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The bad luck of *being born lazy,* you mean! @pourmecoffee RT @thinkprogress: Most of the long-term unemployed are just victims of bad luck
The Mom Prom does seem pretty cool. RT @JuryReporter: @anamariecox Let it go! Mom Prom!
SORRY, segment on Fox not actually about a December clash. Here’s the FFRF release:
RT @HSchaub: @anamariecox @LOLGOP What about the war on MLK Day? Oh that's right....
RT @Elephantdrum: @anamariecox hiding eggs as a tactic
RT @amy10506: @anamariecox @LOLGOP Probably just a proxy for Big Gov't WAR ON BUNNIES!
Guest also compared the Freedom from Religion Foundation to the Westboro Baptist Church. (Segment is about this:
RT @The_Iceman2288: @anamariecox FOX NEWS: Ana Marie Cox declares War on Wars.
“It is legal,” says the Fox host, “We do have the First Amendment, but what about *manners*?"
No, really, THE WAR ON EASTER. Fox & Friends segment just featured the question to guest, “As a Christian, what do you think?"
This is different how? RT @thepmann: @darth So you're telling me the White House grounds are now essentially the setting for a Looney Tune?
But speaking of less-clever Foxes, just now discovered THE WAR ON EASTER aka NEW FRONT IN WAR ON THINGS THAT NO ONE IS AT WAR WITH.
CALLING @DARTH (NOTE: This is not an extended Ted Cruz metaphor.)
Yes, exactly as the Earth Day founders had in mind. RT @nypost: Get ready for Earth Day with some gorgeous nature-inspired clothes
RT @david_j_roth: I want a 30 For 30 on Bill Simmons' conversations with his dad and Hench about Brandon Bass. It's four hours and Ben Affleck narrates.
Ok, this surprised me // I got Omar Little! Which Television Antihero Are You?
This is what I will wear Sunday. The whole thing, including the hedgie.
RT @nypost: Get ready for Earth Day with some gorgeous nature-inspired clothes
RT @EmrgencyKittens: When kittens fall asleep standing up >>>
RT @darth: this is the last time i'm using @uber in DC MT @KT_Anna: @darth Ready. Go.
RT @darth: “they are taking selfies in the hallway but will be right in” MT @jpaceDC: Stay tuned for the 3:15 "briefing"
RT @OKBJGM: I'm working on a found footage film in which a found footage film crew accidentally stumbles on found footage film of a found footage film.
RT @pourmecoffee: Happy birthday to actor David Bradley though I recommend not going to any party of his, can't stress this enough
Main response to my admittedly empty office is to note absence of cats. WORKING ON IT.
RT @thinkprogress: "Non-white people breathe air that is substantially more polluted than the air that white people breathe."
RT @j2lovesfriday: @anamariecox Congrats on new office. Alas, now you have to hit the mall to buy pants. Bring lots of cat (family) photos to decorate office.
RT @theseamar: This is exactly what the @BuzzFeedAnimals team looks like all day
Already happening... RT @ProfJeffJarvis: Is porn the future of news?
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