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bit disappointed with new @waitrose in keynsham - no duck breasts, no clotted cream, no hot-cross buns - useless :-(
useful stuff... but why bury a FAQ in a PDF in 2014? RT @mcraddock: Gov security guidance updated #gcloud #cloudstore
RT @GOVUKdigimkt: Read the April update from @tsingleton about raising buyer awareness for #GCloud.
"we now have a digital storytelling toolbox that puts us in control" - nope, sorry... you still aren't in control #SitecoreDTS
maybe you're employing he wrong intern? #SitecoreDTS
"you can't just put up an instance of Hadoop, load it with data and expect the intern to pull something out out of the hat" #SitecoreDTS
customers have always been in control of your story - the difference is that you can listen to them now #SitecoreDTS
take a rat that is stroked daily, a rat in pain and a rat kept in isolation - what have you got? 2 rats - the last one dies #SitecoreDTS
i'm grateful that the list of #gcloud PGA accreditations at https://digitalmarketplace.blo... has finally been updated but... comic sans, really? :-)
RT @Coneee: A (depressingly short) graphic of every woman who's been allowed to attend cabinet, ever
hmmm... i signed the "pay back or resign" petition - she stole our money - now she's resigned - i still want the money back! :-(
today's random spam - "Hey Our Family Magic Show is unlike any type of show you or your guests have ever seen!" - _delete_
found old copy of careers advice I was given in 1975 - "you seem quite keen on careers in civil engineering like surveying" - err...
RT @Marthalanefox: gd stats by @Go_ON_UK founder @LloydsBankNews #BizDigitalIndex finds 29% of UK SMEs +charities say webisn’t relevant
RT @Politics_co_uk: 12 Years a Slave director targets home secretary over slavery law
RT @SimonNRicketts: This sleeping woman on the train has the perfect book.
jeez @Ofstednews, why don't we take babies straight out of the womb, test them, then put them into formal schooling?
we have #opendata on #gcloud spend but it only represents 1% of all govIT spend -where is data on that? #opensource14
RT @benphillips76: Well done whoever did this.
the pop-up blocker notification in chrome is surprisingly easy to miss given that sometimes it is quite important to know
"a dedicated MOOC production suite in their “Rolex Learning Centre”. One to watch…" @dkernohan urghh... :-(
RT @KatrinaJames: Cuts to the Citizen's Advice Bureau here in #Bath is a false economy according to @UniofBath researchers @WeLoveBath
when presented with 3 big buckets, most people pick the middle one - #gcloud ;-)
RT @BLE1: Thanks, @JStro_ for this recipe (homemade Pot Noodles) Look forward to try it!
RT @NOWBath: The famous cycling Tour of Britain is set to arrive in Bath in September, for the first time in the 11 year history -
RT @daveyp: Disappointed no-one's noticed I put some invalid HTML in a web page that has a W3C valid HTML 5.0 logo on it as an April Fool :-(
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Brilliant protest in Lisbon, Portugal. Wheelchair parked with notes on them "be right back" "just getting something"
correction... up at 8 - forgot to change kitchen clock before going to bed!
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