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RT @elijahmanor: #Programming in movies vs. programming in real life with @m_janko. #hacker
Bravo @McIlroyRory - Northern Ireland Golf Capital of the world!
RT @ManchesterBudo: One for the sky+ !! 3back to back progs on bbc2 about #computing @CompAtSch All on at silly o'clock for some reason?
Time to read up on Aspect Orientated Programming.
My annual viewing of the parade in Belfast (from my armchair) #TheTwelfth
I see the bonfire in Galgorm has election posters plastered round it. Really not mature guys. Not mature.
So much grief, so much pain, so much sadness. Sometimes, words don't work. Surround yourselves with loved ones. Always.
Looking forward to checking out @kaffeobelfast when I get back from my hols!
Gonna try out a pair of New Balance trainers. I'm a Dad now. I must dress like a Dad #fillthewardrobewithmarksandspencernewharbour
Holiday time. A trip to Portstewart? Oh I think so, yes.
Cycling and tennis and F1. This has been a good Sunday. I NEED MORE TVs.
Nothing like recovering from a migraine by watching Metallica playing at Glastonbury
June, you're doing it wrong. #awfulweather
RT @GNicholasmusic: 'Safe In Place' - Taken from my new record #YorktownHeights... #NewMusic Play ►
cinst SqlServer2014Express Excellent!
For some reason Stormont Today was on the TV for a couple of minutes. The quality of debate is abysmal. Absolutely abysmal.
RT @Richardcronin: God bless small protestant churches...for their many instances of unintentional hilarity ;)
Big Brown Bear Comes Alive - rmccaughan: The other day Big Brown Bear came to life. Son was delighted to...
Three bags of clothes thrown out. How on earth did I accumulate that lot?
The new ?. operator coming in Roslyn will make my life a little easier:
RT @gregyoung: C# 5 'in a nutshell' > 1000 pages must be a big nut!
Just discovered my mother in law uses Google Chrome. Not prompted or anything. #impressedsoninlaw
It's NI and I'm still sitting out the back garden. #ouronedayofsummer
Loving the new song @GNicholasmusic - can't wait to hear what else you've got up your sleeve . I wanna go on a drive round the coast now.
RT @shanselman: @RobAshton because it's not Java
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