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Hey MW, you arent helping the Jewish case against zionism by censoring me.
I cant fathom what is in the mind of the censors on MW. I made a long comment about the 'evolution' process in German thinking--iow, how the rounding up and putting of Jews (and others) into the camps 'evolved' as a series of steps. This was on the Slater thread protesting calling Israelis Nazis. The point was to illustrate how the zionist and Israel are 'evolving' in their treatment of the Palestines and becoming more genocidal as evidenced by the latest attack on Gazans, I gave several examples of how the Nazis's 'original' plans were not to exterminate the Jews--as the H-Industry claims---but came about by 'steps'. How their first idea was to 'federate' the Jews , then the second idea was to put them put them into a seperate country, the countries that were considered for this plan and so on----which all can be found in the collection of papers of the Nazis leaders at .. The whole purpose was to show that the zionist... more... - American
Hey American, I thought you had quite a robust conversation going with Mooser on the Israel-Nazism topic. What happened? - ChasMark
I don't trust the site, and I disagree with the thesis that Nazis/Hitler "gradually worked up to genocide." My basis for this belief is that none --- NONE of the arguments along that line include discussion of the firebombing of Germany that was taking place while Germany were allegedly sending Jews to gas chambers. Is there one single holocaust museum that talks about the... more... - ChasMark
""on July 24, 1942, Hitler emphasized to close colleagues his determination to remove all Jews from Europe after the war: “The Jews are interested in Europe for economic reasons, but Europe must reject them, if only out of self interest, because the Jews are racially tougher. After this war is over, I will rigorously hold to the view...that the Jews will have to leave and emigrate to Madagascar or some other Jewish national state.” [12] - ChasMark
Slater's thesis fails for several other reasons: 1. with respect to Jews, Germans were the native people; they were not stealing from the Jews, they were attempting to remove Russian and Polish Jewish migrants from their territory -- the more apt comparison is to US consternation with "illegal immigration" - ChasMark
I didnt have a problem with Mooser , we were mostly in agreement. I have a problem with MW censors when I go to the trouble of explaining ( and giving the official sources for my comparisons) some similarities between the nazis early treatment of Jews and the zionist treatment of Palestines. My intent was to show that Israel is evolving toward even worse acts against Palestines. as evidenced by the latest assault on Gazans. - American
2. Germany/Europe was in a state of war, a status that Germany did not seek and sought to avoid, but that FDR and Churchill -- and Jews -- actively provoked, just as Jews/US are attempting to provoke war w/ Russia, and similar to economic war against Iran that, it is hoped, will result in toppling a govt, just like Jews waged economic war on Germany with intent to cause suffering among... more... - ChasMark
Palestinians are NOT waging war against Israel, they are resisting Israeli occupation. Israel is waging war against them. Vast difference. - ChasMark
3. Israelis are attempting to starve Palestinians. In contrast, "Jews were an important part of Germany's wartime labor force, and it was in Germany's interest to keep them alive. On Dec. 28, 1942, the head of the SS camp administration office sent a directive to every concentration camp, including Auschwitz, sharply criticizing the high death rate of inmates due to disease, and... more... - ChasMark
They may have censored it for Slater's benefit because I did point out that Slater's suggestion that Palestine be 'bought out' and transferred was exactly like one of the German's first plans for Jews---to set them and finance them on land on the outer edge of Germany--a strictly Jewish settlement iow where they would support and govern themselves but have no say or rights in German... more... - American
@ American: "My intent was to show that Israel is evolving toward **** even worse acts *** against Palestines. as evidenced by the latest assault on Gazans" --- there's your problem -- nothing can possibly be worse than Nazis -- Slater wrote: "Fascism is not the same as Nazism which represents, on a scale of 1-100, absolute evil. Israel, of course, doesn’t come close, " - ChasMark
Slater is as much if not more of' ethnic nationalist' than the Nazis were..the difference is he is too STUPID to know what he is---so much for Phds. All zionist are alike in this. - American
The slam dunk argument I would love to see someone toss at Slater: Explain away the fact, recorded by Rabbi Stephen Wise in his autobiography, that sometime between Jan 30 and Feb 14, 1933, Louis Brandeis decreed that "All Jews must leave Germany. . . . No Jew should remain in Germany. ... All 587,000 German Jews must leave ..." Brandeis was not a minor character in the Jewish panoply;... more... - ChasMark
I'd also like to see Slater -- and Weiss -- grapple with just 1/10th of the revelations in Etan Bloom's bio of Arthur Ruppin. The Germans collaborated with Jews -- were their first sponsor in settling Palestine in the pre-WWI years. Then the war came, and Chaim Weizmann placed his bet on Britain to win, and in so doing, to take the Ottoman empire, and in so doing, perhaps be amenable to... more... - ChasMark
Yea I know about Brandeis. However I dont dispute that the Nazis did want to get the Jews out of Germany. One interesting thing however in the nazi paper is that they even considered just 'deporting' theUber Jews--the leaders---from Germany instead of all the Jews thinking that might solve the problem in Germany. Hell, I have said that same thing about deporting the Us zionist out of... more... - American
AGree --- "of which MW censoring my comment is an prime example----rejecting any truth that reflects badly on any 'so called 'liberal ' Jew. Like Slater who pretends to care about Isr's violence but is in fact a Jewish supremist.. - American" --- Did you listen to Beinert, Weiss, Grossman & Jane Eisner here --- -- all of them are... more... - ChasMark
I caught your message -- on McBride's FF?? -- about leaving the Germans out of it; don't relitigate (or try to defend) Germany with respect to Jews. Good counsel. But it is hard to ignore the fact that Jews are increasingly raising the Nazi comparison -- they can't resist. Somehow, their obsession has got to be turned against them. Maybe there is some psychological concept at work;... more... - ChasMark
No I havent listened I saw it elsewhere and started to but I get sick--literally --listening to these retarded freaks. So I didnt put myself thru the aggravation. I really ,really cant stand their mind boggling *stupidity* , it like fingernails screeching over a black board to me. - American
Chas.....the fact that they are now being compared to the Nazis by some of us and accused of genocide by various BRIC block leaders and even by some Jews is 'good enough for now.' That why I said earlier you dont need to defend Germany and set the record straight ' at this point'---the zionist are sinking themselves. Once they are totally sunk and discredited in the world then what you want to people to know about Jews and Germany will have a receptive audience. - American
Which is/was worse---and I'll keep it simple----Germans believing Jews were a enemy 'among them', a threat to Germany, and wanting to get them out of Germany or the Zionist wanting to rid themselves of Palestines just for their land and resources, not because they are a serious or legitimate threat to Israel? - American
"" Somehow, their obsession has got to be turned against them.""....It is being turned against them. The more they scream about the nazis the more people are noticing they are doing what nazis were accused of.....the hypocrisy of it is coming thru slowly but surely and now picking up steam. - American
That's good news. I'd really like to think about something else for a while. Too much zionism can wreck your whole day. - ChasMark
American. I saw your Slater comments. Thanks for being so persistent against Slater. For him to write this garbage after Gaza is appalling. Note Phil and Donny were both on his side. WTF - Chu_
Sean McBride
Cooperation key to cyber-security, says ex-NSA head | The Times of Israel -
Cooperation key to cyber-security, says ex-NSA head | The Times of Israel
"Joint projects with business, academia, and government — like the CyberSpark Industry Initiative — are ‘badly needed’" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Survival of society as we know it in the battle against cyber-criminals and terrorists requires cooperation involving industry academia and investors. That stern warning comes from no less a figure than former NSA Director Gen. (ret.) Keith Alexander — and Israelis are working on that." - Sean McBride
"It’s to that end that international security company EMC, BGN Technologies (the technology transfer company of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev), and venture capital investment firm Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) announced Sunday the creation of the CyberSpark Industry Initiative, a non-profit organization that will engage in the international promotion of the cyber center, which is based at the Advanced Technologies Park (ATP) Beersheba." - Sean McBride
Protocals of the Elders - American
De-hired Professor Steven Salaita Is a University's Worst Nightmare Did Wealthy Donors Impact School's Decision? Read more:
nails on a chalkboard: "For Jewish students seeking to defend Israel and other pro-Israel activists, the Salaita debate also means finding the right balance between fighting anti-Israel sentiments on campus and framing the case as one that affects all students, not just supporters of the Jewish state." - pepsi
"Noah Feingold, a junior majoring in environmental sustainability, highlighted the unwelcoming feeling Salaita’s tweets could create among students who are supportive of Israel. “I think it’s more of an issue of civil discourse,” Feingold said. “It’s not about Judaism or about Israel, it’s about feeling safe on campus.” - pepsi about jewish 'feelings' and privilage. - American
Has zionism's 15 minutes expired?
Saudi Arabia is the new rogue in the ME. Will Saudi Wahhabism overshadow the threat of zionism? - ChasMark
Will it give zionism cover to continue its predations of the Palestinian people? - ChasMark
How will US Congress deal with the twin threats of zionism and Wahhabism? - ChasMark
Given that US Congress is incapable of defining the enemies of American interests (namely, zionism), how will it distinguish between one 'ally' intent on stabbing US in the back (Israel) from another 'ally' willing to decapitate it? - ChasMark
The US is gonna go down down down...we are gonna have to hit bottom before the public will rouse themselves to get out the pitchforks and tar and feathers. - American
France is a mess, and Europe is worried: If economic woes overwhelm Hollande's government and buoy the far right, the whole eurozone could feel the impact
"Valls has warned a Le Pen victory would be a disaster for France and a possible death knell for European unity. Still he and Renzi have, so far, failed to persuade Merkel to relax the euro zone’s budgetary straight jacket." - pepsi
"Only Germany is holding together as separatists threaten to rip Europe apart The increasing predilection for fragmentation across the continent will result in Teutonic political hegemony - if we're lucky" - pepsi
Germany: "Living well is the best revenge." - ChasMark
The additional thing German leaders need to do is shut up about anti semitism and Israel. Just not say anything. Or they will fracture their own society with over the top defense of Israel and Jews. - American
I agree, American. But the German elites are just crazy about backing Israel and not being called anti-semites or racists. I saw the most ridiculous piece on Deutsche Welle last night about racism and anti-semitism in Germany and Europe. Europe also has a real immigration problem, whether anyone wants to recognize that or not. - Todd
Sweden Election Results Offer Uncertain Future For Austerity - pepsi
Why Are So Many French Jews Voting for Front National? Numbers Soaring for Far-Right Party, Survey Finds Read more: - pepsi
Sean McBride
Islamic State: ‘US failure to look into Saudi role in 9/11 has helped Isis’
"The rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) has been aided by the continuing failure of the US Government to investigate the role of Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 attacks and its support of jihadi movements such as al-Qaeda in the years since, says former Senator Bob Graham, the co-chairman of the official inquiry into 9/11." - Sean McBride
"Senator Graham, who chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that successive administrations in Washington had turned a blind eye to Saudi support for Sunni extremists. He added: “I believe that the failure to shine a full light on Saudi actions and particularly its involvement in 9/11 has contributed to the Saudi ability to continue to engage in actions that are damaging to the US – and in particular their support for Isis.”" - Sean McBride
"The Saudi role in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 has long been public knowledge since 15 out of 19 of the hijackers were Saudis, and the leader of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, was a member of the Saudi ruling elite. The 9/11 inquiry found that, for financing, al-Qaeda relied on a core group of private donors and charities in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf." - Sean McBride
"Despite the Saudi connections of the 9/11 conspirators, Saudi Arabia and its citizens were treated with extraordinary leniency in the wake of the attacks. Some 144 individuals, mostly from the Saudi aristocracy, were permitted to fly back to Saudi Arabia within days of the attacks without being questioned by the FBI. The influential Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan was... more... - Sean McBride
"Asked why the US government has been so eager since 2001 to cover up for the Saudis, Senator Graham says that one explanation is the long-term US strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia, going back to the Second World War. There is also the close personal relationship between the Bush family and the Kingdom. But what he finds more difficult to explain is why the “policy of covering up... more... - Sean McBride
I am not sure what Graham's motives are in this----he has always been a big Israel promoter and defender. And we can be sure there are some redacted parts covering the Israelis who were shadowing the hijackers. So? What is he up to with spreading around the info that Saudi involvement was covered up? I trust my congressman, Jones, is in this to get at the 'whole truth' but I am not so sure about Graham. If they ever release the 28 redacted pages they will likely still have some redacted parts in them. - American
Graham's motives don't matter -- any pressure to shake up the 9/11 official narrative opens up opportunities for a full-press reinvestigation. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Obama to attend fundraiser hosted by connected Israeli advocate - Baltimore Sun -
"President Barack Obama, who is attempting to help Democrats maintain their grip on the Senate, will attend a fundraiser Friday at the home of a wealthy Baltimore hedge fund manager who has become one of the nation's foremost advocates for Israel. Howard E. Friedman, a former president of the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, and a leading patron of Jewish political causes, will host Obama for a dinner that will cost guests up to $32,400 — the maximum an individual may give to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in the calendar year." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Friedman, a founding partner of a hedge fund investment firm in New York, has been a prolific political donor, giving nearly $100,000 since 2009 in direct contributions usually — but not always — to Democrats. The 48-year-old lives in Cheswolde with his wife, Karen, a Baltimore Circuit Court judge. "He knows everybody," said Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler. "The Jewish... more... - Sean McBride
"Friedman declined a request to be interviewed. An assistant said he has a "long-standing policy" of not speaking to reporters. None of the groups he has led, including AIPAC, would discuss his contributions to the community or his influence on U.S. policy on Israel. Marc B. Terrill, the president of The Associated, responded with a one-sentence statement in which he described Friedman as a "passionate leader who cares deeply about the greater good."" - Sean McBride
The three key themes in this article: Israel, money and secrecy. - Sean McBride
Traitor. - American
Sean McBride
Of all forms of politics, ethnic nationalist politics is the most primitive and divisive.
Of all forms of politics, ethnic nationalist politics is the grungiest. - Sean McBride
How do you convince ethnic outsiders to make sacrifices for you at the expense of their own interests -- claim that God in on the side of your ethnic group and will punish them if they don't? Browbeat them? Threaten them? - Sean McBride
Say that they are allied against a common religious enemy. - WJones
Build up on your preference to live in Tel Aviv over any Arab country - ie. emphasize the battle of "civilization"(Apple, IT Tech, etc.) against primitiveness (Malta and other Arab countries) - WJones
Certainly Israel has been aggressive and clever in promoting those propaganda themes, with that particular spin. - Sean McBride
Ethnic identity politics is too often racist. - American
Most ethnic nationalist movements define and energize themselves through conflict with other ethnic and cultural groups. - Sean McBride
NFL hires ex-FBI director Robert Mueller to investigate handling of Ray Rice case
We should probably just outlaw football at this point.* :D "Terry O'Neill of the National Organization for Women said that the N.F.L.'s problems with women went far beyond the Ray Rice incident." “It doesn’t have a Ray Rice problem; it has a violence against women problem.” - Chu_
going forward, I advocate for two-hand touch football.* - Chu_
Terry, if she slapped him and attacked him multiple times, what exactly did you or she expect was going to happen? - JustTheFactsPlease
Juan Williams brilliant idea (clown): Condoleezza Rice should replace Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner - Chu_
Rice or Jane Eisner. - pepsi
Shouldn't they be monitoring the Lingerie Football League? - Todd
What about the WNBA's problem with violence against women? - JustTheFactsPlease
That's a funny article, JTFP. Apparently Holdsclaw thought firing a gun would ignite the gasoline she poured in the car. It seems she envisioned a movie explosion that would destroy the car and everyone inside. Should she be charged with attempted murder? So much for gentrification in the Hemphill Ave. area. - Todd
"Should she be charged with attempted murder?" Discharging a firearm into a vehicle with someone inside of it, better or worse than Ray Rice? He beat her ass because she was being a crazy bitch, the media are acting like she was in the kitchen baking him cupcakes and he ran up behind her and just started whooping her ass - nothing could be further from the truth. - JustTheFactsPlease
I bet she was just upset because they had a difference of opinion about the flavor of the frosting she would use on the cupcakes that she planned on baking for Rice when they got home. What a beast! - Todd
Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Abuse - pepsi
The sports world is self-destructing. Might be a good time for Aaron Rogers to come out of the closet. - pepsi
Peterson's 2 year old son was murdered a year or two ago by the boyfriend of Peterson's baby mama. - pepsi
Arrest of Adrian Peterson (reported by @MarkBermanFox26) stems from the disciplining of a son with a switch, source says. He’s been indicted - pepsi
this one might be blown out of proportion, and texas is the most fucked up state for child protective services, or tied with florida as complete failures. - pepsi
photos of the injuries - pepsi
I watched the video on this and it looks like Ray stepped away from her in the elevator, moved to the other side to get away from her and then she went after him with her hand raised. However a man Ray's size shouldn't have to cold cock a woman to control her if she's in a fury. The second however though, is what do you do with an enraged woman who is physically going after you after... more... - American
watch the video again. Right before he steps away from her in the elevator, he spits in her face. He also spit in her face before they got in the elevator. - pepsi
Its very grainy and hard for me to tell but I'll take your word for it. - American
"texas is the most fucked up state for child protective services, or tied with florida as complete failures." I can attest to the Texas part, seems like everyone in central texas suffered some form of abuse. Wanna know what its like to live around a bunch of crack babies when they have all grown up? Move to Austin, TX. - JustTheFactsPlease
show me the video where he spits in her face, I think the washington post (not reputable though) says that she spit in his face. Men dont usual spit in women's faces although I have seen it first hand before. - Chu_
it looks like he spits at her at :08, and then again at :25 at :25, he spits in her face, she flinches/reacts, he smacks her (as he was prepared to do when he spit in her face), she flinches/reacts again, and then he lays her out with no restraint and no remorse. This idea that he was defending himself is bullshit. The best case I could make... more... - pepsi
Ray Rice Prosecutors Our Boss Handled Criminal Case 'Shamefully' - pepsi
Sean McBride
That Christopher Lydon show on liberal Zionism with Peter Beinart, Philip Weiss, Bernard Avishai and Jane Eisner
I finally got around to listening to it. A few observations: - Sean McBride
Smartest person in the discussion: Lydon. Then Phil, then Beinart, then Avishai, then Eisner. - Sean McBride
Bernard Avishai and Jane Eisner are out to lunch, woolgathering, expressing classical liberal Zionist platitudes without any sense of the absurdity of their oxymoronic beliefs. They are sentimental, emotional, confused, in denial on the current state of Israeli politics. - Sean McBride
Woolgathering: indulgence in aimless thought or dreamy imagining; absentmindedness. - Sean McBride
Phil Weiss tried to cut through their empty obfuscation with a sense of urgency and emergency, but Avishai blew him off with a vague attitude of intellectual superiority (quite delusional on his part). - Sean McBride
Peter Beinart made an effort to draw distinctions between Americanism (modern Western democratic values, universalism, civic nationalism) and Zionism (ethnic and religious nationalism), but the conversation on that core topic went nowhere. - Sean McBride
There are surprisingly few comments on Lydon's website -- which underlines the point that Mondoweiss has been amazingly effective in inspiring intense and high-quality engagement with and among its readers. It would be a mistake for Mondoweiss to abandon (or even sabotage) that asset. - Sean McBride
I expected this show to deconstruct the term "liberal Zionism," but Avishai and Eisner successfully derailed that effort -- which is the typical pattern of behavior of liberal Zionists. The usual strategy: yes, we know that Israeli politics is on a bad track, but we *hope* that matters will improve in the future. But they never offer any realistic proposals for effecting that change. They are running interference for Likud Zionism and Greater Israelism. - Sean McBride
I have basically lost interest in even following the Jewish inter-fight on Israel because I dont think it will go anywhere important or change anything on Israel or US-Isr. Its become just useless noise. Phil wont get anywhere with this because he will not attack Jews or Zionist where they live..i.e... in their delusions of most important innocent victims in the universe and... more... - American
Notice that none of the participants are actually israelis (well, Bernard kind of is but a very very removed kind of Israeli - looking at everything from within his tiny leftist fortress). Moti peled could have single-handedly blown the two lib-zios away as if they were feathers. He knows the reality and can speak to it. Avishai can only speak to a wanna-be "reality" one that he thinks... more... - Danaa
Avishai gets away with his lib-zio shtick only as long as there are no real israelis around to disabuse him of his Alice in Wonderland scenarios. It's not to us that he lies. It's to himself. The magnes Zionist is, BTW, so much better (am using him for comparison because he, like Avishai, is a half-time israel academic, half-time American). - Danaa
One more thought - that Anglo-zionist concept off The saker - it just occurred to me that Avishai is a perfect example of the contamination of Anglo 1% style neoliberalism when grafted with Kudsu ivy of the Zio genome. - Danaa
Avishai and Eisner: self-hypnotized, self-deceived, fiddling while Rome burns, heads buried in the sand, etc. Liberal Zionist true believers. - Sean McBride
Further note on this show: many of the discussions among Mondoweiss commenters on these issues have been vastly superior in quality and substance to this broadcast. - Sean McBride
Online forums provide much superior tools for developing arguments in detail and with precision than TV and radio discussion formats. Points can be exhaustively pinned down. - Sean McBride
The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America’
Chua and Rubenfeld seek to explain why certain cultural groups in America “do strikingly better than others in terms of wealth, position and other conventional measures of success.” They argue that eight groups are exemplary in this regard — Cubans, East Asians, Indians, Jews, Lebanese, Mormons, Nigerians and Persians — because they share a set of “unlikely” cultural characteristics. - Chu_
1. a belief in your own group’s self-worth and superiority; “2. an anxious uncertainty about your worth or place in society”; 3. and the discipline to resist temptation and endure in the face of opposition, - Chu_
"Other groups, of course, don’t exhibit the Triple Package: Appalachian people, African Americans and those who’ve embraced the allegedly permissive and hedonistic “mainstream, post-1960s liberal American principles” that have, we later learn, led to our national downfall. " - Chu_
Interesting. But what the 'Asia' Chau leaves out is she had ''to imigrate to a country set up by 'non Asians' for her '3 traits' to bring her any success. And we can see by Israel what the 3 traits of Jews have resulted in. US Cubans who fled Cuba couldnt even hold their own powerful and privilaged class positions against Castro. So much for their '3 traits.' - American
Another interesting 'trait' about immigrants with ethnic superitory attitudes is they dont explain why with their superior traits they couldnt manage to make their own countries to their liking and had to leave them. If these ethnics had superior traits you would think they could create a superior society in their own countries--but they dont do they? - American
I had a Cuban classmate in high school who everyone hated. His father had transferred his money out of Cuba before Castro took over but this guy couldnt get over not having 'servants' like his family had in Cuba and not being being considered upper or ruling class here in the US like they had been in Cuba. He was very bitter about it--which translated into constantly insulting all of us American mongrels because we didn't act subservient toward him. - American
Regarding the Chua groups (funny how she saw fit to add Nigerians. How many has any one of us met recently? must have been a very large migration indeed. Or perhaps just confined geographically? I am serious - have not met or heard of a single nigerian in California, washington State, Arizona or Texas. So where is this illustrious group located? - Danaa
Glad you brought this book back into play, Chu. I did not read it yet, only summaries, but two things strike me right away: immigrants from most of the groups mentioned have generally come from the more well off parts of their society. IOW, when immigrants arrive, they get to partake of monetary and support resources already available to them in the states As WELL AS drw on resources in... more... - Danaa
The other two groups - Jews and Mormons are unique in their tribalism. Mormons cornered an entire state and jews cornered entire professions. Both of these groups rely on tribal network and access to opportunities/capital/connections. An enterprising mormon and jewish person will always have a place to go to for raising that first chunk of cash they need for a new business. America,... more... - Danaa
I did not mention the east Asian groups (Koreans, Chinese) because those are complicated groupings that require longer comments than FF is appropriate for. Besides, I wouldn't want to repeat what others have already said without attribution. - Danaa
I have some good personal experience to draw on when it comes to the advantages of ethnic based networks in the US. Not just my own but observations of others with whom I came into contact. - Danaa
danaa fyi. you cant talk about minority powers in USA :D serious though I remember you mention the wink wink with co religioninsts in the workplace. I've seen it myself. And it's not only them, but other people who are asian-nation, et al. - Chu_
I take it you agree, Chu, right? I've said before - and it's only an assertion based on experience, not a proper study - that were Jews not uniquely tied to the failed moral enterprise called Israel, were israel not in play, Jews would be very much like mormons and other strongly networked groups in the US. They would still have huge influence - well beyond their numbers, they would... more... - Danaa
Some of us wish Chinese Americans were more political, at least locally. It was hard enough to just get them to be proactive with regard to a local school board. They complain a little then take their children to extra-curricular studies, like Kumon, if they feel school falls short. While the rest of us jump through hoops trying to fix the curriculum on local, state and sometimes even... more... - Danaa
Apologies to all if i struck a wrong note somewhere - how could I not, with so many ethnicities to mention and ruminate about. Still, I could not believe Chua could make the arguments she did in her book. But I know why - the jews gave her cover - no wonder she put in the Nigerians as one of the 8 groups (members of which none of us probably met. a very small minority) - I could so hear... more... - Danaa
PS - was trying to give pepsi some material. I know he needs some.... - Danaa
Sean McBride
Web-based publications without lively and high-quality comment sections are boring as hell.
I agree. The comments section has become integral to the article. Comments sections make it public square - open to criticism or embellishing the article. - Chu_
Many of the most popular blogs attract a cohort of commentators, who agree or disagree with the blog's author, are nonetheless attracted over and over by the lively discussion. - Danaa
So, I agree with both Chu and Sean. lately I have been wondering why some blogs become super-popular while others, often authored by interesting people, languish. I think I am seeing a few rules of thumb emerging as the key to popularity. One is a great comment section with lots of participants. Another rule is the blog author himself/herself. Generally people seem to like something about the blog owner, an aspect highlighted by their willingness to engage with commentators. - Danaa
Example: Moon of Alabama. A very loyal following this blog has gathered. Articles often garner over 100's of comments. Many that are useful with new links and a few that are downright insightful. - Danaa
Of course, with lots of commenters around, a few food fights will always break up, but smart blog owners seem good at defusing those, sometimes by letting them run out of steam, rather than run a few offensive characters out of town. - Danaa
mondoweiss seems to be withering on the vine nowadays. Can you even go back and edit your comments yet, or go to the last 100 comments? It's been a month and they haven't addressed these items. - Chu_
A recent blog I have been consulting for news and opinions about Ukraine is The Vineyard of The Saker. It's quite good, having attracted numerous people who translate articles from Russian and sometimes provide subtitles. Something about The saker makes him a sympatico figure. He writes at length, has analytical skills AND, very importantly, a point of view which he articulately... more... - Danaa
MW's comment section seems to be suffering. Maybe they like it that way. - American
The saker's blog reminds me of Glenn greenwald original Salon perch. Same kind of chaotic and free for all feel to the comments section, similar participation level by the Blog owner, similar cadre of well reasoning vs shrill or knee jerk comentators, that the blog owner nonetheless tolerates (unless they get out of hand, in which case they get suspended for a while). - Danaa
American, I agree about the suffering of the Comments section at MW. I partly expected that to happen as a side effect of the blog's popularity. I wouldn't give up commenting altogether though, even though I rarely engage because of the limited responses. - Danaa
vineyard of the saker (eagle) - so that's like a catbird seat reference. I read it last time, will check it out again. There are so many places to go for data nowadays. It's terrific. - Chu_
"From the Saker himself: "While I do not distrust any specific person amongst you, I am trying to keep my "thin anonymity" up as long as possible. Once my read identity comes up (which I know will happen sooner or later), it will be a major distraction and a pain in the a** for me to deal with. I want to keep focusing on issues and topics, not personalities. If I start accepting money... more... - Chu_
By contrast I bring you Richard Silverstein's blog which has comments but not so many. I won't say more but I do believe that the key to the difference (and I DO like many of Silverstein's article - he carved himself a good niche and is pretty prolific). is the level and tenor of engagement by the blog owner. Richard is quick to identify and shoot down some of the nastier intruders, but he is much more terse or just sparse in engaging with supporters or his view or others who try to enlarge upon it. - Danaa
"Off the top of my head, he lives in Florida, he is of Russian descent but his family were anti-Soviet dissidents who left. At one point he was a military analyst during the Kosovo war, and very pro-war, pro-West until some of his experiences during that war changed him and he left that profession in disgust. He was anti-Soviet but has gradually become pro-Putin. He gets a bit effusive... more... - Chu_
I like Vineyard of the Saker also. Here's another for those who like articles and reporting on a variety of countries..... met the editor, Les Blough, over the Israel issue 12 years ago when he lived in Boston. He moved to Venezuela around 2004 I think it was and has kept his site going there. - American
Thanks Chu for bringing up that aspect. W. Jones - this should interest you: The Saker is passionately attached to his orrthodox Christian faith, especially the more mystical aspects of it. He is a good example of a blogger who is informed through a near-religious ardor, which, again one may or may not connect to, but it provides a great hook for his passion. People out there need to... more... - Danaa
Thanks for the recommendation American. I'll check it out. Am always on the prawl for smart jewels on the nets. For me, BTW< the motivation for reading alternative and deeper takes on given situations, is sometimes just that - I am drawn to sparkle (but hate diamonds so please don't send me any.....I may give to the first homeless person I see. Me love Plastic and shiny glass baubles...) - Danaa
The Saker writes: " I just want to say that this difference between what I was reading in the press and in the UNPROFOR reports ended up making a huge difference in my entire life. Again, NOT A SINGLE ASPECT OF THE OFFICIAL NARRATIVE WAS TRUE, not one. You would get much closer to the truth if you basically did a "negative" of the official narrative.” - WJones
Sounds like the official IP narrative. - WJones
W Jones - sometime when you get a chance tell us what you think of Russian Orthodoxy as a faith. I know next to nothing about it (unsurprisingly). - Danaa
Danaa, Do you think Israel is going to focus on Hezbollah? I cant understand the logic with Israel often. - Chu_
Chu, when it comes to news from the vauned halls of Israel's great strategic thinkers and tinkerers, an ounce of caution beats a pound of gold. israel, as you well know, always needs an enemy to beat up on - or at least the prospect of amilitary action somewhere on the horizon. With the gaza operation wound down, Iran shrill somewhat reduced to a white noise hiss, ISIS being the new... more... - Danaa
I see your point about the enemy on the distant horizon. I read early in the summer that Israel feared Hezbollah's stash of weapons has increased greatly from the Syrian civil war and true to form, Israel was getting the itchy trigger finger about their stockpiles of weaponry. - Chu_
Danaa: Russian, Greek, and Middle Eastern Orthodox Christianity are basically the same thing. The differences are not considered religiously significant. It carries on the religion of the first centuries of mainstream Christianity, like the Greek Church fathers, St. Jerome, Tertullian, etc. It is like Christianity without the additions that Catholicism and Protestantism made to it. It... more... - WJones
Since the time of the Bolshevik revolution, the church in Russia became very weak politically, but it has a very important cultural and spiritual value for Russian people, even though church attendance is probably less frequent than among Americans. - WJones
It has a strong mystical, prayerful side of it like Buddhism does. But it is not Buddhist in its philosophies. It's just that it is more Eastern in its meditation. - WJones
There are major elements of Orthodox worship like menorahs and hakafahs that are direct carry-overs from Orthodox Judaism. - WJones
Thanks for the elucidations, WJones. I wish I had more time to learn something about the different denominations. one thing Ukraine taught us is that the Russian and catholic orthodox versions are quite divergent with the first common in east Ukraine and the second in the western part. It seems that religion became kind of tied up in this conflict, partly perhaps because the Russian... more... - Danaa
OK, here is what happened. Palestine and Ukraine were, since the beginning Orthodox. Their services were much like Orthodox Judaism and have a strong aspect of meditation. In 1100-1400 AD, Poland captured West Ukraine and Palestine and made an arrangement with many of the Christians where they could keep acting like Orthodox in their worship services but they would have to swear... more... - WJones
Assuming Sean McBride hasn't been excommunicated (I am using humor here, guys), he could go take Communion in any of the Eastern Catholic churches in Palestine or Ukraine. In Christianity, Communion reflects the idea that you are in full spiritual unity with other people. - WJones
"In Christianity, Communion reflects the idea that you are in full spiritual unity with other people." -- this is an aspect of Christianity that I find appealing. - Sean McBride
Me too. That's why I wish Catholics had coffee hour like Orthodox do. But then again, Catholic Churches do a good job with their public festivals and block parties. - WJones
why do greek orthodox dress in black robes and wear skullcaps? Is this stemming from Judaic practices? - Chu_
Offhand I don't know of any Greek Orthodox who wear skullcaps. Some of the Egyptian (Coptic) monks wear a head covering that fits tightly around the skull and flows down the back, but they are not in our communion. There are really four or five main branches of mainstream Christianity: Protestants, Catholics, Greek/Russian Orthodox, Coptic/Oriental "Orthodox"(monophysites), and the... more... - WJones
The black dress may come from Judaic practices, but I don't know. Personal modesty and humbleness is important in their thinking, as opposed to being showy. It's a personal ascetic style. - WJones
Greeks wear a "skufia", but it is not the same as a skullcap because it does not lie flat on the skull like a skullcap. I believe that it does come from Jewish practices, but it could be coincidence. Pagan romans wore hats too, for example. - WJones
interesting. I searched and found an 'An Around-the-World History of the Skullcap and its Modern Socio-Political Significance'. 60+pgs - Chu_
Good overview WJones - you should write a new Guide for the Perplexed Neo-Pagans ....the ways in which early Christianity split is quite interesting. I never knew much about that period. In the israeli school system mum's the word, so all I know are tid-bits I picked up along the way.... - Danaa
Islam is an example of splintering of Christianity in my view. Muslims call Jesus the Christ (Masih) and consider Mary to have been a virgin. The fact that they don't consider Him God in my view doesnt mean they arent Christian, because some other Christian sects didn't, early on. - WJones
It's a common, although not the official, view that the differences between Nestorians, Oriental(eg Coptic), and Greek Orthodox Christians are mainly semantic and there are efforts to get the churches to reunite. Personally, I think that in theology they split over a semantic argument, a bit like the debate on Supersessionism is between Christians who arent CZs. - WJones
for Muslims Christ is a prophet. And they always say right after his name - 'peace be upon him'. - Chu_
<<for Muslims Christ is a prophet. And they always say right after his name - 'peace be upon him'. >> Right. But Christ was a prophet too. - WJones
jones, what's sad abou Jesus in the USA sometimes is that many people exploit it. i.e. convicts, crooks, & born-agains use Christ as a get out of jail card. It pollutes the core message and it's exploited by Media. Look at comments online, so many people blame christianity for all, but they miss the core message. I know people first hand who complain about religion, especially Christianity, but don't criticize Judaism for the apartheid state. They are huff post people generally. Surely you've seen it. - Chu_
I can imagine, - WJones
Sean McBride
Allegation by former Senator Bob Graham: FBI cover-up of 9/11 investigation -
Allegation by former Senator Bob Graham: FBI cover-up of 9/11 investigation
"On the eve of the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, we are now learning of allegations of a major FBI cover-up that connects Sarasota and the 9/11 hijackers to the Saudi Arabian government. As 10 Investigates discovered, there is a growing chorus calling for the reopening of the 9/11 investigation and it is being led by one of Florida's most influential leaders: former Senator Bob Graham." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
""There was a network supporting the hijackers," says former U.S. Senator and Florida governor Bob Graham. According to Graham, the FBI has been covering up that fact for years, and continues to try and hide it even now. Graham says he is convinced there was a direct line between some of the terrorists who carried out the September 11th attacks and the government of Saudi Arabia." - Sean McBride
"The FBI claims it turned over all of its 9/11 files to the Congressional Committee. But Graham -- who also headed the Congressional Committee Investigation into 9/11 --says he asked other commission members who confirmed they did not receive any documents from the FBI concerning the Sarasota investigation. There are actually thousands of documents that are not being released. "After... more... - Sean McBride
I know a huge story when I see one -- 80,000 pages of buried documents? This scandal is potentially bigger than Watergate and Iran-Contra combined. - Sean McBride
It is obviously not the Saudi government that is being protected here. - Sean McBride
The mainstream media could easily break open this story -- but instead they have played a central role in enforcing the cover-up. Why? Because of their emotional pro-Saudi sympathies? Not a chance. Some other factor is in play. - Sean McBride
Because they keep the oil coming and prop up the dollar. - Chu_
Betcha it also contains some interesting stuff about Israel operatives involvement. I have always mantained that the 'shadow group' of Israelis that were trailing the hijackers in Flordia had inflitrated them and knew what was coming down. - American
This is the most useful loose thread for unraveling the entire cover-up -- pull on it hard. The revelations will start with Saudi Arabia but they won't end there. - Sean McBride
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Ohio student leader who dropped bucket of blood for Gaza receives vicious death threats -
Here’s an important story we’ve been following from Athens, Ohio: the student senate president at Ohio University dumped a bucket of fake blood over her head to commemorate the massacre victims in Gaza and supported boycott and divestment from Israel. There has been a giant backlash against Megan Marzec for creating that video (a takeoff
What is it with this class of people's love of the 'cunt' slur? Its always this cunts and that cunt and rape and throat slitting with these types. I cant remember ever hearing anyone actually call a woman a cunt--not even among the outlaw boys in my forays into the bad ass southern backwaters. - American
great idea. the bucket of blood. It's like ALS challenge and Carrie rolled into one package. When Zionists send you death threats you know you idea is a good and effective one! - Chu_
1. set; acts of arson by pro-Israel activists 2. set; acts of vandalism by pro-Israel activists 3. set; assassinations by pro-Israel activists 4. set; assaults by pro-Israel activists 5. set; death threats by pro-Israel activists 6. set; false flag ops by pro-Israel activists 7. set; massacres by pro-Israel activists - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Ted Cruz speech to Christian group cut short by boos after Israel comments
"Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) is defending his Wednesday night remarks at a Washington event -- comments which drew boos he attributed to "anti-Semitism...[rearing] its ugly head." The senator was booed at an event hosted by a Christian group in Washington, leaving the stage after the hostility did not subside." - Sean McBride
"“I told the attendees that those who hate Israel also hate America, that those who hate Jews also hate Christians, and that anyone who hates Israel and the Jewish people is not following the teachings of Christ," said Cruz in his statement issued after the event. "These statements were met with angry boos." - Sean McBride
Top comment: "The only cancer on this planet is the cancer of religion and those that try to push their beliefs on those of us with common sense." - Sean McBride
What a rube. his strategy to get to the white house > pandering to AIPAC. what a hick goy. - Chu_
Interesting how Washington Post comments are moreoften completely against Israel, yet they are one of the largest neocon rags in the US. - Chu_
I think Ted Cruz is a true believer in Christian Zionism, a fanatic -- not simply an opportunist. He reeks of over-the-top zealotry. - Sean McBride
Both the New York Times and Washington Post appear to be wildly out of step with their readers on Israeli and neoconservative issues -- but they continue to plow ahead anyway, in defiance of their own base. - Sean McBride
The Internet has completely revolutionized mainstream media dynamics -- there is no telling how this game is going to play out. Most mainstream media outlets appear to be sitting on exceedingly thin limbs. - Sean McBride
He could be, but he's a dull ball of wax, a helper of Zionism as it's crashing to the earth. You could probably stuff any bullshit story between his ears, turn on his brain-oven and he'd believe it as his own. - Chu_
NYTimes and Washington Post. Yeah, they are the worst at hasbara defense. Didn't Walt/Mearsheimer say that Zionism would eventually run out of money defending their lies for Israel/Zionism? - Chu_
wash post comment (note the hillary support at end!): agurusguru 9:58 AM EDT "Israel is a one-way ally. Our friend to get our support and defense, but never has or never will lift a finger in our support. All the problems coming out of the Middle East can be attributed to Israel being created out of Palestinian lands in 1946, and their subsequent treatment of the Arabs. Ted Cruz is an idiot. I consider myself very conservative, but if the election came down to Cruz and Clinton, Hillary would get my vote!" - Chu_
Hillary Clinton is as militant about Israel as Ted Cruz. She is not an alternative -- just another controlled op. - Sean McBride
I dont think Cruz is a zealot, I think he's a sleazy ''immigrant opportunist''. He and his also sleazy and wacko and self promoting con artist father figured out any freak can get elected in the US political circus if they have financial backing for it and therfore Cruz is doing the Jewish donkey for the dollars.. - American
' father figured out any freak can get elected in the US political circus if they have financial backing' - so true. We are watching the race to the bottom. The tea party was the alternate option, but it was co-opted by washington beltway agents. Palin and Cruz are great examples of this low hanging fruit. - Chu_
Sean McBride
Cruz booed for telling Mideast Christian group that Israel is an ally | Jewish Telegraphic Agency -
"Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) walked out of a conference on Middle East Christians after he was booed for saying Christians “have no greater ally than Israel.” Prior to Cruz’s speech on Wednesday, the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative news website, reported that the “In Defense of Christians” conference was organized by Christian Lebanese with ties to Hezbollah, the militia that has fought several wars with Israel. The Daily Caller reported that Cruz was booed when he said “Christians have no greater ally than Israel.” After the booing continued, despite appeals from an organizer, Cruz decided to leave. “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you,” he said. “Good night, and God bless.”" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Ted Cruz quote: "the Jews" (with the definite article). Israel="the Jews" (according to Cruz, all Christian Zionists, and all Jewish Zionists as well). Zionism=Judaism. It is difficult to imagine a more dangerous idea from a Jewish standpoint -- but the Jewish establishment continues to promote this concept to the entire world. - Sean McBride
'the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative news website, reported that the “In Defense of Christians” conference was organized by Christian Lebanese with ties to Hezbollah,' -sure I'd like to see the data on this. - Chu_
It means that some Christian Lebanese got tied up during their intense Civil War against Muslim forces. - WJones Public Speaking Training Comment on his reaction. - WJones
I would disagree with the comments of the public speaker. Cruz didn't handle himself well at the end of the video. You don't tell an audience that they are consumed with hate (even if he was only speaking to part of the audience). That was too large of an assumption. Would you have booed if you were in the audience Jones? - Chu_
I don't know because I wasn't there. It is hard to say how I would have reacted. It might have depended on my mood. - WJones
I would have booed......get this treasonous scum outta my country..deport him to the Jewish state.. - American
he could work on a Kibbutz and show his true commitment to the Jewish State supersedes his responsibilities in Texas. - Chu_
The rise of ‘If Not Now’ and the collapse of the pro-Israel consensus Activism Alex Kane - See more at:
"The members I spoke to say they’re in it for the long haul. “We are very serious when we say, ‘if not now, when?’" - pepsi
"If Not Now has spurned collaborating with Jewish Voice for Peace as an organization, fearing that might place them beyond the pale and prevent them from conversing with the Jewish establishment they want to change." - pepsi
the collapse of the pro-Israel consensus. - pepsi
MW is now mostly a Public Relations agency for Jews, its become pathic . ....have any of his Jewish savior groups accomplished anything yet? No, they haven't. - American
I left a comment on the site supporting Crowther and maybe if I'm lucky, it will get cleared tomorrow. Point was these groups are B/S. The name alone 'IF NOT NOW' excludes the conclusion 'then when'. That is some weak material, but it sort of fits with Phil's theory that Jews will rise up and take this fight against their judeo brethren and fight 'the War of Ideas in the Middle East'.... more... - Chu_
Ever notice how there are almost as many Jewish "opposition" groups as their are people in them? It gives outlets like Mondoweiss more "change" to point to. - pepsi
I hope weiss doesn't retool is theories/strategies. He is as big or bigger a part of the problem than zionism. - pepsi
He's a sick fuck who has no fundamental problem with the way the US is run. He even wrote a damage control article for Weimar/Frankist child sex predator/pimp Jeffrey Epstein "The Fantasist" - pepsi
Not to be too shrill, but you would think a time like this, when tens of thousands of Gazans are still homeless and hundreds or thousands are still dying from lack of medicine, these fucking people would do some soul searching. Instead, all we get is damage control. - pepsi
I'm not going to bother reading Weiss' article. 'If Not Now' is a JEWISH organization, so I expect next to nothing from it. Why would anyone believe that Palestinians or non-Jewish Americans would be the main beneficiaries of their actions? I seriously doubt that their main motivations aren't to support/increase Jewish power, and to save the reputation of the Tribe. If so, I can't say that I see anything appealing in either objective. - Todd
It's your loss for not reading it Todd, lol: "The group’s big tent allows Zionists, non-Zionists, anti-Zionists, two-staters and everyone in between to join in." - pepsi
That sounds like Weiss' comment section, Pepsi. - Todd
"“The established, institutional channels are incapable of making the type of changes that are needed,” Max Berger, an If Not Now Organizer who used to work for J Street and is involved with many progressive movements, said during a phone interview." It sounds like some J Street insiders started this thing. - pepsi
Yup Todd. That's why Alex Kane is so excited about it. And I would guess that some deep pocketed individual like Ratner would be behind "If Not Now", like he's behind mondoweiss. - pepsi
"If not now, when?" is the question I'm asking about them and their refusal to see the 800 lb gorilla in the room, the fundamental flaws of Judaism/Jewish culture. - pepsi
Weiss refuses to call for the withdrawal of all aid to Israel, yet he vocally supports voter rights laws and affirmative action in the U.S. some 60 years out? Since I've been familiar with Weiss, Gaza has been destroyed twice and Lebanon has been wrecked once (preemptively, of course), Jane Harman and AIPAC scandals have been whitewashed, along with Goldstone, aid workers have been killed and supply ships attacked, etc., yet Weiss is still playing the same old game? He's a fake. - Todd
and Weiss isn't very effective at seeing who is really going to stand up against Israel in his tribe. I'm talking about all the failed voices that he touted over the years. people like Arthur Waskow, Peter Beinart, etc. Jeff Blankfort was one of the few greats and the best cynic they had. And of course they flushed him down the toilet to satisy the Hophmis. - Chu_
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
The rise of ‘If Not Now’ and the collapse of the pro-Israel consensus -
Meet If Not Now: a new, Jewish group that emerged out of the wreckage of the Gaza conflict. Dedicated to demanding that mainstream Jewish leaders take an anti-occupation stand, the group's grassroots, social media-savvy messaging has lead others around the nation to take up its banner. The rise of If Not Now, a group whose founding members are deeply rooted in Jewish communal life, is just one of the latest signs that dissent on Israel is rising amongst young people.
How about 'Not in our Name' - a non jewish American group aimed at breaking the special relationship with Israel. Having Jewish led Israel groups is a farce. They are ineffective and tribal. kind of like the Shomrim Brooklyn police that patrol their own neighborhoods, and leave matters to the Jewish 'community'. - Chu_ from Android
'' Having Jewish led Israel groups is a farce.''..chu) Yes they are. They wont go where they have to go to end the Israel problem..... which is ending US support of Israel. They are still I-Firsters and will not advocate anything that would end US support of Israel. - American
The only thing that will affect Israel is if enough Americans ever find out 'everything' that has gone on in the US-Isr relationship and march on congress with banners saying 'Traitors' and put some fear in the politicians and the Jewish groups. The Jewish groups will never do that because they know that the traitor label is the kiss of death for Israel and public's tolerance for pro Israel Jews and their politics in the US. - American
I agree American. They've had their chance to turn things around. And they are defending a racist concept (Zionism) coupled with apartheid and the US taxpayer gets to pay for it. They drag the US prestige (what little there is) further into the mud. But they'll say 'well, you you you guys and your manifest destiny' or what about you're wicked foreign policy. To that I say, we'll get to... more... - Chu_
Sean McBride
Jewish groups as one backing congressional resolution on anti-Semitism | Jewish Telegraphic Agency -
"A bipartisan congressional resolution urging increased action by the United States and other countries to address resurgent anti-Semitism has wall-to-wall Jewish organizational support. In a letter to colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives seeking co-sponsorship of the non-binding resolution, the initiators of the resolution make a point of noting the range of Jewish organizations backing the resolution, among them the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the Zionist Organization of America and J Street — groups that rarely if ever join together in any action." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Reps. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), Pete Roskam (R-Ill.), Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) and Kay Granger (R-Texas) initiated the resolution, which was introduced on July 31. The Aug. 28 letter now circulating had garnered 93 co-sponsors, also covering a political range among Congress members, by Monday. The resolution condemns anti-Semitism particularly when it is used “as an acceptable expression of disapproval or frustration over political events in the Middle East or elsewhere.”" - Sean McBride
They can introduce all the resolutions they want, wont make the slightest bit of difference as far as criticism of Israel is concerned. They think people are going to buy that criticizing Isr for stealing and killing is anti semitic? I dont think so---thats a step 'too Orwellian' even for the uninformed. - American
The Irish-Jewish connection - "Others have a nationality. The Irish and the Jews have a psychosis." -
The Irish-Jewish connection - "Others have a nationality. The Irish and the Jews have a psychosis."
"At first glance, the Irish and Jewish peoples seem radically different. But scratch the surface and they begin to look like twins separated at birth. The stories of these two wandering tribes share many extraordinary parallels. The Irish writer Brendan Behan once remarked, “Others have a nationality. The Irish and the Jews have a psychosis.” That may be putting matters a little harshly, but he was on to something: These two ancient peoples were destined to wander the world as outsiders, knowing suspicion and derision wherever they went. Through it all, both maintained tight and close bonds with their own kin, even in the farthest corners of the earth." - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
Both have homelands that are small, sacred and contested. And very ancient: Ireland and Israel both boast monuments far older than the pyramids of Egypt. Some even dare to speculate that the Irish may be connected to one of the “lost tribes” of Israel. ' is this Mick writer pandering for an AIPAC job or something? Celts are Germanic . - Chu_ from Android
Chas- u blocked me from your personal friend feed. - Chu_ from Android
Well that's new hasbara...the Irish are nothing like the Jews. This just once again reinforces what I said about Jews always writing about themselves and comparing themselves to other others. No one is ever going to think of the Irish as being like the Jews. - American
Some years ago I spent an hour or two in the library of a large synagogue. The only -- ONLY book (that I saw) by a non-Jewish author was by an Irishman. I forget the book & author. BUT -- as Chu pointed out, the Irish are "Germanic," or from a linguistic perspective, Aryan/Indo-European. Not Semitic. - ChasMark
Not sure if the Irish are "chosen people." - ChasMark
writer of article: - Chu_ from Android
"Celts are Germanic." No, they're not. They predate the Greeks. The Greek gods are derived from the Celtic gods. The Celtic god of love and poetry, Aengus, is/became the Greek god Eros. The Celtic language has no ties to the Germanic language. It's tied to a version of French spoken only in Tours and (I think) Breton--which is completely different from regular French--and Magyar... more... - MRW_8
The Anglo-Saxons are Germanic. Hell, even the Queen of England is German. - MRW_8
Probably trying to make an association because the Israelis don't have any Nobels for literature. Ireland has a smaller population and more Nobels per capita. /sarc Easier to appropriate than develop the talent. - MRW_8
Freud said the Irish were the only people you couldn't psychoanalyze. - MRW_8
If he couldn't psychoanalyze one race, then his analysis is flawed. - Chu_
'Probably trying to make an association because the Israelis don't have any Nobels for literature. Ireland has a smaller population and more Nobels per capita. /sarc Easier to appropriate than develop the talent.' - yeah that and they're desperate to find a common ground with others. see this tweet: - Chu_
The comments on that, Chu, are surprising. Look how many are hip to the paid hasbara. This was nowhere to be found during the last war. - MRW_8
true, MRW. The game is changing - slowly,but surely. All the hasbara dough can't stand up to the ridicule they are going to face. Imagine what the criticism Gaza war 3.0 or 4.0 will be like, politicians will eventually have to respond. - Chu_
MRW, I wouldn't think that Magyar is related to Celtic, since Magyar isn't a Indo-European language. If I'm not mistaken, Celtic is spoken in parts of France because it is the language of the Gauls who remained in Brittany, Normandy and other areas after Rome chased the rest into Britain, but it's not a version of French. Without knowing for sure, I would guess that Celtic/Gallic had... more... - Todd
Cont...I'd guess that the Germanic Gods also have ancient roots, predating the Greeks. Europe was first populated by Northern Europeans moving in from Central Asia, and later by Mediterraneans, at least that's the latest theory using DNA analysis. Celtic and Germanic groups share some cultural and genetic traits. Do you know anything about the Tarim Basin culture? The Tarim Basin... more... - Todd
The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany has reached an agreement with the German government for additional financial assistance for child survivors of the Holocaust - American
End the 'Jew Tax'>. This guy doesnt want Jews to have to pay for security of Jewish buildings. I guess he doesn't know that Jews already receive 90% of all US Homeland Security funds. - American
How many generations of Jews is the world going to pay?.....the children, the grand children, the great grand children, the great great grand children? long does this go on?....forever? - American
hey, both links are broken. - Chu_
It's a good idea to test one's links before posting them. - Sean McBride
"Comparing one's political opponents to animals or insects is not an effective way to make an argument, in my opinion. That kind of language is typically associated with genocide." - Sean McBride
How many times has ISIS been referred to as a "cancer" by US politicians and pundits? - ChasMark
How many times have Israelis and Israeli leaders referred to Palestinians, Arabs, and Goyim cockroaches? - pepsi
QUOTE: “Those who are incapable of attaining to supreme religious values include the black coloured people and those who resemble them in their climates. Their nature is like the mute animals. Their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey.” END QUOTE (Maimonides, Guide To The Perplexed, Translation from the Hebrew Version) - ChasMark
"When we have settled the land, all the Arabs will be able to do about it will be to scurry around like drugged roaches in a bottle." – Rafael Eitan (1929-2004) served as Chief of Staff of the IDF, and later as Knesset member and government minister." - See more at: - pepsi
I think Sean's advice is more suitable for the Jewish collective. Most Jews with any sort of platform are completely predictable in their hostility to just about everyone else, and only seem to make alliances when it serves the purpose of Jews as a group. I don't see many average Jews attacking the Jewish elites, and it's pretty clear that a large majority revel in Jewish power and the... more... - Todd
Call them what they are....if they act like cockroaches, locust, reptile brains...than that's how they should be described. I am all for demonizing....nothing else has worked. Turn the tables on them. - American
I'm not in favor of demonizing because it feeds into the Jewish victim narrative. I prefer telling the truth about Jews, dump-trucking facts & evidence. - ChasMark McJew: "This tweet was rudely spammed by a real antisemite (or pro-Israel false flag op) whose apparent mission is to conflate criticism of Israel with extreme hatred of all Jews -- and to create maximum fear and militancy in the Jewish community." - Sean McBride - pepsi
Funny how WASPS and whites in general didn't respond to outside critiques of their culture with "maximum militancy". If they did, would it be the fault of the outside critics, or the maximal militants? - pepsi
To McJew, no matter what Israel and the Jewish community do and overwhelmingly support, they are always superior to goyim who would protest and criticize them. There's no such thing as a "gutter" Jewish militant. - pepsi
Could it have been unrudely spammed? - JustTheFactsPlease
It Never Ends
The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany has reached an agreement with the German government for additional financial assistance for child survivors of the Holocaust - American End the 'Jew Tax'>This guy wants non Jews to pay for protection of all Jewish buildings because jews shouldn't have to pay their building security cost. I guess he doesn't know that Jews already receive 90% of all US Homeland Security funds. - American
How many generations of Jews is the world going to pay?.....the children, the grand children, the great grand children, the great great grand children? long does this go on?....forever? - American
think about all the budget cuts public schools have been undergoing in recent years. Arts, Photography, Music, Gym get cut, but never "Holocaust History". - pepsi
pay for what exactly? the fact that they died in the gas chamber ovens and were cremated only to rise from the ashes, reborn like the proverbial phoenix? That´s a payment in an of itself - JustTheFactsPlease
Sean McBride
Good for the Goose is one of the most vile antisemitic sewers on the Internet.
Several of the leaders of the group fit the same profile as "Jason Beck," the agent provocateur who was uncovered by Common Dreams: - Sean McBride
If you are associated with GFTG, you are probably being closely tracked by the ADL, SPLC, FBI, DHS and other similar organizations and being pushed up the ranks of terrorism watchlists. The group appears to be a honeypot to draw potentially dangerous extremists out of the woodwork who aren't very bright and who are easy to dupe. - Sean McBride
If pepsi keeps posting here after repeatedly being asked not to, this post will keep being bumped to the top. If that doesn't work, we'll take it to the next level. - Sean McBride
I dont think GFTG is the most vile anti semitic sewer on the net----true that some on it like to 'prank it up' and there's lot of ridicule of the tribe.but its hardly dripping with blood libels and garbage.....just intense dislike of the tribe..some is valid criticism other may be personal dislike for whatever reason or experience. pepsi excells at pushing you always let him push yours. - American
Most of the rhetoric on GFTG is indistinguishable from that of "Jason Beck" -- often word for word -- gutter antisemitism of the most extreme variety. - Sean McBride
Bump. - Sean McBride
Gentlemen----I give you the "Liberal Zionist", MJ Rosenberg, and his 'shaming' of the Uncle Tom Jews who mingle with the goyim.
'' ''The sad fact is that the Jewish Tom is an inevitable product of American civi­ lization.- - American MJ (Mike) Rosenberg‏@MJayRosenberg This appeared in Village Voice in 1969. Quite dated. BUT my references to Uncle Tom Jews is not- - American
TO UNCLE TOM & OTHER SUCH JEWS ---by M. Jay Rosenberg----It is becoming increasingly fash­ ionable in certain left-wing Jewish circles to put down everything Jew­ ish. These Jewish leftists, still hung-up because they were not born Protestant, find that they can glibly resort to anti-Jewish stereotypes today without being referred to a good psychiatrist. It is now quite acceptable for... more... - American
This is the real MJ...I had figured this out from my run-ins with him-- but here it is in his own words. To say that he hates and despises America, Americans,..the white goyim, is probably a understatement. And as has been pointed out to me, my use of the name 'American' in Isr discussions infuriates the zionist and attracts their venom. - American
Why is he here in america?...he should move to Israel. - American
MJ - american apparatchik of judah/zionism. A woman who lived in long island told me how so many jewish guys in high school would proudly state how they would emigrate to Israel to avoid the draft to Vietnam. - Chu_ from Android
I posted this on MW but it was 'declined'....didnt even appear in awaiting moderation. Why would MW not want to expose the underlying ethnic bigotry of mj's hatred of Jewish 'assimilation' in America----particulary when mj attacks MW tooth and nail. - American
I also posted a short form of my expose on Chomsky's lie about Israel servicing the US by destroying Arab nationalism in the Six Day War---it was also declined and disappeared. I resent that when someone bothers to provide 'the facts"....cited in official sources from the horses mouth---to counter the ' factless opinions' of Chomsky followers who provide no proof of what they say--that it doesnt get apporved. I can see absolutely no legitimate reason for this. - American
Also interesting that MW staff doesnt mind tweeting on mj's Jewish Uncle Tom's but wont let it appear on site. ----- Adam Horowitz@mondowitz · 13h “sad fact is tht Jewish Tom is an inevitable product of American civilization”- @MJayRosenberg. MJ, how did you not end up in a settlement?---- ----- Max Blumenthal@MaxBlumenthal · 10h If you think Magic Jay Rosenberg has gone off the deep... more... - American
American -- it is generally a good practice, from the standpoint of effective communication, to break out paragraphs in long articles into separate comments -- they are much more readable that way. Here is the original article: [article; author=M. Jay Rosenberg; title=To Uncle Tom & Other Such Jews; date=November 5, 1969; publication=The Village Voice;... more... - Sean McBride
I do, however, think that people should be permitted to change and evolve over time. Rosenberg is not the same person in 2014 that he was in 1969 -- and, as I remarked earlier, I agree with 90% of his current tweets. - Sean McBride
Yea I know but it was late and I was tired and bad. - American
I am not being critical -- I am just trying to be helpful about communicating effectively -- which I assume we all want to do. - Sean McBride
Some of those statements from 1969 are mind-blowing. - Sean McBride
Interesting: "Black nationalism and Jewish nationalism will exist concurrently. To accept one you must accept the other. The black is America’s Jew; a common fight must be waged. And yet when some black spokesman tells us we are poisoning his children’s minds, when he calls us kikes, we must see him for what he is. Then he is just another goy using the Jew, the available and accepted victim, as scapegoat. We must then fight him as well. That’s the way it must be. We shall scrape for no one." - Sean McBride
Some "progressive" leftists view America as the enemy -- and when they refer to "America" they seem to viewing it terms of an *ethnic* war -- they are not nearly as universalist as they pretend to be -- some of them are in fact narrow ethnic nationalists. - Sean McBride
I dont know if mj has changed or not. But I do know he hasnt changed on his opinions of we goy Americans. Now he says he is a liberal--BUT----what does that mean?-----after he left AIPAC or was fired he had no place to take his ' jewish Israelism' except to the right or left----did he chose the left to protray himself as a 'humanist' concerned for Palestine rights so he could fit in... more... - American
'' We shall scrape for no one.".......he has a chip on his shoulder the size of Mount Rushmore. There is no where that jews have been more empowered by a country than the USA----and he calls jews trying to fit in, 'scrapping.' This is pure 'hostile' ethnic nationalism. This goes also to what I said about how for some jews and zios in particular who they hate the most is still the gentile world, not the Arabs----but they cant militarily attack the goy nations. - American
MJ used the phrases "the Jew" and "the goyim" in that article: "It is now quite acceptable for the Jew to attempt to ingratiate himself with the goyim...." The main target of his animus seems to be WASPs and white Christians in general -- but he also uses the term "goyim" to refer to blacks. - Sean McBride
More: "The Jew must accept his identity, he’s not just another white man. It’s time he realizes he’s a Jew, and he’d better accept it." - Sean McBride
MJ in 1969 was a Jewish version of David Duke. Does he reject Jewish nationalism in 2014? Not really -- he is simply trying to fine-tune it. - Sean McBride
I havent read any Duke writtings, I should check him out I guess...but I cant imagine Duke has put forth any ethnic nationalism any worse than mj did in that. - American
To be fair: the other side of MJ (in a tweet today): "And US needs to stop allowing Israel to dictate its negotiating positions. If all else fails, US should dictate terms of peace." - Sean McBride
Note well that MJ in that article framed Jewish identity in *ethnic*, not religious terms -- in contrast to white and black identities. Those are racial constructs. MJ essentially defined Jews as a race (as did nearly all the creators and early leaders of Zionism). - Sean McBride
Btw, you can easily correct the misspelling of "goyim" in the title of your post -- simply click on "Edit" under the title, then "Edit this entry." - Sean McBride
Correction noted. :) - Sean McBride
Brant Rosen’s prophetic voice elevated him beyond the rabbinic politics of our day FeaturesUS Politics Marc H. Ellis - See more at:
the jewish prophetic -- up in smoke - ChasMark
Mooser September 5, 2014, 12:12 pm “But what to do with this truth within the Jewish community” What on earth is the problem? You make a new one. You can’t tell me that people who have been persecuted and kicked all around the world are not adept at adapting their religion, culture and ethics to new circumstances. It’s either that or admit that letting us out of ghettos was the cruelest... more... - pepsi
In my reading of history their rabbis and 'leaders' had more to do with keeping them in their ghettos than the judeophobes did.. Only by holding the tribe together could they have any power----and of course the 'tribalism' works for adherents also. - American
BTW...I'm getting censored more on MW than I was before and its funny cause I have really haven't said anything controversial at all. I think the more Isr stirs things up the more MW doesn't want anything but positive comments about Jews on the site. I cant even remember what I wrote that got censored today---that's how unremarkable it was---if it had been my usual sledge hammer comment I would remember it. - American
If you're not regularly getting censored at mondoweiss, you're doing something wrong, lol. - pepsi
American, thank mj. - Chu_ from Android
Sic Semper Tyrannis : "Strategery" and the jihadi phenomenon -
Sic Semper Tyrannis : "Strategery" and the jihadi phenomenon
Pat Lang challenged his blog participants to discuss "Strategy in the short and long term with regard to dealing with groups like IS, the Nusra Front, Hamas, Hizbullah the Taliban, etc." So far, a plurality of comments called for -- improving US-Iran relations; cooling-to-terminating US-Israel relations. - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
Walrus, a long-time and trusted SST participant, posted these steps: - ChasMark
1. Require AIPAC and its offshoots to register as agents of a foreign power. - ChasMark
2. Enact a media equivalent to the Sherman Anti Trust Act to break up the Six media empires that now control American discourse. - ChasMark
3. Disinter the House Un - American Activities Committee and put them to work identifying and removing Israeli influence on media , Government and all other facets of American life. - ChasMark
4.Actively discriminate in policy formulation mattters against the NeoCons. After all, the people who got you into this mess are, by definition, not the people who will get you out of it. - ChasMark
5. Enact comprehensive campaign finance reform laws and provide some form of public funding or public service requirement to break the relationship between probability of attaining office being proportional to money spent. - ChasMark
6. Enact comprehensive lobbying reform laws. - ChasMark
..After that, hire Col. Pat Lang and his ilk, listen to people with relevant experience and start a debate on policy directions. Without those changes, in my opinion, the debate on ISIS will be perverted to suit Israeli interests, most likely by criminalizing as far as possible the entire Islamic religion. That process is already under way, Prime Ministers Cameron in the UK and Abbott... more... - ChasMark
The problem with Walrus suggestions is that you would have to send a swat team to take out 99% of congress before you could do any of those things. - American
American Max Blumenthal @MaxBlumenthal · 4h Israel requires all-Israeli material for Gaza rebuilding - millions in profit from destruction
I once called Netanyahu a cockroach on MW and it was censored. But cockroach or a herd of locust is the right description for these people. Their greed and ravaging knows no bounds...they have the tiny brains of mindless sharks who only swim and eat. - American
Comparing one's political opponents to animals or insects is not an effective way to make an argument, in my opinion. That kind of language is typically associated with genocide. - Sean McBride
We've used up all the morally and legally 'effective arguments' against Isr. They have produced no results---so now its on to the 'demonizing.' If I can help people mentally associate Israel with nasty cockroaches, locust and sharks it is my pleasure to do so. - American
Demonizing entire ethnic groups is equivalent to stirring up lynch mobs. - Sean McBride
WASP have been demonized for centuries and we haven't been lynched yet....LOL Don't give me the ...''you cant say that about 'any' of the Jews or there will be a holocaust'' ...routine. "The Jews" don't get special treatment for their holocaust from me....that's been their problem and ours and indeed the entire world's for long enough. - American
Sean McBride
Outrageous: NY Democrats Convene Press Conference to Bash Zephyr Teachout on Israel -
"In a hastily-convened press conference which "had the trappings of a campaign event" for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a host of Democratic officials ripped into Cuomo's primary opponent, Zephyr Teachout, for her views on Israel. Councilman Mark Weprin, who is on the City Council’s Jewish caucus, called Teachout's views "outrageous" and "offensive," while Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, an Orthodox Jew, called her views, and those of running mate Tim Wu, to be wholly "unacceptable."" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Maybe this will help the progressives get over their PEP hump. - American
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
The U.S. Government’s Secret Plans to Spy for American Corporations -
Throughout the last year, the U.S. government has repeatedly insisted that it does not engage in economic and industrial espionage, in an effort to distinguish its own spying from China’s infiltrations of Google, Nortel, and other corporate targets. So critical is this denial to the U.S. government that last August, an NSA spokesperson emailed The Washington Post to>> The post The U.S. Government’s Secret Plans to Spy for American Corporations appeared first on The Intercept.
'' '' In response, the U.S. modified its denial to acknowledge that it does engage in economic spying, but unlike China, the spying is never done to benefit American corporations.''.......Yea right. And remember the US gives Israel all the info it collects and I guarantee you Isr uses it advance their financial interest against everyone, including the US. - American
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