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RT @glynmoody: Mozilla Global Science Hack – A must-attend event for scientists who want programs -
RT @M_Fkill: While everyone attacks Facebook for publishing the experiment, Amazon and Google are just laughing at them for being so stupid to publish
RT @jasmineeec: Would any #trans men be willing to talk (via email) to my mum about how the menopause has affected/will affect them? Anons welcome. Pls RT
RT @GovHowardDean: 6-year-old Jessica Morley's retort when @TheEconomist endorsed child-free zones on planes”
RT @rupazero: This is great: how "mana" spread from Polynesia, through colonialist studies, into fantasy literature, and games:
RT @theJeremyVine: Oh, and you also get The Terminator looking for Sarah Connors #WhyILoveTwitter (via @McQ72)
RT @latinategua: There are exactly 11 characters which are common to the Russian, Latin, and Greek alphabets.
Once again I'm reminded that I need someone to pay me so I can retire and just spend my time being poly with the people I love.
Open Letter from @auntysarah to Academic and Media Feminists – Deal with the Transphobia in your Ranks
I think the point may cause problems for Space X as it flies over Sarah Ditum's head
RT @losttourist: Stay classy Edinburgh (via @reddit /r/unitedkingdom). NSFW.
Inside the Mirrortocracy < excellent article on kyriarchy in tech
RT @DavidRickmann: Where can I try butter coffee? @cakeinmilk (wacky foods) @LSPollack (all things coffee)
Felix Dennis has died - he once got two of our project managers arrested for getting dust on his Rolls Royce
RT @grok_: When letting Furby and Siri talk to each other, make sure you're close to the phone when she decides it wants her to call a faculty member.
RT @harrisimo: Best street name. Ever.
RT @sally_hines: Please RT far and wide. Transphobia has NO place in feminism. #notmyfeminism
I don't understand how people waiting 3 weeks for a passport can be fastracked. How is it different from just working through them in order?
RT @benhammersley: "Dutch Trucks Will Drive Themselves" [Driverless truck convoys coming out of Rotterdam port within five years.]
RT @copyrightgirl: Neat little cartoon :-) A theory as to why unicorns disappeared: v @lactualaloupe #copyright
RT @LDN: The Walthamstow way of selling yourself
RT @Orbette: Giggled too hard at this
RT @LordManley: A German couple seriously tried to sell their baby on eBay? That's messed up. A baby is something you made, that sort of thing goes on Etsy.
Writing a corporate presentation and one of the bullet points is "Develop Shared DNA" - I think we might be taking the client to a bukkake
RT @scottywrotem: Ironically, Minnie Driver has never seen The Italian Job.
RT @0xdeadbabe: Genders are like cars: everyone keeps going on about gendersharing startups in SAN FRANCISCO and ... I'll come in again.
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