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RT @jaffathecake: Man walks into a bar carrying <p style="transform: scaleX(50)">face</p>. Barman asks...
RT @thehistoryguy: More people in the UK support Manchester United than practise Christianity, but that does not make us a ‘Man Utd supporting country.’
RT @peterc: Seeing a LOT of Twitter accounts being exploited this week. No idea how but a good time to check your app list and revoke many of them.
Genius HTTP -> SPDY trick from @mcmanusducksong
RT @fat_freddie: How many bears could Bear Grylls grill if Bear Grylls could grill bears? #favouritetonguetwisters
RT @MrQwest: If any folk are in need of a front end dev as an extra pair of hands, I've got some availability. @ me or email
RT @0xabad1dea: “Ah, they found our router backdoor. Make it slightly more obfuscated and tell them it’s patched.”
RT @NickiDavies: Massive thud from bathroom. Ran upstairs, nipper on floor, been trying to "climb up his towel" which is on a hook on the door. No hook now!
This seems nuts >>> Head of Bristol Brussels Office - Bristol City Council, Brussels
Taxed the car using the beta on, much better than old workflow - good job @dafyddbach and co \0/
Still amazes me that iOS keyboard doesn't change when shift is pressed as Android does.
"Apple stuff just works" and other lies we tell small children
RT @measureworks: Good Design + Fast Web Performance = Great User Experience #ux #webperf
Stuck in a failing Mavericks install loop that even Cmd R doesn't seem to want to get involved in
RT @soulislove: The slides from my 5 minutes lightning talk: "My #webperf toolbox" from last Stockholm Web Performance meetup:
Re: One of the most destructive taxes of the past 40 years could soon be axed -
"Why should retired people be given special dispensation - they're amongst the biggest gainers in the property boom we've have, pension costs are the largest component of the social security budget (you don't see politicians mention that), and the cost of supporting ever increasing life expectancy is huge." - Andy Davies
Any pointers on writing lint for a language - currently planning on building AST, and using a visitor - is this an appropriate way?
RT @arizzitano: while i was waiting for your webfonts to load, i went to your competitor's site, bought their product, and proved p=np
Seems the guy's basic advice was to do a Windows and reinstall OSX
Went to the Apple store to check what was going on with @ninjanails MBP and got patronised because they couldn't find why it's overheating
So in addition to "Universal Principles of Design" I also appear to be reading this (it's for a good cause)
RT @webstandards: Hey Students, we've just released £10 tickets for @webstandards #SotB4
RT @jchris: Couchbase Mobile developer challenge Win a crazy robot!
RT @bryanrieger: …the lines between traditional disciplines is blurring. Learn everything you can because, one day, you’ll need it. -
RT @Malarkey: .@jamesfrewin1 is studying Web Design at the University of Gloucestershire and is looking for a one-year work placement. Can you help him?
RT @rlove: I've updated my recommended Apache/Nginx SSL/TLS cipher configuration given the end-of-life of Windows XP: 100% PFS!
RT @GlosRoadPol: Sorry the Highway Code is clear. Too many cyclists are hit by cars squeezing past. You only pass when absolutely clear. The same as a car.
RT @hellogeri: My book, Pocket Guide to Colour Accessibility, is back up for sale on for only £3/$5 #a11y
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