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Sean McBride
President Rivlin: Time to admit that Israel is a sick society that needs treatment -
President Rivlin: Time to admit that Israel is a sick society that needs treatment
"The time has come to honestly admit that Israel is a sick society, with an illness that demands treatment, President Reuven Rivlin said at the opening session on Sunday of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities’ conference on ‘From Hatred of the Stranger to Acceptance of the Other’." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Seriously, they aren't ever going to admit to the sick parts of Jewish culture and we have all seen that it isn't just confined to Jews in Israel, its been supported by Jews from around the world. Its bigger than just Israel. The nazis facing hanging for war crimes went to the gallows still doing their 'Heil Hitler" - American
Good that there is an emerging voice of moderation, but I think Israel is trending toward a darker path indefinitely. some things on Rivlan 1. supporter of minority rights in Israel 2. For 1 state solution 3. wishes to recognize the Armenian genocide. - Chu_
Man Suspected of Attacking Jewish Leader at Brooklyn Nets Game Arrested Shawn Schraeder, 25, Not Being Charged With Hate Crime Read more:
(article from 2012) Carnegie Deli in NYC (owners Sandy Levine, Milton Parker) created a tebow inspired sandwich. But the sarcasm is obvious they are criticizing Tebow through a sandwich - " "Tim Tebow" and the "Jetbow," the thing weighs in at 3.3 pounds, and includes layers of roast beef, pastrami, corned beef,... more... - Chu_
The Jewish hand behind Internet Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay... -
The Jewish hand behind Internet Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay...
The Jewish hand behind Internet Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay...
Lengthy article. essential reading. - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
Interesting. You wonder why these corporate takeovers are so expensive but they often will consolidate power for the few. so a billion dollar buyout (like youtube 1.65 billion) would give control to the oligarchs. Control the media message and control how people think and behave. very 1984, but effective if you want to control people. - Chu_
CNN had a 10 minute clip on Blitzer and his family and the holocaust tonight. I was almost verklempt until I thought what a war propagandist he is for Israel. Sponsered by - Chu_
Larry Page could use a dental cleaning. - Todd
The article says, "Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz (left) and Justin Rosenstein." No they weren't. It was Connecticut twins, rich white WASPs who created it. These guys, including Zuckerburg, stole it from them. - MRW_8
Also says shabbos Jimmy Wales is jewish. I've never heard that. - Chu_ from Android
@ MRW -- repeat for emphasis: "The article says, "Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz (left) and Justin Rosenstein." No they weren't. It was Connecticut twins, rich white WASPs who created it. These guys, including Zuckerburg, stole it from them. - MRW_8" - ChasMark
ps. MRW, thanks for correcting Richard Sales on SST the other day. - ChasMark
It is a mistake for WASP to assume that most Jews practice any kind of 'gentlemen's agreements'. They don't and its an ongoing 2000 yr old belief in the tribe that stealing from or cheating the goy enemy is allowed and not a bad thing because goys are the enemy. In the few Jewish writers that have made an attempt to. explain anti semtism and etc this has been admitted and described in... more... - American
yeah, MRW a few years ago mentioned the wasp gentleman's handshake and how Jews didn't respect it.. American, the link is broken. - Chu_
I had one Jewish friend I dealt with and was what I would call honorable--didn't want to take advantage of anyone.But I will give you an example (although its not just Jews this applies to). My son knew a Jewish classmate in high school and he had a Ford Jeep that he didnt like or needed too many repairs to be worthwhile so he had some friends steal it and take it out in the country and... more... - American
I experienced something in Israel that I can't prove was shady business directed at me because I was a non-Jew, but I was told that it was the case. What happened is that a few days after I got to Israel, I needed a current converter, so I went to a local electronics store to buy one, where the owner told me that he didn't keep the type that I needed in stock and that he would need... more... - Todd
They steal from each other. Jewish people I've known over the years told me about their shady cousin or uncle, etc. One person I worked with told me how this guy screwed family members of money saying it was an investment for his new business, split and took their money. He would often go to Israel and I believe he eventually stayed there. plenty of stories out there. Even in Dirty... more... - Chu_
I was screwed by a energy scam last year. Electric company came to door and said do you want to save min 10% a month and after one year get a free month to pick of the year and we'll deduct it. So not doing the research I said 'duh, sounds good' & signed. Then the 1st bill came and it was double my average rate that for a typ. month. I called immediately and cancelled, but it took... more... - Chu_
Chu, at least you were sold something. Georgia Power in Atlanta had a program of "helping" people who were having trouble paying/not paying their power bills. It was really just a subsidy scheme, but the media liked it, so it wasn't challenged. At the time, I had lived in a tiny apartment for two years, and my power bill had always been around $50 dollars per month, then it jumped to... more... - Todd
Big biz seems to really be putting the squeeze on all consumers of anything today. I recently noticed that one of the few cable channels we like--Turner Classic Movies-- has disappeared. When I called about it Sudden Link Cable told me it had been removed and I would have to pay an increased fee to get it back. Then I got a notice in the cable bill that said my cable channel line up was... more... - American
I can only remember two times I was able to beat a corp down. the first time was when I was in my 20's and had a Nissian. Before it was 3 years old the clear coat on one door started peeling off while the rest of the car was prefect. I called the dealer and they agree to fix it...BUT...they kept putting me of and off for months despite my repeated calls. Finally I was so pissed I wrote... more... - American
My Jewish mentor, who I met at age 83, made aliyah in his late 60s. Then he made reverse aliyah back to NYC because he said the Sabras overcharged him 4X. He said Israelis overcharged him because he was American and being Jewish there didn't help. That was in the late 60s. He hated Israel. His wife loved it. - MRW_8
"ps. MRW, thanks for correcting Richard Sales on SST the other day. - ChasMark" What did I say? - MRW_8
My second go round with a corp was when my wife bought a Chrysler in 1996 just because she liked 'its looks' despite my telling her it wasnt going to be that reliable. Sure enough the head gasket went...and the dealership claimed it wasn't covered and would cost about 500 or 600 to replace. Somewhere in scatter gun skimming of news articles I though I had read something about the... more... - American
Oh yeah I did once also beat Aetna by using a political connection to the Legal Task Force at the DOL who is busy all the time trying to establish precedent cases they can use to sue companies, to make them pay and apologize when they tried to screw me many years ago. I really loved that one! sweet it was! - American
how schlomo sand ceased to be a jew - or did he? Atzmon
"Sand realises that the Zionist journey has come to an end and that ‘Israeli secularism’ is doomed. From an ethical and universal perspective Israel is at a dead end. Yet, he still fails to grasp that Israel is only part of the problem. More and more thinkers are now regarding Israel as a mere symptom of Jewish identity politics. More and more, commentators are becoming aware of a tribal ideological and spiritual continuum between Israel, Zionism, the so-called Jewish anti Zionists and the Left in general. It is no longer a secret that, like Zionists, Jewish ‘anti Zionists’ invest most of their political energy chasing the so-called ‘anti Semites’ – those who analyze Israeli and Zionist politics within the context of Jewish culture and philosophy." - Chu_
I am having a pissing contest with Mooser right now on MW that illustrates well I think the Jewish identity obsession' in non zionist religious Jews as well as the secular Jewish 'race' identity of the Zionist. It is a obsession. I honestly dont know how they stand it, for any normal person this mental identity addiction would be like gorging yourself on some food to the point where it makes you psychically sick and you start throwing up. Its too much. - American
Funny and I thought he knew of the dangers of ziocane. Is he a weekend user? - Chu_ from Android
I dont know but he is all over the place in his questioning of me on this thread .... - American
Did you acquire the URL for that comment from your Commenter Profile? - Sean McBride
opps....did I? didnt notice, I might have. - American
'' Jewish ‘anti Zionists’ invest most of their political energy chasing the so-called ‘anti Semites’ – those who analyze Israeli and Zionist politics within the context of Jewish culture and philosophy'')......Seems to me its obvious that Jewish identity and culture did have some attitudes/beliefs that helped give rise to zionism. - American
Do any people, other than Jews, know about or care about the infinite number of definitions of the word "Jew?" If someone identifies as a Jew or Jewish, most people in the world, it seems, assume that means that they practice the religion of Judaism. Only Jews, it seems, define this term differently among themselves with a seemingly endless number of permutations--ie. secular Jew,... more... - weareone
wao you forget the best oxymoron - atheist-Jew. And there are many atheist Jews, which would seem to make Jews a 'race' and not a religion. But staying behind religion avoids a lot of criticism in the american town square. - Chu_
# Jewish types -- any others? 1. agnostic Jew 2. anti-Jewish Jew 3. anti-Zionist Jew 4. atheist Jew 5. Conservative Jew 6. ethnic Jew 7. Hasidic Jew 8. humanist Jew 9. Jewish convert to Buddhism 10. Jewish convert to Christianity 11. Jewish convert to Islam 12. liberal Jew 13. libertarian Jew 14. neoconservative Jew 15. non-Zionist Jew 16. Orthodox Jew 17. Reconstructionist Jew 18.... more... - Sean McBride
The single factor underlying all these categories: ethnic self-absorption -- intense ethnocentrism. Psychology trumps ideology. - Sean McBride
26. Sabbateans 27. crypto Jews 28. Frankists 29. Marranos 30. Xuetes - Chu_
Thanks. I did leave out quite a few. As is often discussed here, this ethnocentrism and broad definition of what it means to be a Jew is very damaging for the religion of Judaism. - weareone
Judaism has been redefined as Zionism by the worldwide Jewish establishment itself during the last half century. Judaism is now synonymous with the ideology of Jewish ethnic nationalism and the policies and practices of the Israeli government. - Sean McBride
That's true, Sean. The majority of people in the world don't understand the difference between Judaism from Zionism and the majority of Jews have actively discouraged that differentiation and embraced Zionism with great zeal. - weareone
This is the main point: the Jewish religious establishment itself has deliberately erased all distinctions between Judaism and Zionism. If the Jewish religious establishment is not the lead authority on Judaism, then who is? According to these authorities, Judaism=Zionism. Ok. Got it. Judaism is all about Jewish ethnic nationalism. It is not a universalist religion like Christianity or Buddhism. - Sean McBride
I understand your point about the Jewish religious establishment, but if this poll is correct, "two-thirds of Jews do not belong to a synagogue, one-fourth do not believe in God", but many in the poll express an emotional attachment to Israel so that may also be playing a greater role. Here's another one to add to the list of how Jews define themselves: "In a surprising finding, 34... more... - weareone
Which supports the point that Jewishness is more about ethnocentrism and ethnic nationalism than about religion as most members of universalist religions understand religion. Religion in the Jewish tradition is strongly ethnocentric in character -- one might even argue that it is an expression of ethnocentrism. This is why it is easy for religious and secular Jews to be on the same page with regard to Zionism. - Sean McBride
I think 'Jewishness' relates more to tribal cohesion than religion, from the figures that are cited above. Even if i say I am an anti-Zionist Atheist Jew, I'm still Jewish. go figure. - Chu_
Some religions are tribalist, ethnocentric, nationalist and xenophobic at the core. They are all about the pursuit of the group interest in fierce competition against outgroups. Domination is the name of the game. - Sean McBride
Exodus campaign to Berlin sparks outrage in Israel - Yahoo News -
"TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — A group of young Israeli expats have unleashed controversy back home by encouraging others to join them in Berlin, touching on two of the most sensitive issues in Israel: the country's high cost of living and Jews' tortured history with Germany. - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
While Israelis have been angered after learning that food prices are much lower in Germany, they are also outraged that the youngsters' form of protest has been to give up on the Zionist dream by leaving the Jewish state, and relocate to the birthplace of the Nazi Party to boot. It rankles many in a society that once considered emigration shamefully akin to treason, at a time when many... more... - ChasMark
Pity Germany. - ChasMark
BUT -- can anything be done to clear out Florida, New York and California? - ChasMark
Ironic that Jews want to go back to Germany. The cheap food is a ruse, they know Israel is an occupation gone sour. - Chu_ from Android
Can you imagine how Berliners must feel? After Jews destroyed Germany, and continue to feed off its carcass, now rehabilitated, the calf fatted, Jews want another piece of it, want to fuck it up again. - ChasMark
I was at a NIAC conference last year. The saddest thing I heard, and this from a graceful, even elegant Iranian-American woman whose family prospers in US, was, "It is very hard to leave the land of your birth and the place where your family is." I wonder if most Americans think about that -- how hard it is to transplant yourself. The generation of Iranians in USA today is the first time in history that Iran has experienced mass migration. Yet Jews do this without much thought; Jews are a migratory people. - ChasMark
This is neither antisemitic nor Iranophilic, it is a sociological reality. We in the USA have GOT to free ourselves from Foxmanite constraints on our discourse so that we can talk about these patterns. - ChasMark
If I were in charge in Germany I would require that Jews who settle in Germany take an oath of allegiance and foreswear citizenship/loyalty to Israel. Like the Oath of Allegiance my Mother took upon naturalization: - ChasMark
I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and... more... - ChasMark
Jews in Germany are exempt from military service. Historically along with the masses dislike of Jews went the special perks to the Jews from rulers and governments going back to the 1400's. It continues today....victim hood has always brought them some favoritism--- while it lasted---till the peasants rebelled against the privileges and practices of the special group. There are a lot of 'patterns' you can follow in the tribe. I have outlined enough of them previously not to have to repeat the history. - American
We discussed before whether the Berlin Jews are trying to import more Jews for business and economic networking purposes. The Berlin Jews setting up this appeal to Isr Jews though may be just another example of Jews making money off Jews---a business enterprise where they charge fees for 'helping' Isr Jews immigrate to Germany. - American
I could probably pretend to be a Jew and write a book on' How to avoid the coming Jewish holocaust in America' and sell 5 million copies overnight ---one to every Jew in the USA. Jews are a 'niche' market for Jews. - American
american, you're taking about the court Jew. And Jews were stupid to take up the arrendar system. But they'll do the jobs that no one else would do - that's what we're told. like usury etc. - Chu_
This reminds me of the easing of Israel passports in the USA. That went nowhere for good reasons. 'Israel is pressing to join 38 other countries in the U.S. Visa Waiver Program — a prestigious club of nations whose citizens don't need a preapproved visa to visit America. So far, their efforts have not... more... - Chu_
Chas, it's not only going to be Germany. They'll go where they can. Funny that those inside the Zionism State realize what a shit-show it is. They want out of the Shtetl. - Chu_
Chu, they want out of Israel, but they don't want to fit in wherever they go. - Todd
they want to take over wherever they go. anything less is "slavery" or "persecution." - ChasMark
Todd, they'll always want to be the 'diaspora'. that is certain. - Chu_
I-First meeting Nov. 7-9 hosts Mitt Romney & Traitor Joe Lieberman
attendees: 1. Haim Saban 2. the Adelsons 3. Amb Ron Dermer 4. Joe Lieberman 5. Mitt Romney 6. Gilad Erdan 7. Isaac Herzog 8. Ron Prosor - Chu_
(good to know) Part of the conference will take place on Shabbos. In an effort to accommodate with religious and observant attendees, the IAC announced that “all meals provided at the Israeli-American Council National Conference will be certified Kosher by the Capital K/Vaad Harabanim of Greater Washington, - Chu_
Sean McBride
Envoy attacks PM for Israel silence | The Sunday Times -
"David Cameron's envoy to the Gulf is to attack the government’s failure to condemn Israel’s settlement building on the West Bank. Sir Alan Duncan, a former international development minister, warns that Britain must speak out or risk “a serious long-term price” in the region. His comments come as MPs are poised to vote tomorrow to back calls for Britain to recognise Palestine as a state in its own right." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"In a speech at the Royal United Services Institute on Tuesday, Duncan will warn Cameron that groups such as Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) should not have disproportionate policy influence. “We need British Jews for the Conservative, Labour or other UK parties, not the Israeli lobby for any party,” he will say. “The time has come to make sure above any doubt that the funding of any party in the UK is clearly decoupled from the influence of the Israeli state.”" - Sean McBride
hummmmm....this is getting good. - American
The perfect response to people who say all Muslims are violent, in one tweet:
Tunisian president calls for bringing Israeli leaders to justice over their crimes against Palestinians.
And more support for Palestine: "American political prisoner censures US over pro-Israel policies" - weareone
"More than 500 anthropologists back academic boycott of Israel" - weareone
more defectors. oh no. drain the sewer of zionism. - Chu_
yep, it's interesting-we just never know when and from where the support will come, but it's definitely coming. In the case of Tunisia, they've recognized Palestine as a state since 1988 and for Abu-Jamal also, speaking against injustice is nothing new. For the anthropologists, it's great to see more signatories and also major names in the field signing on. - weareone
taxi posted this map the other day. Things are changing. look at 1988 compared to today. - Chu_
Chu, yes I saw that map-really appreciate Taxi posting it and thanks for posting it again. It's very encouraging when you compare 1988 to today. Who's left?-the usual culprits- North America, Europe, Australia. - weareone
and I recall most of Europe abstained from the vote. So they are neutral. only the former colonizing states support it. EU vote on non memeber state (see map) - Chu_
Thanks for the map. That's an impressive shift in just 1 year--2011-2012: " that means that nine European countries moved their votes in a way that suggests greater support for Palestinian U.N. statehood efforts." - weareone
After Caste Lead (2009) & this summer's civilian bombing campaign of Gaza infrastructure, are American's watching this and slowly understanding who the aggressor is? How do people buy that Hamas is the aggressor anymore when they're contained within a 5 mile x 25 mile strip with basic military technology, as Israel is the one pushing them into the sea (not the other way around). - Chu_
Once understood, it's relatively easy to see how the Jewish State was founded on terrorism and have had a nonstop campaign (simmering occupation) to take over Palestinian towns, with the aim to transfer them to other Arab nations. Gaza is a refugee camp, not a terrorist haven of Hamas. - Chu_
Americans need to apply the model to their own state. Imagine all of the residents were pushed out of New Jersey to make way for a foreign group of bandits who overtook their towns and destroyed much of their family, their farms, etc. Surely Americans would form a resistance group and the neighboring States would empathize & align themselves with the beleaguered NJ residents. - Chu_
Because the media has sought to portray Muslims as terrorists (muslim=terrorist=ISIS=Islam,etc) we get a bunch of yahoos like Hannity defending Israel, when the original terrorist group in the Arab world has been Irgun or the Stern Gang. - Chu_
Graphic: 800,000 Trees Uprooted. 800,000 Trees Uprooted. - Chu_
That's a powerful visual, but don't worry about Hannity or those like him. His viewership is about 2.5 million with about 600,000 of those in the 25-54 year old demographic which is the demographic most attractive to advertisers. But... this is not the most significant demographic for issues of justice, universalism and human rights. The millennials appear to be the new vanguard for... more... - weareone
Well, you sound hopeful about things to come. Sometimes I am, and sometimes not so much. Hannity is not so significant as say the danger of Hillary Clinton and the forces that will propel her to the top of the political pile, being the harpy she is... Hopefully with this new coming group of American youth we'll see some significant change, but I look around here often and see a bunch of... more... - Chu_
I am hopeful, and I hope, pragmatic as well. Sometimes looking at the numbers, as we did above, helps me to dispel the negative propaganda. But also, I guess most of us have heard or been taught that we draw to ourselves that which we habitually think and I've found this to be true on a personal level. So I try to focus on the positive (not always successfully :)), stay in the light, so... more... - weareone
Sean McBride
Ben Affleck Slams Bill Maher's Anti-Muslim Sentiment As ‘Gross’ And ‘Racist’ | ThinkProgress -
Ben Affleck Slams Bill Maher's Anti-Muslim Sentiment As ‘Gross’ And ‘Racist’ | ThinkProgress
"In a testy ten-minute exchange on “Real Time” with television host Bill Maher and author Sam Harris, Hollywood actor Ben Affleck slammed the host for commenting that Islam is the only religion that acts like the “mafia.” Along with journalist Nicholas Kristof, Affleck argued that ascribing an entire religion based on the actions of the terrorist group Islamic State, was “gross” and “racist,” while Maher and Harris shot back that criticizing Islam “gets conflated with bigotry towards Muslims as people,” a ploy that others have used to build on anti-Muslim sentiment in the country." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Pro-Israel activists keep doubling down on getting into ugly fights with just about everyone -- they are spiraling out of control. Their weird presumption is that they can beat down anyone who disagrees with them into submission -- keep screaming ever louder. - Sean McBride
Most of us are not eager to lend support to zealots who are slapping us around. We may even feel motivated to line up against them. - Sean McBride
Sam Harris (next to Maher in video) The question I’ve now received in many forms goes something like this: Why is it that you never criticize Israel? Why is it that you never criticize Judaism? Why is it that you always take the side of the Israelis over that of the Palestinians? - Chu_ from Android
Read the Harris piece. He says hes against religion but makes every possible excuse for Israel. What scholarly insights. Lol. - Chu_ from Android
Netanyahu: White House criticism of Israel is un-American:
“The idea that we’d have this ethnic purification as a condition for peace, I think it’s anti-peace" - Netanyahu. - Taxi
let's see if one politician supports the president here. In a normal healthy government the leader would have the backing of his party. Here, we'll see little to no one buttress the president. - Chu_
Classic doublespeak: "He said he was "baffled" by the American condemnation. "It's against the American values. And it doesn't bode well for peace," he said. "The idea that we'd have this ethnic purification as a condition for peace, I think it's anti-peace."" - Chu_
rotflmao.....If there is a 'white Obama type' or even a white president in the WH next the Zios attacks on the President and the WH wont work like they do now. Now they depend on that segment of racist and closet racist for back up--cause the ones that dont like a black president will back up anything and anyone who criticizes and goes against him. Isr has been using the secret 'race card' on Obama and the WH during his entire administration. - American
Mrs Obama should make up with Benji and Sarah. invite them over for some yushchenko soup. - Chu_
Mrs Netanyahu is persona non-grata: she's known for stealing other people's silverware. Literally. - Taxi
And let me be catty here and say that Sarah Netanyahu and Madelaine Albright, who both have the same stylist it seems, absolutely must STOP wearing those over-the-knee tight skirts - makes them look like fat muffins stuffed in small cups. - Taxi
queen albright: 'disgusting Serbs' video - Chu_
"For Greenberg, the case represents a chance to make the former Federal Reserve chairman (Bernanke) and two past Treasury secretaries (Paulson and Geithner) defend a landmark action made at the most perilous moment for the U.S. financial system since the Great Depression"...
Yemen's Capital Fell To A Rebel Group And The World Hardly Noticed
world newsry - pepsi
If anyone is interested in the eventual fall of the House of Saud, then it behooves them to know a thing or two about Yemen, especially the Shia revolt that took place some 12 days ago - which to me is part of the Arab Spring - unceremoniously under-reported: a successful round won by Arabs for Democracy: - Taxi
The plot thickens. Gulf countries losing their influence in Yemen: - Taxi
The Next Crisis - Part one » Golem XIV - Thoughts -
The Next Crisis - Part one » Golem XIV - Thoughts
The first thing we should bear in mind is that however it starts, the next crisis will be another debt-crisis like the current one. This is because debt is now the global currency and global financing mechanism. Once it starts, however, one thing will be very different from the last time – this time nearly all nations are already heavily indebted. Last time they were not. And this is what changes everything for the over-class. Contrary to the endless misinformation repeated at every juncture by austerity politicians and bankers alike, the debt load of most nations at the beginning of the present crisis was not already out of control before the banks blew up. - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
Simmering Conflict in Hollywood Over Israel | Alternet (Alex Kane) -
"The summer’s bloodletting in the Gaza Strip has stopped, but the discourse on war that Israel’s assault sparked in the U.S. rages on. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Hollywood, where celebrity criticism of Israel led to recriminations from pro-Israel stars and threats to blacklist those who spoke out against the military operation. The entertainment industry is splitting over Israel in the wake of that state’s punishing attack on Palestinians in Gaza." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Once again, pay close attention to the long list of Hollywood leaders who *haven't* signed on with CCFP. - Sean McBride
Wallace Shawn looks like Michael Ratner. - WJones
JPMorgan Breach Is 'Crisis Point' For Banks
Just one example--- >'' Barclays hacking attack gang stole £1.3 million, police say ... › News › UK News › Crime The Daily Telegraph Sep 20, 2013 - A gang of hackers stole £1.3 million by hijacking the computer system of ... allowed the hackers to access its network remotely and transfer money into ... Known as a keyboard video mouse (KVM), the gadgets, which fit into the .... - American
There have been hundreds of hacks that have actually gotten inside banks and 'transfered' money out into accounts around the world where the money was withdrawn 24 hrs later by hacker cohorts. - American
If you want to get the zios and Israel hire some hackers and take their money...Every thing and everyone is hackable. Security builds--hackers hack it. - American
This is funny though---I use to have a investment account at JPMorgan and every time I would try to log on, which wasnt often cause it wasnt a big account, my password wouldnt be accepted and I would have to request a new one and they would only send you a new one by USPO mail, they wouldnt email it to you. I finally withdrew the money some months ago and while doing so I complained... more... - American
It was June to August. I want to know how the hell this could go on for three months without them noticing it. I mean, WHATTHEPHUCK. - MRW_8
Map of all the countries that now recognize Palestinian statehood:
"The next country to consider the issue? The UK, which will vote on recognition of Palestine after the parliament’s summer recess ends on Oct. 13th." - Taxi
great map of the nations aligning themselves with Palestinian statehood. This would counter the recent propaganda images from Israel and their henchmen. - Chu_
Man that map link is disgustingly racist! The often heard zio argument 'but 99% of the middle east is moslem so why can't the Arabs just leave us alone and let us live in peace?'. Nasty colonialist motherfuckers! Of course the obvious answer to their victim question would be: the land is not yours asshole, why should they give you anything? Swiftly followed with 'whatever good did you... more... - Taxi
Sean McBride
Israel Harbors French JDL Extremist Who Stalks French, Palestinian Activists Tikun-Olam Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם -
Israel Harbors French JDL Extremist Who Stalks French, Palestinian Activists Tikun-Olam Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם
"A French Jewish Kahanist named Gregory Chelli, using the code name Ulcan, has been terrorizing pro-Palestine activists in France and around the world for months. He’s engaged in obsessive pathological activities like stalking and hacking of at least 100 websites supporting the Palestinian cause." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"A French reader of this blog wrote me: "He started a chat on-line called ViolVocal (Viol means ‘rape) where he and others encouraged participants to perform ‘transgressing actions’, for instance one of the participants called the Jewish school in Toulouse where Merah killed the Jewish kids 1350 times and made anti-Semitic insults" Presumably he or one of his followers calls pretending... more... - Sean McBride
"Lately, he’s taken to attacking French journalists who’ve criticized Israel’s massacre during the latest Gaza war. Benoit Le Corre, who writes for an online publication affiliated with Le Nouvel Observateur, wrote an expose about Chelli’s activities, which didn’t sit well with him. As a result, Chelli began harrassing phone calls to Le Corre’s elderly father. In one, he told the father... more... - Sean McBride
"Chelli later called Le Corre to “offer condolences” and suggested that he and Le Corre could band together to make money off the story. He records all the calls and airs them on YouTube or the net for the delectation of his fellow pro-Israel psychopaths." - Sean McBride
"Is Chelli engaging in this behavior alone or does he have support? If so, are his supporters individuals or associated with official sources. Does the Israeli government or security services have a hand in his activities? This isn’t a far-fetched question. A French national has violated serious laws and Israel refuses to take any action. It leads one to wonder: is it just police incompetence? Or do the Israeli police tacitly support his agenda? Or do even more powerful political interests support him?" - Sean McBride
See also: [The case of Gregory Chelli (alias Ulcan, alias ViolVocal), or the French police’s inaction, thus far, in the face of a form of Jewish terrorism] Read the details carefully. - Sean McBride
I renew my call for a Almighty Swat Team. Low cost, no collateral damage, quick results. - American
Sean McBride
Israel’s water war crimes | TheHill -
"There is a war going on and it long predates Israel’s summer Gaza onslaught. It is a war on water, and it runs deep. For the last decade, Israel has been carrying out a systemic and willful campaign to deny Palestinians access to clean water. Though Israel’s campaign to restrict water access has yet to make the news, rights organizations are pushing the Palestinian Authority to take the issue to court, so the matter could well make headlines in the coming months. While the PA has been debating whether or not to accede to the International Criminal Court, increasing documentation of war crimes may push their hand." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Under international law, deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure is a war crime, and as of 2010, water and sanitation were enshrined as basic human rights. Israel has blatantly and systemically been denying these rights." - Sean McBride
"Through growing documentation and awareness, Israel’s systemic campaign against Palestinian water can be seen for what it is: a comprehensive violation of one of the most basic human rights. It consists of a two-pronged approach: the visible mass destruction of water and sanitation infrastructure, reinforced by invisible policies of closure and occupation, siege and confiscation that... more... - Sean McBride
Pro-Israel comment: "God commanded Israel in Numbers 25: 17; “Treat the Midianites as enemies and kill them." Israel has been far too Lenient in dealing with the Palestinians." - Sean McBride
The time has come for the world to start documenting pro-Israel hate speech in a systematic and thorough way -- and to widely publicize it. Clearly the ADL and MEMRI aren't up to the task. - Sean McBride
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights Calls for Full and Immediate End to the Illegal Israeli Blockade of Gaza. By Palestinian Centre for Human Rights
"The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) is gravely concerned over the continuity of the Israeli-imposed closure on the Gaza Strip for the eighth consecutive year and dissatisfied by the mechanism of the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip that was declared by the UN Middle East Envoy. Moreover, PCHR is concerned that this mechanism would institutionalize the Israeli closure that has been imposed since 2007. PCHR calls for fully and immediately lift the Israeli closure as it constitutes a form of collective punishment that is prohibited under the international humanitarian law. Ending the closure includes eliminating all restrictions imposed on the freedom of movement of persons and goods, including imports and exports, to and from the Gaza Strip." - weareone
open the damn sea port to Gaza already. Have UN inspectors full time. Gazans have so much rebuilding to do at this point. The Prison Camp is run by Israelis - they are torturing 2 million people. Jews always talk about the right to self determination. Look at Gaza. Can they have self determination? The racist mindset of Israelis see them as less that human. look at pro Israeli comments online. They are considered cockroaches, vermin, etc.. - Chu_
The pressure's finally starting to mount from the outside. Almost every day now we hear another condemnation of, or action taken against Israel by a different group or country. - weareone
i agree, the levy can't hold back the flood. ADL must be shitting right now. They gonna have to hire goyim for damage control. - Chu_
"They gonna have to hire goyim for damage control."....Chu, too funny. - weareone
Sweden to recognise state of Palestine: "A two-state solution requires mutual recognition and a will to peaceful co-existence. Sweden will therefore recognise the state of Palestine."
Woohoo! My first feed-post (thanks American!)! - Taxi
Woohoo! Finally the euros are taking that zio donkey dong outta their mouths and voting YES for Palestine! - Taxi
Good news. Anders Brevik must be punching his cell walls. Israelis are not seeing their outdated occupation is killing their legitimacy? what a bunch of fuck-ups. - Chu_
Taxi, today was actually the first time that I posted too, so cheers. (I actually tried to post something the other day, but I made such a mess of it, I deleted it quickly. You may have noticed a quick flash. :) - weareone
Well alrighty weareone - let's partaaaaaay! - Taxi
Hot damn! Go Sweden! - American
Hello, Ello! What you need to know about the new social network stealing users from Facebook Meet Ello: The advertisement-free, fake-name-friendly, alternative social network
Ello is an invite-only social network created by Paul Budnitz, along with graphic designers Todd Berger and Lucian Föhr, and creative engineers from Mode Set. By the creators’ own description, Ello is a “simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network.” - pepsi
Salon pretends to be a Change Agent, but all they do here is point you to another Jew owned data mining racket. - pepsi
Paul Budnitz great-great-grandmother’s cousin looks like Nosferatu. - Chu_
:) - Todd
Seems that Amal Alamuddin is despised by hollywood zio trolls. check out the comments. geez. - Chu_
Leo's Side Piece: @Nikki: So What screw the jews - JustTheFactsPlease
Americans Continue to Say a Third Political Party Is Needed
3rd party.png
PRINCETON, NJ -- A majority of U.S. adults, 58%, say a third U.S. political party is needed because the Republican and Democratic parties "do such a poor job" representing the American people. These views are little changed from last year's high. Since 2007, a majority has typically called for a third party. - Chu_
Chu, you mentioned a Tea Party 2.0. which may be a good idea, but I'm not very hopeful that having an additional party or parties will effect significant changes. Once elected, what will prevent those from a third party from succumbing to greed and graft like the others? imo, elected officials are our employees, paid with our tax dollars, $174,000-$223,500 per year /each, to represent... more... - weareone
Congress approval is dismal. 13% approval! But the media talk about ISIS instead of these charlatans. - Chu_
This is grounds for revolution, yet the media are on their side. - Chu_
American gov't and Media don't serve the masses. They serve the money. It's so obvious. I need to listen to Sean Hannity to get my wild ideas back on track. - Chu_
' imo, the electorate must take responsibility for causing the problem because we were not attentive. ' I agree in a sense, but the media is a corporation. Once you get some alternate media (that is not coopted) you can get the masses thinking clearer. Most people in the US (and the world) moreoften consider their own situation ~ meaning nightly news (5pm etc). They couldn't place Syria on a map if they tried. - Chu_
Well, if the approval rate is 13%, I wonder why they continue to vote the same people into office? 68% of Americans would like a national issue referendum, 75% are in favor of term limits, 63% are in favor of absolving the Electoral College and 79% support limits on campaign funding.<<Americans... more... - weareone
yeah. I think with Israel, Americans have to ask the question: 'What do they do for us?' I've yet to hear a zionist make a good case that Israel is an asset to American interests. That's why discussion about Israel is taboo. Because they'll lose the debate in the town square. - Chu_
"Because they'll lose the debate in the town square"--for sure. Sean Hannity...funny. - weareone
In my regular life, I am often asked about current events, such as the bombings ongoing in Iraq and Syria, because people know I read widely. When I provide an update and interpretation (which I've learnt to do fairly succintly, believe it or not) people seem to nod, sometimes asking a few questions, sometimes just lamenting the state of affairs. This is Fox news country and it is clear... more... - Danaa
Unfortunately, when it is pointed out that third parties already exist and garner few of the votes, no one has an answer as to how that can be changed. So yes, again agreeing with wearone, political reality requires attention, and it isn't there. Why, I ask? probably because most people are not sufficiently suffering. And that is not political reality. It is human condition reality. - Danaa
Hi Danaa. Yes, third parties are not new and over the years I've voted for a few third party candidates, but if there's interest in forming an alternative party that attracts larger numbers, I wonder how many are willing to do the grassroots organizational work that this requires. I also wonder if this is the most efficient use of time and energy. With regard to suffering, I agree with... more... - weareone
PS Chu made most of the comments about the media. :) - weareone
What is to be done about a world where everything is for sale? » The Spectator -
What is to be done about a world where everything is for sale? » The Spectator
"They say Brits will do anything for money, but the rest of the Western world is just as bad. Just look at how a tiny Gulf nation of 250,000 goatherds managed to land the World Cup in 2022. To call the bribes Qatar must have paid to Fifa delegates colossal would be an understatement. - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
"But forget the 50-degree-Celsius heat and that football is unplayable in that hellhole, the scandal of modern-day slavery as practised by the Qataris is a far bigger depravity, overlooked by the West. In fact, calling foreign workers indentured servants is a euphemism; they are modern-day slaves. - ChasMark
"Foreign workers do not enjoy a minimum wage in Qatar, nor do they have any rights. They are not allowed to change jobs, however feudal the conditions, get a driving licence, rent a room or open a checking account unless they have their employer’s permission. Thousands have died while working in appalling conditions (hundreds of Nepalese alone), which provoked an investigation by the... more... - ChasMark
". . .In cahoots with the Saudis and the Kuwaitis, the Qatari ruling family allowed various so-called private businessmen to raise money for jihad. Saudi money funnelled through Islamic charities has been funding terrorism since the 1980s. Ditto the Kuwaitis. These private fund-raisers are an obvious charade. It’s the Kuwaiti, Saudi and Qatari ruling family’s money that ends up in terrorist hands. It’s called protection money. - ChasMark
"All three ruling ‘monarchies’ are basically illegitimate, and their power derives not from the people but from their oil and gas wealth and their ability to bribe Uncle Sam and other Western powers to keep them as heads. - ChasMark
"The three desert satrapies had a falling out after the military overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The Saudis stuck with Sisi, the Qataris and Kuwaitis stuck with the Brotherhood. Qatar allowed the Taleban to open an office, and openly finances the bloodthirsty Islamic State. - ChasMark
"No matter how bloodthirsty and extreme the IS murderers became, Qatar chose to keep on paying and will do so unless the US Marines land and force the head towel to Guantanamo, where he belongs. - ChasMark
"How have we come to this? Big oil had a lot to do with the First Gulf War. Saddam was our friend and ally yet we chased him out of Kuwait, which was sort of a province of Iraq when it was still Mesopotamia. - ChasMark
"The Israeli lobby ‘ordered’ the Second Gulf War — no ifs or buts about it — and Israel is enjoying the slaughter going on in Syria and Iraq almost as much as it enjoyed crushing Gaza. (Only 6 per cent of Israelis were against the invasion and subsequent killing of innocent people.)" - ChasMark
In a world where nothing counts but money you end up living in bombed out rubble and burning your money in a fire pit to stay warm. - American
Chas, Qatar is historically a fishing culture (throw in the odd pirate here and there) - it's insulting to shepherds to call Qataris "goatherds'. But do indeed heap all the insults you can muster upon the Qataris. It's just that I have a soft spot for sheep and goat shepherds. - Taxi
Thanks Taxi. Recently I asked an Iranian friend if Iranians still 'farmed' pearls. My friend is a professor of physics -- he didn't know anything about pearl diving in the Persian gulf. I guess it's a notion that I picked up from reading too many old books. I share your fondness for sheep & shepherds. Don't know if my Mother had sheep on her village farm in Italy but she did talk about the goats grazing on the thatched roof of the shed built into the hillside. - ChasMark
Pear diving is an ancient industry in Dubai, which lies in the Persian Gulf - it used to be the main source of their economy in the olden days. Today Dubai is a financial skyscraper hub - my how the world turns. Qatar had a pearl diving culture too: Re your mum's (bless her) story of goats grazing on thatched roof is hilarious - thanks for that! - Taxi
Hey btw how do I keep track of my posts on ff - I seem to be spending a lot of time trying to locate them and that's just too much of a drag for me. Any helpful tips, anyone? - Taxi
I don't think FF archives posts, but you can click on the MY Discussions tab to look for your posts. You probably know that, though. - Todd
Thanks Todd - no, actually I didn't know that LOL! EXTREMELY helpful tip for an impatient one-eyed searcher like me. - Taxi
Taxi, also useful is groups at upper right side of page. Add a group and then use it as a corridor/bommerang to other FF sites. There are other FF worlds out there! And last the FF icon in the upper left corner.> press that and it will show you the latest comments on various feeds your subscribed to. So if you add Chas to your feed, or MWFF, or GFTG you'll see who posted what most recently. - Chu_
Thanks Chu - getting to better grips with ff all thanks to you and a bit to Todd. - Taxi
anything for you taxi...btw what happened to potsherd? he was banned from MW (he said on FF a few years ago) and he didn't say anything offensive, I thought. We should get more people here, since this site is good - cause there's no moderation. - Chu_
Yeah I was shocked that they banned pots - couldn't believe it - a few intelligent posters like pots got banned too - just didn't make sense - and just as well I was kinda behaving myself at the time cuz my head was on the block too but was removed last minute by phil. Yeah it be cool if mw's old timers were here too. - Taxi
I tried to direct message him last week on FF, but couldn't. Remeber the guy on MW who was gay and a big Israel critic? I can't remember his name, but I am not sure if he was banned or gave up because of the moderation wait times. He was like Cliff. - Chu_
Chaos. You're talking about my old pal, Chaos - both of us got banned from Huffington Post at the same time heh heh heh - at the time there was like 5 pro Palestinian posters on the Huff and 5000 zionist mothefucking LIARS and our little team of dynamite sticks blew up some big holes in the shitholes arguments - they weren't used to it - they'd had five decades of dumb Americans and... more... - Taxi
Is Kathleen still at MW? - pepsi
Chaos!!! That guy was great. I remember talking to him about Huff Post. I think he has the pic of HAL2000 and did the Q&A? I could be confusing him though. I wonder where he went? kalithea is pretty good too. Lot of vinegar from her. Check out these antisemitism police on huff post. Guess these guys are doing their daily mitzvah. - Chu_
Kathleen is still there. - Chu_
The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra SEP 26, 2014
An unprecedented look inside one of the most powerful, secretive institutions in the country. The NY Federal Reserve is supposed to monitor big banks. But when Carmen Segarra was hired, what she witnessed inside the Fed was so alarming that she got a tiny recorder, and started secretly taping. - Chu_
"Goldman is known for having close ties with the New York Fed, its primary regulator. The current president of the New York Fed, William Dudley, is a former Goldman partner. One of his New York Fed predecessors, E. Gerald Corrigan, is currently a top executive at Goldman. At the time of Segarra’s firing, Stephen Friedman, a former chairman of the New York Fed, was head of the risk committee for Goldman’s board of directors." - pepsi
True believer Ohio treasurer pledges to support Israel as 'beacon of American values' -- Any comment, Maggie Sager? -
True believer Ohio treasurer pledges to support Israel as 'beacon of American values' -- Any comment, Maggie Sager?
"Israel Bonds have not only been a strong investment for Ohio taxpayers, but these investments also send the message that as American policy leaders, we recognize Israel as our friend, ally and beacon of American values in the Middle East." - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
Sickening isnt it. - American
good Seafoid comment "Mandel is a type of nut in German, of course." This tool must be a poly-sci major. - Chu_
I assume Joshie is Jewish. Strange that we need to watch out for the new generation of Pro Israelites. You'd think they'd finally go under after all the Holocaust people kick the bucket, but it seems (as Todd always says) these 'plucky' Israelites always show up to the party. Fuck em. Fuck Shumer to. - Chu_
"Mandel enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, where he served eight years. His first tour was from February to November 2004, during which he was attached to a light armored reconnaissance battalion. He left for his second tour in September 2007. Attached to an infantry battalion, Mandel served in the city of Haditha.[5]" [Religion Judaism] Service/branch United States Marine Corps Reserve seal Marine Corps Reserve - Chu_
UK’s home secretary urged to act on Zionist threat
Galloway urged British Home Secretary Theresa May to do so in a letter on Tuesday, saying the same measures used against terrorists must be applied to Zionist extremists. - Chu_
The British lawmaker wrote the letter after a firebomb attack last week on Rabbi Ahron Cohen, an active campaigner against Zionism, outside his home in Salford, a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester. Cohen’s car was destroyed after it was set on fire following a failed attempt to explode the fuel tank. Nobody was hurt in the attack. - Chu_
Cohen responded to the attack by saying that “If everybody resorted to violent activity, the world would be a very terrible place to live in. People are entitled to discuss their views but it has to be done in a civilized manner.” In a separate incident last week, Galloway received on September 17 a mail death threat at the houses of the British parliament. - Chu_
I want Zionist and Zionism declared to be a terrorist group .... or at minimum a 'subversive movement' within nations just as communism and similiars were viewed.. - American
The communists, eh the frankfurt school marxists have won - JustTheFactsPlease
Barack Obama Says Too Many Israelis Ready To Dump Peace Bid Departs From Prepared Text To Plead for 'Reflection' Read more:
Alert, Alert, goy off script! goy off script! - pepsi
“The violence engulfing the region today has made too many Israelis ready to abandon the hard work of peace,” Obama said. Then, departing from printed remarks made available to reporters beforehand, he added: “And that’s something worthy of reflection within Israel.” “Because let’s be clear: the status quo in the West Bank and Gaza is not sustainable. We cannot afford to turn away from... more... - pepsi
AaronBear · 33 minutes ago "Obama once again proves he is not Israel's friend and shows his total incompetence in the foreign policy arena." - pepsi
friends don't let friends drive sober. - pepsi
Bernhard Rosenberg · 2 hours ago "Another holocaust is possible. If it happened once it can happen again. Thank G-d we have Israel. We need to do everything possible to keep Israel militarily strong. Jews get out of Europe. There can be no compromise regarding Israel nor can we depend on the good will of others." - pepsi
With that attitude, Bernhard Rosenberg should be forced to move to Israel, and everyone should question having to support Israel or a diaspora community. That man's only concern is Jews and Israel, and anyone like him should be forced to relocate. That's the world they want, and that's the world they should get. What good is their presence for others? He even has the nerve to speak of the lack of good will from others. Screw him and his whole tribe. - Todd
Sean McBride
Israel’s Mossad Recruits New Spy Generation With Website, Video - Businessweek -
"Israel’s legendary Mossad agency is courting a new generation of spies through social media, a Homeland-derived video and an 18-page application to be filled out by hand." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The 83-second clip presents a blond agent resembling actress Claire Danes who leaves her son on the beach with a radio-controlled drone toy while she penetrates the computer network room in a nearby Tel Aviv office tower. “It’s not child’s play,” she intones. “It opens doors.”" - Sean McBride
"Viewers are invited to click on the Mossad home page in Hebrew, English, French, Russian and Arabic. Links carry labels such as “Engineering Management,” “Overseas,” “Farsi,” “Satellites” and “Thinking outside the box.” Each leads to the same form and a separate 8-page questionnaire for one’s spouse." - Sean McBride
Are they serious or is this just a way of collecting info on people who go to the site? If its for real they are crazier than usual--advertising for people to join Mossad and spy or commit treason against the countries they are living in for Israel. - American
Sounds like recruiting is down. Mossad needs an array of foreign troops who can help Mossad in different parts of the world. Victor Ostrovsky made this point. Maybe once Pollard gets out he can assist Mossad classes, provide a few pointers on how to avoid detection. - Chu_
Former Senator Jim Webb for President, 2016 ?? | Video | -
"SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 Former Senator James Webb on Economic Fairness and Foreign Policy Former Senator James Webb (D-VA) talked about economic fairness, foreign policy, and the balance of power between Congress and the president at a National Press Club luncheon. Afterward, he answered questions from the audience." - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
"What is it that unites Americans rather than divides them? Where is our common ground when the centrifugal forces of social cohesion are spinning so out-of-control that the people at the top are existing in a distant outer orbit, completely separated in their homes, their schools and associations from those of us who are even in the middle, and completely disconnected from those who exist paycheck to paycheck ...?" - ChasMark
I remember Webb. I thought he would have more of an impact for democrats, but still seems like a good guy. I recall he went to work on the prison systems after he was disillusioned with washington beltway politics. - Chu_
I could get excited about a Webb for President campaign. He seems authentic. Could he beat a Clinton-Warren ticket? He has gravitas that makes Cruz look like the sleaze ball he is, and that might make even Rand Paul look too opportunistic. What position would Webb take on I lobby? Ignore them? Would that be a net positive in a US campaign where people are becoming aware and are fed up?... more... - ChasMark
Webb might not be able to get Jewish money but would that be a problem? Adelson poured millions into Romney but that didn't produce success. Maybe rejecting Jewish money would be the best tactic one could take. - ChasMark
I think Webb could be a contender---of course every time I say that about someone they prove me wrong. - American
BUT......the Irish-Americans ( and I hate doing the 'hyphen'-American thing really) are the second largest group in the population after German-American ,so if you could get the Irish stirred up and behind Webb like they were for Kennedy it might be possible. - American
All of the beltway is tainted. Webb could win but you gotta get the money to stay affloat. That's when your candidacy potentially gets corrupted. - Chu_ from Android
You were right about Walter Jones, American. - ChasMark
hey American, What's going on w/ McBride? - ChasMark
I dont know, I think he is expanding his views some and also narrowing in on the cores of zionism with more politco-ethno approach instead of ethno-religo approach. Can you not access his feed? I tired to get him to not do the banning stuff but to no avail. Taxi contacted me by mail and is over at Sean's, I told her to also sign on here, I;ll remind her to do it. Taxi is into history of ME as you are into history of Germany/Europe so you could have some interesting conversations. - American
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