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Preparing for Death – Part 2 -
pay them... or use VitalLock for free! - Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart
LOL Excuse me? According to the ACLU 2/3rds of our country live within a Constitution Free Zone... - Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart
HP Shows Off Its iPad Rival And Trashes iPad (AAPL, HP) -
Other than the fact that it's missing this little thing called iTunes Store, I'm sure it's just the protocol droid the storm troopers are looking for... - Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart
Home - COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009 -
The treaty to be signed here in December will tax the world without representation... - Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart
Home - COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009 -
The treaty to be signed here in December will tax the world without representation... - Bob Stewart
Robert Scoble
Google Wave crashes on beach of overhype: my blog about Wave.
I agree with you on this. Been playing with it in the dev preview and now in the released version and until I get people I know on there and reasons to discuss or collaborate then I don't see the value. The concept is excellent, the execution is excellent, I just don't think the product is what people are expecting. - Keith Bennett
When I first saw the release video of Wave it was clear this wasn't something that would be for you to invite all your friends to. I'm surprised at your harsh review in such a fast manner -- you opened it up to the world of your "friends" to play in the sandbox -- but did you actually have a mission? You actually point out that this has great potential for group work. It's about... more... - Elaine Young, Ph.D
Writing off Wave at this point is a bit like walking into a hardware store, picking up a hammer, walking around the store looking for stuff to hit and declaring "Why would I ever want a hammer? This is a waste of time." For teams and workgroups looking to improve the way they communicate and collaborate, Wave might be a great tool. For others, not so much. - Ken Sheppardson
Elaine: you are hoping for something more in depth? Come back in a month after things settle out and developers ship some real tools for it. Welcome to our real time world. Why do you assume that normal people will give ANY tool more than an hour before they decide whether it sucks or not? - Robert Scoble
The amount of hype this thing got will NOT be realized by a collaboration scenario. I had this years ago with Ray Ozzie's tools. Geesh. - Robert Scoble
since you dont have a use for it, can i haz your invite? - Iphigenie
Oh, I'm not arguing that it's over-hyped. That's the nature of the real time social media hype echo chamber we live in these days. :-) That's not to say it isn't a cool tool. BTW, I really miss Groove. :-( - Ken Sheppardson
I think you're absolutely right, Robert. I got my invite, all excited, signed up, added a friend, and.... *fizzle*... it's chat, it's IM, it's a bad twitter client... I hope it will evolve into something worthwhile. - Jan Ole Peek
I always understood wave as the next evolution of xmpp - something google envisaged when they first got their hands on jabber. Something distributed merging the features of instant messaging, forum and newsgroup. It was not aimed at twitter or facebook, it was more aimed at some of the live features of Notes and Groupwise and forums. PS: the hype it got is the same as every time google... more... - Iphigenie
I've been a wavesandbox user for months and today I got both my wave invite and as it just so happens I also got my threadsy invite. Suffice to say I'm much more excited about threadsy! Why? because it's actually helpful. - Bob Stewart
It's clearly not a 1:1 replacement for email and its early yet. This platform is made for customization. As soon as the development community catches up with concern/demand then I think Wave will be far more refined and valuable as a productivity tool. I think it's way too early to say its overhyped but it certainly makes for a great blog title :) Have a great time out in HMB with Chase today. - Jim Goldstein
How about that, you're absolutely right Robert. - Peter Kruit
I think I mentioned a month ago that people were going to be overwhelmed by this and it may be too soon to launch to the public. - Jesse Stay
This is one of those times where I'm happy to let the gang of 2000 beat it up before getting in. - Stuart Miniman
You are in the gang of 2000. Sorry, Stu. - Louis Gray
Imagine a Twitter network with five people on it, none of whom actually work on any of the same projects you need to finish this week. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Am I the only one who has been puzzled when people started saying "this is gonna be the new facebook/twitter"? I watched the whole 1.5 hour demo video and that thought never crossed my mind, nor did using it with dozens upon dozens of people at a time. The only things I saw them demo was a variety of tasks between a handful of friends or colleagues. Robert's right, when you've got a ton... more... - brendan
I didn't get an invite, so good. - Jeremy Campbell from twhirl
pfff who needs an invite anyways... - sofarsoShawn
Gee I wonder who overhyped it? - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I collaborate with others to actually do things. Yes, Wave is young, but damn! I see its potential and I declare it awesome. - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
Google Wave passes the twitter test. Lots of folks didn't get twitter (and still don't) when it first appeared. GW will follow a similar trajectory..geek early adoption and later mass adoption. I like it that people don't quite get GW which means that people will use it in multiple ways, as they do twitter. I project that it will live up to the hype much like the iPhone. - Jim Posner
Or it'll follow the FriendFeed curve: a few geeks will get it, use it, become dedicated to it, it'll never see mass adoption, then the engineers will get recruited to work on other projects and the technology will just get folded into other systems... - Ken Sheppardson
My understanding is the intent was to re-invent email. So I see the gmail population eventually ending up on GW. Google as a rule has had few bombs. Certainly the GW platform will evolve (filters) to address some of the concerns Robert has. - Jim Posner
interesting review, i will have to check it out for myself! twitter(at)locspoc - Loc
There is Etherpad and Zenbe ShareFlow. I would wait and see how GoogleWave evolves. - Wins Fern
Nice to see you present some critical thoughts on this, and I must say that your comments seem very sensible! I would also like to point to services like Etherpad when it comes to real-time collaboration on documents, and I also think there seems to be (potentially) a lot of noise in Google Wave. It will be interesting to see though :-) - Reidar
Bob Stewart
Our online lives slowly leak away -
Let's not forget :) - Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart
Scared Reaction or Sacred Creation — -
I wrote this in hopes of getting some input about which tack others would recommend... appealing to the higher virtues of positivity or pushing the lower buttons of vice. What would you do? - Bob Stewart
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