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Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @paultobin: Well done, mystery artist. Well done.
RT @paultobin: Well done, mystery artist. Well done.
Every dog: "I piss on you." - Micah
Sean McBride
There’s growing evidence that global warming is driving crazy winters - The Washington Post #SmartNews
There’s growing evidence that global warming is driving crazy winters - The Washington Post #SmartNews
More energy more problems. - Todd Hoff
Nice video that explains it, but oh the comic sans. - Joe
One thing is for sure that's an unusually large amount of snow. - Eric Logan
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
I know I get dark sometimes and impatient or overwhelmed, but I want y'all to know really, fundamentally inside I love life. I love most everything because it's part of life, and I don't want anyone to misunderstand me otherwise.
Ok yeah I might be a wee bit tipsy, but it don't change the truth of the thing. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
you get home safely now. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Thank you for your concern, B boo. I got a lady friend dd. No worries. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Laura Norvig
Thx for deleting the content in my messages on @YouTube - sorry but you guys suck at implementing UI/UX system changes.
Todd Hoff
Gut–brain link grabs neuroscientists : Nature News & Comment -
Gut–brain link grabs neuroscientists : Nature News & Comment
"Companies selling ‘probiotic’ foods have long claimed that cultivating the right gut bacteria can benefit mental well-being, but neuroscientists have generally been sceptical. Now there is hard evidence linking conditions such as autism and depression to the gut’s microbial residents, known as the microbiome. And neuroscientists are taking notice — not just of the clinical implications but also of what the link could mean for experimental design." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Andrew C (✔)
RT @mattvbrady: we are now receiving reports that the comet robot has gone rogue and teamed up with the comet
Mark H
At work today we were talking about Rosetta and the Philae lander when a project coordinator piped up with a general statement about how fast the asteroid must be going. I corrected him and pointed out it was a comet. He asked about the difference. I explained.
I explained about composition and how that led to low gravity hence the potential issues with the malfunctioning downwards thruster and the possibility that the harpoon wouldn't work (sorry, I jinxed it). I explained about the way the craft was using the gravity to bring in a soft landing using basic physics. I explained about orbits and how comets lose material as it is heated by the sun and how that was already happening. He looked suitably impressed. - Mark H
He then proceeded to tell us all a little science fact we might not have been aware of: stars don't actually twinkle. He then explained why and finished it off with "so now you know something too." He did not seem to get that the stares and silence from me and some other colleagues were not the result of us digesting this amazing information and seemed very pleased to have "enlightened" us. Emails of a suitably derisory tone were deployed around the office. - Mark H
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @wilto: friggin’ outer space grappling hook guns are you kidding me science is dope
Stephen Francoeur
Google Scholar pioneer on search engine’s future via @instapaper
Google Scholar pioneer on search engine’s future via @instapaper
1) "We crawl the whole web, and for a new blog, for example, you see what the connections are to the rest of scholarship that you already know about" I have never EVER seen a blog in Scholar. 2) "One big difference was that we were relevance-ranking [sorting results by relevance to the user’s request], which scholarly search services had not done previously." Is this really true? No... more... - Meg VMeg
Also, I love Google Scholar. I have no idea why this makes me so angry. Maybe it's his expression in the photo. - Meg VMeg
He seems a little out of touch with what library services this is competing against. - Joe
I met Anurag Acharya years ago at an SFX conf (before it was ELUNA) - he was great & eager to work with librarians / libraries. I get a different vibe from this article, but it is interesting. when I tweeted it, I ps'd: use the library. :-/. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Louis Gray Our Smartphones Have Surpassed Their Role as Computers In Our Pockets - Our Smartphones Have Surpassed Their Role as Computers In Our Pockets Our Smartphones Have Surpassed Their Role as Computers In Our Pockets
Show all
"The prevailing mantra holds that as our phones become increasingly smart and constantly connected, that we're walking around with the equivalent of computers in our pocket. These intelligent devices can do practically everything their PC predecessors could, from email and web browsing to document sharing and creation, music and photos, and any application you can think of. In fact, I'd argue that we're not only seeing people spend more hours with their mobile devices than traditional PCs, they're more functional as well - as the smartphone has surpassed the PC. Ever try taking photos with your iMac? It's tough." - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
Your phone wants to kill you. ~Amy Pohler - Eric - ill subliminal from iPhone
Was this prompted by being asked where you got that graph, when it was from Fitbit's web site? It struck me how phone-centric we are these days. - Bruce Lewis
@Bruce it wasn't prompted by Stephen's asking about the Web version. I've been thinking about this for a few weeks, as I was using my phone and then put it down to pick up the laptop, and started thinking about all of this. - Louis Gray
RT @newscientist: 8 glasses of water a day? Detoxing? Paleo diet? Here are 6 health myth you should ignore
Yvonne Renee
Made it to Tahoe! Loving the new car. =)
Yay! Have fun. Post pics. :) - Tamara J. B.
Have a wonderful, relaxing (maybe) time there. - Anne Bouey
So far I haven't taken any photos since 5 kids are keeping us on our toes. Luke I suspect is not asleep downstairs. Guess I won't stay up reading after all. :-/ - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
I have too many grandiose game ideas and zero game development skills / money.
I feel that way. Except for it's about productivity and educational software. - Spidra Webster
Andrew C (✔)
RT @karsh: Yo. This is a must read. --> The Other Side of Diversity
RT @karsh: Yo. This is a must read. --> The Other Side of Diversity
Fascinating read - WarLord
Erica used to be on Friendfeed a lot! - Laura Norvig
This is exactly what it's like to work/live in white America. It is stressful having people form ideas about you based on what they see on TV. She mentioned music--and I've mentioned it here several times--how I am supposed to know everything about white musicians, but white people have no problem saying "I don't listen to [black people music]." I've never gone as far as her; losing my... more... - Anika
I worry about these issues with Waif. A lot. And while I've experienced quite a bit of what Erica writes about, I at least had a stable black community to rely on before heading out into the working world. Waif has no such respite. I do not mean to offend anyone but white people often read their life experiences as de facto "normal" and have no conception of or interest in, what is... more... - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Brave piece. If you ever get a chance to hang out with Erica, do it. She's a wonderful person. - Stephen Mack
That was a good read indeed. But sometimes, you gotta do something yourself if you want people to respect you and take you serious. I have been a minority in a different country and culture and can relate to what she says, but I also did manage to be more serious than my colleagues. It's a big challenge, requires a lot of stubbornness, but still doable. - الک‌ دخت
again, B nails it. "I owe you the respect to accept your life experience as valid" all the time, to everyone. it stuns me how otherwise intelligent and thoughtful people fail to grasp this essential concept. it is how I endeavor to live and I am never sorry for it. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Excellent piece. - Corinne L
Why my daughter is crying: The cat jumped over the baby fence so she couldn’t abuse him anymore.
5 Unknown People Who Secretly Made All Your Favorite Music | -
5 Unknown People Who Secretly Made All Your Favorite Music |
"What sucks about the entertainment industry is that usually a very small group of very pretty people get all of the credit for work done by an army of talented folks behind the scenes. For instance, the odds are overwhelming that you know who Nicki Minaj is, but don't know who writes her songs -- even though she'd be nothing without them. So occasionally we like to take a moment to shine the spotlight on where it really belongs ..." - rönin
In this respect, you have to hand it to kpop. Songwriters, producers & the (rare) studio musicians are superstars in their own right. They get a massive amount of credit for what they do and it's nice that the singers usually don't claim they wrote a song unless they actually wrote it. (I notice they will take credit if the songwriter is supposed to be "reflecting" for some bad behavior.) - Anika
Louis Gray
Five years later, I still point people to the FriendFeed changelog as an example of best practices for transparency.
"Description: too tired to finish this right now" lol - Brent Schaus
^ Sleep is unproductive and a waste of time. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
"steampunk tweaks from kevin" - Steve C Team Marina
"Because I have to stop working now, computer is going away :(" - L'Andre
That is strangely fascinating - Laura Norvig from iPhone
That changelog is a beautiful thing. - Sean McBride
So....Friendfeed hasn't changed since 2009? - Shey
@Shey the people have all gotten much better! - Louis Gray
Thanks for sharing Louis; what a blast to the past. Really fun glancing over those logs. - Benjamin Golub
"handle pickle errors" - Laura Norvig
I wonder if I could find the change they had to make to deal with me. - Brian Johns
Ben, I figured it was a real thing and not, you know, somebody dribbling pickle juice on a server. - Laura Norvig
Clothes without pockets is one of those things about being a girl which isn't necessarily oppression, but seriously annoy me. The relative lack of professional gear options for women in manual fields (e.g. chef pants, plumber pants, etc) sucks too. AND THEN I FOUND (see comments) WOOHOO! HOUSTON WE HAVE POCKETS - Lo
My lengthy google hunts for "technical women's cargo pants" turned up these badass-named pants, like Taclite B-class, which I ultimately deduced were for lady cops. This sentence had me laughing for like 20 minutes: "Teflon® coated to repel stains, liquid, and soil, the Women's PDU Class B Taclite Cargo Pant features a professional flat front design with permanent military creases and an internal gripper panel to keep your shirt securely in place, ensuring a professional profile in any setting." - Lo
Teflon coating would actually be great for a kitchen, but it doesn't sound very comfortable, and I'm afraid the "military creases" would be confusing/frightening in the kitchen world. Also, tucking in my shirt? HAHAHAHAHA - Lo
Girls are also born with what is known in Norway as the "plumber's pocket." I suspect health codes would bar you from utilizing that in your field, though. - Eivind from Android
Damn, nice, bentley... I dunno how I missed those. I'm still happier with scrubs, they have petite sizes so I don't have to have them tailored (and more pockets!). - Lo
Morgan, that's... interesting. It's always nice to learn more weird Norway facts! - Lo
I only know about ChefWear because there must be a culinary school near work. I see students wearing ChefWear pants (which very conveniently have the logo in a nicely visible spot). - bentley
I wore hospital-issue scrubs when I temped at the hospital in the early 90's. These you found look much nicer, sturdier, and have loads more pockets. I like. - bentley
If you are interested in 3/4 sleeve length versus the short sleeved scrub tops - I fell in love with this style! - Janet
I have no idea but Duluth trading for women might have something for you - WarLord
Don't dismiss the 511 Taclite pants. I'm a guy, but 511 stuff is really comfortable and extremely durable. - David Lounsbury
Sweet, Janet! This job requires t-shirts instead of chef coats, and I'm looking for 3/4 stuff to wear underneath as it's quite cold in the mornings. - Lo from Android
David, good to know! I love all the awesome tips I get on FF :) - Lo from Android
Second on the 511 stuff. My husband loves that brand. - Yolanda
I do really like the idea of pants with "Taclite" in the name :D - Lo
Petty LaBelle
Dear FriendFeed: Thank you for being you. Thank you for showing the world that even if it's just in our tiny little corner of this social network on the big, bad Internet, there are people who genuinely care and want to help those in need. It's nice to know that I am associated with a group of people who form like Voltron into a gigantic heart. <3
Must be dusty in here, something in my eye *sniff* - Meg VMeg
+1 for Voltron reference. I had one of this toys. We couldn't afford Transformers. :) - Steve C Team Marina
Laura Norvig
RT @jessicalessin: Confirmed Andy Rubin leaving Google, told his team today. More details coming...
oh indeed - RepoRat
John Dupuis
If I may toot my own horn for a moment, I'm a bit over the moon about being invited to speak about the Canadian Government's War on Science at the York U Science & Technology Studies Seminar Series in October.
awesome, John!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
The page for the series is here: It's pretty serious stuff. - John Dupuis
woot and congrats!!! - Sir Shuping is just sir
that is pretty cool - Steve C Team Marina
Thanks! Of course, the easy part of agreeing to do the talk. The hard part comes in October when I'm all, "Yikes, now I actually have to do the damn thing!" - John Dupuis
dude. you GOT this. - RepoRat
It's today! Wish me luck! - John Dupuis
Good luck!! - Hedgehog from Android
Good luck! - bentley
Great news John! - Elizabeth Brown
Rock it, John. - Joe
I repeat myself: dude. you GOT this. - RepoRat
Thanks everyone! It went pretty well, if I do say so myself. Slides here: - John Dupuis
Apparently I am both hilarious and sobering. Not a bad combination, really. - John Dupuis
"LOL! Whoa!" --> audience member, direct quote. - bentley
Todd Hoff
Change your walking style, change your mood -- ScienceDaily -
Change your walking style, change your mood -- ScienceDaily
"Our mood can affect how we walk -- slump-shouldered if we're sad, bouncing along if we're happy. Now researchers have shown it works the other way too -- making people imitate a happy or sad way of walking actually affects their mood." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Melly Claus #anticaper
RT @penguinbooksaus: Literary Costumes for Halloween: via @BuzzFeed
RT @penguinbooksaus: Literary Costumes for Halloween: via @BuzzFeed
two little girls, in two straight lines ... - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
the youngest one was Madeline - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
this is one of the cutest things you'll ever see! :)
this is one of the cutest things you'll ever see! :)
very cute! - Posmo
:) - ma∟ıĸ
so smart and cute! - GΞШ@LL
beautiful dogs! - saeedvasi
<3 - wicky
reaching goals through coordination and teamwork! I really like it! - ►JontyPi◄
I've watched this 50 times at it's still awesome. - Todd Hoff
<3 - imPerFect
"Many W3C specifications are so cryptic that they require the sacrifice of your sanity and a secret W3C decoder ring to read. I never understood why these documents were so difficult to read, and after years of study on the matter, I think I found the answer. It turns out that most specification editors are just crap at writing."
"Bad feature ideas can be argued for months and rationalized because smart people, lacking any sort of compelling real world data, are great at debating and rationalizing bad decisions." - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Paul Buchheit
Last friday I taped an iPhone to my head and ran around Paris capturing the most famous sights in a single (somewhat shaky) shot. Here's the video:
Screen shot 2010-06-28 at 6.40.07 PM.png
*spot reserved for a later comment* - Micah from iPhone
Now we know what that 94 minute video was. :) - NOT THE CRICKET
that explain other FF posts, looking for tapes and where can one upload large video files ;-). - Tzury Bar Yochay
Yeah, I never did get the duct tape though, so I had to use clear packaging tape instead (with a sock stuffed between the iPhone and my hat to get the correctish angle). - Paul Buchheit
Patent it NOW - Josh Haley
Well, this is just genius! - Eric - ill subliminal
When you said you ran you weren't speaking metaphorically. - Eric - ill subliminal
Very Cool Paul! - Jeff P. Henderson
great and inspiring - Nenko Ivanov
this was perfect, I opened up my Paris map and followed you :) - İpek Aral
I'm surprised you were able to follow. I didn't have a map (my iPhone was taped to my head!) so I made a number of wrong turns, though the high-level route was pretty basic. - Paul Buchheit
Saw the vimeo on your stream and watched a little of it. Great stuff! Cool to see new iphone vid quality. (er 3gs? quality, hmm) Oh yeah, and enjoy Paris! - Jay
It's actually a 3GS, not an iphone 4. - Paul Buchheit
I think I might tape a photo of Paul with an iPhone taped to his head to my head because I want to get arrested for being a menace. - Akiva
You can fit an iPad on my forehead. - Josh Haley
Ahhh this explains the "ducktape in Paris" stuff LOL :D (that picture is full of geeky win!) - Susan Beebe
@Paul just curious how much battery did you have left after you were done recording? - BRҰANSAҰS
Something like 22%, as I recall. I had put the phone in airplane mode to reduce wireless consumption and also because I'm concerned that an incoming call would stop the video or something. - Paul Buchheit
Not bad. I guess you could get at least 2 hours of recording on one charge. - BRҰANSAҰS from BuddyFeed
Nice idea, OP - LANjackal
this is definitely on the list of 'quirkiest things ever done with an iPhone'. :-) - Olivia Lovag
this is so romantic - τorƍue
awesome, you just needed a gun and it would make a cool REAL-time FPS :) - Emil Kirichev
oh thanks you soo much!!! I love it! - Bojan Babic
surprisingly un-shaky - Sally Relton Shakespeare
Avg. speed: 9.48 km/h (9.23 mi in 94 min, see red track - Jérôme
Paul had the initial idea for Google Glass exactly two years before Google launched Glass. :) - Space Cowboy
Now, if only he had thought of Gmail. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I hope this isn't the start of a "people walk around cities w/smartphones taped to their hats" trend. - rönin
I hope it is - Mo Kargas
If so, it'll just be transitional until smartphones are replaced by glasses-phones. Or smart glasses. Do we have an official name for those yet? - Andrew C (✔)
Iphone taped to the forehead, what a nice way to show #IamAmerican abroad :) - непростые коротышки
first laugh of the day, ty a.t. - chaz2b
LOL, Google Glass back in the days. Monsieur: Martini? Great stuff as I was doing myself a lot of these then too... 9) - Zu from AOD
up di apprezzamento dall'Italia - naltro
Not quite last Friday. - Joe
TÉMOIGNAGE: Si vous voulez faire un prêt entre particulier merci prendre contacte ( ) avec cette MME D'HAVE qui m'a rendu le sourire aux lèvres. J'ai plusieurs collègues qui ont aussi reçus des prêts à son niveau sans problèmes au lieu de vous faire avoir par des individus mal intentionnés qui prennent pour travail à escroquer les innocents. Je publie ce... more... - josiane
Barking up the wrong trees, Laina. - Joe
These masks are kinda frightening. - rönin from Bookmarklet
who needs scary clowns when these exist? - Big Joe Silence
Next we'll have the scary clowns wearing these. - rönin
they'll have a stand off clowns vs emoji - Halil
One less burden
Right on :) - Brent Schaus
Congrats! - Stephen Mack
W00t! - Spidra Webster
Now we actually own one of our vehicles. :) - Stephan from iPhone
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