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#ALLive "If one institution is willing to take a risk and succeeds, maybe another one will be willing to do the same." - Sandra Aya Enimil
#ALLive "The great thing w/ fair use is talking to user, figuring out the goal, seeing how it's important to your mission." @ALA_Carrie
#ALLive "The different institution POV is often based on how much risk you're willing to take." @ALA_Carrie
#ALLive "Fair use is fact specific: How are you using material? In a classroom? How is that different from another institution?" @lquilter
#ALLive "People wouldn't end up in court if reasonable people didn't disagree about these things." @lquilter
#ALLive "If you go to one court, they'll rule something is fair use but another court might absolutely disagree." - Sandra Aya Enimil
#ALLive "It's not possible to decide what is and isn't fair use because everyone is going to have a different take." - Sandra Aya Enimil
#ALLive "If a video gets flagged as infringing on copyright, it's either going to be taken down or will be monetized with ads." @lquilter
#ALLive "Things created in the classroom may not be exceptions to copyright once they're put on a public platform." - Sandra Aya Enimil
#ALLive "Let this go and let it develop and the law will grow around how it's being used." @ALA_Carrie
#ALLive "When you want to put up videos, there are things you might need to know because you may not be the rights holder." @ALA_Carrie
#ALLive "With YouTube videos in classrooms, I say go for it. The Google people don't care, neither do the people who posted them."...
#ALLive "That being said, some of these policies take awhile to find and are kind of hidden, so be aware." - Rebecca Butler
#ALLive "Once you use social media you have to follow their copyright policy because it's like a contract." - Rebecca Butler
#ALLive "Social media platforms already have copyright policies: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, all have policies." - Rebecca Butler
#ALLive "Not being a lawyer doesn't mean you can't learn about copyright law." - Dan Freeman
#ALLive "We are a very small voice in the policy debates, but there are a lot of us, and we're in every district." @ALA_Carrie
#ALLive "I feel librarians have a responsibility to understand copyright law and ultimately advocate for your users." @ALA_Carrie
#ALLive "Providing information is not the same thing as providing legal advice." - Sandra Aya Enimil
#ALLive "When I'm working with faculty or students, I'm looking at what they're doing and trying to help them." - Sandra Aya Enimil
#ALLive "There isn't a lawyer/client relationship established when ppl ask me questions." - Sandra Aya Enimil
#ALLive "Librarians can provide basic information on copyright, both from the info specialist POV and from personal experience." @lquilter
#ALLive "Be willing to unlearn things that you've heard." @ALA_Carrie
#ALLive "There's so much bad information about copyright on the internet, so just consider your source and get more opinions." @lquilter
#ALLive "There are many resources on this: books, academic institutions, offices, but you have to sort through it." - Rebecca Butler
#ALLive "Librarians should feel comfortable reaching out to ALA or me personally for any questions. That's what we're here for." @ALA_Carrie
#ALLive "Many people think copyright is all no, no, no, but that's not true. And it all comes down to education." - Rebecca Butler
#ALLive "As librarians, we need to make sure our colleagues are being trained on ways to work within the law." - Rebecca Butler
#ALLive "With cease and desist, you also have opportunity to change what you're doing. Nobody wants to go to court." - Sandra Aya Enimil
#ALLive "Rights holders don't want to sue libraries because there are other ways to fix the situation like a cease and desist." @ALA_Carrie
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