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.@marshallk In a perfect world you would think @getlittlebird would have already identified @hardaway as the perfect tester
.@VentureBeat Poor conclusions drawn - best to refer to a more detailed timeline
.@SimonHeseltine @shingy No dissing from me, was just drawing a parallel - I tend not to judge people even by what they say about themselves
.@SimonHeseltine Hehe... says he who works alongside a "digital prophet" ;)
.@dr_pete @AndyBeal Are you 100% sure... the country borders around these parts move around a lot ;)
.@AndyBeal @dr_pete I just need to find a blue shirt and get a photo of me looking in the right direction...
I really hope Twitter doesn't buy @nuzzel next - hope they continue to innovate before being consumed
Dumb Ass Hummingbird SEO Articles ( @theGypsy )
What are some myths about SEO?: with @mattcutts
What are some myths about SEO?: with @mattcutts
The Deregulators: Length Doesn't Matter:
The Deregulators: Length Doesn't Matter:
.@bfeld @toddsampson So much more honest to give a product away (whether book or SAAS etc) and then switch to a paid model ;)
.@bhartzer @randfish Some weird stats - must be based on average of all tweets rather than the ones that matter
Hey - I made it to a Top 50 SEO Experts list (lots of good choices)
Are you lying effectively with your data? How to Lie With Data Visualization
.@justinpremick Just commented on #heartbleed post in moderation
If the Warrior Forum was in "The Valley" they would have been raising $5M on a $50M+ valuation
.@IrishWonder @bhartzer Whereas expanding a community of digital product creators & buyers to compete with Udemy, Clickbank etc = $$$
.@IrishWonder @bhartzer I don't think expanding a business around link selling makes sense right now :) Most who tried are now defunkt
.@IrishWonder @bhartzer WW, DP and BHW not ideal purchases as not really market places of people who actually buy stuff
Email Marketing Tip - With new promotion cards in Gmail, VITAL you have a recognizable sender got a bargain buying Warrior Forum for $3.2M - so many monetization & growth possibilites
With Quora claiming to be second largest repository of knowledge on the Internet why don't they appear in search more?
.@hnshah @amyhoy Different meanings - Bootstrapped = grafting, sacrifice, sweat equity, Self-funded = somehow have money
Sneaking forced backlinks into v1.1+ of your popular WordPress plugin isn't user friendly @todaymade cc: @Otto42
.@simmonet @jimboykin Record a video "How to Request Links with Interpretive Dance"
.@lakey differentiate between mobile / desktop in the stats - also width though interesting height determines fold
.@VitaliyKolosWDL Best course of action might be to apologize to customers, repent, fix business model, move on
.@VitaliyKolosWDL Unfairly in the spotlight? I suggest you contact sites who originally covered the story - cc: @seland @seroundtable etc
Having to teach a 6 y/o how to shut down broken #freetoplay apps to restart normal play is wrong
Seeing increase of #freetoplay apps where monetization interface is deliberately broken - only exit is to spend $$$
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