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Anthony Ha
[vb post] Sorry Bing, I’m sticking with Google Maps
Charles Hudson
Plancast Is Foursquare… For The Future -
Kevin Fox
GReader: Pls add some padding. kthxbai!
Extra padding is coming (though not quite as much as this). - Mihai Parparita
:-) - Kevin Fox
It must sometimes be torture to know design. I'm lucky to be oblivious. - Bruce Lewis
we had it done before you even posted, yo. - Jenna Bilotta
and by we, i, of course, mean mihai. Sigh. coding really is useful sometimes.. - Jenna Bilotta
Shannon Bauman
I just relaunched with a whole bunch of new UI, features, data, etc. Check it out, upload photos, spread the word, etc. :) The site is great if you want to find your best photo for an online dating site, or if you want to know if you look better with short hair or long, or whatever other reason.
Oh, and if you are on reddit and have a reddit account, feel free to upvote my reddit submission :) (search for friendly rank, and you should find it) - Shannon Bauman
Chieze Okoye
Watching #Wicked and the Act I finale was all kinds of awesome!
Braden Kowitz
I am way too nice to sell on craigslist. Everyone who calls me sounds nice, but flakes out.
BE RUTHLESS! it's worth it. :) - Jenna Bilotta
How to dress up as Meatwad -
How to dress up as Meatwad
How to dress up as Meatwad
How to dress up as Meatwad
"This is the most awesome, disgusting thing I have ever made. I reeked of salty bacon and salami, which I found out is actually quite alluring to guys. If you ever need a date, I highly recommend wearing a meat dress. I badly wanted to go to a vegan restaurant in it. Or walk through the park and make dog friends." - Gabe from Bookmarklet
While I give her props for her creativity and dedication to the project, I do wish I could kick her really hard . Why isn't there a dislike button?! - Becca
Haggis: I want to see you dressed as a haggis! - Gabe
Sure, but those comments would apply to any haggis. - Gabe
Kevin Fox
i thought they usually started with some sort of fish... - bob
someone had a laugh, certain that someone would spot it and change it. And then they didnt - Iphigenie
I think somebody did a Google Image Search for "imitation lobster" and just picked the first thing they saw. - Gabe
Charles Hudson
Yahoo's Sorry Acquisition History (YHOO) -
ouch. not very kind. - Charles Hudson from Bookmarklet
Lasse Johnsen
"The only metrics that entrepreneurs should invest energy in collecting are those that help them make decisions. Unfortunately, the majority of data available in off-the-shelf analytics packages are what I call Vanity Metrics. They might make you feel good, but they don’t offer clear guidance for what to do." - Lasse Johnsen from Bookmarklet
Matt Cutts
"My name is Peter ... I found while searching in Google, would like to exchange a link with us?" Hmm. I'll pass.
He wrote me too! - Robert Scoble
awesome. :)) - Oguz Serdar
no-follow - Charbax
wow, this mattcutts character is sure popular. - imabonehead
I'm sure one of his personalities must be worth linking to ... - B.J. Mendelson
Even more fun is when people e-mail an admin'y address, offering to enable "your site to do better in Google!" - Adam Lasnik
Hey Matt, why did you move your blog to And more importantly: Why did your blog go to pagerank0/1? - Kevin Fox
here we are, nerd humor on monday morning - simone righini
Matt, you should conduct an experiment how much are they prepared to pay for that exchange? Start with $1000, and go down from there... who knows, you could be stumbling over a viable new business model? - ianf ⌘
Incidentally, regarding your new site. The "excellent Thesis theme" may indeed be excellent, but the template doesn't scale well. Bump up text size a couple of steps, and you'll soon discover that the main text column doesn't fit on a 13-15" laptop screen, needs to be sideways-scrolled for reading on a line-by-line basis. Considering it's all text, I don't see how this could be justified in this day and age of accessible Internet. - ianf ⌘
Why Pass? but you are Matt Cutts - Kristo Magno
Got a similar email from a "Kenneth". Think it's just spam. - Ravi Sandepudi
Kevin, it's just a temporary thing while I try out a new webhost. - Matt Cutts
Hillarious! - Jim Gaudet
Tim O'Reilly
New from O'Reilly: Using Google App Engine. First book in our new Google Press partnership.
Bret Taylor
F.A.T. » KANYEFY Bookmarklet -
F.A.T. » KANYEFY Bookmarklet
Wow, our bookmarklet messed up that animated GIF. Bummer... - Bret Taylor
Charles Hudson
How Google Stole Control Over Content Distribution By Stealing Links -
I step away from Twitter for like 2 hours and the emergency comes and is resolved before I return. Talk about immediacy. Sometimes not being current is a good thing. - Peggy Dolane
Paul Buchheit
Google street view car + low bridge......... -
Flexible arm holding the camera? - Hayes Haugen
it is my view, and believe, that Google Street View cars should be taking the measure of wi-fi field strength and networks present as they go .... are they doing it ? - pb:
Eric Eldon
Heart Of The City (Ain't No Love) by Jay-Z -
Jay-Z – The Blueprint (Explicit)
Eminem: The fall and rise of a superstar - News, People - The Independent -
Eminem: The fall and rise of a superstar - News, People - The Independent
"It is a little-known fact that the only book Eminem read as a child was the dictionary. He pored over it, searching for words that rhymed with each other that could later be pulled out of the bag during the freestyle rap "battles" that provided his education in hip-hop. The years spent studying the English language lie at the core of his technical brilliance. They turned him into the greatest rapper of his time. But they did so at a personal cost: for Eminem could be uncharitably described as an anorak. His life starts and ends with music. He writes constantly, scrawling lines on sheets of notepaper in a crabby handwriting. When he's not composing new verse, or messing around in a studio, he'll be listening to hip-hop. "The guy's a studio rat," says producer Terry Simaan, the owner of Oh Trey 9, one of the Detroit's most influential hip-hop labels. "If he feels like it, he'll spend 12, 15 hours a day in a studio." " - bob from Bookmarklet
"spend 12, 15 hours" Pfff. Some FFers post for 15 hours then polish off another 4hrs of comments, then a few likes as a night cap. - Micah
one of my favorite quotes about Hendrix is that he would wake up, and immediately, before anything, even food, start playing. I've been thinking about it a lot as more and more people tell me about that 'outliers' book. - paulm
Madalina Seghete
Chaz Michael Michaels :: Sleeping -
Chaz Michael Michaels :: Sleeping
so adorable. added as a fav, also. - Min Liu
Looks like baby argos - Madalina Seghete
Google Trends -
The queries listed on xkcd are now showing up on Google Hot Trends ( - Amit Patel
Nelson Cheng
Fuck You, Penguin; A Blog Where I Tell Cute Animals What's What -
Love it - Hutch Carpenter
I'm totally working "chillaxin" into my vocabulary. - Jeanette Bosman
Mona Nomura
O M G. Looks at the bacon. LOOK!! - Mona Nomura
whoa! - Susan Beebe
That's so wrong - what I'm waiting for is bacon bit toppings or a fudge sauce that tastes like bacon! - Wayne Schulz
You Americans have some funny traditions --- "So I candied my bacon the old-fashioned way." :P - Dave Pook
Maybe you could use bacon drippings as the topping on the ice cream. With the salty melty-ness oozing deep into the ice cream...or maybe not - Morgan
Barf! - Sarah Perez
Interesting. - Molly Song ;)
i dunno...bacon ice cream? i'll try it but i ain't buying a quart to go without first getting a taste - Morgan
Puke! - Éric Senterre
Go away you haters. It's a big pile of candy coated WIN. - Mona Nomura
I love bacon. I love chocolate. I once tried chocolate with bacon in it, and I almost vomited. Like actually. I assume the same would go for bacon and ice cream... - Clay B.
That's candy covered candy - Bwana ☠
The waiter at Oliveto didn't recommend this dessert when we inquired about it at the Whole Hog Dinner there last year. The meal we had there was on of the best I've ever had, definitely in the top 10 (and we had things like brains and ears), and I felt the waiter didn't steer us wrong. I love bacon, I love ice cream, but not together. - Sarah
It would probably be even better if it were maple swirl ice cream. While it's still soft, gently stir maple syrup into the ice cream then pop it back in the freezer to harden. - April Russo (FForever!)
God no... - John Spencer
yu-yu-yuck! - .LAG liked that
Icccch! - Charlie Anzman
EWWW I'd rather eat legos. - Brandon
blahhhhh - Adam Helweh
How about Prosciutto and Pistachio? - Larry Kless
this is madness! - Yunus Tunak
I like bacon. I like ice cream. This? Thanks but no. - Jim #teamFFrank
I like both too (although I eat rather more bacon than I ever do ice cream). Together it doesn't appeal. I don't like sweet and salty together. - Ian May
Bacon! - Steve Isaacs
Christopher Sacca
Impressed by the presumed versatility of this spot -
Impressed by the presumed versatility of this spot
Bret Taylor
xkcd - Election -
xkcd - Election
Thanks for pointing out the alt-text. It's funnier than the comic. - Piaw Na
This was already happening on the news last night. Gotta talk about SOMEthing, right? - Josh Haley
Tom Stocky
watching Will.I.Am via hologram on CNN ...
watching Will.I.Am via hologram on CNN ...
another angle of the hologram: - Tom Stocky
I think I might have been there for that one...or maybe it was a hologram of myself - Jini
for those who missed it, here's the video: - Tom Stocky
Philipp Lenssen
spotted on the walls of a public toilet: "Yo momma's so fat, she's taking her passport photos in Google Earth"
I like that. A lot. - Zee.
hahaha love that! - Timo Heuer
Chris it was here (written in German): - Philipp Lenssen
Karen Padham Taylor
Airports should have more power outlets. How hard is that?
So terrorists can plug in their bombs???? - Brian Johns
You say that as if user experience was somehow a potential consideration of the people who make airports and airplane rides. Do you think it might be? I don't see many signs. - j1m
Don't you have a day job, j1m? - Jim Norris
Jason Shellen
Sarah Palin Can't Name a Newspaper She Reads -
Sarah Palin Can't Name a Newspaper She Reads
"alaska isn't a foreign country" - peter
I love that Katie Couric cannot hide her look of contempt at 35s. - EricaJoy
I can't name a newspaper I read. - Amit Patel
I can name 2 newspapers I read in Alaska. The Fairbanks Daily Newsminer and the Anchorage Daily News. That was 4 fricking years ago and I can still name them. - EricaJoy
A weekly paper in Alaska: - peter
There are no words...I mean like gee...she's all like...WTF - Rahsheen
(A) Honesty: "I read the Wasilia Moosehumper, but usually just have time for Family Circus and Dear Abbey". (B) Lying: "I read the Journal, Harper's, the Economist, and the Harvard Law Review". (C) Cluelessness: "Um. All of them." - Steve Weis
Maybe she didn't want to give free advertising to the papers???? Or maybe... just maybe.... she's out of touch with her state and the other 49 - Anthony K. Valley ©
Couric: "What about blogs, do you keep up with any blogs?" Palin: "Yes, I read any of the ones put in front of me. I read all of them Katie." - Jason Shellen
Why are you all so hard on her? She said she reads most, all, and any put in front of her. Oh, and a vast variety of sources. How can you argue with that?! I mean, personally, I've only read a "bunch," so she has me beat - I think. - Vince DeGeorge
I read a bunch too. Google News. Memeorandum. FriendFeed. Between the three all the world's newspapers come into my view. But at least I could tell you something about them. How can we get her to go away? Please make it stop. I really hope this helps the Republican Party purge themselves of all the Religious Right jerks who've destroyed that party in the past 20 years. - Robert Scoble
"I also read all the internets." - Chris Messina
I can't name a newspaper I read cause I don't read newspapers. I get all my news from the screen in front of me or a little bit from the TV. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
What's a newspaper? - The Fat Oracle
I think the important thing to remember is we are not 'picking on her', we are trying to hold her to the high standard the office she is applying for demands... - Johnny
Why does it feel like, the worse Palin appears, the more likely she's actually going to get voted into office? Oh, I remember now. That's what happened in the 2004 election. - Victor Ganata
I tell you one thing, she has really made me appreciate Hillary... - Vince DeGeorge
She should NOT have said she "reads them all". WTF kinda answer is that. I'm trying not to be on the Palin hater bandwagon, but she just won't work with me... - Rahsheen
Wasn't it like this with Quale too? - Dave Saunders from twhirl
she reads "all of 'em. any of 'em." she's very entertaining! god bless her - Cee Bee
Alright, that's it - Palin has officially entered "un-parody-able" territory. Any joke about how uninformed she is only pales in comparison to the reality of how uninformed she is. SNL has got nothing on this Katie Couric footage. - Adam Kazwell
Gonna say it again... Principle from South Park - Johnny
good god help us. This is it. I'm utterly disgusted at the joke that McCain and his campaign have made out of our election process and our government as a whole with this woman (sure, there are people there I'm sure who don't like her, but this nonsense was allowed to happen). - Chieze Okoye
I saw this mentioned this weekend, but I agree. It's cruel to put her in this position. She clearly isn't knowledgeable enough to answer these questions. She also clearly freezes up when challenged. They had to have some clue these were traits of her's before putting her up there. - Andrew
more shit...this has got to go AWAY now dammit!! this is sooo stuoooopid! - Susan Beebe
this is a totally different stage than she's used to. they might not have known she would be like this under these conditions. <trying to give benefit of the doubt> - Jon Price
So you think she could name a newspaper and not get in trouble? Saying you read them all is a polite reply without picking favorites. - Dan Nimtz from twhirl
No, say "I'm not gonna give them free advertising", say anything that doesn't sound totally random and moronic - Rahsheen
she gave the same exact answer W gave, except he also tossed in 'the Google'. - Anika
What's the shortest book in the world? The Sarah Palin book of Political Philosophy - Ivan Pope from twhirl
Not judging perspective, but Bush was proud not to listen to news and katrina happened under his nose. They had to basically put a You Tube style of clips in front of him so he could figure out what was happening. I am very concerned about someone who doesn't expose themselves to news that doesn't filter through their handlers. They should not be so easily controlled. - Eric - Final Countdown
Dan: "get in trouble"??? with who? even if she said National Review Online, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, she still would have covered her ass on the right-wing side. Hell, I'm not running for anything (yet) and read those all the time. I wouldn't even expect her to read them everyday, but at least be able to list something. - Anika
I just brought myself to watch this clip. My God. Seriously? Seriously? Are they for reals? Seriously? How Katie didn't just stop the strolling and say point blank "Please, just name one newspaper you read.", I'll never know. Although, the look on her face was awesome. Your face said it out loud Katie. - Yolanda
I'm sick of giving her the benefit of the doubt. She's had how long to prepare and CAN'T NAME A SINGLE NEWSPAPER IN THE US?? Any other position where she's this clearly mismatched (scratch that, unqualified) for the role, ANY OTHER POSITION, and she would have been laughed out of the room. This is completely ridiculous. - Chieze Okoye
w. Sadly Tina Fey's excellent parody is straight up. She doesn't need to presenhy wouldst a caricature, just the real thing... she get into trouble for naming a newspaper. That's ridiculou - Tim Wolters from twhirl
"all of em" she read all of them. - MG Siegler
Ok, we all agree. Not smart. Perhaps the title should be: "Sarah Palin Can't Name a Newspaper She Doesn't Read." What would your alternate video title be? - Jason Shellen
"I think the Onion has some great insight" But seriously, say WSJ, NYT, Washington Times - heck you'd even get points for USA Today. - AJ Kohn
If she says 1 particular newspaper, then people will drill down on that paper and assume that is the only place she gets her information from... and if she says 1 newspaper, the moment she has an opinion about something all media will be able to link it to one newspaper and its potential biases. She answered the question strategically here. I don't mind the answer. - Mike
She is totally in touch with the "microcosm of America" -- who actually reads newspapers or magazine anymore anyway? Reading is for lefty wimps. - Pete D
c'mon, she pretty much said she only reads what is put in front of her (at this point by Republican party handlers), which to me is actually worse than not saying "all of 'em" or "getting in trouble" for name dropping the wrong ones. basically it says she reads only what someone tells her too. I could never support someone that has this little curiosity about the world. - Jon Price
I think it's amazing that people are actually trying to explain this away. Seriously, you guys? - Chieze Okoye
Wow, people still use newspapers to keep in touch with what's going on in the world? - Michael Pick from twhirl
WOW! Did she name names after this clip? Or was this the end of the question ? - Sumit Chachra
C'mon, people, she reads all of them! Any of them! - Dror Shimshowitz
the hilarity just doesn't stop. fun fact: sarah palin got her degree in... journalism! - Leonard
Thinking that PT Barnum is wishing he could charge for the spectacle coming up on Thursday. Wow. - Casey
Is this the best America can do for the job of Vice President? - Sarah Leary
Dave Winer
Christopher Sacca
Retweet: (@dickc) I think that should just show the Fail Whale from now through the next inauguration
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