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So I have been having some bad days lately (NO IDEA WHY, POLITICS MUCH?), these past two days have been… not bad. Thanks, guys.
RT @SuburbanComa: mom rescued me for $600. You still love me right? ;)
RT @LoloAnneG: @BostonPaul69 @anamariecox @ViscResponse she kind of looks like my mystery mutt Lucy!
RT @llarcomb: @markknoller @anamariecox Every once in a while, Ana Marie flashes a signal and we respond with pet pics. With power comes responsibility.
RT @bridgeyrocks: Penny, rescued last yr. given up by previous 2 owners. Half lab/half husky, all attitude. @darth @anamariecox
RT @scottheiser: @anamariecox this is Sawyer, the best lab/shepherd mutt there ever was, sleeping in his crate. #muttday
RT @kraettig: @anamariecox One picture, two rescued beagle mixes. Johnnymarr is a rock star and Shiloh is trouble.
RT @DEownsmyheart: In honor & celebration of National Mutt Day, I present my 3 cuties. 😋 #nationalmuttday @ASPCA @anamariecox
RT @flavordave: @anamariecox This is Lila, the sweetest dog in the world. #muttday
RT @faulsename: @anamariecox Here's Zoe, a rescue, preening with an about to bloom Night Blooming Cereus.
RT @MorseLibby: @anamariecox Rescued at local shelter. Love child of JTR and possible dachshund. #nationalmuttday
RT @julienewman64: @anamariecox This is Woody who climbed up my leg 12 years ago as a wee kitty. #Loveatfirstsight #Heshedsaton
This is a true fact. RT @AdamParkhomenko: #FF. If you are #ReadyForHillary then you should be following @TracySefl
RT @kurtbradley: . @darth You've seen Chorizo before, but he definitely counts for #muttday. He's... umm... brown. Yeah. He's brown.
The @DCCC, firing on ALL CYLINDERS today…
I THINK I CAN FLY. RT @darth: ummm these EARS RT @JoeLeverone: Our rescue. One dog. Two awesome ears. 100% #mutt.
RT @danetidwell: @anamariecox rescued Zoe from a puppy mill.
RT @Synergy3k: @anamariecox Aidan. Found him as a kitten at the tv station I worked in college. He's kicking cancer's ass!
RT @knck1es: @darth @anamariecox Maze is a retired racing sled dog who hadn't been in a house til we adopted her. She likes beds.
RT @decodyng: @anamariecox Found inside a friend's car engine, now spoiled rotten at my parents house. #muttday #blackrescue
RT @rabid_child: .@anamariecox Wormy, abandoned as a kitten 14 years ago; now best friend, fearless hunter and lover of chicken liver.
RT @kanduthedog: @anamariecox 3 rescues, 2 therapy dogs, 6 legs. Kandu, Luci & Doug - priceless. We are so lucky they picked us!
RT @TPPratt: @anamariecox We have two adopted bunnies and two adopted cats. The cats tend to run and hide from the bunnies.
RT @BostonPaul69: @ViscResponse @anamariecox our White Buffalo rescued her in Cali, she rescued US ;-)
RT @Alexis_Coe: @darth @anamariecox Rosie was dumped outside a store on the UES with a sign that said "too small to breed."
RT @ChickOnarig: @anamariecox Poppy the rat herder rescue blue heeler dachshund #muttday She is a wonderful 'person'
RT @cannypants: @anamariecox My Baxter. Adopted 2yrs ago. Kitchen off-limits when cooking. He's very resourceful. #NationalMuttDay
RT @HDChristiansen: @anamariecox Max, my lab mix was rescued from death row 6 years ago. Unfortunately he passed away 2 weeks ago. #loved
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