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Bret Taylor
FriendFeed API v2 officially launching -
"Two weeks ago, we launched version 2 of the FriendFeed API in beta. Since then, we've watched how developers have been using the API and collected a lot of their feedback. We've implemented some changes, and now, we're ready to remove the beta label!" - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
A two weeks beta in the 2.0 era sounds almost blasphem! Congrats! - Simone Ruffilli
Congrats to Ben and Gary for all their hard work getting this out the door. And thanks to all the developers who have been sending us great feedback the past couple weeks. - Bret Taylor /-) - Nicolas Voisin
Bret - Think we'd all be interested in a longer list as more apps make use of the API. Great stuff - Charlie Anzman
v3 ne zaman geliyor hacım? - öküz
Leo Laporte
Ordered HDMI->Ethernet baluns for my Mac mini home-theater PC. Gonna put the whole thing in another room (with the cable box and broadband).
Please give us details on the build! - Joseph Skerbec
I'm doing a talk on MacMania 9. Come and see it! ;-) I'll write up a series of blog posts but so far: Mac Mini, Eye TV HD 250 <>, Plex/XBMC/Boxee, ZephIR <> to control the cable box from EyeTV, Ethernet Baluns from Octava <> - Leo Laporte
I want a mac mini for my home theater since I don't have cable. I wanna watch netflix and hulu and listen to my music over the main speaker. sigh but I just bought my macbook. I keep wanting more! Leo, I'm jealous! - Lise
This all started because I was fed up with the AppleTV. But it's ending up costing considerably more. - Leo Laporte
Shouldn't the mac mini have HDMI by now?? - Christopher Taylor
It has DVI - easy enough to convert. - Leo Laporte
you should have gotten the minidisplayport adaptor to HDMI monoprice sells it - Comptr
Every computer has gigabit ethernet, and circuits are cheap. Always wished that graphics and sound cards included them for distribution - Keith Barrett
Man, I was wanting to buy the AppleTV. what didn't work for you? - Jim Williams
It's underpowered and it seems to freeze up a lot. I want to be able to do more, too. - Leo Laporte
leo can you give us a review on the HDMI to ethernet adaptor when you get it. I have been in the market for one. - Comptr
Leo, can a solo core run this system or do you think a new mini is requisite? - Jason L Berman
Definitely looking forward to the full details on your blog. - Mike Dotta
Sorry, changing this post (it's my first post here). The feeds go down, like a book, not up like a blog! doh! Anyway, I have no powering problems with my Apple TV and no freezes. Both the music and movies sound great on the Bose system! I wish I could set the Apple TV as a wireless base... - Jay
Wii Remote, RemoteBuddy and Mac Mini = HTPC bliss. - Jack Zimmermann
I really like Gefen stuff...I like how they seem to build no-compromises full force stuff. How are you going to remote control the Mini? With a hackintosh running Screensharing/ARD? ;) - Mike Ma
Why not use a Harmony? I've been using a Harmony 880 with my macbook pro (dvi -> hdmi, toslink adaptor to receiver), and it controls everything, including front row, boxee, itunes, not to mention the tv and audio. - Paul Ward
aah just what the doctor ordered, is there something which also extends the TOS link for sound? - Jebu Ittiachen
A Vista Media Center computer and an XBox will give you HDMI and a whole lot more functionality, like cable card, dvr, etc. Windows 7 MCE is even cooler. I install this setup all the time for customers. - Mike
any recommendations on a MCE config. I attempted to put together one with old hardware PVR-150, MCE XP, everything worked except IR Blaster with DirectTV STB (D11-500). Couldnt find a ir code that would work and MCE would not recognize the IR Blaster - Mike McCrary
Check the Htguys podcast. They just did an update on the new macmini as a home theater component. I believe it was two weeks ago. - james
@Mike McCrary, did you give a try Are you using a USB MCE remote with a green MCE button on it? Connect the MCE USB IR recvr to the PC, then connect an IR bug from the IR recvr to the DirecTV box. Now all you need is the codes. You can use a Global Cache IR reader to read the codes from the DirecTV remote then program the MCE remote. - Mike
I wonder if he was inspired after the caller from last weekend needed one for his school? - OFU
Looking forward to the information on the final build - Kim Landwehr
Check this out on the mac mini - - OttoMate
Baluns came. Require dual CAT-6 cables for 1080p. I don't Jennifer is going to like this. - Leo Laporte
Will you be using Boxee? XBMC? Do tell. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I'm planning on trying Boxee, XBMC, and Plex - although Front Row with the EyeTV plugin (PyeTV) is also tempting. - Leo Laporte
I could not get into Plex after using Boxee. The interface for Boxee works better but Plex looks nicer. I just wish Boxee would implement UPnP for my PS3 like Plex can. - Mark Ogley
I skipped the AppleTV and went right for the Mini, more expensive but haven't looked back. Jumping out to use Safari (with zoom) on a plasma TV is great, especially for community surfing with friends and family. I tried Plex, Boxee, XBMC. Like Boxee features but keep going back to Plex - it just looks so much better. - James Nobes
Building a linux htpc based on ubuntu, running xbmc, maybe boxee, whichever ends up being better. Looking for ideas on a remote control. Any takers? - Josh Haley
I'm also putting together an htpc. I'm a Linux guy, but I keeping considering a Mac Mini because most of the software I have in mind runs on either. I ma end up with a Linux backend and a mac mini front-end - Keith Barrett
My Ubuntu MythTV backend and Mini frontend works well - James Nobes
geeeeeeeek!!! :) - Susan Beebe
Where did u buy them? - Mike Scalora
Really great services are at - Mark Hackney
Just when you thought you couldn't actually break your winky... -
Just when you thought you couldn't actually break your winky...
Stunned stupid. ---> - Anika
o_O - Steven Perez
I need to learn THAT move. - Adrian
^Dude. My back. - Anika
Pain is only in the mind. MEDIC!!!! - Adrian
takes wrestling to a whole new level - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
I can't stop watching it. - Will Higgins™
"Signs of a fractured penis include a loud popping noise, followed by excruciating pain, swelling, and sometimes blood." - Victor Ganata
The Lost Hardy Boy? - That's So CAJ!
*blink* - Melissa
Yeah ! Jump ! - Desirade
This wins the WTF award for the day. - iTad
Amateur. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Hypnotizing... - Rob H.
I've been here trying to think of a comment but all I've got is "He's not doing it right." Yeah, lame. W. T. F. - Zach Flauaus
What the hell is this from? - iTad
I'm assuming some kind of music video. This is a popular dance/activity of some kind...I think in Jamaica. There was an epidemic of broken weiners as a result. (this is not a joke) - Rahsheen
Dude should invest in some knee pads... And they BOTH need to wear a cup! - FFing Enigma
I can't stop watching for the shear "UHHHH" factor. This is POPULAR??? - Zach Flauaus
The really scary part? There are more ladders in this scene. - Steven Perez
That's gotta leave a mark - Rodfather
lmao! - vijay
What did you score his dive, though? - Bryan R. Adams
6.9 on the Richter scale. - Steven Perez
this is from eric wareheim's new video. - Marie
I'm going with an 8. His legs clearly separated during the aerial pelvic thrust and his arm placement was clearly off before the landing. - Rahsheen
He was going for a single axle mount. - Bryan R. Adams
Dude...that video is just...WTF. I thought I'd seen it all, but they're just blatantly miming all types of innapropriate shit to the nth degree - Rahsheen
That video made my netherbits hurt just watching it. :-/ - Hookuh Tinypants
Beautiful madness ... - Amani
Aha! Context! Major Lazer video. The video has to be pants down the greatest music video of all time. - Adrian
you're doing it wrong. - Josh Haley
O__O - AJ Batac
He's no Jeff Hardy - Outsanity
I can't stop watching it!! - Penthouse Magazine
Frog splash off of a ladder?!?! Hilarious. - Andru Edwards
Jeff Hardy would have done a 450. - Andru Edwards
o_O - Steven Perez
LOL@Steven. How the heck did you end up digging this up?! - Rahsheen
Oh sure, but let's see his dismount. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
So this is how you break a bed. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Of course, the one time the search function works ... :D - Steven Perez
It was called "daggering" in Jamaica when it hit the news awhile back: - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Probably hasn't been heard of since because you can actually BREAK YOUR WINKY! Which is highly disturbing to me. Hence why I would never even think of doing this. I treasure my winky, along with a relatively small number of other individuals. - Rahsheen
Also see - in particular, "Just when you were getting over the horror of daggering, a video of extreme dancing to reggae music shows a man jumping off of an 8 foot column on to the crotch of a woman.Oh yeah: And then he throws a table at her." - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
This is why my Guyanese half and my Jamaican half have issue with each other. LOL. - Rahsheen
I actually came over here to see if Kam was okay. And I get an education ... ;-) FF FTW. - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
LOL - Rahsheen from Android
holy! - Borneo Kratom
Louis Gray
“Size Comparison: Twins vs. Electronic Gadgets” -
"Yes, it's me, abusing my baby pictures quotient on FriendFeed again. But in case you wanted to get a visual on Sarah's size, here's one item for comparison - the iPod Touch. Also included, Matthew, sleeping next to the iPod Touch, TiVo remote and Blackberry. It's better than using a ruler!" - Louis Gray
LOL LOUIS!!!! - Mona Nomura
This will replace the pencil markings on the wall as a measurement of growth. - Hutch Carpenter
Way too cute! - michael sean wright
will there be an unboxing at some point - Allen Stern
The TiVo remote has hardly changed at all in 10 years. - Robert Seidman
WOW, they are SMALL! cool pics!! I love the one with the baby on the couch with 3 devices - Susan Beebe
Okay that's just really damn cute :) - justine
one day these kids are going to say, 'dad used us as props for his gadgets!'...and then there will be blood! lol - .LAG liked that
@.LAG, then I'll remind them how when we parked in what I thought was acceptable shade outside Babies R Us today, they both went nuts, and I had to extract them from their car seats and walk into the store (using the exit), with the pair held tight to my chest, to commiserate with their mother. I'm sure I was quite the sight. "Hey! Look at that guy! He's in over his head!" (fingers pointing) - Louis Gray
Hey! Someone should say you - this is really unhealthy!! : ( - Erhan Erdoğan
@Louis - You definitely look in over your head. However, I was that way with only one. Now my children are 21 and 18 and I still remain in over my head. ; ) - Rex Hammock
This made Maryam crack up and say "that's cute!" - Robert Scoble
@Rex, I look in over my head? Definitely? Where's the proof on that? I disagree. :-) - Louis Gray
I don't believe you all - Robert, Louis, Maryam, all likes, comments - i urgently need a judge for this photos! : ) Your tech love is get out of control!! - Erhan Erdoğan
now let's see the Touch duke it out with the Blackberry - Paulo Elias from twhirl
I'm so going to do this one day when I have one. haha - Daynah
@Erhan and Brian, 1) They're not sleeping with the gadgets in their cribs (yet) and 2) I am not worried about that nonsense. I might as well unplug the microwave and TV while I'm at it, no? - Louis Gray
We always left a computer keyboard in our kids cribs as a toy -- they loved it. - Oldengrey (Jay)
The important thing to remember is that if Louis were forced to choose between his children and his gadgets,,,well, I'm sure the kids would find a good home. (JUST KIDDING!) - Ontario Emperor
lmao I'm so reporting you for this. Too hilarious - Corvida
Hey guys you have to see this related post... Scoble is competing with Louis' over coolest kid toys! - Susan Beebe
OMG! that's priceless! I <3 it! Put the device on vibrate and see what happens! I bet it would sooth any crankiness. Can you say iTunes visualizer? Better than Baby Einstein. Makes us AND them drool into relaxation. My son has gumdrop iMac in his bedroom specifically for that reason (glorified nightlight). Hey! We have to do what we have to do, right? Why not have some fun with it? Hellz ya! - Melissa Davis from twhirl
You know Louis, most parents use a wall and a pencil to show height and growth, you choose electronic equipment, what comes next? comparisons to the wii and ps3? then a macbook, then macbook pro, then dell blade server, where will it end?!!?!? - Allen Stern
Oh what beautiful little souls! I'm sure they are very precious to you :-). - Heather Colman
umm... it's not too heavy on him?! - Orli Yakuel
those photos are really embarassingly sad. Please leave the kids alone. - Claudio Cicali
A coochii coo! They are too cute! Twins are born small but they'll catch up in no time! Congrats! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
LOL.. awesome pics - Aviv
apparently Amazon S3 is down - Shey
Total weirdness - the cuteness overload causes the pics to show for me even when S3 is down! It might be just my cache, ofcourse, but I like the first theory better :) - Yuvi
I'll take the electronics when the kids are all grown up. It won't matter to me that the stuff is decades old. - James Rishabh Mishra
oh this is ROFL! - susan mernit
Ok, from one tech geek to another, that has to be the most cute thing I've ever seen. =) - David Cook
It's February 21, 2009. I'm in the middle of a music search on FriendFeed and found these pictures from July 19, 2008. How time flies... - Ontario Emperor
Wow, where'd you dredge this up, Haggis? - Kevin L
Just showed this to Matthew, and he says, "That's Braden!" - Louis Gray
beautiful - Rida Sayf
Worst Seattle summer ever? It's been like this all summer and I'm already worried what our winter will be like. -
Worst Seattle summer ever? It's been like this all summer and I'm already worried what our winter will be like.
Nate True
Got my Beats headphones today! Standard issue at Monster Costume.
Kevin Rose
just installed Cydia on my iPhone, top 5 apps i should download? app sources i should add? thx!
MyWi and UltraSn0w are what I've got so far - Jesse Stay
Matthew Gamble
True love is giving up the first class upgrade to sit in coach with your wife. Just saying.
Tyler Pruitt
#FF Follow Friday is Dead To Me.
Steven Perez
a grandmother’s southern banana pudding | the merry gourmet -
a grandmother’s southern banana pudding | the merry gourmet
"So, for the July 4th holiday, we went to my parents’ house for dinner and, because it seemed like the perfect opportunity to celebrate family and tradition, I decided to bring the banana pudding. With my grandmother’s pudding in my mind as the ideal banana pudding – the pudding on a pedestal, you might say - I set out to do my best. I knew I needed to make a banana pudding chock full of vanilla wafers and banana pieces. Her version always had a meringue on top, but since I intended to make mine a day ahead and then transport it, I went with a crunchy topping of ground vanilla wafers flavored with cinnamon." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
I prefer no meringue on nanner puddin' too. - Trish R
Updating/maintaining LinkedIn and 4square *still* feels like a chore at this point, with next to zero benefit gained from doing so.
Christine Lu
fyi, a whole grip of you replied saying you've also experienced AT&T's "spontaneous voice mail without phone ringing" syndrome on iPhone.
Baby Girl
Sitting here trying to make my iPhone 4 lose it's signal. And it won't even budge. Guess I'm lucky.
Tres Leches Pancakes | -
Tres Leches Pancakes |
Show all
"Have you ever had tres leches cake? For anyone who hasn’t, it’s heaven. You take a yellow cake and drench it in three kinds of cream. Pretty good idea, right? I’ve been craving all things latino even more since my aunt visited. I miss her! So I had this thought last week that I’d like to try tres leches pancakes, I thought it was worth pursuing. I took a stack of hot pancakes, layered them with fruit, and poured on a bled of three creams until they were bien mojado—nice and wet. They turned out to be pretty good (pancakes and cream? what a surprise)." - edythe from Bookmarklet
Tyler Pruitt
iPhone 4 deliveries start two days ahead of schedule -
Nate True
Unhappy that some people who pre-ordered iPhone 4 are getting it today. I reserved and have to wait in the cold Thursday morn. :(
Actually...DISLIKE. - Andru Edwards
Tyler Pruitt
Mac mini unibody gets the iFixIt teardown treatment -
Nate True
This Xbox 360 Kinect accessory (aka Natal) looks pretty awesome. I am def gonna get one.
As am I - Andru Edwards
Planning to get the iPhone 4? Everything You Need to Know On Pricing - (via @andruedwards)
Thomas Hawk
Proof that Google is racist.
holy shit... - Rafael
Uh.. WHOA! - Linda Lawrey
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the people at Google put this in there on purpose. - Akiva
lol - conspiracy! - Jesse Stay
They may want to add an exception for that, though. :-) - Jesse Stay
are u serious thomas? wtf? - teymur madjderey
If you're banking on Google to recover your car after a grand thief auto, you might want to try other resources. Bing? - Micah
Me and my family just picked ourselves up off the floor and dried our eyes after ROFL'ing profusely at this... - Rahsheen
LOL! <sarcasm>I am going to go talk to the Race Czar's about this immediately!</sarcasm> - EricaJoy
if you search for "blakc peolpestole my car" you can see the same result.. just change for the correct one and take a print screen... hahaha this is hell funny - Rafael
FAIL! - Wayne Sutton
huh...I tried both and neither gave a 'did you mean....' Why the difference? - George Gray
George, this was from earlier. I think it's probably been fixed by now. - Thomas Hawk
I can't reproduce the results either. Even more proof that Google's damage control department works real f-a-s-t - BLOGBloke
I can reproduce these results (as it's fake). 1 - Do a google search for 'balck people stole my car' 2 - when the results come back, in the search box type 'white people stole my car'. 3 - Screenshot and fool everyone. - Will Higgins™
Thomas...ah...I was catching up on my feed and didn't notice when the message posted. Still, I have noticed different results when using Google from: the browser search bar, going right to and when logged into google via iGoogle. Weird. - George Gray
This reminds me of how commercials for home alarm systems always feature white criminals. - Akiva
Dude, you win 1000 times over for use of the word 'colored'. I'm about as far from a racist as you can get but that shit cracks me up every time. - Akiva
これはひどい - as365n2
i think that google isnt racist, but people that use it yes..infact google shows firstly the most popular results.....this is my opinion..and please apologize me formy english..i'm italian!w La pizza! - Lyssa
they did it as the Chinese government did. - xia
seems they fix it somehow. - Mike
Lyssa's right. Google is a mirror. - Jim #teamFFrank
*Now* "white people stole my car" beats "black people stole my car" in a Google Duel, 3:1 - Tim Tyler
I sense a really nasty meme being created :-( - Ian D. Nock
That's it, I'm going to! lol - Bryan R. Adams
paranoid approaches. - takmaz
I posted that a couple days ago and someone debunked it almost immediately. - Ben Hanten
再現できないが..... - jx0
google is funny! i stole the car - HansVanRock
Oh wowwww ... SMH lol - Iesha G
At the #SMCSea event last night? You'll like this video from John Q. Shearer - (h/t @KevinUrie)
Like? I LOVE that video ;) SUPER HOT! - Andru Edwards
Nate True
Oh snap, one of the pixels in my second monitor just died. RIP little buddy.
Michael Manna
The sushi chef remembered me. He said "you the big man who eat many sushi!" when I walked in. CAN.
Liana Shanes
i keep forgetting I have this dang Entertainment book. I should start using it. soon.
heck yeah you should! keep it in the car ;) - Andru Edwards
The problem with that though Andru, is that this is where I FOUND it... :s - Liana Shanes
The $5 off at Safeway coupons in the front are worth it alone. :) - Rochelle
yes!!! i need to tear those out and just put them in my purse. - Liana Shanes
Best LOST Finale Party Invitation Ever?
That's so cool I almost wish I cared about Lost. - Fleagle
Liana Shanes
My goal tonight is to figure out where the hell my iPod sync cable went off to. #joysofmoving
Groupon & Living Social are gonna be the end of me. Just bought deal to eat at Herbfarm. Can't wait. My deal link:
Are you forgetting about Tippr? :) - Andru Edwards
Liana Shanes
where is the BEST bowl of ramen in Seattle? #comfortfood
Teresa Valdez Klein
Awe! My team got me flowers and a card with a monkey! -
Awe! My team got me flowers and a card with a monkey!
Posted via email ... I love the people I work with. ... - - Teresa Valdez Klein from Posterous
Jeremy Toeman
i understand why facebook has chosen the paths they've chosen; i don't understand why any other website tolerates/endorses/uses it
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