Re: Apple MackBook USB-C Connector is a “Docking Station” -
"Surely the docking station of the future will be a monitor that supplies power and connectivity via a USB-C connector. Apple could have easily put a second USB C connector on the MB as the new ChromeBook pixel does e.g. for people to charge their phone but decided we need a clunky adapter instead :-(" - Andy Davies
Re: How to: Create an ‘all-in-one’ WebPageTest Private Instance -
"Do you want it to be treated as a separate agent i.e have a separate work queue, or do you want it to share the load with the local machine agent. To be a separate agent you'll need to install the software on the VM, configure locations.ini on the server with a new location, and then wptdriver.ini on the agent with the new name. If it's to share the work just use your existing wptdriver.ini and make sure the addresses point to the right ip address / host name" - Andy Davies
Re: How to: Create an ‘all-in-one’ WebPageTest Private Instance -
"Cool, glad you go it going - I working on ways of being able to automate the install to make life easier" - Andy Davies
Re: How to: Create an ‘all-in-one’ WebPageTest Private Instance -
"My guess is the path to Chrome and Firefox aren't correct: The paths above are for 32 bit windows, on 64 bit windows they'll be in Program Files (x86) so paths need updating" - Andy Davies
Re: How to: Create an ‘all-in-one’ WebPageTest Private Instance -
"My guess is that php's not configured in Apache" - Andy Davies
BTW. Collective noun for zombies is 'shambles'
RT @mattcutts: Do you run a website on Microsoft software? Then you should patch this bug like right now:
RT @Souders: How long do browsers wait before terminating a hung response? 20 seconds? 120? Run this test & help me gather data:
RT @fivesimplesteps: We have been working on something new. Coming very soon
RT @arkitrave: I <3 synthetic monitoring! I wrote about how I used it to track down a performance problem: #webperf #gilttech
RT @bensmithuk: I’m looking for an experienced user researcher (contract role) to join our team in the south west w/ some UK travel.
RT @filamentgroup: Thrilled that @scottjehl's book @ResponsibleRWD will go on sale in the @abookapart store November 19th!
RT @christinacaci: TIL: Grace Hopper once gave an interview to Cosmopolitan (
RT @ninjanails: I wish everyone would be given a lesson in making effective and aesthetically pleasing slides
RT @guypod: Responsive Design Adoption, 2014: How many sites use #RWD? And how’s their performance? #perfmatters #wd14
RT @FullCreamMilk: Last night I released the script from my #thewebis talk:
Is IE6 a bad browser, or was it just the first 'good enough' browser?
Guy a few seats up is on a conference call explaining how some MS updates broke their application in IE6 and is discussing an update to IE8!
What's even more ridiculous about closing Cheltenham Station car park is the races don't start for another 3 days!
What fool thinks it's acceptable to close Cheltenham station car park because there's horse racing on?
RT @JZdziarski: The notification center database in ~/Library/NotificationCenter stores your tweets, email, other data indefinitely.
RT @ivanristic: RT @trustinternet: SSL Pulse data Nov 2014 < Large drop in SSL 3 support!
RT @alexmassie: Comment of the Year. (Courtesy of @portraitinflesh and @mehdirhasan)
RT @browserstack: Update: The hacker’s access was restricted solely to a list of email addresses. We'll be back up in a few hours. Sincere apologies.
RT @nkjemisin: Homeless mother who sent six-year-old son to better school in the wrong town jailed for five years America.
"Dad, do you think you'll be able to teach me Java, or Python?" - Jon, aged 9
RT @tiraniddo: I guess no matter what you think about the colour scheme, upgrading to Yosemite seems a great idea
Hmm so the nine year old should be well asleep bit someone he's still up due to feeling unwell - let's hope he sleeps in!
RT @siddharth3: Sweden has provided one of the most epic burns in diplomatic history. It first formally recognised Palestine. Then:
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