Hi, I'm Danny Sullivan, and I've been writing about search & SEO for 18 years. AMA :) - http://www.reddit.com/r...
.@jesslynnrose Email sent with the examples from Tweet - as is users should manually check every single link
.@jesslynnrose @MajesticSEO Multiple examples with organic link to andybeard.eu with nofollow link in comment
Warning - if there are 2 links on a page, 1 nofollow (later in source) @majesticseo can show just 1 nofollow link
It would be cool if Microsoft also fixed SNI SSL support for XP / IE legacy users - would make universal SSL more viable
Experiencing repeated issues with iCloud & Gamecenter connection the last few days - anyone else? (Central Europe)
Building a CDN over SSL with CloudFront and SNI https://t.co/QIkLcpOfsX (cheapest current SSL CDN solution)
Interesting how @nokia Twitter/Facebook accounts will be shared resources with Microsoft http://conversations.nokia.com/2014...
Guys... you really think Google is going to kill G+ just as they general released a way to make $$$ with it ?
RT @DocSheldon: Sure would be nice to see some corporate bidders on this, to help out @yoyoseo http://danalookadoo.com/persona...
.@dannysullivan @ATT Would you say the same if they targeted the offer just to Twitter influencers? (just curious)
I ignored your email today because it didn't stand out on the Gmail Promotions cards #fixit
RT @firstround: .@Airbnb just closed $500M at a $10B valuation - but it was almost a flop. This is how it turned things around: http://firstround.com/article...
.@mwilton13 @mattcutts Old hosts can be unforgiving - Google added a nasty interstitial for those that moved from Blogspot
.@dr_pete Depends on platform - I know @markjaquith does a lot of that with WordPress
.@mattcutts @techtada Another One Bites the Dust (Official) https://t.co/WfPnTE2RhK
.@danthies If they price it high enough, and dumb the features down, perfect nerd fanboy magnet
.@darrenhoyt MMORPGers talk about earning faction with their significant others
Rethinking Awareness in Content Marketing http://www.lebseodesign.com/2014... via @WissamDandan
Context Matters! Lessons Learned From YT Personalized Recommendations (And Why This Matters For Twitter http://hunterwalk.com/2014... @hunterwalk
Help - looking for more #hasttag suggestions for when linking to sucky sites https://t.co/EtfPxPfL8P best so far #sitesucks #UXsucks
Re: Context Matters! Lessons Learned From YouTube Personalized Recommendations (And Why This Matters For Twitter) - http://hunterwalk.com/2014...
"I tend to find their recommendations are often based around who you last followed, and not necessarily what content you are tweeting about. I find their recommendations more pull me to a consensus than helping me find insightful contributions. My favorite way to discover people is monitoring conversations around diverse topics. Often the people I might follow are people who disagree with someone I already follow in a constructive way." - Andy Beard
How many task management apps have you signed up to but not even completed your profile... because you were distracted
.@Forbes is a diabolical mess of interstitials and broken overlays - I refuse to share even good content from there
.@marshallk In a perfect world you would think @getlittlebird would have already identified @hardaway as the perfect tester
.@VentureBeat Poor conclusions drawn - best to refer to a more detailed timeline http://www.smh.com.au/it-pro...
.@SimonHeseltine @shingy No dissing from me, was just drawing a parallel - I tend not to judge people even by what they say about themselves
.@SimonHeseltine Hehe... says he who works alongside a "digital prophet" ;)
Re: Serious question: Who should pay for Heartbleed? | VentureBeat | Security | by Jeffrey Lyon, Black Lotus Communications - http://venturebeat.com/2014...
"I think you will find this is a much more comprehensive timeline and may change any interpretation of events and how things could be improved in the future. http://www.smh.com.au/it-pro/s..." - Andy Beard
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