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The new company's Visual Identity Guidelines has the wrong logo in it. #facepalm
Pretty much my thoughts on the Firefox CEO
Anyone got suggestions for Easter weekend? I'm at a loose end
Also, how can *any* event listing site not allow you to search by date? How can *most* listing sites not allow you to search by date?
Just seen somewhere boasting about hosting "one of the largest tug boat gatherings in the country". "one of". Seriously.
It must be really weird to be George W Bush.
When an all-company email is sent you can here the blackberries ping out in chorus throughout the office
RT @fuggirls: AMAZING spam: "I asked the clan about suspicious zombie activity in the area, but his famed advisor was a wizard and he himself, a squid."-J
RT @bmagnanti: Just remembered I had a dream about K*tie H*pkins rewiring mains-powered vibrators to murder people.
RT @zoeimogen: A map of the Internet, drawn in the style of the London Underground maps
Linkedin is nagging me to congratulate myself on my new job o_O
Writing my last will and testament as a google docs folder shared with my partners.
RT @girlonthenet: is supposed to be practically invisible. Instead it acts like an enthusiastic bouncer, holding me back from every link I click on.
Why do you have to treat IT departments like they're children? It cant be fun for the IT department either, but nothing happens if you dont.
As any poly person, I have a huge number of google calendars shared with me. Is there any way to have my own events displayed above others?
Someone has burnt the toast and evacuated the office
I'm giving you all the ultimate power over what I listen to at work today.
I hope for emperor's new clothes - it has been used for years, so no one else will want to admit to not being unable to unravel it either
Sometimes when I'm proofreading something at work, if I can't work out how to unravel a convoluted sentence I just leave it and move on.
Anyone know why they'd closed the tube at London Euston at about 8:30 this morning?
RT @peregrinogris: So let's not use Firefox because Eich is a douche on his personal opinions, but keep using Chrome, because Google is Santa Claus.
RT @DRMacIver: @angusprune I blame daylight savings
OK, thats a strange bug. On spotify, when I play the first track of an album, it actually plays the first track of the next album...
RT @deluxvivens: also is this a cat or furry pony? b/c it looks huge. RT @CuteOverloads: Norwegian Forest Cats
RT @nick_appleyard: "@glichfield: Where everyone in the world is migrating—in one gorgeous chart." < wow!
RT @BritainFrmBelow: The first kangaroo in England perplexes visitors, Dudley Zoo 1934
RT @Rachel_shares: THIS IS NOT A SPOOF. I repeat. THIS IS NOT A SPOOF. I wish to God that it was. But it is not: *heavy sigh*
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