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What's more exciting to watch college or professional football? Gearing up for BCS Championship & Super Bowl!
Who ever said marching band wasn't cool was never in the U of Hawaii band! Check this video out - they make a stick man out of people!
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What is the one dish (other than a turkey) that is a must have on your Thanksgiving dinner table??
Free turkey's to first 2010 customers at Ancira on Sunday!! Clip out free turkey coupon put of our Advertisement in this Sunday's paper and bring it in to any Ancira store.
Happy Veterans Day! We appreciate each and every Veteran. Thank you all for your dedication and commitment.
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Ancira Enterprises Named Largest Minority-Owned Business in San Antonio
Teamwork, like this, is an everyday occurrence at Ancira The San Antonio Business Journal has named Ancira Enterprises, Inc., the largest San Antonio Minority-Owned Business, as ranked by 2009 local gross revenues. Ancira Enterprises operates 11 automobile dealerships in San Antonio, Eagle Pass, Alvarado, Floresville and Boerne, Texas. It employs over 500 people. Its gross local revenues for 2009 were $375 million. Listed in second, third, fourth and fifth places respectively are: The Alamo Travel Group, LP; Thos. S. Byrne Ltd. General Contractor/Construction; M2Technology, an IT solution provider; and Journeyman Construction. April Ancira, Vice President of Ancira Auto Group, says the secret to the company’s success lies in top management’s ability to pick great employees and foster teamwork. It lies in the enthusiasm and hard work that everyone at Ancira puts into their jobs. “We’ve been in business since 1972 and my Dad, Ernesto Ancira, Jr., has worked hard, set an example and... more... - Ernesto Ancira
Record-Breaking Decline in U.S. Traffic Fatalities
NHTSA Administrator David Strickland says “Today’s numbers reflect the tangible benefits of record seat belt use and strong anti-drunk driving enforcement campaigns.” Photo Courtesy of NHTSA U.S. highway deaths fell to 33,808 for 2009 -- the lowest number since 1950. The record-breaking decline in traffic fatalities occurred even while estimated vehicle miles traveled in 2009 increased by 0.2 percent over 2008 levels. In Texas, total fatalities were 3071 in 2009, compared with 3476 in 2008. Alcohol-related fatalities were 1235 in 2009, compared with 1310 in 2008. To see a chart on a state by state basis, visit: and scroll down to Table #8. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood released the updated 2009 fatality and injury data in a press release September 9. According to the press release: 2009 saw the lowest fatality and injury rates ever recorded: 1.13 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in 2009, compared to 1.26 deaths for... more... - Ernesto Ancira
Proper Use of Seatbelts and Air Bags Protect Pregnant Drivers and their Unborn Children
Wearing a seat-belt properly is extremely important for pregnant drivers One of the leading causes of death to unborn children is the death of pregnant women in automobile crashes, according to Researchers estimate the number of deaths in the U.S. is approximately 400 each year. That said, there isn’t definitive data, and the number of deaths could be even higher. Federal car crash databases don't regularly mention whether drivers or occupants involved in crashes were pregnant, and death certificates of fetuses don't always cite whether the mother-to-be was in a car crash. Some studies show that seatbelts and airbags can pose risks to a fetus, but only if the seatbelt is worn incorrectly or the pregnant driver is positioned too close to the steering wheel when the airbag deploys. Both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists recommend that pregnant women wear a three-point safety belt and not disconnect the... more... - Ernesto Ancira
Do YOU have what it takes to be the next Ancira star??? visit to find out how you can be featured in Ancira TV commercials!
National Child Passenger Safety Week - Sept. 19 to 25
By Maureen Condon Buckle Up for Safety! Photo Courtesy of the National Centers for Disease Control The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has declared Sept. 19 to 25 National Child Passenger Safety Week. NHTSA estimates that nearly 3 out of 4 parents do not properly use child automotive safety restraints. The NHTSA has a web site with a locator that lets you enter your state or your zip code to find the child safety seat inspection stations nearest you. At these stations, certified technicians will inspect your child safety seat and show you how to correctly install and use it. At some stations, an appointment is necessary. At others, you can walk right in and ask for help. Some stations have Spanish-speaking technicians to assist you, and you can specify this when searching for an inspection station near you. For Texas residents, visit: Enter Texas or your zip code, and you will get a listing of the designated child... more... - Ernesto Ancira
You Can't Miss This Sign!
This 50-foot-tall sign for Wilkin's Oklahoma Truck Supply, along Interstate 35, south of Tonkawa, OK is eye-catching to say the least. It gives a whole new meaning to rigging your truck! And, itís just impossible to pass on the highway... without a friendly salute with your horn! - Ernesto Ancira
Finding the Best Car to Fit Your Lifestyle in the San Antonio Area
By Maureen Condon Is Your lifestyle family-oriented? sports-oriented? It’s always helpful to consult the experts, online or in person, before buying a new car. Typically, you check what the experts have to say about safety ratings, price, maintenance costs, and warranties -- all the standard measurements. But how about checking in with the experts to see what’s the best car for your lifestyle? • Do you use your car mostly for family travel and errands in your San Antonio area? • Do you use your car mostly for sports and fun outdoors? Are you an off roader, a weekend athlete, a sun lover or just a person who wants to have fun driving? • Are you mostly concerned with commuting issues – like safety features, gas mileage, reliability and driving comfort -- because you spend so many of your non-working hours commuting? • Are you a construction worker, electrician, plumber or other on-the-go type of worker who needs reliable transportation that can double as a staging area for your job? •... more... - Ernesto Ancira
The Devil is in the Details – Tips on finding a detailer and checking out pricing in the San Antonio area…
There are more than 50,000 automotive detailing operations in the U.S. and Canada. Auto detailing services are offered at car washes, specialty stores and auto body repair shops with car washes generally offering consumers the lowest prices. Sizable businesses that specialize in auto detailing typically serve car owners who are selling a vehicle, car enthusiasts or luxury vehicle owners, and fleet or government contracts. According to Consumers' Checkbook, more and more mobile detailing operators are serving individual customers -- going to their homes or businesses with a truck, trailer and mounted water tank. In short, detailing operations, large, small and mobile, are everywhere in Texas and a lot of people are spending good money to get their cars detailed. Typically, auto detailing includes a thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of the automobile, inside and out. That usually means a touchless or hand wash, wax, tire cleaning, vacuuming of the interior, and wipe-down or polish... more... - Ernesto Ancira
Old Woodies – A Site for San Antonio Area Car Lovers’ Sore Eyes
What’s a Woodie? Would you like to impress your friends in the San Antonio area with your knowledge of a fascinating niche in automotive history? You don’t have to leave Texas to do so. You can learn everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about Woodies by visiting one of the most visually fascinating sites I’ve discovered on the web. But, before you go there, there are a few basic things that every San Antonio area resident should know about Woodies. A Woodie is type of car, usually called a station wagon in the U.S. and Canada, or an estate car in England, in which some portion, usually the rear portion, of the car's bodywork is made of wood. This humble definition belies a world of intricate automotive art that has evolved from the beginning of the twentieth century. This evolution is captured and preserved, on this web site, in photographs, illustrations and cartoons that cover: North American, British, French and so called “World” Woodies from roughly 1910 to 1959 – an era when... more... - Ernesto Ancira
Congratulation on a Job Well Done, Howard!
Howard Tate.jpg
Howard went above and beyond to help a customer. Read the amazing story of how he helped a family and saved their vacation! Mr. Ernesto Ancira On Friday morning, Aug 6th, our family packed into our 2006 Class C Motorhome to head down to Port Aransas. Approx 1 mile from our home here by Huebner and I-10, the temperature gauge alarm went off indicating we were overheating. We pulled off, opened the hood, and saw the coolant was pouring out. Aside from being surprised, we stood there in disbelief. Why? We had taken our motorhome in to have it serviced at Ancira (Boerne) a few weeks prior and one of the items we had done was a "coolant system flush." For the record, in the 3 years we've owned it, we have never had it serviced anywhere else. We called Jeff George (service advisor) - he remembered us and dispatched a tow truck to our location. Within an hour, our motorhome was on its way to Ancira (Boerne). In the meantime, we walked home disappointed, somewhat angry, and hot - temperatures... more... - Ernesto Ancira
Ancira Auto Group is proud to announce that Ancira Buick GMC is the winner of the 2009 Mark of Excellence Award!
This award is based on overall customer satisfaction, total sales, as well as sales and service certified training. Only the top ten percent of all Buick GMC dealers receive this award, and only 4 of these prestigious awards were handed out in Texas for 2009. We are very proud of this recognition and would like to congratulate Ancira Buick GMC for receiving this prestigious award! Way to go guys! Keep up the great work! - Ernesto Ancira
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