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The suction cup cradle in taxis is the modern day car-equivalent of Borg head gear. Uber's assimilate or die. This cab has 3.
Lots of BAA jacket-wearing marathoners on my YYZ -> BOS flight this evening.
Plant Breeders Release First 'Open Source Seeds' : The Salt : NPR - This is the most interesting thing I...
Plant Breeders Release First 'Open Source Seeds' : The Salt : NPR - This is the most interesting thing I...
Starting to feel like a corporate liability that I have never flown a drone. It's like when I was carrying a BB 7250 in 2008.
RT @jezturner: Lovely re-issue of Fahrenheit 451, that comes with a match and striking spine. #books
Anachronistic Company Names:
I'm not one who often hands out unsolicited life advice, but if you find yourself using FUD to A) persuade someone B) sell a product: stop.
If Zillow offered one-click checkout out is be so done right now.
My plane is de-icing. On April 16th. I'm killing time tweeting about it and browsing Zillow around Venice, CA. 2br/1ba one block from beach!
It's impossible to read this article without yawning. But, that's exactly why it's so interesting.
Just turned on 2-Factor auth for Fidelity. was kinda annoying I had to call to activate, but the peace of mind is nice.
Amazing Nirvana reunion show video:
Video: newspeedwayboogie: absolutely incredible jamsdnns: Nirvana with J Mascis - “School” @ St Vitus...
Marathon prep in full force.
Thoughts on Fooled by Randomness:
yelp launches search via Emoji. crazy:
Just posted my second @HourlyNerd project... Surprisingly fun.
Went to LGA... But my flight leaves from JFK.
Push Notification Activation Best Practices? - The #1 way iOS mobile applications reactivate their userbase...
The only reason to still use cabs is you can book them in advance. So when they don't show (like this morning) extinction is near.
On Jaunt and 3D Storytelling:
Anyone have a good list of key websites where I should change my password due to Heartbleed exposure?
Regarding heartbleed... do I really have to reset all my passwords everywhere? Ugh... this is going to be annoying.
A hacker's walkthrough of hacking a friend's computer:
I love having an SSD in this laptop... except when I have to play WinDirStat whack-a-mole:
New Venture Competition (@ Harvard Business School - @harvardhbs)
We're No Worse Than The Guy Down the Street:
The quintessential NYC smell is walking by a Halal cart scraping up a plate of lamb on rice.
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