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RT @iblametom: So, most #Heartbleed detection tools don't work properly
anantshri on [Giveaway] Come get 10 doge! -
"did i missed it." - Anant Shrivastava
RT @ankit_appy: Roll Your Own VPN with a Raspberry Pi and OpenVPN
RT @securityshell: Crossdomain.xml Proof of Concept Tool
anantshri on [GIVEAWAY] I'm giving out a total of 10k DOGE -
"still active or not." - Anant Shrivastava
RT @j_graber: freshly blogged: Testing a Web API with Postman
RT @Blackmond_: .NET Deobfuscator/Unpacker -
RT @pr0neer: iOS Kernel Reversing Step by Step,
RT @nethemba: A nice writeup how to test the security of IPv6 with testing tools for each step:
RT @Abhinav_Sejpal: Announcing Selenium Conf '14: Bangalore, India via @wordpressdotcom
"Looks like they patched. also asked everyone to reset passwords and apikeys" - Anant Shrivastava
RT @TripwireInc: Configuring an SSL MITM Test Lab for Android via @CraigTweets #infosec #security
RT @jmgosney: How I (eventually) obtained the @CloudFlare challenge private key, with kudos to @bmenrigh
RT @lavakumark: IronWASP now has a Selenium Webdriver based crawler to handle JavaScript heavy sites, scores 96% on WIVET benchmark!
RT @gamerz: Symlinked Plugins in WordPress 3.9
anantshri on - The GIVEAWAY + SALE starts NOW! -
"congrats on frontpage and an upvote too." - Anant Shrivastava
RT @DanlAMayer: The slides of my #srcbos talk on idb and iOS App Blackbox Pentesting are now up on speakerdeck: /cc: @SOURCEConf
RT @makomk: @1njected @thegrugq With hints from got reliable extraction from Apache defaults on Debian:
Hackers and Geeks Weekly is out!
RT @grittygrease: Congratulations to Fedor Indutny (@indutny) and Illkka Mattila for solving the CloudFlare Heatbleed Challenge.
RT @indutny: To: everyone writing to me I’m not going to publish code that I used to crack it for a week or more to ensure that everyone has upgraded.
RT @kyledrake: It took 3 hours for @indutny to pull SSL private key out of @cloudflare's OpenSSL test server. It's official. Change your passwords -now-.
RT @indutny: Just cracked @CloudFlare ’s challenge: . I wonder when they’ll update the page.
RT @jjarmoc: I'm so tempted to start posting random keys to that Cloudflare server just to troll people who see them in heartbeats.
RT @brianleroux: You do not need a framework to build web apps, including mobile, if you learn the metal. Yes: it is hard. That's why we call it "work". :P
anantshri on I am sick of all these stupid giveaways. So here is a giveaway that isn't stupid. 10 doge to the first 5000 comments. -
"Thanks fellow shibe" - Anant Shrivastava
RT @_miw: Script kiddies still using, the static TLS handshake in that is dated and has a static nonce. We are watching! Hahaha
anantshri on I am sick of all these stupid giveaways. So here is a giveaway that isn't stupid. 10 doge to the first 5000 comments. -
"Here goes nothing" - Anant Shrivastava
RT @jetpack: We just released Jetpack 2.9.3, a critical security update. Learn more and update now:
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