Woohoo!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧
RT @jasongorman: I'd swear Cameron has a little black box on his desk that advisors have told him is "The Internet"
Sun is back! TO THE NORTH COAST!!
Gonna try for Lap The Lough 2015
Looks like it's time to pull the hoodies out of the wardrobe. Autumn appears to have arrived early.
RT @angryjogger: Hate reading tributes that start with 'youre in a better place!" What if you're in a slightly worse place? A Universe without peanut butter?
RT @NickLongo: I heard you want to be a Web Developer. https://twitter.com/NickLon...
.NET Logging Frameworks http://prezi.com/2wv6g5-...
I'm out of pie.
Seriously, Microsoft. How much effort would it take to make a few Windows boxes available for Vagrant? You're making me want to move to Mono
Anyone knows of a good agency where a former MD of a manufacturing firm could use to pursue new opportunities?
RT @iamdevloper: A diagram to help you decide whether or not you should deploy on a Friday at 5pm https://twitter.com/iamdevl...
I've been working in software development for 8 years and I still feel like an impostor and a fraud.
Just finished a code review and now I want to cry.
Spent a whole day messing with Vagrant and VirtualBox on Windows. First rule - make sure you disable Hyper-V services.
Microwaved bacon for the first time. This is a dangerous discovery.
RT @elijahmanor: #Programming in movies vs. programming in real life with @m_janko. #hacker https://t.co/GGusN2ck6M
Bravo @McIlroyRory - Northern Ireland Golf Capital of the world!
RT @ManchesterBudo: One for the sky+ !! 3back to back progs on bbc2 about #computing @CompAtSch All on at silly o'clock for some reason? https://twitter.com/Manches...
Time to read up on Aspect Orientated Programming. https://twitter.com/amogram...
My annual viewing of the parade in Belfast (from my armchair) #TheTwelfth
I see the bonfire in Galgorm has election posters plastered round it. Really not mature guys. Not mature.
So much grief, so much pain, so much sadness. Sometimes, words don't work. Surround yourselves with loved ones. Always.
Looking forward to checking out @kaffeobelfast when I get back from my hols!
Gonna try out a pair of New Balance trainers. I'm a Dad now. I must dress like a Dad #fillthewardrobewithmarksandspencernewharbour
Holiday time. A trip to Portstewart? Oh I think so, yes.
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