finally arrived in Berlin after delayed flights. Glad I grabbed something at Heathrow, BA was only a tiny bag of nibbles!
Author Attitudes Towards Open Access Publishing
As they pointed out on liblicense- they asked oa authors about oa - Christina Pikas from iPhone
And they're still conflating OA with APC based business models but never mind. It's a slightly odd group of OA authors though as they're not necessarily ones that have sought out OA journals. - Cameron Neylon
Times Higher Education - Pressure to publish papers blamed for reluctance to share digital data -
annoyed that @epsrc @DaM_Challenge network on computational methods for organic chemistry coincides with her being in Zagreb :(
Google Global Science Fair 2011 -
Get involved anyone you know ages 13-18. If you're a teacher/lecturer then you can be a judge! - Anna Croft from Bookmarklet
First impressions of .@colwiz ( Nice idea if I were just starting out, but I already have my endnote and papers libraries set up; google calendar working fine (for me and my group), page and a webpage. I also don't have time to spend reimporting all this information and fixing the bugs :/
Could have potential with a critical mass of users though. - Anna Croft
Just completed my first live radio interview (part of a panel for international womens' day) - room to improve, but it's a first attempt ...
Practice makes perfect and all that. I've not done any live stuff at all. Strikes me as moderately terrifying. - Cameron Neylon
Reporting of error margins with stats data: BBC News - Go Figure: The bouncing league table -
Can a group of scientists in California end the war on climate change? | Science | The Guardian -
Can a group of scientists in California end the war on climate change? | Science | The Guardian
Lower Costs and Better Care for Neediest Patients : The New Yorker -
Or how data and data sharing can make a(nother) real difference - Anna Croft from Bookmarklet
Memolane: a time-line generating feed aggregator; beta available using 'netted' invite code ... -
Seems to be quite interesting. Here is my timeline: - Anna Croft
See it, like it, share it, cite it.
Europe backs open standards in interoperability drive | ZDNet UK -
A short note on traceability -
I think there is an option within the ORCID framework to include contact information? Or conversely one could infer it from a publication track. Find the most recent paper with that person on it and grab associated email address? Actually a rather interesting set of issues here... - Cameron Neylon
True that you can do traces through previous publication track if necessary, but where the information is limited, this can be an issue - for example forward tracking of unlisted/untracked data (where the researcher themselves has failed to curate - currently an issue). There are a couple of advantages to a deinstitutionalised email address though that I was thinking up after making the... more... - Anna Croft
still trying to get petachem working in parallel on new gpu machine - suppliers of machine say might be sorted with new bios patch.
anyone have experience extracting >1000 starred items from google reader? I read the online helps but obviously the wrong ones as can't find the continuation XML that is discussed. Also wanted to see if could import these links (mostly papers) to Mendeley.
I don't have any particular experience but someone around here ought to. - Cameron Neylon
Thanks Neil - this was much better/more helpful than the other things google turned up for me. Now have my xml, and am ready to parse. Now to see how I can feed the info back to Mendeley ... (no experience [yet] with apis). - Anna Croft
looks useful for some teaching at least (or fun) ... einstein and the queen discuss ontology vs taxonomy:
new gpu supercomputer up and running, now to install sotware
Service Learning – bringing science to the community -
at #bostonacs waiting for bio talks to get started
if we are building a small archive of data, is it possible/useful/practical to get a doi for it? any recommended alternatives (was looking for something to link through that looked a bit more robust than just a weblink)
I am not sure about a DOI although we've talked about a Data DOI before. What you do need is a URI of some sort that references the data - Deepak Singh
The Dryad repository used DOIs and now uses handles (hdl). Example: Another idea might be to archive the data in github or webcite? Looking forward to other answers. - Heather Piwowar
Lots my comment somewhere - datacite is another possibility, but they may not be able to do it for non-member organisations. If its a static dataset then Nature Precedings is another option. Finally what about ChemSpider? Tony has DOIs for ChemSpider Synthetic Pages - maybe there's a way of squeezing it in there? Or maybe it's out of scope. - Cameron Neylon
If you have access to an institutional repository, you should be able to deposit the data set and get some kind of "durable" link to it. - Brian Westra
If you have an institutional affiliation, you can use the Dataverse: (although it looks like they've focused on social science data since I last looked there). - Bill Hooker
See the short DOI service just announced on the research data management list: The IDF runs two services based on handles: the DOI Service, and the shortDOI Service. To use the shortDOI service, go to For more information see the DOI Tools page at - Brian Westra
You could consider submitting a manuscript based on your dataset to BMC Research Notes : Had a chat with Gary Bader(one of the associate editor) earlier about a small dataset that we want to publish and he mentioned that this particular journal is looking at a niche including small datasets and intermediate results. More details - Khader Shameer
As mentioned above Nature Precedings is a great option for getting a DOI and for citability - but you have to convert to a PDF format. Another advantage with NP is that you can periodically update your dataset. We have also used DSpace (iDEA) at our institutional repository - gives HDL - very similar to DOI and no limit on file types. WebCite is useful too for archiving Excel... more... - Jean-Claude Bradley
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