Andy Sternberg
nobody has ever commented or even liked any of my friendfeed action. pity me! -
I'm following you, but you don't tell me anything about the new iPhone, so you aren't interesting. :-) - Robert Scoble
I'm changing that now. :) - Morton Fox
Pity party is now in full force on your FF! - Jason Shellen
Done and done. - Vincent X
I have no idea who you are, but woohoo Andy Sternberg FTW! - Ashley Williams from Alert Thingy
Hahaha! what a nice surprise! Were you all just watching the everyone friendfeed roll by? As for Scoble, I have a feeling that he actually is the machine ourselves ;-) - Andy Sternberg
I think Scobes is just gonna be the first of us to transcend into posthumanity. And then we'll get a blog post with a title like, "Woah! This is SOOOO cool! I'm crying!" - iTad
I was told there would be free cake here... - Brett Kelly
i will borrow some likes from 'scoble' - bvs
@Tad - too funny. I really think Scoble helps set a positive tone in this space. - Andy Sternberg
@Julian it's true -- FF is the ultimate test of: can you leave a comment on a blog (or aggregator) AND remember to responsibly track it / come back to it in good time? I've failed many times in the past by leaving moderately provocative comments on blogs and then fading into the ether. - Andy Sternberg
I'm in the same boat...actually you've one upped me with this post and all the comments here :) - Jennifer Van Grove from Alert Thingy
Funny, I was following Jennifer too (both before I saw this post), but she doesn't tell me anything about Google's new Android, so she isn't interesting either. Hope that helps. - Robert Scoble
it's always a competition with you isn't it, @jbruin ;-p Try me in Scrabulous sometime. - Andy Sternberg
Your Attention Whore-fu is weak. lol - Karim
weakness intended. like Julian said above -- it would only pan out on FF and in this stage of the rollout. I was surprised. Then again, I left a summize search open set to friendfeed when I left work and there were a couple hundred new results when I returned, so the buzz is only picking up among the broader microblogging community. Whore-fu that ;-) - Andy Sternberg
Scoble: when people get all iPhone/Android-crazy it really tempts me to start-up the Face-fone rumor. You know, the handset that comes with a multi-touch super-poke proboscis. - Andy Sternberg
[wipes trace of blood from lip] You win THIS round of Attention Whore-fu, Andy. But next time... next time I will link to ARRINGTON. [dramatic music] - Karim
LULZ @ Karim. nice one. chills even. - Andy Sternberg
oh man it's harsh times here on FF, I didn't realize I needed to talk about Android to be interesting :), oh and @netzoo I'll take you down at's on...just not now @jbruin needs to finish a business spec for a top secret project - Jennifer Van Grove from Alert Thingy
Andy, now you're getting more interesting. Keep it up! :-) - Robert Scoble
well, thanks. I did set the bar pretty low there. This is a very vacant call to arms though -- what if a microblogger SERIOUSLY needed to flag a tweet/post for urgency. should there be standards? I do hate those urgent flags in Outlook, etc, but still... - Andy Sternberg from Alert Thingy
Hi Andy. I "liked" 3 of your items. I'm sure as I have time to go through your FriendFeed stuff that I'll "like" more. Welcome to FriendFeed! ;-) - Mitchell Tsai
you're not alone. then again, i've just recently become a "fan" of friendfeed. there's too much going on at times to capture meaningful content or contributions, but you have to start somewhere i guess. - Cee Bee
Awww come 'ere, big hug. There ! :) - Mo Kargas
we can't have that now can we. Looks like you have hit the mark with this post though. 21 comments and counting. Not bad! - Michael McGimpsey
Okay, piling on with my pity because I always do what FF comments tell me to do. :-) - Joanmarie