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Amplify Users

Amplify Users

A group of users to discuss features and ask for feedback. Propose and comment ideas. More on
Does anyone else who uses amplify find it incredible slow, or is it just me? I'm using GC, if that makes any difference.
It was yesterday when I made a couple of posts. - Eivind
Yes I saw, nice posts. - Halil
Kol Tregaskes
"Here’s a list, in no particular order, of suggestions, feature requests, bugs and thoughts on Amplify. Deep breathe…" - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
What features who you like to see on Amplify? - Kol Tregaskes
FriendFeeders, Amplify now posts images to FF via it's auto-post feature. And to Google Buzz too. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
Is there a clever way of stopping Twitter posts from Amplify coming into FriendFeed? I post from Amplify to FF and Twitter so don't need the tweet in FF.
Just remove your twitter feed from ff then? - Amy from fftogo
I only want to filter out tweets from Amplify, not every other tweet. - Kol Tregaskes
Agree, JC. :-) Dup detectors please. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I would love to see a direct messaging system kinda like stumble has, that can be used from the toolbar. Is there a way to do that?
Posts made through the editor at Settings >> Write do not appear in the News Feed, in the latest clips from the user, and in the stats page. Furthermore there's no option to block the tweet from being sent. Bug?
Definitely. We haven't yet put the proper time into written posts...they need a lot of love (including the particular points you reference). - eric goldstein
There's no tweetmeme gadget nor chance to RT on posts by people who didn't set a Twitter account. While it would not be a real RT as there hasn't been a tweet before, a comment might still be tweeted on commenter's account. Can they be added?
Daniel K Wentzel
I agree with Joe Hackman's post below!
Brian Joseph
I like Amplify alot. Biggest annoyance at the moment is that so many of the links are set to open in new tabs. I'd like to be able to shut that off.
I love that feature. Maybe it could be a preference in our settings? - Joe Hackman
I also prefer to have links opening in a new tab that I close when I am done, with no need to go back or reload the main page. - Flavio
Clarification: When linking outside of Amplify I like that it goes to a new window. But within the site I would rather stay within the same window. - Brian Joseph
i like it so much .. it still miss some features but could become a new link btwn microbloggin' n blogs - Daniele - Viralavatar
Joe Hackman
This has probably been mentioned before but an "Amplify this" button for Wordpress/other remote sites with a counter. Also have it added to Sexy Bookmarks plugin for Wordpress. I'd dump the Facebook share counter for this in 2 seconds, because people could use Amplify to push to FB anyway.
Also a FeedFlare for FeedBurner to add an "Amplify this" link. - Flavio
I found some discrepancy comparing the numbers in my Amplify stats page with those on my account. In some cases the difference was relevant: Amplify said the page has been viewed 3 times while reported 15 clicks.
Could be people copied the link and posted somewhere else? Just a thought. - Joe Hackman
The link redirect to my amplify page, so even if posted somewhere else a click on it results to a call to the amplify page. - Flavio
Every user's amplog has an RSS feed including all posts from that user. I'd like the option to include in the feed also recommendations.
A Comments RSS feed or combined together? Would be nice for people really leveraging RSS. Good idea Flavio. - Joe Hackman
I'd like it combined, so besides my posts I can parse posts from others that I recommend. - Flavio
Is there an RSS feed for the public timeline or news feed? With the number of sources growing, a few hours away from the computer may result in many new posts and it's easy to miss some good one. Being able to receive the unread ones on a feed reader would help.
I started with a few proposals, who's next?
I would like to see the stats next to the Tweetmeme widget on each post, in both my amplog page and news feed, rather than having to go on a dedicate stats page. Since page views are not a sensitive info, everyone can see them similarly as the retweets number is shown.
When I am on the news feed or public timeline page and new items are shared, a link with the number of new posts appears and clicking on it reloads the full page. It would be more convenient to load just the new posts having the old ones slide down, similarly to the way Twitter does in the homepage or search pages (is it AJAX?).
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