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Re: Loading webfonts with high performance on responsive websites -
"I'm not sure I agree that "it only takes *a* site to take one for the team" as there's no guarantee that once a font is downloaded how long it will stay in the cache - we're building sites that consume more and more cache, and using many different fonts from many different foundries. Not sure I follow the bigger question of when browsers are going to become more responsible - originally browsers didn't block waiting for the font and display the page anyway until we (devs and designers) complained we didn't like the experience it gave our visitors, so instead they started waiting for font. Ilya's got an interesting proposal to allow us to have greater level of control, but we'll still have a challenge when we choose to use a font -" - Andy Davies
Re: Loading webfonts with high performance on responsive websites -
"Even with a cache lifetime of a year there's no guarantee that the font file will stay in cache, as depending on how frequently it's uses a browser is likely to eject it so it can cache other content" - Andy Davies
Re: Optimizing the Critical Rendering Path -
"Key thing to remember with webfonts is they block rendering in Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox - the last three wait 3 seconds before timing out and falling back to a default font, Safari waits longer. But… The browser doesn't know which fonts it needs until the render tree is being built i.e. until the CSS styles are matched against the DOM, and only then does it request them - it's one of the reasons fonts can be such a painful user experience on slow networks. We then get into the tradeoff of base64 encoding fonts which of course results in larger CSS, so longer download and later construction of the render tree, which is why people go down the route of storing them in localStorage. Ilya Grigorik put together a great idea for controlling font-blocking behaviour in more detail -" - Andy Davies
What does the browser pre-loader do? -
What does the browser pre-loader do?
RT @stopsatgreen: It’s so cute seeing iPhone people getting all excited about custom keyboards.
RT @pini42: We are looking for excellent female speakers for @DockerCon Europe 2014 in Amsterdam at December 4-5 @CallbackWomen
RT @jedisct1: RT @TwitPic: Twitpic is shutting down, read our blog for more info - Please retweet
Urgh if I wanted a Facebook style filtered feed I'd be using Facebook not @Twitter #sucks
RT @annashipman: What a shame! @TwitPic is shutting down. This plus = not good, @twitter. via @freebsdgirl
In my favourite country, just been out and has dinner like the Greeks do. Lots of different dishes shared between us
RT @shropgeek: Just added our final talk outline from @andydavies to the #revolutionconf website. The day is looking AWESOME !!: http://2014.shropgeek-revoluti...
RT @paul_irish: SF EdgeConf ( Sept 20ᵀᴴ is shaping up to be a powerful event. Schedule: Register for a seat!
RT @wilsonpage: Looking for a place to stay in SF 16th-23rd Sept for @edgeconf. Any tips/recommendations? Cheap & cheerful :)
Every time I read asciidoc I laugh, then I remember I'm writing a book using it!
Off to sunny Greece for ten days tomorrow, my parents are moving in so house will be clean and stocked with food when we get back #Winning
RT @patrickhamann: I'm giving a workshop on Optimising the Critical Rendering Path at @SassConf. Use the discount code "patricksosassy" to grab a ticket.
RT @stroudcluster: We currently have two desks available for per-day or monthly bookings at Stroud’s only design/tech co-working space
My son doesn't think I'd make a very good evil genius.
RT @BBCGlos: Filming for major Hollywood movie due to begin at Gloucester Docks, make way for tall ships like this spotted by Paul
RT @andybudd: Women in digital wanting speaker experience - sign up for @300SecondsBTN on Sept 17.
RT @adamauckland: @AndyDavies cat README.txt | pbcopy
So part way through contributing to a second book, @ninjanails asks me when I'm doing a third!
"You are currently the only person in this conference"
First day of two weeks off, car in garage for service, had a haircut, need to tidy up a bit before my parents move in on Thu!
RT @undertheraedar: New commuting map of England and Wales, with input from @ed_ferrari - full size version here:
RT @velocityconf: In pursuit of 1000ms time-to-glass holy grail for mobile @danielespeset shares the tools at #velocityconf next month
Writing stuff for the book and fighting with OSX dependencies!
Just put up the new shed - If you're thinking of buying a billyoh shed my advice is buy something else
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