derive their authority from those beliefs. images and memes-- they largely define who they are. - Sean McBride
# Richard Dawkins on the Old Testament God 1. bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser 2. capriciously malevolent bully 3. filicidal 4. genocidal 5. homophobic 6. infanticidal 7. jealous 8. megalomaniacal 9. misogynistic 10. pestilential 11. petty 12. racist 13. sadomasochistic 14. unforgiving control-freak 15. unjust 16. vindictive - Sean McBride
The obvious question comes to mind: what kind of person would worship such a deity? - Sean McBride
Anti semitism or not --I can't help not 'looking down on' or being repulsed by people who would worship or adopt this kind of blood thirsty God...its primitive...seriously sick. FWIW I also find some things in the new Testament repulsive--- in no way do I accept the Bible as the literal word of a God. - American
How often do we find these Old Testament attitudes reflected in the public statements of contemporary Zionists? -- all the time -- on a daily basis. - Sean McBride
Everyone wants to believe in some God or Gods or life hereafter because they cant accept their own mortality.....but what people 'chose' to believe in tells what they are----some chose a bloody God, some chose reincarnation, some chose a kindly God, some chose the spirit elements of mother earth and nature as what humans return to after death like many Indian tribes. What you chose to believe is who and what you are in life. I find the Indian concept of great spirits in nature a lot more appealing. - American
Your religious beliefs tell one a great deal about who you are -- not about who God is. Religions are exercises in group self-expression -- manifestations of group psychology and personality. - Sean McBride
"God" is often an imaginative amalgamation -- a psychological projection -- of the personality traits of "His" creators. - Sean McBride
American A MARINE, PISTOL DRAWN, STOPS 3 ISRAELI TANKS By RICHARD HALLORAN, Special to the New York Times Published: February 3, 1983
After many years of observation and research I can conclusively say that the only way to have a satisfactory interaction with Israelis and zionist is to open the conversation with a gun to their head. - American
Americans have many, many scores to settle with the Israelis, their US Fifth Column and the US Politicians who protect them.
Draw up a list of all the individuals and organizations that have been attacked, abused, insulted, exploited, threatened, etc. by pro-Israel activists over the last half century. - Sean McBride
Too many to list. - American
Imagine if they all joined forces. - Sean McBride
American Israel Charged with Systematic Harassment of U.S. Marines By Donald Neff Former Time Magazine Bureau Chief, Israel Washington Report, March 1995
It was 12 years ago, on March 14, 1983, that the commandant of the Marine Corps sent a highly unusual letter to the secretary of defense expressing frustration and anger at Israel. General R.H. Barrow charged that Israeli troops were deliberately threatening the lives of Marines serving as peacekeepers in Lebanon. There was, he wrote, a systematic pattern of harassment by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that was resulting in “life-threatening situations, replete with verbal degradation of the officers, their uniform and country.” - American
Ex-CIA Pilot Gives Sworn Testimony That No Planes Hit The Twin Towers:
Hey American, if memory serves, you're a retired pilot, right? What do you think of the tech-speak of the pilot in the article - is it true what he is saying? - Taxi
So -- have the points raised here been answered persuasively by defenders of the 9/11 official story? - Sean McBride
What Lear is saying is similar to what both my Boeing friend and my friend at the FAA said. Jim, who was a 767 and 727 Boeing captain for 26 years and a trainer for Boeing on Boeing aircraft and Glen who was a former navy pilot and now FAA investigator both question the official story. Their opinion is that first, no pilot who was not trained on a 767 or similar Boeing would have been... more... - American
It might have been a 767 that hit the tower but if it was it had to have been 'modified' to perform as it did--- and it sure as hell wasn't flown by guys with 30 hours of flight school training. That would be like putting a teenager who just finished a high school driving course in a Indy 500 race. - American
How TPTB continue to defend the 9/11 official story -- shut up, don't ask any questions, look the other way, pretend that there are no problems with the story, pay no attention to that naked emperor. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Israel Has Power to 'Destroy Lebanon Entirely' - Middle East - News - Arutz Sheva -
Israel Has Power to 'Destroy Lebanon Entirely' - Middle East - News - Arutz Sheva
"On Monday, Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah, made a rare appearance on Lebanese TV station Al Manar, where he threatened to close Israeli sea and airports with rocket barrages in "the next war". "We need to open our eyes on Israel," said Nasrallah. "We are completely ready in southern Lebanon despite the presence of our fighters in Syria, and we have the capability to hit every point in Israel." Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) responded strongly against Nasrallah, saying, ""If a scenario like that happens, we will destroy Lebanon to its core, and return it to the stone age - and him (Nasrallah) under the stones."" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
""Hezbollah can cause damage - can cause the closure of Israeli harbors and the airport," Kedar stressed, as Nasrallah himself warned. But if Hezbollah were to take either such actions, Kedar suggested Israel has the power to "destroy Lebanon entirely." By hitting their roads, train tracks, and other infrastructure, Israel holds the ability to "send Lebanon back to the stone age," Kedar said, echoing Minister Katz." - Sean McBride
Hardly an idle threat. - Sean McBride
I'd say the hizb can do a tad more than just "cause damage". Lebanon has been "destroyed" many a time and the Lebanese, industrious as they are, keep rebuilding their (authentic) homeland. But when tel aviv will be destroyed by the hizb, most european askhakazi jews will make use of their second passports as fast as you can say 'pssssst'. And BTW, I listened to Nasrallah's speech on... more... - Taxi
The question is: precisely how much damage could Israel do to Lebanon if it sought to do so in a maximum and unrestrained way? And would that level of damage be tolerable to the Lebanese people? These are not matters which one would want to miscalculate. - Sean McBride
Put another way: how much damage did Israel's opponents do to Israel during Operation Protective Edge compared to how much damage Israel did to its opponents? - Sean McBride
Put it this way, Sean, Hamas is not Hizbollah. Israel for sure can 'destroy', but the balance of terror that was firmly established after the 2006 war between the Hizb and the idf indicates that the destruction will be mutual. Hence the long quiet on the shared border ever since. The barking statement made by general wotsits is for domestic consumption. Every time Nasrallah gives a... more... - Taxi
Do you think that any Arab government would support a military campaign by Hezbollah to try to annihilate Israel? Would Lebanon? Egypt? Jordan? Syria? How do you think they would game out that situation? - Sean McBride
Sean, Hizbollah is a resistance group. Resistance groups are born when an 'annihilator' comes kicking their door down at 2am. You should be phrasing this kinda question to zionist annihilators - zannihilators, if you like. Ask an israeli zionist if they think Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Syria would support Hizbollah in an all out war against zionist sttate. Go even further, Sean, ask the... more... - Taxi
Great comment, Taxi--- the majority of the world is defensive, with a right to protect themselves against those (relatively) few that seek hegemony. - weareone
I doubt that Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Syria would join Hezbollah in an effort to annihilate Israel because they can do the military math and because they are familiar with the track record in these ventures. - Sean McBride
Oh yea they would if Israel was attacking them and....if the US wasnt standing in the way. - American
So they are prepared to be nuked? Would the US ever attack Russia or China or Russia or China attack the US knowing that they would be nuked? One doubts that they are that crazy. They don't even rattle their sabers these days. And they have noticed what happened to Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and Yasser Arafat. - Sean McBride
Sean, thanks for your tireless efforts at being a spokesperson for the idf - everyone in the zio-sphere sure appreciates it. Man - have you even looked at the map of the mideast to see the proximity of all these countries to one another? Isreal nuking Lebanon/Hizbolah, Jordan or Syria would be like NYC nuking Upstate NY. Israel can only nuke the furthest ends of Egypt, even that, at... more... - Taxi
For several decades, from the 1940s through the 1990s, Arab governments kept promising to physically annihilate Israel through military force -- and then that talk stopped entirely. Why do you think that is? And whatever happened to the oil weapon? It's good to be a realist in these matters and not believe in pipe dreams. - Sean McBride
'' Why do you think that is? And whatever happened to the oil weapon? It's good to be a realist in these matters and not believe in pipe dreams. - Sean McBride).......I posted the Chas Freeman article for you to read so you would understand the "reality" of ME states. Answer this----why do you think Arab govs quit threatening to annihilate Israel? - American
Because they kept losing wars and suffering political setbacks. They began to understand that they had underestimated Israel and didn't have a handle on the political and military situation. How many Arab governments rushed to the defense of Palestinians in a meaningful way during Operation Protective Edge? - Sean McBride
'' They began to understand that they had underestimated Israel and didn't have a handle on the political and military situation. - Sean McBride")......rotflmao.....spoken like a true zionist supremest. You really do believe that Israel is some almighty power dont you? The big question is why ' you want' to believe it? - American
Sean, how many times do I have to tell you that your assessment is moot because your 'history of the idf' stops at 2006. It's like the 2006 Hizb victory never happened! Sean, your precious idf had the shit beaten out of their asses by the hizb - you should be in awe of the 'small' group of fighters who broke the trend you keep citing - you're like a broken zionist record: 'the idf is... more... - Taxi
American -- noticing that political actors who indulge in empty violent rhetorical bluster and pipe dreams are usually crushed by more sober-minded opponents doesn't make one a supporter of Israel or Zionism. During the 20th century, Arab governments repeatedly threatened to wipe out Israel with military force and the power of oil -- what happened? -- Israel is in a stronger position in... more... - Sean McBride
Taxi -- if Hezbollah is such a mighty military force, why didn't it lift a finger to defend Palestinians in Gaza during the last year against the Israeli onslaught? I don't know of any serious military analyst in the world who believes that Hezbollah could attack and annihilate Israel -- can you cite a single one? - Sean McBride
Your question is yet another zio fiddle, or you just simply don't understand geopolitical military strategy. For instance, why would the smarter Hizb go to the next war according to isael's 'timing'? Surely they would choose a time most suited to them for the final showdown. And what makes you think that the hizb was not in support of the Gaza resistances? What makes you think that... more... - Taxi
So you can't cite any serious military analysts -- Zionist, anti-Zionist or non-Zionist -- who argue that Hezbollah could attack and annihilate Israel? No surprise -- it's not a realistic scenario. We've been hearing these kinds of empty promises since the 1940s. Arab governments have learned from the pattern of repeated defeats for over seven decades now -- they've stopped making these kinds of threats. - Sean McBride
Oh yeah I can, try the CIA report on israel's longevity, go google it - but it won't make any difference to your know-it-all thick skull. How about YOU citing a non-zionist source that says that israel is invincible forever? - Taxi
It's true that Hezbollah offered impressive resistance to Israeli forces in Lebanon in 2006 -- but I don't think it is reasonable to conclude from that that Hezbollah is capable of invading and destroying Israel. Does not compute. - Sean McBride
I posted the news on that CIA report when it first came out -- and it received a deluge of comments here. It didn't argue that Hezbollah is capable of annihilating Israel with military power. I don't think that Israel is "invincible forever" -- it is highly susceptible to collapsing due to internal cultural and political factors. I have been predicting that that might happen for quite... more... - Sean McBride
I made a Friendfeed post about that CIA report on July 15, 2009: [CIA report: Israel will fall in 20 years] - Sean McBride
Sean I am beginning to wonder if you even live in the US , you sound just like the 'infantile' zio monkeys on MW beating their chest and pretending to be silverbacks. There is only One Reason Israel still exist ---and that is the US. For someone who is so enamored of the Zionist you really know nothing of the history of Israeli battles and how except for the US rushing Isr planes and... more... - American
American -- Israel has managed to survive and thrive by commanding control of the United States and its full economic, political and military resources. So how did such a small nation manage to acquire this much power? Just recently Martin Dempsey, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, heaped praise on Israel for its behavior during Operation Protective Edge. The American government is dancing to Israel's tune, not yours or Taxi's. Why is this the case? - Sean McBride
You know why this is the case----money. Has nothing to do with smart or cunning --plain old buying politics and politicians. Courting rulers and buying favors has always been the way the Jews survived, they arent cut out for actual democracy. But its also what got them expelled from 100 countries and holocausted. What did you think was ' the cause of it'.....Jewish brilliance and superiority? Sorry to disappoint, its the same old time corruption and stupidity thats been around since Rome. - American
Out of curiosity, how you think its going to end for them this time? - American
BTW Sean, Nassrallah never said he would invade and "annihilate" israel. He said that his fighters are ready to liberate the Galilee when (not if) israel launches it's next offensive against Lebanon. - Taxi
Assailants stabbed several Israelis on Monday, killing a young woman at a bus stop in the West Bank and gravely wounding an Israeli soldier
They have a long way to go to even the score. The zios understand nothing but killing----when the number of dead Jews draws even with the number of dead Palestines-----then the Jews will freak and lose it. - American
The Collapse of Order in the Middle East Chas Freeman October 27, 2014
'' Finally, we should have learned by now that military might, no matter how impressive, is not in itself transformative. American military power has never been as dominant in the Middle East as in this century. Yet its application has repeatedly proved counterproductive and its influence limited. It shattered rather than reshaped Iraq. It has failed to bring the Taliban to heel in Afghanistan or Pakistan. It did not save Mubarak or the elected government that followed him from being overthrown by coups d’état. It does not intimidate either Bashar Al-Assad or Da`ish. It has not shifted Iran’s nuclear policy. It does not obviate military actions by Israel against its neighbors. It has had no impact on the political kaleidoscope in Lebanon. It does not assure tranquility in Bahrain. It did not produce satisfying results in Libya. Its newest incarnation – drone warfare – has not decapitated anti-American terrorism so much as metastasized it - American
This is a long essay that requires careful reading. - Sean McBride
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