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RT @peterholt99: MT "@LouiseMensch: Has Obama even got a Y chromosome .. in his body? He's such a weakling ..." So you think feminine = weak?! Shame on you!
RT @wordgeeksarah: @auntysarah there's a thing cis people think is gender dysphoria but isn't. Sort of a combo of awareness of sexism and iffy body image.
RT @lordofmisrule: I'm not a self hating gay, but the kind of person who does pride is usually loud and annoying. And some fucker will have given them whistles
RT @jessica_alice_: Finally, a practical use for the excess men in your life
So the mailonline is A/B testing it's misogyny
RT @postculturist: FFS MailOnline, is Fearne's dress striking or unflattering? Both stories are on homepage at same time. I MUST KNOW.
RT @louisebrealey: .@Farah_Gazan is a 16-yr-old Palestinian girl tweeting from inside Gaza. (NB Some of the graphic images she tweets are of dead children.)
Ooooh, I get to trot out one of my favourite jokes: They've just announced the Man Booker longlist, which turns out isn't just Grindr.
RT @paniq: When you are a queen, you can get yourself a gif like this one
RT @willmill82: So THATS irony "@itvnews: George Harrison memorial tree killed by infestation of beetles" #fb
RT @daveberry_tweet: I could've sworn I saw...No,no it's nothing
It is raining inside this overground train o_O
Does anyone own a 4 metre plus extendible grabber?
RT @Baskers: This is never not funny Yup.
RT @_youhadonejob: I'd have called it something else.
RT @Reuters: #BREAKING: Interfax agency says Malaysian passenger airliner was shot down at altitude of 10 km above Eastern Ukraine
RT @amateuradam: Finding out the new Education Secretary is like the Hogwarts Defence of the Dark Arts teacher. They'll turn out to be evil, sure, but *how*?
RT @sundersays: Final year shift from policy to politics: shuffle gives key Tory kitchen cabinet players (Hague, Gove) space to focus on election
Just bought my ticket to the Summer House Weekend. Very excited.
RT @GFoxyFowler: Best sign I've seen for years! Brasserie Blanc.
There is something digging into my balls, but I'm on the train and can't subtly remedy the situation.
RT @mcgonzalez63: @Viento57 Buenos días y feliz domingo Que este día este llenos de sonrisas y amor Besos ;-)) ;-))
RT @Survation: Could a policy to renationalise railways help Labour? Analysis and tables here
RT @benhammersley: These are actual headlines from the July issue of Tatler. Like a sort of post-modern Game of Thrones.
Any suggestions for breakfast in soho that is better than this queue for the breakfast club?
RT @Fascinatingpics: This lizard looks like he's just hatched a plan to take over the world
RT @TheEconomist: Sexism is an incomplete explanation for why men interrupt and lecture women
RT @techpractical: .@pinknews please stop starring out offensive words, it's hard to figure out what's been said if you won't actually quote it.
RT @BethanyBlack: I love when people don't get the joke
Does anyone know an online tool to calculate academic collaboration distance - ie an erdos number between two arbitrary scientists?
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