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Pathfinding for Tower Defense -
Pathfinding for Tower Defense
"In a Tower Defense game, there are many enemies that are all headed to the same place. In many Tower Defense games, there is a predetermined path, or a small number of paths. In some, such as the classic Desktop Tower Defense, you can place towers anywhere, and they act as obstacles that affect the paths taken by enemies. Try it out, and click on the map to toggle walls:" - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
It's a new blog post! Since that's the thing to do today. - Amit Patel
Playing with Delaunay triangulation for pathfinding ..
Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 1 Feb, 20.49.26.png
(1) Do all shortest paths pass through these points? (I think the answer is yes) - Amit Patel
(2) Are the delaunay triangles of these points sufficient for finding the shortest paths? (I'm not sure) - Amit Patel
I'm working on another blog post first but this will be next after the current one. I want to make an interactive demo that lets you adjust the walls and then see what points are chosen for the waypoint graph. - Amit Patel
I'm not familiar with the concept of Delaunay triangulation (I probably skipped school that day) but it seems to me that this would be a good approach to determine optimal placement of a WiFi router (or other wireless transmitter) in a home or workplace. To minimize signal loss through walls and solid barriers, any placement that creates paths that that transect those barriers at less... more... - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Interesting; I hadn't thought of the wifi problem. With pathfinding you're allowed to change direction but not go through walls. With wifi you're allowed to go through walls but not change direction. - Amit Patel
Wifi: Surely, if can pass through walls but not change direction, optimal placement is equidistant from the most common points at which client devices connect? Other stuff: Reminds me of A-Level maths stuff (where we had to calculate the cheapest route between two points given landscape and road-surfacing costs) ... it didn't look anywhere near as complicated as that....although if you plotted the results of everyone in the class, you'd have more points to pass through :-) - Steel Penguin Slippy
I see. In that case it's similar to the pathfinding algorithms we use in travel demand forecasts. In those cases, while shortest distance path is a starting point, factors such as speed and other factors affecting travel time are also considered, ending up with a shortest time path from point to point. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
I suggested the exclusion of paths traveling through walls (at acute angles) because (in my experience) at those angles the distance through the wall is 2 or 3 times the width of the wall, weakening the signal quite a bit. At a right angle it's less of an issue. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
*invents radiorefractive walls* Because, you know, it seems like it could be a thing :-) - Steel Penguin Slippy
Radiorefactive rather than radioreflective... I see where you're going with this. (As for the radiorelective walls, I think they were most seriously a problem in our office environment with metal studs and framing in the walls. But going through 2 walls and a floor at a 30 degree angle will kill seriously reduce signal strength just about anywhere. Maybe there should be signal repeater walls? - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
I wasn't thinking of any practical purpose, but radiorefractive walls might make finding your router's sweet spot more fun. - Steel Penguin Slippy
Amit, I just wanted to thank you for your awesome references for map generation and grid math. (This seemed the most relevant recent post to thank you in.) - Not Me
Jimminy: you're welcome! :) This year I'm rewriting the pathfinding pages I wrote in 1997. There's so much I've learned since then, both about pathfinding, and about how to present things. - Amit Patel
Coding in color — Medium -
Coding in color — Medium
Blog post arguing that syntax highlighting uses color poorly, and proposes an alternative. I'm going to try the emacs "color-identifiers" mode to see how well it works. - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
"Variable names with similar prefixes will be assigned similar colors." -- arguably you'd want similar variable names to have very different colors, to prevent being confused by mistyping variable names. - Andrew C (✔)
I agree, that'd make it nicer. I'm going to try it out for a while and see. I changed my syntax highlighting to use bold/italic/underline. - Amit Patel
Largest Solar Plant in the World Goes Through Last Test Before Opening | QUEST -
Largest Solar Plant in the World Goes Through Last Test Before Opening | QUEST
"In the last major step before the world’s largest solar plant opens in California’s Mojave Desert, engineers at the Ivanpah solar farm, 40 miles south of Las Vegas, are testing the huge water boilers on top of the plant’s three 459-foot towers." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Normal? I'm on a tangent far more than I'm on a normal.
Got to cover all the angles. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I went to Hayward Shoreline last weekend after the rain and … hey, there were birds!! Yay! I'll go on some more walks next week after this weekend's deluge. I'm optimistic now that winter is here :)
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I went back yesterday and … nothing. :( - Amit Patel
Boo :( - Stephen Mack
:( - Amit Patel
Panasonic GH4 Review: Hands-On Preview -
Panasonic GH4 Review: Hands-On Preview
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"With the GH4, Panasonic has introduced an all-new autofocus algorithm that eliminates many of the drawbacks of contrast-detect autofocus, and delivers AF speeds approaching those of traditional SLRs. DFD stands for "Depth From Defocus," and to understand what this is all about and why it's such an impressive innovation, let's first take a quick look at how camera AF systems work." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Computer display standard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Computer display standard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Yeah, who's going to remember all of those? - Amit Patel
All I know is that my 15" laptop's 1920*1200 isn't cutting it for me. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
More octopus pics, including its eye and color-changing cells. So rare to see these; I appreciate every sighting at the beach.
Show all Finding Messages Explicitly Marked as Spam in Gmail -
Secret labels in gmail! Things like "was automatically marked as spam" and "has an unsubscribe link" - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Best website design - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
The audio is something. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Hallmark Channel is showing kittens all afternoon & evening for anyone not watching the game.
Oh, and Animal Planet has puppies. But … KITTEHS WIN - Amit Patel
Puppies > Kitties. - Louis Gray
Koubachi - Wi-Fi Plant Sensor -
Koubachi - Wi-Fi Plant Sensor
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Costs more than it'd cost to just replace my plant when it dies ;) - Amit Patel
Starfish dying, weirdly color anemones, oblivious crabs, an octopus out of water, … I'm glad cold, wind, and light rain didn't keep me from visiting Fitzgerald Marine Reserve on one of the lowest tides of the year.
2014-01-29 16.16.36.jpg
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Extreme SimCity - Amit Patel
I wonder how many of today's games have such potential - Amit Patel
Weather Extremes : Record Warmth in Alaska Contrasts Cold Wave in Eastern U.S. | Weather Underground -
Weather Extremes : Record Warmth in Alaska Contrasts Cold Wave in Eastern U.S. | Weather Underground
Weather Extremes : Record Warmth in Alaska Contrasts Cold Wave in Eastern U.S. | Weather Underground
"As the eastern half of the U.S. goes into the deep freeze (as outlined in Jeff Masters' blog today, the flip side is the record warmth that California and Alaska have been experiencing (for two straight weeks now). All-time monthly records for warmth have been set at numerous locations in both states, something that cannot yet be said to have occurred during the cold waves this month in the eastern U.S." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Actually, I'm not sure if I *should've* liked this, since we're the ones getting the cold end of the deal. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Ian's Shoelace Site - Introduction -
Ian's Shoelace Site - Introduction
Ian's Shoelace Site - Introduction
Ian's Shoelace Site - Introduction
"Fun, fashion & science in this quirky site about shoelaces. Whether you want to learn to lace shoes, tie shoelaces, stop shoelaces from coming undone, calculate shoelace lengths or even repair aglets, Ian's Shoelace Site has the answer!" - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Really amazing how much stuff is here. It makes me want to relace my shoes in some neat pattern… - Amit Patel
Ha ha, JP Morgan decided to do an AMA on twitter. Stacy Keach reads the questions. - Amit Patel
They seem to have no clue that people hate them. They canceled their Q&A. - Amit Patel
I was referred to in a Google research paper, but not by name …
"One trader in Google’s markets wrote a trading robot that was extremely prolific and ended up participating in about half of all trades. Many of these trades exploited arbitrage opportunities available from simultaneously selling all securities in a bundle. In order to avoid having this trader dominate the (trade-weighted) results in Table9, we include a dummy variable to control for him or her. None of the results discussed in the above paragraph are sensitive to removing this dummy variable." - Amit Patel
Yes, I'm a troublemaker! - Amit Patel
The bot didn't actually perform any trades. It only identified trading opportunities. I did all those trades manually. - Amit Patel
I should change my business card title to OUTLIER - Amit Patel
I doubt a dummy variable could control you! - Todd Hoff
Muhahaha! - Amit Patel
A 'him or her' coffee mug would be a great conversation piece! - Micah
Seagulls by the sea. Good practice photographing flying birds.
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I've been wanting to practice photographing flying birds. These seagulls were cooperating yesterday.
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Wow. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Some nice waves at the beach yesterday. But I got distracted by the birds, which I'll post separately.
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Mavericks Invitational | 2013/2014 -
Mavericks Invitational | 2013/2014
Mavericks today! I'm headed out to the beach today to see waves but will be staying away from Half Moon Bay. The forecast is for 30-40 foot waves (but that'll be far from shore). - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
(live stream) - Amit Patel
Yesterday the waves were a little larger than normal, but nothing outrageous. But I don't know enough about the dynamics of Mavericks to say. - Todd Hoff
I could hear the surf pounding last night - lots of surfers going out just around Santa Cruz today. Mavericks should be awesome (but crowded - I can't deal). - Laura Norvig
Wow, the livestream is fantastic. - Laura Norvig
The waves were nice. I didn't go up to Half Moon Bay but spent some time at Pescadero and Bean Hollow. - Amit Patel
Any good pics? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Some posted in the news: ; I got distracted by birds and don't have many wave pics but I'll post them soon - Amit Patel
The dynamics of Mavericks are that you absolutely can't watch it from the beach: Way too dangerous, and heavily patrolled. They have big TV screens at a nearby inn. (Never been, don't really plan to go: the livestream is as close as you'd actually get by being there. Unless, of course, you're a Mavericks competitor or judge.) - Walt Crawford
My daughter wanted this version of the zebra photo.
This is a meme waiting to happen.jpg
Chrysler Born Of Fire FINAL - YouTube -
I don't understand why this commercial gets to me. - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
‘Tattoo’ may help diabetics track their blood sugar - MIT News Office -
‘Tattoo’ may help diabetics track their blood sugar - MIT News Office
"Chemical engineers are working on carbon nanotubes that could be injected under the skin to reveal blood glucose levels." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
This on the same day that I hear on the news that a contact lens is also being developed which can measure blood glucose levels. From what my sister tells me, the EASIEST part of diabetes is already monitoring her blood glucose levels. What they need to work on is a standard for the star-trek-style "hypospray" injectors which I'm told already exist. - Steel Penguin Slippy
My experience has been that monitoring is still a problem. In particular, frequency of measurement. - Amit Patel
Monitoring is still definitely an issue, but the rest of diabetes management can be even harder. - Victor Ganata
Monitoring is a problem. For some people, it's not the will to do it as often as it is needed/recommended, but the cost of the test strips, in order to comply. It can run $75/month, and for someone with low income that doesn't qualify for a free supply every month, it can become a choice to either buy test strips or pay the utility bill. (and no, not everyone with low income is getting freebies through Obamacare) - April Russo
Dang, if you have insurance, you shouldn't be paying more than retail. I'd definitely look into that. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
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