SharePoint Sensitive Content Analyzer -
Can a single user, by opening a multitude of tabs on Tor and using an automatic-refresh tool like (with the refresh interval set to a very small amount of time), successfully DDOS a small website? -
Study from 2011: How much GNU is there in Linux? -
HTTP Strict Transport Security comes to Internet Explorer -
SHA1 SSL - How worried should I be? -
Assume all hardware is compromised. Is there a way to secure files on your hard drive? -
The new step by step guide detailing how to get started developing Android apps, with no prior experience necessary. Includes every resource I used, simple explanations and an interesting first app tutorial. Everything you need to get started in Android Development is here. -
Is it time to develop some Open source HDD firmware? -
My CEO is an idiot and just ordered me to turn the wildcard certificate over to a out of country contractor. What should I do? -
CyanogenMod has just published factory image for YU Yureka -
Xiaomi released Redmi Note 4G kernel source! -
Owncloud 8.0 is released! -
CodeIgniter Active Record order_by() SQL Injection, is_numeric bypass -
Shellcheck: a static analysis tool for shell scripts -
Splitting the Atom: Forking Atom to create a mail client with React and Flux -
CVE-2014-9322: local privilege escalation, all kernel versions exploits -
Black Swift Kickstarter — Coin-sized, powerful, affordable, open source wireless computer running Linux — created for professionals and enthusiasts -
Detecting and exploiting path-relative stylesheet import (PRSSI) vulnerabilities -
anantshri on Windows Phone equivalent to rooting/jailbreaking? -
"I suppose the only public this is unlocking via enroling it as development device which allows you to run unsigned non market apps" - Anant Shrivastava
Android Malware hijacks the smartphone during the “shutting down” process -
Android Malware hijacks the smartphone during the “shutting down” process
µBlock, new, high performance ad-blocker (GPL 3 licensed) -
Chat Room Sentiment Analysis with Stanford CoreNLP and ELK -
What are some free iPhone/iPad games you recommend that don't heavily rely on in-app purchases? -
Re: How secure is Android?: Anant Shrivastava | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis -
"Internet has a strange way of proving you wrong. I suggested Android 5.0 was not rooted till 19th Jan. But today 27th Jan we have root available for Nexus devices. Reference : as well as" - Anant Shrivastava
Security Practices for OpenSSH Server -
Bash data exfiltration through DNS (using bash builtin functions) -
Roberto Paleari's blog: Time to fill OS X (Blue)tooth: Local privilege escalation vulnerabilities in Yosemite -
anantshri on Linux distributions for specific communities -
"Kali linux is made for specific purpose in mind and that is to give penetration testers a out of the box fully configured system. So besides installing tools and dependencies they also go ahead and customize linux kernel and specific WiFi drivers to allow monitor mode and many such tweaks. I don't use kali as daily driver rather as a use and destroy kind of VM so that i have a fixed environment for PenTest and my usual environment has minimal stuff to support basic computing operations." - Anant Shrivastava
anantshri on Before and after Cloudflare -
"I agree it does a lot more but if your main concern is spam comments there are simpler alternatives. BTW i also use cloudflare so i know its benifits." - Anant Shrivastava
0-Day: OS X IOKit kernel code execution due to NULL pointer dereference in IntelAccelerator - Google Project Zero -
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