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Robert Scoble
Just was talking to and we came to the conclusion that if you are going to comment on a friendfeed item you should either be first or last. Why? They always are visible. So, here's your chance! :-)
zaloom! - Kevin Johnson
If we are really cool we'll get on this list - Robert Scoble
Kevin is first, who will be last? I just want to be the penultimate commenter! - Robert Scoble
first and last words are all that matter on the FF. - rob
Okay. Everyone stop NOW! - Kevin Sablan
great. now FF is going to be filled up with those annoying ass people that comment "FIRST!" on everything. - No Name
Aw crap, I could sit here all night waiting to be last, so may as well comment now. - Sharon McPherson
8th! - rob
Any worthy FF thread will engage interested parties enough to read most of the comments. - iTad
Do I get bonus points if I end up being the thread killer? - Kevin Johnson
Kevin you could always delete your 1st comment. :) - rob
Kevin! Yes, and we're having a great time watching this. It will get old fast, but for now it's really fun! - Robert Scoble
Hey Enrique.. that would suck. Oh... LAST! Oh Jeff... Last. - Ted Bradford II
That's why these threads just go on and on and on... people just want to have the last word. ;-P - Chris Heath
Chris: I don't want the last word. I want the penultimate word. :-) - Robert Scoble
Nope, I like the riffng of the conversation. Jump in anywhere. Enjoy the free flow of ideas and worry not about being seen by the scanners. Those who take the time to expand the thread have such a richer experience. - michael sean wright
if i wasn't so tired i'd play that out Chris (as my last post was truly in jest). Late here in East TN. Gonna go tip a few cows and call it a day. - Ted Bradford II
Ted: so was mine ... didn't you catch the winky tongue? (i'm on cape fear so i'm soon to bed as well) - Chris Heath
Good point, unless you're actually using the RT chat aspect of FriendFeed, I guess... - Andy Werner
Chris- I did, but needed a segue into a cow tipping joke... cause I've never done so before. I do know this, tomorrow I will use the word 'penultimate' and dazzle family and friends. Hope alls quiet on the Cape bro. These storms have been a biotch. Annnnnnd Jeff just trumped us all. Tell him what he's won Enrique... nite all. - Ted Bradford II
Second to last is always visible on my screen. :) - Bwana ☠
Clever way to get the most commented upon comment on FF ever.... - Barak B
Ted, if you haven't dozed off- i'll have you know that the coastal winds tend to keep a lot of the storm systems at bay- if you're close enough to the water - a mile or 5 inland can make a big difference some days - and spot t/storms can be localized around here big time - for instance yesterday it rained (for a short period) at my house while i was at work 5 miles away getting no rain - only knew cuz the ground was wet when i went home for lunch... ok - it's really time for sleep now - g'nite FriendFeed - Chris Heath
so in other words, last is not least? - Julie Bovee Hill
Barak: check out this idea for a long thread (still nowhere near the longest on friendfeed, but the idea.. ) - Chris Heath
Chris: Yes, that is a good one too. This is better though and I predict with end up with more comments. - Barak B
Yay! I am last as of now :) - Amit Nangare
lets see how long this lasts for! :) - Paul Kinlan
Another one of these? From Scoble this time? Wow. BTW, last post. - Chris Charabaruk
I will be the penultimate commenter! - Garin Kilpatrick
That way I can be the ultimate one. - Chris Charabaruk
Nope. - Barak B
friendfeed should allow for "liking" comments so top comments can be the ones shown, no matter the chronology. And allow the users to watch comments by likes, threaded or chronologically. - Charbax
A blatant attempt at gaming the FriendFeed statistics for no real useful purpose... Oooh, can I be last, Please Please!!! - Peter Kelley
No, Peter, you may not be last. That's my position. - Chris Charabaruk
Last Post!!! - Richard Hurt
well, the last comment is always changing, isn't this like having your 5 nanoseconds of glory? - Liviu Lica
This thread is now closed. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
No, NOW it's closed. - Chris Charabaruk
Or is it? :) - Liviu Lica
Perhaps now... - Garin Kilpatrick
thats me! :) - Roshan Ramachandran
based on what you say, it easier to simply click like :-) - Orli Yakuel
"Comment on a friendfeed item"? which one? ;) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Are trying to go for the longest comment thread again? - Amit Morson
Amit: no, most times one post gets hidden. - Robert Scoble
In a different timezone you can have the advantage :) - Rene de Vries
Okay, people, nothing to see here. Just walk on. This is the last comment. It's all clear now. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
What if you write backwards? Does that help? - Kieran Daly
It would be nice if we could pick the number of comments shown at the top and bottom, I'd like to see the first 3 and last 3 for example. - Kol Tregaskes
I usually read all the comments of something I'm interested in. I don't just read the top and bottom ones so I don't care where I come in. I comment on what I want to because I want to say something. It's nice if the original poster reads/responds to it, but not absolutely necessary. Most of the time the most fun/interaction comes from other commenters. - Molly
Sounds like an online auction...Is there any deadline? Then I'll prepare my winning speech 17,3 sec beforehand. - Zack Brandit
I'm not falling for your postbait, Scoble! Oh wait...crap. - That's So CAJ!
Cow tipping - That's Funny - Brent - Yes I am
Good point. - Jack Boyle
I feel sorry for the cows. And the grass. I am weakhearted I guess. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
I guess I misunderstood. You were talking about that fat waittress in Crazy Mick's Breakaway Cafe, weren't you? - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Fine, I'm in - Don Bonaddio
no - mjc
Yeah, you were last. Congrats. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
In ur timezone, stealin ur commentz, kthxbye :) - Peter Kelley
ok, I'll hold on to last place for visablity! - PaulJohnson
I was going to add something witty, but i got nothing. sorry.... - Mike Nencetti
No problem. Participating is more important than winning, we say in the Netherlands. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
It's the long-tail of real-time - zeroinfluencer
Excellent point David ;) - Don Bonaddio
Being last has one drawback. It makes you a thread-killer. I'm not sure some of us like being that. Sometimes I'd rather see the discussion keep going. - George Hall (Australia)
Do like the suggestion made earlier that there should be bonus points for being the thread-killer... - George Hall (Australia)
but who wants to be last? - mcvictor
Ok Robert, please close this thread now. ;) - Meryn Stol
I disagree, and I'll tell you why below... - FFing Enigma
We already did this thread, I'll post the link right after Tina's rebuttal - Rahsheen
You don't really believe that Robert. Content is key! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
But if I post last, I'm first in the thread on Twhirl! Double win! ;-) - Julie Barrett from twhirl
amazing - David Gross from email
Always happy to be last .... but it probably won't last :) - Charlie Anzman
llllllaaaaasssssstttttt - mjc
You'd be right Charlie :P - Jay
And there is nothing I hate more than reading that first comment that childishly claims "First!" and nothing more. "Last!" (until the next comment comes along) - Jim Espinoza
By the way, I'm the last commenter in a very participated thread recently started by Robert Scoble, but that didn't gain me almost any new follower. I'm fine with this though, as I'd find silly being advantaged for being the last commenter ;-) - Opensource Obscure
Agreed :) - Fabian De Simone
How do I stick my comment to the bottom so that it will always be last? :) - Jeff Sayre
How long can this go on? - Tom Landini
Last! ...for now - Scott
So this if why Scoble goes nuts over realtime feeds - he can be the first to comment. - Tom Landini
Well, every comment gets to be last for at least a couple of seconds. Or fractions of a second with RT. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
If you want to understand the power of last you need to read this thread - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
"There is no final solution. There is no last word.” ~ Carlos Fuentes - Sharon McPherson
First is way better, because the last post can always change :) - Tim McDougall
Easy to be first, harder to be last. Kind of like trying to win a silent auction, you always have to go back - Lorraine Ball
but what if it took me a while to find the discussion, and i still want to be last? ;-) - Courtney Engle
Firs...Last. - Rob
@Rob - in yo' face! - JoEllen
The one who will comment after me is so stupid I would'nt like to be him :P - stanjourdan
Yoink! - Zach Lytwyn
112 comments - but there can never be last comment, can there? Unless there is a FF limit on the number of comments - Paul, is there a limit? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
The current last comment is the next penultimate comment. - Brian Sullivan
Not everyone is on here to market themselves to infinity. Why people, other than people who actually make money off of exposure, insist on wanting the most friends on ff/fb/ms/tt is beyond me. Not everyone is a Scobilite! Yes I did just make that word up... where do I copyright it? lol - Jason Williams
Didn't someone blog about tinyurl's dominance a while back - about how they have too much power. Might have been Gillmor or Winer - Bwana ☠
Winer. I don't think they have too much power - Steve Gillmor
I'm going for last. - Derek Markham
I've got last:-) - Francine Hardaway
instahide - Edward Zwart
How can we compete against Robert - Peter Meng
Peter: why compete? Just come in last! :-) - Robert Scoble
Just checking. I heard this thread was closed, so I wondered if commenting still works. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
wow that's pretty rad :-) - Patphelan
@Jeff, it's not spam if you opt in ;-) - Kevin Johnson
wonder what the value of posting on page length increments are... as people page down your comment is visible ;) - offbeatmammal
Jeff: do you still get email if you hide a thread? I bet you do. That sucks. Now I know why I don't turn on email notifications. - Robert Scoble
There is no last. - Mobius Loop - Robert Couture
to infinity and beyond - Jonathan Grimes
@Jeff - same here - noworries - Kevin Johnson
- Rob
This. Will. Never. End. - Michael Forian
Pay me $10 and I'll delete this thread. (Future friendfeed monetization technique). Sigh. - Robert Scoble
Your comment is always the last! look at mine :) - Luis Benavides
Welcome to the neverending thread :) - Garin Kilpatrick
Garin: I'll delete it before it ends. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: That would be a shame. You'd be up $10 at least though :) - Garin Kilpatrick
The last shall be last - Peter Meng
There can be only one. - Kevin Johnson
I seem to be last on many of Steve Gillmor's posts @techcrunchit, the kiss of death to many a conversation. I should be so lucky here. - Aron Michalski from fftogo
Yes, you should be so lucky :p - Jesse Newhart
I'm going to change my FriendFeed ID to "145 more comments" - Mark Traphagen
Getting a piece of the pie... :) - Jan Ole Peek
I've often found myself to have the last comment. It hasn't benefited me yet that I've noticed...let's try that again. - Mike Lewis
first is forever....last is a very transient honor indeed. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
and being both is probably meaningless, but I'm still going to claim it - Kevin Johnson
Do others ever get more than 2 comments on their posts? :) - Cameron
Doing it!! - Drew Lucas
So, if you are last and then someone comes behind you, should you re-comment to be last again? - T.S. Elliott
Probably so T.S. but it won't last long ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Sorry Rob:-) - Michael Fidler
As a fine-art platform, as a painting, do you think anyone would be interested in a full-screen image feed animated by Judith Supine? - stephen harlow
He who comments last... - Abbas Haider Ali
comments as: - Kevin Johnson
Tag- Im it - Ryan Gerritsen
not anymore you're not ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
zaloom! - Kevin Johnson
for one moment I could imagine that every comment was Kevin Johnson and his "zaloom!" - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
ANd so I do and then another and another :) Fun huh. - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa
not really... but hey... whatever - Chris Heath
So to comment or to like a FriendFeed item is to promote it.. and to promote the promoter. Great great great! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
173rd!! - Mark Traphagen
Controlled noise... - Joe Dawson
Indeed it is official :) But not for long let me bask in it's glory for a moment hahaha. - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa
It was fun while it lasted. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Okay, Thanks. It was taking too much of my time anyway. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Nicholas: Except this thread is far more epic :) - Garin Kilpatrick
back claim last place! - Zach Lytwyn
Good for you Zach! - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Cannot. Let. This. End. - Robert Couture
Have. To. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
hit hit hit - Hans Mestrum
Kol: Cool idea, it would be neat to be able to choose how many of the first and last comments were visible. - Garin Kilpatrick
I like most anything distilled...information, bait...(distilled that like the worm at the bottom of the mezcal?) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The difference would be that in this case the worm will stay on the bottom. No matter what. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
I am not quite sure about that. But willing to accept it. (Wait! You just called me a worm? The most underrated but valuable animal on the planet, that brings us fertile ground and eats dead stuff? It is a nice compliment, but might be a bit much). - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Yesterday somebody asked: 'if you pass the number two in a race, which place are you in?' and I answered wrong. Passing the last one in this race will be hard... - Ruud van Wijngaarden
The last comment shall be mine! :) - Garin Kilpatrick
Woot, last comment. ;) - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Mmmm. I always hoped I would be last. - Ruud van Wijngaarden from email
Mmmm. I always hoped I would be last. - Ruud van Wijngaarden from email
I think it is hard to be first and even harder to be last.. just look at this thread.. - David Gross
Last comment? - Jeff P. Henderson
you mean Twitter Gar1n? You were talking on TWITTER WEREN'T YOU! LIAR "friendfeeed Garin" pfttttt still the same bi-polar - sofarsoShawn
Interesting comment, SFSS, very interesting indeed. So interesting, in fact, that I think that nothing further needs to be added to this thread. Ever. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
אתם כל כך מלא חרא, אבל זו בעיה שלך, לא שלי :-) - David Gross from email
actually i don't know how not to be the last commenter :) - İ. Emre Kutlu
Me too.. - David Gross from email
If only I could puncture the depths of Scoble's scratch-the-surface brain fart, techno-vangelizing, then I'd actually care WHOLE HEARTEDLY about this meaningfully retarded thread. - sofarsoShawn
The only way this thread can be made even more ridiculous and anachronistic is to move it to Myspace would work, too. - Tal Shafik
Interesting ;) - Alex
And since you can't guarantee being last unless you are the originator of the thread or can convince the originator to end comments (but since Robert is AWOL that is unlikely) -- you better be first. ;-) - Brian Sullivan
Okay, admittedly being the last IS visible...but who REALLY wants to be the thread-killer? - George Hall (Australia)
I think I remember commenting on one of those threads...and it's STILL going???? - George Hall (Australia)
Hey, this one's from May... it's about to hit its own anniversary! - Chris Heath
I'm surprised this only has a little over 200 comments. - Jason Williams
201 - David Gross
don't be so sure about that... there's lots of people who like to be thread killers or last... just wait and watch - Chris Heath
Sage words Robert - Sage words indeed! - PaulJohnson
See??? I told you! - Chris Heath
It doesn't seem to work in the long term. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Andy Werner
Tengo Google Wave invites si alguien quiere! (Avisame por reply pero incluí tu mail!)
nikosg5 at - Nikos G
Done and done! - Andy Werner
Thank you very much Andy - Pedro Matos
Loic Le Meur
Which companies/startups are the most innovative these days in the music industry?
Spotify,, Pandora - Jesse Stay
Hype Machine is absolutely amazing. - Andy Werner
i am really liking thesixtyone - Wang Yip
Andy Werner
Ugly-ass dog - Andy Werner
Ja, mentira! Es lindísimo, no? - Andy Werner
Justin Hall
I remember Japan rental apartments advertise with floorplan layout diagrams. Let's do it USA!
Very clever, makes sense to include the most relevant thing (not just "best-angle" shots that make the place look big!) - Andy Werner
Andy Werner
"Por suerte se sacó a esa cerda insufrible de encima. Mi experiencia me enseñó que las mujeres nunca se vuelven menos hinchas pelotas con el tiempo. El hinchapelotismo es una condición que en la mujer siempre avanza implacablemente hasta alacanzar límites insospechachos." - Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Andy Werner
10 NBA Players I’d Want on My Team -
Noc! - Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Basta de la mentira Echarri - Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Sean "Diddy" Combs Complains About Gas Prices -
El flaco saluda a los Saudis pero ellos son los principales responsables de los precios altos... - Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Re da postear una vez cada 4 meses - Andy Werner
Andy Werner
De ahí sale su presupuesto de juguetes. Es self-preservation instinct. - Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Andy Werner
I agree with Kanye... - Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Quizás sea buena idea implementarlo localmente... - Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Este man está crazy. -
Esto es real. Me asusta. - Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Campeón hay uno solo parece -
Me parece que Boca no sale campeón... - Andy Werner
Andy Werner
"en esa época no salían aún peinados del terreno de juego." - Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Andy Werner
Se le escapó de las manos -
Una pena che, pero no valen doble los goles de visitante? - Andy Werner
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