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Ralph Nader: Pounding Gaza – world’s largest open-air prison
ask Americans who they'll believe - Nader or Bloomberg? - Chu_
Ralph's commentary will only get published in middletown, Conn. Good to make note. - Chu_
Sean McBride
Democracy Now!: LIVE: Does the U.S. mainstream media have a pro-Israel bias? We host a debate between @jj_goldberg and @AliAbunimah.
What is laughable is that this issue is still up for debate. - Sean McBride
what a snooze. Amy reinforces her status as gatekeeper. - Chu_
watching it for a spell. Goldberg is spouting shallow talking-points as an Israeli apologist. He was one of Phil Weiss's big hopes to bring change 5 years ago. Poor Phil, he has no idea how entrenched liberal Zionists are. Abinimah is calling his b/s. Getting pretty angry. - Chu_
Jeffrey Goldberg is one of the most ethnocentric members of the mainstream pundit class -- and he has no insight into just how ethnocentric he is -- how much he sticks out like a sore thumb from most Americans. Everything for him is all about "the Jews" and "the enemies of the Jews" -- he has no other interests. He is boring as hell. - Sean McBride
this is JJ Goldberg. His cousin (kidding) his coreligionist (definitely) - Chu_
Right -- JJ isn't as extreme in his ethnocentrism as J -- but he is still much too ethnocentric. JJ is a bit to the "left" of J these days -- although with Zionism, the terms "left" and "right" are really meaningless. - Sean McBride
I'll let the previous comment about Jeffrey Goldberg stand because it is true -- and germane. - Sean McBride
If you are going to argue that there is no bias, then what the heck? - WJones
Hadnt JJ G actually written some good, critical articles previously? - WJones
From a liberal Zionist perspective -- the usual rationalizations and apologetics and ineffectual hangwringing. These people are having zero impact on Israeli policies. - Sean McBride
They are trying to distance themselves from the ugly consequences of Zionism while remaining Zionists, and they are quite confused. They have a certain enlightened self-image they are trying to protect -- they don't want to be seen as bad people. There is a certain amount of narcissism in play here -- and of covering one's ass. - Sean McBride
Here are the Jews trolling the internet spreading propaganda:
To: Hagay Mirkin <>, Alona Golan <>, Assaf Tevel Navy <>, Avishai Karo <>, Ben Adhoute <>, Ben Waters <>, Benzi Zimmerman <>, Charlie Benaim <>, Dov Lerner <>, Edwin Lampford <>, Efrat Tenner <>, Ephraim Lapid <>, Eran Carrasso <>, Europe Branch <>, Gabrielle Pittiglio <>, "Hila.s" <>, Ilan Mazushan <>, Ilana Hostyk <>, Jonathan Baravir <>, Jonathan Conricus <>, Jonathan Fass <>, Keren Hajioff <>, Kobi-Rachel <>, Kwefar <>, Lee Kushnir <>, MFA Info Dept <>, Michael Millman... more... - JustTheFactsPlease
Walt: AIPAC Is the Only Explanation for America's Morally Bankrupt Israel Policy
[congress] "understand that even the slightest display of independent thinking on these issues could leave them vulnerable to a well-funded opponent the next time they're up for re-election. At a minimum, they'll have to answer a flood of angry phone calls and letters, and, on top of that, they are likely to be BLACKBALLED by some of their Congressional colleagues. " - when is AIPAC going to start blacklisting opposition to their agenda? - Chu_
Top NYTIMES 'Reader' Comments 10pm (7/21/14) 429 comments [totally abnormal] Times is in operation: desperate propaganda
Pediatrician X Columbus Ohio 10 hours ago Israel left Gaza several years ago - left its greenhouses intact for the Gazan Palestinians to have a thriving industry. Instead, they have turned toward destruction of Israel - through rockets and tunnels which have no purpose except to kill and main Israelis, or to kidnap them. How dare the Palestinian apologists complain about the Israelis not letting cement into Gaza! See where it goes - to make these tunnels. And why are the Palestinians not allowed to hide there? Are they only to store rockets and let Hamas leaders hide, and to send murderous infilatrators under the border into Israel? Hamas, not Israel, is guilty of human rights abuses. - Chu_
check out the comments that floated to the top. Not consistent with normal voting trends over NYTimes comments. NYTimes is a fascist newspaper for Israel's criminality. - Chu_
some analysts who monitor NEWS publications can see that there is fraud here. - Chu_
I think Hillary or Samantha Powers recently complained and retold a story where Israelis left horticultural buildings in Gaza and Hamas supposedly asked for them to be destroyed and so the Israelis "had" to destroy them. - WJones
Apparently this greenhouse story claims that the Israelis left the greenhouses intact. Maybe it's a different story. Whatever. - WJones
Comments are overwhelmingly against Israel in any typical Judi Rudoren column. Now both NYTimes selected comments and the readers comments are stacked to favor Israel. Something is rotten here. - Chu_
Perhaps it's the network of trolls, but I think NYTimes is helping this anomoly. - Chu_
The top 'readers' comments at 10:25 Eastern time are all pro Israel. Only at the 4th 'readers' top comment does someone blame the USA for the situation! Maybe all the rational commenter gave up on NYTimes and hit the internet. They choose not to be part of the corporate pro Israel mouthpiece, but I doubt it. - Chu_
NYT is minipulaitng the ratings of comments. Comment dont go from being overwhelmingly anti Israel for 'years' to pro Israel like that over night---especially given the current crisis. This is pure DESPERATION by the NYT and zios. All the zio outlets must be really scared of public opinion this time. - American
Too many people are rebelling, too many speaking their mind, too many reporters exposing Israel and telling the truth. They are paniced because they cant control EVERYONE..the dike is springing too many leaks. So they are trying to clamp down even more. - American
Serious bilge from NYTimes for years wrt Israel. Surprising so many idiots maintain their subscriptions (although they have been struggling to survive the digital realm). The Sulzbergers and their mossad/JIDF trolls must be collaborating on a new scheme. That's how Israel wins is with more schemes. - Chu_
the top 7 'readers' picks this morning, were also 'NYTimes' picks. I've never seen this before. Do you think FAIR would look into this? Seems like the Times has hit a new low. - Chu_
It would be extremely easy to rig the software which creates these lists -- and difficult to detect the manipulation. - Sean McBride
I've known all along that the Readers' Picks on Mideast politics had to be driving the New York Times ownership and management crazy -- and I knew that they would be searching for ways to push back. I don't know that that is happening now and in this way, but I wouldn't be the least surprised if it were. - Sean McBride
NYT and hasbara agents trying to give appearence that americans support Israel.......they know that anti israel public opinion is 'catching'....people observing and not likening Isr get their opinion 'reinforced' and 'enlarged' by seeing others expressing the same. Zios media and press and etc have politicians locked up----but with alternatives to msm the masses have other options---and ZOG is rightly concerned about more of US pubic catching anti israel fever and acting on it. - American
The mainstream media establishment is terrified of the Internet -- it would love to find a way to put it back in the bottle. - Sean McBride
You wonder how many negative polls have been published against Israel in recent years that the establishment press had to suppress? This poll indicates Israel is viewed unfavorable by (24%+14%) 38% of the polls. Here's a cnn blog but not on their main site - Chu_ CNN found in a poll of adults conducted Friday, July 18 through Sunday, July 20 – but the network also found that support has been waning since earlier this year. It also found a clear divide by party, with Republicans approving of Israel's actions against Hamas by an overwhelming majority, while less than half of Democrats approve. - Chu_
Israeli Defense Forces for dummies --
So much for being the most moral or elite fighting force on the planet. - Todd
"In my travels in the west Bank in March of 2008, it was noticeable that the behavior owards Palestinian civilians of IDF troops at roadblocks was reminiscent of that of any group of post-adolescents given guns and allowed to bully the helpless in order to look tough for each other. I think the IDF would be well advised to grow some real sergeants." - Chu_ from Android
Giant Holes in Hillary Leverett's Claims -- What Gaza’s Crisis Shows About Israel’s Ambitions and America’s Decline « Going to Tehran -
As Israel’s military kills and injures hundreds of civilians in Gaza—whose population Israel is legally obligated to protect as an occupying power—people around the world, including in the United States, wonder why official Washington appears so indifferent to even the most graphic instances of “collateral damage.” - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
*** "The primary reason is that most American policy elites still believe the United States needs to dominate the Middle East, and that ***Israeli military assertiveness is instrumentally useful to this end***—a mindset the Israel lobby artfully reinforces." *** - ChasMark
"Israeli military assertiveness" has NEVER been used "instrumentally" to advance US interests. Israel has used its military aggressiveness only to wage war on defenseless people. USA had to PAY Israel to stay out out fights that USA took on FOR THE BENEFIT of Israel. - ChasMark
maybe she has to say this so she can say other things? I dunno - JustTheFactsPlease
Well you can kick this girlie to the curb.....she is parroting the EXACT same line the Zionist use--------------"Washington started providing substantial assistance to Israel only after it demonstrated a unilateral capacity, in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, to capture and hold territory from Arab states allied, for the most part, with the Soviet Union''. ---I have heard it a hundred times, word for word. - American
I noticed an anomoly on NYTimes comments. The top readers comments are always against Israel, The top 4 and more were pro Israel. Trolls must be uniting. I posted comments on MWFF which I noticed at 10pm. - Chu_
U.N. Spokesman Under Fire for Praising Doctor Who [said the problem in MidEast is Israeli impunity] | -
U.N. Spokesman Under Fire for Praising Doctor Who [said the problem in MidEast is Israeli impunity] |
Jul. 15, 2014 2:15pm Sharona Schwartz -- " '“It’s an outrage that a supposed U.N. relief organization — which receives tens of millions of dollars from U.S. and European taxpayers — is promoting a radical politician who has openly supported the murder of American civilians,” U.N. Watch executive director Hillel Neuer said in a statement." - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
They dont wanna say hillel neuer's real first name! - JustTheFactsPlease
"I guess that Abunimah and Neuer are maintained by the same kind of guys. Like many Palestinian NGOs including the BDS, Hillel Neuer Human Rights Watch is also funded by Liberal Zionist George Soros’s Open Society Institute. Hence, it is far from a big shock to find that Israeli agent Neuer recruits electronic Abunimah in his bitter fight against Prof. Richard Falk, the world leading advocate of Palestinian human rights. The only question that is left opened is how Ali Abunimah feels about it?" - JustTheFactsPlease
Jewish JetBlue Passenger Ousted Over Gaza Spat (Dr) Lisa Rosenberg Ejected After Fight With Palestinian Read more:
“I just was completely outraged that I would be asked to leave a plane, being a Jew,” Rosenberg told ABC’s local affiliate in Palm Beach County." - pepsi
"“I just was completely outraged that I would be asked to leave a plane, being a Jew,”" - OY VEY! - JustTheFactsPlease
“I was saying how it was good Israel found the students that killed the Palestinian teenager and how it was exemplary not making them into heroes, but seeking to publicly try them,” Rosenberg told the Palm Beach Post. “I said any other country would have made these students out to be martyrs and celebrating them.” - pepsi
"Rosenberg described the incident as an "ugly, racially driven altercation." She said "voices were raised” and that perhaps she was more vocal during the scene, but that it was because she felt victimized." - pepsi
What country would have celebrated that? Not even North Korea - JustTheFactsPlease
This was another holocaust! - JustTheFactsPlease
Wildk9z George F • a day ago "I'm the woman who told the doctor I was offended by her remarks. She was the only person yelling and actually said a Palestinian on the flight was a "danger to her". She was removed from that flight for making a scene, refusing to sit in her seat and not complying with staff. Other passengers , if they come forward, will verify this ." - pepsi
check out the comment section I linked to above. Pretty smart and funny comments. pupkinrupert • 2 days ago "as a Jew, I find this story particularly troubling... as it makes me question our control of the media." - pepsi
"Rosenberg is now claiming that the incident was a hate crime" LOLZ - JustTheFactsPlease
"the story she tells "in no way reflects the report that we have."" - Wouldn't be the first time the jewish narrative failed to reflect the truth..... - JustTheFactsPlease
Love it.... - American
"Rosenberg contacted the Anti-Defamation League. Officials there said they are investigating the incident." Goddammit this is so fuckin hilarious - JustTheFactsPlease
"On the other hand, we have this comment, posted to the first article: "I was a passenger on that flight and witnessed the whole thing. The Jewish woman is a liar. She was the one being verbally abusive and would not sit down when asked to sit and would not follow instructions from TSA. The Palestinian woman was older and very meek." The poster only has a two post comment history, so their claim is unverifiable, but it does fit the known facts a bit better." - pepsi
Wildk9z PugYourself • 13 hours ago "I was there! The doctor was ranting on the phone inappropriate and derogatory comments about Palestinians.i never called her any ethnic slurs, just quietly told her I was offended. She became hysterical that I was on the plane- she felt I was a "danger" She was unruly and refused to cooperate with the Jetblue staff. The important question is why did she drag this into the national spotlight? Money? Wanting to appear victimized?" - pepsi
"Found out that she was some kind of orthodox jewish from other practitioners and thats why she was like that." - - JustTheFactsPlease
Judea Declares War on Jet Blue. - pepsi
jtfp, I can't access that ratemds site for some reason. - pepsi
Some of the funny lines I posted were also from here: - JustTheFactsPlease
try a diff browser maybe? - JustTheFactsPlease
thanks, but didn't work. no biggie. - pepsi
found this one, probably similar doctor reviews. - pepsi
It was real in her mind. - pepsi
I wanna fly with only JetBlue now - JustTheFactsPlease
that was a funny palm beach news piece you linked to. Ari blahberg, the reporter, sounded very concerned for the nice Jewish doctor. - pepsi
A Jew can't be taken off a flight? When did that start? I think I'll start claiming to be a Jew. KLM threatened to leave my wife at Schiphol and revoke her ticket for wanting to wait for me while I was being searched and questioned for the umpteenth time, and she wasn't yelling or calling anyone names. She just refused to board the plane with our children without me. - Todd
Perhaps a train ride would be more up her alley? - JustTheFactsPlease
I'm not sure how to take the train ride comment, JTFP. It's either straightforward, crude, or culturally offensive. - Todd
All of the above and more! - JustTheFactsPlease
When searching for this story, the only headlines that come up are Jewish ones- because no one else gives a fuck about this boring tale of an overactive Jewish gynocologist. An Orthodox doctor from NY (coming from Palm Beach - how original) gets her 15 minutes of fame. Maybe she'll write a book. - Chu_
gothamist comment: DoomedNY • 3 days ago "I just was completely outraged that I would be asked to leave a plane, being a Jew." This is the tell. They asked her to leave the plane because she was causing a disturbance, not because she was a Jew. I call hijink and bullshit. - Chu_
Hate Crime (by Jet Blue of course): This is the mentality of a 50 year old doctor (i've seen ny Lawyers behave this way also- so entitled) Quote: Rosenberg is now claiming that the incident was a hate crime, telling the local Floridian ABC affiliate, "I just was completely outraged that I would be asked to leave a plane, being a Jew." - Chu_
"The initial internal report and final internal reports, both filed prior to the Palm Beach Post story, which I have been able to read in their entirely, and then verify, both squarely paint Dr. Rosenberg as the sole instigator of the events on board Flight 454. Furthermore both internal reports of the incident clearly lay out Dr. Rosenberg as the person who was in the midst of spewing... more... - pepsi
"The official internal report goes on to state that the flight attendant witnessed Dr. Rosenberg accuse the woman in 9C of being a “Palestinian murderer” and that “ her people are all murders and that they murder children,” while Dr. Rosenberg was attempting move through the cabin and position herself physically closer to the woman in Seat 9C." - pepsi
"As the Complaint Resolution Official began to speak directly with Dr. Rosenberg, she began to not only continue to verbally attack the woman in seat 9C, but openly imply that the woman had explosives in her bag and intended to blow up the aircraft in flight." - pepsi
"At this time Dr. Rosenberg launched in to a familiar rant flight attendant are accustomed to, threatening to make sure the flight attendant would be fired as she was removed from the aircraft and met on the jetway by officers from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department." - pepsi
I'd side with the Palestinian woman, based on my experiences with uppity NYers like Rosenberg. You've surely been around them pepsi. - Chu_
""As the Complaint Resolution Official began to speak directly with Dr. Rosenberg, she began to not only continue to verbally attack the woman in seat 9C, but openly imply that the woman had explosives in her bag and intended to blow up the aircraft in flight." And to think that people have been arrested for sarcastically telling TSA agents that they have explosives. Why isn't accusing... more... - Todd
I get the sense Dr. Rosenberg is full of Arab hate, and saw a potenial terror suspect and freaked out. Israelites always need a goulish specter in sight to keep the hive mind going strong. Arabs are the new Nazis for them. - Chu_
Arab hate is just a sub-category of Goy hate. - pepsi
the old yiddish joke 'They tried to kill us…we won…let’s eat' - Chu_
Palestinians have something Israel wants. Their land. They Hate them because they want to end this occupation, but are at a stalemate because blatant genocide will mean war crimes and the dismantling of the state. Instead the go for the cool simmering occupation at killing when they can get away with it. and the megaphone of the media sings Israel's right to defend itself (while it... more... - Chu_
it was the same phenomenon in 08-09 during cast lead. kahanism rose up in the heart of many/most jews. - pepsi
Jewish Doctor in JetBlue Drama Ousted for Anti-Arab Gaza Bomb 'Rant' Official Reports Say Lisa Rosenberg Berated Palestinian Read more: - pepsi
"Frischling later added, that given his experience in working with airport security, he was surprised Rosenberg was not detained by federal Homeland Security authorities for making false claims about a potential bombing." - pepsi
"I just was completely outraged that she was not detained by Homeland Security, being a Jew," -me - JustTheFactsPlease
Jet Blue incident shifts from anti-Semitic story to anti-Palestinian one Philip Weiss - pepsi
Weiss is happy to have Jews and Palestinians battling it out on our shores? Great! What an effing idiot. That man has no respect for this country or the majority of the people who live here. We have enough problems already, and we sure don't need the PI combatants slogging it out on our soil. What a disgrace. - Todd
his admission to harvard was no more meritocratic than W Bush's admission to yale. Bush was a legacy, Weiss was the son of a harvard professor. - pepsi
He's obviously not elite in any sense. He's privileged, a pompous ass and anti-American, but none of that makes him elite. - Todd
he elite in the sense that his tribe is elite "In political and sociological theory, an elite is a small group of people who control a disproportionate amount of wealth or political power." - Chu_
That's why he clings so tenaciously to his thinly-veiled Jewish supremacy. He'd be a lot lower down the ladder in a true meritocracy. - Todd
and mcjew's thinly-veiled Jewish supremacism is what made him emphatically agree with "tokyo" that only elite opinion matters and only elite opinion should be targeted by would be persuaders. The lowly goyim have no place in a jewish controlled "democracy". - pepsi
Ignatius went from "You're sorta cute" to "I believe anything you say anything and I'll run away with you" at warp speed. . - Todd
He was googling drive through wedding chapels in New Haven, CT. - pepsi
Are you this good with real women, Pepsi? - Todd
Jet Blue should sue this Dr lady for defamation. With or without the ADL's assistance. - pepsi
Doctor Bounced From Flight Claims JetBlue Told Her 'Jews Don't Make Rules' Lisa Rosenberg Details 'Anti-Semitism' on the Tarmac Read more: - pepsi
“I would like the public to know that it is unacceptable for Americans to express anti-Israel views in the form of anti-Semitism at this very critical time,” Rosenberg said. “Ironically (I was) asked to leave the plane.” - pepsi
Fwd: Directors and Staff | Foreign Policy Initiative - (via
Fwd: Directors and Staff | Foreign Policy Initiative - (via
Washington Journal: Hannah Thoburn, guest expert to discuss US-Russia Relations -- - ChasMark
JULY 19, 2014 U.S.-Russia Relations Hannah Thoburn, Eurasia analyst with the Foreign Policy Initiative, discussed U.S.-Russia relations following the downing of the Malaysia Airlines jetliner in Ukraine. - ChasMark
FOREIGN POLICY INITIATIVE --- DIRECTORS AND STAFF STAFF CHRISTOPHER J. GRIFFIN Executive Director ELLEN BORK Director of Democracy and Human Rights STEPHANIE EDELMAN Operations Associate RACHEL HOFF Director of External Affairs JAMES KIRCHICK Fellow STEPHEN KUPERBERG Director of Development EVAN MOORE - ChasMark
Senior Policy Analyst PATRICK O'CONNOR Director of Operations CAITLIN POLING Director of Government Relations W. RYAN RICHARDSON External Affairs Associate - ChasMark
HANNAH THOBURN Eurasia Analyst - ChasMark
ROBERT ZARATE Policy Director (Juan Zarate, Robert's older brother, was a charter member of Stuart Levey's Treasury Department "guerrillas in grey suits" who merged US spying (intelligence) functions with financial blackmail to cripple Iran's, and now Russia's, economy. Recall that in 1903 Jacob Schiff used economic warfare to destroy the Russian monarchy & government and to foment 1917 revolution). - ChasMark
Yes indeed. The Cabal. Trying to forment a WW. - American
Hannah Toburn has a rubbery face, like donald sterling - JustTheFactsPlease
James Kirchick (was part of the RT flop with Liz Wahl #fail) here in video with Larry O'Donnell. Two clowns indeed. Article is tongue and cheek on RT. - Chu_
and liz Wahl is a footnote in media history. But wait a year and see if she lands in some neocon scheme, but she must be seen as damaged goods with her stunt, promoted by Kirchick and Dave Weigel. - Chu_
Top six reasons why I hate Hamas by Israel's leading liberal
"Because it is a cruel, defiant, hate-filled terrorist group that has murdered hundreds, terrorized millions, undermined peace and infected Israeli society with its evil." - pepsi
"Because although the occupation itself has hardened Israeli hearts and turned them callous, it is Hamas that planted the seed of the poisoned plant that is now infecting Israeli society with chauvinism and ethnocentrism and intolerance and racism and bloodthirstiness and anti-democratic tendencies. Because the more Hamas’ persists in its horrid ways, the greater the danger that Israel will follow in its path." - pepsi
What a kraut. - pepsi
"Because Israel, alas, has proven too weak to withstand Hamas’ satanic pull. Because, if it isn’t stopped, it will soon be hard to tell the two apart. And because, I suspect, that will suit Hamas just fine." - pepsi
It's never their own fault. These people aren't even smart enough to keep their mouths shut. - Todd
It's the MJ Rosenberg complex. They are comfortable criticizing from within the cult, but any outside criticism drives them back into the bosom of the fanatics. McBride shows these symptoms. - pepsi
how typical, typical. - American
Taxi July 20, 2014 at 10:29 am Who can forget that adorable little nazi, the jewish rabbi Manis Friedman, who said the following in 2009:
"I don’t believe in western morality, i.e. don’t kill civilians or children, don’t destroy holy sites, don’t fight during holiday seasons, don’t bomb cemeteries, don’t shoot until they shoot first because it is immoral. The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children." - pepsi
"Message to Mooser: the problematic issue here is Judaism, not Zionism. These beliefs and attitudes long predated modern Zionism." - Sean McBride - pepsi
Sean McBride "This group will soon have to go permanently private thanks to the efforts of pepsi and JustTheFactsPlease to harass, vandalize and disrupt it." - pepsi
Why don't the mondoweiss commenters partake with mondoweiss on friendfeed? My guess: they prefer Jew-dominated venues and the name sean mcbride is a turn-off. - pepsi
How long was sean hoping hostage would show up on his feed, to no avail? - pepsi
On the defensive, Barney Frank accuses Clemons and Kornacki of ganging up on him, and Israel
Sean McBride
Glenn Greenwald: Why Did NBC Pull Veteran Reporter After He Witnessed Israeli Killing of Gaza Kids? | Democracy Now! -
"GLENN GREENWALD: Interestingly, you know, from working in the last several years in media, I’ve gotten to know a lot of journalists. I’ve gotten to understand a lot more about how these large media outlets function. I’ve worked with some of them over the last year in the reporting I’ve done. And it really is remarkable, and not hyperbole, that there is nothing that makes major media figures and news executives more petrified than reporting on Israel. I mean, the way in which they become so frightened to do any sort of reporting that could make what they call Israel’s supporters inside the United States angry really can’t be overstated." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"And that’s the reason why this ABC, quote-unquote, "error" resonated so greatly, is because one of the things that you almost never see in major American media reporting is anything that shows the suffering of the Palestinians, that shows the brutal savagery of the Israeli military inside of Gaza. It was almost like they showed it by accident there and then just misreported it as being... more... - Sean McBride
"But the one thing I will say that I think is actually encouraging is this is one case where social media really does make a difference. You have now Gazans inside of the worst attack zones that are able to go onto Twitter, that are able to go onto Facebook, that are able to upload video imagery, that are able to be heard in their own voices. And you have lots of pushback on social... more... - Sean McBride
"American media officials are incredibly subservient to American political officials. That’s been—you know, American media figures are. But when it comes to Israeli political officials, it’s virtually cringe-inducing to watch how accommodating and deferential and submissive they become. And it really is true that American media outlets play a very similar role when it comes to Israeli... more... - Sean McBride
"And, you know, you’ve seen—I mean, I think one of the most amazing things was, the producer, the longtime producer at CNN, Octavia Nasr, she was there for 20 years, a completely competent, well-liked employee, never had any kind of disciplinary problems. A Shia imam in Lebanon, who had links to Hezbollah, died. He was beloved by millions and millions of Shia around the world. She went on Twitter and very innocuously just expressed condolences, and she was instantly fired." - Sean McBride
"And this has happened over and over, where major media figures have been stigmatized or lost their jobs or had their careers destroyed for the slightest amount of deviation from pro-Israel orthodoxies. And those lessons have been really well learned, just in the same way that American members of Congress are petrified of uttering a peep of criticism of Israel, which is why you see... more... - Sean McBride
Glenn Greenwald, one individual with a keyboard, has taken on both NSA and the mainstream media -- and they have tended to back down in these confrontations. That is how it is done. The pen is as mighty as ever. - Sean McBride
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
And now a word from our Democratic Party standard bearer -
Video: Elizabeth Warren runs from a question about the Israeli invasion of Gaza.
The brave left. Never backs down. She follows the lion Ted Kennedy standard of excellence. - Chu_ from Android
Sisi's Egypt Has Radically Changed The Dynamic Of Israel-Palestine Negotiations Read more:
New Cases by the EU General Court Striking Down Iran Sanctions Listings | Arms Control Law -
New Cases by the EU General Court Striking Down Iran Sanctions Listings | Arms Control Law
"EU sanctions against designated individuals and businesses allegedly connected to Iran’s nuclear program have been annulled [in several cases decided by EU General Court].  These are just the latest in a growing line of cases in both the EU General Court and the European Court of Justice reaching similar decisions regarding EU sanctions targeting Iran’s nuclear program, which are essentially attempts to implement UN Security Council sanctions against Iran. I’ve written about this issue before on a couple of occasions.  The EU Sanctions Blog has a great run down of the three recent cases here, here and here.  I’m particularly pleased to note that the Sharif University of Technology was represented in its case by my friend Matthew Happold.  See the text of the court’s judgment in this case here.  Congratulations to Matt and to the University." - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
"In terms of the legal merits of these cases, they really are just a continuation of the same bases on which earlier cases in this line have been decided. - ChasMark
"Basically the EU courts are requiring the EU and state governments to provide evidence on which the sanctions are based, and the governments involved are refusing to do so. Thus, as a basic matter of due process, the court has decided that the sanctions cannot stand on a lack of proffered evidence. A very sound holding in my view." - ChasMark
comment: "yousaf July 7, 2014 at 3:44 pm It’s too bad that the UNSC’s sanctions are not subject to a legal test. Else they would fail also. Ditto for US sanctions. We already saw how great the evidence against Iran is: " - ChasMark
Rahm Emanuel Is In Even More Re-Election Trouble Than We Thought The Huffington Post | By Joseph Erbentraut
Good. - American
"The mayor's office called the poll results "laughable," while Lewis said she was "stunned" to learn the numbers. We Ask America is an "independent polling subsidiary" of the Illinois Manufacturers' Association, and its poll was conducted via automated phone calls made to 1,037 registered Chicago voters with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.04 percentage points." - Chu_
Rahm will get his fundraising juggernaut into action. There's a lot of money to be made in Chicago, and like New York, Bloomberg bought his ticket into power every time. Even changed the laws so he coudl run a third time, actually saying someone else suggest I run a third time (his hands were clean). - Chu_
(off topic) this article shows how Mayor Daley basically needed quick city money and leased the parking meters on a 99 year lease to Spain and other countries. This quick cash need by the city would mean foreign investment would control and get the profits of parking meters for the next century. ~so wrong on so many levels, but worth looking at how he was praised by public officials... more... - Chu_
yeah, that parking meter deal requires the city to pay the private interests money if the meters fall short of maximum collection from people parking their cars. - pepsi
Rahm Emanuel's Top Nemesis Just Might Take Him On Karen Lewis would make for a bloody mayoral battle - pepsi
German banks next in line for U.S. fines and sanctions --
I wonder where the $500 million will go? - Todd
To a right, just, jewish cause - JustTheFactsPlease
Germany Demands Top U.S. Intelligence Officer Be Expelled - Chu_
Then there's that little issue of German gold. Maybe there is a real rift in the works. - Todd
true. probably the tip of the iceberg were seeing. - Chu_
Man beaten in Malmo for hanging Israeli flag | Jewish Telegraphic Agency -
"July 7, 2014 7:53am (JTA) — A man who hung an Israeli flag outside his window in the Swedish city of Malmo was severely beaten for it and taken to the hospital, police said. Several unidentified men assaulted the 38-year-old man with metal bars after they hurled a stone at his window on Sunday evening, the Svenska Dagbladet daily reported Monday. The victim was not identified by name. The man went downstairs after the stone hit the window, where a group of men caused him serious but not life-threatening injuries, according to Malmo Police spokesperson Linda Pleym. “He was attacked, because of the flag,” she said. The man managed to escape his attackers and was found by passersby lying down on an adjacent street. Paramedics rushed him to medical treatment in an ambulance. Police have no suspects in custody. Several hundred Jews live in Malmo, a city of approximately 300,000 where a third of the population is made up of people who were born in Muslim countries or whose parents were... more... - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
Swedes aren't very welcome in parts of Malmo. I'm no fan of Jews and Zionism, but I don't think Islam has a place in the West, either. At the very least, I understand that followers of Islam can be violent, insular and destructive towards their hosts. - Todd
We are probably going to see more of this-----the Jews dont understand where their rights 'end'. To fly any kind of flag you want can be considered a right---but what it signifies to the populace when a Jew flies the flag of Israel in another country is' the nation within their nation'...particulary when there are events going in Isr that have enraged people everywhere. How stupid was... more... - American
Islam is a real problem in Scandinavia. Jews have had a hand in pushing multiculturalism and immigration wherever they go, so I don't care what happens to them--especially ones who are stupid enough to fly an Israeli flag. - Todd
Half the people on my street, including me, still have Old Glory above the front porch, for the Fourth of July. I think I'll drape a swastika beside it. It's a free country, ain't it? - ChasMark
I have a old confederate flag but I dont fly it on the 4th of July. Once in a while when the town has its yearly Civil War reenactments I will fly it but most times I dont....its a bygone era and I have plenty of old tin engraving photos of Confederate officer ancestorsand grave stones to remind me of it. My town has nothing to brag about really, its only claim to fame is its colonial... more... - American
One Jewish man displaying an Israeli flag in Sweden gets beaten by Muslim thugs in Malmo, and it's all over the world. This gets no coverage at all: - Todd
Those shiksas deserve it for the historical blah blah blah of the blah blah blah - JustTheFactsPlease
That's the attitude, JTFP. Rape is an act of aggression, so how should one view such rape stats? - Todd
With a sense of glee and orgiastic satisfaction that those dirty goyim are gettin what is comin to them, duh... - JustTheFactsPlease
Sic Semper Tyrannis : Obama should order Tariq's medical evac to US hospitals in Europe -
Sic Semper Tyrannis : Obama should order Tariq's medical evac to US hospitals in Europe
Pat Lang Speaks. For my money, Chomsky is meaningless. Listen to Lang. I think this is huge. If this catches on -- that the Military rises up against Israeli abuse of Americans -- the fan is going to waft a nasty stench. - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
"This Floridian is being held in house arrest as a suspect in a case of supposed violence against Israeli police. He is an Americn kid, born in Florida who was in Jerusalem visiting his dying grandmother. He IS NOT a dual national. His parents seek competent medical attention for his injuries. Obama should order USAF medical evacuation of this boy and his parents to US medical... more... - ChasMark
from the Comments section at Sic Semper Tyrannis: " I know the people who created Obama. So what! you are a former marine. you accept this kind of abuse of our country and our people? pl" - ChasMark
"I just emailed Senators Kaine and Warner and Congressman Wittman with the following message. It took ten minutes. I urge fellow members of our committee to do the same. Feel free to cut and paste from my message which I took from Colonel Lang's post. "I am writing in reference to Tariq Khdair, a US citizen allegedly beaten while in Israeli police custody in East Jerusalem. An Israeli... more... - ChasMark
"I am a 35 year veteran Infantry and Special Forces officer as well as a retired DIA intelligence officer. I take our duty to protect our fellow citizens very seriously. I ask you to do the same in this specific case." - ChasMark
"i never served but i never hid like our former courageous pres and vice. but i'd be real real real pissed off if i had served since 911 only to learn that i had unwittingly been serving jew starte. like a good bud of mine who did afhganistan and gaza and who beat the shit out of a pussy jew idf for abusing a pal. - ChasMark
"but what i dont understandis why all you vets arent equally as pissed off as i would be so why dont they just march on the capital to remove all those israeli bought and payed for traitorous prostitute senators and congressmen" - ChasMark
imo this column of Col. Pat Lang's, and the comments upon it, are hugely significant. Lang does not tolerate auntiesemitism, but post after post nailed Israel & the US pres, State Dept., media for their craven obeisance to Jews -- not "Israelis," "zionists," "neocons," but J.E.W.S. Lang's regulars are ex-military & ex-intelligence. The encouraged each other to "consider your oath as a... more... - ChasMark
Good!...may this grow and grow. I am mailing his column and my own comments to my senator. And since I cant mail Reid and Peliso I will phone their offices instead. - American
Jake Tapper Grills Israeli Spokesman Mark Regev About Violence Against Palestinians
"Tapper then quoted from an editorial by the newspaper Haaretz, which said that Israel needed to undergo a "cultural revolution," and that too many Israelis were part of "a vengeful, vindictive Jewish tribe whose license to perpetrate horrors is based on the horrors that were done to it." - pepsi
see the pic I uploaded earlier for what Regev is talking about, they are truly against it, but only because 1 dead arab isnt enough to satisfy their bloodlust - JustTheFactsPlease
Tapper is Jewish and will no doubt be the next Wolf Blitzer. Don't trust this guy. And why did they drag Regev out of the shadows. He was the spokeperson when Israel punished Gaza in Cast Lead. - Chu_
The F-35 Fighter Jet Is A Historic $1 Trillion Disaster Read more:
"Lockheed and The Pentagon aren't getting along so well either. The relationship “is the worst I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been in some bad ones,” said Maj. Gen. Christopher Bogdan in September 2012. “I guarantee you: we will not succeed on this if we do not get past that.” - pepsi
Five Russian Weapons of War NATO Should Fear - pepsi
These are the ethical universalists that Hostage and Chomsky run interference for.
"I don't think that's true," Regev said. "Everyone...has totally condemned that murder...Israel stands thoroughly against this." - JustTheFactsPlease
they would deny the authenticity of those facebookers. - pepsi
Are intellectuals really the giants whose shoulders we rest upon?
I'm not really sure where to go with this thread, but with all the talk of this or that personality being an intellectual, I have to ask if it it really is anti-intellectual to ignore most people who are labelled, or who call themselves, intellectuals? Any really bright person should not have a problem summing the P/I situation up quickly, in terms of right and wrong, and should not need a whole adult life to figure it out. Can one be an intellectual if he is intellectually dishonest? - Todd
I don't understand the trust and blind respect than many people give to academia or so-called elites in all areas. How many are truly on the level of a Tesla or Goethe or other truly great minds? It seems to me that most are intelligent, but mostly they are polished and very ambitious. That's my view of the whole P/I issue that centers around men like Chomsky, Finkelstein and even Weiss. Why should anyone care what their views are at this point? Does the label intellectual make their views important? - Todd
Most people fall into two categories, the so called intellectuals who assume they are smarter than everyone else and those who assume the intellectuals and authorities really are smarter than they are. They are both wrong naturally. - American
Edward Said made a statement once about intelligence and I cant remember his exact words but it was to the effect that true intelligence is the ability to distill the truth to its essence and present ideas in a simple way that anyone can understand. - American
So called jewish intelligence and scholarship does the exact opposite. Their idea of intelligence is to use excessive verbosity and esoteric words to make it appear as deep and complicated thought. I have no patience with it. Its babble. - American
what kind of intellectual doesn't tell you that Jews dominate the media? What kind of intellectual has no questions about the 9/11 narrative? What kind of intellectual lets an intellectual slide for ignoring these elephants in the room? - pepsi
what kind of intellectual thinks jewish culture is superior to all others? - pepsi
even the word itself is mostly just used by jews trying to convince themselves. - pepsi
gilad has a talk in houston or austin i beleive where he compares today's intellectuals to the actual intellectuals of old - JustTheFactsPlease
its worth listening to, just youtube serach for gilad atzmon austin or gilad atzmon houston - JustTheFactsPlease
There is a general attitude that only people who have a certain amount of notoriety or achievement should comment on ideas, law or general government, social or business issues, which is either insane or extremely arrogant, given the way that the elites and intellectuals are destroying the nation/world for their own benefit. The people in charge aren't using great ideas that the average... more... - Todd
P/I discussions are among the worst when it comes to a condescending, tribal and hierarchical view of who should and shouldn't be allowed to speak. There is no question that the Jews are in the wrong and the Palestinians are in the right. That can't be questioned, and that is the most basic fact of the whole issue. And as an American, that's as complicated as the situation needs to be.... more... - Todd
"Jabotinsky Scores Nazis as Revisionist Congress Opens." Sept 9, 1935 **NOT FOR PUBLICATION -- FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY **
Jabotinsky "declared that he spoke in the name of 700,000 electors." - ChasMark
He "emphasized the 'tragic failure of emancipation' and the growth of antisemitism throughout the world . . .[and] stressed the need for fighting for Jewish rights." - ChasMark
He "scored the British administrative system in Palestine . . . and assailed its immigration policy and asserted that the congress will demand unrestricted Jewish immigration into Palestine. The new organization will definitely oppose the government's plan for a representative legislative council in Palestine . . . - ChasMark
"The new organization, Jabotinsky asserted, will seek not only to build Palestine, but to liquidate the Diaspora. . . . 'the high zionism does not mean the solution of the Diaspora problem by the mere creation of a model state in Palestine, but by the liquidation of the Diaspora with a return of the Jews to their homeland." - ChasMark
"The Jewish state, he declared, is not the end but only the first step, the second being the return of the people, which will be the solution of the Jewish problem. - ChasMark
"The third step . . .will be the final one and will aim at the creation of a national center of culture, radiating its influence all over the world." - ChasMark
Martin Indyk Says Israeli Settlements Killed Middle East Peace Talks Diplomat Suggests Two Leaders 'Loathe' Each Other Read more:
". . .Now my father, is nearing the end of his life and he too has tasted the ashes of his dreams. His was the generation that inherited the things my grandfather and Henri built. And in his own way he too believed he had fought the good fight. He did things in his life that I never knew about till decades later. Things still covered by official secrets. Things he really believed were for the good. Good people, he believed, with good intent had asked him to do things which he had willingly done. But now he looks at what it has all amounted to and is angry. Angry at the stupidity, greed and arrogance. Who betrayed their dreams and hopes? Of course in the final analysis the answer is us. But who helped us, helped us understand that our parents’ dreams were more ‘valuable’, their old age more ‘affordable’, in fact their entire society more ‘efficient’ if it was all sold off, privatised? Who presided over the efficiencies whose benefits we are now enjoying? By what name could we being to... more... - ChasMark from Bookmarklet
fghj - ChasMark
"We must see these people for who and what they are. They have no loyalty to democracy, to you or your children or to any future in which you might hope for better. “Better” is to be reserved entirely for them. They have no loyalty to any nation, any people, any ideal save that which guarantees that they will become richer and richer while others get poorer and poorer. Their only... more... - ChasMark
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