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Andy McIlwain

Andy McIlwain

Miscellaneous web-type geek. I help build online communities. I also like to doodle. (What's up with that, anyway?)
Shop Local: Support your neighbourhood's small businesses! Special event on Saturday, November 29th:
Tech marketing needs to stop abusing good words. -
Shawn Lovering: Reflecting on BlogPodium -
Re: Everything you need to know about Ello, the latest trendy social network -
"That's all standard cover-your-ass stuff. They're giving you a heads up that information *may* be shared with affiliates in the future. Content may be used on other parts of the internet? That's common sense. And, last but not least, backups for a service like this would be automated and ongoing, so even if you delete your account, there's probably a timestamped backup of the site with your information still on it. I appreciate that they've written it in plain language rather than legalese. It's not like they're doing a bait-and-switch here. They're being up-front about how the tech works." - Andy McIlwain
America’s Surprise Medical Bills -
Toronto's @jen_keesmaat getting mad shoutouts at #PintsNotProfitsTO.
Decided to use Google's Noto font for my upcoming theme. (Sorry Open Sans, nothing personal.)
Playing Games & Raising Money for Charity -
On responding to your site’s users. -
The importance of client training. -
WordPress is growing at the edges. -
Inside the Design Team at Razorfish
Beautiful day for a bike ride in the Annex.
KW research this morning. Enjoy this stuff too much for it to feel like work. #guiltynotguilty
The Biking Blogger's Go Bag: via @lifehacker
There's a special room in hell reserved for patent trolls.
Make your words the hero of your design.
"Sketch" is a slick new portfolio theme for @wordpressdotcom users.
Keyword Tool: 750 Google Keyword Suggestions for Free. Use 192 Google Domains & 83 Languages #seo
"I have come to believe that advertising is the original sin of the web."
Embracing user onboarding for a service-based company: How automating your processes can help your business.
Make Animated GIFs from Youtube: (This'll be fun to play with.)
“Too many designers are designing to impress their peers rather than address real business problems.” —@intercom
"I don’t even want to pirate this movie." Expendables 3 is expendable: via @verge
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