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RT @jasonhevans: Hey folks - I'm looking for an awesome, techie sales engineer to help @fastly solidify its rapidly growing NYC team
RT @igrigorik: nice setup guide for TLS termination (and passthrough) with HAProxy: - if you terminate, use TLS to your origin!
Re: Optimising for 60fps everywhere -
"Optimising for 60fps it great but it would also be good if your beacon didn't ping the server every 5 seconds as it's going to keep the radio awake and ultimately help kill people's batteries" - Andy Davies
RT @benbyford: I think every web designer should read @fivesimplesteps: Web Performance. Also: Code if your interested in coding
RT @StuRobson: So, I really enjoyed presenting an in-house Sass workshop for @UCLWAMS today. If you’re interested in this for your company, let’s talk!
RT @austinkleon: George Lucas's first wife edited all 3 STAR WARS movies (won an Oscar for the 1st) and yet, you never hear about her:
RT @JZdziarski: Apple's knowledge base says that this is all just for their own diagnostics, so nothing to panic about, right?
First client talk of the week went well, now to finish up the one for Thursday
Someone's painting their nails on this train, and it's pretty antisocial.
RT @FrontEndLondon: Here it is (finally) the official Front-end London One Day call for proposals. This years event is on October 4th
Question of the day from a little girl on the train to her mum, "Is there such thing as Batman?"
RT @connie9888: If you're in the San Diego area on 08/06, join the Web Performance Meetup for an opportunity to hear about “Frontend…
Hmm, new Chrome Android Beta hides the refresh button behind an extra tap and I don't like that
RT @m1ke_ellis: unclear how someone who doesn't accept a truce until troops leave is then guilty of breaking the truce they didn't accept #gaza
RT @AriyaHidayat: Thanks to the hard work of @Vitalliumm @KDABQt and many others, we are ready to embrace Qt 5-based #PhantomJS 2!
RT @JZdziarski: Apparently a lot of other people's exploits hinge on Apple not fixing file relay. Sweet. What you get for not sharing with me.
RT @Bristol_Culture: King Kong has appeared hanging on scaffolding on the side of Whiteladies Picture House:
RT @AriyaHidayat: [blog post from last year] Why I argue that 20-minute tech talks (conferences, meetups, etc) are better for everyone:
According to @Akamai's State of the Internet, average UK connection speed was 9.9Mbps in Q1 2014
RT @peterc: I totally buy into this. "If you can't sell it, you can't build it" - Seth Godin
Me: "Suppose I'd better have a shower". 8yr old: "You could have a pyjama day"
RT @Akamai: Globally, 98 qualifying countries/regions saw avg. connection speeds increase in Q1 '14. More stats: #Akamai_SOTI
Explaining the difference between serif and sans-serif fonts to 8yr old Jon
Explaining the difference between serif and sans-serif fonts to 8yr Jon
RT @JZdziarski: Autocorrect has become my worst enema
RT @dougsillars: Akamai sees > 18M unique user agent strings a day #velocityconf #catchingup
RT @webinista: It Turns Out Hamas Didn’t Kidnap and Kill the 3 Israeli Teens After All from @NYMag
RT @PicPedant: .@phuunet @AndyDavies Yeah super-old light painting art piece: — but the @LearnSomethLng bot don't care.
RT @svgeesus: WOFF 2.0 uses Brotli compression, developed in IETF. Today confirmed royalty free #webfonts
RT @LearnSomethlng: This is what it looks like when Lightning Strikes a tree!
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