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Mary Carmen
New shirt.
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aw hellyah. - Big Joe Silenced
its definitely - Mary Carmen
001010100010100110101000010101 - iTad
MC Hawtness! - holly #ravingfangirl
01010100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 01110011 00101100 00100000 01100010 01100001 01100010 01100101 00101110 - Mary Carmen
Steve, that's so hot. - Mary Carmen
Would you like to hear about all the hard core web app code I'm writing? Here's a hint: string links = ((HtmlHelper)null).PageLinks(2, 3, i => "Page" + i); - iTad
Ooooo, Tad, tell me more. - Mary Carmen
3 - Vezquex
Awesome! :-D - Ordinarybug Heather
Good stuff :) - Spencer
SELECT * From dbo.MyLove WHERE Name ="Mary Carmen" - RAPatton
awwwww *swoon* - Mary Carmen
Royce, you make me swoony - Mary Carmen
Josh, welcome to the conversation. - Mary Carmen
*fans self* - Mary Carmen
pi r-squared baby - MoTO Boychick Devil
Tad, you're trying to call a method on a cast null? WTF? - Karl Knechtel
Wow, keep that up and you'll turn my floppy into a hard disk...*yeah I can hear the jeers...* - Scott. Cat Herder.
roflmao @Scott. Thank you for making me laugh today. - Mary Carmen
Bumping this.....this is how Scott & I met. This thread. Now, 2 years later we are getting married in 7 months. I was just reminded of this as I approved the proofs of our invitations and favors. Damn the universe works in mysteriously awesome ways. - Mary Carmen
I love this. and I love you guys. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
:-) - Mary Carmen
now this shirt is like 2yrs old ! - Peter Dawson
Yup and I miss my short hair. - Mary Carmen
MC just got nice-shirted. *grin* - holly #ravingfangirl
Awww. :) - Laura
yes and it was justlike yesterday..does time fly faster on FF ?? - Peter Dawson
lololol...the puns kill me. My aunt keeps teasing me that never in a million years would she think my name would end up being Mary Carmen Nyce....I don't know why they think I am evil ;-) - Mary Carmen
Ur Evily Good ? - Peter Dawson
maybe - Mary Carmen
The picture that started it all :) - Scott. Cat Herder.
Yes, tell me again how it was my smile that moved you to comment....;-) - Mary Carmen
An oldie, but goodie. - Mary Carmen
داستان عشق مری خانم هم این جا اتفاق افتاده است .. سرنوشت خوبی براشون نوشته شد درست برعکس ما - alireza6211
Robert Scoble
FriendFeed's real downfall...
Is too many geeks. - Robert Scoble
Like you! ;-) - Susan Beebe
Doesn't have a commenting system such as Disqus - Michael McGimpsey
One of us! One of us! One of us! - Louis Gray
I'd agree with that. I like the look and feel of FriendFeed, but if I don't want to discuss tech and social media then at the moment there's not a lot here for me :) - Mike
just subscribe to geeks and you feel that you are not alone! ;)...via feedalizr - Dieter Schwarz
I actually find Friendfeed to be even harder to explain to the uninitiated than twitter, which is saying something. Anyone got a good elevator pitch? :) - Brad McCrorey
Brad: just like Facebook's news feed but open to all the Web instead of just the stuff Facebook approves of. - Robert Scoble
will only come if they forget that they are only ever as good as their user base - Duncan Riley
friendfeed is the river, where all the streams of information from individuals meet. - Allison
Brad: "Experience first-hand the artistic process of insightful journalists." or " Get ahead. Hear the news behind the news." or "Easily & quickly hear the fragmented conversation of technology journalists." - Mitchell Tsai
... is duplicates. - Tony Ruscoe
fragmentation of conversations.. - Peter Dawson
It's not a bug, it's a feature @Peter Dawson - Thomas Frütel
lack of a good mobile client and no SMS - David Jacobs
@Cyvros/fyc: Once communication reaches a critical mass, it needs to be fragmented. Imagine everyone on watching the new Indiana Jones gathering up and discussing the movie in a single place. Won't work. Also, try to have a meaningful discussion in the comments area of some major newspaper's website. Fragmentation gives you a spot to discuss stuff happening with your peers, and not with the whole world at once. - Thomas Frütel
@davidjacobs: Thinking about it, if FF had SMS, it will be very noisy unless they found a way to send summaries in 160 characters or less - Tim Akinbo from Alert Thingy
Scoble, I have no idea who you are, but I have heard your named mentioned more times than my mother's name in the past week. Do you give out free money? - Howard O'Berry
I'm going to sound like a real fangirl here, but I haven't seen FriendFeed's downfall. This is the most fun I've had online since 1999. I've met more people on FriendFeed who just *get* me than anywhere else. Also, the conversations have been wonderfully intelligent and funny. And it's made me try out new services that I've heard about but haven't had the need to try. If you think FriendFeed is a tech echochamber, you're not subscribing to a diverse enough slice of folks -- we're out there, just look. - Ginger Makela Riker
A mobile client would be perfect i believe. Besides this if we can name the problem with social aggrerators, it would be better we keep it secret for business.:) - doruk tokçabalaban from twhirl
has any of you tried PLURK yet? its like twitter yet 100 times better! - Live Crunch Blog from twhirl
I haven't tried it, was waiting to see what the majority opinion was like! - Joe Dawson
lol@Howard - Shey
FriendFeed needs more micro-communities -- the Tech comm is strong, of course. There's also a visible Photography community. But it will need more niches. FriendFeed does not need to go mainstream in the traditional sense, kinda like Mixx - Shey
What's this I hear about Robert Scoble giving out free money? But seriously, I suspect one of FF's problems is that it can seem overwhelming for new users. Until you learn to hide posts that don't interest you, it can be a little weird. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
NO MOBILE VERSION! Notifications are not that great either ... - Jonathan Greene
Mobile version - - Bwana ☠
Is the lack of being able to filter out comments and (friend of X). Sometimes I just want the content from my friends. - Mark Interrante
@mark, I feed back to FF, it would be good to have categories/tabs to select where a subscription should display. e.g family, colleagues, interest groups etc. - I think that would go someway to helping clear the clutter sometimes. - Charlie Hope from twhirl
It needs lipstick & makeup to be attractive to more people. - shelisrael1
No SMS and can't directly import my Twitter friends. - Brent Logan
I may be too sensitive to this point, but I think it would be messing with the formula too much and too quickly. Friendfeed has buzz and a growth curve, don't want to mess with that too much. :) - mikepk
I didn't have time to read the 30 other hidden comments, but in response to the very 1st one, I think geeks are what make FriendFeed worthwhile. I've never felt compelled to comment so frequently, nor have I found so much good content so quickly anyplace else on the web. I hope the geek quotient will always remain high. If the wider world finds out about it, it will become nothing but cat photos and re-recycled net memes. There's enough of that. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
in a just world, friendfeed's real downfall would be the resurrection of Google Reader (sort of a friendfeed+++++) - McLoughlinPost newsfeed
Paul Buchheit
"Remember: I blame FriendFeed for this, and Robert Scoble, Steve Rubell, Dave Winer, and all the rest of the puppets and ex-Techcrunch analysts who, by appearing to rationally debate the pluses and minuses of FriendFeed versus Twitter, suggest FriendFeed even exists in the absence of Twitter. Nik Cubrilovic doesn’t help either with his cogent (except for the Rails part) analysis of Twitter’s scaling problems. Nowhere in this debate (most of it mercifully hidden forever behind the FriendFeed black hole where conversations go to die) was there a word spoken about the fatal Track bug until Jack hit the Off switch. Now, in the cool clarity of no pulse whatsoever can we begin to rationally approach a solution. Forgetting that Hillary has shown no indication of processing the similar lack of pulse in her White House aspirations, let’s put the blame for all this squarely on the parasite API suckers and their dark master FriendFeed. Good." - Paul Buchheit
I accuse my parents (a little MST3K humor) - Mark Dykeman
My guess is that a good deal of folks who are otherwise technology experts haven't yet mastered the "Hide" option, and seeing Twitter in FriendFeed makes them feel it's simply an echo chamber for Twitter. Hiding Twitter, and/or utilizing the many other sources that are not Twitter here in FriendFeed makes it more valuable. - Louis Gray
Someone pass around what Steve Gillmor is smoking. That is some heavy stuff he's got in his stash. I think I counted 10 words he seriously made up for that post. And why is friendfeed to blame for the XMPP/Jabber shutdown? - Mark Trapp
WTF? This guy reminds me of Gary Busey, but angrier, if that's even possible. - April Buchheit
This article simply doesn't make any sense. Please reword for clarity. - Eric Florenzano
This is very amusing :-) - j1m
I was afraid when I saw "?" there. And comment... :S - Erhan Erdoğan
Is he kidding? I hope he's kidding. FriendFeed exists with or without twitter. In fact, I would love to see twitter removed from FriendFeed altogether. Guaranteed there would still be plenty of conversations revolving around the links shared, the pictures posted, etc. - EricaJoy
I don't follow Twitter at all on FriendFeed. I find it somewhat ironic that one of Steve G's big passions was (is?) "Attention Metadata" and FriendFeed via likes, comments, etc is actually a service that makes great use of attention metadata! - Robert Seidman
I enjoy that this Friendfeed post has more comments than his post on TechCrunch. - Mark Trapp
This is the most buzzword-laden web 2.0 rant I have ever read. It's like he is making words up to describe stuff every other paragraph or so. And.. what's this jab at Clinton in the middle? How random. - Phil Glockner
FriendFeed direct posts are really similar to Twitter in my mind. - Hutch Carpenter
@Paul can you share the percentage of FF users that hide twitter posts? - EricaJoy
Gillmor refuses to realize that the comment feature of FriendFeed does indeed add value that Twitter lacks. That's probably the key reason why I MOVED MY conversations to FriendFeed! Also, the sharing feature is the reason why I like FriendFeed! IF I merely wanted the 'stream of consciousness' of Twitter, I would just use Twitter! I think that FriendFeed 'exposes' the 'chinks in Twitter's armor' - Thomas Ho from fftogo
I think that Mark Trapp's observation is 'priceless' - Thomas Ho from fftogo
It sounds like Gillmor hasn't given FriendFeed nearly enough time if he thinks it's only "Twitter, but slower". I have a great time on here with Twitter hidden half of the time. If anything, let's blame Twitter for so much noise and/or so much conversation due to their issues - Andrew Dobrow
FriendFeed can definitely make it without many conversations occur without Twitter being involved at all. - Chris Rossini
That... made no sense to me. Still dazed from the insanity of it all. I see more conversations here on links and such than on tweets. And really, why is FriendFeed to blame for the Jabber shutdown? Seriously! - dgw
Hilarious - Aviv
Twitter is probably the least interesting feed I see on FriendFeed. - Adam Thorsen
funniest ever on tc - kosmar
This whole article was most undirectional article, I have read in recent times. I read it twice, and can't make out, what he want to say. - Varun Mahajan
Adam, same here. I personally find the vast majority of twitter messages to be extremely boring and of no use to me. - Aviv
Where are these "siloed conversation spamyards" to which he refers? You could say that about any chat system (if I understand his rather obtuse meaning) and FF discussions are quite cogent and open. (And seem especially so if you've ever spent any time in the Digg comments.) - Nicķ
I usually keep the Twitter FF feed open. FF is definitely NOT the only app pulling on Twitter's API. Hundreds of sites, clients, etc?. Twitter had (maybe has) time to distinguish itself. Just 'come clean' with regular community updates. (PR time?) So far it's been lame. In the meantime, there's no doubt Friendfeed will continue to increase it's pull. Twitter put the API out there. THEY need to deal with the results, whether they were ready or not - Charlie Anzman
FriendFeed is what you put in to it. If you add all your Twitter friends and nobody else, FriendFeed will appear to be Twitter with siloed conversations, but in that case that's exactly what you asked for. If you don't add a thousand people as friends and convince a thousand people to follow you then you won't see any of this 'spam graveyard' Steve talks about. You get what you ask for, and irrelevance is what you get if you add irrelevant friends. - Kevin Fox
It's also worth noting how much FriendFeed thrived when Twitter had its difficulties this week. That would seem to put a hole in the argument that FriendFeed is primarily a downstream service to Twitter. - Kevin Fox
Yea Cat fight !!!! - viki saigal
OK friendfeed is NOT twitter. Its something else, and I like both. (sticks out tongue)...via feedalizr - Photo Larry
man, I honestly care jack shit about what people post on Twitter, but I find FF incredibly useful. Gillmor is seriously off his rocker with this post (which is the least legible I've seen on TC in a long time). - Chieze Okoye
4 years passed, all the comments are still valid. #humdaybumpday - Ahmet Yükseltürk
Louis Gray
“Size Comparison: Twins vs. Electronic Gadgets” -
"Yes, it's me, abusing my baby pictures quotient on FriendFeed again. But in case you wanted to get a visual on Sarah's size, here's one item for comparison - the iPod Touch. Also included, Matthew, sleeping next to the iPod Touch, TiVo remote and Blackberry. It's better than using a ruler!" - Louis Gray
LOL LOUIS!!!! - Mona Nomura
This will replace the pencil markings on the wall as a measurement of growth. - Hutch Carpenter
Way too cute! - michael sean wright
will there be an unboxing at some point - Allen Stern
The TiVo remote has hardly changed at all in 10 years. - Robert Seidman
WOW, they are SMALL! cool pics!! I love the one with the baby on the couch with 3 devices - Susan Beebe
Okay that's just really damn cute :) - justine
one day these kids are going to say, 'dad used us as props for his gadgets!'...and then there will be blood! lol - .LAG liked that
@.LAG, then I'll remind them how when we parked in what I thought was acceptable shade outside Babies R Us today, they both went nuts, and I had to extract them from their car seats and walk into the store (using the exit), with the pair held tight to my chest, to commiserate with their mother. I'm sure I was quite the sight. "Hey! Look at that guy! He's in over his head!" (fingers pointing) - Louis Gray
Hey! Someone should say you - this is really unhealthy!! : ( - Erhan Erdoğan
@Louis - You definitely look in over your head. However, I was that way with only one. Now my children are 21 and 18 and I still remain in over my head. ; ) - Rex Hammock
This made Maryam crack up and say "that's cute!" - Robert Scoble
@Rex, I look in over my head? Definitely? Where's the proof on that? I disagree. :-) - Louis Gray
I don't believe you all - Robert, Louis, Maryam, all likes, comments - i urgently need a judge for this photos! : ) Your tech love is get out of control!! - Erhan Erdoğan
now let's see the Touch duke it out with the Blackberry - Paulo Elias from twhirl
I'm so going to do this one day when I have one. haha - Daynah
@Erhan and Brian, 1) They're not sleeping with the gadgets in their cribs (yet) and 2) I am not worried about that nonsense. I might as well unplug the microwave and TV while I'm at it, no? - Louis Gray
We always left a computer keyboard in our kids cribs as a toy -- they loved it. - Oldengrey (Jay)
The important thing to remember is that if Louis were forced to choose between his children and his gadgets,,,well, I'm sure the kids would find a good home. (JUST KIDDING!) - Ontario Emperor
lmao I'm so reporting you for this. Too hilarious - Corvida
Hey guys you have to see this related post... Scoble is competing with Louis' over coolest kid toys! - Susan Beebe
OMG! that's priceless! I <3 it! Put the device on vibrate and see what happens! I bet it would sooth any crankiness. Can you say iTunes visualizer? Better than Baby Einstein. Makes us AND them drool into relaxation. My son has gumdrop iMac in his bedroom specifically for that reason (glorified nightlight). Hey! We have to do what we have to do, right? Why not have some fun with it? Hellz ya! - Melissa Davis from twhirl
You know Louis, most parents use a wall and a pencil to show height and growth, you choose electronic equipment, what comes next? comparisons to the wii and ps3? then a macbook, then macbook pro, then dell blade server, where will it end?!!?!? - Allen Stern
Oh what beautiful little souls! I'm sure they are very precious to you :-). - Heather Colman
umm... it's not too heavy on him?! - Orli Yakuel
those photos are really embarassingly sad. Please leave the kids alone. - Claudio Cicali
A coochii coo! They are too cute! Twins are born small but they'll catch up in no time! Congrats! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
LOL.. awesome pics - Aviv
apparently Amazon S3 is down - Shey
Total weirdness - the cuteness overload causes the pics to show for me even when S3 is down! It might be just my cache, ofcourse, but I like the first theory better :) - Yuvi
I'll take the electronics when the kids are all grown up. It won't matter to me that the stuff is decades old. - James Rishabh Mishra
oh this is ROFL! - susan mernit
Ok, from one tech geek to another, that has to be the most cute thing I've ever seen. =) - David Cook
It's February 21, 2009. I'm in the middle of a music search on FriendFeed and found these pictures from July 19, 2008. How time flies... - Ontario Emperor
Wow, where'd you dredge this up, Haggis? - Kevin L
Just showed this to Matthew, and he says, "That's Braden!" - Louis Gray
beautiful - Rida Sayf
Mitchell Tsai
102 FriendFeed Picture Groups & 3 Video Groups [Last updated 3/3/10 - most of the room counts are from 8/10/09] -
102 FriendFeed Picture Groups & 3 Video Groups [Last updated 3/3/10 - most of the room counts are from 8/10/09]
The Apple Room (5,672) Funny Pics and Videos (2,100) iDesign (2,033) Persian-cam (1,941) Photography as Art (1,371) - Mitchell Tsai
Ideas & Inspiration (728) All Things Apple (640) Photographing (497) Web Design Inspiration (433) Photoshop (409) - Mitchell Tsai
Photo Gallery (409) Love-pic (400) Graphic (370) Architectural & Interior Design (355) Flickr Central (351) - Mitchell Tsai
It seems Persian-cam is in top Ranking !!! - Mahdi
Yep! Persian-cam is the popular photo room on FriendFeed! You guys find the best pictures. - Mitchell Tsai
Thank you Mitchell for collecting data from all FriendFeed photo room - Mahdi
Photography Tips, Tricks, and Know-How (280) Design (Tasarım) (280) CoolPics (274) Cat Lovers (272) Comic Book Goodness (259) - Mitchell Tsai
عکس (irphoto, 251) Beautiful Women (221) Nature (204) Photographers sharing links, photographs,and tips! (198) IRANIAN photos & photographers (189) - Mitchell Tsai
FAILpics (110) Graphics 'N Design (109) ستاره شناسی (Astro-fa, 108) Photo Walking (101) Contemporary Art (101) - Mitchell Tsai
Art - painting (55) The Solidarity Project (53) Classic Novel Challenge (51) Oh So Cute (49) Movies (41) - Mitchell Tsai
FRIEDFeed Hall of FAIL [sic] (28) Digital Photography (27) Fails (25) Digial Photograph [sic] (22) Squashy Frog Photography (21) - Mitchell Tsai
Masaüstü (8) Kinda Funny Pictures (7) Uphaa - Odd Things Around the World (6) Web & Teknoloji (6) Simply Life (3) - Mitchell Tsai
NSFW rooms: NSFW Stuff (145) i love your beautiful ass (142) Nudes, artistic view (+16) (136) NSFW Posts - Images, Videos and Messages (136) sexy moments in pix (+18) (128) - Mitchell Tsai
[Video] Funny Pics and Videos (2,100) Best of YouTube (368) Interesting Videos (74) - Mitchell Tsai
Defunct rooms: Funny Pics (was 91 - doesn't exist) Thomas Hawk (60 - not used since 6/20/08) Flickr images (17 - last pic 8/10/08) - Mitchell Tsai
Truly impressive. :-) - Absentee
Also, here are ~50 people at FriendFeed with cool pics (remember to check their likes & comments) This page was motivated by Thomas Hawk's "What is your most viewed set on Flickr? Mine is my my 10 faves or more set" discussion (5/24/08) I finally made myself a "Picture Rooms" list. :-) - Mitchell Tsai
[Update Wed 9/16/09 2:46 am ET] Fashion photography (378) Technology News (105) Big Pictures (74) FriendFeed Art (10) - Mitchell Tsai
[Update Wed 3/3/10] Tattooz (59) Fine Art Photography () - Mitchell Tsai
Louis Gray
My Top 18 Artists on Per This Evening's Meme. #meme
Screen shot 2009-09-12 at 11.47.14 PM.jpg
It appears there is a tie for 2nd place. - Louis Gray
Depeche Mode by more than twice as much! - Jandy
That's what I got for paying $299 to buy their entire history _ever_ from Apple. Put iTunes on shuffle, and there's a good chance it will hit DM. - Louis Gray
Louis Gray has good taste in music :) - Adam Singer
Which reminds me... Adam Singer is #21 overall. (as seen here: - Louis Gray
WOW great music, Louis. It's like you went through some of my iTunes library and stole it. :P - Molly Song ;)
Louis, how do I get that entire history collection? - Jesse Stay
I can dig some house, but when it comes to electronic I always slant towards the more experimental/IDM-type stuff... Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, etc - hence my: - Nathan Chase
Justice and Daft Punk are about as "house" as I get... but the name-givers seem to dub them as "electro"... - Nathan Chase
Excellent collection! - rowlikeagirl
You're the electronic kind of guy, I see... Let me suggest a little change: Prefab Sprout "Let's change the world with music". It also has that 80's feeling that you seem to like but it's a little bit more poppy. - Jordi Soler
Alexis Hope
hello friendfeed. this is me, very bored at work!
Photo on 2009-09-17 at 14.59 #2.jpg
where are all the people who need coffees? - Alexis Hope
hi alexis! :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Howdy - Rodfather
*tip of the hat* - Johnny
Hello. You look pensive. :) - Faraz Mullick
Where do you work? The stairway looks interesting... - FFing Enigma
i work at trabant coffee in pioneer square ( upstairs is actually just a bunch of big empty rooms, they haven't put tables or anything up there yet because the stairs aren't "up to code." it's a really cool space though! - Alexis Hope
Once the stairs are updated that sounds like it'd be the *perfect* kind of spot to rent out to groups. Parties, meetings, all kinds of stuff.... - FFing Enigma
Great picture. - Josh Haley
nicholas, those are our nifty hanging lights. there are 2 rows of 7 of those hanging in the space :) - Alexis Hope
Hi Alexis ... don't be bored hon ... play on FF :))) - Sativa
nice pic ... remind me of an old friend :) / by the way I'm big fan of this cozy Barista near my neighborhood - Monsieur
hello bored at work. - chrisofspades
thats cute Alexi! - gkhan
Damn but you're cute as hell Alexis. :P :D - iTad
Tad, you've met her in person! :P - Rochelle
Yes - and she was damn cute in person too! The picture just reminded me. :P - iTad
I'll have a medium-strength soy latte please! Got any chocolate cake? - Melly
People order drinks as "medium-strength"? - Rochelle
It's in between a single-shot and a double-shot, I think? - Melly
we only make double shots, so how about a split double? and i only have banana-nut muffins left today! :P - Alexis Hope
Mellissa, interesting! I'm a native Seattleite so I'm a big coffee nerd and I've never heard of that. - Rochelle
I don't know, it could just be my local coffee shop placating my strange request? I got a really strong one once that I could barely drink, so the next time I asked for it "not too strong", and they clarified "Medium-strength?", and it was perfect. So that's what I ask for now :o) - Melly
It's morning on the Right Coast. I'll take some coffee. Any specials I should know about? - That's So CAJ!
Today: Tanzania Karmaro Micro-Lot, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Honduras El Mazano C.O.E. #3. All coffees roasted by 49th Parallel ( All coffees brewed by the cup on our Clover machine! :) - Alexis Hope from iPhone
Alexis, are you mostly in Pioneer Square or mostly on 45th? - Rochelle
Sigh. I love most African coffees. - That's So CAJ! from iPhone
Rochelle, mostly Pioneer Square, but Saturdays in the U-District :) - Alexis Hope from iPhone
but cute. - Valley
Super cute. I'd bring you a coffee - Eric Sizemore
You are quite lovely and have a mischievous sparkle in your eye. Wanna go steady? - Morgan
maybe we should go to the movies first ;) - Alexis Hope
Holy crap, you have a lot of friendfeed friends. - Maré Odomo
hello there - siniradam
AJ Batac
Worlds Biggest Gold Coin: 1 Million Canadian Dollar
Show all
BRAPP - Shey
"Got change for a . . . ?" - Kurt Starnes
what a waste of money - we should melt the darn thing and use the Money to help canadians in recession ! - Peter Dawson
I'll still be pissed if the cashier mixes that in with my change - Richard Lawler
If I was the Queen I'd totally wear that as the most bad ass medallion anyone's ever seen. - Toby Graham
Loony Canadians. - Rudy Amid
LOL @ Toby - Shey from iPhone
Stephen Mack
IT: The Numbers of Warcraft (Kotaku) -
IT: The Numbers of Warcraft (Kotaku)
From the blog post: "In a keynote to GDC Austin, two Blizzard developer pulled back the curtains on some aspects of World of Warcraft that players might not consider much, and dropped an interesting tidbit about how the series evolved from RTS to MMO." Some interesting numbers follow. - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
* 20,000 computer systems - Stephen Mack
* 13,250 server blades - Stephen Mack
* 75,000 CPU cores - Stephen Mack
* 1.3 petabytes of blade RAM - Stephen Mack
* 4,600 staffers - Stephen Mack
* 5.5 million lines of code - Stephen Mack
* 180,000 bugs - Stephen Mack
More numbers from Localized to 10 languages, with 360k text strings and 2mm words. - Stephen Mack
So, this has to be in the top 5 worldwide in terms of data center resources. - Stephen Mack
4600 staffers? How can that be? Does blizzard really employ ~5000 people? - Steve and 4 other people
I believe they outsource their data center staffing to AT&T, so I bet that's counting non-Blizzard employees. - Stephen Mack
I'm not sure about "top 5". 1. Google. 2. Yahoo. 3. Amazon. 4. ???. 5. Blizzard. Really? - Steve and 4 other people
This is a staggering feat, nonetheless. The thing that amazes me is how relatively few "worlds" they have (I don't know the proper term). I would guess it's in the dozens, so say, you've got to maintain shared state over about 1,000 machines, simultaneously. That's a huge task, and very difficult to do with realtime constraints. - Steve and 4 other people
Do you mean Realms? (that's just the U.S. list -- 241 in the U.S. alone; the majority of the approx. 8 million players are not in the U.S.). Somewhere it was revealed that each realm has separate server machines to handle each of the four major continents in the game, plus additional servers for battlegrounds and raids/dungeons (which are... more... - Stephen Mack
Back when I played EverQuest, each "world server" was really a simplified way of saying a server cluster: each realm was made up of several dozen separate machines. Granted, the state of computing is a lot different than it was in 2001, but I wouldn't be surprised if each "continent server" was actually at least a rack of systems working in concert. It's a tremendous amount of... more... - Mark Trapp
Realms are often called shards by holdovers from the Ultima Online era. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Mark, I agree with you. Since they reveal 20k machines and it's probably 1k realms worldwide, it's probably 20 machines per realm. If I had to guess, probably 16 live and 4 hot spares. Separately: Their billing system doesn't get credit consider its complexity. They support multiple periods of billing at different rates, bill for more than 20 different currencies, often roll out... more... - Stephen Mack
You think about, on top of all the computing power, they need to bring in power, cooling, backup, and so on: it's a lot of stuff that requires a lot of people. - Mark Trapp
@Stephen, no significant downtime for 5 years? Really? Wow, max respect for the Blizzard infra team. Even Twitter's experienced significant downtimes in the past year :-) - Pandu ● IT Optimizer from fftogo
I meant for their billing system. The game itself has had outages, mostly in the form of maintenance and updates taking longer than expected. Dome servers are worse than others, but generally the game is up. They issue credits for significant outages. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
@Stephen, ah I see. Still, that does deserve respect. Cheers for the WoW billing team, then :-) - Pandu ● IT Optimizer from fftogo
Kevin J Hatton
Do Blondes really have more fun?
I've had blonde hair, brown hair, red hair, even pink hair ... and had fun being all of them :) - Penny
I really like that answer thanks Penny. - Kevin J Hatton
Same here Penny...did almost all the colors at some point, had fun being them all. - Just Mrs. V
I personally think that the reverse is true, possibly, maybe. (he said with great caution) - Kevin J Hatton
I have a blast...but that's just me. I don't know that it matters about the color of my hair? (I'm blond...and male.) - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
@ Tutivillus Grift Good answer. Cool - Kevin J Hatton
Paul OFlaherty
Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
OHHHHHHHHHHHH, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
BAH BAH BAH BAH! (what my youngest boy used to say in response) - Josh Haley
nobody does. it would be impossible. even by cartoon standards. so there. - Morgan
STEVEN BUNNEH PEREZ? - Lola Bean (Penguin)
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garyyyyyyyyyy - Oliveee Feeee
Dem's fightin' words Gunny!!! - FFing Enigma
YES! - Miriella
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Attention Facebook.. I hereby announce that Zodiac friend photos be banned. They are no longer allowed
Here, here - Andrew Dobrow
Thomas Hawk
George Bush Thinks Hillary Clinton Has a Fat Ass? -
"In extracts published by GQ magazine, Latimer writes in his book Speech Less: Tale of a White House Survivor: "He came in one day to rehearse a speech, fuming. 'This is a dangerous world,' he said for no apparent reason, 'and this cat [Obama] isn't remotely qualified to handle it. This guy has no clue, I promise you'." Of Palin, then Governor of Alaska and the vice-presidential nominee for his own Republican party, Bush allegedly said: "I'm trying to remember if I've met her before. What is she, the governor of Guam?" During the presidential campaign Bush believed that Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic nomination, but he didn't think much of her as chief executive either, according to Latimer, who served as a speechwriter for the last 22 months of Bush's term. "Wait till her fat keister is sitting at this desk," he said, using slang for backside. (ANI)" - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
I've come to the conclusion that getting past racism is impossible because those that have the power to do something about it are too busy denying it exists to actually stamp it out of existence. Either that or they don't care...or they're racists. Racism will have to die over time as new generations grow up and take over.
Basically, I think it exists because we let it. Sure, people seem disgusted and stuff like that when they see racism in action, but most people don't really do anything about it. Even something as simple as telling a friend/colleague that that racist joke wasn't cool. We let it slide for the most part. Is everyone going to suddenly start doing something about racism? Nope. - Rahsheen
It is fascinating that we humans are so advanced technologically with iPods and iPhones and super-cameras and all sorts of things, yet on social issues we are trailing our technological advancements by at least a few centuries.... As you said, it's slow progress, and it may take a few more generations before it gets "cycled out" of the system. - 1001 noisy cameras
I think part of the big problem is the refusal of a lot of people to see forms of racism that aren't as blatant as segregation was. The think that as long as it isn't THAT bad, it can't be all that bad. A lot of people who don't consider themselves racist, still engage in passive racism - either by omission or ignorance. - Jennifer Dittrich
I'm confused why moderate Republicans don't even speak against it. One would think they would want to distance themselves from the nutjobs, who are more and more becoming the image of the party. - Rodfather
Trish++ about the race card. I'm sick of hearing the phrase at this point and you definitely hit the nail on the head in saying excessive use of the term is racist (Oh boy, I wonder what can of worms that opens up). Rod, I don't understand that either. There are some very intelligent people who I might disagree with politically, but I would think we'd be on the same page regarding all this racist stuff. Surprising that's not the case. - Rahsheen
++ Rasheen - most of the conservatives/libertarians I'm friends with, are thankfully much more aware of racism, and this confuses them as well. I attribute it to the us vs. "the other" mentality that has been brewing for so long. If those pesky liberals are trying to do A, then it seems like the core of the conservative movement is going to take the position B - it is either wrong, unnecessary, or morally reprehensible to consider. - Jennifer Dittrich
That's exactly right, Cecily. I don't really care if we all love each other unconditionally, regardless of race. I care about the outcomes resulting from the action of racist thought. We can't expect to actually change everyone's mind. - Rahsheen
Reminds me of Driving Miss Daisy where she claims she's progressive, but didn't invite Hoke to sit with her to hear MLK Jr. - Rodfather
It was only after I got singled out for mistreatment for being a white guy with a pair of Indian girls that I realized that racism is a lot more complicated and a lot less solved than people would like to think. - Wirehead
That's a good question, Rene. Not sure I have a good answer for it right now though. I'd have to think on that one :) - Rahsheen
I'm very outspoken when I hear someone make a joke or generalization about another race. My junior year roommate is black and I asked her A LOT of questions. Also, a lot of inner city schools are just as segregated as they were pre Brown v. Board. - Lis
There are still a lot of young people who are racist. I guess they were wrong when they said kids never listen to their parents. - Victor Ganata
Political Correctness, IMO, should have been about recognizing privilege and striving toward equal opportunity (another emotionally charged term nowadays) for everyone willing to do the work. Because PC is widely perceived as a means to control thought and action (and, by extension, wealth), I think there is a backlash coming from the privileged class. - vicster.
That's correct, Rene. Not talking about it doesn't make it go away. This is how people who focus on simply not noticing or pointing out differences are part of the problem, not the solution. - Rahsheen
These days I only hear the term "politically correct" from people who are trying to justify their decision to be rude and unthinking by pouring scorn on those who want to be mindful of how words and other 'small' things have a big impact. - Deborah Fitchett
The whole PC thing was definitely abused and misused to a point - Rahsheen
Rasheen its a complex problem. I had a friend once to whom I tried to explain that the only reason his subordinate workers (some of whom were of another color) were laughing at his class and race jokes is that they were uncomfortable about losing their jobs if they didn't. That this behavior predates our present day perverse acceptance of certain derrogatories being acceptable "in... more... - Melanie Reed
There is behavior that needs to change on both sides of the divide. - Melanie Reed
Respectfully, I disagree with you: Racism dies on the day you and I, each one in his or her turn, realizes we have a common Father. - Melanie Reed
Well, Melanie, you were making sense until that last part. - Rahsheen
Talking about eradicating racism is like explaining what a yellow circle tastes like. I'd love to try and stamp it out, but the people who need to confront their issues the most are the ones who truly feel that their actions and thoughts aren't racist. - Derrick
Rasheen, That we have a common Father? He created me no better than you... and no worse. He expects us to get along. Differences that should have been a delight have become a suspicion and behavior that irritates that does no one any good. That is why the responsibility is individual. - Melanie Reed
Derrick++ - Rahsheen
I guess you could say we all have common ancestral parents, in an evolutionary sense. :-> - Kurt Starnes
Trish, its not so much a matter of belief (though for my part there is that) but it is a sure hope that recogninzing the truth, of making the last ascent over the last hill to find that He is there and has been there all along despite any bad behavior others may have heaped on His name is the only answer to our resolving our differences. Differences based on pride of difference, of one... more... - Melanie Reed
Thank you Trish and Cecily - and I mean no disrespect to you, Melanie. - Kurt Starnes
So long as there are multiple races, there will be racism. There are cultural differences that will always exist in some form, and they should be celebrated. The best we can do is to not allow ourselves to fall into the trap that mere acknowledgment of cultural differences is evil. It's RACIAL PREJUDICE (refusing to hire someone based on their race) and BIGOTRY (belief in genetic superiority over another race) that are the true evils. - Mattb4rd
Cecily and Trish, I appreciate that. The only reason I know I am no better than you or no worse is because of Him...and not because someone told me I must think this way. I would not have responded to an enforcement policy at work or at school because that would not have touched my heart. It would have only touched my fear. But He can touch my heart...and that is where racism or any disrespect for another's sanctity starts. - Melanie Reed
Cecily <3 +++ - Melanie Reed
Mattb4rd++, Cecily++ - Rahsheen
Sometimes there is at least a modicum of understanding, and this thread proves it. I wish more people would be so brave. - Derrick
Kurt, I didn't take it as such. :) - Melanie Reed
Rahsheen ...thanks for starting this thread. - .LAG liked that
Trish <3 +++ - Melanie Reed
I forget where I read it years ago... Someone talked about racism really not shifting/improving until each generation died. - Mitchell Tsai
It's natural to be more comfortable with some people than others; some talk about a progression of trust/identification - family, tribe, town, county, state, country, world. Even Nationalism has produced some yucky awful stuff. Racism's better for me since the days when I had things thrown at my car because I was Chinese. - Mitchell Tsai
In a London hostel, I met a pretty Scandinavian woman who called me "China boy". Was weird how I left...some good...some bad. She was trying to be friendly, but had very heavy racist-superior stuff going on. I maybe felt better about that she was up-front about it, rather than trying to be "polite" and just not-speak-to-me or ignore me. Was a funny kind of situation. Kind of like when you're talking with someone who (a) wants to connect (b) but also wants to name-drop and look impressive. - Mitchell Tsai
Not sure about that first part, but I definitely don't think racism can be legislated away, either. Once those people who are unable to control their actions in relation to their thoughts die, racism will die a little as well. I live in a primarily conservative area within a conservative state. These people did not vote for Obama and many of them barely tolerate minorities. Most of their kids pick up on their intolerance and see through their faulty reasoning. - Rahsheen
@Rahsheen - parents perpetuating intolerance is, IMHO, the root of the problem. Kids pick up on almost everything parents say and do, and some decent parents may not even be aware of the subtlety of their own intolerance. I've made an effort in raising my own Daughter to show that all people of different races and classes are the same and it has made a difference in her perspective. While race is a huge problem, so is the prejudice between/among classes, IMHO. - Kurt Starnes
Agreed, Kurt. I think the solutions to all of these are similar, though. There will always be some element that will try to breed hate, whether it be parents or hate groups or whatever. As time goes on, though, I believe these elements will get weaker and weaker. - Rahsheen
Iván Abrego
"Microblogging service Tumblr is introducing a few new features today. My favorite is the Tumblr Wire, which is replacing the popular page. Tumblr Wire is a discovery page that shows a constantly-updating stream of images moving across a grid. Each image links to a Tumblog that was updated recently." - Iván Abrego
good coder = bad designer, so if a good platform had a new good design, that means that platform started to make money =) - siniradam
Let's go and have a look - M F
Thomas Hawk
Iraqi shoe thrower released; says he was tortured - Yahoo! News -
Iraqi shoe thrower released; says he was tortured - Yahoo! News
"BAGHDAD – The Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at former President George W. Bush in protest was freed from prison on Tuesday and, unrepentant, he harshly condemned the U.S. presence in his country and accused authorities of torturing him. Muntadhar al-Zeidi's stunning act of protest in December made him a hero for many in and outside Iraq. It struck a chord with millions in the Arab and Muslim worlds who have been captivated and angered by daily images of destruction and grieving since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. But nine months later, there was little public outpouring of support for him, a sign of how things have changed." - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
ALAH ALAH الحرية و أخيرا للمنتظر - mustaphasma
Seems harsh to imprison him just for missing. - Patrick
a man in demand - imran
Patrick: *laugh* - Andrew C (✔)
Steven Perez
6 Places to Find Something Good to Read - The 2.0 Life -
6 Places to Find Something Good to Read - The 2.0 Life
"I find myself, every once in a while, sitting on my home page on the Web with nothing to do. Well, not nothing to do, but not wanting to do any of those things. Instead of doing more work, or just aimlessly surfing news sites, I want to find or do something interesting. Increasingly, to find those things, I’m turning to one of a few resources. These are tools for finding what other people are reading and finding interesting stories about popular ideas and issues, and making sure I’m always caught up on what people care about – but only the interesting stuff. Things like Digg and Reddit don’t do it for me for the most part – they tend to be full of oddities rather than stories that are genuinely interesting. They ARE, however, included in a few of the tools below, in case you’re a fan." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Alexis Hope
trying to suppress my desire for cookies. foiled!
i am at my friend's house and want cookies but he has none, so i tried to search for ugly cookies so i would stop wanting them! - Alexis Hope
I just tried "ill cookies" and showed up near the top. "Police say a trailer loaded with 14 tons of double-stuffed Oreos has overturned, spilling the cookies still in their plastic sleeves into the median and roadway." - don't know if that helps or hinders. - Micah
haha. i would have enjoyed being part of the cookie cleanup crew. - Alexis Hope
:) - Micah
haha this is cute! - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
Scott Beale
Robert Scoble
Google Chrome has updated: my favorite browser by far.
just downloaded chrome 3 - looks great - hopefully it performs even better - Matt Ellsworth
Mr. Scoble, are you using Chrome on your Mac? - Eugene Teng
Eugene: not yet. Soon, hopefully. Until then Safari will do. - Robert Scoble
I have been using the Developer Release for Mac. I like it a lot. - Eugene Teng
it was sad good bye to firefox a while ago - imran
I've tried to go back to Firefox so I can use userscripts but I just can't stay away from the speed and slimness of Chrome. Everything looks and feels kindof off when I try anything else. - metalerik
I just updated. - Brent - Yes I am
I am currently running v4 dev channel and I can tell you it is even faster again than v3.0. Chrome absolutely rocks the speed! - travispuk
looking forward to when they have it for the Mac. - Thomas Hawk
Still says Chrome 3.0.x is up to date. Hmmmmmm - Roberto Bonini
Otto, v4 gives you add ons and bookmark sync, unfortunately not using Google Bookmarks. - travispuk from iPhone
Agreed with otto. Until there is plugins like Adblock it won't make me change full time. - Wei-Yen Tan from fftogo
Otto, your bookmarks will be stored in Google Docs if you are using version 4 sync. Google docs will become your bookmarks manager. - Eugene Teng
The extensions are coming to Chrome. Sample Extensions - - Eugene Teng
Palm Pre is to Apple iPhone as Goole Chrome is to Mozilla Firefox. Its all about the add-ons/Apps - Paul P Miller
Google Chrome is my favorite browser as well. - Deb Sivard
My default browser just got better. Nice. Keep at it Google-Chrome-folks! - Matt Penning
I switched to Chrome from Firefox full-time not long ago. I also had to switch from the dev channel to the beta one, but otherwise, I haven't looked back. I have to use Firefox for some specific things, like online banking, but Chrome's so much cleaner and faster than anything else. - James Myatt
Waiting for mac support. Comeon guys!! - Drew Lucas from iPhone
Rob H.
Now that I have an iPod with an FM tuner, I'd like them to include an AM tuner in the next one.
As long as we're adding old to new. I want 8 track! - Christian (Simply X) from Android
Mine should be here Thurs. It'll be the most advanced pedometer I have ever owned. - Rodfather
Does it include an antenna I can use to get reception on this new 'television' i've heard so much about? - Andrew Dobrow
I'm surprised that and are taken... then again... I'm not really :)
What about just - Andrew Dobrow
Martin Bryant
Revealed: Exactly why iPhone usage is decreasing on Flickr -
Revealed: Exactly why iPhone usage is decreasing on Flickr
"Two days ago we wrote about the sudden sharp decrease in photos taken with an iPhone being published to Flickr. While we speculated on reasons for the drop, the most likely candidate of all has now come to light – Apple itself." - Martin Bryant from Bookmarklet
That's intersting that Apple has decided to establish each individual model in the exif data. It's something you would think they would have done at first or not at all exactly for this reason. But I guess when it comes down to it, Flickr has their business, Apple has theirs. - Andrew Dobrow
I just wish Apple would fix the EXIF date and time on iPhone photos...they're always mixed up and in a different order every time they're imported into Picasa (no such problems on any other cam I've ever used recently or otherwise) - Steve
Orli Yakuel
Facebook crossed 300M active users - wow!
Op-Ed Columnist - Boy, Oh, Boy - -
Op-Ed Columnist - Boy, Oh, Boy -
"The normally nonchalant Barack Obama looked nonplussed, as Nancy Pelosi glowered behind. Surrounded by middle-aged white guys — a sepia snapshot of the days when such pols ran Washington like their own men’s club — Joe Wilson yelled “You lie!” at a president who didn’t. But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy! The outburst was unexpected from a milquetoast Republican backbencher from South Carolina who had attracted little media attention. Now it has made him an overnight right-wing hero, inspiring “You lie!” bumper stickers and T-shirts. The congressman, we learned, belonged to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, led a 2000 campaign to keep the Confederate flag waving above South Carolina’s state Capitol" - Myrna from Bookmarklet
Myrna, Thanks for posting. I cannot tell you how incensed I am at Wilson's behavior and what it represents. There is no respect for the office or the context anymore. It's like all old rules of respect and propriety do not apply since we now have a non-white leader. I am wondering if the same would have happened if we elected a woman? There was little respect for Bush in a lot of... more... - Karma Martell
Good for Dowd. - John (bird whisperer)
I saw this on twitter and am still wondering why person who tweeted would say Dowd sunk to her lowest. I think it was nicely written. - Myrna
Karma, at least he didn't throw a shoe. LOL! It's individual people who don't know how to restrict their nervousness/fear. And some do hate that this smart, intellectual, cool, black person is in charge of 'them' and especially since he's not in 'their camp'. And he accepts apologies from them..that kills them inside. Not very many human beings are as non reactive as Obama. He's a real... more... - Myrna
Oh CNN is talking about this now. :) - Myrna
Myrna, agreed on your assessment and remarks on Obama - Karma Martell
"For two centuries, the South has feared a takeover by blacks or the feds. In Obama, they have both." An astute summation, but a fear not entirely limited to the South. - Marvin Smith
It's an exciting time if you want to choose to think positively. - Myrna
There seems to be a higher concentration of racist politicians in the South, but the fears of blacks and the federal government are definitely not limited to that region. I've heard stuff like that from people in New Jersey. - John (bird whisperer)
Why do I find a commonality in Obama's ability to not over react to the uglies across the aisle or across the ocean. It's his talent. - Myrna
Agreed, Myrna - it is a very exciting time in our history in many ways. It's also frightening on many different levels (particularly depending on where one lives). - Prosey BUTTONS!
Obama knows the difference between reacting and responding. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Perfectly said Mahendra! - Myrna
True, Mahendra. Do you know what that is called. It is called being an ADULT, something that is rarely seen in or out of politics. It is indeed a very exciting time to have enlightened, level-headed non-reactional leadership. - Karma Martell
Karma, agreed! Exciting probably for Americans. It might be useful to see how the rest of the world sees his enlightened, level-headed, non-reactional leadership. For starters, how about US aid to Pakistan meant for anti-terrorist activities that is being diverted to anti-India preparations? I better not start off in that direction... - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Mahendra, do you think Obama knows where money goes? - Myrna
Nope, he doesn't. And that's part of the problem with the rest of the world with the US. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
On the other hand, I have seen reports on Indian television of how Obama has opposed the bill in Congress for conditional aid to Pakistan. No one in India knows why Obama opposed that. Everyone in India wants to see aid to Pakistan being conditional - either for humanitarian purposes or for fighting inborn terrorism. Musharraf just admitted publicly that he was perfectly willing and had diverted US aid for other purposes like fighting India. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Myrna: And as the US President, if he doesn't know where his country's aid money goes, it's a BIG problem. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
How horrible. Wish we could be flies on the wall at the white house. We'll just have to wait for 'leaks' to tell the truth. - Myrna
Horrible indeed. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
I think there is behind the scenes stuff that we don't know - and I think Pres O is very much aware of the powderkeg that is Pakistan and what it means to India, I think they have a lot of intelligence on Musharraf. - Karma Martell
BTW, many US intelligence and "think-tank" reports have already established that US aid to Pakistan doesn't go towards the "war on terror", and is instead diverted. But the US dare not stop the aid. Why? - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Karma: you're absolutely right, again. The behind the scenes "stuff" is China. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Economics rules everything on planet Earth. Terrorism, diplomacy, democracy, human rights, etc. are all secondary. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
An Indian like me gets involved in the topic of Obama's speech to school children and discusses the reactions in the US with my family in India during dinner time. That's the power Obama has in the world. Sadly, does he or other Americans know it? - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Hey, I didn't mean to turn you off...sorry if I did. Peace. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Who do you think you turned off? - Myrna
Myrna, thanks. I usually don't get into commenting about other nations' politics as it can easily be misunderstood and distance people. Don't know why I went off here! :) - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
On this day, one year ago, I started blogging. (Happy B-Day!) -
On this day, one year ago, I started blogging. (Happy B-Day!)
Congrats! - Interwebz 91
"There is one particular flavor of ice cream I've been daydreaming about for quite some time now though. I'm sure you've seen it in your grocer's freezer... Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Buns Ice Cream (Caramel Ice Cream with Cinnamon Bun Dough & A Caramel Streusel Swirl). If you haven't tried it already, I'm here to tell you it's fantastic and you should definitely give it a try. Here is my version of Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Buns Ice Cream." - Derrick from Bookmarklet
Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh. - Jandy
But...but, they're just...*pictures*, Lindsey! :D - Derrick
*brings two spoons* - Derrick
*taps foot* Um, Derrick? You're-a gonna need THREE spoons for this shit. Unless you just want me to use my HANDS. - Jandy
*steals Derrick's spoon* - Yolanda
*drool* - Shey
Looks like a PITA to make but DAMN it sounds delish. - Just Mrs. V
Kanye's outburst was uploaded to YouTube, got 500k views and got pulled by Viacom within 20 minutes. #VMAs
Now THERE's some stats for ya! - Josh Haley
Amazing - Karma Martell
WTF happened? Kanye was being Kanye? - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
@Jimminy as always - Corvida
so it was all a stunt, I hear - Karma Martell
If it really were a stunt, Beyonce wouldn't have brought Taylor back out towards the end of the show to rectify the situation imo. - Corvida
Well, that could have been written in, too, but I think this was all Kanye, and he truly is an idiot. - MiniMage
What happened? - Kol Tregaskes
I heard his Twitter got suspended too - Outsanity
He never had a Twitter - Molly Song ;)
1UP Molly, Kanye has always been anti-twitter. - EricaJoy
Phhhsh! Like I keep up with who has a Twitter. Someone posted that on Twitter - Outsanity
*cough* *asshole* *cough* - Rudy Amid
Orli Yakuel
you can access visual Bing now:
Silverlight required :-( - Vin Turk
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