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menace-of-anti-semitism/2014/08/28/b14b154c-2ef1-11e4-9b98-848790384093_story.html The continuing menace of anti-Semitism
American -- Michael Gerson is a Christian evangelical: [Wikipedia; Michael Gerson] - Sean McBride
Anti Semitism arising from their own delusions. - American
Doesn't matter---all the Jewish delusions are in that piece. - American
Delusion 1, the Glory---->''of an ancient people seized by a sense of identity that has lasted four millennia, that has made foundational contributions to ethics, social justice and rational inquiry, and that has often been requited with suspicion and violence. Many Jews, religious or secular, embracing or resisting, feel the glory and burden of this history. - American
It matters greatly -- Christian evangelicals who hold these beliefs greatly outnumber Jews in general and Jews who specifically hold these beliefs -- unless you want to argue that Christian Zionists aren't responsible for their own beliefs. - Sean McBride
Delusion 2 -its the others projection---->'' Historically, Jews have been a stateless entity on which people have projected their anger and resentments - American
I don't think there are as many CZ as as they constantly claim---but it really doesnt matter. - American
Your link above isn't clickable -- you need to edit it. [Michael Gerson: The continuing menace of anti-Semitism] - Sean McBride
This CZ isn't writing from a religious perspective--this is pure Jewish tripe on their eternal victimhood and innocence----so you know he is parroting exactly what they wanted parroted about Jews.. - American
Something causes a problem with my links now and then, I don't know what it is--doesn't happen all the time, cant figure it out. - American
You need to understand the syntax for creating http URLs -- it's quite simple. Your link above needs to be headed with "http://". - Sean McBride
# a few Christian Zionists 1. Anders Breivik 2. Bob Jones 3. Cal Thomas 4. Dan Quayle 5. David Vitter 6. Dick Armey 7. Franklin Graham 8. Fred Barnes 9. Gary Bauer 10. Geert Wilders 11. George W. Bush 12. Hal Lindsey 13. James Dobson 14. James Inhofe 15. James Woolsey 16. Jerry Falwell 17. Jesse Helms 18. Jim DeMint 19. Joel C. Rosenberg 20. John Ashcroft 21. John Bolton 22. John Hagee... more... - Sean McBride
Just the tip of the iceberg. - Sean McBride
Chu -- and of course I used Examine32 to pull up that list in seconds. - Sean McBride
I read the Michael Gerson article in full -- it's shallow and doesn't address any of the key questions regarding Israel's conflicts with much of the world -- including with contemporary American and European governments. Clearly Gerson has done no thinking about messianic ethnic and religious nationalism. I would love to debate him on the subject. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Hillary Clinton, Israel and the Jews | Opinion | Jewish Journal -
Hillary Clinton, Israel and the Jews | Opinion | Jewish Journal
'shares the interest of the jewish people'.....'understands the heavy hearts of the jewish people' ...Barf, too bad she doesn't share the interest of the American people. - American
Notice how often the Jewish press itself keeps referring to Jews as a monolithic ethnic collective: this article uses the terms "the Jews" and "the Jewish people." - Sean McBride
Are "the Irish," "the Germans," "the Swedes," etc. demanding that Hillary Clinton and other American politicians promote their ethnic nationalist interests? No. The notion would be outrageous and preposterous. Most Americans do not organize their politics around ethnic nationalism. They do not define themselves in ethnic nationalist terms. They are individual members of a modern Western... more... - Sean McBride
They can claim they are not monolithic all they want ---but they are 'more monolithic than 'not monolithic on Jewish interest and identity. Even in the differing sects of Jews or Judaism they are monolithic in putting jewish interest above anything else. - American
If you don't want to be seen by the world as a monolithic ethnic collective, don't keep describing yourself as such. It's quite simple. And keep a low profile on your ethnic identity. - Sean McBride
Dont they want to be seen as a monolithic collective? I think they do want to be seen that way when it 'benefits' them----and deny and complain about it when it doesn't 'benefit' them. - American
The "dialogue" on this subject is intensely self-contradictory and schizophrenic -- and one can go batty trying to pursue it in a rational way. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Good for the Goose is one of the most vile antisemitic sewers on the Internet.
Several of the leaders of the group fit the same profile as "Jason Beck," the agent provocateur who was uncovered by Common Dreams: - Sean McBride
If you are associated with GFTG, you are probably being closely tracked by the ADL, SPLC, FBI, DHS and other similar organizations and being pushed up the ranks of terrorism watchlists. The group appears to be a honeypot to draw potentially dangerous extremists out of the woodwork who aren't very bright and who are easy to dupe. - Sean McBride
If pepsi keeps posting here after repeatedly being asked not to, this post will keep being bumped to the top. If that doesn't work, we'll take it to the next level. - Sean McBride
I dont think GFTG is the most vile anti semitic sewer on the net----true that some on it like to 'prank it up' and there's lot of ridicule of the tribe.but its hardly dripping with blood libels and garbage.....just intense dislike of the tribe..some is valid criticism other may be personal dislike for whatever reason or experience. pepsi excells at pushing you always let him push yours. - American
Most of the rhetoric on GFTG is indistinguishable from that of "Jason Beck" -- often word for word -- gutter antisemitism of the most extreme variety. - Sean McBride
Bump. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Regarding Elizabeth Warren
MHughes976, - Sean McBride
<blockquote> Clinton is a powerful personality revelling in her warrior queen persona.... </blockquote> - Sean McBride
tree and ritzl would probably characterize your reference to "warrior queen persona" as being sexist. :) - Sean McBride
We can now add Elizabeth Warren to the list of "liberals" and "progressives" (like Hillary Clinton and Samantha Power) whose views on foreign policy differ little from those of Pamela Geller, Jennifer Rubin, Caroline Glick, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. - Sean McBride
Does everyone fully appreciate the magnitude of what Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren have done in recent days? -- they are pushing the Democratic Party to the *right* of Barack Obama and John Kerry on American Mideast policy on behalf of Benjamin Netanyahu, Likud Zionism and Greater Israelism. - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
I have accepted that we are living in ORWELL WORLD here in the US. These politicians are on ANOTHER PLANET. All that remains is to see what happens when and if the public wakes up and throws a fit. Washington is beyond all hope. It will take a serious upheaval to rid the US of them. - American
My high hopes for Elizabeth Warren have been fully demolished. Many other people feel the same way. - Sean McBride
George Galloway 'beaten over Israel comments'
Check out the comments here: [Anti-Israel MP George Galloway Beaten Up, Left with 'Broken Jaw' on London Street] - Sean McBride
See also the comments here: [MP beaten up in London, apparently over anti-Israel stance] - Sean McBride
Many of the comments are endorsing and encouraging the use of physical violence against critics of Israel in Europe and the United States. - Sean McBride
A typical comment: "GOOD!!! GOOD!!!! JEWS OF THE WORLD!! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! CARRY WEAPONS!!! USE THEM!!! Force is the only thing that thugs understand!! Anti-Israelism only gives cover to wanna-be Nazis everywhere. George Galloway is one such anti-Israelite and he needs to experience the hatred he is unleashing first-hand. Hopefully there is more to come down upon his big fat mouth."... more... - Sean McBride
It would be useful to collect all the comments across all publications which celebrate the physical beating of Galloway and encourage more physical attacks against critics of Israel. Many pro-Israel activists have moved far beyond debating Israeli issues -- they are itching to murder their political opponents. And the evidence is in these comments. Quite a few of them would like to treat Americans and Europeans as Israel has been treating Palestinians -- with maximum physical brutality. - Sean McBride
Wonder if this will be treated as 'hate crime' - American
An interesting point here: some mainstream pro-Israel publications are encouraging reader comments that advocate and agitate for physical assaults on political opponents -- apparently their editorial policies permit the incitement of violence. - Sean McBride
Are NSA and GCHQ deep mining all the comments? Probably. There are potential assassins and terrorists in that dataset. - Sean McBride
"It appears to be connected with his comments about Israel because the guy was shouting about the Holocaust. George is badly bruised but OK. He has bruising to his head and face and is in pretty bad shape."
George Galoway: ‘We reject this illegal, barbarous, savage state that calls itself Israel – and you have to do the same. Read more: - Chu_
No doubt it's some JDL (Kahane) attacker. Will ADL condemn this? - Chu_
Will this be treated as 'hate crime'? would be if a jew was attacked. - American
Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order The concept that has underpinned the modern geopolitical era is in crisis
Kissinger and his fellow world orders are truly delusional. There will never be 'world' order. And we see what pursuing world order has produced...cycling economic well as conflicts....mostly because the financial global elites could care less about world order....chaos and national failures are their financial opportunity windows. - American
Jewish Talbin forced to leave Guatemala - JustTheFactsPlease
not in my backyard. -and it's easy to see why. - Chu_
They should be deported to Israel. - American
Sean McBride
Did Certain Foreign Governments Facilitate the 9/11 Attacks? by Justin Raimondo -- -
""Through its investigation, the Joint Inquiry developed information suggesting specific sources of foreign support for some of the September 11 hijackers while they were in the United States. The Joint Inquiry’s review confirmed that the Intelligence Community also has information, much of which has yet to be independently verified, concerning these potential sources of support. In their testimony, neither CIA nor FBI officials were able to address definitively the extent of such support for the hijackers globally or within the United States or the extent to which such support, if it exists, is knowing or inadvertent in nature."" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
""Since September 11, more than 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained, either under the new patriot anti-terrorism law, or for immigration violations. A handful of active Israeli military were among those detained, according to investigators, who say some of the detainees also failed polygraph questions when asked about alleged surveillance activities against and in the United States." - Sean McBride
"There is no indication that the Israelis were involved in the 9-11 attacks, but investigators suspect that the Israelis may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance, and not shared it. A highly placed investigator said there are ‘tie-ins.’ But when asked for details, he flatly refused to describe them, saying, ‘evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information.’" - Sean McBride
"Days after the broadcast of part four, the whole series disappeared from the Fox News site. The powerful pro-Israel lobby went after reporter Cameron, accusing him of anti-Semitism on account of his upbringing: he had grown up, in part, in the Middle East, where his father was an archeologist working in Iran. Pressure was applied to media organizations not to do any follow up reporting on this story of Israeli complicity." - Sean McBride
# set; documents on 9/11 and Israel sorted by * 1. creator+* 2. importance 3. newest 4. oldest 5. publication+* 6. type+* - Sean McBride
Graham said 'goverments'--plural---so Israel and Saudi? Or some Saudis just financing terrorist and Israel knowing it and then sending agents to the US to 'ease' their way and aid their mission? That's my bet---I don't think Isr and Saudi would have trusted each other enough to do a joint venture attack on the US. I have always thought Isr was involved somehow----nothing is beneath them. - American
Why was so much effort exerted to bury the Carl Cameron and Christopher Ketcham stories -- and the key 28 pages in the official report? - Sean McBride
The Ketcham article: [article; Christopher Ketcham; What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks? High-Fivers and Art Student Spies; Information Clearing House; March 7, 2007 http://www.informationclearing...] Read the details carefully. - Sean McBride
Liberal Zionism: It can't be dead because it never existed
"More and more voices, it seems, argue that supporting Israel is no longer compatible with humanist values, given Israel’s hawkish policies Vis-à-vis Gaza and the West Bank. That the term itself, liberal Zionism, is an oxymoron. But “liberal Zionism” isn't an oxymoron. It's a yearning for a humanist, righteous, pure Zion that frankly never existed, while reluctantly putting up with the actions of its real-er, less-righteous counterpart." - Chu_
Top comment at Haaretz (72 likes): "Zionism was never liberal or progressive. Zionism is in fact subversive, dishonest, and manipulative in it's pursuit of one goal." - Sean McBride
Second most liked comment (45 likes): "Zionism is what it always was: 19th Century colonial expansionism dressed up in religous garb." - Sean McBride
It irritates me that people call it 'colonial expansion"...colonial expansion refers to' an existing country' expanding and colonizing another.. Israel was not an existing country ..i.e....the creation of Israel was an invasion or takeover or whatever else you want to call it but it wasn't 19th century colonialism. Defenders of Isr started that shit of calling it colonialism to make it... more... - American
Has there ever been an ethnic and/or religious nationalist movement in world history that has been characterized as "liberal"? - Sean McBride
Film Industry Has Worst Summer Since 1997
boycott hollywood... - Chu_
I already boycott Hollywood....I'm about to boycott cable TV .....its all on a retarded 13 to 20 something age level. - American
Controversial tear gas canisters made in the USA - -
Controversial tear gas canisters made in the USA -
"In both Tunisia and Egypt, some protesters stopped to pick up canisters, and posted photographs online. A few inches long, blue and silver, they include warning labels and then a set of initials: CSI, followed by "Made in the U.S.A." The photograph posted in Tunisia was of a 40 mm riot CS smoke projectile, made by a company called Combined Systems Inc., which describes itself as a "tactical weapons company" and is based in Jamestown, Pennsylvania." - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
"CSI's website ( bills the company as the "premier engineering, manufacturing and supply company of tactical munitions and crowd control devices globally to armed forces, law enforcement, corrections and homeland security agencies." Clients include the U.S. Army, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, and the U.S. Department of State, as well as Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israeli Military Industries -- both of which are weapons companies based in Israel." - ChasMark
In 2011, when these incidents occurred and Tunisians and Egyptians were killed by CSI tear gas, the facility in Jamestown, PA flew the US flag and the flag of Israel beside its front door. - ChasMark
Well that sounds like a good facility for some patriots to blow up. - American
Why Israel’s Bombardment of Gaza Neighborhood Left US Officers ‘stunned’
Analysis: Military sources say Pentagon’s assessment of Shujaiya shelling alarmed even Secretary of State John Kerry - Chu_
It was a f'ing 'Intentional Slaughter'---there is No other way to describe it. - American
Is it me or is the overall response to this slaughter more blase than in Cast Lead? At least there was the Goldstone Report (sideshow), who investigated the sick acts of Israel government and army. I think an investigation is coming, but seems slow. (and when are we going to hear the hasbara San Remo bit again?) - Chu_
I think there is even more this time....I hope it sticks. - American
It happened that Pam Bailey (who has had articles published on MW) was in the audience at a screening of "Occupation 101" recently. The moderator gave her plenty of time to speak. She said that she brings up the Gaza slaughter on every possible occasion. If a shopkeeper says, How are you today? she replies, "I'm really depressed at the way my tax dollars are supporting the murder of... more... - ChasMark
Palestinians threaten ICC action if UN reject plan to end occupation -
The Palestinian news site said that if the UN reject the proposal, the PLO would then go to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and “hold senior Israeli officials such as Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon accountable for Israel’s devastating assault on Gaza”. - - Chu_
Palestine officials need to quit crying wolf and Go to the ICC.....enough talk already. Do it. Charge the US officials also with war crimes. 3/4's of the world would love to see the US made to answer for its shit too. I would support putting 99% of congress in the dock at the Hague. - American
Have you seen Richard Silverstein's report that Israel is going to take Hamas to court for murder of 4 Israeli civilians. I'm a bit surprised that Silverstein published my comment about Nuremberg. - ChasMark
Donny Deutsch on Joe Scarborough: 1:18min
I don't understand why MRW_8 "liked" this. I tried to follow the back-and-forth, and it looked like DD & Scarborough pumping out Israeli talking points -- same s*&t different day. That's not even newsworthy any more. I didn't see any push-back anywhere. What am I missing? - ChasMark
otoh, MRW's comments on SicSemperTyrannis have been acute, insistent, and insightful --- - ChasMark
I posted this because the guy Scarborough didn't back down when a Jewish agent tried to spout his talking points. This was after Scarb. made his first statement about Israel being stupid for bombing the Gaza camp. - Chu_
yeah, I give Scar big credit. - pepsi
ok, this time I WATCHED the clip, didn't just read the transcript. Maybe it's that I've not watched these guys before -- I don't do TV -- I still don't get it. Scarb. said 2 or 3 times, "It's Hamas's fault," he agreed that Hamas uses children as human shields. The point about "If someone points a gun at your kids" was unclear -- who is pointing the gun? who is holding the kids? That my take-away, from someone who is not acquainted with the larger background of these characters. - ChasMark
I agree with you. And it's note that this is the furthest a tv personality has said against a zionist troll on air. it's a slow and long hill to climb, but this skirmish was a bit different that the usual shaking head in agreement (like mark shields, or charlie rose would do) - Chu_
I didn't watch it, I just heard him compare hamas to the IRA and that sounded about right and a big departure from the MSM norm. - pepsi
ok. So in the 'inch by inch' reclaiming of the American media landscape from zionists, Scarborough gained 3". Good job. Goal to go. - ChasMark
Scarborough was trying to condemn Israel's bombing while still blaming Hamas ----he wants to keep his paycheck. but at least he got in some really deadly points with talking about the dead Palestine children. That's a change----he wouldn't have talked that way prior to this latest Gaza massacre I don't think. Does show us how Isr's outright ' indiscriminate murdering' of. Gazans got to people. - American
After this slaughter, I get the sense from average people I talked to that they have no sympathy for israel. The well is drying up for poor poor israel. - Chu_ from Android
Sean McBride
Analysing Zionism: interview with Jacqueline Rose from 2005 | -
Analysing Zionism: interview with Jacqueline Rose from 2005 |
"The state of Israel was founded in 1948 when Zionist militias — with the connivance of British authorities — embarked on a brutal ethnic cleansing programme that drove over 750,000 Palestinians from their homes, an event known as the Naqba, or catastrophe." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
“But the strongest rage has been against the book’s use of psychoanalysis. This comes from people who are convinced that Zionism is completely rational, that it was the pursuit of a Jewish national homeland in the face of historic disaster—and that nothing else needs to be said. But there’s a lot more that needs to be said to understand why it won’t budge, why it defends itself with such fierce ideological and Biblical commitment.” - Sean McBride
"Reading the book it’s not hard to see why it sparked such a vociferous response from the Zionist right. Rose meticulously documents the way in which Zionism was from its earliest roots shot through with a “messianic” streak that celebrated cataclysmic redemption and militarised colonial violence." - Sean McBride
"As Sabby Sagall argued in a recent review of Rose’s book, “All the evidence indicates that Israel is immune to internal calls for radical change or movements from below. Change will, therefore, have to come from outside.”" - Sean McBride
Rose's was the first book I ever read on Zionist. - American
American, I believe I saw you once recommend this book on MW (Unless it was MRW who also recommends books...). So I ended up buying it and id not regret. Had lots of useful information for me. See? I listen... - Danaa
Yep I did recommend it, maybe MRW did too. I didn't read much about Zionism or Jews when I first got attached to the Isr issue, I was more into the politics of it on the US side in the beginning. When I started to comment on MW several years ago all the jewish centric and related discussions prompted me to read more about jewish history because I was picking up what seemed like clues to... more... - American
In regard to what I consider one of the major problems within Jewishness as defined mostly by how outside critiques of it are outlawed even by anti Zionist, here is Aztmon--->"" The popularity of my criticism of Jewish identity politics is well established by now.""..Gilad).......The howls over criticizing Jewish identity politics is another example of their demand for 'exceptionalism'.... more... - American
Two sets of interest: 1. set; Jewish critiques of non-Jewish cultures 2. set; non-Jewish critiques of Jewish culture - Sean McBride
Jewish nationalism (Zionism) is the only expression of ethnic and religious nationalism that not only enjoys legitimacy in the modern Western democratic world, but which demands and often receives lavish worship and declarations of eternal devotion. One would think that more inquiring minds (like Elizabeth Warren) would be bothered by the discrepancy -- but it is much easier to pretend not to notice the situation -- to play along with it. - Sean McBride
I am willing to bet that jewish critiques of non jewish culture out number non jewish critiques of jewish culture by about a million to one. When I was doing some reading and research on Jewishness I looked for some non jewish takes on jewish culture and could hardly find any--the ones I did find were done eons ago prior to WWII----the holocaust quashed any examinations of it... more... - American
How many prominent Jewish authors have engaged in vigorous criticism of the American government, European governments, Christianity, Western culture, Islam etc. over the last half century? How open have those authors been to non-Jewish critiques of Jewish culture, Judaism, Zionism and the Israeli government? Quite a few of them want the criticism to flow only in one direction. - Sean McBride
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
The Palestinian message to Israel: Deal with us justly. Or disappear -
Until Operation Protective Edge, most of the “messaging” regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, certainly that which broke through the mainstream media, came from the Israeli side. Since Zionism’s official beginnings in Palestine some 110 years ago, the Jewish community, whether the pre-state Yishuv or constituted as the state of Israel, never took the Palestinians seriously. They
The title's focus on an alleged desire by Palestinians to see another entity (here, the state) disappear is that it pushes the viewer to then countenance the positives sides of that state, to consider what positives we would be missing. There is a romantic, appealing aspect to the idea of the revival of ancient Hebrew language and culture in their descendants' society. This appealing is... more... - WJones
There is no "waiting for moderation" bar over this comment when I submitted it in MW. - WJones
''' My impression is that Israelis chose Palestine not for safety or because it welcomed them - it was neither the safest nor most welcoming, but for the romanticism discussed above. "//Jones).....I don't think romance had anything to do with it. Palestine was chosen because the Zionist could then hook into the "Israel" of Judaism and draw more Jews into supporting it. As we see now hooking Israel to Judaism's ..."yearning"... has worked for them, Israel the state is now part of Judaism. At least for now. - American
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Beinart urges young Jews to get arrested in the West Bank for the sake of Zionism. Will they? -
Peter Beinart has a column in Haaretz calling on American Jews who believe in the two-state solution to take direct action now and like the Mississippi Freedom Summer go out to the West Bank to oppose the settlement program. He wants those liberal Zionists to march alongside the Palestinian activists and the international BDS types:
Hummm....I wonder if he will get any takers on that. - American
Sean McBride
Countdown to Israel’s Destruction | Simcha Jacobovici | The Blogs | The Times of Israel -
Pro-Israel comment: "Its all about anti-semitism and due to apparent jeolousy by other nations; like it or not The G-D of Israel allowed this to happen to israel partly to call israel to return to Him with whole heart, not until israel call on her Messiah....Baruch haba bashem Adonai, israel will always be hated by her enemies." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
' apparent jeolousy by other nations' - yeah, we are all sooo jealous we don't get to be in a ethnocentric cult. When was the last time I bought an Israeli technical product? Never. Japan and S. Korea provide the US with excellent products. I don't think I'll need Sodastream to enhance my quality of life. - Chu_
The world model here is fascinating: God is on the side of Israel vs. all other nations and peoples. - Sean McBride
They are the ones digging their own grave. They can't stop digging it. It's a tradition... - Chu_
Crazy religious fanatics....were they born brain deficient?....must have been to be susceptible to that kind of mystical insanity. - American
Gilad " the Zionist smear campaign against me and my work has faded, the so called Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists, A.K.A AZZ (anti Zionist Zionists), are ever more infuriated by my thoughts. They are desperate to silence me."
"The institutional attempt to silence any debate about Jewish power is provided by the Jewish Left and the so called Jewish anti Zionist network (JVP, Mondowiess, Chomsky, Blumenthal, etc.). It is the Jewish Left that attempts to set the boundaries of the discussion and dictates what can and cannot be said." - pepsi
"I am not just an anti Zionist, I am actually critical of all forms of Jewish politics, both Zionist and Anti. I contend that all forms of Jewish politics are ethno-centric and to a certain extent, racially driven." - pepsi
Weiss, 2006: In discussing My Jewish Problem on this blog, that’s a core Jewish value I would point to: Jewish exceptionalism. Belief in that idea underlies so much of Jewish social attitudes and achievement." - See more at: - pepsi
You don't here Weiss or JVP mention this these days. - pepsi
From that mondoweiss comment section: "I think something that drives the great creative and intellectual achievements of the Jewish community over the past 150 years has been it's ability to stand with one foot in and one foot out of post-enlightenment western culture. We're not totally a part of it, and we're not complete outsiders, we can look at it from a unique angle." - See more at: - pepsi
Nothing further from the truth than that----on both foots their main and frequently only concern is what is good for them. I don't call that greatly creative or intellectual tribalism, nothing unique about that except its more unique to the Jewish tribe than others. - American
I'll pay a reward to anyone who can list for me any great jewish creative or intellectual achievements that have been 'positive' or furthered peaceful civilization or democracy or great thoughts for the betterment of the human race. I want specific examples----no one I've asked for 12 years can give me a specific example. - American
here's some material on Jewish genious: Murray has recently written a brilliant and convincing essay for the respected Jewish publication “Commentary,” on “Jewish Genius,” citing many of the above facts and material on which this article is based . This is the first time the magazine has systematically discussed this normally taboo topic that so many Jews are reluctant publicly to... more... - Chu_
"especially the Ashkenazim of central and western Europe, have been engaging for centuries in what basically amounts to selective mating and merging genes to produce children of high intelligence." - Chu_
How many people go out and look for the dumbest person that they can possibly find in order to marry and have kids? - Todd
It's not like Gentile women go in season several times a year, and whoever can get to them does so. - Todd
"" The popularity of my criticism of Jewish identity politics is well established by now.""..Gilad)).......The howls over criticizing Jewish identity politics is another example of their demand for 'exceptionalism'. What culture and identity hasnt been taken apart and criticized? The 'white' culture has , the black culture has, the various religious 'group' cultures have, the Southerner culture has. No culture is immune from being examined. - American
'How many people go out and look for the dumbest person that they can possibly find in order to marry and have kids? ' Todd, that's goal number one for me, bro. I go out and look for as many women as I can - gotta spread the seeds y'all. I heard a guy on a bus a decade ago, brag to his friend how he has about 18 kids from different women... 'I got like 4 in Atl, 3 in Chicago, etc' - Chu_
Zionists force a very truncated view of history, perhaps because in the zionist mind history began with Jewish emancipation 1789, and the creation of the "new Jew" began perhaps with the Haskalah movement in Russia ~1880. Similar to the way Bart Ehrman explains that Christianity entwined its roots with Judaism in order to have a deeper history to boast of -- in order to gain credibility... more... - ChasMark
'selective mating and merging genes to produce children of high intelligence' - I guess the physical beauty component in choosing your other must be a goyish thing. - Chu_
ahem. some of us are kinda glad the whole physical beauty thing is not universal. - ChasMark
at their best, they are culture vultures. - pepsi
cultural marxism. (alternate view) 'Cultural Marxism or Cultural Bolshevism (degenerate culture) seeks to destroy everything good about a society, what holds it together, what helps it to advance, what promotes intelligence and beauty. It seeks to degenerate society and take it to a lower form where people are less intelligent and more animal. It's based on the Marxist lie that everything good about society is all a form of oppression.' - Chu_
also see bolshevism (communism): -pretty hardcore material... - Chu_
Meet the sex-obsessed Christian group trying to launch a crusade against television Spoiler: They really hate Miley Cyrus Amanda Marcotte, Alternet - pepsi
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Thirteen arrested as protesters tell Senators Menendez and Booker: ‘No more blank check for Israel’s crimes’ -
On Tuesday August 26, 2014, more than 50 demonstrators protested outside the Newark, New Jersey, offices of U.S. Senators Robert Menendez and Cory Booker demanding that the legislators stop providing a blank check for Israel’s crimes. Thirteen demonstrators were arrested inside the building as they read out the names of some of the nearly 500
Awareness is growing...we need a Vote the Traitors Out movement to add to it. - American
"Menendez and Booker are the Senate’s two leading recipients of campaign contributions from pro-Israel PACs. Menendez, as head of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, has played a leading role in supine support for Israel. One of the key co-sponsors of both of the Senate resolutions relating to Gaza, he has also (following Israel) been outspoken in attacking Obama for being soft on Iran." - Sean McBride
"What is striking about Menendez and Booker’s rabid support for Israel is how their views contrast with those of the people who elected them. We have no New Jersey polls, but there’s suggestive data from a July 22-23 national Gallup Poll. Asked whether Israeli military actions were justified, among Democrats 47 percent said “unjustified” compared to only 31 percent who said Israel was “justified.” Among Independents it was 46 percent who said “unjustified” compared to 36 percent “justified.”" - Sean McBride
"In other words, the plurality of people who elected Senators Menendez and Booker stand on the side of basic decency, while Menendez and Booker stand on the side of slaughter." - Sean McBride
Menendez is more of the old democratic party bought-off corrupt politician. Corey Booker is more of a fifth column Zionist Chabanik (and TokyoBK's & Boteach's closest friends). - Chu_
<< Vote the Traitors Out movement >>. Great idea. Maybe an internet campaign with the names/pictures of all 100 Senators who voted more money for Israel's crimes. - weareone
funny, you don't even need pics, it's all 100 of THEM! crazy... - Chu_
Crazy and pitiful. - weareone
Re-Election is approaching. These craven reps need their ducks in a row. - Chu_
w.a.o. did you see the Bernie Sanders vid? Another agent for Zionism in the democratic wing. It's totally undeniable now. - Chu_
It's much easier for American politicians to criticize the American government than for them to criticize the Israeli government -- how peculiar is that? In fact, every government in the world is fair game for honest criticism except one -- Israel. Israel is truly an exceptional nation -- it is to be "loved" unconditionally. - Sean McBride
To the list of liberal Zionists in the Democratic Party, add the names of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. - Sean McBride
Philip Weiss December 19, 2011, 5:41 pm why do they establish the zuckerberg character purely with jewish materials: the jewish fraternity, the social aspiration… - See more at:
ONE year earlier: "When I got to college, my closest friends were Jews. I was afraid of the preppies and the WASPs, and also of the richer, WASPy Jews, as my family styled Jews who tried to pass. My friend Mike was from a Jewish enclave in Brooklyn and told a great story about the stupid goyim." - See more at: - pepsi
"I spent my time at the college paper, which was almost all Jewish. Halberstam and Lukas had been there before us, Jeffreys Toobin and Zucker came along later. I remember a friend marveling at Steve Chapman, who is now an editorial writer for the Chicago Tribune, that he could come into that place with his conservative politics and being Christian, and chip out a niche for himself. And... more... - pepsi
"I had that ethnic resentment and esprit-de-corps in my bones. My father had lost out on a chairmanship struggle at an old-line school that had a tradition of anti-Semitism, and at Harvard I felt that the highest plums were out of our reach, the Christians held on to them." - pepsi
'' My father had lost out on a chairmanship struggle at an old-line school that had a tradition of anti-Semitism"".....How does he know this? Can he prove it? Maybe he lost it for some other legitimate reason. Jews are too quick to blame anti Semitism for anything they don't get or lose out on. - American
"It’s really hard to believe that Zuckerberg is as bad as he’s made out to be. He’s a soulless anti-Gatsby, clamoring for inclusion, and clamoring for hedonism, but without any affection. The joyless Jewish Harvard social milieu from which Zuckerberg springs are a crude caricature in this film– and certainly misrepresent Harvard in 2003." - See more at: - pepsi
I think that movie hit too close to home for Weiss, so he lashed out at it as anti-semitic. Meanwhile, Aaron Sorkin just signed that hollywood letter of support for Israel's war crimes. Furthest thing from anti-semitic. - pepsi
Weiss didn't mind confessing his supremacism once in a while back when he didn't think many people were reading his blog. Put the same ideas on the big screen for all the goyim to see, and that's when you see Weiss' true values. - pepsi
The film showed what an amoral nerd Zuckerberg was. Why was it so popular with the public? It felt like an infomercial to lure more people to Facebook. Did we need a movie for myspace? The entire Sorkin/Eisenberg/Zuckerberg alliance smelled like another hollywood ethnocentric flick. - Chu_
American - "I went to the Ivy League because my family pushed me to excel and I met people who weren’t anti-Semitic. I liked the water." - See more at: - pepsi
In all his dozens of posts about being elite, he never acknowledges that his father was a Harvard professor and that that might have had something to do with his admission. - pepsi
Weiss calling Sorkin and the other Jew (who Weiss actually knew) anti-semitic sounds a lot like Weiss and Blumenthal and the rest calling Gilad Atzom a vile anti-semite who is afraid of "the other". - pepsi
"Jews are too quick to blame anti Semitism for anything they don't get or lose out on." - American ... Even if the "loss" is a small as a triumphantly Jewish blockbuster out of Jewish hollywood being a bit too realistic in their depiction of Summers and Zuckerberg. Weiss wanted the full triumph of watching Summers and Zuck depicted as do gooders. - pepsi
Blumenthal looked really pathetic in that video condemming Atzmon. He sounded like a child whose mommy told him not to associate with bad guys. He could have just said I don't respect him and move on, instead it was 'he is a vicious antisemite.' oooo kay then... - Chu_
I have 2 brothers who graduated from of them is not so smart....and I'll be the first to admit he probably got accepted because some of our family went to Harvard before him. No doubt he knocked out some one who was probably more qualified/smarter than him. But the Phils wont admit that Jews also don't get in on pure 'merit'. Too egotistical to be truthful about it.....they have to claim it always because they are smarter than non jews. - American
American, I'm sure your not so bright brother had much better social skills than Weiss and Zuckerberg, and wasn't obsessed with destroying goy self-rule. - pepsi
this was great when Unz exposed the myth of meritocracy: - Chu_
This particular moment in time, in the middle or aftermath of a major Israeli atrocity, is a really good time to hammer on these guys and their casual supremacism. If they can't see the corruption in their Jewish supremacism at a time like this, they never will. - pepsi
Max is in Gaza, with one eye in the mirror, marveling at his authentic jewish values. - pepsi
remeber Max Ajl? he used to say he's been in Gaza. Jeff Blankfort and him were enemies. His website was Jewbonics. - Chu_
Weiss: "My friends and I came of age during the meritocracy. Standardized tests and all that. No more quotas. A good thing, too. Only the meritorious would get ahead." - pepsi
"It was at the New Republic, a launching pad for any number of highly-successful journalists, that I briefly associated with Marty Peretz, and did a story for him mocking the United Nations, whose judgment he seeks at every turn to nullify because the U.N. is critical of Israel." - See more at: - pepsi
Those standardized tests have been gamed for years. My Vietnamese friends in high school claimed that they took tests for one another. They used to brag about it. - Todd
Weiss acts like he never heard of Palestine before 2001 or 2003, but he was a Jewish operative just like MJ Rosenberg and probably Ayn Rand. - pepsi
It always came off as fake that Weiss claimed that he knew so little about Israel until he went there in 2008 or sometime around then. He constantly talked about the kibbutz ideal, without mentioning that the kibbutzim were the first line of offense/defense against their neighbors. There's definitely something fraudulent about him - Todd
totally fraudulent, but that is the second most core Jewish value. The first value is supremacism, the second value is 'do whatever is necessary to preserve the first value'. - pepsi
The only straight talking jews I know of are the full blown tribal warriors who don't even pretend to assimilate. - pepsi
Jewish values are completely incompatible with the modern world, so any 'assimilation' by Jews seems to be completely fraudulent. - pepsi
danaa is an example of this, with her 'multiple sides'. There's only one way to really leave a cult, and keeping one foot in the cult is not that one way to leave. - pepsi
Weiss has to completely change the meaning of the word assimilate to claim to be an assimilationist. Weiss is an assimilationist in that he supports us assimilating to him. - Todd
look at sean and danaa over there continually obsessed with how to get the jews at mondoweiss to come to friendfeed. there's no assimilation in that. - pepsi
every single jew knows that jewish culture is casually supremacist, and yet just about every single jew thinks anti-semitism is a hatred of jews just for being jews. There's no honesty or assimilationist spirit at all. - pepsi
If you went to a JVP protest and held up a sign that said, "85% of Jewish Israelis support genocide", I wonder how many of the JVPers would call you an anti-semite. - pepsi
I think Wess' constant re-enforcement of the idea that Jews are elite is to make sure liberal jews accept the idea, and also to keep goyim from seeing through the charade. If Italians adopted effeminate mannerisms and speaking patterns, they could probably convince us they were inevitably elite as well. - pepsi
I don't think it's possible for Italians to "adopt effeminate mannerisms" -- not the effeminate part but the "adopt mannerisms" that are not authentic. And maybe "authentic" is still too highfalutin: My Italian family & friends are who they are and that's it. Pretense is not an available category. Perhaps that is so because Italy has an actual, not contrived, history and cultural... more... - ChasMark
The obsession with the superiority of FF over the new MW is truly astounding, against a backdrop of Jews having slaughtered 2000 people, injured thousands more, some with DIME, created a situation where epidemic diseases are likely, created the conditions to spread cancer to survivors, and having destroyed -- LEVELLED the dwellings, holy places and economic engine of an entire... more... - ChasMark
Hey Chas. Italians don't have to front about their great achievements, it's known, Zionists on the other hand are con men who say they are important to the world, but they haven't had a lasting impact, unless one considers usury a big impact in the last 2000 years. - Chu_
show me one great structure they built? The Knesset... not really. Yad Vishem... what they want to construct is the third temple (which means the Al Aqsa needs to be destroyed). - Chu_
If it's great structures, Iran blows your mind. From the 16-pillar foundation-to-soaring-circular dome, to the magnificent monument to Khayam, Azadi Tower incorporates the many and ancient influences on Persian history with the modern --- compare with Israeli settlement blocs -- all done up in 20th Century Russian concrete. yeah. - ChasMark
""I went to the Ivy League because my family pushed me to excel and I met people who weren’t anti-Semitic. I liked the water."" --- the spouse was really smart in high school; was offered a full scholarship to Harvard. Parents would not allow: Boston was a cesspool of immorality. Spouse went to smaller college closer to home, parents paid tuition -- for 3 academic degrees in 3 diff majors, all w/ honors. - ChasMark
i remember you mentioning the Qanats and what an achievement they were. Really amazing. I never heard of them before. Also, Iranians employed a double brick wall, that acted as a filter from the hot air - a hollow cavity between the building would temper the incoming hot air and make it cool. also, see wind catcher. - Chu_
Sean McBride
How many people around the world will pro-Israel activists attack today?
it's unreal. check out this woman's twitter feed, yet she is a human rights scholar. [Anne Bayefsky is a human rights scholar and activist. She currently directs the Touro College Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust and is a barrister and solicitor of the Ontario Bar. Her areas of expertise include international human rights law, equality rights, and constitutional human rights law.] - Chu_
# set; Jewish attacks on * over Israel and Zionism 1. American politicians 2. American presidents 3. Andrew Sullivan 4. Barack Obama 5. Christians 6. Europeans 7. John Kerry 8. Muslims 9. non-Jews 10. Stephen Walt - Sean McBride
Once you start paying attention to this behavioral pattern it is quite amazing. - Sean McBride
Here is David Bernstein at the Washington Post attacking Bruce Shipman, an Epicopalian leader at Yale University - Sean McBride
This is mostly about them, not about the parties they are attacking. They define their group identity, and their personal identity, in terms of relentless conflict with group outsiders. They need these conflicts to grind away endlessly to keep from falling to pieces. - Sean McBride
They are first and foremost 'hostile tribalist' and second they are hypocrites because of being a hostile tribalist. There is nothing you can do with people like this except marginalize them socially and take away any financial or political power they have to act out their hostility on others. The Jewish Zionist brand of tribalism must be put into the same category by democratic governments as other brands of fanatical groups....radical Islam, communism, racist groups, etc.. - American
old video of Ayn Rand on Donahue. Same talking points that are used today. She even manages to criticize US foreign policy. - Chu_
This behavioral pattern seems to be driven more by irrational and neurotic psychological needs than by rational and pragmatic physical needs. No degree of prosperity and physical security will satisfy those needs. - Sean McBride
'No degree of ... physical security will satisfy those needs.' Which is why the US has to distance itself from Israel, or we'll be bailing them out for the next century to come. - Chu_
OT- article by Gilad Atzmon refers to MW: "Chased by a Klezmer " <<I believe that the Jewish Left is not merely a continuation of the problem, it is actually at the heart of the problem. Jewish power, as I see it, is the capacity to silence criticism of Jewish power. In that regard, AIPAC and the Jewish Lobby are not ‘Jewish power,’ they are symptoms of Jewish power. The institutional... more... - weareone
I had a front row seat regarding those events on Mondoweiss -- in fact, I was a leading participant in discussing the ideological background and roots of Zionism. I encountered some interesting resistance from a few progressives and anti-Zionists there who would very much like to strictly segregate Zionism from the overall arc of Jewish history and culture -- that of course makes no sense. - Sean McBride
Yes, I recalled that when I read this article. - weareone
Judging by the comment section, Joan Rivers is truly loved by the public. - Todd
jdizzla a "Id hate to see a great person die a horrible death. But id be ok if she did." - Chu_
a sad day for the Jewish intellectual family. - pepsi
"There are no P*l*st*n**ns. Everything Joan said about those bigoted pieces of trash was correct and their collective crimes deserve collective punishments just like the Krauts should have been collectively punished for the Holocaust." by: Proud Gay Z i o n i s t - pepsi
TMZ updated saying Joan is in critical condition. At one point, her heart stopped beating. - pepsi
There was a Tales from the Darkside episode that always reminded me of Joan (Rivers) Molinsky : "...story of a grandfather who died but came back to the house he lived in . The family was shocked to see him and told him he was dead, that he should go back to his grave. He denied it and stayed with the family day by day and each day was worse as the smell was putrid. The family kept... more... - Chu_
What heart?..... - American
hell awaits... - Chu_
"Jews cannot be racist because racism = prejudice + power. There are simply not enough Jews on Earth to control the Arab Muslims who outnumber us. But anti-semitism and homophobia should be capital crimes and you know it.... Fuck PaLIEswine, fuck Islam, fuck Christianity and fuck heterosexuality. All those people are oppressor classes and anything anyone says or does to them is justified by what they've done to my people both then and now. by: Death to crackers, breeders and goyim" - pepsi
...someone is snorting some ziocane way too early in the day for such a screed...(Jews can't be racist but proceeds to enter into a diatribe against any non-Jews) - Chu_
I can't wait for the postage stamp of her - pepsi
Joan Rivers Stable After She Stops Breathing During Routine Surgery - pepsi
oh my god, I'm sooo relieved. Fashion Police wouldn't be the same with out her. - Chu_
Rivers and Kelly Osbourne are comedy gold. What would we do without them? - Todd
A innovative hasbara tool.....the Peacemaker Game
I haven't played it but done enough research on it to know that's its a bit of Isr hasbara. - American
The game is based on a completely false premise...the same old one we've heard for 65 years---that Isr and Palestine have to work our peace on their own. Every I.Q above 60 knows that wont happen. And the game does not include any outside powers that would be brought to bear. - American
Its being used by jewish pro I-groups on campuses and by jewish professors in college to promote that Isr and Palestine claims are 'equal' and that that is why it is so difficult to solve. You lose the game if you as the Isr or Palestine leaders drop below a certain approval rate by your people. You also cant win it with any one ruling or for instance not building new settlements---everything has to be stretched out over a period of years as baby steps. - American
It was created by a former IDF officer and two gaming guys. - American
It's a rigged game, with carefully restricted parameters. - Sean McBride
I wonder if they have an option where you can undermine the West Bank water supply and redirect it to Israel? Or erect apartheid walls as you advance. - Chu_
yea, rigged is a good way to describe it. - American
Sean McBride
ISIS, the Neocons, and Obama’s Choices | The American Conservative (Scott McConnell) - http://www.theamericanconserva...
ISIS, the Neocons, and Obama’s Choices | The American Conservative (Scott McConnell)
"It shouldn’t be forgotten that America’s destruction of the Iraqi state in 2003 created the opportunity for ISIS to grow and thrive, as America’s Sunni allies, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, gave ISIS financial backing." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Then as now, an influential group of neoconservatives, tightly allied with Israel, had a very specific idea of what they wanted the United States to do. The neocons then—and still do—aspired for an almost endless series of American wars and invasions across the entire Middle East. Because in 2001 we were already engaged in a sort of shadow war with Saddam Hussein—Iraq was under a... more... - Sean McBride
"That an American war with Iran was an Israeli priority does not mean Israel opposed the Iraq war: polls at the time indicated that Israel was the only country in the world where large popular majorities were enthusiastic about George W. Bush’s Iraq invasion, and Israeli politicians were regularly invited to appear as guests American news talk shows in order to beat the Iraq invasion... more... - Sean McBride
"It would seem logical that if ISIS really is a threat—a metastasizing terrorist entity and enemy of America and all civilization—then the United States should patch up its relations with Syria and Iran to deal with it." - Sean McBride
"So the neocons will argue against any policy which contemplates detente with Iran or a lessening of tension with Syria, because they recognize that if the United States comes to view Iran as an ally in the fight against ISIS or other Sunni extremists, their goal of an American war with Iran is gone, probably forever." - Sean McBride
"A final point: over the past two generations thousands of articles have been written proclaiming that Israel is a “vital strategic ally” of the United States, our best and only friend in the “volatile” Middle East. The claim is a commonplace among serving and aspiring Congressmen. I may have missed it, but has anyone seen a hint that our vital regional ally could be of any assistance... more... - Sean McBride
I would say that US support of Israel has damaged the US more than any of its other actions---Because it doesn't even have a 'fig leaf' of any pretense to spreading democracy or protecting civilizations....iow, the US cant even 'pretend' to have any morals or to be protecting the 'US national security' when it comes to Israel. - American
Ferguson -- Dreyfus Affair for Blacks? |
C Span, Aug 24 2014, topic: Race in America. Caller: a young Black man: "We Blacks need our own state. We give all this money to Israel for Jews to have their own state, We need our own sovereign state. - ChasMark
Who will be the Black Emile Zola and Theodore Herzl? The Black Louis Brandeis? The Black Max Warburg, Sam Untermyer? - ChasMark
Would you support blacks having their own state? If so, where? - Todd
georgia - JustTheFactsPlease
They already run Atlanta and most of the major cities, and they still aren't happy. How do you complain about racism, police brutality, lack of opportunity, poor schools, etc., and blame it on whites, when your group leads the city and makes up a good portion of police, teachers, politicians and bureaucracy, and uses Affirmative Action and set asides to create a large black upper, middle and working class? Other areas may be different. but that's the way it is in much of the South, where most blacks live. - Todd
There was an attempt to establish a Black State for Us blacks back in the 1800's...... - American
Many historians claim that if Lincoln had lived, he would have given heavy support to the Liberia project. Others claim he abandoned the idea. Whatever the case, I've never believed that Lincoln became a loving, racial egalitarian at any point in his life, as many claim he did. - Todd
My personal experiences tell me that the reality expressed in the article below is far more honest than the typical view expressed in the MSM that blacks are still held in check by Jim Crow-lite. The article is somewhat long, but much rings true, even from my limited background. - Todd
Where's the media? They are responsible. - Todd
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Elizabeth Warren finally speaks on Israel/Gaza, sounds like Netanyahu -
### Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) at a hearing in the Senate on November 12, 2013 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) The last time Elizabeth Warren was asked about her views on the Israeli attack on Gaza – on July 17 – she, as Rania Khalek put it, “literally ran away” without answering. But last week, the liberal Senator appeared for one of her regularly scheduled “office hours” with her Massachusetts constituents, this one in Hyannis, Read more The post Elizabeth Warren finally speaks on Israel/Gaza, sounds like Netanyahu appeared first on The Intercept.
So Elizabeth Warren is another Zionist war hawk (we won't say war harpy) like Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Victoria Nuland, etc.? - Sean McBride
How does Elizabeth Warren square extreme right-wing ethno-religious nationalism with progressive and liberal values? With basic American and modern Western democratic values? With feminist values? - Sean McBride
Another Israeli wh**e. there is no one running so far I will vote for. - American
All of these American politicians who have groveled before the Israeli government and the Israel lobby have made fools of themselves -- most of them will come to regret it. Some of them will react by radically reversing their positions on Israeli issues in an effort to acquire credibility and authenticity. - Sean McBride
It would be refreshing to hear a politician say 'If I criticize Israel in the slightest degree, The pro-Israel glass ceiling will magically appear and my chances for higher office would be near impossible." - Chu_
Sean McBride
Liberal Zionism Is Dying. The Two-State Solution Shouldn’t Go With It. | The Nation -
Liberal Zionism Is Dying. The Two-State Solution Shouldn’t Go With It. | The Nation
"In 1948, Hannah Arendt published an essay in the magazine Commentary—at the time still a liberal magazine—titled “To Save the Jewish Homeland.” She lamented the increasingly militaristic, chauvinistic direction of Zionism, the virtual unanimity among Jews in both the United States and Palestine that “Arab and Jewish claims are irreconcilable and only a military decision can settle the issue; the Arabs, all Arabs, are our enemies and we accept this fact; only outmoded liberals believe in compromises, only philistines believe in justice, and only shlemiels prefer truth and negotiation to propaganda and machine guns…and we will consider anybody who stands in our way a traitor and anything done to hinder us a stab in the back.”" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"This nationalist strain of Zionism, she predicted, might succeed in establishing a state, but it would be a modern-day Sparta, “absorbed with physical self-defense to a degree that would submerge all other interests and activities.” It would negate the very humanistic Jewish values that originally fed the Zionist dream. “Palestine Jewry would eventually separate itself from the larger... more... - Sean McBride
"It’s difficult to avoid the conclusion, sixty-six years later, that she was right." - Sean McBride
'' It would negate the very humanistic Jewish values that originally fed the Zionist dream.'''....There were no very humanistic values that fed the Zionist dream---that's another lie they tell themselves. - American
American, those "humanistic jewish values" are basically enlightenment values that jewish writers did much to appropriate as something "sort of" jewish. Of course, Talmudic text has some good passages, and there was humanism in the words attributed, in particular, to Hillel. Alas, the "good stuff" and/or "wise stuff' is buried in the Talmudic exhortations and deliberations around how to... more... - Danaa
The Talmud is like the Koran in many ways - you read into it what you want and pick out of it what you want. As for the rest of the "Jewish values" I think they mean family values and emphasis on education. In other words, Chinese values. OK< with one exception - argumentation - there's a great jewish value for you. Wanna have it? it's for sale, you know.... - Danaa
Anyways, you are right about it being high time to start calling out this "Jewish values" shtick. I would however assume the writer was just as careless as most. Time for some serious deconstruction! - Danaa
The interesting project will be to separate out those Jewish values that revolve around Jewish ethnic nationalist self-interest from those that don't. Mainstream Judaism has already been completely swallowed and absorbed by Zionism (Jewish ethnic nationalism). - Sean McBride
If life is mostly about the pursuit of one's ethnic nationalist self-interest -- which is the aggressive and relentless message of Zionism -- then we will be in a real mess. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
First impressions of the new Mondoweiss
A step backwards. The 100 most recent comments is still not working. Mark and copy is gone. The edit button for comments is gone. - Sean McBride
Too much emphasis on cosmetic changes -- not enough attention to upgrading basic communications protocols to 2014 standards. Apparently the designers of the new system aren't familiar with the revolution in social media platforms -- they are far behind the curve. - Sean McBride
Thank God I can filter Mondoweiss through Friendfeed -- to add the important features that are missing. - Sean McBride
100 recent comments gone. Was this intentional. A way to limit the skirmishes between comments. - Chu_
However -- we still need to give Mondoweiss some time to fix the inevitable bugs which accompany major changes like this. - Sean McBride
What is Mark and copy? - WJones
"The edit button for comments is gone." A slow death. I wonder if they will actually ban comments altogether. - WJones
When you mark/select, copy and paste text, you need to be able to see what you are marking/selecting through a color contrast. - Sean McBride
The elimination of the 100 recent comments is probably gone deliberately, as has the side bar showing comments on threads (a common feature in many platforms). I doubt it'll return. The idea is to hide, not highlight comments. This little party is over, and the sooner commenters on MW realize it the better. Too bad but perhaps the loss might wake up enough people to the fact that if... more... - Danaa
If you want those from among the majority of commenters on MW who are jewish (and I maintain - without proof, of course) that they are, whether people like it or not, the forum or the FF thread has to be started and run by someone jewish. That's just the way it is. otherwise they won't come. - Danaa
Which thread is the one where most complaints about the new MW are lodged? any in particular? - Danaa
WJones, a slow death indeed. They are trying to strangle the comments, reducing them to a trickle. I believe this is deliberate. - Danaa
If many other commentors had a serious urge to talk more than what is offered, some of them they would have come to FF. We have advertised it enough. Danaa and Sean: put the MW FF URL in your MW Profile, like I did, in case you haven't already. That's how WeAreOne found us. - WJones
I don't know of many other forums about the IP Issue besides MW on FF and the MW Comment Section. I PMed Sean and Chu about one Section that I've frequented on a Christan Forum that has discussed it. - WJones
((WJones, a slow death indeed. They are trying to strangle the comments, reducing them to a trickle. I believe this is deliberate.)) Seafoid likes the Comments Section. His writings are fun often. - WJones
I thought Hostage was complaining about the Comments Section because I was discussing Chomsky so much with him. But then he said that the killing of the Comments Section was actually a main factor in him wanting to leave. - WJones
I know there are liberals who complain about the Comments Section, but I think that they probably feel this way not just about the Comments, but about much of the site too. After all, L.Proyect thought that Annie was being antisemitic in the comments , and yet that Phil allows the Comments section to continue to be so. Yet Annie herself is a regular writer on MW, so it's not really just the Comment Section that must bother them. - WJones
One weird phenomenon is how some people like MJR can be so outspoken on the issue and yet claim that Ali A. is racist just because Ali A uses the word "Zionists" in his criticisms of them. - WJones
The most likely explanation is that Phil wants open discussion about many sides of the issue, but the site is under strong emotional and verbal pressure from Israeli nationalists. So a few of the other editors are taking steps to gradually wind down the comments section. The main question is whether they will end it altogether. There is not much more they can do to kill it. It seems... more... - WJones
I do not like the new format doesnt 'pop' any headlines and its too much trouble to go to the different sections for articles. I think maybe Jones is right and they are winding down the comments. I liked the ascending list of was more timely and you could see what was new .....and I liked the recent comments appearing in the right hand column because there are some... more... - American
WJones, American, Sean, check my comment under the "New Comments" thread - in an answer to keith. I was trying to put it out there, in case more people were interested in finding an alternative forum. The comment did not sit in moderation too long, BTW. My suspicion is that most commenters may simply not want to take the trouble looking elsewhere, or coming here. Yet, people who comment... more... - Danaa
I also think that people may simply be afraid of becoming too involved or bogged down in forums. On MW one can cut and run as one wishes. But if one were involved in bringing out some other medium, there's implied responsibility to stay involved. So people worry - what am I getting myself into, and all that. - Danaa
To close, and to entertain, here is my idea of the three elements that underle all human action or lack thereof: everything is an interplay between inertia, fear and intention. Intention correlates with ambition, greed etc - ie all that moves one forward (cf hooray for change!), fear is what holds one back and/or causes the human to retreat in the face of challenges/obstacles/walls (Ie,... more... - Danaa
Ok, so my idea of all causes for human action (and Sean, I'm sure will appraise me of just how unoriginal I am....) needs to be modified slightly to add another dimension - a fourth axis. For lack of a better word I'll call it charity. That is the impetus to act in ways that are in the interest of the larger collective, sometimes even to the detriment of one's own interests. We know... more... - Danaa
<<Feed-back please (assuming the thread doesn’t freeze)?>> That thread is going to freeze like an apple in an ice box. - WJones
<< the highlight is just a weak, urine yellow>>~ Marc B. ______________ Maybe Marc is using a Mac or some other computer settings, but I am seeing nothing even with my face inches away from my screen. - WJones
Guess what - the thread is still open to replies. Is it my imagination or are the threads open longer? I just posted a reply on something that's already 4 days old. Shhh.....don't tell anyone... - Danaa
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