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Andy Piper

Andy Piper

social bridgebuilder | photographer | techie | speaker | podcaster | all views = my own
Watching "Downloaded" documentary about Napster. 'Wait what? The Internet is a distributed system?! Oh my God shut it down!!' ... Uh huh
RT @alblue: @andypiper it’s busy uploading all your contacts and personal data … It takes a while to back up your phone, you know.
Napster. Broadcast. Realplayer. This documentary is a smörgåsbord of outdated / dead technology.
Good job, Facebook 10 update for Android... When will you be done "setting up" BTW?! Waiting :-)
Omg @richardbarley is teaching me about Vine on my tellybox!
Hey @noonisms any way to help @rajaraodv with his fav and rt history query? Not sure...
Twitter now available in five new languages
RT @3scale: @twitter's @romainhuet about Connecting to the pulse of the planet with Twitter #APIs and his @apistrat engagements:
Testing a status update from FB to Twitter - will be deleted.
Fanta turns to Vine for weekly digital comedy series (nice video of @richardbarley in this piece, too)
Yosemite dev preview 6 - new icons, wallpapers… Airdrop with iOS 8 still not working AFAICT
Yosemite beta 6 - new icons, wallpapers… Airdrop with iOS 8 still not working AFAICT
Installing Yosemite beta 6 to start the day... Yo!
RT @obeysireli: my twitter feed is full of real-time reporting from the streets of #ferguson. my FB feed is full of people dumping ice water on their heads.
Bearcats at a pumpkin festival. The threat level is severe.
RT @IMcMillan: What I like about twitter is that you can be a curator, editor, writer, publisher, and run your own radio and TV stations.
Watching the John Oliver piece on #ferguson. Wow. Shocking.
So cool - I won this in @englishpen raffle at #nineworlds! Games night, anyone? :-)
RT @womeng: Join our @TwitterSRE team tomorrow evening to learn about how we're making Twitter more resilient. RSVP here:
#homecamp / eco friends - how likely are GU5.3 LED bulbs to work in place of halogens? Reading stuff about transformer circuits, confused!
RT @Abipotimous: @TwizooLondon thank you! Everyone should follow @TwizooLondon & download the app! 😀👍
RT @jghackers: Some events we're talking at / supporting @hack4goodlsk - London, Sep 12-14 @hackferencebrum - B'Ham, Sept 19 @PayPalUK - London, Oct 11-12
RT @laurenschutte: "Yesterday I mostly did gardening. I'm so grown up it sucks." - @andypiper about his weekend.
RT @laurenschutte: I am attending a @Crashlytics Meetup. Join me at Twitter HQ! #MeetTwitterDev
RT @TwitterDev: Join us 8/26 at HQ for a Meetup: build, distribute and grow your mobile app using @crashlytics! #MeetTwitterDev
RT @lachlanpayne: "It is with great sadness that I must decline your enticing offer to work for you for free."
RT @mojavelinux: According to @GitHub, any contribution more than a year old has no value. Please give us stats for more than 1 year! It's soooo misleading.
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