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Methanosarcina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Methanosarcina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Methanosarcina is a genus of euryarchaeote archaea that produce methane. These single-celled organisms are the only known anaerobic methanogens that produce methane using all three metabolic pathways for methanogenesis." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"Methanosarcina may have been largely responsible for the worst extinction event in the Earth's history, the Permian–Triassic extinction event. The theory suggests that acquisition of a new metabolic pathway via gene transfer followed by exponential reproduction allowed the microbe to rapidly consume vast deposits of organic carbon in marine sediments, leading to a sharp buildup of methane and carbon dioxide in the Earth's oceans and atmosphere that killed 90% of the world's species" - Amit Patel
"Species of Methanosarcina are also noted for unusually large genomes. M. acetivorans has the largest known genome of any archaeon." - Amit Patel
"Methanosarcina has been used in waste water treatment since the mid-1980s. Researchers have sought ways to use it as an alternative power source." - Amit Patel
Laws Railroad Museum in Bishop CA is mostly non-railroad stuff. They preserved lots of old buildings and artifacts. This is the photography building with lots of old cameras, film, accessories:
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Eastern Sierra trip - so scenic over there!
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I was reminded that I hadn't posted these photos yet when I was watching "Camel Spiders" (horrible movie) and all the outdoor scenes looked soooooo familiar. It turns out they filmed it in the area I drove through on this trip. :) - Amit Patel
Lots of movies are filmed there — - Amit Patel
Camel Spiders? *Googles* - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I think the movie was inspired by this photo that went viral: - Amit Patel
Google just auto-installed "Google+ Auto Backup" onto my computer. Didn't ask.
Screenshot 2014-07-01 09.13.58.png
From Chrome or another browser or what? - Spidra Webster
Picasa apparently. - Amit Patel
Looking at forums, it looks like they started doing it last year, and in January said it was unintentional and they'd fix it. But here it is July and it just installed it on my system. - Amit Patel
Ouch! Install some random tool to automatically copy the entire contents of your hard drive without your knowledge? Who could possibly object to that? - Brian Johns
Now you have no excuse for not backing up your files. They're doing you a favor you see. - rönin
#whitehat As Picasa and G+ Photos are integrated, they turned on the auto backup feature to back up photos in high quality to the web. That said, no users should be surprised by anything, especially sharp folks like Amit. Looking into it. - Louis Gray
Update: Picasa does not auto-install G+ AutoBackup, but it will place the setup installer for AutoBackup in the Picasa folder and then proceed, at first launch, to promote it and give you the option to install/run it. The very first release of AutoBackup bundled with Picasa was different and Picasa *did* auto-install. - Louis Gray
So it's possible, per above, that this dialog window came up from Picasa yesterday and wasn't dismissed, or Picasa was open today in addition to Steam, etc. Hope that helps, Amit. - Louis Gray
It's quite possible that when I ran Picasa, it was the version from last year, but I don't remember seeing any promotion to install Google+ Auto Backup, nor do I see any Google+ mentioned in the Picasa Options dialog in the program. Weird. - Amit Patel
I just changed the Picasa setting from "Update automatically" to "Ask before downloading updates" - Amit Patel
Windows is telling me I have Google+ Auto Backup from "Google" 6/29/2014 and also Google+ Auto Backup from "Google, Inc." 7/1/2014 I'm uninstalling both. - Amit Patel
Guessing from the Picasa Release Notes, the version it installed on 6/29 is the one from last year, and that was apparently the one that auto-installed. - Amit Patel
Puzzling. Thanks for following up, Amit. - Louis Gray
Thanks Louis for looking into it. I guess it was bad timing, with me not having used Picasa for a while. - Amit Patel
It's nice to have a responsive Google representative on Friendfeed. - Sean McBride
@Sean, here to help. As I see it, things are never as bad as they seem or as amazing as people would like you to believe. Things are usually somewhere in the middle. - Louis Gray
Louis -- you cleaned up this issue quickly and efficiently. If one could only receive tech support at this level for all products and services. :) - Sean McBride
+1 to that! - Louis Gray
Scratching his head
I love that I can run mdfind 'kMDItemKeywords = "bald eagle"' on mac to find all my photos that are tagged "bald eagle" (by lightroom) …
White Pelicans at Elkhorn Slough. They're a bit bigger than the brown pelicans, and like fresh water. Good thing Elkhorn Slough has both fresh and salt water.
Cormorants are reasonably sized birds and these pelicans tower over them. - Amit Patel
White Pelicans have the largest wingspan of North American birds, except for the California Condor. - Amit Patel
Egads, white pelicans are just so huge. I had no idea. - Amit Patel
Proebsting's paradox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Proebsting's paradox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"In probability theory, Proebsting's paradox is an argument that appears to show that the Kelly criterion can lead to ruin. Although it can be resolved mathematically, it raises some interesting issues about the practical application of Kelly, especially in investing. It was named and first discussed by Edward O. Thorp in 2008." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
What I learned during the Elkhorn Slough Safari boat ride:
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Brown pelicans like salt water; white pelicans are much larger and like fresh water. Brown pelican juveniles have brown heads; adults have white heads. - Amit Patel
"A programming language based on the one liners of Arnold Schwarzenegger More on Github" - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Hybrid of Role Playing Game + Golf ! - Amit Patel
I get lots of email intended for people who put in my email address instead of their own, but the one from the hotel that instructed me "please make sure you wash all the body paint off before jumping into bed!" was probably the most unusual.
Also made me realize I'm probably missing out on something wild & crazy! - Amit Patel
Excellent advice. - Todd Hoff
Write back and tell them it is all water base paint. - Janet from FFHound!
I think thats the best part, body paint+bed.. ?? What better way to have fun eh ?? - Peter Dawson
I get a lot of the same, but even more emails sent to me by mistake. If the email seems real and sincere, I'll usually respond to let the person know they rang the wrong email, but if they keep mailing me, I'll usually write back with something crazy. That always stops them. - Brian Fitzpatrick
I have a canned response in gmail that I send to people who send me non-automated misdirected email, but a large part of it is automated stuff :( - Amit Patel
I've come to really dislike many companies that don't require e-mail verification during account creation. - Stephen Mack
Even big companies like Facebook can get this wrong. I've gotten so many messages from Facebook the past few weeks, with no way to tell them to stop. - Amit Patel
Oh, fun, I get a second legal notice from a company I've never done business with. First time I tried explaining that their client gave them my email address instead of their own. They never replied. They sent me a more threatening letter this time. Fun! - Amit Patel
Experimenting with contour lines for showing pathfinding algorithms … not sure if this will work out but I thought I'd try and see.
Contour lines Dijkstra.png
The green area is a forest so the "waves" move more slowly through it - Amit Patel
Fantastic morning viewing wildlife. In a 2 hour period, I saw ~5% of the sea otters in California.
(photo is uncropped and unprocessed; I haven't had time to go through the ~500 photos I took but I'll share more later) - Amit Patel
Otters are unfairly cute. THEY MUST BE STOPPED! - SAM
The seagulls were trying to stop the otter army but they failed. - Amit Patel
Jealous! - Jenny H. from Android
ooh, that's cool they have a boat. Last time I enjoyed the slough it was kayaking and man my arms were sore for days. - Laura Norvig
CONREC - A Contouring Subroutine -
CONREC - A Contouring Subroutine
CONREC - A Contouring Subroutine
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"This article introduces a straightforward method of contouring some surface represented as a regular triangular mesh." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
I had been trying to come up with a way to make contour lines the way I wanted them to look, and I came up with an idea that I thought was quite simple and also clever. A few days later I was browsing contour line examples in Javascript, and found one by Jason Davies, who had implemented something from Paul Bourke. This is Paul Bourke's article. - Amit Patel
Paul Bourke's site is such a wonderful resource. I run into it often, and I should probably spend some time reading the whole thing. - Amit Patel
Guests visiting. So of course we went to San Francisco to do some touristy stuff. :-)
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Visualizing Algorithms -
Visualizing Algorithms
"Algorithms are a fascinating use case for visualization. To visualize an algorithm, we don’t merely fit data to a chart; there is no primary dataset. Instead there are logical rules that describe behavior. This may be why algorithm visualizations are so unusual, as designers experiment with novel forms to better communicate. This is reason enough to study them." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"But algorithms are also a reminder that visualization is more than a tool for finding patterns in data. Visualization leverages the human visual system to augment human intellect: we can use it to better understand these important abstract processes, and perhaps other things, too." - Amit Patel
Fascinating. Bostock is awesome. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
He is! I use d3.js for most of my projects. - Amit Patel
First Ever Star Trek®/Doctor Who Comic Book Crossover Coming in May -
First Ever Star Trek®/Doctor Who Comic Book Crossover Coming in May
"Star Trek: The Next Generation® crew and the Doctor face off 
against the Borg and the Cybermen" - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
WHAT - Amit Patel
Wait, that's 2012. - Betsy
Reviews are not entirely favorable on Amazon: - Neal Krummell
The Amazing Micro-Engineered, Water-Repelling Surface That Lives Outside My Window | Science Blogs | WIRED -
The Amazing Micro-Engineered, Water-Repelling Surface That Lives Outside My Window | Science Blogs | WIRED
The Amazing Micro-Engineered, Water-Repelling Surface That Lives Outside My Window | Science Blogs | WIRED
"I was heading out from home to get lunch, when I caught a glint of light out of the corner of my eye. I saw what looked like tiny drops of mercury, sitting on the leaves of a plant in my backyard." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Comcast. I guess this is what the "burst" speed feature is about.
Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 16.54.05.png
240Mbps burst, then 60Mbps sustained, made Kingdoms of Amalur a quick download on Steam. - Amit Patel
Lost in the mall technique - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
"The participants were told they were participating in a study looking at memory for childhood events and were instructed to try to remember as much as possible about each of the four events. If they could not remember anything about the events they were instructed to be honest and say so. Unbeknownst to the participants, one of the narratives was false. This narrative described the person being lost in a shopping mall at around the age of 5." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
What's really weird is that I have memories of being lost in a mall around that age, and many years later I asked my parents about it and they said I had never been lost in a mall … - Amit Patel
Coder’s high: The intense feeling of absorption exclusive to programmers. -
Coder’s high: The intense feeling of absorption exclusive to programmers.
"Programming is just like drugs, except the dealer pays you." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Hero of the Kingdom on Steam -
Hero of the Kingdom on Steam
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Relaxing adventure/rpg game. Nice graphics. Slow paced, casual. I played the demo and enjoyed it. - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
I might try this next. It sounds like the opposite of Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead; that's stressful, I'm not terribly good at it, but I play anyway. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
A tumblr with airport porn! - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
ATL is totally stacked! And look at those curves on SFO! - Amit Patel
wonderful! - AdRiX
Went to Pinnacles. Forecast was 80; it was actually 95 when I got there. But I had driven there so I went hiking anyway, with an extra bottle of water. It was nice.
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That first stone made me think of Easter Island. - Amit Patel
This Grey Crowned Crane really liked my car mirror. Even as I tried to drive away it kept walking forwards, trying to stay next to the mirror.
The FF bookmarklet doesn't work for me anymore :( :(
it still works for me, except for sites w/ https, which never worked anyways. - imabonehead
You can copy the bit of Javascript for the bookmarklet, alter the http to https and save it as a second bookmarklet that will then work with https sites. - Mark H
Not working for me. Neither chrome or firefox on a mac. - Todd Hoff
Works now. And Mark, when I do that for youtube the videos don't show up. Is that a ff thing? - Todd Hoff
Todd, google enforces https:// and FF's backend linkifier only scans for youtube embeddables on http:// links, so you have to copy and paste, and remove the 's' manually. - NOT THE CRICKET
The issue with the bookmarklet is an issue with browsers. The official bookmarklet posted on the FF site, points to an http endpoint. Firefox was the first to break it in version 24, by forcing all mixed-media issues to be quashed by default, and throw a warning in the console. So on any https:// site, loading http:// assets fails. Of course you can load a higher security media in one... more... - NOT THE CRICKET
Thanks. I can't edit the URL from a bookmarklet post so I guess the only way is to not use it for https when you want associated media. - Todd Hoff
The native bookmarklet won't work for me anymore using Chrome Canary on a Mac, but will work on Safari or with Chrome under Windows 7. - Nils Sandin
Todd, only for youtube. You can still get the embedded images from the bookmarklet. Youtube is the only service they linkify against to generate the content, afaik. - NOT THE CRICKET
Nils, if you edit the bookmarklets address to https://friendfeed instead of http://friendfeed, it will work again. - NOT THE CRICKET
Just tried that, the bookmarklet popup window remain blank (and non-functional). - Nils Sandin
Could just be Canary, since still works on Safari and regular Chrome. - Nils Sandin
It still works for me on Chrome but not on Firefox(Mac). Haven't tried it on Windows. - Betsy
I checked. It stopped working for me on Firefox (Mac) on April 28. - Betsy
Oh hm, I use Chrome Beta for Mac. Maybe I should try stable. I've tried both http and https. - Amit Patel
Yeah it hasn't worked on Chrome Beta for Mac for awhile now. I've had to switch to Safari when I want to share something. - rönin
I just tried to post something with Firefox (PC) bookmarklet and it didn't work, but Chrome on PC worked. - Betsy
for youtube i just resorted to the on site sharing feature to twitter: from there everything get republished here. Less complicated way for me. - Aldo Oldo
Did anyone get this to work for chrome or chromium on mac? I'm on chromium v. 35.0.1916.153 and it no longer works for me. I tried http and https - jlk
It works for me with chrome and a Mac. - Todd Hoff
I got an email from someone asking me to review a academic paper. Then they said they created an account on their system, and I need to log in to opt out. And then it says to opt out I need to put in my home address, phone number, etc. Ugh
totally ugh. - imabonehead
:( - Jenny H. from Android
Use 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is always a good one :-) - Todd Hoff
I think I'd be less annoyed if it was regular spam, but it seems to be an academic journal of some sort :-/ but maybe I should just mark them as spam too. - Amit Patel
Go to the top of Vernal Falls, took a look around, and then went back down, where I got soaked once again. Whee! :)
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