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newyorker: Teju Cole writes: “Is Ebola the ISIS of biological... -
Report: 76 Million Households Affected by JPMorgan Chase Data Breach -
"A krewe is a group of people who get together at carnival time and put on a parade and a ball…..." -
I write code rarely these days. But when I do, I only do so for... -
"Tech Specs of a Paper Book: Readable with any form of light Very high contrast display Requires..." -
Secondary Technologies and "Why Now?" -
"You have a gift… the willingness to entertain absurd ideas. It is a habit that is highly..." -
"There are schemes that don’t respect and honor the payment networks,” said James Anderson, the..." -
"Q: So, unrelated question, but I’m just curious—- What was your reaction to THE SOCIAL..." -
"When Are We Gonna Have To Use This?" -
From YC company Helion, this is one gram of heavy water (D2O),... -
Photoset: According to Pew Research Center, these are the list of jobs that are most susceptible and least...
According to Pew Research Center, these are the list of jobs... -
For those asking for the YouTube version... it doesn't exist.. but this was the post I was referencing:
The Challenge in VC Over four years ago I wrote this old post... -
When you hear someone say, “I was using the Google... -
"[W]hen Google extended paid maternity leave to five months, attrition rate decreased by 50%" - @thegothamgal
switching from fantastical 2 -> @sunrise for the rest of the week. My FTUE has been great so far.
Verifying that +andrewparker is my Bitcoin username. You can send me #bitcoin here:
Graffiti Thought Leadership:
Graffiti at 11 Spring Street I use Graffiti frequently to... -
Given how commonplace a 10:1 leverage loan is to buy a home, why don't people do the same with an S&P500 nest egg?
gn84sBbNicnjAQP5T4ps3LQESBCZ9gKQr6 sent me 1,000 stellars. How do I find out who it was? /cc @StellarOrg @patrickc
Value of the Stellar Currency -
Does anyone know where/how I can view the blockchain ledger? /cc @patrickc @sama
This @soundboy post has so many great quotable nuggets. But rather than tearing it into sound bites, just read it:
We live in the future! “@superamit: Some real talk about drones by @MarthaStewart:”
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