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RT @gavinmontague: That's quite a dick move by Groupon. I can't imagine their engineering team are happy either.
RT @steelrattus: Useless-eze, Useless-eze, being useless among all the galaxies!
RT @JonCG: Actually laughing... RT @enniscath: "um, Dr Schrodinger? I opened the box and, well... we may have a problem"
RT @jackseale: FT on Osborne. This is key re this govt: they rely on ppl thinking nah, nobody so senior could be pulling cheap cons.
RT @chris_coltrane: I see @ITV2 are having fun with the concept that they're employing someone who sexually assaults women.
RT @laurenlaverne: "Oyster card users pay up to £91 more each week than people using contactless payment" (via (via @mommaloves_int)
RT @girlonthenet: This is some cracking web content nerdery re: clickbait -
.@ChrisBrosnahan I've just been reminded of this and now feel old
RT @UsVsTh3m: Well, that’s the PARKLIFE game ruined :(
RT @Thayer: Let's catch this guy, pls (clear pic) > Woman sexually assaulted on a train in front of passengers @dartfordliving
RT @helenlewis: Imagine Assange in ten years' time, solemnly giving a "press conference" to glove puppets, alone in an Ecuadorean tortoise sanctuary.
Ugh Ben and Jerry's Frozen Yoghurt is disgusting. Ick Ick Ick
RT @jackschofield: Prostitution and the internet: More bang for your buck, from @TheEconomist ~ ~ #stats
RT @CityMetric: From yesterday - the new Crossrail extension, mapped
RT @notscientific: Should your Google driverless car kill you to save a child’s life? Genuine question that designers are asking
RT @mikeloukides: Ethereum: we're going to see applications of the block chain that go way beyond digital cash.
RT @nanayasleeps: Quick question, Tweeps: is there an existing database of feminist orgs which are meaningfully trans-inclusive? Or sex worker-inclusive?
RT @fatgirlphd: Looking for guys aged 25+ for a promo campaign at V Festival in Stafford, 15-17th Aug. £120/day + camping. Anyone out there!?
RT @PennyRed: On Attempts to Intimidate - I stand with @OwenJones84 against the disgraceful attacks on him and his loved ones.
RT @JoonasD6: #BitTorrent unveils #NSA-proof online calling and messaging software
RT @_Brett__: @pmarca I think it's more risky than it seems.By narrowing the diversity of products, you make yourself more vulnerable to change.
RT @EpicureanDeal: .@pmarca Forget SKUs. Virtually no CEOs have the courage to divest entire businesses when they no longer make sense.
RT @GiniaNYT: Former wife of onetime heir to Ottoman throne, desperately seeking to....keep her rent-control walk up.
RT @j4cob: I made a thing: Shared blocks, very beta, looking for testers/input. Inspired by @iroc's and @TheBlockBot
RT @ArenaFlowers: My old grandad told me never to take "No" for an answer. But then he had all those restraining orders and that stalking charge.
Terf troll account getting all up in my mentions. They're a sad bunch. Are we certain they're all not just from 4chan?
RT @GIDWatch Cis is a slur. @angusprune @auntysarah < no, it's really not. Odious arse-nugget, however, is a slur.
Even though I disagreed with her, I remember having respect for @louisemensch once upon a time. No idea why now.
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