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RT @Seinneann: I’m very accepting of religious practice but there’s a reason I’ve always called Scientology a special breed of wrong
RT @Seinneann: I’m very accepting of religious practice but there’s a reason I’ve always called Scientology a special breed of wrong
RT @swaldman: I wrote something: Attention all spinny and knitty friends!
RT @ShyScholar: Totes how this happens RT @CGGuy44 Let me tell you how I found out that I was gay via @AtlasSmugged
RT @jenblacker: YOU GUYS!! RT @JennyWrenCreate In/around LA? You can now get some of my stuff from an actual bricks & mortar shop!
Why doesn't Flickr add attribution and copyright info to CC images I download form them?
Although they do sell equipment to freeze fish...
We're working with a company, the chairman of which is called Peter Grimes. Annoyingly, they're not a fish company :(
RT @itvnews: Missing three-year-old 'found inside arcade claw machine'
RT @JonCG: The rest of you shave immediately... RT @gabyhinsliff: Gentlemen, we have reached 'peak beard.' #justsaying
RT @MrBenMars: Man on tube made weird/ lovely puppet out of old Evening Standard. Then just sort of sat it on his knee.
RT @CrapTaxidermy: "Hey I just met you and this is crazy. Why don't you open this glass case, your arms look tasty."
RT @dlknowles: Wow. Take a moment to work out what is wrong with this graphic: (via @charlesarthur)
I'm not sure I've ever walked through canary wharf without getting lost.
Just got sucked into a 10 minute phone conversation with the woman from my bank about what her nieces are up to.
RT @Puffles2010: Puffles says as far as party political adverts go, this from Greens is actually quite funny :-D Feat UKIP vs LibDems
Last night I was ticked off someone's bucket list :D
RT @laurenlaverne: Photographs taken inside instruments. Beautiful and weirdly haunting (via @maybeitwasutah)
RT @rogerkline: NHS has been in surplus for last 5 years and the Treasury has clawed back £5bn @cpeedell
RT @kinkysalonuk: However, we hope the person who graffitied the bathrooms has a nasty hangover this morning. #respectthespace
RT @Erica_Jane_MP: Some of those athletes had to choose between having parts of their clitoris removed or be banned from their sport for life. What. The. Fuck.
RT @Erica_Jane_MP: This is brutal. Young women forced to undergo invasive "treatment" to compete in their sport
RT @MistressMacKenz: "Miliband is like a plastic a tree. Noone knows how he got up there & noone can be bothered to get him down"
RT @anyabike: Should Nigel Evans have to pay his own defence costs? Should anyone? Please read this short rant by @acommonlawyer
Has anyone done a write-up of where the heartbleed bug came from and was introduced? Do we know that it wasn't an NSA plant? #paranoia
There is someone in my department wearing comedy glasses with a big nose attached. I might have to change jobs.
RT @jsmooth995: Why did nobody warn me I was jeopardizing my manhood by eating regular yogurt all this time?
RT @breakthesystem: Girls “invented the tools that finally let softies like you play at being programmers.”
Ugh, being spammed by @UKuncut. *unfollow*
RT @charliesome: PSA: If you use LastPass you should assume all your passwords are compromised:
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