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Hey lamestain, catch you on the flippity-flop, I’m gonna read the Baffler online.
Personal favorite metaphor from yesterday's column. #authorquotesself
MY THING! It's new-ish, just like the generation it's about.
RT @kindcutesteve: "@anamariecox: GOP self-destruction is complete: millennials officially hate conservatives" #p2 #tcot
RT @GuardianUS: Millennials "often decided they were liberals because they really didn't like conservatives" via @anamariecox
WHEW. RT @ComoZoo: A gorilla did leave its enclosure this morning but always in gorilla proof barriers. No people or animals ever at risk.
RT @romenesko: Reporter: I was assigned to write about low-income housing & free government cheese - and I qualified for both.
#NowPlaying I Saved Latin! A Tribute to Wes Anderson by Various Artists // don't mock.
RT @GuardianUS: Rick Perry just might be the lunatic the GOP is looking for in 2016 via @AnaMarieCox
RT @sullduggery: .@anamariecox: If Rick Perry can work with Obama AND blame the border crisis on him – AND create jobs...why not 2016?
Our bed is lumpy. And sleepy jramonas
RT @thedailybeast: "If Brazil fails, protests will be much larger. There will be violence."
RT @EdgeofSports: $16 billion budget, 250,000 displacements. These are much bigger World Cup numbers in Brazil than 7-1.
RT @tomgara: So many 49-year old professionals with families have had to veto bad WWII tweet ideas from 23 y.o social media experts in the last 30 mins
RT @BenjySarlin: I blame the White House's blatant failure to arm Brazil with Tim Howard
RT @DanAmira: Nobody does overkill like the Germans
RT @BuzzFeed: Is there anything else on TV
I kept thinking, “geez, stop with the goal replays, I’m going to miss some of the play… oh."
RT @GrahamDavidA: Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
Mercy change-of-channel.
RT @FOXSports: The most entertaining Wikipedia edits for athletes and sports events. READ:
That sounds painful. RT @suey_park: NEW POST: My Own Main Character: Straddling Conservative and Radical Spaces
RT @sarahjeong: cats are cute as shit. people pay money to sit in a cafe full of cats. what’s a cafe full of men? a boring workspace. winner: cats
RT @CecileRichards: BREAKING: @PattyMurray to introduce a bill that would protect #birthcontrol covg for all women. #NotMyBossBusiness
Hmmmm…. RT @SladeHV: @anamariecox just making sure you saw this
RT @daveweigel: Cleveland is the perfect city for the 2016 RNC because conventions are godawful.
RT @sullduggery: .@anamariecox: "Guns have one purpose–to kill things. They are no more neutral than a poison." Everytown's sad fail:
RT @noahWG: Having feet touch the ground is overrated, say running otters: http://photography.nationalgeo...
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