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'Drunk Tank Pink' Finds Clues To Behavior : NPR -
"I spoke to the researcher who came up with the name for drunk tank pink, the original color, and he told me that in one of his original demonstrations, he was up on stage with Mr. California, who was a weightlifter, and he was lifting the weight quite comfortably. It was a big weight; the audience was very impressed." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"And as soon as they held up this pink cardboard in front of him, he said I can't lift it anymore. And to snap him out of it, they had to show him a blue piece of cardboard, which undid the effect." - Amit Patel
WHAT - Amit Patel
Wait a second. You're down near freezing at night and near 100 during the day? I'm going to state the obvious but dang that really sucks! - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Shorts during the day and sweaters at night. - Me
Coming Soon to the Library: Humanoid Robots - WSJ -
Coming Soon to the Library: Humanoid Robots - WSJ
Putting 3-d printing and robotics into libraries? hm - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
I decided to plot the Basal Metabolic Rates from wikipedia (
Basal metabolic rate.png
I drew the Harris-Benedict, Revised Harris-Benedict, and Miffler St Jeor formulas, male and female variants. - Amit Patel
Observation 1: the two Harris-Benedict formulas (thin lines) are *quite* different for men and women. The Miffler St Jeor formula has a different constant but the slope is the same. - Amit Patel
Observation 2: the old and new Harris-Benedict formulas are quite similar; they almost overlap. - Amit Patel
Observation 3: for the getting the same number of calories (eating minus exercise), women will weigh a *lot* more than men. 40 lb if you believe Miffler St Jeor and up to 70 lb if you believe Harris-Benedict. - Amit Patel
This screenshot doesn't take into account the effects of age or height; I might build an interactive version that lets me put those in. - Amit Patel
Ok, I implemented the diagrams and they were far less interesting than I hoped, and probably a waste of time. But I got some answers to my questions. If using the Miffler St Jeor formulas: (1) each +5 cal eaten daily translates to +1 lb (!unbelievable!); (2) each year you get +1 lb heavier, if calories stay fixed; (3) each year if you want your weight to stay steady you need to adjust diet/exercise -5 cal/day. - Amit Patel
I'm mostly staring at this in disbelief. Did I do the calculations wrong? Or is all you have to do to lose 1lb to eat FIVE CALORIES less (every day)? - Amit Patel
I think that might be right, it's 1-3 days fasting. And I know, from second hand experience, that sustained fasting can cut about 30lbs in 2-3 weeks, (~1.5lb/day, in the first week it's possible to see closer to ~2lb/day). On a yearly basis though, that 1lb will most likely be obscured by water variance. - NOT THE CRICKET
It's interesting that Mifflin is pretty much just a simplified combined average of male and female Harris-Benedict, but has a significant bias on height. - NOT THE CRICKET
Yeah, it's weird how different these models are … - Amit Patel
"The rest of the variation (26.7%) was unexplained." WE KNOW NOTHING. - Stephen Mack
I got an email from someone asking me to review a academic paper. Then they said they created an account on their system, and I need to log in to opt out. And then it says to opt out I need to put in my home address, phone number, etc. Ugh
totally ugh. - imabonehead
:( - Jenny H. from Android
Use 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is always a good one :-) - Todd Hoff
I think I'd be less annoyed if it was regular spam, but it seems to be an academic journal of some sort :-/ but maybe I should just mark them as spam too. - Amit Patel
Another one. Dear Dr. Amit Patel: I am writing to invite you to review the following manuscript which has been submitted to Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research: Numerical Model of Full Cardiac Cycle Hemodynamics in a Total Artificial Heart and the Effect of Its Size on Platelet Activation - Amit Patel
Used to Be a Pizza Hut
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"These beautiful structures, most likely now devoid of the table-top Pac Man machines, dot the American landscape. Some provide ethnic food, some, used cars, and a rare few are now municipal buildings. Whatever their current purpose, we can always be reminded of the mediocre pizza that was once served in these establishments. That, and those red plastic cups. " - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Mentioned on the 99 Percent Invisible podcast: - Amit Patel
Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day with R - Save 50% on R Ebooks - Deals - O'Reilly Media -
Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day with R - Save 50% on R Ebooks - Deals - O'Reilly Media
Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day with R - Save 50% on R Ebooks - Deals - O'Reilly Media
Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day with R - Save 50% on R Ebooks - Deals - O'Reilly Media
"Avast, Ye Mateys! Step up for some pillage and plunder!" - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Har har, "Fer Talk Like a Pirate Day only, take yer cutlass and slash 50% off R ebooks at" - Amit Patel
Philips’ 200 lumens-per-watt prototype LED lamp is the world’s most efficient | ExtremeTech -
Philips’ 200 lumens-per-watt prototype LED lamp is the world’s most efficient | ExtremeTech
"Progress in the LED lighting industry can best be measured in two separate metrics: pricing and efficiency. Pricing gets most of the attention, but so many factors affect it — from the cost of materials to various subsidies — that it is primarily interesting as an overall trend. Efficiency, which is measured in terms of lumens-per-watt, is a better way to look at progress." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"In keeping with these advances, today Philips announced that they have created the world’s most efficient warm white LED lamp. The prototype operates at 200 lumens-per-watt, a number that is more than double what is found in typical household LED products. The “warm white” part might seem like a minor detail, but it’s actually rather important. The majority of people prefer their... more... - Amit Patel
This! 2700K is acceptable, 3000K is too cold. - Bruce Lewis What do you do if wasps build a nest on the outside of your window? Record video of course! What do you do if wasps build a nest on the outside of your window? Record video of course!
Walking along the trail at Hayward Shoreline when a Northern Harrier flew right past me, maybe 15 feet to my right. I was a bit too slow with the camera but I got this shot as it flew away.
The New Suez Canal - or how to raise a few billion dollars without anyone noticing | Context Switches -
Crowd-funded second Suez canal?! - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
BBC - Earth - The green snot taking over the world’s rivers -
BBC - Earth - The green snot taking over the world’s rivers
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How Train Fever made money for its most feverish players | PCGamesN -
How Train Fever made money for its most feverish players | PCGamesN
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"The tracks first laid for Transport Tycoon two decades ago were in need of urgent maintenance - and it finally came in the form of locomotion sim Train Fever. Swiss studio Urban Games wanted to recapture the spirit of Chris Sawyer’s love letter to logistics in full 3D, and sales over the last month suggest they’ve been largely successful. Urban shifted 30,000 copies in two weeks." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"Some of Train Fever’s royalties will stay in Switzerland. Some will be sent to mystery investors with deep pockets. But a significant amount will be split between 651 of its players, in a quietly radical extension of the Kickstarter principle." - Amit Patel
Emacs: rainbow-identifiers, customized -
Think you drink a lot? This chart will tell you. - The Washington Post -
Think you drink a lot? This chart will tell you. - The Washington Post
"Do you drink a glass of wine with dinner every night? That puts you in the top 30 percent of American adults in terms of per-capita alcohol consumption. If you drink two glasses, that would put you in the top 20 percent." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Tabletop Whale -
Tabletop Whale
Tabletop Whale
Tabletop Whale
Designer with a molecular biology degree makes new awesome illustrations every few weeks! - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"Hi guys! My name is Eleanor and I'm a self-employed artist from Seattle. This blog post is the first installment of what will hopefully be a year-long infographic design project. I've always been into biology and design, so I'm taking a year off after college to see if I can combine the two with at least marginal success." - Amit Patel
"It's more of an experiment than anything else, so feel free to leave comments about what works, what doesn't, and what might be scientifically incorrect despite my best efforts. I spend a lot of time trying to make these infographics accurate (for this post I read a 468 page textbook and used over 200 other sources) but naturally I'm not an expert in every subject I write about. " - Amit Patel
Man Who Raised $55K for Potato Salad Throws Party - Nation - -
Man Who Raised $55K for Potato Salad Throws Party - Nation -
"PotatoStock 2014 was held in downtown Columbus and featured bands, food trucks, beer vendors and, yes, plenty of potato salad. With more than 3,000 pounds of potatoes, the charity-minded party was open to people of all ages." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Bret Victor - Friday 24 October - SPLASH 2014 -
Bret Victor - Friday 24 October - SPLASH 2014
"New representations of thought — written language, mathematical notation, information graphics, etc — have been responsible for some of the most significant leaps in the progress of civilization, by expanding humanity’s collectively-thinkable territory." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"But the dynamic medium offers the opportunity to deliberately invent a humane and empowering form of knowledge work. We can design dynamic representations which draw on the entire range of human capabilities — all senses, all forms of movement, all forms of understanding — instead of straining a few and atrophying the rest." - Amit Patel
Peter was telling me about this guy earlier this month - he went to some workshop up in SF Bret put on I think. - Laura Norvig
I'm the one person not on ello.
The cheese stands alone. - Meg VMeg
Ellone. - Spidra Webster
I'm sure they'll get around to sending me an invitation eventually >:-( - Larry Hosken
I'm not on ello. - imabonehead
Ditto, and no special desire. - Walt Crawford
Walt, let's make a social network called Ditto! - Amit Patel
I'm not on ello, but I am on FriendFeed! - Louis Gray
Ello is actually like the early days of Twitter, in which you can see your old friends, find some new ones, and no brands are barking at you - Francine Hardaway
Francine's first comment on FriendFeed in 3+ years! Welcome back. - Louis Gray
I do love the "let's see who so and so follows" paradigm. But I haven't seen much actual conversation yet. - Laura Norvig
Francine, what is your handle? Impossible to find people on there. EDIT: Found you. Boy, their search is useless. Did not find "hardaway" even though that is your handle. - Laura Norvig
Me either but.. I don't know, I might be interested. I have to see though. - MariWeaver
Implementing draggable handles
Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.27.47.png
People ask me sometimes how I make my interactive tutorials. I'm going to write some “making of” articles to share the techniques I use. - Amit Patel
Very neat, Amit. - SAM
Wow - bonus explanations i understand. Well done. - Steve C Team Marina
The Pimpzilla theme for Firefox is less and less popular every day …
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 21.35.16.png
So sad about this. Pimpzilla was, on the surface, pretty ridiculous, but it was actually a decent theme. - Amit Patel
This was the only way I had more bling than my friends. - Amit Patel
Cosmic ray spallation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Cosmic ray spallation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Cosmic ray spallation after the Big Bang is thought to be responsible for the abundance in the universe of some light elements such as lithium, beryllium, and boron. This process (cosmogenic nucleosynthesis) was discovered somewhat by accident during the 1970s" - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Periodic table shows where the elements came from — big bang, cosmic rays (!), stars, supernovas, humans - Amit Patel
Radi-Aid | Africa for Norway | Home -
Radi-Aid | Africa for Norway | Home
"Africans unite to save Norwegians from dying of frostbite. You too can donate your radiator and spread some warmth!" - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"Better information about thousands of drugs, built from clinical research and real life experience from people like you." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
So it's yelp for medications? - Stephen Mack
Laws Railroad Museum in Bishop CA is mostly non-railroad stuff. They preserved lots of old buildings and artifacts. This is the photography building with lots of old cameras, film, accessories:
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Perspectives - Data Center Cooling Done Differently -
Perspectives - Data Center Cooling Done Differently
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Colocate your data center and desalination plant. Use the heat from the data center to increase the efficiency of desalination. - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Broccoli Cheese Cornbread Mini-Muffins | Mumblegrits -
Broccoli Cheese Cornbread Mini-Muffins | Mumblegrits
"This is the best ever recipe. Everybody liikes it, even if they don't like broccoli.If you choose only one thing on this blog to make, make it this!" - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Overwhelmingly Large Telescope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Overwhelmingly Large Telescope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The Overwhelmingly Large Telescope (OWL) was a conceptual design by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) organization for an extremely large telescope, which was intended to have a single aperture of 100 meters [≈ height of the Statue of Liberty, foundation of pedestal to torch] in diameter." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"The OWL could be expected to regularly see astronomical objects with an apparent magnitude of 38; or 1,500 times fainter than the faintest object which has been detected by the Hubble Space Telescope." - Amit Patel
Wow, this will make the 200 inch Palomar look like a toy. - Joe
Yeah, I love the comparison diagram, although I didn't realize OWL was on there at first - Amit Patel
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