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Evidence of reversible USB port on Apple's new Lightning cables?
RT @rich_falconer: For any brand wishing to avoid similar fate to @GreggstheBakers : http://googlewebmastercentral.... #fixgreggs
Overheard in the office; "Do you want to come and have a look at ... my thing?"
Currently trolling our own event team by pretending I only speak at breakfast panels if there's beer and pizza provided. #ForTheLoLs.
RT @PublicisGroupe: .@saatchi_sisomo uses biometric technology to measure emotional response to the New Directors' Showcase #feelthereel
The BBC's latest #DoctorWho YouTube trailer is just 4 seconds long. A new record?
The BBC's latest #DoctorYou trailer is just 4 seconds long. Some sort of record?
RT @GeekNative: Shortest Doctor Who trailer yet - 4 days to go!
RT @KirstyYanik: @AndrewGirdwood In our field, there's increasing talk about consumers vs customers: the person who uses a service vs the one who pays for it
I dislike it when agencies talk about "consumers". The word is "people". Farmers have the right to talk about consumers.
Interesting rumour - Google Launching Ad-Free YouTube Music Key Subscription Service
RT @ZebraEclipse: Brands should be collaborators, creators and curators – not just advertisers via @delicious
RT @Liftshare: Asda has cut 2p off a litre of petrol - other supermarkets expected to follow suit - just in time for the bank holiday!
Why Agencies & Intermederies Must Evolve With The Shift To Closed Ad Ecosystems And Marketing Automation #yam
RT @JC_Accountants: Johnston Carmichael are happy to be a sponsor of the Scottish Bitcoin Conference this Saturday (23rd Aug). #BitcoinScot
RT @ZebraEclipse: The LinkedIn challenge: acting like a publisher via @delicious
RT @adweak: BREAKING: Sign In Sheet in Client's Lobby Once Again Reveals All The "Undisclosed" Agencies Involved in Pitch.
"Data analyst at SkyBluePink" I wonder which Edinburgh digital agencies are spoofed in this romance!!
Q3) A usual con is that someone will ask "isn't that someone else's job?" on a paid social campaign. #EcomChat
I like some of the reward/activity based platforms. Kiip for mobile is especially good looking. #EcomChat
Or engaging in a content recommendation engine (Outbrain, Taboola) #EcomChat
Almost every form of digital marketing is kinda "paid social". For example, buying display ads on a blogger marketplace. #EcomChat
People with guerilla paid social skills are going to be digital marketers to watch! #EcomChat
How close is affiliate marketing to paid social? In one you earn the attention of publishers, forge a deal and win promotion #EcomChat
RT @JamesGurd: @ProjectOcto @AndrewGirdwood you'd be surprised at how little you can spend more micro goals - my budget recently was £100 #ecomchat
A problem with "mini payments" on paid social is that neither large brands nor agencies have processes to fulfil the payments #EcomChat
Paid social doesn't have to be mega bucks. I include very small payments - like a Reddit ad - in it. #EcomChat
Paid social is an increasingly important part of SEO. It seems foolish to refuse to budget for it. #EcomChat
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