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Andy Piper

Andy Piper

social bridgebuilder | photographer | techie | speaker | podcaster | all views = my own
Pretty sure I'm somewhere on this chart, anyone know where I fit? #craftconf
RT @TwizooLondon: Ever wondered how to get a sneak preview of Twizoo before it's launched? Become a Twizoo Tester! #betatesting
I might not have mentioned containers, but I know I said microservices at least twice or more.
Managed to get through a whole PaaS talk without mentioning containers.
RT @c1aran: You can now see old versions of Google Street View by clicking the clock icon below the address. Nifty.
RT @angelluisdiaz: The MQTT TC has released MQTT 3.1.1 <- to public review, not final yet
RT @sesam: Predictions on the Cloud in 2014 from @andypiper #craftconf #room2
I'll be talking about PaaS, OSS, #cloudfoundry, etc in about 15 minutes at #craftconf in room 3 upstairs. Learn why OSS matters in Cloud.
RT @IoTPedia: Microsoft Launches IoT Cloud - Business Insider #IoT #cloud <- @chanezon any plans for #mqtt support?
RT @sarahsharp: Band releases album as Linux kernel module: @gregkh has been joking about pulling it into the Staging tree.
Doh another schedule change at #craftconf - "break a leg" @postwait :-)
RT @ruskin147: Great investigation by @TheRegister shows two UK mobile networks open to voicemail hacking without PIN
Some practical tips from @rachelcdavies on how to introduce change and new ideas at work - research, listen, get buy-in #craftconf
Now at #craftconf listening to @rachelcdavies talk about agile coaching and introducing new ideas at work
RT @andysc: \o/ the SMS to web DM inbox bug in Twitter is fixed. Thanks to @andypiper for insider assistance and epic fu! #friendsinhighplaces
Learning about @RabbitMQ federation from @old_sound #craftconf
"... You can also use @rabbitmq from COBOL" @old_sound #craftconf
Heh... Stealth #mqtt reference at #craftconf and it wasn't me!
W00t next up is Mr @rabbitmq in ACTION! @old_sound about to rock the room 1 stage #craftconf
RT @mchmarny: Winners of IoT craze: message protocols. I'm starting to see regular apps using #CoAP, #MQTT now
Also just learned about 'vagrant share' command... Cool #craftconf
Listening to @mitchellh talk about his devops toolchain, starting with Vagrant #craftconf - didn't know it could work with cloud VMs too
RT @pfhllnts: "Maximum potency #devops" with @mitchellh at #craftconf
My change of employer hasn't filtered through all of the materials but the bio on the website is correct #craftconf
RT @iotwatch: we'll be looking for FSA/FCA partners #investment #iot
"In Hungary, you have to drink beer in the morning" #craftconf I could get used to this... :-)
RT @survivalcrziest: @jboner at #craftconf: Today Distributed is everywhere, whether you want it or not. Failure will happen. Embrace it.
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