It’s #NaNoWriMo so obviously my house has *never been cleaner.*
RT @washingtonpost: The mathematician who proved why hipsters all look alike
How am I supposed to get up WITH ALL THESE CATS CUDDLING ME? #furrworldproblems
RT @afoodiestaysfit: There's a @mindykaling inspired 5k training plan from @runnersworld ?! This is amazing.
RT @MinnPost: How did 19th century MN settlers deal with these winters? Saunas may have helped via @MNopedia
RT @gigaom: Ted Cruz gets the Oatmeal treatment in funny send-up of net neutrality rant
So much adorb. RT @mindykaling: My favorite person @StephenAtHome introduced me at @glamourmag Woman Of The Year.
RT @mindykaling: My favorite person @StephenAtHome introduced me at @glamourmag Woman Of The Year tonight. ❤️
RT @Austan_Goolsbee: We will destroy you, Walker @sbauerAP @hughhewitt @GovWalker tells Assembly GOP 'As of last night...I now have more Ws in WI than Jay Cutler
RT @wyethwire: Self-righteous centrism isn't an ideology, it's a form of narcissism.
wtf? RT @ron_fournier: Who's more smug? Conservatives about the election news? or Liberals about the #Ebola news? #getoveryourself
RT @drgrist: Study: Minnesota could handle 40% renewables without reliability issues
RT @samsteinhp: not a single person in America is currently diagnosed with Ebola
RT @GreggyBennett: Mental illness is mental illness. If you cried when Robin Williams died, but are laughing at Amanda Bynes, check yourself.
It is a BONER FOR FREEEDOM. RT @AndyRichter: .@FoxNews Is the boner I get from looking at this a gay boner?
RT @BenjySarlin: I first learned about net neutrality as an avid reader of conservative blogs, where they briefly championed the idea in the mid-2000s
RT @poniewozik: "No more sporks and spnives and knifoons! It's like Dr Seuss kitchen down in there!"
RT @vicenews: We will soon be live from the #AmericanJustice Summit. You can watch it here:
RT @realestateband: Iggy Pop played us on the bbc and called us "a very civilised and accomplished and beautiful band". Thank you sir!
RT @chrisgeidner: For those asking, here was our Out 100 shoot inspiration: This still from #TheImitationGame!
RT @TCU_Athletics: Boykin: "I must go my people need me..."
RT @pourmecoffee: "Navy sea lion salutes his handler" (Hendrick Simoes/@StarsandStripes)
RT @LOLGOP: Weird. The first election after the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act had the lowest turnout in 70 years.
Does this make Chris Turning??? RT @RosieGray: dead @chrisgeidner !
RT @costrike: @ryanlcooper @mims "Obama wants to force us to use dial up AOL! (& you'll schedule your commie Dr. Appts there too!)"
Sigh. Not over? RT @MotherJones: #pointergate stupidity, racism, terrible journalism collide
RT @fordm: Keep those Big Government mitts off of my free-market ARPANET nodes!
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