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Photoset: According to Pew Research Center, these are the list of jobs that are most susceptible and least...
For those asking for the YouTube version... it doesn't exist.. but this was the post I was referencing:
"[W]hen Google extended paid maternity leave to five months, attrition rate decreased by 50%" - @thegothamgal
switching from fantastical 2 -> @sunrise for the rest of the week. My FTUE has been great so far.
Verifying that +andrewparker is my Bitcoin username. You can send me #bitcoin here:
Graffiti Thought Leadership:
Given how commonplace a 10:1 leverage loan is to buy a home, why don't people do the same with an S&P500 nest egg?
gn84sBbNicnjAQP5T4ps3LQESBCZ9gKQr6 sent me 1,000 stellars. How do I find out who it was? /cc @StellarOrg @patrickc
Does anyone know where/how I can view the blockchain ledger? /cc @patrickc @sama
This @soundboy post has so many great quotable nuggets. But rather than tearing it into sound bites, just read it:
We live in the future! “@superamit: Some real talk about drones by @MarthaStewart:”
I find it crazy that cabs have the gall to blow off pre-scheduled pick up requests in a post-Uber world. They're killing themselves.
RT @christianrudder: Very happy to announce the first OkCupid blog post in three years>> WE EXPERIMENT ON HUMAN BEINGS
Conventional wisdom says you should repeat aphorisms about bucking conventional wisdom.
RT @jwegener: Exciting news: 1) Timehop is NYC's fastest growing mobile startup! 2) Excited to announce a new round of funding:
Timehop Raises $10MM, led by Shasta Ventures Jonathan, Benny,... -
This! This is why I self-identify as product-obsessed when it... -
Project Hieroglyph Close to Release: /cc: @KathrynECramer
Project Hieroglyph Close to Release -
Venture for America - Three Years Later: /cc @venture4america
Venture for America: Three Years Later -
RT @mcarney: By me: "Sabet to VCs: We have a lot of work to do as a community" via @pandodaily
Spark's Investment in Cover:
The business side of Upworthy:
Why the uproar over Facebook's data-driven testing?:
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