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Amit Patel
Everyone but me is ditching their pocket cameras for cell phone cameras. I'll be the last holdout. Canon, build cameras just for me!
iPhone 4S.JPG
Canon Powershot S95.JPG
iPhone 4S, Canon PowerShot S95 - Amit Patel
(And yes, I know, I should've lined up the shots better, but at the time I wasn't planning to share them) - Amit Patel
No, I'll still be using my real camera for a good long time to come. You're not unique. - Piaw Na
Phone, pocket and SLR cameras - different situations call for differentt tools ;) - WarLord
I don't see a need to fill the gap between my iPhone 4S and X100. I bought the Canon S100 for my wife but even she uses the iPhone more. - ronin
With an EyeFi card too? - Brian Johns from iPhone
I don't use my (first generation) EyeFi card anymore, mostly because I don't have my camera and computer on at the same time, and that EyeFi card wouldn't transfer videos, so I had to manually transfer everything anyway. - Amit Patel
In my perfect world I have my 35mm SLR and my phone cam. If I am at a stoplight or something, I can use my big camera, but for shots on the run/walk/drive the camera is the best thing about a phone. - mossland