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anantshri on Chrome Performance on non graphic card machines -
"Thanks this looks interesting let me see how i can get it work. I would also need an option to specify seperate profile as i like keeping profile seperate. for all my webapps. will share my finding here." - Anant Shrivastava
RT @pent0thal: Learning exploitation with FSExploitMe -
RT @riyazwalikar: First official null Bnglr meet was on 8th Aug 2009 with 5 attendees! @makash did a talk on PHP Security! #5yearsofnullblr #nullblr @null0x00
Sharing: Complete iOS 7 course for Free via /r/programming
#trivia #nullblr 1st @null0x00 meet had 5 people (2009). Now we need place that fits 50-80 participants. Next meet :
Awesome work by @tunnelshade_ on Flashbang : Must use product for Finding flash flaws.
RT @PMOIndia: 'Mera Kya' and 'Mujhe Kya'...this has ruined the nation. We need to free nation from corruption: PM @narendramodi
anantshri on Chrome Performance on non graphic card machines -
"Simple fact that i have one more software to take care of instead of just relying on chrome or FF updates i have to make sure fluid remains up to date. Also it looks like author has taken webkit and played with it to integrate userscripts and simmilar features which i think might cause complexities and sites may endup not running as they should on a normal browsers. I know a lot of sounds like FUD, but i just am a bit extra cautious here. Also just to clarify the command i have provided is what i use on my Linux box to make sure chrome/ chromium works. I have not tried this on MAC and was trying to leverage community respones to see if someone did an experiment of this sort or not." - Anant Shrivastava
RT @ru94mb: Glad to announce 5th Anniversary meet at #nullblr @null0x00 on 30th Aug-2014... :) Do RT.
Excited for celebrations at #nullblr 5 yr Aniversary @null0x00 Meet on 30th Aug-2015. #nullmeet
RT @suffert: Windows 8 Kernel Memory Protections Bypass by @mwrlabs
Sharing: Chrome Performance on non graphic card machines via /r/mac
Sharing: bash-it: A community bash framework in the spirit of oh-my-zsh via /r/linux
anantshri on How do we know linux is secure upstream? -
"Not 16kb but 64kb." - Anant Shrivastava
#GNU/#Linux taught me to be good with commandline. #Mac is telling me to love the trackpad. #Windows told me the use of windows key.
RT @captn3m0: I'm launching my first public rails project: amon. Its a hacker-tool for hacking via oauth.
RT @raviborgaonkar: On other note, OpenBTS now supports 3G data capability update your fuzzers to break new phones ;)
RT @werrett: RT @Reddit_NetSec Medusa ‘combo’ word lists (default users and passwds) for SSH and Telnet services //CC @keith55
RT @ramirahim: Really cool approach to optimizing server power consumption through innovative load-balancing sw @facebook
RT @tareksiddiki: Read the Story of a beg-bounty Hunter. @Hacker0x01 @Bugcrowd @CluelessSec
RT @securityshell: Web Server Attack Investigation - Installing a Bot and Reverse Shell via a PHP Vulnerability
Sharing: CryptoShark: an open source cross-platform interactive debugger powered by Frida and Capstone via /r/Re...
any must have software suggestion for first time #macbook user. Considering i am 14 yrs #Linux and #Windows user & comfortable with cmdline.
getting first hand experiance why using #MacBookPro is in itself an addiction. #addiction #mac #trackpad
anantshri on [SG]Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 & 8.1 Pro, Windows Servers, Office 2010, and Office 2013 -
"Thanks for confirming this is what i also expected. I would stay away from this thread." - Anant Shrivastava
RT @TeamAndIRC: Thanks for the 10k followers, as promised, new exploit, Stumproot
anantshri on [SG]Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 & 8.1 Pro, Windows Servers, Office 2010, and Office 2013 -
"You are obviously selling software license key. Are you allowed to do that by TOC. Coz the cost at which you are selling is way way low. Raises a suspision." - Anant Shrivastava
anantshri on [SG]Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 & 8.1 Pro, Windows Servers, Office 2010, and Office 2013 -
"Is it possible to resell windows licenses?" - Anant Shrivastava
Hackers and Geeks Weekly is out! Stories via @anantshri
anantshri on What's the one thing that you learned you can do with a Mac that you felt stupid about not knowing sooner? -
"this might have changed with Retina series." - Anant Shrivastava
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