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Max Niederhofer
Just for the record, if @davemcclure offers you angel money, you'd be stupid not to take it. Beneath the cussing is substance.
Tris Hussey
Facebook and Ping – this is WHY we need an open social web. -
Matt Ellsworth
chatting with @andybeard for some help with a site. Awesome guy and some great ideas.
Robert Scoble
Facebook acquires FriendFeed. Interview with Paul Buchheit, cofounder of FriendFeed. -
No info about the financial aspects of the deal for now. - TiTi
Ithink that tey have to do it now, or never - abdellah
Nice :) Thanks Robert - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
nice scoop! - Marc Ostrick
@Brian How many times have we heard that line before? :( - Rodrigo Jaroszewski
I hope they made a bunch of money, because they SOLD US ALL :( - zio bodhisattva
Robert, was this really posted 5 hours ago? - Daniel Chow
Robert: Say "cool" less! - Stephen Foskett
I was thinking the same thing. Count how many times you said "Cool" Robert ;) - Andru Edwards
This acquisition is most likely going to suck for users, but congrats to the FF team. Once Google announced Wave, selling to Facebook was probably the only remaining exit strategy worth the money. - Chip Ramsey
last comment 2 hours ago on FF by Paul Buchheit, FF CEO, was just " :)" #friendbook - Jacopo Gio
I don't know if i'm excited by the possiblities of this move, or frightened by what this could mean. - John Czwartacki
I hope they don't spoil it for us. I just want to keep coming to - Mark
If they had no plans of shutting down FriendFeed and rolling features into Facebook they would have said so right away to avoid speculation and to reassure FF users. I am trying not to be suspicious, but I am. - Inside Alaska
I'm in the same camp Alaska - Keith - @tsudo
Andru: it was about 100 degrees outside where I was doing the interview. I was trying to think cool and keep my cool. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Maybe now we'll be able to integrate Facebook feed with FF & twitter - Justin Long
Faceborg...Googlebook...time to move back to StumbleUpon? Guess we should have seen this coming when FriendFeed got integrated into FeedBurner. - Gail Gardner
This interview is pretty funny... the person interviewing sounds like he just wants to ask questions for the sake of asking questions...;-) ... thanks for the insightful interview but.. - Sherif Mansour
In the interview, it was said that FriendFeed was not in immediate danger and could have continued for a number of years on their own. I'm not quite sure if that is true, because FriendFeed didn't develop their own business model. - James Rishabh Mishra
About integrating the social graphs, my social networks on FF and FB had different purposes. I don't have any friends on FB whom I haven't personally met, whereas I subscribe to some people I don't know on FF just because their feeds are interesting. On a related note, the FB graph is undirected and the FF graph is directed. - Ruchira S. Datta
@Scobleizer interviews Paul Buchheit, cofounder of FriendFeed RE acquisition by Facebook. - Deano @ Byron New Media
Paul and Brett jumped at the chance to increase their user base a thousand-fold. Whatever comes out of this is going to be huge. - Vezquex
You are right vzx - Nicolas Gosset from IM
"tremendous opportunity" is so vague. Opportunity for who? What opportunity exactly? Or is it just the opportunity to allow the friendfeed employees who weren't already rich to get rich? - Laura Norvig
Laura: it's every engineer's dream to change the world of 300 million people instead of a few hundred thousand people. That's why this is a tremendous opportunity. - Robert Scoble
Sigh. I guess. It's just very hard to think of Facebook as a life-changing venue. - Laura Norvig
Robert: Thanks for this - some information at last! - Jim Connolly
Robert Scoble
I just passed 46,000 followers. Too bad that we probably won't get to 50,000. Oh well. Twitter and Facebook FTW.
Thanks to everyone who made my life more interesting over the past 18 months. Really appreciate it! - Robert Scoble
No, thank you! - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
you won't find me in either place, so I'll just say an early goodbye now. Be good! - Jim #teamFFrank
Hi Robert - Randy Allen Bishop
let the fun continue on your public profile sure it will be real-time there soon :) - Peter du Toit (S.Africa) from fftogo
OneGear: I will stick around a few more days, but, yes, I am probably not going to pour a whole lot more time into FriendFeed. I'm just not getting signals that FriendFeed will see anymore investment. I'll wait to see if that's right and go over and have chat with the team when I get back. By then they'll probably have a better sense of what they are going to work on. Let's set a date for our big "goodbyes" soon. - Robert Scoble
Once Scoble goes - the conversation will leave Friendfeed too *sad* - Pon
Robert, so where will you be hanging out? Twitter? fb? - Myrna
scoble alone cant keep a website up :P that's why i like to see some of these ideas in a place where there are many more people... - Terry O'Fee
i mean, theres a lot of people here but many many more on FB ,, - Terry O'Fee
Sigh. You are making me very sad, Robert. - Lindsay
Robert, thanks for making FriendFeed a more interesting place. - Andrew
Then the question is... where is the next interesting place for early adopters to hang out??? Thanks for sharing lots of interesting things and asking provocative questions, Robert. - Sally Church
Robert, I thought it wasn't about how many followers you have, but who you follow? - Jeff P. Henderson
Jeff: truth be told it's fun to watch the follower numbers. - Robert Scoble
Robert Scoble
Oh, FriendFeed is now Facebook’s “official” R&D department! -
My reactions to today's news! - Robert Scoble
SCOBLE YOU MUST GET THEM TO KEEP FRIENDFEED PURE-- and RUNNING!! AAAGGGH [ i just heard 5 minutes ago. I'm on vacation ] :) - Schneider Mike
Interesting thoughts. - Angus Burton
Bummer - not likely to be an improvement - Gail Gardner
Friendfeed is no longer .. all that's left is the flick of the switch. - John Blanton
It's nice for the FF peeps. They'll see what it's like to deliver new features for a decent size user base. - mrshl
Mike: I wouldn't worry about FriendFeed. I see it as Facebook's R&D department now. We're the test bunnies for what 300 million people will get! :-) - Robert Scoble
Now Friendfeed will be able to go head to head with Google wave! So long as the team are allowed to lead from within Facebook how can this possibly be bad? - Ade Lack
I want a FB test bunny t-shirt ;) - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Nice comments. Also looking forward to realtime search and 300M+ users ... watch that in realtime! My screen will melt I guess. - Peter van Teeseling
I'm only really sad because it completely breaks my on-line life. I'm excited for the FF team and for FB but that's only one aspect and I don't see how it can be merged. - James Myatt
I think it'll make fan pages even cooler. - Gus
Mark: can you verify that this is a real account somehow? Tell us something about what we did in Davos together that I didn't share. - Robert Scoble
Robert, the user name for Zuck misspells his name, just like he misspelled yours. - Louis Gray
Mark, if that is really you. Please don't let people on FB find users on FF. Some of us are looking for the anti-social web. Private groups and no friend requests from long lost classmates was a big plus over here. - Chip Ramsey
Username is "markzukerberg"? .. - Mads Kristiansen
Robert: from what I can tell most FF users do not share your enthusiasm or optimism. From what I can see FriendFeed team members will be absorbed into Facebook R&D, FriendFeed as a property will whither and most will cash out as soon as they can. Do you have some other information that you can share that supports your optimism? - Brian Sullivan
My reactions to today's news! ~ :D - CannonGod
One of the worst things for me is that many employers, including the site I'm working at, block Facebook, but not Friendfeed. - James Myatt
James - ? - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
How does everyone know what's going to happen? I prefer Rob's tone of "what should happen" - fear vs possibility - Ankush Narula from iPhone
Really interesting perspective you provide here. I was thinking this whole time that this would hit Twitter hard, but I see now that Google might be the real target, because of the whole real-time search. Nonetheless, I love all the Google employees that are hoping facebook becomes more "open" in the process. Something tells me facebook doesn't care about being open, but being a... more... - Rahul Krishnakumar
Christopher: It clearly seems that facebook will use friendfeed to be a playground for future features. - Rahul Krishnakumar
Wait I owe Scoble an apology. I read several places that he had a financial interest in Friend Feed. That information , if true,clouded my perception of his commentary of FF. If you believed that true, he comes across as a shill trying to protect his investment IMHO. In his blog post he denounces any financial connection. Now I feel stupid because good practices dictate that he would have disclosed such in his writings. I suck sorry Robert. - cheapsuits from iPhone
Hmmm - I keep my FB social, private, and mainly family. I keep FF public and work-oriented only. Will I need two accounts? Or just delicate messing about with privacy controls? I'm not looking forward to shifting - may FF last a long while still. FB is too busy, and FF is lightweight and gives me exactly what I want, with a much cleaner interface. Thanks very much Robert, your blog post is much appreciated! - Allyson Lister
Robert, how can you say you don't get how FF users are sad and up in arms? FB's attitudes and culture are different enough for this to be a serious shock. In short, lots of people think FF=good, FB=bad, for better or worse. Your own list of cons is enough to get FF users up in arms. - Don Faulkner
Christopher I see it now. Easy to see what he said when it isn't filtered by FF haters. What more can I say then I suck? I surely am not going to kill myself over it. - cheapsuits from iPhone
Thrilled for Paul, but amused that FB's first big land grab is another biz that isn't monetized properly either! Arrogance or Ignorance? - Jan Simmonds
Jan, FF has some great technology and some great people. It's not about the service itself. - James Myatt
Here's why people are up in arms: I think it's in the company's best interests to keep the properties existing separately ... especially since like you said, it's a geekier community on FF. Why not integrate the cool *features* FF has within Facebook but keep as-is? - Tamar Weinberg
I agree this is more of a play against Google. I think eventually Twitter and Facebook will team up more to provide real time streams of user updates between the two systems. I wonder if the first step is using FF for the collection of these streams and the next step is acquiring the method of pushing these streams or content. - CodeSamurai
FF = Facebook Labs - Andrew
I like the separate sites and maybe they will allow both options, Facebook is too busy for me and Friend Feed cuts to the chase and I hope we don't see "FaceFeed" with everything combined without options. - MedicalQuack
They got some talented people at FriendFeed. - Kenneth Yeh
Ron Capps
Andy Beard One of the forefathers of PageRank Sculpting (@dmcorp) Howls -
posted, Google Loses “Backwards Compatibility” On Paid Link Blocking & PageRank Sculpting,
Tech Repeater
SEO Linking Gotchas Even The Pros Make | Andy Beard - Niche Marketing -
SEO Linking Gotchas Even The Pros Make | Andy Beard - Niche Marketing
Robert Scoble
Go ahead and try to have a bad attitude after meeting Milan. He's my happiness monster. Eats up stress and spits it out with a smile. - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
Munchkin! But really there's no such thing as a happiness monster. Your son? - sofarsoShawn
Yeah, that's my son. Lots of fun. Except at 1 a.m. when he wants to play. :-) - Robert Scoble
איזה מתוק!! go translate this... ;-) - Orli Yakuel
Absolutely Adorable!!!!! :-) - Pat Graham Block
Pat, thanks. He is edible, isn't he? This should point to here: - Robert Scoble
What's his name? - sofarsoShawn
Milan. - Robert Scoble
Heya Milan! Always good for a smile :D - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Ahh I can't stay grumpy when I see that face :) Beautiful child, Robert ! - Mo Kargas
Beautiful shot! Happy children reflect the good, safe, loving environments provided by their parents! Well done! :) - Susan Beebe
WANT - sofarsoShawn
so cutteeee :D - Zafarali
µscoble - stretta from twhirl
祝你生日快乐,Monster! - 阿石
He gets his smile from his dad - have you ever seen Robert Scoble not smile? - Jesse Stay
This is a great picture. Children doing cute things always makes the day go by faster. And keeps you smiling while it does. - Angelo Rodrigues
Jesse - You're 100% right - Robert is a happy dude, Milan totally emulates that! :) - Susan Beebe
I wonder how Socbelizer, no offense here, could pop out something so wicked cool! Must've come fron Maryam... - sofarsoShawn from fftogo
Cute. Should be proud of yourself Robert. - Roberto Bonini
Man, that is a cracking photo - Zee.
Awww..adorable!!!! - MiaD
heheheeeee, back atcha!!! - sofarsoShawn
Robert Scoble
A famous VC told me this week that Facebook is raising another round of funding at about the $6 billion valuation mark. I wish I could invest! Would you?
Can't wait to see how big their round will be... - Daniel Brusilovsky
not sure I'd invest as the upside would now be relatively limited - Shannon Clark
He told me he was considering putting in $25 million. Asked me if I would do that with my money, if I had it. I said "yes." Of course it wasn't my money, but Facebook is the success story. Far bigger than Twitter and thanks to Thursday's announcement I can see a way for them to make a ton of money. - Robert Scoble
I'm still not convinced that they will ever make decent revenue. That being said, if they were public I'd probably pick up a few shares. - Blake
Nope. Too late to make the bib gux - Francine Hardaway from twhirl
No i would invest in twitter. - Mark Overy
Blake: I wonder if we thought about that when the yellow pages first came out when the telephone was very new? - Robert Scoble
Is there information involved in that yes that isn't public? Like what the books look like (how much revenue are they generating anyway?) - What is the burn rate? etc - or just because you think they will "get there"? - Brian Roy
Brian: he didn't give me any other information than this. I'm just going over their growth rate, they are growing a service the size of Twitter every 10 days or so. - Robert Scoble
what is their annual profit value? how much of that money would you be likely to get back in real terms - "potential" doesn't count, I would want a real idea on how much money their business is generating before ever considering investing. (I don't have the cash so it'd be a moot point anyway) - alphaxion
I call Facebook "the velcro of social software services." They have tons of ways to hook you onto the service. Far more sticky than Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Invest in a company that lost $8 billion from its valuation 16 months ago? No thanks. - Mark Frost
alphaxion: in 1991 could you have answered that question for Google? No. That's why VC investing is risky. - Robert Scoble
Robert: 25 million seems small for Facebook, considering their last round was $100M, but of course that is only one VC. Did he tell you how many where in this round? - Daniel Brusilovsky
Mark: every company has lost billions in values in the past 16 months. That attitude toward investing seems pretty stupid. - Robert Scoble
Robert - totally agree with the stick factor. My question is how good is the plan to turn lots of users into actual dollars. If that plan is good (in a non-obvious way) I'd invest. - Brian Roy
Daniel: no, he just told me what he was considering. I'm sure if it's a $6 billion valuation there will be a large pool of folks in there. - Robert Scoble
Scoble: Good analogy. I'd like to be optimistic about it, but I just feel in my gut that the whole social networking business model still hasn't been perfected. I definitely agree that Facebook will eventually crush Twitter. - Blake
Brian: you have to read between the lines, but now they are letting brands be full members of the social graph. I see a TON of ways to make money with that. - Robert Scoble
Brian: here's my audio report from the Facebook announcements this week. -- in there I explain a bit about how I think Facebook will make money. - Robert Scoble
No, at least not in long term. - andrei_c
This doesn't seem like a good idea. $6 billion?! Robert, when you say Facebook's announcement last Thursday are you referring to the new page layout for companies? How much money can that bring in? - Nidhi Makhija
Robert - agree. But revenue is about execution. So it isn't just seeing how you might/can do it but being able to get to it effectively. That is Google's genius. I'm guessing they have the team/leadership to do it... which is why I'd invest (once I heard the plan). - Brian Roy
Nidhi: my bet? Over next 10 years? 100's of billions. Look at Google. Facebook is facing an opportunity that's in Google's neighborhood. Of course a lot of implementation is to come and they might not get there. But I see a way that they'll make billions. - Robert Scoble
If they monetized as well/heavily as Myspace, they would only have $1B revenue. Is he really going to get a 10x return with a $60B exit? Common or preferred? - Andy Beard
Brian: right. And who is on executive team at Facebook? They are executing pretty damn well. Just go see Sheryl Sandberg. She was an executive at Google and knows the secrets to delivering value. - Robert Scoble
depends on liquidation prefs, but assuming i got at least 1x preference i'd be an investor for anything south of $10B. at $6B i'd be pretty bullish; that seems like a reasonable number if you look out 3-5 years. - dave mcclure
A $6 billion valuation would make Facebook more valuable than:, Sun Microsystems, or NetApp. In fact, you could buy Sun + eTrade + Sirius Radio + TiVo and still have more than a billion in pocket change left over. - Louis Gray
Not a chance. I'd run screaming from the building before I invested in Facebook. Sticky does not mean profitable. I remember that 1.0 adage "Get the eyeballs first and then monetize". Lots got the eyeballs - few figured out how to monetize. - AJ Kohn
Andy: the opportunity here is a lot bigger than $1 billion. MySpace is small change compared to what Facebook is going to do. - Robert Scoble
Andy: When I go to MySpace it tells me NOTHING about my friends' behavior when it comes to other businesses. The social graph is very powerful for businesses. Much better than what MySpace built, which is why key executives are now leaving MySpace. - Robert Scoble
I'd invest too yeah - Kaysha
I would invest. I believe Facebook is the OS for social media and something more. They are the White Pages of the Internet. And with an upside limited only to the imagination. - Jeff Pulver
Robert - You'd really feel safe investing in a company whose valuation isn't stable though? - Mark Frost
Negative. not at $6bn. We have absolutely no idea what it's worth, let's be honest. Nobody does. It's a straight gamble. I'd prefer spend the cash on buying into cloud-enabling companies like Cisco and server manufacturers, and the best placed players in the cloud ie Google and MS. Maybe... - john conroy
"going to do" ... Digg, Facebook, Twitter ... they all say they're "going" to figure it out. Show me a profit stream (even a small one) and I'd invest to help scale it but ... until then Cuba Gooding man ... Cuba Gooding. - AJ Kohn
Mark: that's why it's investing and not a "safe bet." VC is risky. So is buying stocks in companies. - Robert Scoble
Does anyone know for sure - does Facebook lose money every time they sign up a new user? In other words, is the reason they're raising money because their revenues are not growing to cover the costs of their growth? - Simon Brocklehurst
...further to my comment above: I guess what I'm really saying is that at $6bn you're talking about a blue-chip, and Facebook isn't a blue chip. It just isn't. - john conroy
Only tonight I glanced down my 'All Friends' list in Facebook and noticed how many have no status. They have not logged in for 7 days or more. In many cases a lot more. The fascination is on the wane. My money? No chance. - Darren
Robert: Oh I know that, I'm just speaking as someone with a very light wallet. ^_^ - Mark Frost
Darren: tell me how that is any different from this: -- I bet your Facebook friends are more engaged with you than these Twitter followers of TechCrunch. Click on 100 followers of Techcrunch. How many have more than one Tweet? 2%? 10%? Not more. - Robert Scoble
john: Facebook is signing up 700,000 new users PER DAY. They are growing the size of Twitter every 12 days! Blue chip? Absolutely. Just like Google was. (We had the same arguments over Google six years ago). - Robert Scoble
Sticking the money into GOOG currently would be a better deal, or AMZN - GOOG 2008 revenues were close to $22B - based on similar can you see Facebook making $15B yearly revenue? - AMZN is currently worth only 6x gross profit - but then the VC neds to invest his money somewhere, and GOOG and AMZN are not an option - at the end of the day FB is relatively low risk and an easy way to do your job as noone will criticize you for it - Andy Beard
Andy: you probably said that sticking money into Alta Vista back in 1999 was better than Google. Wrong. - Robert Scoble
and yet - the fact they are raising money shows that we have not found a revenue model that can cope with the costs they incur - they could self-implode in 1-2 years unless they find an effective route to making break even - Nick Halstead
Read today in Times magazine an interview with Zuckenberg stating that monetization is not a priority yet while Facebook is not getting break even. By the way, did you notice that the fan pages are changing and look now as profile pages??? - Zack Brandit
Zack, yes. That's exactly what I was talking about here: - Robert Scoble
Chris: that's wrong. Everyone on my forums were talking about Google in 1999. Google didn't have a business model until 2004. - Robert Scoble
The problem Facebook has is that people seem to get bored of it. Most people I know are using Facebook less today than they were a year ago. I never saw this pattern with Google. - Simon Brocklehurst
Scobe: Are you saying that Twitter's model isn't working, so Facebook's will? Twitter v Facebook comparisons are fruitless. - Darren
Darren: no, I know that Facebook has 175 million who has signed in in the past 30 days. How many does Twitter have? - Robert Scoble
Chris: OK, I'll grant you the 2003 Google. Same points still hold. You're not feeling it? I look at how addicted my wife is to Facebook (and all her friends). This is the Google of this time. - Robert Scoble
VC is certainly risky.. but a good VC wouldn't fritter their money away on something that wouldn't give even a little bit of ROI. Otherwise they simply wouldn't be a VC for very long. It's all well and good saying "I can see a lot of ways to make money", but visions and actual money making are 2 different things. So again, please answer the question and say how much they're currently making. - alphaxion
"Everyone on my forums", is exactly what White said, "hardly anyone" and he is correct. - coldbrew
I am not saying it is a bad investment, but just imagine Facebook had already IPOed last year, and had managed to figure out their revenue to bring it up to Myspace level, which would then make a $6B valuation on $1B revenue in line with GOOG and AMZN current market valuations. - that isn't necessarily a VC deal - unless they were looking to use the money for a cash purchase of Twitter at a much lower valuation than $500M - Andy Beard
coldbrew: this whole conversation sounds exactly like the ones we had about Google in 1999-2004. - Robert Scoble
I seem to remember a company called Netscape was all the rage once. - Jan Simmonds
@Robert: No, Facebook is not the Google of it's time. Why? Because Google had a very clear business plan. Sell relevant ads on search results. Direct marketers (me) got it and ran with it. It took time to build but it was a clear business plan. Facebook doesn't have that. Unless of course they turn Facebook into a search portal - if they did that then the size and stickiness of the site benefits them. Outside of that, SocNet advertising doesn't seem like a viable business plan. - AJ Kohn
I have concerns about Google if I'm honest. They too fritter their money away on investments that fizzle out to nothing (look at how many companies they've bought for massive amounts of money), they're limited by the size of the advertising market (think as to why they've been slashing their returns on adwords). Now, their positioning as a content delivery caching network is a far more promising one. - alphaxion
Robert - "no, I know that Facebook has 175 million who has signed in in the past 30 days. How many does Twitter have? "- you're still doing it! Comparing Facebook favourably to Twitter does not mean Facebook have a good long-term model. I'm not saying they don't, but if a Twitter comparison is the best these dudes can come up with then "I'm out" as they say on Dragons Den. Using your sort of comparison, who is to say that Facebook is now Google 2003, whilst Twitter is Google 2000. Which one has more upside? - Darren
AJ: you are totally wrong. Google didn't have a clear business model until 2004. I know the guy at Exodus who almost shut down Google because Google couldn't pay its bills. - Robert Scoble
I think most of you people hang out mostly with technophiles; I do not. - coldbrew
Chris: I'll never been that rich. I'll buy you a mojito at the Ritz, though! - Robert Scoble
@Robert: Just because they couldn't pay their bills doesn't mean they didn't have a model or plan. It took time to build the momentum ... the world of search had to 'tip' - and when it did Google was well positioned *because* of their plan. I just don't see that with Facebook. What are they positioning for? - AJ Kohn
I can say most of my 30-something friends only found FB w/in the last 6 months. - coldbrew
Facebook fatigue has certainly been kicking in for myself over the last few months whereas as my Twittering has been increasingly steadily; it is just more "useful". That said, they certainly do appear to be functionally converging, so who knows where we'll end up... - Kevin Bluer
Who cares about Facebook or 6 billion. What are your plans after Fast Company? Is it true they fired you? - Bruce Curley
Kevin: I can see an argument about why you're right, too. On Gillmor Gang right now is Paul Buchheit of friendfeed and he points out that Twitter's API is far easier to develop on. That ease is turning into all sorts of interesting apps which make Twitter more useful. Well, we'll see. That's why VC is risky. - Robert Scoble
If I were a VC I would definetly ask for a clear plan of privacy policies before investing. This might be an issue. I would also ask for some guidelines on future updates since FB seems to change its homepage very frequently, which might result in a potential failure. - denizoktar
Bruce: I was not fired. I resigned my video show to do something else. I still am working part time for Fast Company. I have plans, but will not disclose them in public until SXSW on Monday. - Robert Scoble
@Robert: BTW - this famous VC you mention ... are *they* investing or not? - AJ Kohn
AJ: they didn't say, they said they were considering it, but sounded like they were going to the way they were talking. - Robert Scoble
At this point, I would not invest in anything except gold. Do I sound like a nut? Just check out this video. Actually look at a bunch of his video over the years. Peter Schiff called it all. - Dan Cornish
I'll point out again that while VC is an inherently risky business, it's still not a case of blindfold and a dartboard. A real VC would do at least a bit of research and see if they're likely to make a return. If not then they're not a real VC and would either be someone who can afford to lose the money as it's merely a diversion (kinda like how some people will play the lottery) or a fool. - alphaxion
Dan: Gold and Guns sounds like a good investment strategy over next year. Me? I'd rather be in Facebook, but then I have a front-row seat. - Robert Scoble
Chris: that's funny! But no. :-) - Robert Scoble
@Robert: Interesting. Always appreciate the information and opinion. I disagree and don't see it myself but ... I've been wrong before. Been right before too though ;) - AJ Kohn
You all need to read this: Indie Facebook Developers are making over $700,000 per month. Like I said, there were billions and billions here. - Robert Scoble
Chris: I do not have any compensation or investments coming from or going to Facebook. I was invited to a press conference on Thursday and I have a front row seat because I know many of the players involved and I read a lot of RSS feeds. :-) - Robert Scoble
YES, I would invest!!!!! - Susan Beebe
how many of the indie developers are making those figures compared to the rest? also, advertising revenues, again, are the core of it. How about revenues that don't involve advertising, as in real and repeat direct spending of the users not the whim of other companies? And of this, how much money are facebook themselves making, since this money fountain could all vanish should facebook itself fold. - alphaxion
I bet the sum of the people advertising using Adwrods are making more than Google in total as well - the people using Paypal owned by Ebay are most certainly making bank, but for some reason Ebay isn't even worth 2x their revenue. Facebook developers making $700,000 is nice, great return, invest in the app developers if there is longevity. - Andy Beard
@chris that's my fault.. I called it adwords in a previous comment - that's what 5 beers does to my word association skills! >.< - alphaxion
coldbrew: sorry, I just fixed it. NO need to keep an error in my comments here. - Robert Scoble
Was just watching you on TWiT Live, streaming to my 52" TV via my PS3. Look fwd to seeing more of your stuff on TWiT Live in the future Scoble. - Jason Cartwright
am I the only one who seems to feel a certain air of "ponzi scheme" when your questions are met with answers of "look at these people, they're making money from it" without actually answering your question? And don't think I'm being snarky for snarks sake. I'm really trying to gain an idea of why people are yelling "buy this!" without really backing their claim up beyond "trust us". - alphaxion
I'd rather buy Citi stocks. - Mona Nomura from fftogo
alphaxion: when you are getting 700,000 new people a day you'll figure out a business model, especially since you know so much about each of those people. People who understand media understand the very real value that Facebook is aggregating. - Robert Scoble
again with the vague "well, we'll figure something out... just keep pumping us with money" answer. It doesn't matter how many new people you are getting onto your service if there's no tangiable sense of where the money to pay for it all is going to come from. It is very similar to youtube. They were burning through cash, plenty of people were saying "it'll make loads of money somehow" and yet google are *still* looking for ways of making it profitable. It's the kind of economics that leads to bubbles. - alphaxion
there simply aren't enough people that sit down and ask "so, how much money are you making and how much do you project this to grow realistically". Which is the basic tenet on which all companies have been founded upon. - alphaxion
@scoble... yes, people who understand media understand the real value that Facebook is aggregating, but not if they understand it in the OLD way. if this just turns out to be another advertising play, because they've 2 billion+ eyes, another way to sell people products they don't need, then, hell, I may as well pull the plug and turn Amish... not really, but all of the stuff I've been hearing so far doesn't make be feel confident that FB will end up being anything we haven't already seen... time will tell. - .LAG liked that
Robert this question sparked such interesting comment you should ask more like this. FB to me is a fad unless they buy Twitter which with Twitter Search could be a new Google. Agree with Chris White MS-Facebook is a likely outcome. Google must acquire Twitter before Vodafone wise up. Keep leading the debate Rob. - Thomas Power
What are they spending all that money on? Or is just banking money to survive the future? - Brian Sullivan
@chris actually, I'd say google was all about weaving themselves into the sites they lead you to and the apps you use to access this info. Having dealt with administrating systems, it's scary just how many apps and system builders integrate their toolbar and desktop apps and how many sites use their services that then collect data on the visitors/users. A question I don't see asked and answered often enough is "why?" - alphaxion
@ChrisWhite I certainly meant Adwords not Adsense - people advertise to make money (well unless they are Auto manufacturers) - I look on the Facebook App platform in many ways as an advertising platform, though the transaction that takes place between Facebook and the App developers isn't currently a financial one. Maybe things would be different if Facebook had their "FacePal" payment... more... - Andy Beard
Chris: that's an interesting question. CEOs should never say never when it comes to future business decisions. - Robert Scoble
Social networking seems like a commodity to me. Glorified address book + activity stream. Long term, why is it likely that one company will continue to command a proprietary premium on this? Do we not forget the staggering claims for these companies made doing the last bubble? Lots of similar claims by many companies in the 90s about # of user signups, stickiness, etc. If social networking platforms are so valuable, they're gonna get commodified. Wordpress isn't the only way to host RSS now is it? - Ray Cromwell
I can feel a Metcalf's law retort coming. :) It's like Godwin, but for business model debates. - Ray Cromwell
Chris: really? I don't agree with you. If you can survive through a depression you'll come out of it with rocket burners on. Google gained steam through the dotcom bust. Facebook is gaining steam through this downturn. - Robert Scoble
Chris: agreed. Facebook is not going to have an IPO this year. I can assure you of that. The investors will keep them going for two more years at minimum. - Robert Scoble
Can I buy Twitter instead? - Patrick from twhirl
@Robert: You're thinking "aggregated rich user data" is going to be the Facebook gold mine? Advertisers and brands I chat with think it's of marginal value. Big brands already have deep databases with multiple reporting lines. Prizm data gets you 75% of the way there most of the time. Facebook might be another reporting line but it's not going to be a game changer. Search re-targeting has more value IMO. - AJ Kohn
@Steven: Exactly! Air Miles. Grocery Cards. Credit Cards. Warranty Information. Rebate Information. (You'd be amazed how many people register their stuff!) It's a bit scary what can be obtained from credit bureaus as well. Facebook is the corner, the stoop - it's where people stop to talk and shoot the breeze. Not much gets sold there. I need to connect with them when they're walking past the mall. - AJ Kohn
Think about the data a company like or Quicken Online collects and compare it to the data that FB has on spending patterns and interests. They know enough (but currently don't use this info) to definitively tell you that you're spending $50 a month on BlockBuster, and could reduce it to $20 a month if you change to Netflix, saving you $30. - Ray Cromwell
How many more rounds of funding would you expect? It seems like you might get washed out by later rounds. - Todd Hoff
Everything you hear lately makes it sound like he's had to change that point of view about $15b if he wants capital. - Hutch Carpenter
Great discussion. Some points: the "No one can monetize this space" argument is false. As an advertiser (and a top 3 one at that), We are. And, quite well. #2--However, I wouldn't discount MySpace just yet. FaceBook is a wonderful white pages, it's possible MySpace will be a wonderful Yellow pages. We'll see. $6B is steep, but one difference this data has from the others mentioned (credit cards, gas cards, etc) is it's voluntarily provided--which is a much different data stream. - Alan Edgett
I would, in an instant. Many Facebook apps alone have 10 times the number of users Twitter has. - Jesse Stay
If they gave me a way to keep certain people unaware of my presence, I'd go back - Aaman (Clone of FF)
If I had the choice, I would rather invest in LinkedIn. Facebook has a phenomenal growth there are still a lot of open questions: You talk about businesses creating pages in facebook. This is probably a good idea in the sort term but in the long term as a company you probably want more control and ownership over your community and like AOL had to open up the walled garden, Facebook will have to do it to or someone else with do it for them. In that more open world, monetizing the graph will become even harde - Edwin Khodabakchian
wow...another around... - Kenyth
Interesting. Most seasoned entrepreneurs will tell you funding isn't an ideal expansion, that multiple rounds is not a good sign. Means it isn't making money. Social networks are nothing more than message boards with different user features - and have always been very hard to monetize. New competition is coming fast into the market from places none of y'all are looking at, and we're... more... - Patricia
Patricia: Google had multiple rounds. So did many other big Silicon Valley companies. - Robert Scoble
Chris: I know all about dilution. The reason Zuckerberg is so smart is he's taken a few rounds without getting diluted much at all. Got $300 million from Microsoft and only gave up, what, 1% or so of Facebook? That's brilliant. - Robert Scoble
Robert, yes, i know. it can be an asset. it just depends on if they can find a way to make money. google found it. let's hope facebook does too. i root for all businesses to succeed! - Patricia
still all I am seeing is the taking of money with no idea on how it'll generate money back, which is the whole point of investment. It seems to be the whole mantra of web apps "get users, then figure out how to make money" instead of the way every other industry functions. Do you really think this is a lasting way of doing business or will the web have to mature and show they can make money with their creations before investors will part with large sums of money? - alphaxion
when thinking about it, it is a particularly Valley way of doing business - I don't see this kind of investment internationally, they demand to see what will happen with their money and how it is likely to generate its own revenue instead of going cap in hand back to the investors. - alphaxion
and I do agree that this way of investing does lead to some really innovative things that ordinarily wouldn't stand a chance of making it. But, it is a big concern that the sites can't stand on their own without VC's propping them up by pouring round after round into them with nothing more than "it's gonna be huge!" as the reason. It'll only ever be huge if a cogent business plan exists, otherwise the only huge thing will be the bill VC's nurse at the end of it. - alphaxion
Facebook is finished - paul mooney
FB has the most chance of success because that's where non geeks go. It's the one service they want to use. - Richard A.
I don't get what non geeks has to do with FB's sucess ? - Asankhaya Sharma
Asankhaya: one word: "mainstream" - Claudio Cicali
Interesting to note Apple could pony up $6 billion for Facebook and still have some $18 billion left over. - Mike Reynolds
well i would not invest, fb has been for sometime now in a few years what ever profit could be made should have been made by now, the next big idea will kill fb forever, with the investment totally sunked in - briandsouza
UPDATE on this: Investors in Facebook are telling friends of mine that Facebook is not raising another round. It's possible that this is an opportunity that's being offered by someone who has stock already and is looking to get out. I'll try to find out more and report back. - Robert Scoble
I definitely would! - Pico Seno
Robert - whoa, "someone ... looking to get out." wow. yes, more info please. What is their rationale? - Susan Beebe
I wouldn't. I would rather invest in something simpler like twitter or friendfeed. - Siddharth Mitra
Amazon's Kindle for iPhone hits the App Store -
A 'desktop' app would be nice too. Whilst not as nice for reading at the beach as a kindle, I would love to be able to read from my laptop. - Robin Barooah
Is It Stupid to Trust Twitter Apps With Your Password? ( )
It is stupid from twitter not to provide an api key or implement oauth! - Peter Hoffmann
The problem isn’t just Twitter Apps Anyone who entrusts any kind of viral tell-a-friend with their passwords to email accounts is insane. The problem is that the more engrained this behaviour becomes, the more likely a service that isn’t honest, or has been hacked will get hold of very private data. - Andy Beard
It's stupid to trust our fragile, insecure egos. - Eric Rice
“Both OAuth and the ‘firehose’ feed of public updates are in internal testing and are pending a closed beta. We’ll be experimenting with both after the first of the year.” — Alex Payne, Twitter API Lead, 12/29 ( - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: thanks, that's good news. - Peter Hoffmann
Matt Cutts
Yes, Google updated our toolbar PageRank values today. Consider this the confirmation.
Looks like Twitter moved to PR 9 and FriendFeed to 8. - Atul Arora
wonderful, this should be fun. /sarcasm - John Honeck
Matt Cutts
Thought for the day: Techmeme's reliance on links between blog posts tends to reward arguments between bloggers. Techmeme does a disservice to the web in that it pulls technical discourse toward argumentation and tabloid-level fare that will generate bitchmemes, People that want to target Techmeme commonly do so via contrived controversy rather...
...commonly do so via contrived controversy rather than by reason or rationality. Discuss. - Matt Cutts
unless of course you are one of the authority/seed sites like techcrunch or scoble then you get to lead the bitchfest and get all the links for starting the argument in the firstplace ... - Michael Gray
true to an extent, but you'll notice that almost all bitchmemes happen on the weekends or holidays when there really isn't much news to talk about. i actually think bitchmemes are good every once in a while -- takes blogging back towards the raw and away from the streamlined news that many have become - MG Siegler
I read Techmeme occasionally and even show up every now and then. To some extent it gets a bum rap. The clustering feature is one of the nicer things about it. On the other hand, the "blogosphere" as defined by techmeme is a really really narrow one. Which is one reason I spend more time on Hacker News and Friendfeeds Life Scientist room than techmeme. I figure if anything important shows up on Techmeme, chances are I'll end up finding out about it anyway - Deepak Singh
I think many folks are ignoring the "meme" portion of Techmeme. Going your own way and talking about topics nobody else does won't get you there. It's piling on and going back and forth with other bloggers that is tracked. Yes, it's tech news, but it rewards me-too stories and flamewars. - Louis Gray
Louis, you're right. But, then, if "popularity" is what makes "value" then it'd be a sad world, a very sad world. I am, as you might know, for personal relevancy, a total unknown posting something about something that "I" like is far more worth "attention" to "me" than anything, say, Mike Arrington says. - directeur
Amen! TechMeme is bad at catching news, and then only presents a small slice of it once it catches on. The Tweetree story in the last 24 hours is a perfect case study. Humans could do a much better job than TM does. I imagine this isn't too surprising. - Dave Winer
Dave, True! But machines also can do a better job! The algorithms used nowadays are so stupid that a kid won't write them because of how silly they are. Let's face it: they're all based on the "popularity" parameter. There are standards for personal "interests". The dream-website would be the one to which I'll upload an APML file and which will filter and recommend content for me. I've spent the whole year trying, but the days when this will be fully implemented are definitely coming! :) - directeur
I do think that until we can develop truly associative algos, some human filters will be required. But yes, algos can and should do the grunt work. - Deepak Singh
I thought tracking stuff people like to argue about or that comes up repeatedly was the point of techmeme, not covering breaking news. That's certainly how it operates in practice. - Mr. Gunn
I think Techmeme can be a great way for up and coming bloggers to get attention though, because it is so easy to to game. Once you get a name for yourself, then you can afford to move on to better, real news-related posts. It's one strategy - I don't think it's that bad of one either. Am I wrong here? - Jesse Stay
Louis, then there's something missing, imho. Maybe TM is all it was ever intended to be. Then I want something that tries to keep me (and you and anyone else) informed on what's new in technology. - Dave Winer
Techmeme = Tabloidmeme LOL - Susan Beebe
Mr. Gunn. I think you're quite right, given the design, although it seems to be more of a recursive loop than carefully constructed arguments, but that's as much a function of the blogs tracked as anything else. So who's at fault, Techmeme or those bloggers. Probably both. - Deepak Singh
Just to agree with Dave, I remember early Techmeme as being the best place to get a fresh snapshot of tech news in the blogosphere. Recent Techmeme is more about the discussions (and arguments) over tech news. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. I just need to change my mental model of what Techmeme is, and maybe shift more of my time to other places that highlight what's new in technology. - Matt Cutts
I stopped using Techmeme about half a year ago and didn't miss out on any interesting news that would have been worth the time I spent on Techmeme every day. Tech blogs are so redundant it really doesn't matter anymore which blog you read, you'll likely get your news. For niches, just subscribe to these niche blogs you're interested in. - sebmos
Matt, I just wrote a blog post continuing this thread. Thanks for getting it started. - Dave Winer
“In a controversy, the instant we feel anger, we have already ceased striving for truth and have begun striving for ourselves” Abraham J. Heschel - shayne catrett
Friendfeed is almost what Dave wants. We just need ability to talk to the database and pull value out. What if we could say "show me all items that have word "techmeme" in them AND have two or more comments AND have three or more likes. Display in strict reverse chronological order with no comments and no likes dispayed." why can't we do that? Because friendfeed needs a rewrite first. - Robert Scoble
Robert: ... or FF just needs to publish the mythical "firehose" of items, comments, and likes, and a third party could build that tool. - Ken Sheppardson
Robert, is that a re-write or just an API? - Robert Miller
Dave: (re "continuing" the thread) Don't you mean "forking"? - Ken Sheppardson
Patricia: Gabe deserves this. I was Techmeme's #1 user for a long time and when friendfeed came out I said he is blowing an opportunity to build us into techmeme. He keeps thinking people on friendfeed are stupid. He likes the elitist blogs only and took techmeme into being a Google News competitor. That was a mistake. As soon as friendfeed gives us a couple more features all will be clear. Oh, and I have seen a new service coming next year that will blow your mind in real time. - Robert Scoble
And if friendfeed takes too long someone else will do it. There is too much value to be left on the table here for long. - Robert Scoble
Patricia: NDA. Sorry. - Robert Scoble
and I have something coming out this year to shift the communications paradigm and render websites extinct as we know them..I come with this Vision from the Jungles of Belize...High Tech Retribalization...the plan is so simple but I have not had the honor of the IT Intellects to lend a listening ear..part of being a "minority" I guess...@bcultral - bcultral
*shrugs* I like Techmeme. It saves me from having to subscribe to a bunch of tech blogs in my RSS reader. I just go there any get my fill of headlines for the day. - Eric P
Eric, me too but it hasn't evolved the right way. is a better one-page solution. - Robert Scoble
Matt, TM is not about "technical discourse". There are places for that, like Google Groups. TM is about the community, it reflects their concerns and foibles. More pertinent, perhaps, to criticise the community for turning inward in this time of uncertainty. Also, maybe there's just not much news to talk about at the moment. - Paul Montgomery
I still really like techmeme. Mainly because in the morning I can just scan the page and get an idea of what the top tech stories of the day are. - Marcus Beagley
sorry, i guess my "Real News vs BitchMeme" Radar (tm) is less finely-tuned than the rest of you folks. regardless, i'm still addicted to TM on a daily, if not hourly, basis. - dave mcclure
To be honest, often the bitchmemes have more value for me as an entrepeneur and blogger looking to provide a unique service or unique information that fulfils a real need. If people weren't bitching about poor search results, there wouldn't have been a need for Google to fulfil. - Andy Beard
Jennifer Leggio
Plurk dissolves into social networking ghost town -
Totally agree - Jennifer Leggio
my problem with plurk is that it punishes you when you take that break that we all need to take from social networking. Once you're away for a bit it's hard to get back into it (I touched on this here - Sean Reiser
Hasn't it been a ghost town from day 1? - Outsanity
That doesn't really say why it's a ghost town. I guess you had to constantly use it, as I do. For me, it was never about the karma. I dumped people who obsessed over their karma. Then I went from 178 "friends" down to 38 and while my timeline got quieter, it was a much more fulfilling experience. As the election got heated people got crazy. The Republicans spam everyone's plurks with crap and gang up on those who differ. There's 2 gangs of them that just troll. - Anika
As I've said before I'll never understand people who complain about the timeline. It's simple and easier to search than any other service. Some people complained about the plurkimals, but that's lame. They just want a reason to hate. I get that. I think that after the election will be a better way to see if it's a ghost town. I know that my private plurks are more active than ever. - Anika
You can't really make an assumption of why people don't like the "plurkimals." Design wise, a site it supposed to endear its users, not confuse them, or put them off like it's some deranged sesame street. It's a valid concern. If you find something unappealing, why use it? Plurk just seems like the MySpace of microblogging. It could be successful if it targets a demographic with perhaps a lower communication standard. It's just not sustainable nor does it offer a valuable service beyond what other sites can - Jennifer Leggio
I disagree on the plurkimals, only because I think what your content is should distract from it. I didn't even notice it until about a month after I signed on and others started complaining. As for what it offers: I can send a group of people a private plurk, which definitely something I can not do on any other site and what I use it for mostly. To me, that's worth it's weight in gold. - Anika
Apples and oranges on Twitter. You're comparing a mature service in that chart with a new one. I'd be willing to bet that Twitter went through highs and lows in its early days as well. Second, using Compete: it only measures US traffic, and even then not very well. I'll concede that the interest had dropped off though...definitely, but don't count them out yet - Duncan Riley
then by the same standard, friendfeed is also a ghost town then =). - lihush
plurk sucks - tony vaio
Dave Winer
Ever notice how new products almost never make it on TechMeme these days. They don't even appear. This is loop back to why I started blogging. The industry press was ignoring the interesting stuff and only paying attention to what the BigCos were doing. Time for a new route-around coming soon?
FriendFeed, for now, seems to working well as long as you don't only follow the a-list. - Ray Grieselhuber
There is a risk in Friendfeed that you will only ever see the comments of a small subset of the FF population - interspersed with the odd Friend of... who may make it "In" - Rooms has the potential to widen the gene pool but sticking to the friends tab can definitely limit the number of names you will see... - David W
I don't feel a need to reinvent the web inside of FF. However it is part of what I do, in the same way Twitter is. I like FF better, but only marginally better. It's very far from the ideal. None of these guys have managed to combine all the elements the way plain old HTML does it so well. It's nice in some ways but a big step backward in others. - Dave Winer
oh don't you worry the "BigCos" and slooow media will always end up being displaced; it's a law of nature, soon to be documented and displaced - Billy Shipp from twhirl
Yeah. It's a big old loop we're in. And watch for the moments when new products don't get any air. That means the routearound is just about to begin. - Dave Winer
BTW its weird but Techmeme is down now. What a day! - Dave Winer
reinventing if needed is fine but to get a new look I guess, it's like starting over again a little bit. - Jack
Dave: I disagree to a point. If you look at Techmeme stories from my blog in May and June alone, you can see stories on Loud3r, Feedly, Disqus, Sezwho, FFToGo, and Shyftr, for example. It could be that Techmeme is accurately monitoring the most discussed blogs, and that the vast majority of these blogs are talking less about new products. Link: - Louis Gray
Dave, I don't disagree, but having said that I don't believe its Technemes fault, it is designed to follow the peak noise and ultimately thats around the big players. What we need is a techmeme like service that blocks techcrunch and any mention of a defined list of companies such as google, facebook etc so we can cut through the noise - Duncan Riley from fftogo
Nah, I think the blogosphere and devices like Twitter and FriendFeed show me cool things all the time. When you rely on one aggregator/editor for information... things you are interested in slip through. If you leave it up to crowdsourcing, you see what you want. - Andrew Ruess
Louis -- that's kind of the point -- those products didn't launch well, and with no slight to you -- I haven't heard of them because I depend on TechMeme to tell me what's important in the tech world. TechMeme does what it does well, but it has some real limits and the industry has shaped around those limits, just as the industry shaped around the limits of the press in the pre-Internet era and during the browser and Java wars in the 90s. - Dave Winer
Dave, what are you thinking about? - feedlyqa
I think there needs to be a website where people can list the new products and services, that way its very easy to find out and support new services like SocialBrowse and A.viary that I would have never found if it wasn't for the invites friendfeed channel - Tyler (Chacha)
Feedly, generate a daily RSS feed (archived) of the user's posts. Here's an example. - Dave Winer
are you thinking of a parallel twitter system based on RSS and an associated XXXmeme? - feedlyqa
Dave, I guess the answer is on your website (note: permalinks on the website seem to be broken). how do you envision people creating SwitchAbit? Friendfeed? (or the point is that you do not care?) - feedlyqa
@Chacha i made a new product/software category @ try *solacetech* as an invite code and tell me if that's what you had in mind - Anthony Farrior
I would find it interesting to hear less breaking news and new startups. Instead more analytics on the guys that are doing it right. Why are they successful? Nine out of 10 new startups don't seem to be launching something that addresses an actual need, instead they launch a technology. We have enough technology already, so that fails. And providing us with next gen social ad business models ain't going to work either ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
I really liked Fred Wilson's suggestion to make a TechMeme that was for individual bloggers only. No branded blogs like TechCrunch, Engadget, VentureBeat... just Scripting, AVC, Scoble, etc. This would cast a much more individual net, which I think would really increase diversity. PeopleMeme - Jason Calacanis
Jason, a good idea:-) BTW TechMeme could be improved vastly if it could ignore 3 types of post: 1) any posts that say "Breaking News" 2) posts that copy the exact content of another post and add 1-2 lines to them (echo echo) 3) Anything, and I mean anything that discusses the performance of Twitter at this moment. Removing any of those would make TechMeme probably 100% more interesting and diverse already. Is Gabe listening? ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
Alexander, Gabe always listens. He's one of the best I've seen for monitoring his service online. He's out of town until July 8th, so may be checking things less. - Louis Gray
Well they sound like easy fixes, so I hope he has the time to implement them. Come to think of it, it would be great if each of us can have it's own TechMeme algorithm ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
BTW Louis, it seems YOU are always listening too ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
I have been reading TechMeme less and less lately. I guess that means it's about to go mainstream! :-) - Robert Scoble
My route-around is to read Louis Gray. That's for sure. But he'll be slowed down by two new babies. But I have a lot to say on this topic. The thing is that the early adopters are way ahead of most of the world and the rest of the world needs to catch up before we can see a ton of new stuff again that'll be successful. In the area of work, for instance, on the Office 2.0 database there are more than 800 services. How many of them have any of us tried? I bet a VERY SMALL percentage. - Robert Scoble
Can't slow me down. My Thursday/Friday gap was as we were at the hospital, fattening up Sarah, but my bet is that's a blip. Two new services, never blogged about by anyone ever on Techmeme, hit the blog today. :-) - Louis Gray
I have to disagree. Been seeing more new sources as relatively unknown sources appearing on Techmeme all the time (possibly not this past week?) ... but I read Louis ... and sometimes Robert too :) - Charlie Anzman
I hope Sarah gets fat enough to release louis from fear so he can help us again :-) - Francine Hardaway from twhirl
dont forget ! all new products there - Marshall Kirkpatrick from fftogo
Yep, I'm listening, and appreciate the ideas. But I'm in disagreement with many people here. I can't give alot of weight to requests for coverage of new products from people who provide coverage of new products (or the products themself). And I can't give undue weight to requests for more personal blogs from personal bloggers. These suggestions are somewhat helpful, but don't speak for... more... - Gabe Rivera
It would be interesting to see if someone were to calculate a success/fail ratio on these new products AND relate that to the amount of hype created in some breaking news blogs. I could tell you the outcome, no correlation at all. You either execute right or you don't. The power of the "Hype Blog" review isn't sustainable or accessible for users beyond the early adopters. - Alexander van Elsas
maybe it's just me, but i think there's a "fatigue bar" that keeps going up to get people excited about new products. i think it's more interesting to talk more about things that appear to be getting some traction than any smart little thing that releases. traction > launching - Charles Hudson
I get paid to write about start-ups, but usually it's those that raise funding, make a splash or do something new. We can read about big company news almost anywhere. I'm with Charles, though. Not every start-up is worth the virtual ink. How do you strike a balance? That would be up to Gabe's secret sauce. - Dan Kaplan
I like what Charles said. Very often, where there's traction, there's a story. What happened? Why is this catching on? What made the difference? What kind of people are using it? How is it spreading? Etc., etc. - Gabe Rivera
More information = more usability. Hope to see some new developing things on Techmeme soon. - Mark Frost
I agree in part with Gabe, but disagree too. TechMeme attracted me because it was different than what was on Google News. Now it's getting to be big-city news and isn't as interesting as hanging out in FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
re: a 'Techmeme' that is 'personal' -- A recent blog post from Nick Bradbury explains how the "popular topics" feature on FeedDemon is sort of like a meme-tracker limited to those blogs to which one subscribes ( ). Obviously, this is not a Techmeme replacement, merely an attempt to add another means to view the conversation flow. - Rex Hammock
Gabe, to be clear, I don't think TechMeme should change. I think we need to flow around it though, provide other ways for people to find what's new. We used to have before the blogging world got too big and the spammers discovered it. Digg is even more of a concentrator than TM, so that isn't what I want. Oddly I don't think it's an algorithmic thing. You and I tend to view things diametrically opposite. I think human beings are the answer, you think algorithms. I think we're both right. :-0) - Dave Winer
A very basic work around, filtering some of the noise from Techmeme or the RSS direct - Duncan Riley
Actually aggregation only makes sense in a peer/social context: what is my social graph talking about? Search will become social - differently from what Mahalo is. #workingonit ;) - oliver gassner
Louis Gray
New Blog Post: The Gray Family Doubles Overnight. Welcome Matthew and Sarah!
Photos? :-) - Robert Scoble
Congrats! - Laura
congratulations! - Eugene Huo
Congratulations, and welcome to Matthew and Sarah! - Xavier Bartholome
Heartiest Congratulations! - Parth Awasthi
Congratulations! - Yolanda
Con'grat and weclome to Matthew and Sarah . - Peter Dawson
CONGRATS! You think you're whipped now - just wait for the first smile! - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Congrats! Boy, are you going to be a tired, busy, but happy dad - Tris Hussey from twhirl
Enjoy the fatherhood thingie-you get your whole life to perfect it. Congrats to you and your Misses. - Mark Forman
congrats - Patphelan
Congratulations. - Alex Williams
Congratulationis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy for you and family - Alex Hammer - you should have been in the waiting room - man, the tension :) only a few were allowed in the delivery room! - Tim Hoeck
Robert Scoble
@jimlunsford FriendFeed is noisy, but way more organized than Twitter. It's a silo, yes. But one with RSS feeds out. Is it a silo at all?
it's not a silo, it's an aggregator - Max Niederhofer
Actually I use friendfeed and twitter for discussion based on who I'm talking with. If I know their stream is noisy (like Robert's) than FriendFeed leaves the comment out longer so he can see it. Twitter is better for following large groups and a back channel for a smaller subset. Friendfeed is far more open-ended. - Andrew Feinberg
Anything with a well implemented public API isn't really a silo IMO. - Phil Glockner
It's not a silo. Anyone can pull (just about all, from what I've seen) the data out via the API. It just needs more apps built on the API. - J. McConnell
It is both an aggregator and a silo which encourages scattered conversations - I am unlikely to never come back to this conversation after I leave the comment, the RSS feed doesn't even seem to work - Andy Beard
This problem isn't an inherent one. FriendFeed could fix this relatively easily by allowing the starter of the conversation to link to another FF post. E.g. Robert, since he started both this and the other conversation you commented on, could "link" the two together and then FF could intelligently splice the two conversations together. - J. McConnell
A third party could provide similar behavior via the API by noticing, e.g., that Robert posted a link to this conversation in the middle of another, or by following some other convention. However, it would be nice for FF to provide something like this so all users and API clients could benefit from the spliced coversation. - J. McConnell
I think FriendFeed is not intended to be used as a silo. As mentioned before by previous commenters, it's an agregator with a feel of a discussion forum/mailing list with "karma point"-like feature. - imabonehead
J. McConnell certainly it is possible, there has been talk of clustering before, but it would need to cluster all the stumbles, Diggs, shares etc - it would be great to stumble something, and then discover a whole linked conversation from many sources - Andy Beard
Andy Beard, good to hear that it has been discussed. This reminds me that I did hear mention of it when the FF founders were on the Gillmor Gang. Their argument for not having it yet, I believe, was that the separate conversations are a feature in that they allow separate social groups to interact more naturally, openly, without feeling that their comments are completely public. - J. McConnell
However, it seems that there is support for that kind of private interaction already with rooms. As long as room conversations about a URL aren't clustered with other conversations about a URL, I would think everyone would be happy. Either way, allowing a poster, like Robert in this case, to explicitly link two entries seems to be different and much more conservative than algorithmic clustering. - J. McConnell
It's funny that at a cocktail party there's tons of conversations that happen between small groups in a semi-public manner, but that we don't want to allow that to happen here. - Robert Scoble
FF = aggregator. I find FF far more useful than Twitter. - Bill Sodeman from fftogo
Don't think it is a Silo. But eventually Its all about the intent and the usage. - Parth Awasthi
A silo is something that allows things in but not out, so technically FF is mostly a silo right now. I prefer to think of it as an aggregator. - Sally Church
Sally: if this is a silo how can Google get into it and index it? Also, how can you pull these conversations into RSS? Hmmm. - Robert Scoble
Robert, cocktail party conversations are (typically) not recorded, archived, searchable, etc. Also, the number of people that can overhear them are usually limited to the 5 or so people in the immediate vicinity. On FF, the number of people that can "overhear" is essentially limitless. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for heavy, intelligent clustering on FF and much open discourse. I had to point out the difference here, though. I can understand and respect some people's desire for more privacy. - J. McConnell
J.: you gotta come to the cocktail parties I go to. Almost everything is recorded. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: Google can index it because it's essentially an open, not closed silo. I was thinking more of the commenting on items coming in - they don't always go back to the source, so if you're not on FF you could miss a whole load of discussions on your original post/item. For me, it's semantics - I like both Twitter and FF for different reasons. - Sally Church
Robert, I'd love to go to some of the cocktail parties you go to :) I did have you, specifically, in mind when I threw in the "typically". I knew you'd say that, haha! - J. McConnell from fftogo
Chris Herbert, a) not from Google's cache, b) the privacy-sensitive people I have in mind don't want to delete their comments, they just want to limit the scope of their comments. And to be clear, these are hypothetical people I'm talking about, so maybe the argument isn't worth making. - J. McConnell from fftogo
just check this and compare the conversation and the amount of tweets vs. ff. i cant see a significant one, if any. - kosmar
What some people call noise, others call content. I know lots and lots of folks who consider all the A-list tech blog stuff "noise" and wonder where the "real" content is on the web as a whole. Perspective is crucial. - Soulhuntre
Robert the FF guys (Paul I think it was) also brought out a similar arguement about watching a film with friends and then discussing it after - that conversation is somewhere linked to his blog post - Andy Beard
But then I have seen threads of 15+ comments on someone's stumble of one of my posts, and no comments on the original post. Robert "liked" one of my ePerks articles, but that was in the social media room posted by Igor - Andy Beard
I have contemplated using a FF widget or Wordpress Plugin on my blog to display FF conversations, but those will only pick up a fraction of the conversation around an article. It might be better to create a custom search feed for each article - Andy Beard
Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Support the Vlad Zablotskyy Legal Defense Fund: A real estate weblogger is being throttled by corporate bully The free speech rights you will be fighting for are your own&8230; | BloodhoundBlog: Real estate marketing and technology blo -
From the page: " Support the Vlad Zablotskyy Legal Defense Fund: A real estate weblogger is being throttled by corporate bully The free speech rights you will be fighting for are your own…" ePerks=eJerks - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Sweet Andy! lol - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Joseph Ferrara.Sellsius
@mlbroadcast No. ePerks alleges vlad's post refers to them as the source of the yahoo post. Read complaint on scribd at vald's post.
Steven Finch
ePerks &038; iHype - Legal Kneejerk - Sues Blogger | Andy Beard - Niche Marketing -
Robert Scoble
FriendFeed conversation about whether or not it's a silo:
I should start another conversaiton here just to prove my point, then digg stumble the original with comments, and then start retweeting - Andy Beard
Try to do THAT on Twitter. And, anyway, Twitter sees far more conversation particulation than you get here on FriendFeed, where interesting conversations join up into clusters. Also, a conversation here lasts hours. Over on Twitter? The half-life of a conversation is only six minutes. Why? Because interesting stuff just gets buried so fast. - Robert Scoble
Not silo in terms of technology, but channel preference and uneven RSS/API usage make it silo in reality. - Brian Carter
yes you can monitor a few threads that way, but the only way I can monitor conversations just about my own posts here on friendfeed is to use search - Andy Beard
As an example I am using advanced search just to pick up comments I might have missed regarding eperks, but it is time consuming - Andy Beard
very nice point about the half life of a conversation on twitter. I find that unless I use the GUI (ie use a client like twhirl), the half life is pretty similar - Shivanand Velmurugan
It would be great if an author can group a bunch of twitter messages into 1 conversation ( or everyone starts using friendfeed instead :) ) - Shivanand Velmurugan
Agreeing w/ @andybeard- FF has silos w/in one conversation... at least as big an issue as whether it's a silo amongst SM sites. - Brian Carter
ePerks Sues Real Estate Blogger, Blogosphere Unites to Destroy the ePerks Brand - Real Estate Agent and Brokerage Blogs -
From the page: "The following is the torrid tale of eParks and how they solicited editorial advertising from real estate bloggers and when they didn't like the result of one blogger's pieces they attacked him personally and are now suing him. It's disgraceful. For those of you not yet in the know, ePerks, a service that allows Realtors to offer incentives back to consumers, has recently taken legal action against a fellow real estate blogger, Vlad Zablotskyy." - rob
RT Cunningham
New on UV: The ePerks vs. Vlad Zablotskyy Fiasco: I told myself I wouldn't get involv..
RT Cunningham
Support the Vlad Zablotskyy Legal Defense Fund: A real estate weblogger is being throttled by corporate bully The free speech rights you will be fighting for are your own&8230; | BloodhoundBlog: Real estate marketing and technology blo -
I'm tempted, I won't do it of course, to assist in a Google bomb. I won't resort to those tactics but I wouldn't put it past ePerks. Scum. - RT Cunningham
David Harry
What Is Social Media’s Purpose? No U silly SEO, It’s Not About Links -
Makes sense. - Tad Chef
true!! it's about PEOPLE!! - Dieter Schwarz
Dieter, stop agreeing with me, otherwise you will be labeled a Social Troll and blocked by @Scobleizer LOL - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
damn - that would be the worst thing that could happen to someone in web 2.0! Ok: Nothing that Igor the social troll says is true!! ;) - Dieter Schwarz
Yeah, the more someone tries to debunk me, the more vocal and notable I become! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Mike Buckley
I'm wondering if others have this problem. Do your loved ones consider your online activities "work"? Do they think you're "playing on the computer"? If so, how do you handle it? -
I do both while on computer. Mostly work. But when i take a break, i check out FF, Twitter, gReader, etc. The *techies* in my family know I am working, but the non-techies think I am playing... sorta funny! Non-techies automatically think my browser = play, but in actually, I have 90% of my work in my browser! - Susan Beebe
I think people have a harder time grasping the fact that one can actually work at home, on the Internet. Many people in my life still haven't gotten this through their head ;) - Glen Stansberry from twhirl
Glen: I am at home getting more work done here than at the office - Susan Beebe
My wife understands, but none of the rest of my family would - they probably don't have highspeed internet.. - Tony from Alert Thingy
Most of my friends and family get it, but there is a significant percentage of them who think "working in technology" means "Mark can fix my computer." - Mark Trapp
My family members know I work on my computer, as I work at home. like Susan, I play with FF, Twitter, Greader or my blog whenever i want a break. - Jansen Lu
Haha, Kevin: you might want to try telling them you only work with Macs. For me, and for a long time, that was like saying to people "No habla Englais!" and they'd leave you alone. But in the past couple of years, more and more people are getting Macs, so it's starting to lose its effectiveness. - Mark Trapp
My loved one does until each time a check rolls in. Then I'm good for a couple of days :) Only 27 years ?! - Charlie Anzman
@Charlie Anzman u r a freelancer, like me, as well? - Jansen Lu
Mary McKnight
ePerks - I Am Not A Minion Mr Cook | Andy Beard - Niche Marketing -
Ruthann Macklin
Im Mad As Hell-You Will Be Too When You Read About Vlad Zablotskyy and ePerks - http://www.realestatevirtualas...
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