Amit Patel
Nyan Mode - Turn your Emacs into Nyanmacs! -
Nyan Mode - Turn your Emacs into Nyanmacs!
Add Nyan Cat ( to your Emacs modeline. A demonstration of Emacs's superiority over all other editors. - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
I'm using this with two changes. First, the standard setup doesn't work if you're using a highly customized modeline, so I've adapted it for my modeline (I also put it on the right side). Second, the blue outerspace.xpm is too blue for my brownish modeline so I changed it to dark gray. - Amit Patel
Unfortunately M-x nyan-start-animation eats up 15-20% cpu on my machine so I only turn it on occasionally. Also note that there's an option for a wavy rainbow pattern. - Amit Patel
Ack! I wasn't expecting loud music when I clicked the Nyan Cat link. My wife was none too thrilled with me at 2am. - James Leard
Hi, nyan-mode author here :). I'm happy to know you're using it :). If I read correctly, you managed to make it work with custom modeline. Would you mind sharing the changes? :). - Jacek Złydach
Hi Jacek! Love the mode. My custom modeline doesn't use mode-line-position so M-x nyan-mode does nothing. Instead, I have %l and %c embedded in the format directly. It doesn't make sense for nyan-mode to try to change my mode-line-format, so instead I changed my mode-line-format to include (:eval (list (nyan-create))) in it. - Amit Patel
I haven't made any actual change to nyan-mode.el. I just ignore M-x nyan-mode and instead modify my mode-line-format directly. I couldn't see any reasonable way to change custom modelines in a generic way. - Amit Patel
Hi, thanks for explanation ;). Would you mind if I share your method on nyan-mode pages and in README file (giving you full credit, of course)? I've already received one e-mail asking me how to use nyan-mode with custom modeline and I couldn't help that person because I'm an emacs newbie :(. - Jacek Złydach
Yes, feel free to share — I've also updated the EmacsWiki page. - Amit Patel
Thanks :). - Jacek Złydach
There's also a fork on github that includes music: - Amit Patel