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What does the browser pre-loader do? -
What does the browser pre-loader do?
RT @stopsatgreen: It’s so cute seeing iPhone people getting all excited about custom keyboards.
RT @pini42: We are looking for excellent female speakers for @DockerCon Europe 2014 in Amsterdam at December 4-5 @CallbackWomen
RT @jedisct1: RT @TwitPic: Twitpic is shutting down, read our blog for more info - Please retweet
Urgh if I wanted a Facebook style filtered feed I'd be using Facebook not @Twitter #sucks
RT @annashipman: What a shame! @TwitPic is shutting down. This plus = not good, @twitter. via @freebsdgirl
In my favourite country, just been out and has dinner like the Greeks do. Lots of different dishes shared between us
RT @shropgeek: Just added our final talk outline from @andydavies to the #revolutionconf website. The day is looking AWESOME !!: http://2014.shropgeek-revoluti...
RT @paul_irish: SF EdgeConf ( Sept 20ᵀᴴ is shaping up to be a powerful event. Schedule: Register for a seat!
RT @wilsonpage: Looking for a place to stay in SF 16th-23rd Sept for @edgeconf. Any tips/recommendations? Cheap & cheerful :)
Every time I read asciidoc I laugh, then I remember I'm writing a book using it!
Off to sunny Greece for ten days tomorrow, my parents are moving in so house will be clean and stocked with food when we get back #Winning
RT @patrickhamann: I'm giving a workshop on Optimising the Critical Rendering Path at @SassConf. Use the discount code "patricksosassy" to grab a ticket.
RT @stroudcluster: We currently have two desks available for per-day or monthly bookings at Stroud’s only design/tech co-working space
My son doesn't think I'd make a very good evil genius.
RT @BBCGlos: Filming for major Hollywood movie due to begin at Gloucester Docks, make way for tall ships like this spotted by Paul
RT @andybudd: Women in digital wanting speaker experience - sign up for @300SecondsBTN on Sept 17.
RT @adamauckland: @AndyDavies cat README.txt | pbcopy
So part way through contributing to a second book, @ninjanails asks me when I'm doing a third!
"You are currently the only person in this conference"
First day of two weeks off, car in garage for service, had a haircut, need to tidy up a bit before my parents move in on Thu!
RT @undertheraedar: New commuting map of England and Wales, with input from @ed_ferrari - full size version here:
RT @velocityconf: In pursuit of 1000ms time-to-glass holy grail for mobile @danielespeset shares the tools at #velocityconf next month
Writing stuff for the book and fighting with OSX dependencies!
Just put up the new shed - If you're thinking of buying a billyoh shed my advice is buy something else
RT @emmkaff: Scientists: Don't freak out about Ebola. Everyone: *Panic!* Scientists: Freak out about climate change. Everyone: LOL! Pass me some coal.
First day of holidays, and both me and @NickiDavies wake up at 3:50am #insomnia
Current status: on holiday (at home) and reading WebPagetest code! I have beer too though.
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