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RT @poniewozik: Fox News is 18 today, which means it's old enough to get lectured on how to vote by its grandpa who watches Fox News.
RT @AustinCross: Can we also talk about how funny this picture of @rezaaslan and @donlemon is? #muckedup
RT @jondmaas: @anamariecox Both terrified & curious to know what "time-consuming hobbies"Butch Otter is afraid of.
RT @John_Rouleau: Off to Northfield. Looking forward to participating in tonight's panel w/ @billmaher, @MayorHodges, @anamariecox, @mtaibbi & @KatieLKieffer.
You can get tix to see the @billmaher panel tonight at Northfield **Olive Oils and Vinegars.** Because of course.
Well now I’m just embarrassed. RT @ekonomist77: In solidarity with #Ferguson from #Turkey #HandsUpDontShoot
RT @paleofuture: Scott Olson, the Getty photographer arrested in Ferguson, has taken some of the most iconic images of the protests
Tried explaining #ferguson to not-very-political pal. Got halfway thru and, him: “That’s just fucked up.” Well, yes. The short version.
RT @FearDept: Tonight's match-up: National Guard vs Citizens Past match-ups: Local Cops vs Citizens Highway Patrol vs Citizens #Ferguson
Getty photog Scott Olsen getting his hands zip-tied with an exasperated smile on his face. Very classy.
RT @suckagain: The late sixties were an excellent era for social deviants, punch-drunk pseudoartists & irresponsible self-publishers
RT @FreedomofPress: Journalists in #Fergusion: Call (800) 336-4243 if you are arrested or need other legal assistance. @RCFP's press freedom lawyers can help.
Glad this isn’t timely or anything. RT @HistoryInPics: A policeman rips American flag away from 5yo boy, Miss., 1965
Just 76%? RT @pewresearch: Holder to meet in #Ferguson on federal probe; 76% of blacks skeptical of investigations
Would Dems giggle abt Lehmberg arrest video if the ideological poles were reversed?Because it’s gross that the folks on Fox revel in it.
I wrote a thing last week -- here it is, folks!
RT @Elenzner: .@toriamos accepts @RAINN01 first lifetime achievement award from @tracysefl #inspiring
Who doesn’t? RT @AdamParkhomenko: I want to be @tracysefl when I grow up.
RT @tanehisicoates: There is a strange belief among all Americans that if all have "good hearts" or just "care more" history will somehow become irrelevant.
RT @tanehisicoates: Someone mentioned this yesterday, but part of the problem is overestimation of the power of "caring" and an underestimation of policy.
RT @AlyssaRosenberg: "I was defending your mama's honor." "With your face?" "Yell 'Bye!' louder." This is perfection. #FridayNightLights
RT @MnDPS_HSEM: MT @cityminneapolis: HSEM joining emergency responders training today at Boom Island Park. You may hear noises/see smoke. No public danger.
RT @TheAVClub: Every show about tattooing, reviewed
Meet the Puss! RT @j2lovesfriday: @anamariecox You should take over Meet the Press and turn it into Meet the Cats. Ratings will improve.
But which ones does McCain yell at? RT @planetepics: 10 Rare Cloud Formations Found at
Baby steps, people, baby step. RT @HuffingtonPost: Chuck Todd reportedly to replace David Gregory on “Meet The Press”
Not enough. RT @Harpers: Amount the average U.S. worker spends annually on coffee: $1,092 (May ‘12)
Luke is SUCH a hipster. (Not really--for a cat he's very nonjudgmental. For a cat.) #jeditwins
Old Soderberg intvu resonating today: "One thing I know from making art is ideology is the enemy of problem-solving."
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