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Go to the top of Vernal Falls, took a look around, and then went back down, where I got soaked once again. Whee! :)
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(continuing my Yosemite photos) Since I had been feeling pretty good about PG&E Trail the previous week, and had just gone up Lembert Dome, I decided to go on the Vernal Falls hike.
There are a lot of steps!! The waterfall's spray was amazing. Water was running down the steps, and I got soaked. I took a few pictures from there but the camera lens was covered in water so none of them worked out. I couldn't even dry the lens because the cleaning cloth in my pocket was soaked. And I couldn't see because I couldn't keep my glasses clear. Fun! - Amit Patel
Yosemite's Olmsted Point. They had a new parking lot and trail since the last time I went over Tioga Pass. I got to go out to an area I hadn't been before, to see the fabulous views. And a random critter.
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(Yosemite cont) I had time and energy so I decided I should try Lembert Dome. I wasn't sure where the parking lot was but the third parking lot I found seemed like the right one. I didn't have cell service but the Galileo offline map had hiking trails on it, so that's what I used as a guide.
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The first part of the trail went through a forest, uphill uphill uphill. Then it opened up onto the dome. Wow, crazy cool! No marked trail, just explore as you want. And then fall off the edge if you want. - Amit Patel
I didn't go the very last bit because it was somewhat windy and I wasn't feeling confident that I could get back down easily. Afterwards I looked at Google Earth to see how far I was from the top and estimated that I was at 9400 feet and the peak was 9450 feet. - Amit Patel
I'm not normally afraid of heights but walking around up there triggered "oh my god what am I doing up here"! Fun place. Highly recommended. - Amit Patel
I'm more afraid of the tripping than the heights :-) - Todd Hoff
It seems like The Doctor should've been more curious about Sally Sparrow telling him about the future. How often does he meet someone who knows about time travel? But he's more interested in four things and a lizard. :-/
But...spoilers! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
He probably meant to come back and ask. - Betsy
He can't even land his tardis in the right time so he probably couldn't get back there :) - Amit Patel
Two X-class solar flares in less than 2 hours, and more may come soon - Los Angeles Times -
Two X-class solar flares in less than 2 hours, and more may come soon - Los Angeles Times
"The sun unleashed two X-class solar flares in the span of one hour and 10 minutes Tuesday morning, and there is a good chance that more may be coming soon. Solar flares are big bursts of radiation that come from dark areas of the sun called sunspots. An X-class solar flare is the most powerful of these bursts. " - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Yosemite's Tioga Pass opened early this year. A month later it has almost no snow. The third photo here is Lembert Dome. Every time I drive by it, I see people climbing up, and I think to myself, one day, I should go up that thing …
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Very pretty. :) It had just closed when we were there last November. - Jenny H. from Android
On my way to Yosemite from the eastern sierra, I took the June Lake Scenic Drive detour. There was a random waterfall up on a mountain, and only a little bit of snow left.
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Love that area - went backpacking there ... about 30 years ago! - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Colorful typography on the web: get ready for multicolor fonts – Pixelambacht -
Colorful typography on the web: get ready for multicolor fonts – Pixelambacht
"Seemingly out of nowhere, big guys like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Adobe are proposing multicolor font formats, and rushing to have them implemented in browsers and OSes. This sudden interest is not so much fueled by typographers, designers or web developers, but by an unlikely group: teenagers." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
I'm trying to blog more this year. Posts per year to my personal blog: 33, 65, 38, 26, 32, 5, 8, 2, 6, 3, 2. And I have 9 so far this year. I'm not going to try to reach my peak blogging year (2004) but I think 10-20 would be a good amount.
Two things I'm using to help me with this: - Amit Patel
(1) I've gotten organized and now have a place to put half-baked blog ideas. I review them periodically and can turn them into full blog posts. - Amit Patel
(2) I'm writing blog posts in plain text instead of html. This is just much easier. Markdown, restructured text, org mode, and lots of other systems exist for this. I don't yet have an easier interface to Blogger though, so I write the post, convert to html, and then copy and paste. - Amit Patel
My numbers are way down too! I blame FriendFeed. - Louis Gray
Mine too. - Stephen Mack
Hm, FriendFeed … yes … that's the reason! - Amit Patel
Friendfeed killed it eventually, and then I just slowly ran out of things I felt like writing about. It went from 2-3 times a week, to 2 times a month, and then I just stopped posting. - NOT THE CRICKET
The Tunnels of NYC's East Side Access Project - In Focus - The Atlantic -
The Tunnels of NYC's East Side Access Project - In Focus - The Atlantic
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"A huge public works project is currently under construction in New York City, connecting Long Island to Manhattan's East Side. Deep underground, rail tunnels are extending from Sunnyside, Queens, to a new Long Island Rail Road terminal being excavated beneath Grand Central Terminal. Construction began in 2007, with an estimated cost of $6.3 billion and completion date of 2013. Since then, the cost estimate has been raised to $8.4 billion, and the completion date moved back to 2019." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Emacs: Find files anywhere -
Emacs: Find files anywhere
The default way of working in Emacs is to remember which files are open and which are not, and use different commands for the two. I don't want to remember this. Instead I'd rather remember which are files (opened or not) and use a different command for non-files. - Amit Patel
The other thing is that I want to type as little as possible to go to another file, and I'd rather type in something like a substring like foo/bar to get to /Users/amitp/Projects/sleepisawasteoftime/foo/bar.html than to have to navigate the file system to find the right directory first. - Amit Patel
I had made an attempt at this before but this new setup is much faster. I preload a list of the ~2000 filenames I am ever likely to open (updated hourly), and then I do substring matching on that. - Amit Patel
With [Everything Search Engine] on Windows one can instantly retrieve any single file from more than a million files (on my system). Rock 'n' roll. - Sean McBride
May 21. I went to Rancho San Antonio, intending to go on the Rogue Valley Trail. Pushing myself to do more. Parking lot was full. What?! It's a weekday morning. Shouldn't everyone but me be at work? I ended up in the horse trailer parking lot and got the last spot.
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So what trails start here? PG&E Trail. Ok, let me do the first part of this one, and then come back on Wildcat Loop. Huff puff eek I'm not ready for this. But I keep going to Wildcat Loop. And then figure, well, instead of turning back here, let's see how much farther I can go. Listened to a podcast to keep me distracted. Argh it's hot. So tired. But I kept going. And I reached the top! Whee! First time. Felt good. Really good. - Amit Patel
I wasn't planning to be out this long, and was getting hungry. I dug through my camera bag and found a year-old energy bar. Woot! Finally, a chance to eat it. (Related: the week after, I dug through my camera bag and found candy and a deformed snickers bar from last year. So maybe I need to clean it out …) Long walk back to the car. Helped some people who were lost. So tired. - Amit Patel
TL;DR: I've been too out of shape to do PG&E Trail for the past 20 years (or maybe 40, not sure), and finally did it. Feeling good. - Amit Patel
I've been trying to go on more hikes at Rancho San Antonio the past month. I went with my daughter up Wildcat Loop Trail. Then the next week I went on Upper Wildcat Canyon + High Meadow. I've been building up my strength so that I can do all of PG&E Trail.
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I love that place so much. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I've neglected it for too long :( - Amit Patel
Apr 27, May 11, May 17, and one more, for the next post. - Amit Patel
I search ThinkGeek for "usb hub" and it shows me USB Squirming Tentacle.
And I have no luck with the bookmarklet anymore, alas. - Amit Patel
if you are using Chrome, here is a fixed version: should work with safari as well - sizofroid
Yes, I did read that as Squirming Testicle. - Melly
Y'all wanted to see more emu removal, right? EMU-B-GONE Professional Edition™
no emu.jpg
Oregon Wildlife Safari was great. I want to go back this summer. The hippo was behind a fence; the rhino, emu, zebras, elk were roaming free.
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I seem to have fallen behind in posting photos. :-) Oregon Wildlife Safari:
Pluto has five moons?! - Amit Patel
The fifth one was discovered when Hubble was looking for potential hazards for the already-launched New Horizons probe: It's going to be interesting to see what New Horizons finds when it actually gets there. Maybe it has rings! - Mark Trapp
Looking forward to it! - Amit Patel
Mac OS Spotlight and source code -
Spent this afternoon learning about Spotlight and command line utilities on the mac to access that data - Amit Patel
Emu? What emu?
2014-05-02 10.12.35.jpg
no emu.jpg
Technology so advanced it's indistinguishable from magic. - Amit Patel
I didn't take a second photo. It's the first photo. With an emu removed. Emu removal algorithm. - Amit Patel
It's not perfect. Especially since it had to guess what a tree looked like. But wow! In a few seconds I had removed an emu. - Amit Patel
"Emu removal algorithm." I'm trying to figure out what the icon for this would be. Ehn. They'd just do a bunch of wavy lines, right? :-) - Betsy
This photo is begging to become a meme! - Corinne L
You should make an app for this. Call it "Unphotobomb" - Slippy: Potato Croquette
Deemufication. - Micah
Taco Festival of Innovation | Annual Taco Festival in San Jose, California -
Taco Festival of Innovation | Annual Taco Festival in San Jose, California
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TODAY!!! - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Oregon wildlife safari
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The emu needs to become a meme. - Ken Morley
The emu is definitely memeworthy - Amit Patel
Do it! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Second Livestock: "A deep concern for the welfare of livestock animals is at the heart of Second Livestock. Our Animal Computer Interfaces and Virtual Environments are tailored to meets the needs and desires of each species. " - Amit Patel
Put an Oculus Rift on chickens and make them think they are free range - Amit Patel
So *this* is what the other professor has been working on! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Oregon wildlife safari
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Prospect theory and utility functions -
A white rhea. I'm guessing an albino. Curious creature came up to my car.
So of course I got a close-up for Stephen Mack ;) - Amit Patel
Oregon wildlife safari - some creatures behind bars, others out in the open
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Wow. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
It's a fun place. - Todd Hoff
1849 | welcome to the gold rush | somasim games -
1849 | welcome to the gold rush | somasim games
1849 | welcome to the gold rush | somasim games
"The year is 1849, and gold has just been discovered in California. You decide to head out west, to seek fame and wealth in the approaching Gold Rush. Will you strike gold and become an overnight mining magnate? Or will you build your fortune bit by bit by supplying 49ers with pickaxes and blue jeans?" - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Old school town building game, *no in app purchases*. Looks promising - Amit Patel
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