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So if I wanted a bluetooth speaker that's small enough to pack in my suitcase but sounds good, what would you recommend?
RT @RevRichardColes: In 42 of the 53 Commonwealth nations it is illegal to be gay.
RT @NoMansSky: Are you a junior programmer? Super good at coding stuff? Maybe you want to work on No Man's Sky? Mail me at jobs @
RT @lsinger: The Myers-Briggs test is bollocks, yet 89 of the Fortune 100 use it. All the valid criticism in one handy article:
This is a pretty cool looking desktop power socket
Any ideas on how I can easily convert a video to a filmstrip?
RT @ExodusIntel: Our customers had an exploit for CVE-2013-5065 10 months before @FireEye found it in the wild. We'll be replacing it w/ a new 0day shortly.
RT @__apf__: how do people justify selling 0-days? how do they take any pride in what they did that day?
RT @ScottKellum: ”The mobile web” is a mirage. As we get closer to a mobile critical mass it will fade into just “the web”
RT @patmeenan: As promised, WebPagetest 2.15 is now available (for private instances):
RT @igrigorik: hooray.. rel=prefetch will be (re)enabled in Chrome M38: - yes, it's currently disabled by default.
RT @PeterRollins: Standing against Israel's assault is also a stand against Hamas. For it's precisely the assault that strengthens the power of Hamas
RT @tameverts: .@Radware's latest quarterly #webperf SOTU is out. Find out why the median page takes 6.2s to become interactive: #UX
This week's challenge is to work out how to explain the critical rendering path a bunch of non-web developers
RT @neilmorrin: Give us some RTs folks. Submit a talk for @Igniteliv in September
RT @tpierrain: There will always be someone who says that they can do it cheaper... #craftsmanship
RT @zachleat: In case an annoyingly large page weight wasn’t enough reason to avoid social widgets like @addthis: via @jefflembeck
RT @dougireton: "Men need to create a climate where sexism, dismissiveness and prejudices are not tolerated." -
RT @BhasChat: When 13 deaths is more significant than 425 deaths: What makes headlines? What gets buried in text?
RT @jonsnowC4: If you strangle a people, deny them supply, for years, extreme reaction is inevitable. the one begets the other.
RT @jonsnowC4: Were any other country on Earth doing what is being done in Gaza, there would be worldwide uproar
RT @NickiDavies: .@AndyDavies stayed in room 404 this week, it's ok though, he managed to find it :-)
RT @HouseofCommons: The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill has received Royal Assent to become an Act of Parliament. #DRIP
Re: Londoners face a 36pc in stamp duty as homes are set to hit £500,000 -
"And the evidence is?" - Andy Davies
Re: Londoners face a 36pc in stamp duty as homes are set to hit £500,000 -
"On the contrary we use roughly as much land for golf courses are we do for housing, see and for example" - Andy Davies
Re: Londoners face a 36pc in stamp duty as homes are set to hit £500,000 -
"We've got plenty of golf courses we could build on!" - Andy Davies
Is there a good description of how remote debugging of IE on windows phone works anywhere?
RT @aaisp: "...Because blanket mass surveillance is illegal under EU law..." #DRIP
RT @dougsillars: Does your mobile site cache html differently than your desktop site? The differences may surprise you.
RT @iheni: THIS @stevefaulkner: pressing buttons (<button>) makes stuff happen, activating links (<a href="#poot">) takes you to another place. Simple!
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