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RT @Puffles2010: Puffles says as far as party political adverts go, this from Greens is actually quite funny :-D Feat UKIP vs LibDems
Last night I was ticked off someone's bucket list :D
RT @laurenlaverne: Photographs taken inside instruments. Beautiful and weirdly haunting (via @maybeitwasutah)
RT @rogerkline: NHS has been in surplus for last 5 years and the Treasury has clawed back £5bn @cpeedell
RT @kinkysalonuk: However, we hope the person who graffitied the bathrooms has a nasty hangover this morning. #respectthespace
RT @Erica_Jane_MP: Some of those athletes had to choose between having parts of their clitoris removed or be banned from their sport for life. What. The. Fuck.
RT @Erica_Jane_MP: This is brutal. Young women forced to undergo invasive "treatment" to compete in their sport
RT @MistressMacKenz: "Miliband is like a plastic a tree. Noone knows how he got up there & noone can be bothered to get him down"
RT @anyabike: Should Nigel Evans have to pay his own defence costs? Should anyone? Please read this short rant by @acommonlawyer
Has anyone done a write-up of where the heartbleed bug came from and was introduced? Do we know that it wasn't an NSA plant? #paranoia
There is someone in my department wearing comedy glasses with a big nose attached. I might have to change jobs.
RT @jsmooth995: Why did nobody warn me I was jeopardizing my manhood by eating regular yogurt all this time?
RT @breakthesystem: Girls “invented the tools that finally let softies like you play at being programmers.”
Ugh, being spammed by @UKuncut. *unfollow*
RT @charliesome: PSA: If you use LastPass you should assume all your passwords are compromised:
RT @McCaineNL: The farther their guesses were from Ukraine’s actual location, the more they wanted the U.S. to intervene with military force."
RT @McCaineNL: "We found that only one out of six Americans can find Ukraine on a map, and that this lack of knowledge is related to preferences:
Has Twitter stopped following someone if you tweet f followed by their name?
F 56deanstreet
The new company's Visual Identity Guidelines has the wrong logo in it. #facepalm
Pretty much my thoughts on the Firefox CEO
Anyone got suggestions for Easter weekend? I'm at a loose end
Also, how can *any* event listing site not allow you to search by date? How can *most* listing sites not allow you to search by date?
Just seen somewhere boasting about hosting "one of the largest tug boat gatherings in the country". "one of". Seriously.
It must be really weird to be George W Bush.
When an all-company email is sent you can here the blackberries ping out in chorus throughout the office
RT @fuggirls: AMAZING spam: "I asked the clan about suspicious zombie activity in the area, but his famed advisor was a wizard and he himself, a squid."-J
RT @bmagnanti: Just remembered I had a dream about K*tie H*pkins rewiring mains-powered vibrators to murder people.
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