Amit Patel
Talent is the limiting factor in startup growth -
"But ask any startup around what they really do need right now, and the answer is clear — great technical talent. Star­tups of all sizes are competing for a small pool of highly skilled candi­dates, and in startup hubs like San Fran­cisco and New York the compe­ti­tion for engi­neers is fierce. This scarcity has persisted despite consis­tently high national unem­ploy­ment rates. And because it has become so easy and cheap to start a star­tup, convincing great engi­neers to join an existing startup has gotten much harder." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Well, you could locate in Mountain View. :-) But startups aren't doing that, which leads to twitter's situation, for instance. - Piaw Na