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"Minimum wage is around 350-450 php depending on regional wage boards. But the main point still stands" - Giancarlo Angulo
Richard Branson Is Right: Time Is the New Money | -
TED: Hans Rosling on the HIV Epidemic -
The Same-Sex Marriage Fight Is Over – The Atlantic -
The Marcoses never really left home | Inquirer Opinion -
The Marcoses never really left home | Inquirer Opinion -
Miriam wants 24-hr security for Heidi Mendoza | ABS-CBN News -
What’s a mid-career software engineer actually worth? Try $779,000 per year as a lower bound. | Michael O. Church -
The trajectory of a software engineer… and where it all goes wrong. | Michael O. Church -
Inspiring:Gail Reed: Where to train the world’s doctors? Cuba. -
The focus on first US Ebola case shows how cheaply we value African lives | Owen Jones | Comment is free | The Guardian -
6 Lessons on Filmmaking From Darren Aronofsky | Filmmaker Magazine -
Francis Ford Coppola Interview | The Talks -
The teenage activist wunderkind who was among the first arrested in Hong Kong’s Occupy Central – The Washington Post -
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‘Dota 2′: the 1,000-hour review | The Verge -
Occupy Central civil disobedience movement -
Twch::JavaScript for OS X Automation by Example -Telerik Developer Network -
Pointless initiative | Inquirer Opinion -
Why ‘BoJack Horseman’ Makes Netflix Matter in the Online | Indiewire -
Final Fantasy VIII OST - Ending Theme -
Final Fantasy VIII OST - Ending Theme
rePost::UP basketball players go to games hungry – literally, says Maroon fan
Video:Introducing Ikea’s Book Book
"Making more choices, like focusing on frugality, limits your ability to land the Big Wins..." via @ramit
"There’s a limit to how much you can save, but there’s no limit to how much you can earn." via @ramit
RT @dzIQ990: Sen. Nancy Binay to bashers: Bash me more, enjoy bashing | @chonayu1
RT @attyjong: Of course the President must be partisan. Any president must be partisan. Why would you want a president who licks every ass?
RT @IanEsguerra: Aquino: Hindi ang pagpapanatili ng nakasanayan, kundi ang pagbabago ng sistema para makinabang ang lahat.
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